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    US-to-UK Save Conversion FAQ by TheFreak

    Version: 1.25 | Updated: 08/07/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    S         S H   H    H   H E          E N     N        N   N
    S         S H   H    H   H E          E N      N       N   N
    S    SSSSSS H   H    H   H E    EEEEEEE N       N      N   N
    S    S      H   H    H   H E    E       N   N    N     N   N
    S    S      H   H    H   H E    E       N   NN    N    N   N  
    S    SSSSSS H   HHHHHH   H E    EEEE    N   N N    N   N   N   ______
    S         S H            H E       E    N   N  N    N  N   N  |      | 
    S         S H            H E       E    N   N   N    N N   N  '------'
    SSSSSS    S H   HHHHHH   H E    EEEE    N   N    N    NN   N
         S    S H   H    H   H E    E       N   N     N    N   N
         S    S H   H    H   H E    E       N   N      N       N
    SSSSSS    S H   H    H   H E    EEEEEEE N   N       N      N
    S         S H   H    H   H E          E N   N        N     N
    S         S H   H    H   H E          E N   N         N    N
                MMMMM             MMMMM UUUUU     UUUUU EEEEEEEEEEEE
                M    M           M    M U   U     U   U E          E
                M     M         M     M U   U     U   U E          E
                M      M       M      M U   U     U   U E    EEEEEEE
                M   M   M     M   M   M U   U     U   U E    E
                M   MM   M   M   MM   M U   U     U   U E    E
                M   M M   M M   M M   M U   U     U   U E    EEEE
                M   M  M   M   M  M   M U   U     U   U E       E
                M   M   M     M   M   M U   U     U   U E       E
                M   M    M   M    M   M U   U     U   U E    EEEE
                M   M     MMM     M   M U   U     U   U E    E
                M   M             M   M U   U     U   U E    E
                M   M             M   M U    UUUUU    U E    EEEEEEE
                M   M             M   M U             U E          E
                M   M             M   M U             U E          E
                                        I                          I
                                        I                          I
                                        IIIIII     IIIIII     IIIIII
                                             I     I    I     I
                                             I     I    I     I
                                             I     I    I     I
                                             I     I    I     I
                                             I     I    I     I
                                             I     I    I     I
                                             I     I    I     I
                                             I     I    I     I
                                        IIIIII     IIIIII     IIIIII
                                        I                          I
                                        I                          I
                       US to UK Save Convertion Guide
               Method provided by Alex Goolsby (AKA MaxTheRabbit)
                    agoolsby@mail.com (No longer works?)
                    FAQ written by Brian "TheFreak" Balsan
                              in 640x480 format
                     This FAQ is also found on my homepage at
    Updates since the last save:
    August 7, 2006
    1.25 - We're quickly aooraching the fifth anniversary
           of Shenmue 2's DC launch, and as you can easily
           guess, websites have either stopped updating or
           died altogether (My poor passport disk...).  But
           not me, oh no!  I care about the fans.
           Things certainly have changed since my last
           update.  Booyaka.com, while still around,
           now has an 'internal error' when attempting to
           access the Dreamcast save file page.  After
           some quick experimentation, I've supplied a
           different uploading tactic that should work
           for anyone with available server space.
           The address to the VMU Programming and Tools 
           Page has changed since my last update, so
           I've added the new URL to reflect this.
           A newer version of Hexedit is also available,
           so the address there has ben generalized.
           MaxTheRabbit never contacted me after my
           last update.  Or if he did, I stupidly
           overlooked it.  My inbox has been flooded
           with SPAM recently, so it's hard to tell
           This may very well be my last update, unless
           some more addresses go offline or something.
           Frankly, if you're a US gamer and playing
           Shenmue 2 on your Dreamcast, then nothing's
           stopping you from going on Ebay and getting
           The EU version of Shenmue 1.  It'll save you
           a lot of headache.  Trust me.
    September 10, 2004
    1.20 - Been awhile, hasn't it?  Thankfully, I haven't
           recieved many complaints since starting this FAQ,
           but from those that do have complains ask if I 
           could personally alter their Shenmue saves for 
           them.  A recent request even asked to pay me if 
           TO CONVERT SHENMUE SAVE FILES!!  Apparently 
           enough people can do it on their own to need
           my help.  Besides, as the future of the internet
           gradually switches to better and faster 
           connections, the info in this FAQ may not 
           work anymore.
           The only minor update made to this faq comes with
           MaxTheRabbit's email, as people have told me that 
           the address bounces now.  If you're reading this,
           Max, let me know what's up.
    April 14, 2002
    1.10 - Added section 1C for those who have problems
           with using the method with their Email account.
           It also requires Browser 2.0 or higher, so use it
           if the Email method doesn't work.  Thanks to 
           Bamargera for the new mothod.
           Similarly, I want to make a public request
           to discover a file-sending method for Version
           1.0 DC Browsers.  If anyone has any ideas,
           please let me know.
    February 27, 2002
    1.09 - added some minor info to make the hex editing
           process of the file convertion easier to track.
           Also added some cautionary Email info.  Anyone
           have any info for AOL users (or any others, for
           that matter) on how to get around the .MIM file
    February 12, 2002
    1.08 - Good news for Broadband fans!
           A method's been found.  Check out the
           new "BROADBAND INFO" section for more.
           On a side note, I'm happy for all the info
           and help I've received regarding this guide.
           Thanks to you folks, this Shenmue save-convertion
           guide has become the best (If still the only)
           of its kind.
    February 2, 2002
    1.07b - Groundhog's day, ey?
            Forgot to add a small bit of info to the DCI-VMI
            convertion process.  Hope this helps.
    1.07c - Small fix to the nexus card info.
            Thanks Angryboy2k.
    January 19, 2002
    1.07 - And the actual credit for the Nexus Card
    January 17, 2002
    1.06 - New info for people with Nexus Cards and SMTP-
           blocking ISPs. Check the new section "EXTRA INFO 
    December 19, 2001
    1.05 - Added Email for MaxTheRabbit with his
           permission.  If I can't help you, quite
           possibly he can.  I also added reccomended
           Shenmue 1 File size info (Check Necessary Items) 
           and specs I use in the introduction section.
    December 14, 2001
    1.04 - Added some important info regarding
           downloading with DC browser 3.0 from
           booyaka.com thanks to Sam aka Garfield.
           If you have more info on this or anything
           else in this guide, let me know.
    December 11, 2001
    1.03 - At the request of Alex Goolsby, he has
           been given credit as the sole founder
           of the convertion method.
           Also added warning regarding Dreamcast
    December 10, 2001
    1.00 - First Release
    1.01 - Added Contents for easier reference,
           small word-wrapping annoyance.
    1.02 - Some more spelling annoyances.  I got
           to cut this out.
    Good day ladies and gents, and welcome to the Shenmue US-to-UK
    save convertion guide.  This guide will offer importers of the 
    UK Shenmue 2 the possibility to convert their US Shenmue 1 save 
    file for play in Shenmue 2.  Quite a bit is carried over from 
    Shenmue 1, including Martial arts moves, toys, and pictures.
    The reason for this method coming to pass was pretty much due to a
    bunch of bitter Sega fans whom felt shafted after the Dreamcast's 
    ultimate swan-song, Shenmue 2 was cancelled as a result of a 
    US-exclusive contract to Microsoft.
    Fortunately, this only applied to the US, so anyone with the proper
    import devices (Like a Utopia Bootup disk or Modded Dreamcast) could
    import the UK version, which not only has english subtitles, but 4 
    other languages as well.  Even more fortunate is that the game 
    auto-detects NTSC televisions, so accessability of the game only 
    depends on if you have a bootup bypass method (Note to VGA box 
    owners: Shenmue 2 works with the VGA, but currently only MODchips 
    and the Gameshark CDX work properly.)
    So with all of that, the only thing standing in the way of full 
    accessability was the Shenmue 1 game-save.  Since just about
    every die-hard US Dreamcast fan owns a US copy of Shenmue 1, most 
    wouldn't have the extra money to purchase an UK-version Shenmue 1.
    Even then, It's practically impossible to find online anymore,
    so most will have to suffice with their US copies.
    And that's where this guide comes in.
    The process is actually pretty simple.  All you really need is a
    very basic knowledge of hex values.   Even then, I'll proceed to
    go through the method step by step. You may have seen another
    convertion method floating around online, but it's very different
    from the one used here.  This method has been confirmed to work.
    Please note that all info seen here is done on a Windows computer 
    using Internet Explorer and a Prodigy account.  I don't really condone
    the use of free-based Email or internet accounts as they usually tend
    not to be very reliable and may have certain options turned off that
    could be needed to run this convertion method properly.
    So, on that note, we begin.
    Just remember that some of what I write is through my 
    own experience.  Certain methods depend on who you 
    talk to, but this is what I consider to be affective.
    Here's what you'll need:
    A PC with a harddrive and Modem
      (This method is confirmed for Windows,
       I can't help you Mac owners.  Sorry.)
    A Dreamcast, with a modem, of course.
    US DC browser 2.0 or 2.6.
      (Note 1: DC Browser 2.0 has a bug that corrupts the first file 
       attached.  Add a random file first, then add the Shenmue file 
      (NOTE 2: Japanese BBA DC Browser 3.0 is known to encrypt VMU save 
       data, and US BBA DC Browser 3.0 will not download Booyaka.com 
       saves.  Additional information regarding these browsers can
       be found in the "BROADBAND INFO!" section.)
    An internet connection (Preferrably dialup) and Email account
      (NOTE: some accounts, like AOL, are known to send the file
       as a .MIM format, which is incomaptible with the file format
       necessary for properly doing the convertion.)
    Hex workshop
      (Found here: 
      (Both files can be found here: 
    Some server space and an FTP to upload files to
    A complete US Shenmue 1 file 
      (Should say "Clear" when you
       run it in the game)
      (NOTE: Shenmue 1 (SHENMUE1_000.DAT) file size should appear as
       41.0kb as a file attachment, and should be 40.0kb (40,960 bytes) 
       when saved to the Harddrive.  If it's any other size, I may 
       not be able to help you.)
    Yup.  You'll need to to find a way to send the file from your DC to
    your PC.  The most effective way to do this is to Email the file to 
    yourself.  Here's how you do it...
    Log onto the internet with your DC browser.
      (CAUTION:  Japanese BBA Browser 3.0 has been known
       to encrypt VMU data, making this convertion
       method useless.)
    Go to your mailbox.
    Click the paperclip icon and add the file SHENMUE1_000
      (Note 1: Only DC browsers 2.0 and higher have the paperclip
      (Note 2: Earlier browsers are known to currupt the first file
       on the clip-board list.  So add a file you don't need, then
       add the Shenmue 1 file second.)
    Enter your Email address and send.
      (NOTE: some accounts, like AOL, are known to send the file
       as a .MIM format, which is incomaptible with the file format
       necessary for properly doing the convertion.)
    Now, disconnect from your DC and connect with your PC.
    Check your Email, you should have the file attachments.
    save the SHENMUE1_000.dat file to someplace in your C drive,
    where you can find it.
      (Example given in this guide: C:/Games)
      (Note: Make sure you have file extension-viewing on.)
    Don't delete your letter.  You can use it to keep
    a backup of your save.
    Bamargera has found a way to send the file
    to yourself without having to use your Email account.
    The method requires Dreamcast Browser 2.0 and an
    account at www.angelfire.com.  If you need help,
    you can find him on AIM as "Bamarg3ra".
    Here's how you do it:
    1. Create an an Angelfire account (http://www.angelfire.com).
    2. Go online with your DC.
    3. Go to http://tools.planetweb.com/uploadfile.html with your DC.
    4. Browse for the Shenmue save, then select it.
    5. In the "Host" part, put in "ftp.angelfire.com".
    6. In the "Username" part, put in your Angelfire username (the one 
    you log in with).
    7. In the "Password" part, put in your Angelfire password.
    8. Scroll down and name the save.
    9. Click the upload button. You should then get a message confirming 
    the upload.
    10. Follow the rest of the conversion process below.
    When you go to your Angelfire "web shell", it should be there in two 
    file name parts, VMS and VMI.  The VMS is the same as the .DAT file,
    so you can simply ignore the "Rename file" part seen in Step 2 and
    follow the hex changes accordingly.
    Install hex workshop.
    Run the Hex workshop program.
    Click file, and open SHENMUE1_000.dat.
    Here's the fun part...You should see a bunch of numbers
    and letters.  Notice the lower-left box.  You should see 
    something that says "offset: 00000000" etc.  You'll be paying
    attention to the offset values in the parenthesis
    ("(0x0000000)" etc.)
    Now, scroll down until you reach offset 683
    (Should read as "(0x00000683)")
    You should see the value 55 FA00. Simply
    type in 45 0E01 in it's place.
      (Note: The value you type will replace the original
       value (This is necessary) and the space will automatically
       be made.)
    Next, go to offset 689 (0x00000689) and replace value 00 with 58.
    Save your file.
      (You can keep a backup file, but you won't really
       need it)
    Now, using VMS CRC.  Extract the zip to the folder where your
    game file is.  Rename your file with a .VMS extention.  For
    example, Change SHENMUE1_000.dat to something simple like
    Now, right-click VMS CRC and go to properties.  Click the
    "Program" Tab and in the "Cmd line" Erase what you see there and
    enter "VMS_CRC SHEN.VMS" (Or whatever the name of the VMS file you
    gave it).   Run the program and it will change the checksum 
    value of the VMS file.
    Congratulations, you have just made a compatible VMU file for your
    UK Shenmue 2.  But of course, you aren't done, now there's the process
    of getting it back to your VMU....
    CAUTION: The following upload method is not known to work on
    BBA-compatible DC browsers (I.E. Planetweb 3.0). Additional 
    information regarding these browsers can be found in the 
    "BROADBAND INFO!" section.
    There are several ways that's been known to do this.
    You can ask on the Shenmue 2 Gamefaqs boards for more
    info.  But in the meantime, here's my method....
    Unzip the DCI_VMI program and in the Cmd line
    write "DCI_VMI SHEN.VMS"
    Run the program and you'll be asked a series of Questions:
    IS *name* a <D>ata file or a <G>ame file? D
    Filename for DCI Output File: any you want, so long 
    as you know what it is 
      (Any will do, but I suggest
       keeping the same name as the VMS file, i.e. "SHEN")
    DCI File copyable? N
    Filename that appears in VMU directory:  SHENMUE1_000
      (Note: This is important.  Shenmue 2 will be looking for this name.
       If it's not there, it won't detect the file.)
    VMI Program Description: NONE
    VMI Copyright Information: NONE 
    That's it.  You should now have a DCI file and a VMI file.
    The DCI file should upload properly for Nexus card holders
    (Also see "EXTRA INFO FOR NEXUS CARD HOLDERS").  For those
    without a Nexus, you won't need the DCI file.
    Make sure you have access to server space.  Something free
    like Geocities or Angelfire should do.  FTP access should
    also make things a bit easier.
    Create a .txt file, and in the file write:
      "<a href="http://whateveryoursiteiscalled.com/filename.vmi">file</a>"
      (Remove the outer quotes.)
    save the .txt and rename it as an .html file 
      (i.e. "Shenmue.html")
    Upload your VMI, VMS, and HTML files onto your server.
    make sure they're all in the same folder and none of the
    other filenames have been changed 
      (SHEN.VMS, SHEN.VMI, etc.)
    If everything is done right, you can now go online with
    your DC browser, direct yourself to the site of your save file
    (http://www.whateveryoursiteiscalled.com/Shenmue.html) and
    click the link.
    You now have a Shenmue 1 data file prepared for play on the UK
    Shenmue 2.  Enjoy.
    This is for those with a nexus card that happen to have
    an SMTP-blocking account like MSN. Unfortunately I don't
    have a Nexus card so I can't tell you if it works. Please
    Email Euphorio/Bamargera at KostonG@msn.com or Angryboy2k
    at angryboy@hotmail.com for more Nexus card information.
    Here's what you do, as founded by Angryboy2k and 
    recorded by Euphorio/Bamargera;
    Download DCI2VMS from here. 
    Turn your Shenmue save into .DCI format by using DC Linker and 
    double-clicking on the "slot" window, then choosing the Export option.
    Save it as SHEN.DCI.
    Unzip dci2vms to the same directory where your SHEN.DCI file is.
    Run in command line, "DCI2VMS.COM SHEN.DCI" and press Enter (without 
    the quotation marks for the idiots) and a new SHEN.VMS file should 
    be created in that same directory/folder.
    Now follow the original conversion steps and make a .DCI file from the 
    newly converted SHEN.VMS file by using the DCI_VMI program.
    Transfer the .DCI file back to your VMU with the DC Linker
    and you're set.
    Thanks to an Email I received from a person calling
    himself "Gaiares" (This FAQ is simply MELTING with Sega pride, folks!)
    a method for those lucky enough to have a Dreamcast Broadband modem
    (and coincidentally, a Broadband connection) can now perform the
    convertion method.
    It is REQUIRED that you have both the US and Japanese Version 3 
    Dreamcast browsers (IE. US Planetweb ver. 3 and Japanese Passport
    ver. 3. Both are Broadband-compatible.)
    Use the US browser to email the file to yourself.  Using the Japanese
    browser here will encrypt the file when sent to you, making it
      (NOTE:  Encrypted file will be at least 57k in size. Unencrypted
       Shenmue file should be 40k in size.)
    Follow the Hex-convertion and upload methods described in this FAQ.
    Once on Booyaka and/or the website of your choice, use the Japanese
    browser to download the file to your VMU.  The file should work
    on Shenmue 2 as normal.
    Thanks Gaiares for the info.
    Euphorio/Bamargera & MaxTheRabbit:
      These guys have been constant visitors of the Shenmue 2
      Gamefaqs message boards.  While MaxTheRabbit was the one
      to have discovered the method, Bamargera has made sure to
      keep interest up for the method to become possible, and also
      provided both the Nexus Card and non-Email methods.
    Angryboy2k (AKA Steve Painter)
      He originally founded the Nexus Card info, thus previding
      us with another way to get our save data across. Thanks
      also for the addendum notice.
      Supplied info allowing Broadband users to now convert the Shenmue
      file.  BBA folk have this person to thank.
      She's the one that told me to get this guide going.  Bamargera had
      given permission for the method to be distributed via FAQ so she
      told me "Why don't you do it"?  Why not?  Everyone should have the
      ability to fully play Shenmue 2 regardless of country codes.
    There are other people that I probably forgot to thank.  For that
    I'm sorry.
    Shenmue, Shenmue 2 and its characters are property of Yu Suzuki,
    AM2, and Sega 1999, 2000, 2001.  Original save convertion methods
    are properties of their owners.  Sega is not responsible for any
    methods mentioned within this guide and are not to blame for any 
    problems that may occur. (Not as if converting your file will make 
    your  Dreamcast explode or anything).  He wears sunglasses, a black 
    leather jacket and has a tattoo on his arm.  Space Harrier rules.
    Keep Circulating the FAQs.

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