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"Capcom has created one of the coolest and maybe the only fighting/adventure game."

Power Stone 2 is probably the most original games I've ever even heard of. This game plays like a fighting game, but the levels play out like an adventure game. I'd recommend this game for anyone who is looking for something new.

Story: 7/10

This story has the depth of a fighting game, not much at all. A whole bunch of people get stuck on a strange floating castle, and they all have mild back stories. The object is to escape. The arcade mode plays through about 5-7 levels (I can't remember) and at the end... oh wait, I can't give that away. But though out the stages you fight either against 1 or 3 other opponents depending on the mode you play.

Game play: 10/10

This is where this game gets it's name. In the original mode, you can pick from 5 different stages. You can also unlock more. But the stages play as if you were trying to play through some booby trapped dungeon or any type of level. You fight each other all through out the levels. The level stops taking you from place to place either when it gets to the last point or you defeat everyone. You can choose from probably 8 or 9 different characters and can unlock two more (I have yet to do this myself). Each character has their own fighting style and has his/her own strengths/weaknesses. Now, we get to why this game is actually called power stone. During game play you can open chests or find items laying around. Well, you can find shiny crystals that when you collect three of them, you turn into some sort of super being for about a minute. Each character has two of hi/her own special attacks, and when you use them they shorten the time you get to be in that form. Now, back to the items, you can pick up machine guns, swords, magical staffs and much more. There's even a shop where you can combine items to make new ones.

Graphics: 9/10

Nothing wrong with these graphics, The characters look great, the items look great, and there's hardly any glitches. The moves look very brilliant. The sceneries are very interactive, as in you can blow up ice bergs or break glass. Each level design is very different and is great in it's own way. From ice bergs to running from a giant boulder in a booby trapped dungeon, each level looks and feels great. Texturing looks better than most games, and the flow never, ever slows down. So that's a great feature.

Sound: 9/10

The sound is great. The voice acting is all in Japanese, so I can't tell whether it's good or not. But the punches, the slashes from swords, the blasts from guns, they all sound very natural. The environments sound just like they should. On running water, elevators or even falling platforms.

Overall: 9/10

Just as I said in the beginning, this game is perfect for anyone looking for a something new. It has a little bit of every culture, from a young martial artist to a laid back cowboy, this game will make everyone happy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/01/05

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