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"Samba spells Party (well actually it doesn't!!)"

This game has to be THE original game on any console. I was very cautious about playing this game but after playing a friends version (thanks Aseuk)I was instantly hooked. The idea is that you shake the maraca's provided in time with the music.

Now this is just merely an updated version of ''simon says'' but it is done with so much flair and creativity that saying that to a seasoned Samba fan is like saying Ferrari F355 is an arcade racer!!. The songs that you encounter are superb ranging from ''Take on Me'' to ''Samba de Janeiro'' but it wouldn't be a Sonic Team game without references to past games and there is also a song from ''Nights'' and ''Burning Rangers'' and to show there are no hard feelings at Sega there is even ''Magical Sound Shower'' and ''Afterburner'' thrown in for good measure.

The two player version of this game is an absolute blast although I think it gets a bit of getting used to and knowing what to do and this definitely applies to using the maraca's but I think the method of using the control pad (default method) is very hard to use.

This game started its life in the arcade and due to its nature many people thought that it wouldn't see a UK release but thankfully it has and the game has been given added longevity to see it through. There are challenges you must do to earn secrets and these challenges are usually to complete a certain song within a given rank. Which is where Samba really is creative. As you are shaking the maraca's to the song you are being rated (A = good, E = Awful) and Samba's conditions changes accordingly. For example get an ''A'' rank and he gets very happy and the screen goes psychedelic whereas get an ''E'' and Samba is dancing on his own with tears in his eyes. The game also features smart mini-games which is where you have to complete certain objectives given the default game structure. What I mean to say is that the games range from ''Whack-a-mole'' to throwing bombs at your opponent in time with the beat. The game will keep you going and you will always keep coming back as the ''one more go'' factor is absolutely huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge.

This game is an absolute gem and I dare anyone not to become hooked once the initial confusion is over. Another superb game from the one and only Sega and Sonic Team.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/28/01, Updated 01/28/01

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