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    FAQ/Walkthrough by winnie the poop 2

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/15/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                   Shenmue (Dreamcast) FAQ/Walkthrough version 1.1
              Copyright Martin Dale-Hench 2003 (hockeyfox@ameritech.net)
                      -_-/  ,,
                     (_ /   ||
                    (_ --_  ||/\\  _-_  \\/\\ \\/\\/\\ \\ \\  _-_ 
                      --_ ) || || || \\ || || || || || || || || \\
                     _/  )) || || ||/   || || || || || || || ||/ 
                    (_-_-   \\ |/ \\,/  \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\/\\ \\,/
                                 (D R E A M C A S T)
                                 Chapter I: Yokosuka
    Table of Contents
       I. Intro
      II. Basics
         II.A. The Controls
         II.B. Yu Suzuki's F.R.E.E.
         II.C. The Main Menu
     III. Walkthrough
         III.A. Disc 1
              01. Who killed my father?
              02. The Orphan
              03. Yamagishi-san
              04. Dobuita
              05. Three Blades and Liu-San
              06. Looking for the Sailors
              07. Where's Charlie?
              08. The Clash with Charlie
              09. Who Can Read Chinese?
              10. Calling the Number
         III.B. Disc 2
              11. Your First Action in Amihama
              12. Where's the Old Warehouse District?
              13. Getting into the Old Warehouse District and Meeting Chen
              14. The Phoenix Mirror
              15. Back to Master Chen...
              16. Money for a Ticket to Hong Kong?
              17. Jimmy's Phone Call
         III.C. Disc 3
              18. Searching for a Job
              19. The First Day of the Job
              20. The Second Day of the Job
              21. The Third Day of the Job
              22. The Fourth Day of the Job
              23. The Fifth Day of the Job
              24. Rescuing your Princess
              25. The Deal
              26. The 70-Man battle
              27. The Last Day in Yokosuka!
              ##. The Bad Ending
      IV. Passport
       V. Movelist
      VI. Mini-games
     VII. Training
    VIII. Collectibles
      IX. History
                                       I. Intro
    Alright, here I am. I'm writing this Intro solely for only one reason: to 
    express my intentions for this guide.
    As some of you probably know, I have written a FAQ for Shenmue II, the only
    one for X-Box as of August 12, 2003. That game is my favorite game ever,
    period. Shenmue I do not qualify for a spot in my Top 10 or 15. However,
    in the anticipation of the upcoming (still a possibly, though) Shenmue III,
    I have decided to make a Shenmue I FAQ/Walkthrough because, if the rumors
    are true, I can complete the entire Ryo Hazuki saga in the terms of the
    Walkthrough. In other words, I wrote this guide for selfish reasons. So sue
    However, luckily for you, I pressed myself to make this guide as detailed as
    possible. Anyone in his or her right minds would not need this guide this late
    (4 years+ after its original release!) but there are tons of people out there
    that wants the most of this crafty architecture by Yu Suzuki. Therefore, I made
    it detailed as possible and added all of the mini-quests I could find,
    courtesy of my Brady Guide. Fellow FAQ writers, if you don't crave me using
    a printed guide as a tool, you can go to hell. I still had to research various
    methods for hours and hours because some of the vital information. Side-quests 
    were pains in the ass because at times, I couldn't get them all. Anyway, to 
    end this on a good note...
                                     II. Basics
    Eh, I'll make this very short and quick. You want to read the walkthrough
    instead, right? Thought so! :)
    Analog stick: -In normal mode, it will allow you to look around but won't move
                   your character. Use this stick to look left, right, up, or 
                  -In the first-person view, turning it will cause Ryo to look
                  -In other words, it controls Ryo's head.
           D-pad: -In the normal mode, it controls Ryo's legs. If you press up,
                   Ryo will walk straight. Press left will cause Ryo to go
                   accordingly. You know this shit... 
                  -In the menus, it will move the scroll around. 
                  -This will be used at the motion button in Free Battles. This
                   time, the directions will point to the actual directions so if
                   you press up, Ryo will go farther from you. If Ryo's facing to
                   the left and you press right, he will step back.
                  -Will be used in QTEs. When the screen flashes with an arrow, 
                   push the D-Pad in the direction of the arrow.
        A button: -It accepts the selection in menus.
                  -In QTEs, it acts as the 'kick button' or the 'jump button'
                  -The kick button in Free Battle.
                  -In the normal mode, this is used as the action button.
        B button: -Cancels selections.
                  -Grab the enemy in Free Battles.
                  -Will be used in QTEs.
        X button: -In the normal mode, this is the main button. It will open the
                   journal, open doors, etc. As known as the 'action button'. 
                  -In fights, this is the punch button.
                  -Also used in QTEs as the punch button or dodge button.
        Y button: -When pressed in the normal mode, it will lead you to the 
                   in-game menu. 
                  -The evade button in fights. Press up while press Y will cause
                   Ryo go to that direction. Press right will make Ryo go 
                  -In QTEs, it will be used... as the evade button.
       R trigger: -In the normal mode, it will turn the view into the first-
                   person mode as long it is pressed.
                  -Can be set as a combo button for fights.
       L trigger: -Run, Forrest, Run.
    Oh-so-appropriately-named Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment, created by Yu
    Suzuki himself, allows you to interact with the true reality of 1986 Yokosuka.
    This is, precisely, the reason why most gamers love this game. This goes
    great with the timeless, heart-breaking story of Ryo Hazuki. So what about
    FREE is divided among several sub-genres that allows you to, as it should, 
    see the adventure as intimately as possible. The main one would be... FREE
    Free Quest
    Ninety percent of the time, you will wander through the streets of Yokosuka
    via the 'Free Quest' mode. During this time, you can only get along with the
    people and the streets peacefully. No fighting here or anything. Sorry, bud.
    You can buy sodas, play mini-games, talk to people, gather information, and
    transport yourself among regions. The purpose of this mode is to advance
    the main storyline/plot. Once in a while, you might hit a jackpot and find
    a eventual action. If this happens, you could see a button coming up. That
    brings us to our next mode: QTE.
    During the course of the game, you WILL witness several scenes with some 
    dilemma involving Ryo. It's usually the bonehead that we call 'Ryo'
    conflicting, physically, with some thugs. If this happens, a button of 
    the colored buttons or the D-pad will come up. You have to press the said
    button AS SOON AS POSSIBLE or you will fail that little thing. Fear not,
    most QTEs has unlimited continues. Yu Suzuki truly understands the gamers!
    Well... what if the thugs wants to FIGHT, like the real boxing thing? Read on.
    Free Battle
    This is, obviously, the fighting portion of the game. This system greatly
    resembles the legendary Sega fighter series, the Virtua Fighter series. The
    motion is pretty sluggish but the commands are all straight as an arrow. You
    won't have any problem inputting commands and seeing them work. If it doesn't
    work, then you're doing it wrong. The mission is always to survive. To win?
    Well, you have to survive to win. Whether it is a timed battle or knocking
    everyone out, you cannot get your HP to zero. 
    View Mode
    The final one, and it deserves the position. It doesn't really do anything
    good for you except to look at maps. That's it. As you press R to get into
    Ryo's head and look through his eyes, you just... see. Yay.
    New Game
    Duh. Must have 80 blocks to save, remember that (80 blocks can be used for 3
    save files).
    Select from 3 files that you wish to use for your present quest.
    You can use this if you screw up or something... ^_^ Anyway, in the game
    itself, you have a 'Resume' icon in the in-game menu that temporarily saves
    a file in the disc. So when you want to go back to that point, just press
    Continue and off you go! No save blocks necessary. It goes off once you use
    the file, tho. Great if you're in the middle of the day, nowhere to your
    Dialog/Text: Pick the one that you want, it all differs with the sound and
                 text. I use the Text Mode, if you wanted to know. Stalker!
                 Cinema Mode: No text, yes to dialog. Cannot skip conversations.
                 Game Mode: Includes the text and the voice. Whoo.
                 Shenmue Mode: Dialog only BUT if you want to skip the convo to
                               go along faster, the text comes up.
                 Text Mode: Text only. I'm deaf, so...
          Sound: Mono or Stereo. You know what to do.
      Area Jump: Turns on/off the ability to jump to various areas in the streets
                 of Yokosuka (won't go to the harbor). You can see the menu just 
                 before you touch the interior side of Ryo's house's door.
     Toggle Run: Switch R and L for run/look.
                                    III. Walkthrough
     III.A. Disc 1                                      The Ultimate Quest Begins
    Here we go. As you press the start button on the 'New Game' icon to begin the 
    saga, you are overwhelmed by a ruthless yet touching scene. As every Shenmue
    expert is supposed to say, this scene should go unexplained because you HAVE
    to witness and comprehend this scene all by yourself. I have beaten Shenmue II
    and wrote a FAQ/Walkthrough for it and even during that time, (3+ years after
    I first beat Shenmue I) this very scene tickles among myself. Everything in
    this series revolves around this fateful moment.
    Hazuki Residence
    Ryo, still haunted by the ominous man who killed his father, finally wakes up
    to start his day's work... several days after the death of his father. He 
    awakes in the his own room, in his residence. This is the first time that you
    have taken control of the protagonist, Ryo Hazuki. Feel free to navigate your
    room and your house all day, you have plenty of time to complete this game.
    There are several things that you can collect from inside the room: CASSETTE
    PLAYER, SHENMUE and SHA HUA (songs for your player), and PHOTO OF FRIENDS. All
    of them can be found somewhere in/on Ryo's desk. The cassette player can be 
    found in top right drawer, the photo in the middle drawer, and as for the 
    song SHA HUA, you should be able to find it in the bottom drawer. You should
    have no trouble locating the SHENMUE cassette: it's right there on the table.  
    You may research your room a bit more, but there's nothing for you to take 
    As you leave the room, the elderly Ine-San will confront you to reward you
    your daily allowance (500 yen). You will receive this amount of money daily,
    although this may seem a lot, you have to use it wisely. She also tells you
    that Fuku-san, one of Iwao's apprentice, wants to see you in the Dojo. You
    may want to go there now, but if you're taking your time, I recommend you to
    look around the house a bit more.
    ***NOTE: You HAVE to get an item from Iwao's room to proceed the story. Well,
    not now but you will have to use it sometime in near future. Don't e-mail me
    when you get to that point and cry "wh3r3 iz teh key???" Gah.
    There are several things that you can witness and take before heading to the
       ____|       |____
      |    /  IW   /    |             I know this ASCII map might be out of
      |    |_______|    |             shape/comparison but eh. 
      |    |       |    |
      |    /  SH   /    |__                IW --- Iwao's Room
      |____|_______|    /__| <-POOP        SH --- Shrine
           |    ________|_                 LR --- Living Room
           |   |          |                EX --- Exit/Entrance
           |   / KITCHEN  |                RR --- Ryo's Room
     ______|   |__________|_               IR --- Ine-San's Room
    / EX       /    LR  /   |              GR --- Guest Room (I think)
    /______    |_/\_____|   |              FR --- Fuku-San's Room
    | RR   /   |        |   |            POOP --- Bathroom
    |______|   /  IR    /   |               / --- Door
    |______|   |________|___|
    | GR   /   /  FR    |
    The items? There are several, like I said twice before. Getting bored of me
    already? *shrugs* Anyway, go to the kitchen and examine the table with your
    Zoom Button. If you focus into the food, you will trigger a brief scene 
    involving Iwao's display of a great heart that lies within himself. (not 
    anymore, heh)
    Next one: go down to Fuku-San's Room (FR) and head to his desk, stashed neatly
    to the back of the room. Look to the right of the desk and you should see a 
    gray-ish piece of paper. Zoom into it and pick it up... the SHADOW REAPER!
    It's a decent fighting move so go to your item menu and highlight the scroll
    to master it. 
    Go up a room to Ine-San's bedroom (IR), and go to the right side of the room
    to find a little redwood table. If you zoomed into the right table, you should
    be able to see two drawers. Open the right one to find a PHOTO OF HAZUKIS.
    Walk up to the next room yet again: the living room (LR). Nothing much here
    except the C SIZED BATTERIES, which are located at the northeastern corner,
    the left drawer of the large cabinet. You can also check the cabinet under
    the TV to find a Sega Saturn! Although it's useless right now since you have
    no games, you can get some games later to play them! Nice...
    Run past the Bathroom (labeled as POOP, but I recommend you to take a look at
    it, it's the famed squat toilet! Bwahaha!) to the Shrine (SH). In this room,
    there's some exquisite stuff combined to make a fancy shrine. I don't know
    who they are honoring so don't ask me (probably Buddhists). Take the BOX OF
    MATCHES to the right of the shrine. Don't forget the CANDLES from the drawer,
    second from the left.
    Don't go back to the main hall, just take the other door. It leads you to a
    seemingly empty and repetitive hall... think again. If you would look at the
    straw-laced box hidden at the bottom side, you can find a new move scroll
    inside. Not too shabby, eh? The scroll: TWIN BLADES. Select it from the Main
    Menu to master it.
    Take the OTHER door, the door leading to the room of the late Iwao (IR). In
    that room, you can read the letter that Iwao write for you. Pretty touching,
    but it's too late, I guess. Check the drawer to the right to find the 
    MYSTERIOUS KEY. This is a required item, you know. 
    Yep, we're all done! Whew... a long prelude to the saga and we haven't been
    outside yet! Go ahead and open the door to the outer world...
    Go around the house and follow the rocky path to the Dojo. Before you enter
    the Dojo, take a brief look at the idle cherry blossom right next to the dojo.
    As you walk up to it, a flashback occurs. You witness a event where Iwao is 
    teaching the young Ryo a move (looks like Elbow Assault but I could be wrong).
    Enter the dojo.
    You see the injured Fuku-san, clearly feeling the effects from that day, 
    sitting timidly on the floor. You and Fuku-san start to discuss about Lan Di
    (the man who killed Iwao), and Fuku-san admits that he knows nothing about
    him or his troupe. Ryo decides to locate and chase Lan Di, for the sake of
    his father's honor. Fuku-san, although he knows it is futile, tries to console
    Ryo from going.
    After the scene, you're standing just outside the Dojo. If you want to see 
    another flashback, go back into the Dojo again. If not, leave the residence.
    Inside the dojo, go dead left and look up at the banner that Iwao made. (I 
    think he made it, but I could be wrong again. So sue me.) In the cut scene,
    Iwao teaches Ryo the true meaning of friends. Makes you think, doesn't it?
    Go to the entrance of the house and head to the opposite end for the gate
    to Yamanose, your first town!
    02. THE ORPHAN
    There's virtually NOTHING here except for a little event at the end of the 
    street. Walk down the street and you spot a cute little girl, Megumi tending
    a little kitty. You ask her, what's with the cat... Turns out that the mother
    of the kitty was killed by the car of Lan Di's. Sad... Megumi tells you that
    the cat must be hungry and you spot two food offerings on a nearby shrine.
    You have a choice what to give the kitten: Dried Fish or Fried Tofu. Since 
    this IS a cat, give it the Fish (left). Watch as the kitty glob the food up!
    If you gave it the correct food, Megumi will tell you about Yamagishi-san's
    incident. The swiveling car struck him, too (4 days ago). Looks like you
    have to find him to gather more valuable information. 
    | The day after this scene, as you walk through this street, you have to do a|
    | side quest-QTE. The QTE is very simple, just press 'A' whenever the icon   |
    | comes out. You will catch a soccer ball if you're successful. If not... a  |
    | poor girl gets hit by the wild kick. Reward? None. Meh.                    |
    | After the Soccer Ball Side-Quest, when you pass by the shrine in Yamanose, |
    | You will have to come up to Megumi and ask her to name the kitten. Choose  |
    | either one of those: Chibi; Mimi; or Tama. Megumi, for some reason, doesn't|
    | like the sound of Sasuke. *shrugs* Make sure you feed the kitten, too!     |
    By the way, you can come back to this place to feed/take care of the kitty. No
    reward, but it's kinda nice to feel like you're really IN the community of
    Follow the road to Sakuragaoka.
    Alright, take your time to get yourself acquainted with this branching area.
    If you think this area is big, wait until you get to Dobuita! Anyway, use this
    map for the major places in the area.
                         |  |          |
                         |  |          |
                         |     PARK    |
                         |  |          |
       SU                |  |__________|__________
     -------------       |   MAP         DOBUITA >
    |             |   YAM|   _____________________
    |             |      |  |               __________________________
     ---------    |      |  |              |                          |
              |   |PHONE |  |              | SU --- Sumiya-San        |
              |    \_____|  |              | CS --- Construction Site |
           CS  \            |ABE           | YA --- To Yamanose       |
                |   _____   |              | YMG -- Yamagishi-San     |
             A  |  |     |  |              | ABE -- Abe Store         |
             P  |  |     |  |              | YAM -- Yamamoto-San      |
    ___      T  |  |     |   \             | PARK - Sakuragaoka Park  |
       \     S /   /      \   \            |__________________________|  
    YA  \_____/   /    YMG \   \
    _            /          \   \
     \__________/            \   \DOBUITA >
    First of all, if you didn't give the cat the Dried Fish (bad boy! use your
    common sense! :P) you need to go to the Phone Booth and talk to the ladies
    next to it. They will tell you about Sumiya-san, the district gossip. You
    could use the game's map to find her residence, but you could use mine! ^_^
    Her house is marked as 'SU' so go there! 
    As you approach her house, you will see a woman sweeping the floor with her
    straw broom. That's Sumiya. Talk to her once to find out about the black cat,
    but you already knew that since you met Megumi. Talk to her again and she will
    inform you about Yamagishi's 'accident'. That's our next person to have a
    conversation with.
    | You probably have already done this but you might not... The next time you |
    | pass through the streets front of the Abe Store (between 8:30 AM and 4 PM),|
    | a woman will come up to you and requests you to find her friend's house:   |
    | Yamamoto's. You may or may not do this... it's up to you. Anyway, if you   |
    | want to do this, just use my map or the game's map to find her house (YAM).|
    | Go to the house and zoom into the name tag next to the door. Then go back  |
    | to Sakuragaoka Park (PARK) to find the elder. Lead her to the house and she|
    | will thank you. Mission over.                                              |
    If you did give the kitty the dried fish, you don't have to talk to any 
    ladies, just go ahead and find Yamagishi's house (YMG on my map). You can see
    if you have the right house by zooming into the little white piece of paper
    stuck into the pillar right next to the door. If the screen shows 'Yamagishi',
    then you have, obviously, the right house. If it's day time (before 7 PM) you
    will see Yamagishi pacing back and forth on his area. If it's after 7 PM, then
    he is in the house... but Ryo is too polite to bother him. Ah well. (You could
    play around in the Abe Store if you want to pass the time if it's after 7 PM.)
    The conversation with Yamagishi-san will inform you more about the black car.
    Turns out that the car was headed to Dobuita. He suggests that you ask the
    people and shop owners over at Dobuita for more information.
    | Right after you talk to Yamagishi-san about the car, a side-quest will be  |
    | unlocked, all of the way back into the Dojo. You will just TEACH a new     |
    | basic move, PIT BLOW to your pal, Fuku-san. Just press 'right' on your     |
    | D-pad and press X a millisecond later to master it. Fuku-san just needs    |
    | some teaching, since Iwao is not here anymore. You can spar with Fuku-san  |
    | after-wards.                                                               |
    |                                                                            |
    |                                  Left+X                                    |
    Let's go over to Dobuita, via the street to the north.
    04. DOBUITA
    | Yep, WANG! OMG LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!111!!! WANG!!!! Ahem... anyway, during the  |
    | course of seeking the clues in Dobuita, you might come across a guy        |
    | standing next to a vending machine. If you do, he will ask you, indirectly,|
    | for a pop. You can decline or accept, it won't matter. You won't hurt his  |
    | feelings or anything. Why is he there? I guess to steal some of your money.|
             /   \_                  ___              MR____
       SA\   \_    \_          _____/   |______________/    \   
       \  \    \__   \________/  ___               ______    | 
        \  \   LIU\_____________/   |   ______-----   BY \  / 
        /  /                      NO|  |      AJ         / /
       /   \                        |  |____------¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ /
     \/ /\  \                       |   ______-----¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    \  /  \  \                     _/  |TO
     \/    \  \                  _/  _/          MA --- Maeda's Barbershop 
            |  |               _/  _/            SA --- To Sakuragaoka
            |  |SP     _______/  _/             LIU --- Liu's Barbershop
            |  |      / ________/                NO --- Nozomi's shop
        ____|  |_____/T/                         AJ --- Ajiichi Restaurant 
       / _____________/GTA                       MR --- Manpukuken Ramen
      / /MA      MP                              BY --- Bar Yokosuka
     / /                                          T --- Tom
                                                GTA --- Global Travel Agency
                                                 SP --- Suzume Park
                                                 MP --- Mary's Patches
    *NOTE --- This map applies for this section, 'DOBUITA', and the next section,
    the 'THREE BLADES'. I will refer to his map in the next section so you should
    know what I'm talking about, right?
    Once you enter this area, you will see some two-story buildings towering 
    above you. Well, just ignore them and continue on. As you pace down the 
    street, take the right fork and you should see a pretty girl in white standing
    front of a flower shop. Let's go hit on her! Nah, I'm kidding. That's Nozomi,
    Ryo's girlfriend (seems like she WAS his, but whatever). Talk to her several
    times and she will show her concern about you (she knows about the death of
    your father) and tell you about the clash Tom, the hot dog owner, had with
    the black car. That's something we have to know! 
    Continue walking, past the Tomato Store and the Flower Shop, to find the...
    loud, colorful Tom! He's just dancing to the damn music he has in his stand.
    Bah. Of course, talk to him about Lan Di's black car. He, at first, will not
    recall the events but he will eventually, if you keep talking to him, remember
    the incident. What he said: The car almost hit one of his 'potential' 
    customers so he yelled at the car. A man, I would say that was Lan Di, gave
    him a cold glare. He had a Chinese green coat, so he suggested you to go talk
    to Chinese people around the area. He points to a store across the street.
    Let's go to that travel agency, the Global one.
    Proceed and talk to the clerk in the agency. He will tell you that there's a
    Chinese restaurant, Ajiichi, right next to a drug store. Guess we have to
    go there then.
    | If you're heading north from the hot dog stand to the crossroads near      |
    | Nozomi's store at about 11 AM to 3 PM, you will meet a friendly pal. He    |
    | just wants a fight, he has this disease that requires him to fight everyday|
    | so let's give him what he wants! Complete this QTE to finish the job:      |
    |                                                                            |
    |                                Left, A, B                                  |
    |                                                                            |
    | You will send Enoki (the main baddie) and his comrade flying and flailing. |
    | Rather simple, but a nice scene nonetheless.                               |
    Take a right after the Tomato Mart and look left for a restaurant with a red
    awning. That's the Ajiichi Chinese Restaurant.  
    In the restaurant, there's a Chinese couple behind the counter. Talk to the
    old man. He will tell you that there are too many Chinese people living 
    around here, but his wife blurbs something about the 'Three Blades'. Explained
    to you by Tao-san, the Three Blades are formed by the alliance between Chinese
    barbers (razors), tailors (scissors), and cooks (knives). He gives you those
    names of the stores: Manpukuken Ramen for the cook, Maeda's Barbershop for the
    barber, and Mary's Patches for the tailor. 
    You could go to any of the three sites that Tao-san referred and still end up
    in the same place so it doesn't matter.
    If you opted to go to MANPUKUKEN RAMEN: Use my map to find this restaurant 
    (MR), at the northeastern corner. However, this bar-like restaurant is only
    open from 5 PM to 4 AM so... Anyway, you will be directed to Bar Yokozuka
    for more information. Talk to the duo sitting on a comfy couch about the
    Three Blades. They will tell you about Liu's shop, over at the empty street,
    just next to the entrance to Sakuragaoka.
    If you opted to go to MAEDA'S BARBERSHOP: It's in the southwestern corner,
    marked as 'MA'. It's an enclosed shop, no openings anywhere except for a door.
    Of course, there's the classical spinning barber post to signal you. Inside
    that shop, there's a crouched man mopping the floor. Talk to the man 
    (Maeda-san) and he will refer you to Liu's Barbershop. Looks like he got
    discharged from the hospital today so, hopefully, he's available today!
    If you opted to go to MARY'S PATCHES & EMBROIDERY (MP): This store is absurdly
    easy to spot. From the street, you could see the man, Itoi-san, waiting 
    patiently for gullible customers. Ask him... He will recommend you to go to
    Liu-san's shop at the north end. 
    Located at the northern horizontal street, Liu's Barbershop is covered with
    white and green paint. If you've spoken with one of the Three Blades' members,
    this shop is open for everyone. Go ahead and do what you do best: talk! The
    man is Liu's son and he tells you that the senior has gotten out of the 
    hospital and, despite his recent conditions, he likes to exercise in the 
    Suzume Park.
    Follow the path to the south, past the Tom's Hot Dog Stand, and go right just
    before the visually bright You Arcade. If you're having trouble locating the
    Suzume Park, it's marked as 'SP' on my map up above. 
    Liu-san is the only man in the park so it won't be difficult for you to locate
    him (he gets out at 8 PM, however). After initiating the conversation, he will
    explain the true purpose of the Three Blades (bodyguard for the Imperial) and
    he recalls the name of Lan Di. According to him, Lan Di is an elite that works
    in a Chinese mafia. Sounds horrifying... He tells you that sailors around the
    area might know about the mafia.
             /   \_                  ___                ____
       SA\   \_    \_          _____/   |______________/    \   
       \  \    \__   \________/  ___               ______    | 
        \  \      \_____________/   |   ______-----   BY \  / 
        /  /                        |  |           MJQ   / /HB
       /   \                        |  |____------¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ /
     \/ /\  \                       |   ______-----¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    \  /  \  \                     _/  |
     \/    \  \                  _/  _/            
            |  |               _/  _/            SA --- To Sakuragaoka
            |  |SP     _______/  _/              BY --- Bar Yokosuka
            |  |      / ________/                SP --- Suzuke Park 
        ____|  |_____/ /                        MJQ --- MJQ Jazz Bar 
       / _____________/                          HB --- Heartbeats 
      / /
     / /
    Alright, let's ask around for sailors. You could ask just about anybody about
    the sailors, ranging from Fuku-san to Nozomi to Tom. The closest one would
    be Tom and maybe Nozomi so ask them. They will immediately tell you that
    sailors like to get drunk and start fights at bars... Check the game's map
    or my map... either one, you'll notice that all of the bars are located at the
    east side. (reminds me of my neighboring city: Detroit... their east side is
    the worst, filled with gangs and crap)
    What's next? Well, there are three bars, but only one is the target. If you go
    to Bar Yokosuka, the bartender will happily let you in and have a friendly
    conversation with you. He will point you to the other two bars, MJQ and Heart-
    beats. Thanks a lot... </sarcasm>
    If you're curious about the MJQ bar, read the following section:
    | If you opt to go to the confined MJQ Bar, make sure you go there after 7 PM|
    | because if you don't, there's nothing happening there. Anyway, after you've|
    | gotten there (after 7 PM), there will be 2 sailors by a pool table. Talk to|
    | them and they get all pissed off... And challenges you to a billiard SHOT! |
    | Now, I cannot help you because there are several different shots so I can't|
    | really help you... Just concentrate and tap the D-pad to move the stick.   |
    | Try to make the white ball hit the other ball so it goes into a pocket     |
    | (I know, I know, you knew that). If you miss... you get to pay the guys    |
    | 1000 yen! ^_^ If you make it, the sailors will tell you about the OTHER    |
    | sailors at Heartbeats and let you go.                                      |
    |                                                                            |
    Time for the moment of truth!!! *drumroll* Finding the Heartbeats bar can be
    tricky since it is not visible from the streets. You have to find a stairs on
    the east side and go down. To make matters easier, the stairs is just across
    the street from a blue motorcycle (and a man is tinkering with it). Find the
    stairs and go down.
    Two dreadful men will come up to you and get all rude on you. Shove them off
    with this QTE:
    B, A
    Open the door front of you to get into the bar. Inside the bar, do this quick
    QTE to punish the sailors:
    B, A, B, A
    The bartender, who gave you the milk out of his sad humor, gives up and tells
    you about the Chinese cartel/mafia. A guy named Charlie is a top dog around
    here... he wears a leather jacket and bears a tattoo. He's a motorcycle hog, 
    too. Interesting...
    | After the Heartbeats fight/QTE, go back to Suzume Park to find Yamagishi   |
    | sitting quietly on a bench. If you talk to him, he will offer to teach you |
    | a nifty move, the DOUBLE BLOW. Accept and master this move:                |
    |                                                                            |
    |                                Right, X+B                                  |
    |                                                                            |
    | That's all. The move isn't bad, but it's nice to have in your arsenal.     |
             /   \_                  ___                ____
       SA\   \_    \_          _____/   |____________OH/    \   
       \  \    \__   \________/  ___               ______    | 
        \  \      \_____________/   |   ______-----      \  / 
        /  /                        |  |               KM/ /HB
       /   \                        |  |____------¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ /
     \/ /\  \                       |   ______-----¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    \  /  \  \                     _/  |
     \/    \  \                  _/  _/            
            |  |               _/  _/            SA --- To Sakuragaoka
            |  |       _______/  _/              KM --- Knocking Motorcycle Shop
            |  |      / ________/                JJ --- Jupiter's Jackets
        ____|  |_JJ__/ /                         OH --- Okinawa Heights
       / _____________/K                         HB --- Heartbeats 
      / /
     / /
    If you paid ANY attention at all on what the bartender said, you don't need
    this guide. Yeah. Anyway, go across the street again to find the motorcycle
    shop (KM on map). If it's fairly late, then you should see Ono-san fixing a
    motorcycle outside the shop. Talk to him several times to ask him about
    Charlie. Turns out that he's a 'poser' (heh I love that word), and hangs out
    at the jacket shop sometimes. The shop? Jupiter's Jackets (JJ).
    Walk to the southwest to Jupitor's Jackets. Ask Tsuruoka-san about Charlie
    and he recalls him, coming in the proximity of his shop a few days ago, about
    7 PM. Pretty late... So, wait until 7 PM or a bit after in this area to
    By the way, if it's in the morning, you could waste time by going to the You
    Arcade (southwest corner) or playing slots at the Slot House (northeast 
    corner). However, I'd prefer to spend the time doing a nice side-quest,
    entitled 'ENOKI STRIKES BACK', just ahead in the walkthrough because once you
    find Charlie, you can't do this side-quest and you get to fight! 
    Back to the main storyline... If you wait until 7 PM for the Charlie at the
    front of Jupitor's Jackets... You won't find anyone. How sad... However, if
    you walk to the west a bit, towards the You Arcade, you will encounter some
    guys! Which guys? Charlie's gang! What luck! But... looks like Charlie were
    waiting for you and he's not here. The thugs are here... to fight you!
    There are five guys here - but they can be easy if you isolate them out. How?
    By going to a faraway place and waiting for a guy to come. The others will
    stay behind or try to catch up and lag. Pick them off, one by one, with this
    method. Connect with strong combos such as X, A, A, A or whatever. 
    After making them pay, you will grab one of the guys and threaten to break 
    his arm if he doesn't tell where Charlie is... He doesn't know, but the tattoo
    parlor (where Charlie must've gotten the tattoo) is at 'Okinawa'. Good enough. 
    You could talk to whoever you want for a million times where the tattoo parlor
    is and still don't know if you paid attention what the white guy said after
    the fight - 'Okinawa'. So let's research the name by looking at the map in the
    game. The only place with 'Okinawa' is the 'Okinawa Heights', just by Bar
    Yokozuka, on the north side. 
    Go there, even at nighttime, and look around... At the first floor, there's
    nothing suspicious... But there's still the second floor to look around. If
    you looked closely to the doors on the second floor, you would point out a
    blatant ad standing out. Press A on the door to enter (remember, go there at
    night!). Yep, that's the tattoo parlor! Talk to the artist and he will comment
    on your even-layered skin (whatever, man) but Ryo insists on finding Charlie.
    After some pestering, the artist finally confesses that Charlie is coming by
    Get out of the parlor and turn around. Look at the sign on the door... 
    'OPEN 14:00 - CLOSE 24:00'. So come back here after 2 PM, tomorrow. Good luck.
    |                                                                            |
    | This quest will only occur at a sunny day (yeah, I came here looking for   |
    | this quest on a rainy day... duh me. Just don't come here on December 5.)  |
    | and from 9 AM to 7 PM. Go back to Sakuragaoka Park in Sakuragaoka. Enter   |
    | the park to find Nozomi trying to defend a boy from Enoki and his pal. As  |
    | the thugs were going to 'do' Nozomi, Ryo steps in! Our hero! Heh. After    |
    | some trash talking, a Free Battle with the thugs will occur.               |
    |                                                                            |
    | This is probably your first true Free Battle, so pay attention of what you |
    | do here. If you had trouble beating the guys, you might want to practice in|
    | the Dojo to tone your skills. Anyway, just defeat them with some basic     |
    | moves such as kick combos. Don't forget to dodge (Y button) too. Really    |
    | simple.                                                                    |
    |                                                                            |
    | After the battle, the thugs apologize profusely and leave. Nozomi will     |
    | thank you, lovingly. That's all... did you have fun?                       |
    |                                                                            |
    | Angel says that you still can meet Enoki here on December 5, as long you   |
    | get there before 5:30 PM. Thanks, Angel!                                   |
    Wait until 2 PM (do the side-quest up above or spar with Fuku-san or play 
    games to pass the time) and go back to the Okinawa Heights. Open the door
    leading to the parlor. Inside the room, you hear two thugs (whose you fought
    the other day) talking about how 'bad' and 'evil' you are... Blah. Anyway,
    they bail immediately after they spot you. Wussies. You ask the artist
    about Charlie. He points at the bed, hidden behind some gloomy curtains. 
    Press A to open the curtain and be prepared for a QTE:
                                       Left, A
    You force Charlie into submission with a twist to his arm. Strangely enough,
    it's not the right Charlie. You decide to inflict a bit more pain for some
    information. After whining some, the fake Charlie finally gives into the
    pain and promises to arrange a meeting for you. Location, time? Tomorrow,
    3 PM. 
    Get out of here. As you're walking down the stairs, Nozomi comes out of 
    nowhere (a pretty girl like her on this kind of place? XP ). Looks like she
    really loves you... Ahem. Nozomi will just comment on her concerns about you
    and your current state of mind. She understands that you're having a hard time
    but you shrug it off. Hah... Sly fox.
    What to do? Well, you could train and stuff in Sakuragaoka Park for the rest
    of the day or play some games... but there's something to do back in the Dojo
    so let's go back to your house, via Sakuragaoka and Yamanose. Once in your
    residence area, bypass your house and go to the dojo, in the back. Ryo will,
    without your aid, go into the dojo and mediate for a while. Fuku-san will
    come storming in (well, not really) and asks you for a spar match. Accept and
    enjoy the match! He's actually pretty tough for a fruitcake! ^_^
    Hazuki Residence
    After the match (nobody will win or lose, just level up your moves up), 
    Ine-san will come up to you to give you the letter. Remember the opening
    sequence, after the death of Iwao, when Ine-san got a letter out of the mail
    box and kept it? That's the one! Looks like she finally decides to give the
    letter to you. However, the characters are all in Japanese so you can't really
    read it right now. Oh well... If it's nighttime, go to your room and sleep...
    The following morning, Fuku-san will come up to you and asks you about the
    object that Ine-san gave you. After finding out what's it about, he realizes
    that he cannot help Ryo... Futile...
    *NOTE: You can do the dojo scene in the next morning, don't have to do it at
    the night.
    Walk through the streets of Yamanose, to the residential district of 
    Sakuragaoka, where you encounter a bawling young boy... Looks like Charlie
    wants you RIGHT NOW! The thugs has taken the ball from the boy and commands
    the child to bring you to him if he wants the ball back... You sneak around
    the corner and sees the gangsters smirking at you... Time for a Battle! As
    usual, the opponents are pathetically weak so you shouldn't have any trouble
    if you practiced. After taking three thugs down, the 'leader' grabs the boy...
    The boy drops the ball down! Time for a QTE to kick-snipe the bastard!
    After knocking the guy out cold, you turn around and bang the thug behind 
    you. All clear! Nifty... You come up to the boy and discovers that he is a
    Chinese... but doesn't do anything? (Why didn't he ask him to read the 
    letter??? What a nitwit!)
    Looks like Charlie doesn't want you anymore so this section is all done.
             /   \_                  ___                ____
       SA\   \_    \_          _____/   |______________/    \   
       \  \    \__   \________/  ___               ______    | 
        \  \      \_W___________/   |   ______-----      \  / 
        /  /           RC           |  |       AJ        / /
       /   \                        |  |____------¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ /
     \/ /\  \                       |   ______-----¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    \  /  \  \                     _/  |
     \/    \  \                  _/  _/            
            |  |               _/  _/            SA --- To Sakuragaoka
            |  |       _______/  _/              AJ --- Ajiichi Restaurant
            |  |      / ________/                RC --- Russiya China Shop
        ____|  |_____/ /                          G --- Gao Wen
       / ________G____/                           W --- Wang
      / /
     / /
    Continue on to Dobuita. Your goal is, obviously, to find someone who is fluent
    in the Chinese language. There are two ways to find the person... You could
    go to the Ajiichi Restaurant and ask Tao-san, who is a Chinese, about it. He
    will direct you to his worker, Wang. If you've traveled around the north side
    frequently, you should have seen him already. He's the one begging you for
    some money for a drink! To find him, go on the northeastern street and he will
    automatically ask you. After a conversation, Ryo will ask him about the 
    letter. Unfortunately, he doesn't read Chinese. Fortunately, he knows someone
    who can. That person that Wang was talking about owns the Russiya China Shop.
    Let's go there!
    If you wanted another way (shorter one, actually), just go down to the 'G' on
    my map to find Gao Wen again. (the boy who you saved from some thugs a moment
    ago) Since he's a Chinese, he must know something! He's clad with a green 
    jacket and hoisting an umbrella if it's raining. Ask him and he will tell 
    you about his grandmother, who owns the Russiya China Shop. Let's dash!
    At the Russiya China Shop (with purple awning if you can't find it), Ryo will
    come up to the lady, Xia-san, and introduces himself. She will recognize your
    name because of what Gao Wen told her (you saved the boy with the ball, blah,
    blah). Ryo asks the kind lady to read the letter. Xia-san, like a pro or
    even a master, immediately comprehends the style of the letter: reversed Chinese
    Kanji, combined with some special writing! Interesting... What does it say?
    "Beware of those who seek the mirrors...?" From Zhu Yuan Da (actually Yuanda
    Zhu but whatever)? Master Chen? Strange! The woman discovers something
    written at the back: "Father's Heaven, Nine Dragons, Mother's Earth, Comrades"
    (I actually remembered all of this by heart! I need to get a life...). 
    Another discovery: a phone number: 0468-61-5647 (yep, memorized this too).
    That woman sure is a HUGE help! 
             /   \_                  ___                ____
       SA\   \_    \_          _____/   |______________/    \   
       \  \    \__   \________/  ___               ______    | 
        \  \      \_____________/   |   ______-----      \  / 
        /  /                        |  |                 / /
     WA/   \                        |  |____------¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ /
     \/ /\  \                       |   ______-----¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    \  /  \  \                     _/  |
     \/    \  \                  _/  _/            
            |  |               _/  _/            SA --- To Sakuragaoka
            |  |       _______/  _/              HA --- Hirata Tobacco Shop
            |  |      / ________/                WA --- Wakaba Apartments
        ____|  |_____/ /                        BUS --- To the bus to Amihama
       / _____________/                           
    HA/ /
     / /
    Now, you have to search for a phone to use. If might have remembered of two:
    the booth in Sakuragaoka and on the counter in your house. There is a third:
    in the shop, in the south end of Dobuita, Hirata Tobacco Shop. If it's 
    daytime, you can use Hirata's phone and the other two. If it's nighttime,
    you can only use the booth and your house. Of course, you would prefer to
    use your house since it is free! 
    Anyway, when you've found your preferred telephone, call the number: 615647.
    (the first 4 letters are the area code so scratch that) A man will reply,
    mysterious, with a statement out of the 'code' in the letter (Father's Heaven,
    Nine Dragons, Mother's Earth, Comrades) and you have to tell him the next 
    word, so if he says 'Father heaven' then you answer back with 'Nine Dragons'.
    Simple enough. After two trials, he will tell you to come to the Warehouse #8.
    What warehouse? I dunno.
    If you're calling from the Tobacco Shop, talk to the woman behind the counter.
    She'll let you use her phone book. Use this to find the area code listing 
    (0468). If you're in the residence or in the booth, call the operator (104)
    and ask the center about the 'Area' and tell them the code: 0468. Either way,
    you will receive the same information: Amihama Harbor! Yippee! 
    Ask people around for the directions to Amihama. The best person to ask: Tom.
    He will abruptly tell you where: at the end of the street, there's a bus stop.
    Take that bus and it will stop at Amihama. Go to the bus stop (BUS on my map)
    and take 160 yen with you. 
    | This quest is only accessible to you if you have done the 'Enoki Strikes   |
    | Back' side-quest. Don't bother trying to complete this if you haven't done |
    | the preceding Enoki encounter.                                             |
    |                                                                            |
    | Before you leave for Amihama, wait until 7 PM and go to the Wakaba Apts.   |
    | (WA on my map) Once there, Enoki will ambush you and commands his gang to  |
    | beat ya up. Defeat all four and watch as Enoki whine for his mommy. Yeah,  |
    | that's it.                                                                 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Angel says that you have to do this side-quest the SAME day you meet       |
    | Charlie at the Tattoo Parlor. Thanks, Angel, again!
    |                                                                            |
    | *NOTE: This event is a bit glitchy, I think. Sometimes, in some of my      |
    | play-throughs, I did get the event to work, but sometimes it won't. And    |
    | I've done them all in the same time (after the phone call and before the   |
    | bus ride)... Anyone care to tell me why? I would credit you!               |
    At the bus stop, wait for the bus to come along (check the time listing on the
    post for the next stop). Usually, it's the :15 or the :30 of the hour. Just
    wait... and when the bus finally comes along, press A and pay the fare...
     III.B. Disc 2                                  The Phoenix Mirror Expedition
    There are a few side quests that can occur during the beginning of Disc 2,
    so I'll put all of them here since all of the following are unlocked from the
    start of Disc 2... so I guess this is the appropriate place, huh? 
    | An optional and a VERY little side-quest but anyway. This occurs every     |
    | night in Disc 2, from 7 PM to 11:30 PM (bedtime), in the streets with the  |
    | bars. Go to the northeastern area and walk around at night, circling the   |
    | streets (from Tomato Mart to Bar Yokosuka and round). If you're lucky, a   |
    | drunk will come around and try to senselessly beat you up. Bah... it's a   |
    | drunk? No match for our great Ryo! QTE:                                    |
    |                                                                            |
    |                                  A, Left                                   |
    |                                                                            |
    | If you miss the second button (left), you'll be knocked out cold and       |
    | brought to your home by Fuku-san and waste a day recovering.               |
    | You can only do this during the second disc AND before you get the Sword   |
    | Handguard. Also, if you want to do the next side-quest (Fuku-san's Love),  |
    | you HAVE to do this side-quest, no questions asked.                        |
    |                                                                            |
    | First, go to your house by 7 PM. If you're there at that time, you should  |
    | hear the phone ring (a bit after 7 PM). Pick the phone up, of course.      |
    | Who is it? Nozomi! She'll ask you out for a date in the Sakuragaoka Park!  |
    | Sounds steamy! Go to the park and make mad love with Nozomi. <3            |
    | Again, you can only see this before getting the Sword Handguard. What's    |
    | more, this side-quest only occurs on the NIGHT AFTER the date with Nozomi! |
    | Strict timing here!                                                        |
    |                                                                            |
    | After the date with Nozomi (explained above), go back to Bar Yokozuka the  |
    | following night, from 7 PM to 11:30 PM. Some guy will tell you that        |
    | Fuku-san called for you because he has a crush on Akemi. *rolls eyes*      |
    | Return home to chat with some buddies.                                     |
    Amihama Harbor
           |     |
           |___  |
               |  \
              _|   \
             |_TOM /                          _________________
               \   \                        _/                 |
                \   \                     _/                   |
                /    \  /\_             _/           14        |
          _____/   /\ \/   \_         _/          _13___15__17_|
         |         \ \  /\   \_     _/           /12      16
         |        TM\ \/  \/\_ \_  /           _/
         |          /         \_ \/           / 1
         |         /            \              \
         |       _/_____________/           2  \
         |       _______________           3    \
         |      |               |     9   4   5  \
         |      |               |   10       6  _/
         |      |                \11        7 _/ 
         |      |                 \    8    _/
     ____|      |_________         \      _/           BUS --- Bus Stop
    | BUS                 |         \   _/              TM --- Tomato Shop/Bar
    |_____________________|          \_/               TOM --- Tom's Hot Dogs
                                                   Numbers --- Appromaxiation of
                                                               Warehouse #
    After a fairly lengthy bus ride (well, not as long as the ride from Aberdeen
    to Kowloon in Shenmue II, that's for sure!), you hop down from the bus and
    surveys the area. If it's nighttime, there's nothing you could do except go to
    the Mart, which is just north of the landing spot, and play games (darts) or
    buy collectibles. If it's daytime, follow the path to the right to face your 
    newest enemy: Goro! 
    He's just like your old pal Enoki... always looking for somebody to beat up.
    You catch him bullying a poor boy (I would guess... he did that for money) and
    decide to interfere. Goro recognizes you as a Hazuki and proceeds to school 
    you instead of the other boy. Meh... Do this QTE to school him instead.
                                     Left, A, B
    After this QTE, Goro will have learnt his lesson and becomes your friend!
    (seriously!) From now and on, Goro, sometimes, will aid you in your quest if
    you get lost around Amihama. Pretty neat, you made Goro blurt out the location
    of Warehouse #8! Let's go...
    Follow the path that Goro showed you after obliterating him, and hang a right.
    You should be able to see a large warehouse, on your right, with the number 
    '8' above the hangar doors. If you couldn't find it, use my map to find it...
    or ask people around. If you attempt to get into the warehouse via the open
    gates, the security guard will rudely bark at you and force you out. Hmmm...
    There must be another way in.
    Yes, yes, there is. Go around the warehouse, to the back. Run around the path
    in the back and Ryo should look up at the open window up above. How can we get
    up there? Look to the right... There's a crimson-red box. Get on the right
    side and face the box. The 'Up' icon should appear. When it does, press the Up
    button to push the box all of the way to the bigger crates! Press 'A' twice to
    climb onto the crates! Let's sneak into the warehouse.... how fun...
    If you go into the first or second rooms, you could search around for a hour
    and still find nothing. Ignore them unless you just want to look and gaze
    blankly at some papers. Walk on the catwalk to the third room, on the end. 
    You hear some guys bitching about something about a wrong address. After a 
    while, you figured it out.... there's an another Warehouse No. 8! You have
    the WRONG one!
    Amihama Harbor
    _______/     |
           | OLD |
           |___  |
               |  \
              _|   \
             |_TOM /                          _________________
               \   \                        _/                 |
                \   \                     _/                   |
                /    \  /\_             _/           14     MAI|
          _____/   /\ \/   \_         _/          _13___15__17_|
         |         \ \  /\   \_     _/           /12      16
         |        TM\ \/  \/\_ \_  /           _/
         |          /         \_ \/           / 1
         |         /            \              \
         |       _/_____________/           2  \
         |       _______________         H 3    \
         |      |               |     9   4   5  \
         |      |               |   10       6  _/
         |      |                \11        7 _/       MAI --- Mai's Hangout
         |      |                 \    8    _/           H --- Hisaka-san
     ____|      |_________         \      _/           BUS --- Bus Stop
    | BUS                 |         \   _/              TM --- Tomato Shop/Bar
    |_____________________|          \_/               TOM --- Tom's Hot Dogs
                                                   Numbers --- Appromaxation of
                                                               Warehouse #
                                                       OLD --- To Old Warehouse
    Now you have to find the Old Warehouse District... but you don't know where...
    No worries, just get behind the Warehouse #4 to find one of your good friends,
    Hisaka-san. She owns a little shopping stand, but she knows everything that's
    going on around here. Whenever you have trouble, just ask her for some help.
    Anyway, find her and ask her about the Old Warehouse District. She'll point
    you to the north, down a street by the ocean. On the way, you should be able
    to see Tom (still dancing to that damn music!). Talk to him if you like. Just
    go around the corner when you finally get to the end (look at the map). 
    Look at the opening... Go ahead and walk through it. Guess what? Yeah, another
    cheap-ass security guard stops you for no apparent reason! *sighs* If it's not
    at 7 PM or close to it, you can do the following side-quest to pass the time:
    | Okay, after getting caught by the idiot guard in the Old Warehouse         |
    | District, go back to Hisaka-san's 'mini-store'. If you get close enough,   |
    | a scene automatically starts rolling. You witness an event where Mai,      |
    | Hisaka's (she really looks PRETTY in that scene... mmm) little sister      |
    | tries, in vain, to get some money out of Hisaka's pocket. Mai goes off,    |
    | storming, as Hisaka is left depressed on how Mai has gone downhill. Ryo    |
    | comes over and asks, "What's wrong?" Hisaka-san explains everything to him |
    | and asks if he could help. Accept if you want to help. (there's a QTE so it|
    | is pretty fun...)                                                          |
    |                                                                            |
    | Go east, and walk among the towering metal crates... continue on until you |
    | see an open gate. Don't go there, just hang a right and a cut scene should |
    | occur. You see Mai getting 'down' with other girls (looks like they're     |
    | just doing NOTHING, but whatever) so Ryo tries to pull Mai out of the evil |
    | posse. Futile, Ryo gets attacked by the posse instead. Do this QTE to      |
    | shove them off:                                                            |
    |                                                                            |
    |                               Left, A, Left                                |
    |                                                                            |
    | After the QTE, just walk/run all of the way back to Hisaka to calm her     |
    | down. However, Hisaka offers you a new objective: to deliver 12 lunches to |
    | the Old Warehouse District's guards. Ryo, without a doubt, accepts in a    |
    | heartbeat. In a search for clues, he goes there without your aid and tries |
    | to 'research' about some stuff that might help him in his survey. With his |
    | incomparable luck, he overhears a conversation about security guards'      |
    | switch times. Looks like the security is at its weakest from 8 to 9 PM...  |
    If you didn't 'feel' like doing the preceding side-quest, you have to find out
    about the times of the switch by talking to people. You could talk to people
    such as guards, Tom, or people fishing near the waterfront. Either way, you
    have to wait (no time 'skipping') until 7 pm to get into the district. You
    could go to the Tomato Mart and play the new game, 'Neo Darts', or just look
    around and get used to the new area. Up to you.
    Old Warehouse District
    At 7 PM, go back to the gates to the Old Warehouse District. The security will
    leave the gate a bit ajar, so there's your chance to get in! Once you get in,
    you'll have to crawl under the window to avoid the sitting fat-ass. However,
    you bump into the counter, causing the flashlight to fall. Do this QTE to dive
    for it: (if you fail, you waste a full day and return to the same spot, but
    on the next day)
    So much for something so small. Heh. Anyway, you have to maneuver through
    several guards to the Warehouse #8. The area sure seems VERY imitating, but
    it's really nothing if you know where to go. Use the map below to create a
    path to the destination.
     _______|   |7_|  ________|
    |       |   __   |        |
    |   8   |  |_?|  |    4   |
    |_______|   __   |________|   The 'S' is your starting point. You should
    |______    |  |       |10 |   go north, past the '5' and two mysterious
    |      |   | ?|       |___|   stashes (?) and go left, to the door of
    |      |   |  |   ________|   Warehouse #8. Simple as that. Make sure you
    |  3   |   |  |  |   5    |   don't get seen by the guards (only 3).
    |______|   |__|  |________|
    |  _________    ___    |6_|
    | |         |  |   |S     |
    | |    2    |  | 1 |      |
    | |_________|  |   |      |
    If you get seen by one of the guards, you get penalized by a day but you
    get to go back here without going to the bed, on the bus, etc. Also, if a
    guard does see you, RUN! Do your best to try to find the door to #8 and you
    might shake them off and make it! Better than nothing, right?
    *NOTE: This is the best place to get the 'Bad Ending'. Fail the mission over
    and over again until April 15 and you will get the bad ending. Read the 
    secrets section for more info if you don't know the hell what I'm talking
    When you're inside the dusty, depressing, damp, demeaning Warehouse No. 8,
    take your time to look around... but I bet you already did and came here
    for a tidbit of information to move on... Just go on the first floor and look
    at the shelves with some antiques. There should be a bright white plate
    standing out... zoom into the plate and click 'A'. Ryo will pick up the plate
    and the bright lights shock and stare at Ryo, causing the plate to fall from
    Ryo's grip.
    A Chinese man comes walking down the stairs, clearly posing a threat to Ryo.
    As he was going to face Ryo, another man comes down, this time an elder, and
    stops the younger version of a Chinese. He inspects the well-being of Ryo and
    figures out that he's the guy who called him earlier. You get to the point,
    giving the Chen (the old man) the letter from Yuanda Zhu (Zhu Yuan Da). Chen
    recognizes the writing as Zhu's and approves it. He has, like most of people
    around here, known about the dreadful death of Iwao. He explains to you about
    the mirror that Lan Di took. Fortunately, he took only ONE. Why? There's 
    another one, the Phoenix mirror! Chen tells you to come back when you have the
    Phoenix Mirror, which is still hidden somewhere in your house. 
    The next scene is in your home, the next day.
    Hazuki Residence
    First, go see Ine-san (in the kitchen) to see what she has to say. She will
    acknowledge that Fuku-san is looking for you, in the Dojo. Go over to the
    Dojo. You see the guy standing by the cherry tree. As he is approached, he
    suddenly turns around and apologizes immensely. About what? About his stupid
    blah-blah talk to Ine-san about your travels. (Like he was threatened by a 80-
    year old woman! *rolls eyes*) Ryo brushes it off and asks him about the 
    Phoenix Mirror. He doesn't know. That stupid bloke. Ine-san probably would 
    know... Of course, Ryo will talk to Ine-san. Looks like that evil woman was
    over-hearing the conversation. Bahaha, busted. She mentions that Iwao once
    went, without any good word explained, to a Antique Shop to store something.
    That's a GOOD lead! Whoo! Go back to Dobuita, the shopping center of Yokosuka.
    There are a TON of people to talk to about the Antique Shop. The person I went
    to was the lady in the Russiya China Shop, Gao Wen's grandmother. She helped
    me immensely, quick to the point. I'm sure Tom and Nozomi could provide you
    with the same information so find whomever you want to talk to and find out.
    The destination: the Bunkado Antiques, just northeast of Tom's Hot Dog Stand.
    It has a clear, pristine white doors so you should be able to spot it easily.
    (Kinda next to the Tomato Store) In that shop, an ancient guy (no wonder this
    is an ANTIQUE store, hah) comes up to you and tests his memory and success:
    you're Ryo Hazuki, he says. He offers his condolences about your father.
    Nevertheless, he knows why you're here and gives you Iwao's prize: the SWORD
    HANDGUARD. Time to go back, to home!
    As you walk to the left, toward the upper road to Yamanose, a man in black
    confronts you. Who's that? Oh, that's Gui Zhang, Master Chen's son. He,
    indirectly, starts a fight with you, man to man. 
    Now, in this battle, you just have to survive through a certain amount of
    time (I don't know how long but it's not long). So, use your Y button
    frequently and make him miss his long kicks. When he's stumbling, tap your
    A button to catch him off-guard and sent him off-course. After a while, 
    Zhang will stop and announce that he is your new bodyguard. Then why did he
    attack you. Crazy crap, man.
    Beneath the shadows is your new predator...
    Hazuki Residence
    As he was sweeping the floors of the entrance, Fuku-san proceeds to talk to
    you. Ryo shows him the Handguard, but he doesn't provide you with any valuable
    information. Go ask Ine-san, in the altar room. Not surprisingly, all she 
    gives you is some crappy information about some stars or something. Bah.
    Luckily for you, you have THIS GUIDE. You rock, just for using this guide.
    Heh. Anyway, if you haven't gotten the MYSTERIOUS KEY, you HAVE to get it
    NOW. To obtain it, go to the room of Iwao and open the drawer on the right 
    side of the desk. under the box is the key. Get it and go to the Dojo.
    Remember, get the MYSTERIOUS KEY first! *sighs* Here goes... The use of the
    mysterious Mysterious Key... WILL BE REVEALED!!! *calms down* You see two
    banners in the back of the Dojo, next to each other? To the right of those
    is a small rectangular locked box. Guess what? You get to use the key here!
    Press Y while standing by the crate to bring the menu out and select the
    Key from that inventory on the top. Ryo will equip it on the box and unlock 
    it. He picks up what's inside: a SWORD. Hmmm... What's that for?
    I'll tell you right now: take down the banners that I was talking about.
    behind those are two holes, one behind each one. They are some kind of
    concaves, a slot for something to insert into. On the right is a thin one,
    while the left has a round one with two pops. If you actually thought hard,
    you would know what they are for. The right one is for the sword you just
    got. Insert the sword into that one. The left one? Remember the Handguard?
    That's it, put it on the hole. Ryo pushes the wall and viola! A hidden
    passage! How dramatic!
    Hazuki Residence Basement
    You notice without warning that the entire gallery is pitch-black. If you have
    collected a flashlight during your recent travels, you don't have any problem.
    If not, return to the Hazuki house and open the cabinet under the telephone
    for one. Problem solved. On the menu, highlight the flashlight and press A to
    use it. Now you can see!
    At the end of a tiny tunnel, you find yourself in a relatively empty and small
    room. The first problem would be the lighting. You could stay dependent on
    your flashlight but if you take too much time, it will go out. Lighting the
    candles, which are scattered all over the room will certainly help, but if
    that won't work, just buy a light bulb from the Tomato Store in Dobuita and
    stick it up the lamp.
    Time for the exploring... I'll make my map simple:
    |    AX                  |         EN --- Entrance
    |                        |         SA --- Stab Armor (middle tier)
    |SA                    SC|         SC --- Scroll
    |                        |         PF --- Photo of Father (in box)
    |                        |         WF --- White Leaf (in book)
    |                        |          C --- Candles (in drawer)
    |                        |         SV --- Shelves that you must pull
    |PF                    SV|---      AX --- Axe
    |                        |PM |     PM --- Phoenix Mirror!
    |              WF   C    |---
    First, pick up the items that you would like. Stab Armor is probably the only
    worthwhile thing that you could actually use. Anyway, go to the shelves in
    the southeastern corner (SV) and look down to see the marks. Looks like it
    has been moved back and forth a lot... Stand on the end of the shelves and
    pull it. Get on the other side and look down yet again. A different-colored
    wall! Go by the entrance and get the axe. Go back and smash the covered-up
    portion of the wall out. Ta-da! The PHOENIX MIRROR! Finally...
    Back in the Dojo, Fuku-san, like an annoying bastard, notices the mirror and
    whines even more about it. Apparently, he's too scared to even look at it
    as Ryo is fascinated by it. Ugh... Ryo knows what to do. Do you? Go back to
    Master Chen!
    Hazuki Residence
    Remember your first venture into the property of the Chinese, Master Chen?
    You had to experience a tough ordeal (for the beginners, at least) to get into
    the older version of Warehouse No. 8. This time, you can bypass the job of
    dodging the guards. How? Just call mister Chen! 0468-61-5647 is the number if
    you forgot. Do the Father's Heaven, Nine Dragons, Mother's Earth, Comrades
    thing again to get the right to talk to Gui Zhang. Now you can go!
    | You probably have no clue what the Mirror is all about if you haven't      |
    | played Shenmue II (that game is littered with a lot of information!) but   |
    | you can still grab some vague information in this game, including the      |
    | infamous mystery girl, Shenhua Ling. Here's how:                           |
    |                                                                            |
    | In Sakuragaoka Park, you find the elderly Yamagishi-san (looks like he     |
    | recovered from that accident) sitting down (maybe not). Talk to him to     |
    | listen what he has to say.                                                 |
    |                                                                            |
    | Back at Russiya China Shop, talk to the lady inside and she provides you   |
    | with something valuable: a scene of Shenhua! She also tells you some more, |
    | something about the stars but eh.                                          |
    |                                                                            |
    | The last one: the Bunkado Antiques. The owner once told you that he don't  |
    | have any clue about a Phoenix Mirror but he knows about some stone mirrors |
    | imported from China. If you haven't beaten Shenmue II, you should come over|
    | here, pretty interesting information.                                      |
    Amihama Harbor
    Back to the point, go back to Amihama via the bus as usual. Make your way to
    the Old Warehouse District. As you're passing through the front gate, a guard
    will stop you, but don't worry, Ryo tells him all about Chen and him. You are
    allowed to pass so go ahead and enter Warehouse Eight. 
    Once inside, Chen takes a good, long look at the Mirror, one of the rarest
    items in the Asian kingdom. Chen and Ryo discusses about the Chiyoumen, Lan
    Di's mafia group and the Mad Angels, which is connected to the Chiyoumen.
    Suddenly, the skin-headed bastard appears again and drops down to your level,
    grabbing the Mirror out of your feeble hands! Ah damn. Do this QTE to 
    retrieve the Mirror:
    Ryo forces the pulley to shake, causing the Mirror to fall. It's yours now!
    The monster goes out, leaving you all alone again for some more serious talk.
    Ryo begs Chen to help him find Lan Di, which is assumed to be in Hong Kong,
    but Chen nor Gui Zhang will budge. Therefore, Ryo has to go out by himself.
    Hazuki Residence
    Nothing big here, just a scene with the wide-eyed Fuku-san gazing at the 
    Mirror before going to sleep.
    *You might see a dream about the Mirror and an owl. Hint: Shenhua.
    Hazuki Residence
    Ryo is greeted with his bank account lying right front of him, all 36,000 yen.
    However, that is not enough for a plane ticket to Hong Kong. What to do? Let's
    ask Fuku-san for now, he's in his room. Ryo tells him all about his plans to
    go to Hong Kong and the duo decides to tell Ine-san about it. As Ryo was
    making it look like a vacation (that's what he intended), Fuku-san screws
    everything up, causing Ryo to do everything by himself. Typical of him...
    Earlier, Fuku told you about a travel agency in Dobuita, so that's your only
    lead as of now. Go back to Dobuita to hit it off.
    | If you didn't opt to use the 'Area Jump' to jump to Dobuita automatically, |
    | you have an opportunity to do this side-quest. Once you pass through       |
    | Yamanose at day, Megumi catches you with terror on her face: the adorable  |
    | kitten is gone! Forever? Not if you can help it! Finding the cat is quite  |
    | simple but if you can't find it, just go to the stairs in the middle of    |
    | Yamanose and find a set of green clotheslines. The kitten is around that   |
    | area. You can only do this before you access Disc Three, which will occur  |
    | pretty soon.                                                               |
    |                                                                            |
    | By the way, you get to talk to Nozomi and watch as the love blossom so this|
    | quest might be worthwhile for you, hah.                                    |
             /   \_                  ___                ____
       SA\   \_    \_          _____/   |______________/    \   
       \  \    \__   \________/  ___               ______    | 
        \  \      \_____________/   |   ______-----      \  / 
        /  /                        |  |ATC              / /
       /   \                        |  |____------¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ /
     \/ /\  \                       |   ______-----¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
    \  /  \  \                     _/  |
     \/    \  \                  _/  _/            
            |  |               _/  _/            SA --- To Sakuragaoka
            |  |       _______/  _/             GTA --- Global Travel Agency
            |  |      / ________/               ATC --- Asia Travel Co.
        ____|  |_____/ /
       / _____________/GTA                         
      / /
     / /
    Your mission here is to find some information about the prices of the plane
    tickets to Hong Kong. If you have a good memory, you already know of one
    travel agency: the Global Travel Agency, which is directly across Tom. Go
    over there and ask the guy behind the counter about the price: 198,000 Yen!
    *dies* Luckily, there's one more, but I doubt you know of that place. You
    could ask various people about the remaining travel agency, but hey, you have
    me. :)  The place is called 'Asia Travel Co.', located at the rusty northern
    side. Inside that shop possesses a nasty bitch who will bark at you because
    she's trying to read something. o_O Anyway, at the end, Ryo finds a deal 
    worth 158,000 Yen, which is out of his range. After getting both prices, go
    back to Fuku-san to discuss some more. 
    Hazuki Residence
    Back home AGAIN! Go to Fuku-san's room once again and show him the 158,000
    yen pamphlet. Fuku-san, in his remorse, decides to offer you his life
    savings, which are not sufficient to exceed 158,000 yen. For once in his
    life, Fuku comes up with a _brilliant_ idea: ask a frequent flyer, Nozomi
    about it! What a great idea, seriously!
    Too much backtracking back and forth... man. Go straight to Nozomi, in her
    shop, Aida Florist. Talk to her several times and she recommends you to buy
    a BOAT ticket. *sigh* Time to ask the agencies again.
    The Global Travel Agency won't do you any good so go back to the Asia Travel
    Co. The uber-annoying woman is there again... ugh. Ryo will ask her about a
    boat fare to Hong Kong and it's only 69,000!!!! YOU CAN BUY IT! WHOO!!! Ryo
    pays up, without any slight doubt in his mind. That fool... We all know what
    will happen, don't we? The woman tells you to come back in 3 or 4 hours so
    wait. If the preceding scene occurred after 8:00 PM, you'll have to come back
    the next morning, sorry.
    After 4 hours of waiting (or whatever you did), enter the Asia Travel Co.
    again for your ticket... or it seems so. The woman is gone and the owner, 
    Jimmy is in duty. Ryo politely asks for the ticket but Jimmy claims that he
    has heard of no such thing. Ryo get frustrated and beats up two thugs behind
    him, scaring Jimmy to his nerves. Ryo picks up Jimmy and demands his ticket.
    Jimmy gives in and promises a phone call in the next morning.
    | The timetable for this side-quest is kinda tight. It can be seen during    |
    | either before or after you meet Jimmy (the guy that you meet after the     |
    | 4-hour wait) but it has to be on the same day. First, you can meet Eri,    |
    | Nozomi's friend after 7 PM outside the You Arcade. She requests you for a  |
    | reason for Nozomi's attitude (depressed) lately. Nobody knows so let's     |
    | leave.                                                                     |
    |                                                                            |
    | Back at your house (after 7 PM), go into the shrine/altar and Ryo spots    |
    | something different: there's a new bushel of flowers! Ine-san explains     |
    | clearly that Nozomi brought Iwao's favorite flowers in the honor of the    |
    | deceased man. How touching... and sad that Ryo still doesn't want her!     |
    Nothing to do except to sleep for the next day, the judgment day for Jimmy.
    That night, you will foresee a dream of Shenhua.
    Hazuki Residence
    Ryo jerks the phone off the nosy grasshopper and talks to Jimmy. As promised,
    Jimmy gives you the location of the rendezvous point: YOU Arcade, at noon.
    Looks like you have some time to waste... No side-quests to do, sorry.
    Playing at the arcade would be fine.
    Noon, You Arcade. Jimmy? Nope. It's Chai, the skinhead! He eats the ticket for
    once and all. Oh damn. Time to battle him for the first time! He is extremely
    tough, due to his heavy amount of HP. His attacks isn't that dangerous but
    you're fighting in a crowded area so it's hard to avoid them. The best way to
    defeat him is to press Y repeatedly (dodge) until you have a clear shot at
    him and kick away! Use special kicks like Hold Against Leg and equip it on the
    R button and you should get him every time. The battle will be long but if you
    lose, Fuku-san will come over and save your sorry ass. Chai runs away while
    you return to your humble abode to rest.
    Summarized, your R button should have the Hold-Against-Leg move and use it
    on Chai every time for several minutes and you could win. Makes no difference
    to the story anyway. 
    After rehabbing, go back to Dobuita to make Jimmy pay, severely. He's still at
    his shop, the Asia Agency. It's closed but knock on the door anyway. He will
    come out and attempt to run away from Ryo's wrath. Do this QTE to end the 
     Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, A
    There are several variations if you mess up but don't worry, it's pretty
    straight-forward, just pay attention. After catching Jimmy, the disc ends.
     III.C. Disc 3                                    Inching Closer to Hong Kong
    The disc opens with a brief but a moving scene of Ryo choking the information
    out of the traitor, Jimmy. Jimmy finally confesses that Chai, the bald
    bastard, is part of the Mad Angels. He provides you with an extremely valuable
    information: you will be recognized by the Mad Angels, not necessary a good
    thing, if you get a job at the harbor. Ryo knows he needs that attention so he
    sets off for a job searching.
    Amihama Harbor
             |_    /                          _________________
               \   \                        _/                 |
                \   \                     _/                   |
                /    \  /\_             _/         G 14        |
          _____/   /\ \/   \_         _/          _13___15__17_|
         |18       \ \  /\   \_     _/           /12      16
         |          \ \/  \/\_ \_  /           _/
         |          /         \_ \/           /
         |         /         ATC\             \1
         |       _/_____________/           2  \
         |       _______________           3    \
         |      |               |     9   4   5  \
         |      |               |   10       6  _/     ATC --- Alpha Trading Co.
         |      |                \11        7 _/         G --- Goro
         |      |                 \    8    _/           1 --- Goro #2
     ____|      |_________         \      _/           BUS --- Bus Stop
    | BUS                 |         \   _/
    |_____________________|          \_/
    Use this map to get to know this place even better. You will notice that Disc
    Three spans over this town almost entirely... and it's the longest disc in the
    terms of action.
    Go to the harbor if you haven't yet and ask people/guards about a job. Some of
    them would point you over to Warehouse #18. You could go there and get a
    valuable tidbit of information and find out where you need to go but you
    don't have to, really. Just go to 'G', just north of Warehouse #12 and #13
    to find your old buddy Goro (well, he's actually a new one) all pepped up.
    (too much weed for him!) He's all excited to help you out... Ryo reluctantly
    asks him to find a job for him. Goro, without any hesitation, confirms you
    a job at Warehouse #1, tomorrow, noon.
    Now you have a LOT of time to waste. :( You could do the side-quest (below-
    can only be seen after 7 PM tho) or just play games or let it sit right there
    and jerk off. 
    | *This can be only seen IF you did the 'The Date With Nozomi' sidequest     |
    | during Disc Two. If you didn't then this will NOT happen. This won't happen|
    | during a rainy day or after the Christmas Day, either.                     |
    |                                                                            |
    | The first part (not required for the access of the second part): go see    |
    | Eri again. She's in her usual spot, in the front of You Arcade at about 7  |
    | PM. She warns you of a crying Nozomi in Sakuragaoka Park, where you had the|
    | date. Go straight to the Park.                                             |
    |                                                                            |
    | Now, the meat of this side-quest: seeing the weeper. Nozomi is sitting all |
    | alone under the moon without any tough boy to caress her... :( Ryo comes   |
    | over and asks her what's up. Watch the ensuing cinema for a surprise twist.|
    | ***If you're either too lazy or unable to see this scene, I'll tell you the|
    | spoiler: Nozomi is moving away to Canada.*** Boohoo.                       |
    You dream yet another dream about the Chinese girl of your dreams, Shenhua.
    The Next Day
    Back at the Amihama on the next day, head to the Warehouse #1 for a date with
    Goro-san (wait until noon). After finding Goro at last, prepare to watch a
    amusing scene of Goro cowering in fear of a puny little girl, Mai (the girl
    that you 'rescued' from some girly gang). Goro keeps his promise (thanks to
    Mai) and gives you the location of your new job: the Alpha Trading Co. 
    The building that you need to attend is located at the corner of the harbor
    north of Lunch Stand, pretty easy to find with a light blue cargo door. Enter
    the building to find the boss. He will hit you off with your new job right
    away, introducing you to Mark, your instructor for the forklifting. 
    Time to play! The controls:
    D-Pad --- Turning the wheels
        A --- Move the forklift Up and Down
        B --- First Person View
        R --- Forward
        L --- Reserve
    Go through Mark's training test and you're all ready for some actual training:
    moving the crates into the squares in Warehouse #3! The objective is simple, 
    just place them neatly within the said squares marked on the ground. This is
    just for the TRAINING (although you still earn some money) so don't worry
    about screwing up today. It's pretty fun, I know! 
    After collecting the money, Mark comes back and tells you about an activity
    that takes place here at 9 AM the next day. Better be there, whatever it is!
    What now? You could ask some people around for some Mad Angels information,
    but that's not necessary but rewarding. You might as well do the following
    side-quest and go to bed for the next day.
    | Wait around the open area front of the Lunch Stand at around 7 PM or after |
    | to discover a helpless ragged beggar getting chased by two thugs on cycles.|
    | Ryo, like a true shaman, stops those two and receives a chicken race       |
    | challenge. Again, like a shaman, he accepts. Do this QTE to PWN!!!!!!!!!!! |
    |                                                                            |
    |                            A, Down, Left, Right                            |
    |                                                                            |
    | Sadly, that is the end of it. That's it, no thanks from the bum.           |
    ***From now on, I will divide the days under the sections: 'Your Job' as the
    activity that takes up the morning and the job itself; 'Lunchtime' as the
    actual thing; then 'Amihama Harbor' as the aftermath. The Job that takes after
    the Lunchtime will be the same as the morning portion so no need for a section
    for that part of the time UNLESS something happens at that point.***
    The Job
    Instead of rising from his grave at the usual time of 8:30 AM, Ryo wakes up at
    7:30 AM in the preparation of his job's activity. (Wondering what that would 
    be? Heh) Don't worry about walking all of the way to the bus, the game will 
    handle that by itself. The next thing you know, you're on a forklift numbered
    What's this? A race! Yes, a FORKLIFT race! This is the funniest thing in this 
    disc, IMO. The course is pretty simple, but the drivers are actually good,
    even if you bump them! They won't go off-course so they will give you a
    serious race. The prize? A mini-forklift with the place number on it! If you
    placed 5th, you get a forklift #5. Try to collect them all! Some tips: you
    can bump into other cars (no penalty)... only one shortcut: near the end of
    the lap, you can go between a warehouse and a steel standee for a good time
    After the race, Mark rewards you the prize and hands you a map. It's your
    mission for the day. Today, you have to transport crates from the northern
    port to Warehouse #18 (use my map on section 18 if you need). If you exceed
    10 crates on the said day, you receive a raise. Hell, I got 11 crates before
    lunchtime so don't think it's rewarding. Bah. Also, you don't have to place
    the crates squarely within the lines, just place it anywhere in the white
    lines and you should be alright. Get 10 or more by stacking it up! 
    Good luck! (Lunchtime is 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM)
    It's only your first day of the job and you're already popular! Take a look
    at Mark's beating by the Mad Angels. Ryo brushes them off with a Free Battle.
    There are only two guys so you should handle yourself pretty easily. However,
    this is only the prologue of what will come, harder thugs and fights. This
    will get serious too soon.
    The Job Part 2
    Continue your effort of putting the crates into #18 until about 3 or 3:30 PM
    when three members of Mad Angels stops you and threatens you to give them your
    salary. Like he should, Ryo shoves them off and ignites a clash. They are
    TOTAL BABIES! One kick combo from me (A,A,A) K.O.'ed them ALL! That simple.
    If you won, they'll go away and you resume your hard work. If you lose, you
    gotta pay up like they said. The Job will end at 5 PM (everyday).
    Amihama Harbor
    Receive the cash from your ol' boss (and a raise if you did good enough!) and
    meet Goro outside. He'll still talk nutty (about taking a leak o_O) and brag
    about his so-called knowledge about this area. Ryo asks him about the Mad 
    Angels and he chickens out. Bah.
    Now what? Asking the people won't do you good... so learn THREE new moves
    before going to bed.
    | SWALLOW DIVE: Walk just past the Alpha Trading Co. (your job) and Gui Zhang|
    | tries to catch you off-guard. He fails, miserably. He offers to teach you  |
    | a nifty move, Swallow Dive, only if you accept. Accept! The movement is:   |
    |                                                                            |
    |                      Back+A (almost at the same time)                      |
    |                                                                            |
    | STAB ARMOR: If you got the Stab Armor SCROLL from the basement of the      |
    | Hazuki Residence, you can learn this move from Gui Zhang. He's gone from   |
    | the previous instruction so you have to meet him at Old Warehouse #8. No,  |
    | sneaking won't work anymore so you have to call him ahead of the time. The |
    | phone booth can be discovered by the bus stop. The number is 0468-61-5647. |
    | Enter the Warehouse Eight and Gui Zhang will have a look at the scroll and |
    | tell you the directions: Forward, Back, Back, X+A                          |
    |                                                                            |
    | SHADOW STEP: Walk between the Bar and Warehouse #18 and the bum that you   |
    | saved earlier comes up and thanks you with an offer to punch him! What a   |
    | strange thank-you present indeed. Unfortunately, Ryo is unable to hit him  |
    | at all. The bum is willingly to teach him how he did it. Accept if you want|
    | to. The procedure:                                                         |
    |                                                                            |
    |                               Forward, Y+B                                 |
    |                                                                            |
    | ***That's it for today, but if you want to practice the moves or master the|
    | Stab Armor move, you can practice at Warehouse #4, behind Hisaka-san's     |
    | Lunch Stand. Good luck!                                                    |
    Another dream awaits you in the nighttime...
             |_    /                          _________________
               \   \                        _/                 |
                \   \                     _/                   |
                /    \  /\_             _/           14     MA |
          _____/   /\ \/   \_         _/          _13___15__17_|
         |18       \ \  /\   \_     _/           /12      16
         |          \ \/  \/\_ \_  /           _/
         |          /         \_ \/           /
         |       CC/         ATC\             \1
         |       _/_____________/           2  \
         |       _______________           3    \
         |      |               |     9   4   5  \
         |      |               |   10       6  _/     ATC --- Alpha Trading Co.
         |      |                \11        7 _/         3 --- Drop-off Point
         |      |                 \    8    _/          CC --- Crates
     ____|      |_________         \      _/           BUS --- Bus Stop
    | BUS                 |         \   _/              MA --- Mad Angels
    |_____________________|          \_/
    The Job
    After the daily forklift race, you are given yet another crate-moving job
    (well, that's your JOB). The pathway is longer this time, hence the lower
    Quota: 8 crates. From the open space right front of the bar, you have to go
    around the barrier to the New Warehouse lot, to #3. It's right behind 
    Hisaka-san, just follow the paintings on the floor that says 'No. 1-17 ^".
    It's the only one with its door open so it should be easy to spot.
    Nothing special this time. You can talk to the bum near the bar for a notebook
    entry, but nothing more. Wait all of the way to 2 PM.
    The Job Part 2
    As you approach the New Warehouse grounds, more Mad Angels are executing their
    plot for revenge... Once in the warehouse #3, you have to fight FIVE Mad 
    Angels. Defeat them all with combos, and four more (but much more weaker)
    will come forth for some more beating. Kick their ass to learn about their
    location: Warehouse #17. Now you can continue as usual.
    Amihama Harbor
    Investigate the Warehouse #17 clue at once. It's the northeast-most warehouse
    in the bloody harbor. You would expect, from our previous experiences, that
    they're waiting for you and ambush you. That is far from the truth. You catch
    Mark getting beat up again... Fight those bullies to save him. In the battle,
    you have to be extra-careful because they are actually tougher than the
    previous ones. Parry some and attack when you're in the open. You have
    infinite chances to do it anyway. Afterwards, Mark explains his reasons for
    involvement with the bullies. Finally, you learn something new. Gah.
    That's it for today except for one side-quest. 
    | If you learned the Shadow Step, you can access this lesson from the bum. If|
    | not, then you're screwed. All you have to do is to show up and you master  |
    | the move. You don't do the actual move, you just watch. If you want to     |
    | practice the move, do it in Warehouse 4 during the day or the training     |
    | spots in Dobuita, Sakuragaoka, or your Dojo. The move:                     |
    |                                                                            |
    |                              Forward, Y+B, X                               |
    The Job
    Pretty straightforward today. After the race, get the map of your duty for 
    today and have a good look at it. The drop-off spot is in the Warehouse #18 
    again, but the crates are in a different place. You should know what to do by
    now. Don't slack off! 
    Before you even gain control of Ryo, Eri makes you pose with Nozomi for one
    final photo. The first one will have you and Nozomi apart, but the second one
    will be more intimate. Pick either one (won't affect anything), and say good-
    bye to Nozomi, who is leaving for Canada. The rest of the lunch period and the
    job has nothing special happening so I'll skip to the evening.
    Amihama Harbor
    No side-quests this time so research to spiffy your notebook up. Talk to the
    bum and he'll tell you that the Mad Angels usually come forth at night by the
    bar. Uh-oh! Better wait until night and come here!
    Finally, when it's nighttime, run past the bar and a scene should occur. Ryo
    is seen by three gangsters on motorcycles, trying to run him over. PWN them
    back with this QTE:
                                    Right, Left, A
    Ryo will get on the fallen cycle, thus starting this QTE to knock the second
    motor man down:
                                    Left, Left, A
    All you have to is to chase the final guy, Charlie, down:
                            Right, Right, Right, Left, Left, Right
    Do not be fooled by the last two buttons because both directions (left and
    right) will appear. Take the direction that Charlie went. It's left then right
    for the final two. Charlie will give up and cease his speed, allowing you to
    catch up. Looks like he isn't over yet. He sends FIVE punks to kick your ass.
    Guess not. They're too weak to lose to. One hit from your spinning kick (L+A) 
    will knock them out. LOL, how pathetic is that! Charlie gets PWNED and he 
    makes up for it by facing you, mano to mano. He's not too tough, but be 
    careful anyway. Connect with strong kicks and throws and he should be gone
    shortly. Ryo picks him up again and demands an explanation. Listen to what he
    has to say. Looks like Lan Di is still around here! Hot mamma!
    Hence the dream of Lan Di that night...
    The Job
    A bit longer, but simple as ever. You start off in, if you couldn't figure
    out yet, the western side of the port. Just follow the shoreline to Warehouse
    #18, which is too familiar for you. 8 crates is the quota. You can easily do 4
    crates in the morning and 4 afterwards. Good luck.
    Nothing happening. Talk to whomever you like.
    The Job Part 2
    Alright, this is a critical part of the day. If you don't work at this point,
    you'll have to do the same thing all over again tomorrow, no closer to the
    finish line. Anyway, keep working (transporting the boxes to #18) and at about
    2:45~3:15 PM, when you head FOR Warehouse #18, you find Goro lying down on
    the ground, helpless. That guy! That whitey guy did it! He baits Ryo over to a
    warehouse. Despite the OBVIOUS clues, Ryo doesn't realize that it's a trap 
    until the last minute when he has to beat up 7 or so guys. Go ahead and do
    this QTE:
                          B, A, B, A, A, B, Left, Down, A, B
    Probably the most exciting QTE in the entire game. How sad... I mean, compared
    to Shenmue II, it's nothing. Anyway, continue working after the mini-battle.
    Amihama Harbor
    Mark abruptly notifies you about a deal called 'Long Zha' that is circulating
    around the Mad Angels. Talk to him again and he provides you with new info
    about the Mad Angels and the Long Zha deal. That's it for today. There are
    some notebook entries to put in, mostly about the Mad Angels. The people you
    should ask are the workers around the pier. Collecting info aren't requires
    so eh. Uneventful day, don't you think?
             |_  CC/                          _________________
               \   \                        _/                 |
                \   \                     _/                   |
                /    \  /\_             _/           14     MA |
          _____/   /\ \/   \_         _/          _13___15__17_|
         |18       \ \  /\   \_     _/           /12      16
         |          \ \/  \/\_ \_  /           _/
         |          /         \_ \/           /
         |         /         ATC\             \1
         |       _/_____________/           2  \
         |       _______________           3    \
         |      |               |     9   4   5  \
         |      |               |   10       6  _/     ATC --- Alpha Trading Co.
         |      |                \11    CC  7 _/         8 --- Drop-off Point
         |      |                 \   (8)   _/          CC --- Crates
     ____|      |_________         \      _/           BUS --- Bus Stop
    | BUS                 |         \   _/              18 --- 2nd Drop Off point
    |_____________________|          \_/
    The Job
    Oh boy... This is a ****ing complex one! Which is a good thing because I was
    getting bored of the common routes... You got to pick a crate from the
    northern corner (by the Old Warehouse district) and bring it all of the way
    down to Warehouse #8 and pick a red chest (you'll know) and go up to #18 and
    drop the reddish-hued crate there. Go back to the original point and repeat.
    Whew! 10 is the quota and it includes every chest so you have to drop 5
    regulars and 5 reds.
    BUAHAHAHA! Funniest cutscene here, right here, in the entire game! Goro had
    me until he said the m-word! Just watch and laugh! LOL.
    The Job Part 2
    Continue working all of the way to 2:30~3:30. (As you have probably guessed by
    now, Ryo encounters another squad of Mad Angelians. That is not far from the
    truth.) As coming from the upper pack of crates, Ryo spots two Mad Angels, the
    ones that he saw yesterday, chatting in the middle of the Warehouse #18/Bar 
    area, easy bait. Nevertheless, Ryo goes ahead and prepares to obliterate them
    for some info about the Long Zha deal. Unfortunately, they slip past Ryo's
    fingerprints and it is up to YOU to catch one of them:
                                 Left, B, B, Left, A
                                 Left     OR    Right <---Doesn't matter. Going
                                   |              |       right saves you one
                                 Left-----,,------|       button.
                                 Left     OR    Right <---Choose either one.
                                   |              |       The following QTE will
                                 Right            A       be determined by the
                                   |              |       choice you make here.
                                   A            Left
                                   |              |
                                 Right          Right
                                   |              |
                                 Left           Left
                                   |              |
                                 Right          Right
    Upon catching one of the guys, Ryo chokes the bejesus out of the bastard and
    obtains one valuable information: the name of the boss of Mad Angels: Terry!
    Go Ryo! Go Ryo! Go Ryo!
    Amihama Harbor
    Collect your payment from your evil boss and just as you were leaving, the
    boss stops you and informs you about a guy that stopped by, looking for you.
    He provides you a note that the guy left by for you. It's from Gui Zhang,
    warning him about the Angels. Ryo goes straight to Chen and Gui Zhang (don't
    worry, don't have to call them again) in Warehouse #8, the older version.
    Here, they discuss about the risk of Ryo's life if he presses on the Mad 
    Angels' evil drug plan, which has no part with Lan Di. Uh-oh... Ryo has gotten
    himself trouble for no good reason/outcome. Oh well. At least it's fun! :)))))
    That's all for today, you can return to your home ASAP and sleep!
    | This is another one from your favorite bum, but you can't practice this one|
    | either so you have to memorize the steps and do it during a practice or the|
    | upcoming fights. Walk forth to bum's resting spot (behind the bar, across  |
    | #18 as always) and a scene will be triggered. (If not, then you must have  |
    | missed one of his previous instructions. You have to learn both of his     |
    | moves before learning this one: Shadow Blade and Shadow Step.) He will give|
    | you a BRIEF explanation and go away. :( I need more info! Don't worry...   |
    | I got the moves:                                                           |
    |                                                                            |
    |                           Forward, Forward, Y+B                            |
    Hazuki Residence
    This date is an interesting twist to Ryo's fate... Ryo wakes up unusually 
    early (11:45 PM!) to get some 'fresh air' (whatever, man). Ine-san stops him
    to have a chat about Nozomi, who appears to be missing. Suddenly, the phone
    rings! Who could it be? Mad Angels! What do they want now? Oh man... Nozomi 
    got captured, that fool. Ryo sucks his guts up and goes off into the night...
    The mission here is to get a transportation and a quick one at that to your
    journey to Warehouse #17 in the harbor. To be specific, you have to borrow a
    motorcycle because there's no cars around. The bus is closed after 12 AM, so
    that is ruled out. You can head straight to the house with the motorcycle or
    you could take your time walking around Dobuita for more information.
    DOBUITA: You can go to the Bike Shop on the northeastern portion of the city
    and knock on the shop's door. Goro will come out and tell you about Naoyuki's
    bike in Sakuragaoka. That's it!
    SAKURAGAOKA: You don't have to go to the shop (above) to get permission from
    Naoyuki, the owner of a decent motorcycle, to ride the motorcycle all of the
    way to Amihama Harbor. The location? Should be easy to locate because it has
    a motorcycle posing right front of the house. It's right next the Yamagishi
    house. The household name is 'Ito'. Ring the bell and Naoyuki will come out,
    expecting a chat, but Ryo goes to the point and requests him for the usage
    of the motorcycle. Ito, willingly, lets him ride the wind!
    The Ride
    It's pretty simple. With 2 minutes, you are allowed several mistakes (bumps
    into the curb/rail or whatever) but that's not that hard. Just press R on the
    straightways and let go R for a split second on the turns. You have infinite
    tries so don't get angry if you fail. I once made it with 1 second left, heh.
    Remember, try to press R most of the time and you should make it. Take wide
    turns, start from the outside and cut to the inside of the turn. Good luck.
    The Trap
    This trap was so obvious that EVEN RYO knew it was coming! That's saying a
    LOT! LOL! Anyway, Ryo has to own 2 groups of thugs... The first one isn't too
    tough, just use the spinning kick (L+A) and you should be okay. If you learned
    the Cross Charge from the bum earlier, this is the time to use it, it's VERY
    effective, taking a guy out with one blow (F, F, B+Y). The second squad is a
    tad tougher because of the Japanese in green clothes. He blocks your attacks
    pretty frequently, so kill the others before taking him down to make it 
    easier. Use kicks and L+A as always.
    Strangely enough, Terry declines the chance to attack you. Instead, he pushes
    your girl back to you. He has a deal for you, however. For the girl, you have
    to break Gui Zhang Chen's LEGS! Woohoo! Ryo sweetens the deal by throwing in
    Lan Di in the mix. Nice. Now you're the king of the hill with Nozomi groping
    all over you in the ride back home. ^_~
    Yeah, you can now sleep. Only for, like, 2 hours tho.
    25. THE DEAL
    Hazuki Residence
    An unique to start the day: Ryo prays for his father in the Dojo before
    leaving for yet another day of his job. Still, he won't commend his job yet...
    he meets Tom for no reason, but Tom asks him to come back at lunchtime. Sounds
    great to me!
    Ryo stops by the office of his boss only to find out one thing: he is fired!
    Hey, how do you like that? I've never been fired so this is the closest thing
    I can be to being fired, heh. Ironic.
    Now what? You could go back to Tom right away or just chill until 12 PM, when
    Ryo will go forth by himself. Once at Tom's place, Tom offers to teach you a
    nifty move: the Tornado Kick. Accept because it is a vital move in the
    upcoming battle. First, you have to go forward twice. Then, after you know the
    basics, you get to do a singular Tornado Kick:
                                 Forward, Forward, A
    Wait... Tom isn't done yet! He shows off his deadly second kick by throwing a
    beer bottle high up in the air and smashing it dead-on! To do the same kick
    that Tom did, do this:
                               Forward, Forward, A, A
    You could practice some more if you wish. Tom explains to you that he, like
    you, is leaving for another country very soon. The country? His home country
    of United States. So that's why he taught you that move...
    Afterwards, Ryo goes back to the base of Mad Angels for a rendezvous battle
    with Gui Zhang, in The Deal he accepted from Terry.
    The Gui Zhang Battle
    Gui Zhang is pretty tough, and he won't back down. While this is a 'story-
    battle' with nobody dying, you still have to keep alive. Dodge and attack
    whatever you want to train. Several interesting scenes will occur but nothing
    more. You two end up kicking each other simultaneously, knocking each other
    out. Ugh. Terry tries to seize the opportunity to kill you two, but thwart his
    plan with this single button:
    Follow Terry to get into a critical trap... The infamous and famous 70-man
    26. THE 70-MAN BATTLE
    *sigh* The problem here isn't the number of the oncoming attackers, it's your
    health. Wait.. it's the same thing. Eh. Most of the foes can be felled in a
    swift, decent attack of Ryo's like the famed spinning kick (L+A) or the third
    kick of the Kick Combo (A, A, A). Swallow Dive is pretty great IF it hits. 
    You start off with thugs with LOW HP so press L+A when they are entering your
    range. Then watch as their heads bob off! :) I'd recommend you to take it SLOW
    so your HP can regenerate. So, just dodge around if you need some reviving.
    After about 20 or so enemies, your first boss of three will jump off a fence.
    He's not too tough if you keep dodging (Y). Don't kick him three straight 
    times, he'll block the third kick away. Instead, use the throw and fancy moves
    to ground him down. Easiest boss in this round.
    Keep hitting the enemies one by one, along with Gui Zhang. The second boss is
    a bit tougher, but you can handle him by cornering him and keep pummeling
    him with throws. It is inevitable that you get damaged by his blunt weapon,
    though. Counter that by hitting him with quick punches/kicks after dodging
    some of his attacks and follow that up with a strong throw move.
    Keep going until you reach the third and final boss: Pedro. His kicks are
    frightening, but keep him at distance and wait until his recoil affects him
    and press B on him to throw him off! Repeat MANY times until he's down...
    permanently. If you fail, you have to do the 70 guys thing all over again.
    After all of that, the aftermath involves Terry trying to finish the job by
    himself: taking down Gui Zhang. Aid him by pressing this button:
    Ryo politely takes the object away and allows Gui Zhang (he almost lost, tho
    cuz of that dirt, but Ryo helped him a bit) beat up Terry for once and for
    all. Unfortunately, Ryo learns that Lan Di has already left with Chai. How
    Gui Zhang agrees to ask Chen about Lan Di as payback for Ryo, as in favor.
    Ryo will pay his respect to his long-lived home in Yokosuka and receive a
    letter from Fuku-san and Ine-san and leave without a word. Such respect...
    Back at the port, Ryo meets and greets the Chens. As a farewell note, Gui
    Zhang teaches you a nifty move: the Swallow Flip. First, you are asked to
    step back one step. Then, press Back and X at the SAME TIME. Finally, do
                                      Back+X, A
    Practice this on Gui Zhang and you've nailed it! Master Chen finds you
    quite compelling and skilled. As you all are discussing about Gui Zhang's
    coming with you to Hong Kong, your next destination, Chai jumps from above,
    trying to land a large steel bar onto you, but, once again, Gui Zhang saves
    you the trouble! Gui Zhang's leg is badly injured so protect him by 
    defeating Chai!
    Chai is still tough as always, swift like a snake and powerful like a tiger.
    The Y button is your best friend for now, so call him over often. Doing so
    will not only make the battle easier, it will make this battle even possible
    to supreme victorious. So, dodge like there's no tomorrow and attack him with
    double kick or throws. very difficult, but after several tries, you should get
    the wind and beat him. One good attack, any strong forward punch or kick, can
    be sufficient to beat him. Wait until he's jumping and flying toward you and
    quickly punch/kick and he should go the other way, flailing. Like a pinball!
    After your absolute victory (at last!), Chai revives himself (while Ryo is
    dreaming about his favorite bad-ass guy, Lan Di. That dounchebag) and tries
    to befalls Ryo. Thwart him with this QTE:
                                    Down, A, A, B
    Chai is gone forever (or is he? Find out in Shenmue II!) and Ryo comes back to
    the Chens to see if Zhang is ok. Enjoy the ending, you have beaten the entire 
    game! Liked it? Then play Shenmue II, it's even better!
    This does not have anything related to my Walkthrough but where else will I
    put this? Well, here it is! There are TWO endings in the game that you can
    view. The ending after seeing Chen the final time is just the normal ending,
    which isn't even an ending if you think about it. This one is THE END. If you
    see this ending, the game's over. 
    Want this one? Yeah, okay. To execute this ending, just wait until April 15th,
    when the Cherry Blossoms fall. Lan Di will come over and nab the Mirror away 
    and kill you. Oh well.
    To get to the 15th of April quickly, just get up to the point where you have
    to avoid the guards, leading up to the Old Warehouse #8. Get caught every time
    so you can skip to 8 PM the next day quickly. Continue until it's April 15th.
    Watch the horror. Oh, the horror!
                                     IV. Passport
    The fourth disc just contains some of the fun stuff that Yu Suzuki has in 
    store for you. Here you can view the movies/music that you have seen/heard
    previously in the game, if you have a save file in Shenmue I. If you have the
    ability to connect to the Internet, you can explore the world of Shenmue even 
    deeper! The four main categories: Information, Theater, Music, and Passport.
    This section just has people talking to you like you're an idiot and a n00b.
    They explain the basics of the general scope of the game. Here's the list:
     Sha Hua -- Prologue (The Story)
        Chai -- QTE
    Xiu Ying -- Game System
        Mark -- Money
       Oishi -- Magic Weather
      Nozomi -- Mini-Games
         Ryo -- Battle System
    Might be fun to hear some of them and learn something.
    Most scenes are viewable here only if you saw them during your gameplay on the
    saved file. 
     1. Promo Trailer
     2. What's Yokosuka?
     3. Magic Weather and Time Control
     4. Preview #1
     5. Forklift Preview
     6. Prologue
     7. Drifting Blossoms*
     8. Trap on the Street
     9. Nozomi vs. Enoki*
    10. Tattoo Parlor & Charlie
    11. Nozomi Returns From Class
    12. Nozomi's Confession*
    13. Encounter with Master Chen
    14. Oishi's Antiques
    15. The North Star*
    16. Chai Attacks
    17. Piggy Bank
    18. Boat Ticket
    19. Chai's Trap
    20. Jimmy's Apology
    21. Goro's Job Introduction
    22. Goro's Information
    23. Mark Takes an Ugly Beating
    24. Goro's Marriage
    25. Nozomi's Tears*
    26. Borrowing Ito's Motorcycle
    27. To the Harbor
    28. The Deal With Terry
    29. Nozomi and the Motorcycle
    30. Dream of the Phoenix Mirror
    31. Meditation
    32. Tom's Treat
    33. Tom Move Introduction
    34. Goodbye Tom
    35. Ambushing Gui Zhang
    36. Ryo and Gui Zhang at Sunrise
    37. The Parting
    38. Dobuita, Departure
    39. Nozomi's Amulet
    40. Ending
    *Those scenes can be missed. Read on to find how to get them.
    7. Drifting Blossoms: Walk up to the Cherry Blossom tree in the backyard of
                          the Hazuki Residence on your first day.
    9. Nozomi vs. Enoki: My explanation can be seen in the part 07 in my walk-
                         through, in the 'ENOKI STRIKES BACK' mini-quest section.
                         Just go to Sakuragaoka Park after the Heartbeats fight
                         at 12 PM. Cannot be seen it's not a clear day.
    12. Nozomi's Confession: After contacting Master Chen about Warehouse #8,
                             look at your phone in your own house and wait until
                             it rings and pick it up. Nozomi will talk to you and
                             ask for a date.
    15. The North Star: Get the Mirror from the basement and head to the Russiya
                        China Shop and talk to the lady in purple about the Mirror
                        to view this scene.
    25. Nozomi's Tears: After December the 25th, talk to Eri standing front of the
                        YOU Arcade after 7 pm to learn about Nozomi in Sakuragaoka
                        Park and go over to that park to talk to her.
    1. Shenmue Original
    2. Sha Hua Orch. w/ Vocals
    3. Sha Hua Orch. w/ Chinese Fiddles
    4. Loneliness
    5. Harbor Light
    6. Visitor at Night
    7. To the Sky
    8. The Spot
    9. Beyond the Memory
    10. Yamaji (Enter the Yamaji Soba Noodles shop in Dobuita)
    11. Lapis (Enter the Lapis Fortune Teller in Dobuita)
    12. Bob's Pizzeria (Enter the Bob's Pizzeria in the NE part of Dobuita)
    13. Abe Store (Enter the Abe Store in Sakuragaoka)
    14. Slot House (Enter the Slot House in Dobuita)
    15. Tomato Convenience Store (Dobuita)
    16. Liu Barber and Hair Salon (In his shop in Dobuita)
    17. Asia Travel Company (Likewise)
    18. Harbor Lounge (The store in the Harbor)
    19. Light
    20. Earth and Sea
    21. Yokosuka Blues
    22. Sadness, Hope
    23. Sunny Places
    24. Mysterious Letter
    25. Morning Dew
    26. Working Man
    27. I Wish...
    28. Why?
    29. Antiquity
    30. Jingle Bells (sometime after December 25)
    31. Silent Night, Holy Night (sometime after December 25)
    32. Sha Hua Christmas (sometime after December 25)
    In order to view the features that this part has to offer, you have to have
    a connection to the world wide web in your Dreamcast. Unfortunately, I saw a
    saddening news on the Shenmue boards: the Passport disc Internet access is
    going to go down... :((((((((((((
    Shenmue World
    Places: View every district's map and learn about the locations.
    All moves Scroll: View all of the learned moves that Ryo knows.
    Profiles: View literally EVERY character that exists in the game! Truly
              amazing. You have to talk to that person to get him/her in
              profile. There are plenty in the entire game!
    Nozomi's Messages
    She gives you tips if you're stuck in the game or just provides you with
    valuable information to know. That's all.
    Network Rankings
    See how your scores in the Mini-games compare with the rest of the world!
    Even forklift times are on there!
    Go to Shenmue's home page on the WWW.
    Everyone's Space
    Watch as your kitty grow over time! ^_^ You also see what's the next day's 
    Shenmue Goodies: Here, you can use your winning gold pop cans win in the
                     actual game to purchase icons of various characters in the
                     game to view on your VMU's LCD screen. Nifty!
    Free Market: Trade in the prizes from the Slot House for some RARE items!
    Online Manual
    No manual? got it used? Read this to familiarize yourself with the game!
    Data Review
    See the stats of your 1337 skill of your in-game gameplay! VERY COOL.
    Urgent Messages!
    Nothing new right now. It once had some new Shenmue news but not anymore
    for obvious reasons.
                                     V. Movelist
    Want to know how to attain those special moves you don't have? Want to know 
    the commands, when to press them? this is the prefect place for you!
    f = Forward (from target)
    b = Back (from target)
    ** is the indicator that you have to learn/attain from someone or something.
    The full list on how to get those moves into your list is below the Throw 
    =-=-=                      =-=-=-=                 =-=-=-=-
    Alias                      Buttons                 Comments
    =-=-=                      =-=-=-=                 =-=-=-=-
    Tiger Knuckle                 X                  Basic punch. Great start for
    Elbow Slam                   F+X                 Sucky punch. Weak and short
    **Pit Blow**                 f+X                 Much better than Elbow Slam!
                                                       Replaces Elbow Slam.
    Twist Knuckle                b+X                 Same as Elbow Slam, but lower
                                                       punch. Not useful.
    Upper Knuckle               f,f+X                Okay against 2 or 3 foes.
    Sleeve Strike               f,b+X                Not good at all. Too slow to
                                                       be effective.
    Rain Thrust                 b,f+X                Actually good! Fast punches
                                                       is what you need, they 
                                                       turn moves into combos.
    Big Wheel                    X+A                 Too slow to be accurate.
    Twin Hand Waves             f+X+A                Powerful, so yeah... use it
                                                       sometimes for some fun.
    **Double Blow**             f+X+A                Extremely strong. Replaces
                                                       Twin Hand Waves.
    Back Fist Willow            b+X+A                One-on-One fights only.
    Avalanche Lance            f,f+X+A               Not bad.
    **Rising Flash**           f,b,b+X               Ryu-like upper punch. Fairly
    **Twin Blades**            b,f,f+X               Eh, hard to pull off so it's
                                                       not worth doing. But if you
                                                       can do it, then good for
                                                       you, use if often.
    Katana Mist Slash          b,b+X+A               Sweeps the hand around Ryo,
                                                       which is liable to hit
                                                       several opponents at once.
    **Stab Armor**            f,b,b+X+A             ****ing hard to master. Good
                                                       luck with this!
    **Swallow Flip**           b+X,A,X               Very difficult to do but
                                                       pretty strong.
    Mistral Flash                L+X                 Ugh.
    =-=-=                      =-=-=-=                 =-=-=-=-
    Alias                      Buttons                 Comments
    =-=-=                      =-=-=-=                 =-=-=-=-
    Crescent Kick                 A                    The kick to start in the
                                                         combo strings.
    Trample Kick                 f+A                   Looks like a horse kick or
    Side Reaper Kick             b+A                   Not bad.
    **Swallow Dive**             b+A                   Even better! Replaces the
                                                         Side Reaper Kick.
    Against Cascade             f,f+A                  Pretty powerful. Use often.
    **Tornado Kick**           f,f+A+A                 An amazing kick to use in
                                                         crowded places and one-on
                                                         -ones battles!
    Surplice Slash              b,b+A                  It's ok... looks weird tho.
    Thunder Kick                f,b+A                  Average at best.
    Hold Against Leg            b,f+A                  One of the best range 
                                                         attacks in the entire
    **Crawl Cyclone**          f,b,b+A                 A nifty one, heh. It's kind
                                                         of in the 'above-average'
    **Mud Spider**             b,f,f+A                 Great on Chai!
    Brutal Tiger               f,b+X+A                 He kicks high. Really high.
    Dark Moon                  b,f+X+A                 One of the strongest moves
                                                         in the game, if not the
    **Twin Swallow Leap**     b,f,f+X+A                Another one to use against
                                                         the bastard, Chai.
    Cyclone Kick                 L+A                   Cheapest attack in the game
                                                         but it's still the best.
    Windmill                    L+X+A                  Cyclone Kick is better.
    **Shadow Reaper**           L+Y+A                  Bah. Sucky.
    =-=-=                      =-=-=-=                 =-=-=-=-
    Alias                      Buttons                 Comments
    =-=-=                      =-=-=-=                 =-=-=-=-
    Overthrow                     B                    Good, solid throw.
    Sweep Throw                  f+B                   Another great one.
    Vortex Throw                 b+B                   The famous throw that we
                                                         all know. Not bad, tho.
    Mist Reaper                 f,f+B                  Strong throw, high damage.
    Demon Drop                  b,b+B                  Heh, a fun throw to execute
    Shoulder Buster             f,b+B                  It's alright.
    Tengu Drop                  b,f+B                  Much better than the 
                                                         Shoulder Buster.
    Darkside Hazuki               B                    Must do from the side.
    Backtwist Drop                B                    Must do from the back.
    **Shadow Step**             f+Y+B                  Moves you to clear attack.
    **Shadow Blade**           f,Y+B,X                 Karate chop! Chop, chop!
    **Cross Charge**           f,f+Y+B                 A strong one and great one
                                                         to use in a crowd.
    **Tiger Storm**           b,f,f+B+B                One of the strongest throws
    **Arm Break Fire**         f,b,b+B                 THE strongest move in the
                                                         entire game!
    Twin Blades -- In a box in Ryo's House. Can be found in Part 01 of my
                   walkthrough, at its earliest point. Read it to master it.
    Pit Blow -- You almost can't miss this one. You get it after talking to
                Yamagishi-san about the black car incident. Go back to the Dojo
                and you will learn pit Blow from Fuku-san. Part 03 in my 
    Double Blow -- Learn from Yamagishi-san in Suzume Park, Dobuita. He will be
                   there after the Heartbeats bar fight. Part 06 in my guide.
    Swallow Dive -- After your first day in the job, from Gui Zhang. Can't miss.
    Stab Armor -- Two parts here. Find the scroll in Hazuki Residence Basement,
                  in part 14, then bring it to Gui Zhang after the first day of
                  your job (part 19). He'll translate it for you. You practice
                  it to master the move.
    Shadow Step -- Talk to the bum, Mizuki, after the first day of the job. He
                   will gladly teach it to you.
    Shadow Blade -- Again.. Mizuki, the bum. After the second day of the job,
                    if you have learned the Shadow Step.
    Cross Charge -- The bum will teach you if you have learned his last two moves,
                    on the fifth and final day of the job.
    Tornado Kick -- Taught to you by Tom Johnson, just before the end of the
    Swallow Flip -- Can't miss! You learn it waaaaaaaaaay later in the game,
                    from Master Chen. You can only use it on Chai, the final
                    battle. (And the timed 70-man battle)
    Some of the moves cannot be learned from a person... instead, they are BOUGHT!
    From what store? The Bunkado Antique Shop in Dobuita. The scroll list:
    TWIN SWALLOW LEAP --- 300 yen
           MUD SPIDER --- 500 yen
         RISING FLASH --- 1000 yen
        CRAWL CYCLONE --- 1500 yen
          TIGER STORM --- 2000 yen
       ARM BREAK FIRE --- 3000 yen
    There ya go, buy them whenever you wish.
                                    VI. Mini-games
    I'll make this quick.
    -- Darts
    Two locations: YOU ARCADE and the bar in the NEW YOKOSUKA ARCADE, accessible
    once you reach Disc Two.
    How to play: Frightening simple. Just watch where the dart is pointing at and
    press A whenever you want to go. If the dart has fully covered the middle
    portion of the board, it will probably go to the middle for 50 points. And no,
    you can't control Ryo's hand, sorry. Not that hard anyway. If you score high
    enough in the first game, you will get a free game. Same thing happens on the
    second game. Three games are the maximum.
    Prize: 300 points will do it. (Mini-Darts, yawn)
    -- Excite QTE 2 
    Where's the part one? Heh.
    Location: YOU ARCADE.
    How to play: Another simplistic concept yet so terrifying. Press the button
    that comes up before the time runs out. You get more points if you do it 
    quick. At some points of the game, you will have to press several buttons in
    order to complete the stage. There are three stages: Beginner, Novice, and
    Expert. After a while in the Expert, you should access your 300,000 points
    milestone for a prize.
    Prize: 300K! Good luck.
    -- Hang On
    I LOVED this one. Hard but fun. I don't even know if I ever beat this one,
    Location: The one and only YOU ARCADE.
    How to play: Control stick will move your bike temporarily, it will go back
    to straight once you let go. The D-Pad will make the bike stay that way. You
    have to make him straight manually. R trigger is the gas, L trigger the
    brake. Simple. Don't hit other bikers or obstacles. Stay in the path! Easy
    said than done.
    Prize: Can you achieve the unthinkable? 10 Million!
    -- Neo Darts
    Bah. A crappy excuse for a rip-off of an already lousy game.
    Location: The bar in NEW YOKOSUKA HARBOR.
    How to play: Duh. Similar to the original Darts, but you have to monitor Ryo's
    throwing strength along with the horizontal direction. How hard Ryo (stronger
    with the hand farther back) throws will determine the vertical position.
    Practice to know what position will give you the exact vertex of the circle.
    Prize: No prize. It's too easy anyway.
    -- QTE Title
    Location: YOU ARCADE.
    How to play: Punch either A, B, or X when they come up. It goes easy on you at
    first but later you will have to punch multiple buttons in order or even at
    ONCE! You might have to press A and X at the same time, forcing you to think
    fast and use TWO fingers. Crazy! You just have to relax and focus. Mark my
    Prize: 300,000 points.
    -- Space Harrier
    Location: YOU ARCADE
    How to play: This one's a great bloke, indeed. You fly through various waste-
    lands, kicking asses as a badass. The D-Pad is the control button, and the A
    button is your favorite one: the fire button. 'Nuff said.
    Prize: Too hard for me. Is it for you? 10,000,000 points, babe.
                                     VII. Training
    In the Shenmue series, training and leveling your moves to powerful realms
    gain more importance as the story moves on. Ryo was a puny, weak fool when
    he faced Lan Di, the scythe that killed his father. So, he has to learn and
    master moves to compete favorably with Lan Di himself when they meet again.
    The only appropriate places to train are those that are empty and free of
    people or obstacles that might hinder your motions. Here's the places:
    Places to Train
    In the rear end of the Hazuki Residence, it is open all day, every day.
    Sometimes, Fuku-san will be there to spar with you.
    Sakuragaoka Park
    Just left of the entrance to Dobuita in the Sakuragaoka district. It is
    available from the bare morning to 10 AM and from 8 PM to 11 PM. From
    10 AM to 8 PM, the park is occupied by various humans, making it impossible
    to train safely.
    Suzume Park
    In the west side of Dobuita, go through the alley that runs between the YOU
    arcade and the stores to the right. The park should be on your right. It is
    available for your training from 8 PM to 10:30 PM.
    Parking Lot
    Also in Dobuita, you can spar here anytime. Location? The southwestern
    corner, just north of the Tobacco Shop and the bus stop.
    Warehouse #4
    In the harbor, you can just enter this warehouse anytime as long it is
    before 8 PM. After that, the warehouse is closed.
    Training Levels
    Now, you are probably wondering about the purpose of the training and its
    levels. Now, training essentially won't do anything good to you because
    once you've learned the moves, you've learned the moves. However, it is
    great to find combos and the quickness of various moves to pick out the
    moves that you should use during the course of the actual game.
    But there are training levels... A great reason to train. It can be seen in
    your move lists, on the right side. As you use the moves over and over
    again, the bar for that move will rise. First it will hit the 'Beginner' 
    level, the basic and primitive stage. The singular move will be displayed as
    you use it in battle. As the bar goes up to the 'Moderate' stage, the move
    becomes more powerful, and, for some, additional attacks will be added 
    afterwards for a nifty combo. Same goes for the 'Expert' stage. 
    Of course, you could literally blow through the game without training even
    once, but it's kinda fun to see your moves grow over time.
                                  VIII. Collectibles
    Wondering what the items/mini figurines that pop out of the machines scattered
    all over the world of Shenmue are for? Well, it is nothing more for your
    recreation and enjoyment. The pride of getting 100% (mostly applies for the
    hardcore of hardcore gamers *wink*) is probably the only reason. Well, if
    you have the Dreamcast version of Shenmue II, you can transfer the saved
    end game data from this game to that one and transfer the collectibles over
    there and sell it for big bucks! Now you know why you collect them! Yay!
    Use the list as checklist to cross off those that you have!
    **If you were wondering how I *KNEW* that I had every toy that I could get...
    you can say thanks to my versus Shenmue Guide. I know, I KNOW! I'm a cheap
    bastard, I admit it! :(((( Oh well. At least I got them all! *sighs* Yeah,
    I love this series that much! Shenmue. III. NOW.**
    Oh, oh, oh, one more thing! To get prizes quicker, just use the money
    you start off and gob it all of the way to about 3K. Then, save! So try to
    get as many new ones and if you're not satisfied, you can turn off the
    console and load from your previous save and continue. Or just use the 
    'Resume' feature. Your preference.
    Yellow Machine - Virtua Fighter Series
    Akira 1
    Akira 2
    Jacky 1
    Jacky 2
    Sarah 1
    Sarah 2
    Lau 1
    Lau 2
    Pai 1
    Pai 2
    Wolf 1
    Wolf 2
    Jeffry 1
    Jeffry 2
    Kage 1
    Kage 2
    Wooden Man
    Green Machine - SEGA WakuWaku World Series 1
    Sonic 1
    Sonic 2
    Chao & Pian
    A Button
    B Button
    X Button
    Y Button
    Blue Machine - Virtua Fighter Kids Series
    Kids Akira 1
    Kids Akira 2
    Kids Jacky 1
    Kids Jacky 2
    Kids Sarah 1
    Kids Sarah 2
    Kids Lau 1
    Kids Lau 2
    Kids Pai 1
    Kids Pai 2
    Kids Wolf 1
    Kids Wolf 2
    Kids Jeffry 1
    Kids Jeffry 2
    Kids Kage 1
    Kids Kage 2
    Kids Shun Di 1
    Kids Shun Di 2
    Kids Lion 1
    Kids Lion 2
    Kids Dural S
    Kids Dural G
    Red Machine - SEGA WakuWaku World Series 2
    Solo Wing
    Nights 1
    Nights 2
    Chicken Leg
    Alex Kidd
    Opa Opa
    Jet Opa Opa
    Coba Beach
    Aida II
    Megadra Brother
    A Button
    B Button
    X Button
    Y Button
    Red Machine - SEGA WakuWaku World Series 2 (same as the red one by the arcade)
    Solo Wing
    Nights 1
    Nights 2
    Chicken Leg
    Alex Kidd
    Opa Opa
    Jet Opa Opa
    Coba Beach
    Aida II
    Megadra Brother
    A Button
    B Button
    X Button
    Y Button
    Green Machine - Motor Vehicle Series
    Hang On 1
    Hang On 2
    Hang On 3
    Hang On 4
    Hang On 5
    Motor Scooter
    Delivery Moped
    Coupe 1
    Coupe 2
    Coupe 3
    Coupe 4
    Coupe 5
    Wagon 1
    Wagon 2
    Wagon 3
    Wagon 4
    Blue Machine - Harbor Object Series
    Truck 1
    Truck 2
    Truck 3
    Truck 4
    Shenmue Container
    Wooden Crate
    Steering Wheel
    Found in every Machine
    Binsbein 1
    Binsbein 2
    Binsbein 3
    Heavy Bomb 1
    Heavy Bomb 2
    Heavy Bomb 3
    Super Ball 1
    Super Ball 2
    Super Ball 3
    Dice 1
    Dice 2
    Dice 3
    You Arcade - Mini-Games Prizes
    Hang On Certificate - Defeat Hang On with only one coin
    Harrier Certificate - Defeat Space Harrier with only one coin
    Mini Darts - Get 300+ points!
    Mini Hang On - Get 10M+ points!
    Mini QTE - Get 300K+ points! (Excite QTE 2)
    Mini QTE Title - Get 300K+ points!
    Mini Space Harrier - Get 10M+ points!
    Abe Store - Raffle
    To get a chance to win some of those items, you have to purchase some pop
    cans from pop vendors until you hit the jackpot: a Golden can declaring that
    you can hold a raffle at said store. Then go to Abe Store and pick out your
    Bonanza Bros
    Dural Gold
    Dural Silver
    Mr. Yukawa Happi
    Mr. Yukawa Suit
    Space Harrier
    Tomato Mart - Raffle
    Similar to the one above. Different place, that's all.
    Binsbein Ultra
    Hot Dog Truck
    Metal Sonic
    Super Sonic
    Harbor Store - Raffle
    Forklift Blue
    Forklift Red
    Forklift Races
    Forklift No. 1 (win 1st place)
    Forklift No. 2 (place 2nd)
    Forklift No. 3 (place 3rd)
    Forklift No. 4 (place 4th)
    Forklift No. 5 (win 5th place... or not)
    Slot House - Jackpots
    Cherry - all '7' on a 1-coin machine
    Mini Pool - all '7' on a 5-coin machine
    Mini Slot Game - All '7' on a 10-coin machine
    Mini Jukebox - all '7' on a 20-coin machine
    Matsuyama Prize - Get 10,000 coins
    Mitsuzaka Prize - Get 50,000 coins
                                     IX. History
    Version 1.1-- Added good tips about Enoki encounters from Angel.
    Version 1.0-- I suck, I know. This FAQ sucks. But here it is anyway.
    Thanks to: (insert whoever you think that deserves to be here) blah blah blah
                                  ________) _____ __     __) 
                                 (, /      (, /  (, /|  /    
                                   /___,     /     / | /     
                                ) /      ___/__ ) /  |/      
                               (_/     (__ /   (_/   '                           
    Copyright Martin Dale-Hench 2003

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