Review by Misawa

Reviewed: 04/27/00 | Updated: 04/27/00

Hectec 4 Player FUN!

Power Stone 2 is one of the most original games ever. You go, sort of like the original, around the screen, collecting power stones so that you can power up. When you get 3 out of 6, you may power up and do special move and super moves. This is really fun, once you get the hang of it. There are all of the characters from Power Stone 1, only with four more. There is a nerdy kid that turns into a robot-like creature. A chef that turns into a hippo. A girl in a wedding dress that is carrying on umbrella. Lastly, there is a western cow boy that powers up some other way that i cant recall. Dont be discouraged that there are only 12 characters, not counting any possible hiddens, because this game is not about the characters. This game is about the weapons!

Graphics 10/10 everything you would expect. Bright colors, dreamcast quality, enough said.

GAMEPLAY This is where this game shines! THere are so many weapons. From like 5 different kinds of guns to 3 different tanks, this game has it all. It is fast and furious and you will LOVE this game. You will see that there are many game play options too! There is a team mode, and there is a normal match as well... The only let down to me is the fact that there is nothing you get from beating the game, but there is a lot more to do, so please dont worry. There are also many secrets!

If you are having over some friends, this is the ultamate game! 4player action is the most fun in the world. BELIEVE ME: YOU WONT BE DISSAPPOINTED!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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