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    Mini-Games FAQ by Kairi

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    -------------------------Shenmue Mini-Games---------------------
                       By: 'The Bouncer' a.k.a. 'Griever'
    This guide is to help players with the assortment of mini-games in the game 
    Shenmue.  Many of these tips you can probably find out for yourselves, or 
    have already found out.  It's just to help those that haven't done or 
    thought of some of the things here.  These tips are meant to help you 
    improve your game, and rank in the Network Rankings of the Passport Disc, 
    assuming you have connection to the Internet through your Dreamcast.
    December 21, 2000---->(v.2.0) Back once again for the Renegade Master!!!  I 
    knew I would have to release another version sometime.  Sorry for the late 
    delay people.  I just didn't want to update until I had enough information 
    worthy of updating,...umm yeah that's it.  Actually I bought Lunar 2 and 
    Skies of Arcadia the other day, and have been pretty preoccupied with that.  
    Plus my computer was T.K.O.'ed for a while, so I had to get it fixed.  But 
    it's back now.  Well enough excuses, here's what's new:
       -Someone was kind enough to e-mail me and explain how the slot machines 
    work!  I've reorganized the FAQ because the explanation is pretty long, and 
    so it makes sense to have it at the bottom.
       -Made a table of contents for easier navigation.
       -Cleaned up a few mistakes that I saw.  That's about it.  I don't think 
    I'll have to make another version...least I hope. :)Be back in Shenmue 2!!
    December 17, 2000---->(v.1.0) First and probably last.
    Table of Contents
    3)Space Harrier
    4)Hang On
    5)Excite QTE 2
    6)QTE Title
    7)70 Person Battle
    8)Forklift Racing
    9)Slot Machines
    11)Other stuff
    Darts 7
    Congratulations for getting in Fighter Weapons School, better known to its 
    cadets as Top Gun....Okay maybe not.  It is sorta like shooting missiles 
    though.  In this darts game, all you have to do is tap the A button when the 
    dart goes over a number on the dart board, simple isn't it?  Not as simple 
    as it sounds.
    The key to getting a high score and winning is of course to shoot for the 
    high numbers on the board.  The highest being the 20 pt. inner ring, which 
    is 60 points.  I won't explain the point system, because if you don't 
    already understand the point system for Darts7, then you shouldn't be here.  
    The only tips that I can give for this game is to practice, practice, 
    practice.  Practice helps you judge the aim and angle that the dart will 
    follow as it hits the dartboard.  If the hand is moving in a downward 
    motion, you can bet that the dart will hit a little lower from the point 
    that you press A.  The same goes if the hand is moving up.  It may take a 
    while for the hand to move over the exactly area that you want, but have 
    patience.  Getting close to the area is not good enough, as hoping it will 
    hit the area by chance is no good.  Chances are that the dart won't even get 
    close to the chosen area.  You must wait.....
    But if you don't like waiting, you can press the B button which will cancel 
    the current dart motion, and bring up a menu that says 'Continue' and 
    'Quit'.  Press continue and the dart will reposition to another spot on the 
    dartboard.  This helps to save time when you know the dart is not going to 
    pass over the 60 spot.  It also helps you when you want to save as much 
    bonus time as possible.  And that brings me to another thing, the bonus time 
    is nothing more than bonus time.  It is not a time limit.  You have forever 
    to judge your shot.  I hold the current record for my state. :)
    Neo Darts
    A sub-game of sorts derived from Darts7, I dunno why I added this one, I 
    just felt like I should.  There are no Network Rankings for this game, but 
    it's fun anyway.  Much easier to score than Darts7 for sure.  Five attempts; 
    aim for the bulls-eye.  It's very possible and fairly easy to get a perfect 
    500 on this, but you get nothing for it except an applaud from me.
    Space Harrier
    Space Harrier,...when I first played this game, I thought to myself "What a 
    crappy game" and dismissed it for a while.  But then I started to play it to 
    attempt to beat the records in the Network Rankings, and then thought it was 
    pretty fun.
    The basic premise of this game is...to shoot!! and shoot!!  I have to say 
    that tapping the fire button on the Dreamcast controller is not very 
    ergonomic or something.  It is not very easy to rapidly tap the fire button 
    as fast as you can.  The good thing is that you can press start to pause the 
    game, and take a rest.  My advice would be to press the A button in a 
    certain rhythm in which you know you can last a while without getting tired. 
      I have not beat the game myself, but I know there are at least 5 stages to 
    get through, which means a lot of firing.  The good thing is, that with such 
    a simple game, are simple winning strategies.  Shoot and move.
    -Stage 1
    A pretty easy stage.  Nothing too difficult.  Shoot anything and everything. 
      The boss is some sort of fireball dragon.  Just shoot his head.  Shooting 
    his body will have no effect.  If you have the patience, you can keep moving 
    in a circle to avoid his fireballs and kill some time, as doing this will 
    add to your score.  How so?  Because your score is always growing.  Of 
    course, it won't add millions of points, but worth it when you're going for 
    the top score and the scores themselves are separated by a few points.
    -Stage 2
    A little tougher.  This stage introduces non-shootable objects.  By which I 
    mean, things-in-the-way-that-can-kill-you.  Stupid columns that you must 
    dodge to get through.  Learn to dodge them, because the next stage will be 
    about 3 times as worse.  The boss here is a green butterfly(looks like it) 
    surrounded by those flying stone heads.  Try and shoot all the stone heads 
    first, because they add to your score.  Killing the butterfly inside the 
    flying stones will defeat the boss, but will do little to add to your score, 
    because after you kill him, the stones fly away.  :(
    -Stage 3
    A terrible stage.  Very tough because you have to deal with more 
    non-shootable objects.  And some are not visable until you're up close, 
    mainly because of the enemies that come onscreen.  Shoot and move a lot, 
    because there are a lot more enemies, and chances are you won't get them 
    all.  Also, with more enemies alive, it means they'll have the chance to 
    attack, which means more dodging on your part.  The boss here is a 
    two-headed dragon.  Easy like the first stage boss.
    -Stage 4
    Not bad if you know what you're doing.  Of course more columns to block your 
    path, but this time there are these polygonal/metallic objects that will get 
    in your way too.  The key is that in each wave that occurs, they're either 
    all at the bottom, or all at the top.  Easiest way to avoid them is to go to 
    the extreme top, or running on the ground, whatever the situation arises.  A 
    few enemies here, but nothing to terrible.  Just avoid those stupid columns.
    -Bonus Stage!
    A good stage to bring up that score!  No shooting in this round, just move 
    the white 'dragon'(?) that you're on, smashing into the trees.  More trees 
    equal more points.
    -Stage 5
    Man, oh man, tough stage.  Haven't beat it yet, but will try to.  I must.  
    More stupid columns to avoid, plus tougher enemies.  These guys will shoot 
    you with authority, and are nothing like the chumps in the previous stages.  
    There is a lot of moving around here, just keep a good eye, and make sure 
    not to run into anything.  I can't beat the boss here.  He shoots hella fast 
    and a lot! D=
    *Note: If for some weird reason you want to change 'up' to 'down' and 
    vice-versa, you can do so by holding down the 'A' or 'B' button before 
    pressing 'Start' for a new game.  Another note, I prefer using the D-pad in 
    this game, because it's much easier than the analog (IMO), because the 
    analog re-centers the guy and the D-pad doesn't.  Use what you feel most 
    comfortable with.
    Hang On
    What a fun game!!!  This is what I'm talking about.  No random stuff like 
    the Darts7 game, or rapid shooting like Space Harrier.  It's all based on 
    your skill in handling the Analog stick of the DC controller which is very 
    touchy by-the-way.  Note:  There are two ways to turn, with the Analog and 
    Digital pad.  Of course, the analog is easier, because, well it's analog, 
    which means continuous.  And you'll definitely need a continuous motion in 
    this game.  The directional/digital pad is okay, but I highly advise against 
    using it because it doesn't give a fast enough response (IMO).
    Alritey, in this game, all you have to do is ride, and fast.  Press the 
    gas(R trigger) and don't let go!  There's the brake too (L trigger), but 
    only use that when you know that you'll crash.  It might save you (heh).
    Some tips:
    In this game, you aren't racing against the people, but the time limit.  
    You're given 75 seconds to get the first track completed, and are awarded 
    with bonus time if you finish it for the next track.  Basically, all the 
    tracks can be complete around 60 seconds, giving you some leeway time.  
    Crashing is not good, as it will take off major seconds.  Crash twice, and 
    kiss finishing the game goodbye.
    And that brings me to the other racers,...curse them.  They are your only 
    problem in this game.  Barely touching them will send your moto- to the 
    opposite side of the track, and most likely into a sign or whatnot.  So 
    avoid them at all costs.  When entering corners, go on the inside, because 
    you can usually cut them off and pass 'em.  This is mainly because they go 
    really slow compared to you, especially around corners.  Or maybe you're 
    going too fast. :D
    When entering corners after the other racers, go on the outside of the 
    corner.  During the middle and last stages of the turn, the computer racers 
    drive like pros, entering from the outside of turns and exiting close to the 
    inside. You can usually get by them by staying on the outside. Easy as 
    S-turns.  Man, these are the worst.  Navigating through here without 
    crashing is about the most difficult thing, because if there are a lot of 
    other racers, you'll have to let off the gas, and ride it through going as 
    slow as them.  Don't be afraid to slow down(by letting off the gas, not 
    braking), because it's much better than losing 7 or 8 seconds doing a 
    backflip into a 'Dobu-way' sign and blowing up your moto-.
    All the turns are pretty easy, a few of them require letting off the gas for 
    a moment.  It doesn't get too bad until Stage 4, the night/highway stage.  
    But if you've gotten this far, you've probably got the skills to get through 
    it(but probably not the time ;]).
    Also, when passing other racers, try to keep a smooth turn.  Turning too 
    much or too little and you'll have to compensate, by more turning!!  This is 
    not a good thing to do when in turns.  I hold the record for my state in 
    this one too. ;)
    Excite QTE 2
    An easy game, if you know what to do.  Play this game enough times and 
    you'll get the hint.  It's a predetermined order.  Get a friend to help you 
    out and record the inputs that show up.  You'll beat this game easy.  I have 
    the order for the inputs all the way up to the Expert level, but am not 
    giving it out, as it would eliminate the competition.  Plus, I didn't have 
    anyone else to record the inputs for me, so it was pretty hard doing it 
    myself.  Imagine trying to put in the command, while trying to write down 
    what it was.  It gets kinda annoying when you get to the higher levels and 
    start messing up because it gets real quick and starting all over to get to 
    that point takes a while also. :(   Note: Messing up once will destroy the 
    sequence.  For example, some inputs require two button commands in 
    succession, (i.e.  pressing the X button and the A button right after) and 
    if you mess up previous to that, the command might change to the X button by 
    itself, then proceeded by the A button.  Just something I learned the hard 
    way.  So...my point is, don't mess up!!
    Here's the beginning input sequence if you don't get what I was talking 
    about in the previous paragraph.  Look at it and read the paragraph again if 
    you need to.
    I'm guessing no one was smart enough to figure this out, as I again hold the 
    record for this game in my state.  It's not even that high too 'cause I 
    haven't spent a lot of time on it....
    QTE Title
    Another one of those input command things.  Thing is, I haven't tried 
    figuring it out yet.  Pretty easy game, though.  Just make sure you don't 
    get ahead of yourself and press the wrong button, which I've done too many 
    times. ':)
    70 Person Battle
    Obviously, the best way to win this 'game' is to have mostly all the moves 
    mastered, and 'experienced-out' or something like that.  The quickest time 
    wins.  I personally like to let the attacker attack me first, I parry, and 
    then counter-attack.  It's so much fun that way.  Kinda like Bruce Lee.  
    Even the way Ryo walks is similar to my master.(heh)  But when trying to go 
    for the quickest time, you'll have to throw away that strategy.  Quick moves 
    that K.O. the baddies quickly are the moves you need.  I.E. ->,->, X.  I 
    think the move's name is 'elbow assault', and is pretty good for knocking 
    guys out quickly.  They'll grab their stomachs like they had a bad egg 
    before collapsing (hehe). Throws are good too, for taking out multiple guys. 
    When trying to get the quickest time, you have to run up to the enemies and 
    actually initiate combat, 'cause waiting for them to come to you takes too 
    long.  It also helps because you get the 'jump' on them.
    And then there are certain enemies that won't take the hit, and parry you 
    instead.  I hate these guys; you'll get to know them once you've played Free 
    Battle for a while.  Easiest way to K.O. them is to throw them, because 
    they'll purposely wait for you to attack them first, which wastes time.  I 
    won't go into boss strategies, because you can probably find them somewhere 
    else at GameFAQs.  Just so you know, I have beaten Chai at the Game You 
    center... ;)
    Forklift Racing
    Basic racing.  Nothing special.  Just don't try and pass a racer when you're 
    going mach 2 in the forklift, or around turns.  They have a set path, and 
    there's nothing that can disrupt it.  You'll actually get pushed away when 
    you try to run into them, and most likely run into some object, like a wall. 
      Honking your horn (pressing Up on the D-pad) won't help either.  Believe 
    me I've tried.  They just ignore it.  Losers.
    Anyway, when starting out, you can pass the first guy (No. 4 racer) on the 
    first turn, because there is enough room so that you can edge him out.  
    There are also areas where you can cut some time off, particularly the 
    section at the end, but other than that, it's a pretty set course.  Learn 
    the course and race hard!  You only have a few days to race, unless you use 
    the trick/bug which allows you to play a few more days, so race your best.
    Slot Machines
    Talk about luck, the only way that you can win in this game.  You can get 
    help from Lapis, the fortune teller, which will give you the number of the 
    machine that will yield the best results in winning.  Sometimes, if you 
    don't proceed onto your quest, she'll say something like, "I cannot yet see 
    a path for you" or something, which sucks.  Stupid readings cost almost 3 
    bucks, too.  But besides that stupid fortune teller, its all about luck.  
    There are too many things that involve luck in this game, such as the lucky 
    draw for example.  It's terrible...
    Of course, to get the highest winnings, you must go to the 20 bet machines, 
    that are numbers 15 and 16.  You'll need a lot of money for this.  I have no 
    freakin' idea how the winnings are calculated, so if anyone knows how, 
    please tell me.  I'll credit ya of course.  Reading the payout board above 
    the machine tells me nothing at all.  It's all a bunch of numbers with an 
    'X' sign in front.  I don't have a clue....*calls out for Lapis* =|
    Again, my record.
    *Aha! Here we go, the way the slot machine payout works.  Or at least I 
    think so.  Thanks and credit goes to Brian Nilsen for the explanation; I've 
    posted what exactly what he wrote because it's a pretty-darn detailed 
    explanation and I don't think I need to explain to ya what he's explaining.  
    If you don't understand it, something might be wrong with you, but try and 
    read it again.  If you still don't understand it, here's his e-mail: 
    bnilsen@etoys.com.  He'll probably be more than happy to give you more help 
    if you ask nicely.  Again, much respect and props to Mr. Nilsen, presumably 
    an avid gambler. ;)
    I don't have the payout board in front of me, so my examples won't be
    exactly what's on there, but they should give you the gist of the idea.  
    Now, obviously, for each coin you bet, you get to play on another line.  
    I.E., if you only put in one quarter, then only what ends up on that center 
    line will be valid.  If you get three red sevens along the top line but you 
    only bet one coin, then no dice.   Therefore, betting five coins every time 
    greatly increases the odds of getting something.
    One note about these machines that differ from your standard slot machine is 
    that they don't only pay for the highest line, they pay the combination of 
    all lines together.  This is a Good Thing(tm).
    Also, the x before the number for winning is kinda useless in this game, as 
    it's impossible to bet more than one coin on each line.   On a Vegas style 
    slot machine, you can do things like bet 25 coins, 5 coins per each line.   
    So, say you got a payout that's x 50 on a line that you've bet 5 coins on, 
    you get 250 coins back instead of 50.   Just a way of increasing your 
                      So, since:
                      Cherry    --   --   = x2
    If you end up with the first icon on any line being a cherry and random 
    things after, you win 2 coins back.  The best part about betting 5 coins on 
    this one is, if the cherry ends up being on the upper or lower line, you get 
    credit for both that upper or lower line as well as the diagonal line that 
    goes through it.  So, you end up with 4 coins coming out of it, credit for 
    that line twice.
                      Now, say you end up with something like this...
                      2 Cherry      Blank      Super Bar
                      1 Blank       Cherry     Blank
                      3 Red 7       Blank      Bar
    You get credit for the single cherry on line two, so that's 2 coins.  On 
    line 4 (the diagonal going from upper left to lower right), you get 5 coins 
    for having the first *two* icons be cherries.  So, a nice 7 gets netted from 
    It all comes from this, so if you get three super bars in a row, even on the 
    diagonals, you get back 100 coins.  If you get all red sevens on a row you 
    bet on, then you're a happy camper ;)
    I hope that was a good enough explanation for you.  I recently played my 
    first slot machine, so I just learned this, and I know how tough it was to 
    figure all of it out...I spent a lot of money before I figured out why I was 
    winning when I did and why I lost.
                      Also note that getting this on a row:
                      Bar      Cherry      Red 7
    Does not give you the single cherry bonus, as that single cherry *has* to be 
    the first icon on the line.
    The 80 block save of Shenmue can hold 'three' separate games, because there 
    are 3 save files.  I wish it was 27 blocks per game; it would save a lot of 
    space than that big clunker 80.  Also, a resume file that can aid you in a 
    trick mentioned below.
    When logging on the internet and snooping around the menus, you'll see a 
    place called 'Everyone's Space' that has a sub-menu titled 'Shenmue 
    Goodies'.  This is the place where you can download Shenmue character 
    animations into the VMU.  I suggest that you use a separate VMU solely for 
    this (if you can spare it), because they files can take up some space.  
    You'll need to download the character animator or whatever, and you can view 
    the animations in the 'game mode' of your VMU but it takes up a whopping 50 
    slots.  Each character animation takes up 2, for a total of 75 characters on 
    a regular VMU.  The trick is to use the resume file to trade in your cans 
    for the characters.  For example, you have 10 winning cans in your current 
    game.  Before you go to bed, save to the memory card, and then right after 
    save to the resume file.  That way,  you'll have two separate saves with the 
    same data.  Then, pop in the Shenmue Passport and get on 'Shenmue Goodies'.  
    Choose the resume file, and trade in all those winning cans for those 
    characters.  In the resume file, you won't have anymore winning cans left, 
    but in the original save that you created before, still has the same amount 
    of winning cans available (in this case: 10).  You can do this as many times 
    as you need to, so that you won't have to keep buying Jetcolas and hoping to 
    get a winning can.  Although I still try my luck sometimes just to hear Ryo 
    say: "Great, I won!" (heh).
    Other Stuff
    Why did I write a FAQ for this game?  Because contributing a FAQ for one of 
    the most revolutionary games as of right now makes me feel special, that's 
    why.  Usually I don't have time to write FAQs, mainly because people get 
    their FAQs up and cover most of the things already, and sometimes I just 
    don't have the time.  (I've found that I have a lot of time now, since I'm 
    off from college on winter break ;])I consider myself a 'hardcore' gamer, as 
    spending a lot of time with this specific area of Shenmue I feel compelled 
    to help out those people that seem to be wandering around aimlessly like 
    they haven't played games before.  You know them, asking questions like, 
    "I'm stuck in Shenmue, help me?"  And you give a blank stare and say, "How 
    can you be stuck in Shenmue?"  I mean, I can understand being stuck in a 
    game like Zelda, but not Shenmue.  These of course are the newbies, which we 
    try to help.
    And of course, the copyright stuff.  Everything here is mine, and mine only. 
      You dare take it, you're asking to be sued for all the yen, gil, and gold 
    that you've got(and US currency too).  Everything here I've compiled from 
    playing Shenmue for hours and hours, so please show/give respect, and don't 
    steal it.
    *Note:  I've been getting a lot of e-mail from other websites asking for my 
    permission to post my FAQ on their site (even though I said I would only 
    check it once a month they still do it anyway; I guess some of 'em have 
    actually seen lightning strike in the same place twice).  Please stop.  Some 
    of that stuff requires registration for this or/and that, and I simply don't 
    have the time to do such things.  More time for games I say.  Although it is 
    a good way to get my work out there, I would just rather have it at good 'ol 
    GameFAQs.   I admit that I would rather give you permission than find out 
    that you've stolen it and having to go through all the legal hoopla, but if 
    you really want my FAQ on your website then make it easy.
    Contact Info.  I dunno why on earth you would contact me, but just so it's 
    there, my e-mail addy is: griever_fx@ignmail.com.  I don't particularly like 
    the idea of people I don't know e-mailing me asking for help or whatever, so 
    I've given the e-mail address that I rarely use.  So if it's a 
    life-threatening, urgent message, don't even bother because I only check it 
    about once a month, and probably won't even e-mail you back.  You'll have 
    better luck seeing lightning strike the same place twice, or winning the 
    stereo in the lucky draw(which I have!!! the number one is in red).  If you 
    have some tip that you think desperately needs to be added, I'll consider it 
    and credit you.  I welcome compliments, too. 8)

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