Review by NikoChan

"A go-anywhere, do-anything 4-player frenzy!"

Let me start off by saying, I absolutely Loved the Original “ Power Stone “ for its frantic, 3d pace.
When I heard at my local import shop that the guy who owned the place had traded all his
copies of “ Marvel vs. Capcom 2” ( 35 to be exact ) just for 20 copies of power stone 2 I
became extatic ( not only because he was getting a shipment of power stone 2 but he was
trading all his copies of Marvel vs. Capcom 2! ) . I bought a copy the first day he got it for 70 $
and it was well worth it.

GRAPHICS: 10 the game runs at a smooth 60 fps w/o skipping! the game isn’t nearly as
frantic and fast as the first I’m afraid, but you gotta’ understand that there are four different
players running around doing their own thing. At least I’ve never seen the game slow down

MUSIC: 6 Its a fighting game so what do you expect? Anyway the music is not annoying,
but it kinda sounds repettitive at times. The music fits the game though, it always sounds like
you’re about to go into battle.

TO BUY OR TO RENT, THAT IS THE QUESTION: 5 This one can realy go either way,but if
you’re a fan of the series , or 3d fighters, then you should at least rent it, but if u like Soul Caliber
You’ll be very disapointed ( I personaly can’t STAND Soul caliber ).

StORY: 3 Well once again I’ll have to say its a fighting game so the story is going to be
bad, but if u must know the story, you have to fight your way out of a castle. thats about it.

GAMEPLAY: 10 I have to say, this is where it counts, especialy with a game like this where
you can pretty much do whatever you want. You can jump in a tank and start shooting and
running over people, grab a lead pipe and beat people down ( up close and personal ), or just
use good ol’ punch and kick. The thing that I hate the most about this sequel is the loss of the
jump kick, the most useful hand - to - hand combat technique for beating power stones out of

OVERALL: 9 This game is a breath of fresh air from those limited 2 - player - only can’t do
this, and can’t go there, i.e. Soul Caliber, games out there and deserves more respect for what
its doing for the genre. I know I sound crazy bashing Soul Caliber, but I think that this game will
revolutionize the way we think about 3d fighters. Final thought: This game is the best 4-player
fighter for your money.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/21/00, Updated 06/21/00

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