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"Better then the first one by a long shot."

Power Stone 2, the game that was shadowed in the darkness as the Dreamcast failed in America. (The game was released in America by Capcom on August, 23/ 2000.) I think the only reason on why the game was left in the darkness was because of how well Super Smash Bros was doing on Nintendo 64. However this game is probably ten times better then Super Smash as I and other fellow Dreamcast players found out as we got the copies of this game. The story line goes like this: You are trapped in a castle and you must choose a hero and take multiple path ways to make it to the big monster at the end and take all the power stones from him.

Game play: The game play is very similar to Super Smash Bros except that the game plays in a 3-D environment. You can pick up items like: guns rocket launchers, ray guns,swords, food, and many other items. On some levels you can even ride tanks, ships and etc. There can up to four players on each map. The game has seven starting maps but you can eventually unlock more. Generally this game is like a "grown up" version of Super Smash Bros". The game contains a total of fourteen characters. Two in which you have to unlock. The characters are: Falcon, Rogue, Jack, Pete, Mel, Pride, Gunrock, Ayame, Ryoku, Axel, Wang Tang, Julia, the shaman, and the pizza guy (I forgot what the last two were named.)

Music: The music for the game has similar tunes to the first one. Some are eerie and some of them are playful tunes.

Replay value: This game (like the first one) has replay value to it. As mentioned above(the extra levels and characters) you have to replay the game to unlock many items. Also you can unlock two characters and three extra stages.

Controls: The controls for that game are: the A button is for jumping and entering tanks and etc.The X button is for attacking. The b button is for picking things up and using them. The D-pad or the analog stick is for moving. The two buttons on the back are for special moves that you can do when you collect all three power stones and transform to your super form.

Length: The game itself in story mode for each character is not long at all. There is only six stages for each character. The pattern of stages for each character is: two normal stages, then a mini boss, then two more stages and then the final level. you can choose which levels you can go to after you beat each stage but which ever path you choose they all lead to the boss one way or another.

End note: Power Stone 2 is worth getting if you are a Dreamcast owner. You will not regret getting it. This game is the first type of game that combines 3-D roaming with item picking-mayhem fights(other then the first one). If you have played the original then you know that this game can only get better rather then worse.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/20/05

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