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"Leave it!"

Power Stone was (And still is) one of the Dreamcasts best games. I loved the idea on a smooth, fast, interactive battle field fighter game, Which blew the likes of Super Smash Brothers, Poy Poy, Poy Poy 2 and Soul Calibur out of the fighting blood bath! So, It wasn't long before a sequel was in the making for a brilliant game. And thus, Power Stone 2 was born.

Power Stone 2 is nowhere near as good as the original game. The main reason being I don't like it, is because Capcom have put in more features in to the game then fighting and multi-player fun. They also exchanged some features for glitchy graphics, which spoils some of the multi-player fun on some of the levels.

You would think Capcom would of added about ten new characters for you to play as, but instead, they only added four new characters to choose from at the start. All the old characters are there, Falcon, Gunrock, Wang Tang etc, but who the hell are these new people? There is a little man called Pete who is obsessed with the color green, and looks more of a cat burglar then a fighter. Then there is this very fat chef called Gourmand who can turn in to a humanoid lizard. Julia, an American female fighter who looks like she got promoted from been a cleaner down at the Capcom offices, and finally we have Accel. Accel, this strange cowboy man thinks he is cool and strong, but deep down he is weak and horrible fighter.

Now what about these Power Stones? If you have forgotten or haven’t played the first game (Where have you been?) Power Stones are gems which appear on the stage once after awhile, which you to race against each other to get, or beat up each other for them. Once you have gotten at least three, Your character will change in to a Power Ranger style super hero. These super heroes are very powerful, and can kill their opponent’s in a matter of seconds. This is the fun of Power Stone, especially in Multi-Player mode.

The levels them self are massive, and have obstacles in them, like fire or just normal, everyday things like lampposts. Many things are interactive, and you can use things like the poles to swing around, jump or hit opponents with, GENIUS!. What is also around the levels are items, like guns, swords or bomb's. You can use these items to whack, shoot or throw at your enemies, to cause heavy damage.

There is a downside to the levels though, firstly, there isn’t many at all, but the good news is that their bigger, and the bad news it that its been done horrible. Let’s take the sky level, You fight in the sky on a small airship. The airship collapse and you are fighting in mid air, then after a bit you are fighting in a sky garden. Or the Japanese Castle level, You fight in a Japanese Garden which gets set on fire, you jump from platform to platform to get up to the castle and then you fight there. Barmy! It sounds good, but it goes a bit slow and takes the fighting out if you ask me.

Each level has it's own music, as do character's and their fit in with the atmosphere of the levels perfectly. The sound effects are also brilliant, with everything been sound shattering, It will sound like the cinema when you have the volume very loud.

The other features I haven’t mentioned is the mix item feature, shop feature etc. The shop is farfetched, I mean why take a hamburger in to a fight to the death?


Graphics : 6/10
Sound : 7/10
Music : 6/10
Gameplay : 5/10
Challenge : 2/10
Replaybility : 2/10
Overall : 5 / 10

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 10/14/01, Updated 10/14/01

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