Review by Adil

"Kick A** Party Game!"

After going through countless hoops getting the game imported direct from Japan - I must say that it has been worth the 13,600 yen I paid for it.

I will dispense with the normal diatribe about the elementary aspects of the game - the dc.ign review has addressed all that - and will concentrate more on my experience of the game. I would as a precursor suggest that folks sharing the same boat as me (japanese illiterate) to print out the menu translations from any of the FAQs listed here - it will save you time navigating through the multi-menu and sub-menu's that the game has on offer.

A 60 per sec framer - the graphics just blazes with colour, speed and psychedelic madness. It captures the manic essence of samba dancing - if you are paying attention to the graphics that is. You will, through time realise that the background action is of little significance actually since you will predominantly spend most of your time looking at the samba cues. Absolute concentration is required! Even when you watch someone else playing, you cannot help but stare at the cues again to see all the ''Yeah's'' and the ''Boo's'' as your partner gamefully attempts to string along continuous hits.

SDA is absolutely maddening! It took my partner exactly 2 minutes of watching before being completely hooked on the game. It is a whole lot of fun especially with a group of people. It will bring out the best and the worse in everybody - from the poseurs to the show-off's - and really the bulk of the fun is not so much in the scoring - but scoring in style!

I have some issues with the controller in that it fails to detect your shakes occasionally. I don't think it could be helped since your vigorous shaking is bound to get the wires tangled under the line of sight of the sensors or even get the sensors off its alignment. But rest assured it happens maybe 5% of the time and you can still have plenty of outrageous maracas movement and still be detected. The only time this may be of serious concern is when trying for the perfect score. Most of the time you won't bother as perfect scores maybe something you might do when playing alone. Fortunately this is not the way to play the game!

I just love this game and this game is loved by anyone who has played it. If you're looking for a party game - you really can't go wrong with this game. Simply kick a**!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/06/00, Updated 06/06/00

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