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Reviewed: 06/23/00 | Updated: 06/23/00

One on one fighting turns into a chaotic brawl...and that's a good thing.

Any one who's played Power Stone has to at least admit that the game got seriously repeditive, this was especially seen when attempting to beat the game with each character. But that has been fixed, at least to a certain degree.

In the old game you got to a level you know where to go, what items you can grab, and how to use the enviroment to your advantage. Well you can do the same thing this time around, except with one major change, the levels are VERY interactive. This time 'round you get Indiana Jones-esque boulder chasing scenes, machine gun turrets, traps to set against your opponent, mid-flight mayhem, free-fall fighting, and more. This definatly does add to the re-playability. The only question is how much?, well, I'd say it's in the middle, it's definatly much more fun than the original however.

The levels are a pleasure to play in and to look at, everything from being able to hop into the ocean and start swimming like a fish. To jumping into a tank and blasting the heck out of your friends/enemies. My favorite level so far is the sky level. You start off on a air borne ship, you suddenly than go free-falling and crash land in the last section where you finish off the fight. The textures during these scenes are wonderfully detailed, everything looks like it's supposed to. A lot more detailed than the original as well with huge, huge, levels. But perhaps after a while going through the same levels will end up getting boring, I have yet to get bored nor close to being so however.

There are 4 new characters in the game. All as wacky and as original as the ones in the first game. Not to mention 2 secret characters to unlock later on. These guy's are very well animated. They seem to be more lively than the original game, this is shown more in the intro and outro scenes. The reason why I say that is because the camera angle is sort of irritating. Which is the reason why I gave this game a 9 out of 10. It stay's a little too far away from the battle for my taste, I'd like to see the characters up close and see how the look when they change into their ''Power'' form.

In my opinion, this game doesn't exactly play like a fighting game, that is if you even considerd the first one a fighter. But in my personal opinion it plays more like a platform type game (like DK64, Banjo Kazooie, or Mario 64). Which isn't exactly a bad thing. It suits the gameplay, and it's extremly fun. One of the great things about this game is 4 player gameplay. It's extremly easy to get lost where your character is if he or she doesn't exactly stand out. But it's fun none the less. One thing, get used to the Jump button, you'll need it. Speaking of which the controll's in the game are great, very responsive, but I'm still struggling to get used to it. It's been a while sinse I played the first Power Stone, so I can't exactly remember the controll's, or if the controll's were changed a bit. But hey, practice makes perfect.

If you played the first game, you should know that there were weapons or items to pick up and use against your foes. Well if you didn't play the first one, there are weapons and items to use against your foes.

The weapon/item selection is HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE, HUGE!! I'll tell you right now there is a mode in which you can pick up weapons, items, and money to use in a shop, in the shop you can combine items to make a brand new item. 9 of 10 you end up with a peice of junk. This is taking a guess how ever. I have yet to actually make something though. Anyways when you fail to pass a stage in this mode your game ends, and you'll see what items you have acumulated, and good lord, it seemed as if the item's wouldn't stop scrolling!! So there is some definate replay value just in trying to collect everything.

This game has a lot of modes. But alas, I don't speak, nor read japanese, so it's kind of hard to navigate. But thanks to CJayC's FAQ this is not a problem. But if you do decide to import the game definatly be sure to study the first part detailing what option is what!

Overall, I definatly suggest the game, mucho replay, and very fun gameplay.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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