• Cheat Codes

    For all codes below the Cheat Menu one, they must be performed at the appropriate spots in the Cheat Menu itself.

    Press A, A, Y, Y, L, L, hold R + X, release all, then hold L + A (highlight All Cars)All Cars
    Hold X, press Y, A, L, R, R, release all, then hold Y, press A, release all, then press X, XAll Parts
    Hold A + X, press L, release all, press A, A, Y, Y, hold L + R, press XAll Tracks
    tap A, L, X, R, Y, Hold L+R, tap A, XAUTO ABORT
    Hold A, tap L, R, L, R, (release A), tap X, X, XBATTLE PAINT SHOP
    Press Y, Y, Y, hold L + R + A + X (highlight Brakes)Brakes
    Hold L+R, tap X, Y, A, (release L+R), tap X, Y, ACAR COLLISIONS
    Hold L+R+X, tap A, Y, (release all), tap A, YCAR MINES
    Hold L, R, X, Y (highlight Options on main menu)Cheat Menu
    Hold Y, tap R, L, (release Y), tap X, Hold A, tap X again, (release A), tap X againCONE MINES
    Hold L + A and press Y, X. Release the buttons, then press and hold R + A and quickly press Y, X.Demolition Battle is now available
    Hold L, press X, (release L), Hold A, press X, (release A), Hold Y, press X, (release Y), Hold R, press XFOG COLOR
    Hold L, tap A, A, Y, (release L), Hold R, tap A, A, YFRAME SCALE
    Hold A, press X, X, Y, release A, then tap L, R (highlight Mass)Increase Car Mass
    Hold L + X, press Y, A, release all, hold R + A + X + YInvincibility
    Hold L, tap X, (release L), Hold R, tap Y, (release R), tap A, Hold L+R, tap X, (release L+R), tap Y,Y,YINVISIBLE CAR
    R, L, Y, X, A, A, X, Y, hold L + R, then press A (highlight Invisible Track)Invisible Track
    Hold L + A, press X, Y, release all, then hold R + A, press X, YRandom Weapons
    Hold Y, tap R, L, R, L, (release Y), Hold X, tap R, L, R, LSUICIDE MODE
    Hold Y + R, press L, release all, hold A, press A, X, release all, press A, A, ASuper Speed
    Hold R, press X, X, X, release, hold L, press A, A, YSuper Tires
    tap X, Y, A, X, Y, A, Hold R, press ATIRE SCALING
    Hold L + R and press X. Release, then press A, X, Y. Press and hold L + R again and then press X again.Track Orientation is now available


  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    8.0L V10 EngineGet 2,000 miles total in the game
    Battle Arena 8Make 1,000 kills in Battle Mode
    CrusherCollect 16 gold coins in Stunt Mode
    Disco Stunt TrackEarn 100,000 points in Stunt Mode
    Downtown Battle ArenaEarn 100 points in Battle Mode
    Euro LX CarCollect 24 gold coins in Stunt Mode
    GX-2 CarCollect 18 gold coins in Race Mode
    MINI XS CarCollect all 36 gold coins in Race Mode
    Mission TrackFinish 3rd or higher on Beginner Circuit
    Oasis Stunt TrackEarn 250,000 points in Stunt Mode
    Obstacle CourseEarn 1,000,000 points in Stunt Mode
    Panther CarGet all silver/gold coins in Stunt and Race Modes
    Plaza Battle ArenaEarn 250 points in Battle Mode
    Presidio TrackFinish 3rd or higher on Intermediate Circuit
    Roadkill Battle ArenaEarn 500 points in Battle Mode
    Venom CarCollect all 32 silver coins in Stunt Mode
    Warehouse Stunt TrackEarn 500,000 points in Stunt Mode

    Contributed By: MSCobra, Dragon, and JChamberlin.


  • AI Toggle

    During a single player game, press L + R + A on controller 2 to toggle enemy firing.

    Contributed By: Fatal Zapper.

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