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    Passport/Information FAQ by falsehead

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    *********************** SHENMUE: FAQ/PASSPORT GUIDE *********************
                     Dreamcast RPG/Adventure released 2000 UK (PAL)
                          FAQ/WALKTHRU (Final Version) 11/07/2002
    Author - falsehead (Sophie Cheshire). Contact me at falsehead@aol.com
    Copyright stuff; this is (c) Sophie Cheshire. If you wish to use this FAQ on
    your website, feel free to do so under the following conditions. a) You email
    me first and let me know where it will be appearing and b) you do not alter the
    content in anyway (if you need to change the formatting slightly for display
    purposes that's OK).
    If I find out that any part of this FAQ has been lifted and used without credit
    to me, especially if you use it to earn money, then I will be annoyed. I didn't
    type all this up for the good of my health you know.
    ********************************* CONTENTS *****************************
    ********************* SECTION ONE - SHENMUE (THE GAME)******************
    1) UPDATES
    (a)Food for the Cat
    (b)Shenmue Lottery Food
    (c)Vital Items
    (d)Useful Items
    (e)Martial Arts Scrolls
    (f)Miscellaneous Items
    (a) Machines
    (b) Lottery and mini game prizes.
    (a) Gotcha Machine Toys
    (b) Gotcha Prize Toys
    (c) Gotcha Online Toys
    a) Phone numbers
    b) Shop Opening Times
    ********************** SECTION 2 - PASSPORT DISC *********************
    1) What is the Shenmue Passport for?
    2) Movie Clips
    3) Sounds
    4) Shenmue Online
    *********************** SECTION 3 - SHENMUE 2 ************************
    1) Items carried over to Shenmue 2
    2) What to do in Shenmue to get a good start in Shenmue 2
    3) If you are a US gamer, should you import?
    4) The online situation as of mid 2002
                 OK those are the contents now, "lets get sweaty!!"
    ******************* SECTION ONE - SHENMUE (THE GAME)*************************
    *************************** 1) UPDATES/VERSIONS *****************************
    20/3/2001 Version 1.0 - Well this is the first edition of this FAQ, but I'll be
    posting updates regularly as more info comes to light.
    09/12/2001 Version 1.1 - It's been a while I know and I am nearly done with
    this guide.  I am starting on a Shenmue 2 guide soon, but there are a few bits
    and pieces I missed in the first game.  Also check out the Quick FAQ for info
    regarding carrying saves over from one game to another.  I also fixed the
    format to look more like my newer guides and added a cut scene I had missed
    thanks to - dredlox (Neal) - thanks mate!
    01/01/2002 Version 1.2 - I have added a small section at the end for those of
    you who are playing Shenmue and plan to go straight onto Shenmue 2 with your
    clear game file.  This section outlines what items are carried over and also
    has advice on what to collect, what to disregard and some info on the import
    situation for US gamers.
    In the next update I plan to add more about the Shenmue online situation.
    Shenmue 2 has no Online function as far as I can see and I have not been able
    to see if the Passport disc from Shenmue 1 can be used to let you access a
    Shenmue 2 game file, for Gotcha Toy trading purposes.
    11/07/2002 - Final Version.  Well I managed to access Shenmue online to check
    out the situation and it's not good (see end of document).  You can trade toys
    and exchange winning cans, but most of the info is unavailable and the network
    rankings are gone.  There is little more to ass to this guide, its been fun
    though.  Maybe the future versions will resurrect the online Shenmue dream, but
    until then, it's been fun.
    ************************ 2) INTRODUCTION TO THIS FAQ *************************
    I have created this Faq and game guide to provide a source of information on
    item locations and acquisition, learning all moves and unlocking the secrets on
    the Shenmue Passport disc as well as providing a guide to the Shenmue Online
    experience.  The one thing I have not included is a WALKTHROUGH section.  This
    is basically because I want this guide to be for people who may be having a
    hard time locating a particular plot device or have become stuck, but don't
    want to have to much of the game plot given away by having to read a
    Basically the game information consists of the locations and prices of all
    purchasable items.  The locations of all vital gameplay items.  The locations
    and requirements for learning all the martial arts moves. A quick look at the
    mini games, and a full list of all gotcha toys and where they can be acquired.
    The Passport Section details all the Film Clips and Music that can be unlocked
    and how to acquire some of the rarer Film clips.  It also covers Shenmue World.
    I hope this will be of some help to those of you who want help with this
    excellent game, but with minimal plot spoilers.
    General Playing Tips:  Shenmue can be completed very quickly in comparison to
    many other RPG type games.  It is possible to speed through in less than 15
    hours, but I wouldn't recommend this.  To get the most from Shenmue, take your
    time.  Explore everywhere and try to talk to everyone.  Make use of the first
    person look function as in some circumstances this is the way to trigger plot
    sequences.  Spend some time training your moves every day and make use of the
    diversions such as the slots and Arcade.  Try not to miss appointments, as
    finding the person again can be a big pain.  You are given plenty of time so
    you have no excuse to miss them.  Finally sometimes in the Free Battles the
    computer will go crazy at you!  Just keep calm and if necessary just replay the
    FAQ:  These are some of the things that have had Shenmue players scratching
    their heads.
    Q1: Why should I feed that damn cat?!!?
    A:  Well you don't HAVE to feed it, but it's a nice thing to do.  It also seems
    to make you more attractive to Nozomi and as its growth is recorded on your VMU
    card there may be a pay-off in later chapters.  If you want to feed it cheaply,
    it likes Squid Legs, Salami and Milk, which are all 90 yen.
    Q2:  The Old Lady in Sakuragaoka, I can't find her house!
    A: This is seemingly a plot device to get you to use the first person look
    command.  Checking the nameplates on the houses will cause their English names
    to appear as a caption.  The house is just opposite the park and looks quite
    shabby. After reading the sign Ryo will comment that he found it, return to the
    woman in the park and you'll automatically take her home. Awwww... There
    doesn't seem to be a penalty for failing to do this as she doesn't always
    appear if you arrive in Sakuragaoka on a rainy day for the first time.
    Q3:  Where is Heart Beats Bar?
    A:  A little off the beaten track, it's in the "red light district", which is
    the back bit of Dobuita with the Slots Arcade.  The entrance is some stair
    leading down into an alleyway.  The top of the stairs is opposite the
    Motorcycle Shop.
    Q4: I'm looking for Charlie? Who's got the info?
    A: You can find quite a bit out about Charlie from various people.  Ask the man
    outside Water Dragon Jeans and the man in shades across the road.  Go into the
    building with the green door and camera over it and ask in there.  Now you've
    done enough nosing about for you to be accosted by the You Arcade after
    Q5:  What if I don't buy the annoying Chinese man a drink?
    A:  I doesn't seem to make much difference, he can provide you with extra
    information so if you want a full notebook you should probably not be so cheap
    and buy him a damn drink!
    Q6: Who can translate the letter from Chen?
    A: Rescuing the Chinese boy Gao Wen will give you this clue.  His grandma runs
    the Pottery shop on Dobuita's back road; she is Chinese and will gladly
    translate it for you.
    Q7:  Uh, I rang the number for master Chen and said the wrong thing....
    A: Pretty easy when you know how this one.  If you are asked 'Fathers Heaven'
    respond with 'Nine Dragons'.  For 'Mother's Earth' say 'Comrades'.  The smoking
    man in Dobuita Park can explain the legend of the 'Nine Dragons' to you.  This
    gives you a nice big page of notes as well.
    Q8: How the hell do I get into warehouse number 8?
    A: Just walk around the back and look up, Ryo will notice a window and remark
    that he could get though.  Now you can use button A to shift the box to get a
    leg up to climb in.
    Q9:  OK I can't get past those guards in the old warehouse district, help!
    A: Oh come on its not that hard!  Head forward and turn left around warehouse
    #1.  Head forward but duck down the alleys if you need to avoid anyone.  Keep
    going forward until you reach the sidewall, you are now by warehouse #3.  From
    here its quite easy to dash up between warehouses #3 and #9 until you reach #8
    which is in the top left corner of the district.  If you keep getting chucked
    out the old homeless man you bought a drink for will give you first a map of
    the warehouses layout then one with the guards patrol patterns on.
    Q10: Where is the Phoenix Mirror?
    A: Ah yes the one part of the game that is a little tricky.  Well just follow
    these instructions.
    -At anytime before check the desk drawer in Hazuki's fathers study.  Inside is
    a grey box inside that is a key.
    -Take the hand guard/crest to the dojo.  Unlock the long thin box with the key
    to acquire the sword blade.
    -Remove the to banners from the wall.  In the round gap place the Crest, in the
    slot place the blade.
    -Enter the secret tunnel; you MUST have a torch (under the phone in the House).
    -Use your torch, light candles or replace bulb for better light.
    -You can find the stab armour scroll, photo and white feather in various
    -Examine the mirror and notice a message reflected.
    -Turn and read the message on the shelves then examine the floor around them to
    see they have been moved.
    -Position yourself by the shelves so the A button appears now move the shelves.
    -Look down at the uncovered patch and you will bend down Use A to knock and
    find its hollow there.
    -Look at the Axe by the door and Ryo will comment he can use it to smash the
    wall.  Pick it up and then position yourself by the wall so you can use A to
    smash it.
    -Now get the mirror!
    Q11:  Is it possible to beat Chai the first time in the You Arcade?
    A:  It's possible but very tricky.  Make sure you have trained your simple
    kicks and punches as near to Advanced Level as possible.  Don't use multiple
    blows or combos as he will parry or block and be pushed out of range.  Stick to
    short fast kicks when you are attacking and use quick punches to knock him out
    of his flying attacks. Use no high kicks as they will just go over his head.
    Don't risk any throws either. If you punch him out of a flying attack and knock
    him to the ground, attack with a powerful low move like Crawl Cyclone.  Learn
    to dodge and block effectively and be prepared to fight for a loooong time.
    With a lot of skill and a bit of luck you may just beat him.  It doesn't make
    much difference, either way you get some different notes.  But it's a pretty
    cool achievement!
    Q12: How do I translate the Mysterious scroll and the Stab Armour scroll?
    A:  Once you are on disc three and have shown Master Chen the Mirror you can go
    back and talk to Gui Zhang.  You have to phone and do the passwords bit first.
    When you enter Ryo will automatically ask if he can translate the scrolls.
    Unfortunately if you have both on you he will only ask him to do one.  You'll
    have to phone and go again to get both done.  The Stab Armour is a move you can
    learn, the mysterious scroll (which is found in the Hazuki Dojo under the large
    high up banner - just look at it then use the stool to climb up) contains a
    secret to obscure for Gui Zhang.  If you visit him a third time he'll moan at
    you which is quite funny.
    Q13:  What's going on?  I keep repeating my second day at work!
    A:  This is a bit of a glitch, if you don't trigger a certain scene on your
    second day you can end up repeating that day until you do it.  This can be a
    good thing if you want more than five goes at the Forklift races and want to
    earn some big money.  But if you want to carry on the plot then make sure that
    you bump into the white van men.
    Q14:  Why can't I load my Clear Game File?
    A:  Unlike other Clear game files in other games you can't replay the game with
    all your accumulated stuff.  All this file does is give you access to the
    seventy man battle on the options screen.  Plus you should be able to load your
    saved data from Shenmue 1 when you begin the next chapter.
    Q15:  Will I be able to play Shenmue 2 without having played Shenmue 1?
    A:  Now Shenmue 2 is out, you can play without needing to have played this
    first instalment.  You can carry play data from Shenmue 1 over complete with
    the benefits of having all your gotcha toys, your learned secret moves, trained
    to advanced and acquired lots of items, games and toys that are unique to
    players of Shenmue 1.  There is a small digest movie summarising Shenmue for
    newbies to Shenmue 2 and that's about it.
    Q:16 Why isn't Shenmue 2 coming out in the USA for the Dreamcast?
    A: Sadly Bill Gates got the rights for Shenmue 2 on the Xbox in the US, Japan
    and Europe have got it though.  For those Americans importing the game, you
    will not be able to carry your save over to the UK version.  UK games are in
    PAL format and US/Jap ones in NTSC.  A PAL DC will not recognize an NTSC save
    and vice versa.  Either download a PAL save from a VMU website or start from
    scratch with an imported UK copy of Shenmue.
    ************************ 4) ITEMS - LOCATIONS AND USES **********************
    (a)Food for the cat
    Yokusuka shrine
    - Tofu (Free)
    - Dried Fish (Free)
    Abes Store
    - Squid Legs (90 yen)
    - Salami (90 yen)
    Tomato Mart (Dobuita and the Harbour)
    - Milk (100 yen)
    - Canned Tuna (180 yen)
    - Dried Fish (300 yen)
    - Sliced Fish (500 yen)
    (b) Shenmue Lottery Food
    Purchasing one of these items entitles you to one free go of the Shenmue
    lottery in Abes Store or either Tomato Mart
    - Chocolate (120 yen)
    - Caramel (120 yen)
    - Potato Chips (120 yen)
    (c) Vital Items
    These are items vital to the game, you won't be able to progress without them.
    - Torch (Under the phone in Ryo's house or 500 yen from Tomato Marts)
    - Mysterious Key (in a grey box in the desk draw in Ryo's father's room)
    - Sword Guard (In the antiques Shop)
    - Sword Blade (In the long box in the Hazuki Dojo, unlock with mysterious key)
    - Phoenix Mirror (In the secret compartment in the hazuki dojo basement)
    (d) Useful Items
    - Matches, used to light candles.  Find by the Hazuki Shrine or purchase from
    Tomato Marts 50 yen
    - Candles, use in the Hazuki dojo basement, find in the hazuki kitchen drawer
    or purchase from Tomato Marts for 150 yen
    - Batteries.  Used to power Ryo's walkman.  Find in Ryo's drawer or purchase
    from Tomato Marts for 150 yen
    - Lightbulb.  Replace bulb in hazuki dojo basement. Purchase from Tomato Marts
    for 90 yen.
    - Walkman.  Plays tapes.  Find it in Ryo's drawer.
    - Walkman Tapes.  Win in Shenmue Lottery or buy from Tomato Marts (300 yen).
    Certain tapes only available between certain dates listed below.
    Antiquity Tree: In Dobuuita from 12/3-3/30. In harbour12/13-4/03.
    Be-witch: Dobuita from 12/13-4/3 and in harbour 12/20-4/10
    Boz Nov: Dobuita from 12/13-4/3 and in harbour 12/06-3/27
    Dandy Old Man: Dobuita from 12/13-4/3 and in harbour 12/20 to 4/10
    Density: Dobuita from 12/13-4/3 and in harbour 12/06-3/27
    Like a Feeling: Dobuita from 12/06-3/27 and in harbour 12/03-3/20
    Feel Tired Song: Dobuita from 12/06-3/27 and in harbour 12/20 to 4/10
    Flower Girl: Dobuita from 12/3-3/20 and in harbour 12/13-4/03.
    Glyfada: Dobuita from 12/27-4/14 and in harbour 12/20-4/10
    GoGo: Dobuita from 12/3-3/20 and in harbour 12/27-4/14
    Harbor Bar: Dobuita from 12/20-4/10 and in harbour 12/20-4/10
    Harbor Beats: Found only in harbour from 12/13 to 4/03
    Heart Beats: Found only in Dobuita from 12/06-3/27
    Hip de Hop: Dobuita from 12/6-3/27 and in harbour 12/3-3/20
    Linda: Dobuita from 12/3-3/20 and in harbour 12/27-4/14
    Liquor: Dobuita from 12/13-4/03 and in harbor12/06-3/27
    NaNa: Dobuita from 12/20-4/10 Dobuita from 12/3-3/20
    Sha Hua Tape: Found only in Ryo's Room
    Shenmue Tape: Found only in Ryo's Room
    Spider: Dobuita from 12/27-4/14 and in harbour 12/3-3/20
    Strong: Found only in harbour from 12/06-3/27
    Y.A.D.A.: Dobuita from 12/27-4/14 and in harbour 12/27-4/14
    Yokosuka Blues: Dobuita from 12/27-4/14 and in harbour 12/27-4/14
    - Sega Saturn.  In drawer under Ryo's TV.  Plays Saturn Games
    - Saturn Games.  HangOn and AfterBurner, prizes in Shenmue Lottery.
    - Gotcha Toys.  Collectable toys from seven machines and lottery prizes.  100
    yen each.
    (e) Martial Arts Scrolls
    - Shadow Reaper.  Hazuki residence. In Fuk-sans room
    - Twin Blades. Hazuki residence.  Wicker basket in small corridor behind prayer
    - Stab Armour.  In the basement under the Hazuki Dojo.  Must get it translated
    by Gui Zhang
    - Twin Swallow Leap.  Antiques shop 1000 yen
    - Tiger Storm. Antiques shop 2000 yen
    - Crawl Cyclone. Antiques shop 1000 yen
    - Rising Flash. Antiques shop 500 yen
    - Mud Spider. Antiques shop 1000 yen
    - Arm Break Fire. Antiques shop 5000 yen
    (f) Miscellaneous Items.
    - Hong Kong Pamphlet.  Prices for travelling to Hong Kong, find in World Tour
    - Bargain Pamphlet.  Budget tickets to Hong Kong.  Find in Asia Travel.
    - White Leaf.  Hazuki Dojo basement.  Use unknown.
    - Mysterious scroll.  Behind the large banner in the Hazuki Dojo.
    - Photo of father. Sentimental. Find in the Hazuki dojo basement.
    - Photo of friends. Sentimental.  Ryo's room.
    - Photo of family.  Sentimental.  Ryo's House. Ine-sans room.
    - Photo of Nozomi. Sentimental.  From Eri at the harbour on disc 3.
    **************** 5) MARTIAL ARTS MOVES AND FIGHTING GUIDE *******************
    Basically Ryo starts off with several Kick, Punch and Throw Moves.  In the
    morning you can set his training schedule to concentrate on all moves equally,
    just throw moves, just punch moves or one specific move only.  Throughout the
    day he will gain experience in the moves chosen whether or not he actually goes
    to train.  If you do go and train any move used with gain extra experience, you
    can view this as a blue line growing on top of the moves experience column
    while you are training.  Once you have finished the blue line turns yellow and
    you have gained my experience.  You can train in Sakuragoa and Dobuita Parks
    when they are empty.  At anytime in Dobuita Car Park and in Warehouse number7
    later in the game.  You can also train in the family Dojo and some mornings
    spar with Fuk-san to improve your throws.
    Personally I found the actually fighting rather poorly implemented in this
    game.  Although there are a huge range of moves, the awkwardness of pulling
    most of them off means you find yourself sticking to a few easy to perform
    moves.  Setting a complicated move to the analogue trigger doesn't really help
    as it is very sluggish to respond to commands.  Also because the fights are in
    3d the swinging camera can often change the perspective of your move, reversing
    your button inputs and not producing the move you want.  It is also far to easy
    to send Ryo into an easily blocked combo.  The fact he learns no proper doges
    or reversals until the end of the game is pretty unforgivable as well.
    This may just be because I find the Virtua Fighter style very awkward compared
    the say the Tekken fighting system, but the only things I recommend you do to
    win out most fights is train everyday, find or buy every scroll you can as soon
    as possible.  Try and train at least one punch and kick to mastered level.
    Many moves gain extra parts to them once they are past medium level.  When in
    big fights try and corner yourself so that enemies can only come at you
    one-on-one.  When fighting long battles remember to run away and recover
    energy.  Don't bother throwing, they are usually blocked and leave you open to
    attack from the mate of however you threw.
    My recommended moves to train up are - Pit Blow (hard and recovers fast), Elbow
    Assault (hard hitting and fast), Crescent Kick, Swallow Dive (powerful with
    long range and when trained passed medium it gains a devastating heel drop),
    Crawl Cyclone (good for hitting grounded opponents or low fighting ones like
    Tiger Knuckle
    Pit Blow (learnt in Dojo demonstration)
    Double Blow (learn from man in Dobuita Park during hunt for Charlie also need
    to have bought all 6 scrolls from antique shop)
    Twist Knuckle
    Elbow assault
    Upper Knuckle
    Sleeve Strike
    Rain Thrust
    Big Wheel
    Twin Hand Waves
    Back Fist Willow
    Avalanche Lance
    Katana Mistral Slash
    Mistral Flash
    Twin Blades (learn from scroll in Hazuki Residence)
    Rising Flash (learn from scroll in antiques shop)
    Stab Armour (learn from Chinese Scroll)
    Crescent Kick
    Trample Kick
    Swallow Dive (learn from Master Chen's son)
    Tornado Kick (learned from Tom on disc 3, refuse first time, then accept to get
    the full double kick move)
    Surplice Slash
    Thunder Kick
    Hold Against Leg
    Brutal Tiger
    Dark Moon
    Shadow Reaper (learn fro scroll in Fuk-sans room)
    Mud Spider (learn from antique shop scroll)
    Crawl Cyclone (learn from antique shop scroll)
    Twin Swallow Leap (learn from antique shop scroll)
    Sweep Throw
    Vortex Throw
    Mist Reaper
    Demon Drop
    Shoulder Buster
    Tengu Drop
    Darkside Hazuki
    Back Twist Drop
    Tiger Storm
    Arm Break Fire (learn from antiques shop scroll)
    Shadow Step (learn from tramp in warehouse district)
    Shadow Blade (learn from tramp in warehouse district)
    Cross Charge
    Swallow Flip (learn from Master Chen before end of disc 3)
    ************************** 6) SHENMUE LOTTERY *****************************
    You enter the Shenmue Lottery buy buying Shenmue goods, which are any food with
    Shenmue written on them and the cassette tapes.  Each purchase gives you a free
    draw of a ticket.  The better the prize the lower the odds.
    Tip 1: If you are intent on getting the top prizes, save in the morning and
    head straight for the lottery you want to play.  Keep buying and pulling
    tickets and if you lose too much money with no result, just quit and restart
    from that mornings save.
    Tip 2: Sometimes the game seems to get "stuck" on a run of losing tickets.  If
    you pull three in a row that lose, you'll probably keep losing until you leave.
     So just leave and re-enter the shop and this seems to snap the game out of it.
    Top Prize: Dural Gold
    First Prize: Dural Silver
    Second Prize: Director (Yukawa)
    Third Prize: Director (Yukawa in a grey suit)
    Fourth Prize: R-360, Space Harrier Toy, Rent-a-Hero
    Toy, Bonanza Brothers
    First Prize: Radio with Cassette Player
    Second Prize: Sega Saturn Games (Space Harrier, HangOn)
    Third Prize: Cassette Tapes (Outrun, Magical Sound Shower, Hang On: Main Theme,
    Space Harrier: Main Theme, Final Take On)
    Fourth Prize: B B Ultra Toy, Ferry, Blue Forklift, Red Forklift
    *************************** 7) GOTCHA TOYS *********************************
    (a) Gotcha Machine toys 100 yen each
    There are seven machines.  Two outside Abe's store, two Outside the You Arcade
    and three in the Harbour lounge.  Each machine has a theme, but several toys
    are in all the machines.
    -Items in All Machines:
    Binsbein 1
    Binsbein 2
    Binsbein 3
    Dice 1
    Dice 2
    Dice 3
    Heavy Bomb 1
    Heavy Bomb 2
    Heavy Bomb 3
    Super Ball 1
    Super Ball 2
    Super Ball 3
    -Virtua Fighter Figures (Outside Abe's Store)
    Akira 1 and 2
    Jacky 1 and 2
    Jeffry 1 and 2
    Lau 1 and 2
    Wooden Man
    Pai 1 and 2
    Sarah 1 and 2
    Kage 1 and 2
    Wolf 1 and 2
    -Sonic Characters (Outside Abe's Store)
    Sonic 1 and 2
    Knuckles 1 and 2
    Tails 1 and 2
    Chao & Pian
    -Virtua Fighter Kids (Outside You Arcade)
    Kids Akira 1 and 2
    Kids Dural 1 and 2
    Kids Jacky 1 and 2
    Kids Jeffry 1 and 2
    Kids Lau 1 and 2
    Kids Lion 1 and 2
    Kids Pai 1 and 2
    Kids Sarah 1 and 2
    Kids Wolf 1 and 2
    Kids Kage 1 and 2
    Kids Shun Di 1 and 2
    -Sega Stars - classic Sega games characters (Two Machines one outside You
    Arcade, the other in the Harbour Lounge)
    Aida II
    Alex Kidd
    Chicken Leg
    Jet Opa Opa
    NiGHTS 2
    Coba Beach
    Megadra Brother
    Opa Opa
    Solo Wing
    A Button
    B Button
    X Button
    Y Button
    -Motor Vehicles from Hang On and Shenmue (Harbour Lounge)
    Coupe 1
    Coupe 2
    Coupe 3
    Coupe 4
    Coupe 5
    Delivery Moped
    Hang On 1
    Hang On 2
    Hang On 3
    Hang On 4
    Hang On 5
    Motor Scooter
    Wagon 1
    Wagon 2
    Wagon 3
    Wagon 4
    -Shenmue Harbour Toys (Harbour Lounge)
    Shenmue Container
    Steering Wheel of Ship
    Truck 1
    Truck 2
    Truck 3
    Truck 4
    Wooden Crate
    (b) Gotcha Prize Toys
    Certain Gotcha Toys are only available as Prizes.
    Gold Dural - Top Prize. Abe store Lottery
    Silver Dural- 1st prize Abe store lottery
    Director (Yukawa) - 2nd Prize Abe store Lottery
    Director (Yukawa in a grey suit) - 3rd Prize Abe store Lottery
    R-360, Space Harrier Toy, Rent-a-HeroToy, Bonanza Brothers - 4th Prize Abe
    store Lottery
    B B Ultra Toy, Ferry, Forklift (Blue One), Forklift (Red One)- Fourth Prize
    Tomato Mart Lottery
    Mini Spacer Harrier toy - get 10 million points on the Space Harrier Arcade
    Mini Hang On Toy - get 10 million points on the Hang On Arcade Game
    Mini QTE Title game toy - get 300,000 points on the QTE title Arcade game.
    Mini Excite QTE 2 game toy - get 300,000 points on the QTE Excite Arcade Game.
    Mini Darts toy - get 300 points on the Darts Game. (not Neo Darts)
    Cherries - On the 1 Bet Machine: Slots Arcade
    Mini Billiards - On the 5 Bet Machine: Slots Arcade
    Mini Slot Machine - On the 10 Bet Machine: Slots Arcade
    Mini Jukebox - On the 20 Bet Machine: Slots Arcade
    Forklift Race: 5 different Forklifts toys numbered 1-5 for each place you rank
    during your five days as a worker in the morning race.
    c) Gotcha Toys Online (Every Ones Space)
    Mini Jukebox - Trade for Goat
    Mini Slot Machine Trade for - Tiger Kitten, Black Kitten
    Mini Billiards Trade for - Pochi, Philip, Pyonta, Kelly, John, Robin
    Cherry Trade for - Big Philip, Big Robin, Chip, Little Philip, Little Robin,
    Pip, Pop, Rap
    ****************** 8) MISCELLANEOUS USEFUL INFORMATION **********************
    a) Phone Numbers.
    Police 110
    Fire 119
    Weather Forecast 177
    Number Assistance 104
    Hazuki Dojo-Home 0468-37-7424
    Master Chen 0468-61-5647 (acquire after getting letter translated)
    Naoyuki Ito 0468-37-7492
    Nozomi 0468-22-5508
    b) Shop Opening Times.
    Abes Store (9.00-19.00)
    Hirata Tobacco (07.00-18.30)
    Smiley Flower Shop (07.00-18.30)
    Maeda Barbers (10.00-18.00)
    You Arcade (10.00-24.00)
    Komine Bakery (07.00-18.30)
    Jupiter's Jackets (10.00-20.00)
    Mary's Patches and Embroidery (10.00-20.00)
    Kurita Military Surplus (10.00-21.00)
    Global Travel Agency (09.00-20.00)
    Water Dragon Thrift Store (10.00-20.00)
    Hokuhoku Lunch Box Shop (10.00-20.00)
    Bunkado Antiques (10.00-22.00)
    Takara Sushi (11.00-21.00)
    Aida Florist (07.00-22.00)
    Honda Drugstore (10.00-20.00)
    Ajiichi Chinese Restaurant (10.00-21.00)
    Daisangan Mahjong Parlour (12.00-05.00)
    Slot House (10.00-24.00)
    Bar Linda (18.30-05.00)
    Bob's Pizzeria (17.00-04.00)
    Nana's Karaoke Bar (19.00-04.00)
    Manpukuken Ramen (17.00-04.00)
    Bar Yokosuka (17.00-03.00)
    MJQ Jazz Bar (19.00-04.00)
    Asia Travel Co. (10.00-20.00)
    Funny Bear Burgers (10.00-20.00)
    Lapis Fortune Teller (10.00-24.00)
    Tattoo Parlour (14.00-24.00)
    Russiya China Shop (10.00-21.00)
    Water Dragon Thrift Store 2 (10.00-20.00)
    Liu Barbers and Hair Salon (10.00-19.00)
    ***************** SECTION TWO - THE SHENMUE PASSPORT DISC *******************
    ********************** 1) WHAT IS THE SHENMUE PASSPORT? *********************
    The passport disc contains 4 elements. Instructions from the various characters
    on game-play elements, movie clips you have unlocked during game-play, themes
    and soundtracks you have unlocked during game-play and your "passport" to
    Shenmue Online.
    ****************************** 2) MOVIE CLIPS *******************************
    1: Promo Trailer
    2: What's Yokosuka?
    3: Magic Weather and Time Control
    4: Preview #1
    5: Forklift Preview
    6: Prologue
    (The above scenes are available from the start)
    7:  Drifting Blossoms (*secret scene*)
    8:  Trap in the Street
    9:  Ryo rescues Nozomi and a boy from 2 guys in Sakuragaoka (*secret scene*)
    10:  Tattoo parlour and Charlie
    11:  Nozomi returns from class
    12:  Nozomi and Ryo in Sakuragaoka park - part 1 (*secret scene*)
    13:  Encounter with Master Chen
    14:  Oishi's Antiques
    15:  The North Star (*secret scene*)
    16:  Chai Attacks!
    17:  Piggy Bank
    18:  Boat Trip
    19:  Chai's Trap
    20:  Jimmy's Apology
    21:  Goro's Job Introduction
    22:  Goro's Information
    23:  Mark takes an Ugly Beating
    24:  Goro's Marriage
    25:  Nozomi and Ryo in Sakuragaoka park - part 2 (*secret scene*)
    26:  Borrowing Ito's Motorbike
    27:  To the Harbour
    28:  The Deal with Terry
    29:  Nozomi and the Motorcycle
    30:  Dream of the phoenix mirror
    31:  Meditation
    32:  Tom's Treat
    33:  Tom's Move Instruction
    34:  Goodbye Tom
    35:  Ambushing Gui Zang
    36:  Gui Zhang and Ryo at Sunrise
    37:  The Parting
    38:  Dobuita Departure
    39:  Nozomi's Amulet
    40:  Ending
    All cut scenes are automatically recorded as you play except for numbers:  7,
    9, 12,15 and 25.  This is because they can be missed.  If you want to get all
    the cut scenes make sure you do the following.
    Scene 7:  Disc 1, at the beginning of the game, when you first leave Ryo's
    house, walk over to the big tree beside the dojo.  Its pretty obvious as
    Fuk-san is staring up to.  There is another flashback on the first day you can
    see.  Look at the steaming food on the kitchen table and you'll see a memory of
    his father making him eat carrots!  This cut scene will not be recorded. For
    another unrecorded scene Go into the Dojo past Fuku-san and then stare up at
    that large banner across the wall of the Dojo.  I believe it says something
    about Yin and Yang.  Ryo will then go into a flashback where he remembers his
    father discussing the meaning of friendship.
    Scene 9:  Disc 1, after the punch up in the Heart Beats bar, go home and sleep.
     The next day, make sure the weather is sunny outside.  You may want to check
    the weather on the phone the night before going to Heart Beats and delay that
    scene until there is a sunny day forecast.  Go to Sakuragaoka park around
    12 noon.  You also need to do this before you start hunting for Charlie.
    Scene 12: This first part of the Nozomi is at the end of disc 2.  After phoning
    warehouse #8 and determining you need to catch the bus, hang about in Dobuita
    until 7pm and then go home.  Back home, look at the phone and it will ring
    (sometimes you may have to wait until about 10pm).  Answer the phone by
    pressing "A" and the scene activate.
    Scene 15:  After obtaining the phoenix mirror in disc 2, go back to the woman
    in the Pottery Shop next to Water Dragon Jeans - she will tell you about the
    Phoenix Mirror and add some notes to your notebook.  You can also acquire more
    notes and a scene from the Antiques shop, but this cut scene is not recorded.
    Scene 25:  Nozomi park scene part 2.  This is on disc 3, make sure the game
    date is December 26th or later.  Then, after 7pm, visit The You Arcade and
    will be an automatic cut scene with Nozomi's friend, Eri.  She'll tell
    you to go to Sakuragaoka park because Nozomi is crying there.  Dash up and
    another scene with the lovely Nozomi will be yours!
    **************************** 3) SOUNDS **********************************
    Most tracks are automatically obtained during gameplay, however some need you
    to visit a particular shop and play past Christmas Time to unlock.
    1:  Shenmue Original
    2:  Sha Hua Orch w/vocals
    3:  Sha Hua Orch w/Chinese Fiddles
    4:  Loneliness
    5:  Harbour Light
    6:  Visitor at Night
    7:  To the Sky
    8:  The Spot
    9:  Beyond the Memory
    10: Takari Sushi
    11: Lapis
    12: Bob's Pizza
    13: Abe's Store
    14: Slot House
    15: Tomato Mart
    16: Liu Barber and Salon
    17: Asia Travel Company
    18: Harbour Lounge
    19: Light
    20: Earth and Sea
    21: Yokosuka Blues
    22: Sadness, Hope
    23: Sunny Places
    24: Mysterious Letter
    25: Working Man
    26: I Wish
    27: Why?
    28: Antiquity
    30: Jingle Bells
    31: Silent Night, Holy Night
    32: Sha Hua Christmas
    ******************************* 4) Shenmue Online ***************************
    The Purpose of Shenmue Online is to add more information to the backgrounds of
    the people and places that populate the game as well as give you help,
    information, news and a chance to participate in the International Mini Game
    High Scores.
    URGENT MESSAGES - supposedly somewhere you can get Shenmue news, but I have
    visited it many times and it has never been updated...hmmm.
    DATA REVIEW - Here you can find out EVERYHING about your game so far, including
    cleared files.  Yes, this can tell you just how many cans of pop Ryo has drunk,
    how long he has spent training, which Gotcha Toys he has in his collection,
    just how many walls he as banged into and how many times you have used the
    first person look lock-on function...it really is the obsessive gamers
    ONLINE MANUAL - I suppose this is useful if you have lost or broken the manual
    that came with the game.
    EVERYONES SPACE - Here you can look at how healthy the kitten is (awww). You
    can trade certain Gotcha Toys for rarer ones and download character art to you
    memory card in exchange for Winning Cans.
    NETWORK RANKING - here are the international high scores for all the mini
    games.  This is often inaccessible due to people hacking their games and
    cheating, then posting astronomical scores which sega then have to remove.
    There's always someone who has to spoil things eh?
    NOZOMI'S MESSAGES - Are you stuck? Nozomi will give you a hint here.
    SHENMUE WORLD - Here is unadulterated info on the world of Shenmue.  Every
    character, right down to the cats and dogs that roam around have been given a
    little biography and name.  All the places have detailed descriptions and
    historys.  Finally each move of Ryo's that you have learned has a full
    Historical description. It the best part of Shenmue Online!
    OK so that was Shenmue chapter one, can't wait for the next few Chapters can
    *********************** SECTION 3 - SHENMUE 2 ************************
    ******************** WARNING SOME SMALL SHENMUE 2 SPOILERS!! *********
    This section is here to help any one wanting to get a good start in Shenmue 2
    and what to spend their money on in Shenmue to get the best out of the
    continuation of the game.
    *************** 1) Items carried over to Shenmue 2 ******************
    Money (however much you had minus boat fare, now Hong Kong Dollars),
    Date (for days after the date you finish Shenmue, Shenmue begins),
    Gambling Tokens,
    Sword Hand Guard,
    Phoenix Mirror,
    White Leaf,
    Intro letter from Master Chen,
    Letter to Iwao from Zhu Yuanda,
    Amulet (Nozomi gave this to Ryo at end of Shenmue 1)
    All your Collectable Capsule Toys
    An Album with any Photos you found,
    Hang on and Space Harrier Saturn games (now for trade only),
    Batteries (now for trade only),
    Light bulbs ((now for trade only),
    Matches (now for trade only),
    Mysterious Scroll
    Any Move Scrolls you found/bought
    All learned Moves and Technique Levels
    ******* 2) What to do in Shenmue to get a good start in Shenmue 2 *****
    First of all, your music cassettes and walkman are not carried over.  So if you
    are short of cash I recommend you buy more Gotcha Toys.  They will come in
    handy as you can add to collection and you can sell duplicates at Pawn Shops.
    Second don't hoard your cash in Shenmue ready for Shenmue 2.  Very early in the
    game you will be robbed and left penniless.  Your only source of cash is jobs,
    gambling and pawnshops.  For a quick $60, make sure you have batteries, light
    bulb, both games and matches.  You can sell them at a Pawn Shop and make some
    quick money without parting with any beloved Gotcha toys.
    Try and get as many Gotcha Toys from Shenmue Online and as many duplicates as
    you can.  Full sets of Shenmue Online Gotcha Toys can fetch high prices in
    several Pawn Shops.  The same goes for a complete set of Forklifts, sets on
    Hang On Toys, Mini game and QTE prize toys.  Again make sure you have plenty of
    duplicates so you have at least one left for you own collections.
    Don't bother mastering all your moves; your levels will be cut down to a half
    average.  Also for some reason the fight systems changes in Shenmue 2 and you
    cannot perform all the moves, several now share controls.  It's still worth
    learning all the moves as Shenmue 2 lets you see the relative power, speed etc
    of each move.  Some of the later ones are killer!
    ************** 3) If you are a US gamer, should you import? ***********
    This is a difficult question for me to answer.  There are so many conflicting
    rumours abut what will and won't work.  Basically, the UK version of Shenmue 2
    works in 60HZ mode so it will be compatible with a USA TV (I think).  However
    your DC will need to be chipped or you'll need a Utopia Boot Disc to run it.
    Some people have said you might need a PAL to NTSC converter as well.  This is
    a  device that links the DC to the TV and converts the signal.  Also your NTSC
    save will not be recognised by the PAL game.  But apparently there are ways to
    convert it.  I am afraid I can't post any definite info here yet as so much of
    this is net rumour and speculation.  What I do suggest is that you check out
    www.gamefaqs.com and there Official Shenmue 2 message board at:
    You may find an answer to you specific questions there.  There is also some
    useful FAQs on converting games saves here:
    ******************* 4) The Online situation as of 2002 ****************
    Basically Shenmue Online still exists in a cut down form for Shenmue one
    owners.  However accessing it from the UK I was able to get the initial screens
    up but no detailed info.  For examples the biogs gave the first page of
    information, but the detailed descriptions would not load.  The network
    rankings are gone and the What's New has been "under construction" for months. 
    There is no extra stuff available if you use a Shenmue 2 save either.
    You can still exchange Winning Cans for goodies and swap toys.  You can also
    check the progress of the kitten. But that is it.  This was the situation as of
    July 2002, Sega have given no indication as to how long this site will stay up.
     Or if it will be altered to encompass Shenmues cross console sequels.
    Feel fee to email me about any aspect of this guide, any contributions you
    would like to make will be fully credited if used and are more than welcome.
    Please inform me of any errors, typos etc so I can rectify them immediately
    My email is falsehead@aol.com
    (Blatant plug: check out my games website at www.kungfuhamster.cjb.net for
    loads of info on Martial Arts, Beat 'em Ups, Kung Fu Movies and Pokemon!)
    Thanks to all at www.gamefaqs.com for being such a laugh, and giving me the
    push to actually start contributing my own work.
    Special thanks go out to: BillyKane, Magus747, Pat Uhler, totalstuff and
    Andy78787, fakeplasticmanatree, bloomer, sashanan, ASchultz, MaxH and
    everyone else on the gamefaqs review board.  Love yah all guys!
    ***************************** THE END *********************************

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