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    FAQ/Walkthrough by American Arsenal

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 08/17/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    --- SHENMUE (SEGA DREAMCAST) --------------------------------------------------
            A Complete FAQ/Walkthrough
                Version 3.0 / August 17, 2010
                    By American Arsenal <americanarsenal4(at)gmail(dot)com>
              __     __
           _,'  |   /  |
        ,-'    /   |  /                   __                              __
       |      o    | /        __    /\  ,' /   ,| ,'|  ,'|   |     |    ,'  \   /
       '-._______  |/  __   ,'  \  / | /  |   / |/  | /  |   |     |   /____/  /
                 \ |  / /  /____/ /  |/   |  /  |   |/   |   |    /|  /|      /
        __       |/| / /  /|     /   |    | /   |   |    |  / \__/ \_/ \    ,'
      ,'  `. ,o  / |/  | / \    /    |    \/             `-'            `--'
     /     ,\   /  |   \/   `--'
     \__,-'  \,'                                      -  ASCII by Osrevad  -
                TABLE OF CONTENTS
            I.  Introduction
           II.  The Basics
          III.  Walkthrough
                iii.a.  "Do you remember Zhao Sun Ming?" (Disc 1)
                iii.b.  Father's Heaven, Mother's Earth
                iii.c.  The Harbor (Disc 2)
                iii.d.  A Ticket to Hong Kong
                iii.e.  The Mad Angels (Disc 3)
                iii.f.  Goodbyes
           IV.  Move List
            V.  Item List
           VI.  Mini-Games
          VII.  FAQ
         VIII.  Revision History
           IX.  Legal Disclaimer
            X.  Credits
      Looking for something in particular?  Use the search function by hitting Ctrl
      + F on your keyboard and typing in a keyword (i.e. "tattoo parlor" or "Sword
      Handguard").  Or, better yet, type in one of the Roman numerals listed up
      there in the Table of Contents to jump instantly to a certain section.  Try
      "iii.a.", for instance, to find the Walkthrough section detailing the opening
      stages of the game.  Still with me?  Good, then let's get this party started.
                   *        *        *        *        *         *
         I. ----------------------------------------------------- INTRODUCTION
      What's up everyone?  It's the artist formerly known as Merca back with a new
      version of a very old guide.  In fact, this is the first guide I ever wrote -
      I was still wide-eyed and innocent when the original version dropped all the
      way back in 2003.  As my first ever guide, it's always held a special place
      in my heart - that is, until I recently read through it for the first time in
      years and realized that it is, in reality, kind of shit.  Tired of cringing
      at my poor writing, lame stabs at humor, and constant digressions, I finally
      put my head down and redid the entire thing from the ground up (although you
      might find that the writing is still poor, that the stabs at humor are as
      lame as ever, and that I still can't stay on-topic to save my life - speaking
      of Lifesavers, they're delicious, but I haven't had any in years).  I like to
      think that the guide now looks better and reads better, and I hope you feel
      the same way.
      Shenmue, for the uninitiated, is nothing short of a masterpiece.  It borrows
      elements from RPGs, adventure, action and fighting games and rolls them up
      into something utterly unique.  Shame on the world for not giving it the
      respect it deserves.  This guide strives to cover everything in the game.
      The highlight of this file is the Walkthrough, which tells you how to
      successfully get from the opening sequence to the closing credits.  It's
      worth noting, I think, that all of the secrets and sidequests that the game
      has to offer are covered *within* the Walkthrough.  Whenever an optional
      event is available, I'll make note of it.  If you're interested, you'll know
      exactly what to do and when to do it - if not, feel free to ignore me.
      So that's about it.  If there's something that my guide doesn't cover
      sufficiently, I urge you to check out the awesome guides written by Crazyreyn
      and winnie the poop (both available on GameFAQs).  If it's not in one of our
      guides, it probably doesn't exist.
      Also, if you want to rock some sick tunes while browsing this guide, I
      implore you to check out "Attention Deficit" by Wale.  Shit kills.
      Enjoy the guide, hope it helps!
         - American Arsenal
               americanarsenal4 (at) gmail (dot) com
                   *        *        *        *        *         *
         II. ------------------------------------------------------ THE BASICS
      This is the part of the guide where I tell you a bunch of stuff that you
      already know - really basic things like how to move Ryo around or talk to
      people.  If you think you can handle such actions with me holding your hand,
      by all means, skip ahead.
      Which buttons do which things.  Obviously.
      Pause the game and open the help menu.
      Move Ryo.  The four directions also appear in many Quick Timer Events.
      Look around freely.
         A BUTTON
      This is your basic action button.  Use it to talk to the denizens of
      Yokosuka, open doors, pick up items, et cetera.  In Free Battles, it is your
      kick button.  It also appears in QTEs.
         B BUTTON
      The cancel button.  It cancels selections and skips through conversations.
      When running around, it stops Ryo's movement and allows you to look freely in
      any direction.  Aside from that, it shows up in QTEs and performs throw moves
      in battle.
         X BUTTON
      Open Ryo's notebook.  In battle, X is your punch button.  It appears in QTEs,
      as well.
         Y BUTTON
      Open the main menu.  It allows you to parry/dodge in battle, and shows up in
         L TRIGGER
      Hold it down to run, either in Free Quest or in Free Battle mode.
         R TRIGGER
      Hold it down to look around from first-person perspective.  Additionally, you
      can hotkey a single move to the R Trigger from the moves menu, allowing you
      to perform that move by simply pulling the trigger while in battle.
      The following prologue was copied verbatim from page four of the game's
      instruction manual.  Any grammatical errors (and the English Major in me
      spots of couple of them - for shame!) are not my fault.  Enjoy, if you can.
         The year is 1986, the place Yokosuka, Japan.
         The normally tranquil day-to-day life of Ryo Hazuki is suddenly and
         irrecoverably shattered by uninvited visitors.  A man wearing dark green
         Chinese clothes appear at the Hazuki family home with two black-suited
         thugs.  This man uses a powerful style of martial arts, the likes of which
         Ryo has never before seen, to engage his father Iwao in a fierce battle.
         Ryo attempts to intervene and help his father, but the obvious disparity
         in power is too much.  Ryo is beaten down and taken hostage as the man
         questions Iwao, "Where is the mirror."
         Having no other recourse, Iwao reluctantly tells him. Once this mysterious
         object is in the man's possession, he again attacks Iwao.  "Do you
         remember Zhao Sun Ming..."  From these words Ryo learns of a shocking
         truth from the past.  His father was responsible for killing someone long
         ago.  And then, Iwao is knocked down in defeat.  Ryo pulls his father
         close and feels him take his last breath. "Lan Di"
         The man with the ominous embroidery of a glittering dragon on his back,
         the man responsible.  What of the stolen mirror?  Who is this Lan Di?
         Vowing to seek revenge, Ryo embarks on a journey to unravel the mystery
         surrounding his father's death and deliver justice to the man responsible.
       And now, how about a quick rundown of the dramatis personae?  Shenmue boasts
       a memorable cast of characters - unfortunately, most of them aren't
       particularly memorable for their personalities or actions, but I guarantee
       you that you won't soon forget how terrible their voice actors are.
         RYO HAZUKI
      Our hero.  It takes a special kind of badass to be beating the collective
      asses of seventy gangbangers one moment and stroking a kitten the next.
      In any case, Shenmue revolves around Ryo's quest to avenge the murder of his
      father by a mysterious man named Lan Di.  He's brash and hotheaded with a
      refusal to compromise on his values that often gets him into trouble.  Lucky
      for him (and us, as the player), then, that he's kind of a karate badass.
      Ryo's closest friend, Nozomi is the love interest of the story.  She works at
      Aida Florist in Dobuita and she's annoying.  Why is the love interest always
      annoying?  On the plus side, she's often a good person to ask if you need
      some information, so track her down if you can't find any clues.
         IWAO HAZUKI
      Ryo's father, and the sensei of the Hazuki Family Dojo.  Shenmue begins with
      his murder, and is driven by Ryo's quest to discover the true circumstances
      that lead to his death.
         LAN DI
      Sometimes you can tell that someone is evil just by looking at them.  Lan Di
      is one of those guys.  He's the villain of the game - the person upon whom
      Ryo intends to exact revenge.
      A live-in student at the Hazuki Dojo, Fuku-san is like a brother to Ryo.
      He's also clumsy, slow-witted and generally pretty useless.  After completing
      a certain event in the game, however, you'll have to opportunity to spar with
      him every morning.  This is both fun and a good way to brush up on your
      karate skills.
      The Hazuki family's housekeeper.  She has all the annoying characteristics of
      a mother - she worries too much and nags you for staying out too late.  The
      good news is that she leaves a 500 Yen allowance for you every day.
         TOM JOHNSON
      As he reminds you almost every time you talk to him, Tom is "always
      chillin'."  Yeah, he's a bit of a stereotype, what with his bad accent and
      dreads, but oh well.  He owns a hot dog truck which can be found both in
      Dobuita and at the harbor.
      Straight up, Goro is comedy gold.  He's like Karl Pilkington or any of the
      characters from Twilight - he's not trying to be funny, but you can't help
      laughing at everything that comes out of his mouth.  He hangs out at the
      harbor and while he may at first seem like a good-for-nothing, he ends up
      becoming a useful informant on the goings-on at the harbor.
      Mark works as a forklift driver at the harbor.  He doesn't have a huge role
      in the game, but he does have a huge fro.  Awesome.
         MASTER CHEN
      Chen owns an antique trading company that operates out of the harbor.  He's
      also in possession of some valuable information about one Lan Di.  Both he
      and his son, Gui Zhang, play an important role in Ryo's quest.
         GUI ZHANG
      Master Chen's son, Gui Zhang becomes an ally of Ryo in his battle against the
      Mad Angels, the gang that holds sway over the harbor.
      A homeless guy who roams the harbor.  He may not look the part, but he's a
      talented martial artist.
      Creepy.  He looks like a cross between a homeless guy and Gollum.  And given
      his disgusting skin and tendency to cackle for no clear reason, I tend to
      think that he's on crack.  Long story short:  stay off the drugs, kids, or
      you'll end up like this guy.  In any case, despite his unorthodox fighting
      style, he's a deadly martial artist.  His moves sort of fuse Flashdance with
      MC Hammer shit.
      There are essentially two aspects to Shenmue's gameplay:  exploring the
      environments/interacting with non-playable characters and fighting.  I'll get
      to the fighting a bit later, but first let's focus on the rest.
         FREE QUEST
      "Free Quest" is the term the game uses to refer to the main mode of gameplay.
      In Free Quest mode, you are free (thus the name) to roam around the game's
      various areas, going wherever you want, talking to whoever you want, going
      into stores, practicing karate and basically doing whatever you feel like
      doing.  The main goal, of course, is to progress in the story by learning
      important information or visiting certain locations.
      Just like in the real world, the world of Shenmue runs on a clock.  Ryo
      automatically wakes up every morning and goes to bed every night (you can
      sleep any time after 8:00 pm).  In the meantime, shops open and close
      according to the hours posting in their windows.  Certain events are only
      available at certain times of the day.  Therefore, it's important to get to
      grips with the game's sense of time.
      Weather in the game world fluctuates from day to day.  Sometimes you'll wake
      up to a beautiful sunny day, other times it'll be raining or even snowing.
      Again, some events only take place under certain weather conditions.  So, if
      something you were expecting to happen doesn't go down the way you expected,
      it may have something to do with the rain.  Try again when the sun comes out.
         THE NOTEBOOK (not the movie)
      Ryo's notebook is a vital tool in your quest to discover the truth behind
      your father's murder.  Whenever you discover something important to the
      story, Ryo will automatically record it in his notebook.  This serves both to
      keep you up to date on what's been going on in the story and to provide clues
      as to what you should do next.  Generally speaking, if you're a bit lost and
      not sure what to do or where to go, your notebook is the first thing you
      should check.
      QTEs are cool.  They play out like normal cutscenes, except that a series of
      button icons will suddenly appear on-screen.  You'll have a few moments to
      press the corresponding button sequence in order to complete the event.  The
      buttons used include the four directions on the D-Pad and all four face
      buttons (A, B, X, and Y).  Failure varies from event to event - sometimes
      you'll be given a second chance to get it right, but in other situations you
      only have one chance.  Messing up means you're SOL and need to find another
      way to complete your objective.
      At a certain point in the game, Ryo gets a job as a forklift operator.
      Operating the forklift itself is pretty intuitive:  the Right and Left
      Triggers respectively accelerate and reverse the vehicle.  The A button,
      meanwhile, raises and lowers the lift.  Tap the X button to display a map of
      the area, or press B to switch to a first-person perspective.  Your objective
      is to transport cargo from one area to another.  The more crates you move,
      the more money you make.
      Okay, so talking to people and stroking kittens is fun, but Shenmue is also a
      fighting game.  Here's what you need to know about busting heads.
      Fighting in Shenmue plays out like a simplified version of Sega's classic
      Virtua Fighter.  Each of the face buttons executes a different type of
      action:  A is your kick button, X punches, B performs a throw move, and Y is
      the most important of all - it allows you to dodge or parry an enemy's
      attack.  Combine a button with a direction (or several directions) on the
      D-Pad to discover new moves.  For instance, simply tapping X performs a
      simple punch.  Press -> -> X, however, to execute a devastating elbow
      assault.  Try out different combinations to explore all the moves in Ryo's
      In addition to single moves, Ryo is capable of stringing together several
      moves to create combos.  Used correctly, these can make you a much more
      formidable opponent.  Check out Chapter IV of this guide for a full list of
      the moves and combos at Ryo's disposal.
      Generally, the battles in Shenmue aren't too difficult.  You can get by with
      just button-mashing if you choose to do so.  But here are a few tips for the
      more strategically-minded among you:
         + I said it before and I'll say it again:  Ryo's most important ability is
           the ability to dodge.  If you're up against several opponents at once,
           sheer brute force won't get the job done.  But if you use the Y Button
           to dodge your foe's attacks and maneuver Ryo into an advantageous
           position, you can focus on one enemy at a time and take down a group of
           foes much more easily.
         + Ryo's got a lot of fancy moves at his disposal, but often the most
           simple moves are the most effective ones.  His basic punches and kicks
           don't cause a ton of damage, but they're quick and easy to perform,
           which makes them ideal for putting the hurt on enemies.
         + Throws don't always work, but when they do they're a fantastic way to
           deal with several enemies at once.  Throw one enemy into another to hurt
           them both and generate some space for yourself.
      To improve your fighting skills - both Ryo's efficiency at performing moves
      and yours at inputting the corresponding commands - training is a must.  Each
      time you use a certain move in practice, Ryo's proficiency with that move
      will improve, making it more effective it battle.  There are five locations
      where you can freely practice your karate:  the dojo at the Hazuki Residence,
      Sakura Park (Sakuragaoka), the empty lot near the arcade in Dobuita, Suzume
      Park (Dobuita), and Warehouse No. 4 at the harbor.
      Another thing:  before you get into bed every night, you have the option of
      setting a training method.  You can choose to focus your training solely on
      hand, leg, or throw moves, or you can do the obvious thing and train all
      moves equally.  The choice is yours.  However, if you do opt to train a
      certain type of moves, you'll have the additional option of focusing all of
      your training on a single move.  Doing so allows you to perfect that one move
      much more quickly at the expense of every other move in your repertoire.
      This option is not available should you wish to train all moves equally.
      If you practice a certain move enough, Ryo's skill at performing it will
      increase such that the move "evolves".  What this means is that it will look
      different when Ryo executes it, and it will generally become a more powerful,
      better move.  Only certain moves can evolve, however - most remain the same,
      even if mastered.  Here's a brief list of the moves that are capable of
      evolution if practiced:
         + Pit Blow (-> X)
         + Big Wheel (X+A)
         + Avalanche Lance (-> -> X+A)
         + Rising Flash (-> <- <- X)
         + Thunder Kick (-> <- A)
         + Against Cascade (-> -> A)
         + Crawl Cyclone (-> <- <- A)
         + Mud Spider (<- -> -> A)
      At various points throughout the game, you'll meet characters who are willing
      to teach Ryo new karate moves.  Before you can add the move to your arsenal,
      you need to practice it.  This entails following the instructions of the
      character, often combining directions with some type of arm or leg movement.
      For example, if you're told to shift your weight backward, tap either -> or
      <- on the D-Pad to move backward.  If you get confused, sneak a peak at your
      VMU screen and it'll show you the correct way to perform the move.
      Some moves aren't taught, but rather found in scrolls that you purchase at
      the antique shop or discover in the Hazuki Residence.
      Shenmue is set in a Japanese city called Yokosuka.  Like any other city, it's
      comprised of various different neighborhoods and areas.  These areas are
      huge and bustling with activity, so at first exploring them can be a bit
      daunting.  To help you get acclimatized, here's a quick rundown of the five
      areas that you'll be visiting throughout the game.
      Ryo's home sweet home.  Given that he's an actual human being and not just a
      video game character (I know, I know, just go with it), you have to return
      here every night to sleep.  If you try to pull an all-nighter, the game will
      take over and force you to go home.  This is where you can save your game
      data, tinker with the settings, and adjust your training methods.  Ine-san
      and Fuku-san live here as well, which means that they're available to talk
      to (although they're not always the most helpful).  Finally, the dojo is a
      great place to train - either by yourself, or via sparring with Fuku-san.
      This is a really tiny neighborhood stuck in between the Hazuki Residence and
      Sakuragaoka.  It consists of only one street, and there's only one thing of
      note to do here:  Megumi's kitten sidequest (more info on that in the
      Walkthrough itself).
      Larger than Yamanose but much more manageable than Dobuita or the harbor,
      Sakuragaoka is home to a few things worth talking about.  There's the Abe
      Store, where you can do some shopping; Yamagishi-san's house, which you visit
      early on in the game; Naoyuki's house, which you visit a bit later in the
      game; and Sakura Park, where several important scenes take place throughout
      the game.  There's also a phone booth which you can use if you're bored
      (because you must be bored if you've got nothing better to do than use the
      video game phone booth).
      This is where you'll be spending the majority of your time.  Dobuita is a
      bustling city full of noteworthy locations.  Here you'll find Tom's hotdog
      truck, Aida Florist, the Heartbeats Bar, the Asia Travel Company, and - most
      important of all - the Game YOU Arcade (where you can play *real* arcade
      games like Space Harrier and Hang-On - hell to the yes!).  Although it seems
      huge at first, it's really only comprised of one main street with a few
      alleys branching off.  Take a few minutes to learn where everything is and
      you'll realize that it's pretty difficult to get lost here.
      Also known as Amihama, the harbor is the biggest location in the game.  Of
      the five areas, it's the only one that isn't available from the beginning,
      but you'll figure out how to get here once the time is right.  In any case,
      the harbor is full of warehouses, dock workers, and forklift operators - not
      to mention the Mad Angels, a treacherous gang who control everything from
      behind the scenes.  Without a doubt, this is a dangerous place, and for that
      reason most of the game's action scenes take place here.
                   *        *        *        *        *         *
         III. ---------------------------------------------------- WALKTHROUGH
      This is the meat and potatoes (yum) of the FAQ - the part where I tell you
      what to do.  But before we get into all that good stuff (i.e. stuff that
      people will actually read), let me point out a couple things:
         + Due to the non-linear style of the game and the use of time that passes
           realistically, I've decided to include information about secrets and
           sidequests within the walkthrough itself.  Info regarding optional
           events will be clearly marked as such, so it both stands out and is easy
           to ignore if you're not into sidequesty stuff.
         + When describing karate moves, I use the following symbols to denote
           directions:  "->" and "<-".  It's worth noting that "->" doesn't always
           mean right and "<-" doesn't always mean left.  Let me clarify:  "->"
           denotes movement toward your opponent, while "<-" denotes movement away
           from your opponent.  It sounds confusing, I know, but in reality it
           makes sense.  I promise.
         + If there's something you're looking for that isn't covered in this
           guide, check out the Shenmue page on GameFAQs to find guides written by
           Crazyreyn, winnie the poop, and Adrenaline SL.  All three of them have
           penned pieces of work superior to this, so you'll definitely find what
           you're looking for in one of their guides.
      Okay.  Let's get started.
         iii.a.  "Do you remember Zhao Sun Ming?" (Disc 1)
      Pop in Disc 1.  Click on "New Game".  Watch the amazing opening sequence.
      Let the fun begin.
      Ryo wakes up in his bedroom.  The controls in Shenmue are a bit different
      from most games, so take a couple seconds to get a basic feel for everything.
      Check out the desk to discover some items:  the Shenmue cassette tape is
      laying on top, while raiding the drawers will yield the Cassette Player, a
      Photo of Friends, and the Sha Hua cassette.  That's it in terms of noteworthy
      stuff in Ryo's room, so head through the door.
      Meet Ine-san.  She's kind enough to leave you an allowance of 500 Yen every
      day.  Good deal.  Anyway, you're supposed to go visit Fuku-san in the dojo
      now, but if you're not too impatient there's a bunch of stuff to find inside
      the house first.  For starters, turn around and head through the sliding door
      on the end to reach Fuku-san's room.  Snag the Shadow Reaper scroll off his
      desk - open the menu and read it to learn a new move (called, surprisingly
      enough, Shadow Reaper).  Go back out into the hallway.
      The Hazuki Residence is replete with items to find:  there's a Flashlight in
      the shoe cabinet by the front door, some Matches and Candles in the altar
      room, the Photo of Hazukis in Ine-san's room, some C Size Batteries in the
      living room, and the Twin Blades scroll in the secret hallway behind the
      altar room (again, pop open the menu and read it to learn another new move).
      While you're at it, be sure to read the letter on the desk in Iwao's room
      and, if you want, grab the key from inside the drawer.  You won't be needing
      it until much later in the game, but it can't hurt to go ahead and take it
      now.  Go ahead and check out the rest of the house.  If you open the TV
      cabinet, Ryo pulls out his Sega Saturn.  Aren't anachronisms awesome (also
      awesome:  alliteration).  Finally, examine the food set out on the table in
      the kitchen to recall one of Ryo's most precious childhood memories.
      Okay, that's the house covered.  Let's head outside.  From the front door,
      head left to find the dojo.  Don't enter it just yet, though.  Instead,
      approach the cherry tree to relive another of Ryo's memories.
      Now go into the dojo.  The block-headed dude in here is Fuku-san.  He's
      clueless, as you'll no doubt realize when Ryo asks him about the incident
      involving his father.  When the scene ends, re-enter the dojo and read the
      kanji hanging on the left wall to reveal another memory of Ryo's father.
      Also, you can pick up the stool in the corner, carry out to the kanji, and
      look behind it to find the Mysterious Scroll.  It's written in Chinese, so
      for the time being it'll have to remain mysterious.  There's one other thing
      of note in the dojo:  the long, rectangular box on the floor.  You can't do
      anything with it now, but it's worth making note of, because it will come
      into play later on.
      There's nothing else to do here, so exit the Hazuki Residence via the front
      gate.  Welcome to Yamanose, the smallest of Yokosuka's three towns.  There's
      just one main road, so follow it until you come to a set of stairs.  Descend
      them and you'll encounter two people at the bottom - Ichiro and Noriko.  Talk
      to them and they'll provide you with useful information about the black car
      you're looking for.
         THE BLACK CAR
      Climb back up the stairs and continue along the main path.  You'll come
      across a little girl named Megumi.  She's found and stray kitten, and she
      wants *you* to help take care of it.  You're given a choice of two things to
      feed it - go for the dried fish.  Doing so will prompt Megumi to tell you
      about an old man named Yamagishi-san who hurt his back trying to get away
      from a black car.  We should probably go see him.  If, for some reason, you
      opt to feed the cat the fried tofu instead of the fish, she won't give you
      this clue and you'll have to do a bit more legwork in the coming minutes.
         + NOTE:  Dealing with Megumi and her kitten is optional.  If you're too
           cool to play a game that involves hanging out with little girls and
           stroking kittens, you're free to ignore both Megumi and her kitty from
           here on out.  There's nothing to be gained or lost where participating
           in this "sidequest", merely some extra kitten-based cutscenes.  If you
           are interested, however, then let it be known that taking care of a
           digital cat is just as big a responsibility as taking care of a real
           one.  You have to feed the kitten every day.  You can find your first
           round of food in the Hazuki kitchen (check the fridge and cupboards),
           but you'll have to start buying it with your own money after that.  If
           forget to feed her, the cat will eventually disappear.  And you'll feel
           terrible about neglecting that poor creature.
      Continue down the main street to reach Sakuragaoka.  This neighborhood is
      bigger than Yamanose, but only by a little bit.  Take a right turn to
      encounter an elderly woman in need of help.  She's looking for the Yamamoto's
      house.  It's nearby - look for the house with the silver nameplate.  Once
      you've found it, head to the adjacent park (Sakura Park) to let her know.
      Okay, here's that extra legwork I mentioned a second ago.  If you chose to
      feed Megumi's kitten the dried fish, you can go talk to Yamagishi-san
      immediately, so skip this paragraph and the one after it.  But if you fed it
      the fried tofu, keep reading this one.  Walk over to the pay phone and speak
      with the two women gossiping next to it.  They themselves are pretty clueless
      (as you'll soon realize, this is a theme throughout the game), but apparently
      some lady named Sumiya-san might be able to help us get to the bottom of
      The street that Sumiya-san lives on is a dead end.  From the phone booth,
      turn around and run to the right.  Take a left and head all the way to the
      end of the street.  Look for the lady with the broom and really ugly
      bifocals - she's hard to miss.  This is Sumiya-san.  Talk to her.  She starts
      off talking about Megumi and her kitten (old news), but then she gets on to
      the topic of Yamagishi-san.
      Remember where that old lady asked for your help?  Head back over there.
      Look around and you should notice a dude working on his motorcycle.  Run past
      him and enter the yard of the last house on the street.  The old man there is
      Yamagishi-san.  The black car, he'll tell you, sped off into Dobuita.  So
      let's head into Dobuita.
         |  ===========================================  \___________________
         |                                                                   |
         |  Or, if you like the sound of doing some sidequesting before      |
         |  moving on, you can head back to the dojo to learn a new move.    |
         |  On your way through Yamanose, talk to Megumi at the shrine and   |
         |  she'll let you name her kitty.  You've got four choices:  Tama,  |
         |  Mimi, Chibi, and Sasuke.  Any of the first three will make her   |
         |  happy - with Tama being her favorite - but she doesn't like the  |
         |  sound of Sasuke.  Pick whichever you like best.                  |
         |                                                                   |
         |  Back at the dojo, Fuku-san is having trouble with his martial    |
         |  arts technique.  Being the superbadass that you are, he asks     |
         |  for your help.  If you want a new move, agree to help him; if    |
         |  not, why are you reading this?  In order to help Fuku-san get    |
         |  the move down, you'll have to demonstrate it for him.  The       |
         |  sequence for this move is -> X.  Show it off and the move will   |
         |  be added to your repertoire.                                     |
      From Yamagishi-san's house, head through the grassy area onto the next screen
      to reach Dobuita.  In contrast to the quiet neighborhoods of Yamanose and
      Sakuragaoka, Dobuita is a bustling city.  It's much bigger than the previous
      two areas, with a lot to see.  Don't worry if you get lost here - you'll
      learn the layout little by little.  Before long you'll realize that it isn't
      as big as it initially seems.
      Ahead of you is a set of stairs.  Head down them, run past the small park,
      and take the first left.  This takes you onto the main street of Dobuita.
      Keep going and you'll see Tom's hot dog truck.  Speak with the slam dancin'
      Jamaican dude - this is Ryo's friend Tom (hence Tom's hot dog truck).  He
      offers his condolences, but doesn't have any clues about the car.  Or so he
      claims, but he seems a bit defensive if you ask me.
      Continue down the street, talking to anyone and everyone you see.  Someone
      will comment that Nozomi, the girl from Aida Florist, was splashed with mud
      by a speeding car.  It's the best clue we've got so far, so let's track her
      down.  Aida Florist is on the same street as Tom's Hotdogs - just follow it
      to the end and look to your left.  Nozomi is the girl in the white sweater
      and short skirt (and let's be honest:  she's "damn!"-worthy).
      Stop staring at her for a second and talk to her.  She'll confirm that the
      car that splashed her is the same car that we're searching for.  Furthermore,
      she says that Tom apparently had an argument with the people in the car.  The
      plot thickens!  Let's go back and have another word with Tom, shall we?  He
      admit that he had words with the men inside the car, and that they were
      definitely Chinese.  Who's most likely to have further information about
      Chinese people?  Other Chinese people, I'd have thought.
      Feel free to start asking around about Chinese people if you want, but by
      this point it's probably getting pretty late.  Head home for the night and
      we'll pick up where we left off in the morning.
      Mornin'.  Head back to Dobuita.  On your way through Yamanose, you'll pass
      three kids playing soccer.  One of the little punks tries his best Nicklas
      Bendtner imitation and kicks the ball too high.  As it bullets toward Ryo's
      face, you'll get your first QTE.  Don't worry, though - it's an easy one.
         + QTE Sequence:  A.
      Continue on into Dobuita.  Across from Tom's place is the Global Travel
      Agency.  Head inside and talk to the employee, who will suggest that you go
      visit the folks at Ajiichi Restaurant.  They've got a few Chinese workers, so
      it sounds like an ideal place to learn about other Chinese people.
         |  ===========================  \___________________________________
         |                                                                   |
         |  Before moving on, head to Suzume Park (remember where you first  |
         |  came to Dobuita?  It's the small park at the bottom of that set  |
         |  of stairs).  You'll find Yamagishi-san here.  It turns out that  |
         |  he used to train with Ryo's father, and he's willing to teach    |
         |  us a powerful new move:  the Double Blow.  Take up his offer     |
         |  and he'll give you some simple instructions.  To shift your      |
         |  weight forward, simply hit <-.  The final move sequence is ->    |
         |  X+A.  Gnarly.                                                    |
      Okay, so where the hell is the Ajiichi Restaurant?  It's over by Aida
      Florist (Nozomi's place).  If it's anywhere around 11 to 3pm and you are
      heading towards the Tomato convenience store from Tom's place (which, if
      you're paying attention, is what you should be doing right now), you'll run
      into a moron named Enoki and his even more moronic lackey.  They're looking
      for a fight, which means another QTE to sink your teeth into.
         + QTE Sequence:  <-, A, B.
      From Nozomi's flower shop, you should be able to see a street the branches
      off from the main street.  Take it and you'll come across the restaurant's
      sliding yellow doors.  Head inside and speak with the cook, Tao-san, and his
      wife.  It turns out they've got some useful information about Chinese people
      in the area:  they'll tell you about the Three Blades.  Moreover, they'll
      tell you about several people who are a part of the Three Blades:  Maeda-san,
      Itoi-san, and the good people at Manpukuken Ramen.
      Chances are, Manpukuken Ramen isn't open just yet.  Instead, head back to
      the main street (the one that Tom's hot dog truck is on).  Itoi-san, the
      tailor, works at Mary's Patches and Embroidery, which is across from Tom's
      place.  Go in and ask him about the Three Blades - he'll direct you toward
      Liu-san's barber shop.
      Liu Barber and Hair Salon is on the far side of town, past Aida Florist, so
      you might not have been over there yet.  From Tom's place, follow the street
      towards Tomato and keep going until you see Funny Bear Burgers.  Take a left
      from there and keep your eyes peeled for that familiar barber's pole (with
      the swirling colors) to find Liu Barber and Hair Salon.  Go in and have a
      chat with Liu, who turns out to not know a whole lot.  His father, on the
      other hand, might be able to help our cause.  He likes to exercise in Suzume
      Park (the same place where we learned the Double Blow from Yamagishi-san).
      Move your butt.
      At Suzume Park you'll find an old dude sitting on the bench.  This is Liu Sr.
      - talk to him.  He offers pity for your father's death, and tells you a bit
      more about the Three Blades.  Lan Di, according to him, sounds like a member
      of a Chinese cartel or possibly even the mafia.  Whoever they are, they've
      got a base in the nearby harbor, so some sailors may know something.
      Have a chat with some random people in the street and you'll soon learn that
      the sailors who come to Dobuita tend to hang around in bars.  None of the
      bars open until night, though, so you'll have to wait until around 7pm.  Kill
      some time at the arcade or brush up on your karate skills in the empty
      parking lot just past the arcade.
      When 7:00 rolls around, go check out Dobuita's hot nightlife scene.  Turn
      right just before Funny Bear Burgers to find a street full of bars.  Let's
      start off by checking out the MJQ Jazz Bar, which is the first one you should
      come across.  Step inside and you'll spot some guys playing pool.  Could they
      be sailors?  The barkeeper suggesting asking them.  Sounds like a plan.
      Approach them and they'll laugh at you, then challenge you to a game.  Sink
      the ball in one shot and they'll answer your questions.  Miss the shot, and
      the next round is on you.  It may seem like a difficult challenge, but it's
      actually pretty simple.  When lining up the shot, simply tap right 17 times,
      then hit the ball and watch it sink into the pocket.  If you miss the shot,
      you'll have to cough up 1000 Yen to pay for the guy's booze.  In either case,
      it turns out that they're not sailors after all.  According to them, the
      sailors hang out at the Heartbeats Bar.
      Leave MJQ and turn to the right.  When you reach the motorcycle shop, look
      for a set of stairs.  Go down them.  A bunch of drunk idiots block your path,
      leading to another QTE.
         + QTE Sequence:  B, A.
         + USELESS NOTE:  Check out the graffiti on the wall here.  It reads
           "Berkley".  So what?  One of several tentative titles for the Shenmue
           project was Project Berkley.  Yay?
      More trouble is brewing inside the bar (get it?  Brewing?  Ha ha ha! *hack*
      *cough*).  When Ryo asks the bartender about sailors, the shady-looking dudes
      lounging at the back of the bar get a bit angry.  Time for another QTE.
         + QTE Sequence:  B, A, B, A.
      The bartender's pretty pissed, but he's willing to spill the beans about a
      guy named Charlie if you promise never to show your cheek-bandaged face in
      his bar again.  Charlie, it turns out, wears shades and a black leather
      jacket, has a tattoo, rides a hawg, and might know something about Lan Di's
      It's late at this point, so head home for the night and pick up the search
      for Charlie in the morning.
         |  ===================================  \___________________________
         |                                                                   |
         |  Before progressing with the story, you may want to take note     |
         |  that you can partake in the game's first Free Battle at this     |
         |  point.  If the morning after the Heartbeats Bar brawl is sunny,  |
         |  you can fight Enoki and his minion at Sakura Park before 7pm.    |
         |  If the weather isn't sunny, then you have to wait until the      |
         |  next day.  Given that it's your first fight, the difficult       |
         |  level is very manageable.  Use moves like -> -> X and X-X-X-A    |
         |  mixed in with the odd throw move to beat the snot out of these   |
         |  two clowns.                                                      |
      Since Charlie is so apparently taken with motorcycles, it makes sense to
      ask Ono-san - the owner of Knocking Motorcycle Shop - about him.  Ono-san's
      is near the Heartbeats Bar.  If you're heading through Dobuita in the
      morning, you might encounter one of the employees from Ajiichi, Guang Ji,
      standing in front of a vending machine.  You can buy him one if you're
      feeling generous, but it has no impact on the story, so don't feel guilty
      about telling him to back the eff off.
      Arrive at the motorcycle shop and you'll find Ono-san outside, fixing up the
      bikes.  Talk to him and he'll tell you that Charlie likes to hang out at
      Tsuruoka's jacket shop.
         + NOTE:  There's another way to learn about Charlie's fondness for jackets
           without consulting Ono-san.  Talk to some random people on the streets
           and you might hear about a place called Nagai Industries.  It's located
           on the same street as Liu's barber shop.  Speak with the shady-looking
           guys in there and they'll tell you that Charlie likes to hang around
           Dobuita's jacket shops at night.  So it's the same information that you
           got talking to Ono-san, just acquired via a different source.  This
           method is no more or less effective than talking to Ono-san, but it's an
           alternative worth noting.  I guess.
      Like all the other jacket shops in Dobuita, Tsuruoka's place - Jupitor's
      Jackets - is on the same street as Tom's Hotdogs.  Talk to Tsuruoaka a few
      times and he'll recognize the description of Charlie.  He usually comes by
      around 7pm.  Looks like we've got some time to kill.  Go place Space Harrier.
      When the time comes, head towards the arcade to initiate a cutscene.
      Remember those punks we beat the ish out of at the Heartbeats Bar?  Well, it
      seems that one of them knows who Charlie is, and he's willing to take you to
      see him.  He leads Ryo to the empty lot, where an ambush is waiting.  Who
      didn't see that coming?  I mean, besides Ryo, but it's obvious that he's a
      bit dim.
      So you're surrounded by street toughs - no big deal.  Don't panic.  Try to
      focus on one at a time (I know it's a difficult thing to do when you're
      surrounded).  Throws and the A-X-A combo are effective, as is the Elbow
      Assault move (-> -> X).  Don't forget that you can dodge/parry with the Y
      Button.  Once you've left them laying on the asphalt in a bloody pulp, Ryo
      will interrogate them and learn that there's a tattoo parlor somewhere in
      Yokosuka where Charlie might hang out.
      At this hour, the best place to hit up for information about the tattoo
      parlor is any of the bars.  Talk to a few people and you'll hear that there's
      a tattoo parlor in Okayama Heights.  Okay, but where is Okayama Heights?
      It's an apartment building just across from Bar Yokosuka (near the MJQ Jazz
      Bar).  The door you're looking for is upstairs, and there's a poster with a
      skull on it hanging on the door.
      Head in and talk to the tattoo artist.  The guy claims to have never heard
      of Charlie, and tries to persuade Ryo to get some ink.  In typical Ryo
      Hazuki-style, Ryo gets a bit physical with him and learns that Charlie might
      be around tomorrow.  That's all you can do for tonight, so go hit up the
      arcade, practice your moves in the empty lot, or just head home.
      The tattoo parlor doesn't open until 2pm, which means that you've got the
      first part of the day to yourself.  Go see how many sodas Ryo can chug before
      running out of Yen.  Or go crazy buying capsule toys.  Or leave the game
      running and go get a snack.  Your call.
      At 2:00, return to the tattoo parlor to find those two punks - the one in
      the green shirt and the one in the purple shirt.  They're talking about you.
      Behind your back.  Uncool.  Anyway, they take off when Ryo walks in and the
      tattoo artist says that Charlie's taking a nap behind the curtain.  Press A
      to pull back the curtain and initiate a QTE.
         + QTE Sequence:  <-, A.
      As is becoming the routine, Ryo threatens Charlie, demanding to know about
      Lan Di's cartel.  Charlie agrees to arrange a meeting with some of the gangs
      in the cartel.  Nice of him.  The meeting is tomorrow at Game YOU Arcade,
      3pm.  So that's that, then.  Leave the parlor and head downstairs to find
      After the scene, the day is yours.  There's nothing left to do today.  Have
         iii.b.  Father's Heaven, Mother's Earth
      The following morning begins with Ryo challenging Fuku-san to a sparring
      match.  Show him what you got.  From this day onward, you'll be able to spar
      with Fuku-san in the dojo first thing almost every morning until you get to
      Disc 3.
      Afterwards, there's a scene with Ine-san.  She whines for a bit, then forks
      over a letter, written in Chinese, that came shortly after Iwao died.  Too
      bad Ryo can't read Chinese...
      Even though it's still too early for your meeting with Charlie, start making
      your way toward Dobuita.  As you head through Sakuragaoka, a whiny little
      kid shows up and informs you that Charlie is waiting at the construction
      site.  When you arrive, you'll see that Charlie's not the only one waiting:
      he's brought along some of his punk friends.  Free Battle them.  When the
      fight ends, there's a QTE.  The sequence is short and sweet.
         + QTE Sequence:  A.
      The little kid says his thank yous.  It turns out, conveniently enough, that
      he's Chinese.  He might be able to help us translate that letter, but he
      takes off before Ryo gets the chance to ask.  The little snot doesn't even
      tell us his name (it's Gao Wen, btw).  Whatever, let's just head down to
      Dobuita and look around.
      Hey, here's an idea:  aren't the workers we met at the Ajiichi Restaurant
      Chinese?  Let's go see if they'll translate the letter for us.  When you
      arrive, you'll receive the unfortunate news that neither Tao-son nor his wife
      can read it.  But there's hope yet, because their delivery boy Guang Ji might
      be able to.  He's out delivering on the streets at the moment, so let's see
      if we can't find him.
      Now, if you've encountered Guang Ji before, you know there's probably only
      one place where we're likely to find him:  at the vending machine.  Find him
      there and offer to buy him a soda (it doesn't matter which one you choose).
      As he sips his fizzy beverage, Ryo asks him to translate the letter.  But,
      of course, he can't do it.  That would be too easy.  He recommends you to his
      teacher - the owner of the China shop in Dobuita.
         + NOTE:  If you don't feel like dealing with Guang Ji, there's an
           alternative way to learn about the owner of the China shop and her mad
           Chinese-translating skillz.  Find Gao Wen (you know, the annoying little
           kid you saved from Charlie's gang like two minutes ago?).  He'll be
           sitting around somewhere in Dobuita.  Turns out the owner of the China
           shop is none other than his grandmother.  Coincidence or fate? (/Lost)
      Regardless of who you talked to in order to find out about it, you should
      end up at Russiya China Shop.  It's located just down the street from Funny
      Bear Burgers.
      Enter the China shop and Ryo will ask the old lady at the counter to
      translate the letter.  Apparently it was written by a man named Zhu Yuan Da
      and implores Ryo to seek the aid of someone named Master Chen.  There's also
      some sort of strange code that you should probably pay attention to (*wink*
      *wink* *nudge* *nudge*):  Father's Heaven, Nine Dragons; Mother's Earth,
      Comrades.  Finally, there's a phone number:  0468-61-5647 (although, when you
      actually call it in a few minutes, you don't need to bother with the 0468
      part, just the last six digits).
      Okay, so the letter didn't really make a whole lot of sense, did it?  No,
      complete gibberish.  The least we can do, though, is give that phone number a
      jingle, right?  The nearest phone is at the tobacco shop, located up past the
      arcade.  Head on up there and dial the number.  When the other end says,
      "Father's Heaven", your reply needs to be "Nine Dragons".  Likewise, when the
      other end says "Mother's Earth", you should respond with "Comrades".  Mess up
      and they'll hang up on you, forcing you to try again.  Get it right and
      you'll be told about Warehouse No. 8.
      So where the hell is Warehouse No. 8?  Talk to some people (i.e. Nozomi) and
      you'll get the idea of checking the area code of the phone number.  To do
      this, you could call the Number Assistance line (104), or you could go back
      to the tobacco shop and borrow the phone book there.  In the case of the
      latter, Ryo does all the searching automatically.  You'll learn that the area
      code for 61 is for Amihama.  Where's that?
      Kurita-san at the military surplus store knows (you know him - he's the
      friendly guy in the camo gear), so let's go talk to him.  Amihama, he'll
      inform you, is the harbor area.  Okay.  Talk to some more people and you'll
      learn that you can get to the harbor via the bus that stops by the tobacco
      shop.  Why not head over and catch a ride to the harbor?  It costs 160 Yen.
      Please insert Disc 2.  Or don't.  Whatever.
         iii.d.  The Harbor (Disc 2)
      So this is Amihama, also known as the New Yokosuka Harbor (or just the
      harbor).  It's fairly large, so getting lost is easy.  But, as was the case
      with Dobuita, the more you explore it the more familiar it'll become, and
      you'll realize that it isn't as big as it initially seems.
         |  ==============================  \________________________________
         |                                                                   |
         |  I know you're supposed to be at the harbor right now, but you    |
         |  can check out some secret scenes if you blow that off for the    |
         |  moment and return to the Hazuki Residence.  Be there shortly     |
         |  after 7pm and Nozomi will call.  This leads to an extra          |
         |  cutscene that takes place in Sakura Park.  This scene can only   |
         |  be accessed on Disc 2, before you obtain the Sword Handguard.    |
         |  So if you're interested, there's no time like the present.       |
         |                                                                   |
         |  But there's more.  The day after meeting Nozomi in the park, go  |
         |  to Bar Yokosuka around 7pm.  Doing so activates another hidden   |
         |  cutscene.  Like the previous scene, this one is only available   |
         |  before you find the Sword Handguard.                             |
         |                                                                   |
         |  Finally, there's an extra QTE scene that many people miss.  It   |
         |  can occur at any time during Disc 2.  Hang around the Slot       |
         |  House/Bar Yokosuka area in Dobuita and you'll encounter an       |
         |  unruly drunk looking for a fight.                                |
         |                                                                   |
         |     + QTE Sequence:  A, <-.                                       |
      Take a left from the bus stop.  Immediately you'll encounter some punks
      tormenting some helpless guy.  Upstanding citizen that he is, Ryo steps in.
         + QTE Sequence:  <-, A, B.
      After beating their butts, they'll tell you that Warehouse No. 8 is located
      down the street and to the right.  Follow their directions, hang a right at
      the soda machine and voila!  Warehouse No. 8!  Unfortunately, the security
      guards won't let you in without authorization.  But there must be another way
      in.  Let's go look for one.
      Circle around the side of the warehouse.  There's a door leading inside, but
      it's locked.  Check around back and you'll spot an open window.  It's too
      high to reach, though, so push the small brown crate towards the larger one.
      Climb up and climb in.
      Once you're through the window, head to the right.  Ignore the first two
      doors - there's nothing worthwhile behind them.  As you approach the third
      door, you'll hear voices.  Eavesdrop to learn that there's another Warehouse
      No. 8.  That explains why we didn't find anything useful in this one.  Now we
      need to go find the Old Warehouse District.
      From behind the warehouse, head back the way you came.  Stop at the red soda
      machine and talk to the woman behind the stand.  This is Hisaka-san - she'll
      point you in the right direction.  Follow the street she points out to you
      until the end.  You'll know you're in the right place when you see Tom's
      hot dog truck.  Take a right at Tom's to find the Old Warehouse District.
      Again, the guards won't let us in.  We'll wait until night to come back and
      try again.
      In the meantime, you've got a couple of options:  you can familiarize
      yourself with the harbor (or go play darts at Tomato) or head back to talk to
      Hisaka-san for a hidden scenario.  See the box directly below if the latter
      sounds like your bag.
         |  ======================================  \________________________
         |                                                                   |
         |  Go talk to Hisaka-san (the lady who works at the lunch stand     |
         |  near the new Warehouse No. 8).  Her sister is acting strangely   |
         |  and hanging out with a bad crowd and she wants *you* to get to   |
         |  the bottom of it.  Agree to help her out, then head straight.    |
         |  You should see the words "Warehouse No. 12-17" written on the    |
         |  ground as you go.                                                |
         |                                                                   |
         |  On the way, you'll spot some guards throwing an old, homeless    |
         |  man out of one of the warehouses.  He'll solicit you for a       |
         |  coffee.  If you're feeling generous, go get him one at the       |
         |  nearest soda machine (the coffees are on the row underneath the  |
         |  sodas - press down on the D-Pad to access them).  He'll thank    |
         |  you for your kindness and Ryo will continue on his way.          |
         |                                                                   |
         |  Continue heading towards Warehouse No. 7.  When you get there,   |
         |  things get a bit violent.                                        |
         |                                                                   |
         |     + QTE Sequence:  <-, A, <-.                                   |
         |                                                                   |
         |  With the situation solved, head back to Hisaka-san's stand to    |
         |  let her know what happened.  Ryo asks where the Old Warehouse    |
         |  District is and ends up making a delivery for Hisaka-san.  As    |
         |  he drops off the food, he overhears the guards talking.  Looks   |
         |  like our best chance to sneak into the Old District will be      |
         |  between 8 and 9pm.                                               |
      Until nightfall, the day is yours.  I recommend wandering around a bit in
      order to get to know the area a bit better.  If you're up for some karate
      practice, visit Warehouse No. 4 (it's really close to the new Warehouse No.
      At 8pm, head back to the Old Warehouse District.  When you approach, it's
      QTE time.
         + 	QTE Sequence:  ->.
      Now it's time for a bit of tactical espionage action.  You have to pull your
      best Solid Snake impression to sneak past the security guards patrolling the
      area around Warehouse No. 8.  If a guard spots you, he'll start chasing after
      you, but you'll still be in control of Ryo.  Run away and you might be able
      to lose him.  If you get caught, however, you're thrown out and have to
      return the following day.
      From where you begin, immediately turn around and head down the passage to
      the right.  Take the first available left turn, then follow the path and
      take the next right.  Warehouse No. 8 is right there, so simply head over to
      the door and open it up.  Warehouse No. 8 is not far from where you begin, so
      sprinting for it isn't impossible.
      And if that fails, all hope is not lost.  If you continue to screw up, Shozo
      Mizuki (you know, the homeless dude) will show up to give you a hand.  First,
      he'll give you a map of the area.  If you still continue to screw up, he'll
      let you in on a secret:  arrive very early in the morning (which Ryo will do
      automatically the following day) and you'll find significantly fewer guards
      patrolling the area.  At this point, you'll have no trouble getting in.  I
      Once you're safely inside the warehouse, you'll see a pile of crates and
      boxes in front of you.  Inspect the white China plate on the left shelf to
      activate a cutscene.  Meet Master Chen and Gui Zhang.  They charge you with a
      new task:  find the Phoenix Mirror, which they believe must be hidden
      somewhere in the Hazuki Residence.
      The game automatically skips to the next morning.  Wherever the mirror's
      hidden, we've got to track it down.  If you haven't already done so, go snag
      the Mysterious Key from the drawer in the desk in Iwao's room.  With that in
      hand, head for the dojo.  Remember the long, rectangular box that we couldn't
      do anything with earlier?  Let's go see if we can't pop it open.
      Lo and behold, the key works.  Inside the box is... drum roll, please... a
      katana!  Badass.  Now, before you get any bright ideas about going on a
      bloody rampage through Dobuita, you can't take it out of the dojo.  You can,
      however, slide it into the slot behind the right banner on the dojo wall.
      Examine the banner to remove it, then slide the blade into the slot.  Check
      behind the left banner to discover another slot.  What could go in there?
      For now, head back into the main house and speak with Ine-san.  She'll let
      you know that Fuku-san is looking for you.  He's outside, standing under the
      cherry tree.  During the ensuing scene, it comes out that Iwao left something
      precious stored at the local antique shop.  Maybe it's the Phoenix Mirror!
      Let's get our butts down to Dobuita to check it out.
      The antiques shop in question is Bunkado Antiques - it's located just down
      the street from the Tomato mart.  Go in to meet with the owner, who offers
      condolences before handing over the Sword Handguard.  It may not be the
      Phoenix Mirror, but something is better than nothing.  Head back to the
      Hazuki Residence.
      On your way through Sakuragaoka, Gui Zhang shows up.  Free Battle him.  He's
      pretty tough and you can't win the battle, but don't worry about losing it,
      either.  Watch the scene the follows, then return home.
      After Ryo and Fuku-san talk things over, go find Ine-san in the altar room
      and show her the Sword Handguard.  Once the scene is over, go to the dojo and
      put the Handguard into the other slot.  It fits, and the wall slides back to
      reveal an entrance to the basement.  Before heading in, make sure you've got
      a Flashlight.  It's so dark and scary in the basement that Ryo will refuse to
      go in until you've got something to light the place up.
      Flashlight in hand, climb down the ladder and head into the basement.  Take
      your time and thoroughly examine everything in the room.  You should be able
      to find the following:  the Stab Armor move scroll, a Photo of Father, a
      White Leaf, a box of Matches, and some Candles, not to mention a plethora of
      items that can be picked up and examined but not taken with you.
      Once you've checked everything out, take a look at the shelf next to the
      mirror.  Look at the floor - it's all scratched up.  Looks like the shelf has
      been moved a lot.  Press A to push it out of the way, uncovering a strangely
      colored part of the wall.  Ryo can't break through the wall himself, but
      there must be some kind of tool around here that we can use to smash it open.
      Something like, oh, I don't know... an axe!  Lucky us, there just happens to
      be one sitting by the entrance.  Grab it and break the wall open.  Tucked
      inside the small nook is the Phoenix Mirror.  Score!
      A scene ensues.  When it's over, you need to bring the Mirror to Master Chen.
      Call Warehouse No. 8 ahead of time so that they know you're coming (the
      number, if you didn't bother to write it down, is 61-5647).  Head down to
      Dobuita and catch the bus to the harbor.  When you arrive, head on over.  As
      long as you called ahead, the security guard will let you right in.
         |  ========================================  \______________________
         |                                                                   |
         |  With the mysterious Phoenix Mirror in your possession, you can   |
         |  take it to four different people in four different locations to  |
         |  learn more about it:                                             |
         |                                                                   |
         |     + Yamagishi-san in Sakura Park                                |
         |     + Liu Sr. in Suzume Park                                      |
         |     + The lady at Russiya China Shop                              |
         |     + Oishi-san at Bunkado Antiques                               |
      When you arrive at Warehouse No. 8, a scene occurs.  Be ready for a QTE.
         + QTE Sequence:  <-.
      Watch the rest of the scene.  I guess we're going to Hong Kong.
         iii.e.  A Ticket to Hong Kong
      In the morning, Ryo withdraws his savings, adding approximately 36,000 Yen to
      your wallet.  Go talk to Fuku-san in his room.  Watch the scene, then head
      down to Dobuita.  We need to see how much it costs to travel to Hong Kong.
      The place you're looking for is the Global Travel Agency, just across from
      Tom's Hotdogs.  Ask the person inside to find out that a ticket to Hong Kong
      will run you over 200,000 Yen.  What's more, they don't sell one-way tickets.
      Looks like we're gonna have to find another way to get there.  Let's head
      back home and pick Fuku-san's mind.
         |  ==========================  \____________________________________
         |                                                                   |
         |  On your way home, stop by the Yamanose Shrine for an unpleasant  |
         |  surprise:  Megumi's kitty has run away!  Be a good boy and       |
         |  search for her.  She's hiding under the bench at the bottom of   |
         |  the stairs - you'll hear her meowing as you get closer.  When    |
         |  you find her, Nozomi shows up to steal the credit for finding    |
         |  her.                                                             |
      Back at the Hazuki Residence, you'll find Fuku-san in his room.  He's kind
      enough to offer you the contents of his piggy bank.  This should bump up your
      Yen total to around 70,000 Yen.  Not bad, but not enough for a ticket to Hong
      Kong.  Fuku-san also suggests talking to Nozomi, so go do that.  She's at
      Aida Florist in Dobuita.
         + NOTE:  Since you'll be needing every last Yen, you won't be allowed to
           spend any money right now.  Sucks.
      At Aida Florist, Nozomi mentions that 70,000 Yen probably isn't enough to
      book a ticket to Hong Kong - unless you find a one-way boat ticket.  With
      this idea in mind, head back to Global Travel Agency to check the boat fares.
      Unfortunately, as you'll discover when you arrive, Global Travel Agency
      doesn't do boat tickets.
      What now?  Well, the clerk at Global Travel Agency reluctantly makes a
      suggestion:  try Asia Travel Company.  It sounds a bit shady, but it might be
      the only choice we have.
      You'll find the Asia Travel Agency on the street corner by Funny Bear
      Burgers.  Go inside.  The clerk will show you a pamphlet and Ryo immediately
      puts down the necessary money.  That was easy, wasn't it?  Return in four
      hours to pick up your ticket.  In the meantime, you're free to do whatever
      you want.
      Once the four hours have elapsed, head back to Asia Travel.  The woman from
      before is gone, replaced by a stupid-looking guy who pretends to know nothing
      about the ticket.  Ryo shows off his "negotiation" skills, and the guy
      promises to call you the following morning with information about your
      ticket.  The rest of the day is yours.
         |  ===============================   \______________________________
         |                                                                   |
         |  Go over toward the arcade to find Nozomi's friend Eri hanging    |
         |  out.  Talk to her and she'll tell you that Nozomi's been         |
         |  feeling depressed lately.  Go home and stop by the altar room    |
         |  to find a bouquet of flowers that Nozomi brought by not too      |
         |  ago.  Sweet girl.                                                |
      The following morning, Ryo awakes to a ringing phone.  Jimmy, the moron from
      Asia Travel, wants you to meet him at the Game YOU Arcade at noon.  In truth,
      it doesn't matter if you wait until noon or head over now - the result is the
      Jimmy is not waiting for you at the arcade.  Chai - that crackhead - is
      there instead, and he's got your Hong Kong ticket in his grimy little hands.
      The Free Battle that ensues is, without a doubt, the most difficult fight in
      the game.  That's the bad news.  The good news is that you *don't* have to
      win the battle.  In fact, unless you're prepared, you almost certainly
      *won't* win it.  Don't worry, though - when Chai lands the final blow on you,
      Fuku-san intervenes.  Chai flees and your Hong Kong ticket is gone.
         ,- "SIDEQUEST":  BEATING CHAI -
         |  ==========================  \____________________________________
         |                                                                   |
         |  If you want to beat Chai in battle, my best piece of advice is   |
         |  to focus on defense first.  There's not a lot of room to         |
         |  maneuver in the tiny arcade, so it's important to make sure      |
         |  that you don't get backed into a corner.  In terms of offense,   |
         |  the most effective moves are quick, low attacks.  Don't bother   |
         |  trying to combo him, as he's a master of parrying your moves.    |
         |  Throws don't work well either, nor do the majority of Ryo's      |
         |  hand moves.                                                      |
         |                                                                   |
         |  I find that it's most effective to simply repeat a few simple    |
         |  moves.  For example, the Side Reaper Kick (<- A), the Trample    |
         |  Kick (-> A), the Dark Moon (<- -> X+A), the Crawl Cyclone (->    |
         |  <- <- A), the Mud Spider (<- -> -> A), and the Elbow Assault     |
         |  (-> -> A) all work well.  Aside from that, the keys to victory   |
         |  are patience and persistence.  If you're gonna beat Chai, it's   |
         |  gonna take quite a bit longer than a normal battle.  In short,   |
         |  don't take risks, prioritize defense over offense, and keep at   |
         |  it.                                                              |
         |                                                                   |
         |  When you succeed in defeating him, you'll have to chase him      |
         |  back into the Asia Travel Company to continue the story.  From   |
         |  there, you'll pick up with the Jimmy chase scene that is         |
         |  described in more detail below.  Congrats!                       |
      After having his ass handed to him by Chai, Ryo wakes up in bed a day later.
      There's only one thing to do:  return to the Asia Travel Company and raise
      some pulses.  When you get there, it's time for some QTE action.
         + QTE Sequence:  <-, ->, <-, ->, <-, ->, A, <-, <-, ->, <-, ->, A.
      Whew!  Disc 2, over.
         iii.f.  The Mad Angels (Disc 3)
      Disc 3 begins inside Asia Travel.  Under duress, Jimmy confesses that Chai
      is connected with the Mad Angels, a gang that operates out of the harbor.
      They like harassing the harbor workers - especially the new guys - so if Ryo
      get a job there, they might harass him, too.  And that's a good thing.
      Head to the harbor.
         |  =========================================  \_____________________
         |                                                                   |
         |  The morning before you head over to the harbor, there should be  |
         |  a cutscene at Yamanose Shrine.  Megumi's upset because her       |
         |  kitty has climbed onto the shrine roof.  Ryo - all-knowing cat   |
         |  expert that he is - explains to her that cats like high places.  |
         |  Talk to Megumi again later on and she'll gleefully inform you    |
         |  that her mom is going to let her keep the kitty.  Kitten         |
         |  sidequest:  complete!                                            |
      When you arrive at the harbor, immediately begin asking around about jobs.
      Eventually someone will tell you to talk to the foreman at Warehouse No. 18.
      Head on over there and talk to the guy.  He doesn't have an openings, but he
      mentions someone else who was asking about a job down by Warehouse No. 12.
      Let's go check it out.
      Run towards Warehouse No. 12 to meet up with your best buddy Goro Mihashi
      (remember him?).  Clearly he hasn't forgotten the beating you gave him the
      last time you met, because he offers to find a job for you.  Meet him
      tomorrow at noon in front of the big blue door of Warehouse No. 1.  That's
      all you can do for today story-wise, so enjoy the rest of the day doing
      whatever you feel like.
         |  =============================  \_________________________________
         |                                                                   |
         |  Head back to Dobuita.  Around 7pm, look for Nozomi's friend Eri  |
         |  hanging around outside the arcade.  She'll tell you that Nozomi  |
         |  is crying in Sakura Park.  Go check it out for a scene.          |
      Come morning, head over to the harbor and kill time until noon.  Meet Goro
      by Warehouse No. 1 and he'll greet you with some fantastic news:  he landed
      you a job!  You should go meet with Yada-san of the Alpha Trading Office at
      2pm for further information.  From Warehouse No. 1, head straight and take a
      right at Hisaka-san's lunch stand.  The first door on the left leads to the
      Alpha Trading Office.  Inside, Ryo meets with Yada-san, the head honcho.
      Guess what?  You're gonna be a forklift operator.
      Yada-san appoints Mark Kimberly to show you the ropes of forklifting (or is
      forkliftery?).  First, turn the steering wheel by pressing either left or
      right on the D-Pad.  Next, try to accelerator by pulling the Right Trigger.
      To reverse, use the Left Trigger.  Finally, press A to raise or lower the
      Next, Mark shows you how to carry a crate into the warehouse.  Simply slide
      the lift under the crate, lift the crate, and drop it off in the warehouse.
      Make sure you set it down inside the white grid painted on the floor (you
      don't have to get it perfectly inside one of the squares - anywhere inside
      the grid will do).  For the remainder of the day, your job is to transport
      the cargo in front of you into the adjacent warehouse.  Just don't expect
      every day to be quite so easy.
      At 5pm, you're done for the day.  Yada-san will explain about your wage:  it
      starts at 300 Yen per crate and increases by 50 Yen per crate if you meet the
      daily quota.  He'll then fork over today's paycheck and let you go.  Before
      you leave, though, Mark mentions that he wants you to come in bright and
      early tomorrow morning - there's something important that you need to do
      *before* work.  What could it be?
      In any case, it's too early to head home, so let's ask around to see what we
      can learn about the Mad Angels.  Find Goro somewhere in the harbor and you'll
      learned just how feared this gang is.  Talk to some of the workers and you
      might learn that they are mainly comprised of foreigners.
         ,- SIDEQUEST:  CHICKEN -
         |  ===================  \___________________________________________
         |                                                                   |
         |  After 7pm, head to the area in front of the Alpha Trading        |
         |  Office to activate a cutscene.  Remember Shozo Mizuki - the old  |
         |  bum who asked you to buy him some coffee when you first came to  |
         |  the harbor?  Well, he's being harassed by some bikers.  To make  |
         |  them stop, Ryo decides to race them.                             |
         |                                                                   |
         |     + QTE Sequence:  A, Down, <-, ->.                             |
      Head home for the night.
      Ryo wakes up at 7:30am and automatically catches a ride on the bus.  When you
      arrive, you'll find out why Mark wanted you to come in early.  Is it to get
      prepared for work?  Is it to discuss some personal issue?  No.  It's so you
      can take part in the daily FORKLIFT RACE.  Eff yes!  Three laps around the
      harbor makes for a race that is equal parts fun and hilarious.  After the
      race, Mark gives you a toy forklift with the number you placed written on it.
      He also gives you a map of your route for today.
      Your first real day on the job is pretty simple.  You need to take the crates
      in front of you (near the entrance to the Old Warehouse District) to
      Warehouse No. 18, which is right next to the Harbor Lounge.  The quota for
      today is ten crates, which is more than reasonable.  Grab a crate and head
      through the opening, taking the first right and you'll be at Warehouse No.
      18.  If another forklift gets in your way, honk at him and he'll back the eff
      off (seriously).  Rinse and repeat until noon, when you get your two hour
      lunch break.
      During your break, Ryo spots two thugs bullying Mark.  Free Battle time.
      Turns out that the thugs are Mad Angels.  After the scene ends, you can
      wander around freely until 2.  If I were you, I'd try to find out some info
      about the Mad Angels, but, hey, that's just me.  Go play darts if you'd
         ,- SIDEQUEST:  STAB ARMOR -
         |  ======================  \________________________________________
         |                                                                   |
         |  During your lunch break (or any other time), you can get Gui     |
         |  Zhang to translate that Stab Armor scroll that you should have   |
         |  found in the Hazuki basement.  Use the phone booth by the bus    |
         |  stop to call in (61-5647) and arrange a meeting.  Then, head on  |
         |  over to Warehouse No. 8 and he'll translate the scroll for you,  |
         |  allowing you to use this awesome move in battle.                 |
      At 2, Ryo automatically returns to his forklift.  Keep up the good work for
      another three hours, doing exactly the same thing as before.  Towards the
      end of your shift, you'll encounter a small group of Mad Angels waiting to
      ambush you as you enter the warehouse.  Free Battle them.  When the battle is
      over, get back to work.  If you're quick enough, you might be able to get
      all of the crates into the warehouse.
      Work ends at 5pm.  As will become habitual, Yada-san hands over your wages.
      Outside, Goro is waiting for you.  He's reluctant to talk about the Mad
      Angels, though.
         |  ===================================================  \___________
         |                                                                   |
         |  After the scene with Goro, run to the left to meet Gui Zhang.    |
         |  At first it seems like he wants to pick a fight, but what he     |
         |  really wants is to teach you a cool new move:  the Swallow       |
         |  Dive.  The command for this move, which replaces the Side        |
         |  Reaper Kick, is <- A.                                            |
         |                                                                   |
         |  With that done, head over to the Harbor Lounge.  Shozo, the old  |
         |  bum, wants to thank you for saving him from those biker punks.   |
         |  He shows his gratitude by teaching you a new move called the     |
         |  Shadow Step.  To learn the footwork, simply press ->.  Then,     |
         |  you get to try to move for real.  The command is -> Y+B.         |
         |                                                                   |
         |  If you've already had Gui Zhang translate the Stab Armor         |
         |  scroll, you can call Warehouse No. 8 again (61-5647) and have    |
         |  him translate the Mysterious Scroll (which should have been one  |
         |  of the very first items you found in the game - behind the       |
         |  kanji board in the dojo).  Unfortunately, this scroll doesn't    |
         |  contain a new move.  Instead, it's some Chinese poetry.          |
         |  Something about a fierce tiger or something.  Whateva.           |
      When you're ready to go home, do so.
      The next morning follows the same course as yesterday's.  Ryo gets himself
      to the harbor, takes part in the forklift race, and begins work.  Today,
      your task is to take the cargo from near the Harbor Lounge to Warehouse No.
      3, which is right behind Hisaka-san's lunch stand.  The quota is a measly
      eight crates, so you shouldn't have any trouble reaching your goal for the
      After an uneventful lunch break - during which you should spend some time
      gathering information about the Mad Angels - you return to work.  At one
      point, you'll encounter a group of Mad Angels blocking your path into the
      warehouse.  After you beat them down, another four appear.  None of them
      provide too much of a threat, though.  When the fight is over, Ryo threatens
      the punks.  Under duress, they confess that the Mad Angels often hang out
      behind Warehouse No. 17.
      Finish the day's work and collect your pay, then head down to Warehouse No.
      17.  Again, you'll find Mark getting his ass beat by some thugs.  The guys
      you have to Free Battle this time are fairly tough, so be careful - make good
      use of Ryo's ability to dodge/parry.  After defeating them, a cutscene
         |  ========================  \______________________________________
         |                                                                   |
         |  Go to the area outside the Harbor Lounge to meet with with       |
         |  Shozo the Harbor Bum (tm) again.  He'll teach you a new move     |
         |  known as the Shadow Blade.  It's an improvement over the Shadow  |
         |  Step that he taught you last night.  The command for this move   |
         |  are -> Y+B X.  If you didn't learn the Shadow Step last night,   |
         |  however, you won't be able to learn this move tonight.  Tough.   |
      Before heading home for the night, hunt down Goro and talk to him.  For once,
      he's got something somewhat valuable to say:  the Mad Angels ride around the
      harbor at night.  Not tonight, though, so catch the bus home.
         LONG ZHA
      You know the morning routine by now.  After the race, you'll find yourself
      transporting cargo to Warehouse No. 18 (again) from the area in front of the
      New Warehouse District's Warehouse No. 8.  The quota, again, is eight crates.
      Have fun.
      At lunch time, Nozomi and Eri surprise Ryo.  They snap a couple of photos
      and you get to choose the one you want.  It doesn't have any impact which one
      you choose, but any guy with a brain knows that the one with Ryo and Nozomi
      standing close to each other is the way to go.  The rest of the break is
      yours to do as you please.  There are no other events going on, and your
      second work shift is equally uneventful.
      After you collect your pay, go visit Shozo the Harbor Bum at his usual place
      outside the Harbor Lounge.  He'll tell you that some bikers (Mad Angels, by
      the sound of them) like to hang around by the lounge at night.  So, after
      7pm, head on over to the lounge to meet up with them.  QTE time!
         + QTE Sequence:  ->, <-, A, <-, <-, A, ->, ->, ->, <-, <-, ->.
           * For this QTE, take note that you have a choice on the last two
             commands.  Follow Charlie by pressing <-, then ->.  Otherwise, you'll
             lose track of him and have to restart the sequence from the beginning.
      When you finally catch up to Charlie, he calls five of his cronies to take
      you on.  Slap them silly in a Free Battle and you'll get the opportunity to
      fight Charlie himself.  He's a bit harder than the guys you've been fighting
      recently, but still shouldn't be too much of a challenge for you.  As usual,
      Ryo interrogates his fallen enemies.  Sounds like some Chinese big shot is
      leaving soon.
      No sidequests or anything of the sort tonight, so just catch a ride home.
      It's the same morning routine as always.  Today you'll be taking stuff to
      Warehouse No. 18 yet again.  This time, your stack of crates is down near
      Warehouse No. 17.  Also, for the third day in a row, the quota is eight
      crates.  After your first shift ends, enjoy an uneventful lunch break before
      getting back to work.
      When your second shift begins, keep bringing the cargo to Warehouse No. 18.
      Around 3pm, head toward Warehouse No. 18 and you'll spot Goro writhing in
      pain on the ground.  That stupid sailor in the green t-shirt emerges and
      lures you toward a warehouse, where a trap awaits.  A large group of Mad
      Angels are ready to rumble, but it's not a Free Battle today, it's a QTE.
         + QTE Sequence:  B, A, B, A, A, B, <-, Down, A, B.
      When the work day ends, Mark shows up to tell you about something called
      "Long Zha".  After the conversation, find Mark staring out to sea around
      where the forklift drivers eat lunch and speak to him a second time to gather
      some more information pertaining to the deal.  You'll also learn the names of
      the moron in the green t-shirt and the other guy in the purple shirt:  Tony
      and Smith.
         |  ========================  \______________________________________
         |                                                                   |
         |  After speaking with Mark, go visit Shozo the Harbor Bum - he's   |
         |  in his usual spot by the Harbor Lounge.  He'll teach you yet     |
         |  another move - the Cross Charge.  As he says, it's perfect when  |
         |  you're surrounded by enemies.  The command is -> -> Y+B.  Take   |
         |  note that this scene does *not* take place if you haven't        |
         |  already learned the Shadow Step and Shadow Blade moves prior to  |
         |  this.                                                            |
      Once you've finished with that, feel free to mess around until it's time to
      go home.  There's nothing else worthy of note to do today.
      When the morning comes, enjoy the forklift race as much as you possibly can,
      because - sadly - it's your last one.  As for work, today's route can be a
      bit perplexing if you don't know what to do, so be sure to listen to Mark's
      explanation (or just read what I'm about to say - either way works).  First,
      take a crate from the area in front of the Old Warehouse District and bring
      it to Warehouse No. 8 (New District).  Once there, drop off your cargo and
      grab a reddish-brown colored crate from inside the warehouse.  Take that on
      over to Warehouse No. 18 and leave it there.  Then, return to the first area
      and repeat the entire process.  The quota for today is 10 crates.
      There's a cutscene at lunch.  Imagine marrying Goro.  *shudder*
      After the break, keep working until you see Tony and Smith loitering around
      in front of Warehouse No. 18.  Cue chase scene and cue QTE.
         + QTE Sequence:  <-, B, B, <-, A.
           * After this first series of commands, you're given a choice:  pressing
             <- forces you to press <- again in order to continue, while pressing
             -> omits the second command entirely.  From here you have another <-
             or -> choice, both of which lead to completely different following
         + QTE Sequence (if you pressed <-):  ->, A, ->, <-, ->.
         + QTE Sequence (if you pressed ->):  A, <-, ->, <-, ->.
      It doesn't matter who you end up chasing down because you'll end up in the
      same place.  These low-level punks don't known when the Long Zha is, but they
      spill the beans about the boss of the Mad Angels:  Terry.  From here, your
      work day automatically ends.  Yada-san gives you your paycheck as well as a
      note from Gui Zhang.  Ryo automatically heads to Warehouse No. 8.
      Watch the scene, then call it a day.
         THE DEAL
      In a refreshing twist to the typical Shenmue schedule, Ryo wakes up in the
      middle of the night to get some fresh air.  When he goes back inside, Ine-san
      has some troubling news:  Nozomi hasn't come home tonight.  The phone rings
      and Ryo answers, only to hear Chai's unintelligible jibba jabba.  The Mad
      Angels have Nozomi, and you've only got four short hours to get down to the
      harbor and save her.
      You can head down to Dobuita, but the bus has stopped running for the night.
      Maybe we can borrow a motorcycle from Ono-san's shop (it's near the
      Heartbeats Bar, if you've forgotten).  Knock on the door and Ono-san appears.
      None of his are available, but he suggests borrowing Naoyuki's.  Okay, let's
      try that.  Naoyuki lives in Sakuragaoka, right next to Yamagishi-san's house.
      It's the one with the motorcycle sitting in front of it (...).
      Naoyuki's happy to let a friend borrow his bike, as long as you don't drive
      too fast (yeah right).  So, despite the four hours that Chai gave you to get
      there, you've only got two *minutes* of in-game time.  So, like, put the
      pedal to the metal.  Use the Right Trigger to accelerate and the Left
      Trigger to brake.  Try as hard as possible to avoid hitting the side rails,
      since you promised Naoyuki that you wouldn't bust up his beloved bike (and
      also because you slows you down drastically).  Just take it easy on the
      turns, letting off the gas a bit.  This is your chance to put all the time
      you've spent playing Hang-On to practical use!
      When you arrive, you'll be greeted by a few Mad Angels.  Defeat them in Free
      Battle and a second group appears.  These guys are a bit tougher than the
      first set, but you're used to dealing with groups of opponents by now.  With
      them out of the way, the path to Terry's lair is wide open.  Question:  why
      are all people named Terry pure evil?  Think about it, you've got this guy,
      you've got John Terry, and you've got, er... Well, you've got those two and
      they're both horrible.  In any case, the scene comes to an end and Ryo takes
      Nozomi home.
      In the morning, Ryo heads to the harbor to talk to Tom.  After a scene, he
      heads to work, only to find out that he's been fired.  Oh well - it was fun
      while it lasted.  At 12:00, go talk to Tom at his hot dog stand.  He'll
      offer to teach you a sweet new move called the Tornado Kick.  The basic steps
      that you have to do consist of nothing more than pressing forward twice.
      Then, execute the first part of the kick by pressing -> -> A.  Finally, you
      get to try out the real thing - press -> -> A A to do so.  Nice.
      After another scene, Ryo goes automatically to meet Gui Zhang.  A fight
      ensues.  GZ's a tough opponent and although you can't win this battle, you
      still have to keep your health up.  Parry often and try out that Tornado
      Kick.  Before too long, a cutscene will kick in and break the fight up.  Be
      ready for a QTE.
         + QTE Sequence:  ->.
      Ryo and Gui Zhang give chase to Terry, which leads into the biggest battle
      in the game:  the fabled "70 Man Battle" which, as its name implies, pits
      you and Gui Zhang against a total of 70 opponents.  I hope you've been
      practicing your karate.
      The first few guys can be easily taken out using the Cyclone Kick (L+A).
      Other moves that prove useful throughout this epic battle include the Elbow
      Assault (-> -> X) and the Tornado Kick that you just learned from Tom (-> ->
      A A).  While most of the guys you'll be fighting are pansies, there are a
      few "boss"-type foes that you need to be aware of.  The first of these guys
      appears once about 20 enemies have been defeated.  He isn't too much stronger
      than the normal guys, but he's got more health.
      The second "boss" appears after 40 or so baddies are down.  He's particularly
      dangerous because he uses a pole.  This gives him more range and power than
      the other thugs, so be extra cautious when fighting him.
      The last "boss" is the final enemy to appear - you'll know him because he's
      literally twice your size and he won't hesitate to pummel you into
      submission if you give him the opportunity to do so.  Parry like a mother and
      try to nail him with quick flurry after quick flurry.  Don't try to do too
      much at once - it's better to be patient and take him down slowly than to
      rush at him like an idiot and let him destroy you.  Keep hitting him and
      he'll go down before too long.
      At the end of the battle, Ryo and Gui Zhang confront Terry.  Be prepared for
      another QTE.
         + QTE Sequence:  A.
      Enjoy the cutscene that follows.
         iii.g.  Goodbyes
      For the last time, Ryo walks through town.  At the harbor, Master Chen is
      there to see him off.  What's more, he's got one final gift for you:  a new
      move called the Swallow Flip.  Press back to nail the footwork.  Next, press
      back and X simultaneously to correctly perform the first part of the move.
      Finally, press back and X at the same time, quickly followed by A.  Got it
      down?  Good, 'cause you're gonna have a chance to use it in just a second.
      Things couldn't end without just a bit more drama, could they?  Chai appears,
      looking for one last fight.  He's not nearly as difficult to beat now as he
      was back in the arcade, but he's still quick as a cat.  A cat on crack.
      Parry a lot and use powerful moves and throws.  Try out the Swallow Flip if
      you're feeling confident enough to use it.
      Once you've defeated him, get ready for one final QTE.
         + QTE Sequence:  Down, A, A, B.
      And, with that, you've just completed Shenmue.  Congrats!  Enjoy the
      cliffhanger ending, then go get started on Shenmue II.
        |   ==========================  \____________________________________
        |                                                                    |
        |  Okay, so this isn't really a sidequest per se, but I didn't have  |
        |  anywhere else to talk about this.  In any case, if you            |
        |  experienced the scenario described above (the final battle with   |
        |  Chai, etc), then you have gotten Shenmue's "good" ending.  Err,   |
        |  congrats!  There is, however, a second, lesser-known ending for   |
        |  to uncover.  In order to see this so-called "bad" ending, you     |
        |  must wait until the game's calendar reaches April 15.  Since      |
        |  this is guaranteed to take an insanely long time, the best way    |
        |  to do it is to continually mess up on the flashlight-catching     |
        |  QTE that occurs when you are trying to infiltrate Warehouse No.   |
        |  8.  Just let the game run by itself; Ryo will continually mess    |
        |  the QTE and return the next day.  Even this takes a while,        |
        |  though, so you might want to leave the game running and go do     |
        |  something else for a while.                                       |
        |                                                                    |
        |  The bad ending isn't even particularly cool, but I thought        |
        |  those supercompletionists among you might be interested anyway.   |
      Err, the end.
                   *        *        *        *        *         *
         IV. ------------------------------------------------------- MOVE LIST
      In battle, Ryo has a host of moves at his disposal.  Below you'll find a list
      of each individual move and how to execute it, as well as a list of combos
      that can be performed by combining individual moves.
      While Ryo begins the game with most of the following moves already in his
      arsenal, some of them must be learned.  Some moves are learned via story
      events where other characters teach them to you, while others are learned via
      scrolls that can be found or purchased.  As well as the name of each move,
      I've listed the command pressed to execute it.  Keep in mind that "->"
      denotes toward your opponent, while "<-" denotes away from your opponent.
         HAND MOVES
      + Tiger Knuckle (X)
      + Elbow Slam (-> X)
      + Pit Blow (-> X) *
      + Twist Knuckle (<- X)
      + Elbow Assault (-> -> X)
      + Upper Knuckle (<- <- X)
      + Sleeve Strike (-> <- X)
      + Rain Thrust (<- -> X)
      + Rising Flash (-> <- <- X) **
      + Twin Blades (<- -> -> X) ***
         * When learned, the Pit Blow replaces the Elbow Slam 
         ** Buy it at Bunkado Antiques
         *** Find the scroll for this move in the Hazuki Residence.  Check the box
             on the floor in the back hallway behind the altar room to find it.
         LEG MOVES
      + Crescent Kick (A)
      + Trample Kick (-> A)
      + Side Reader Kick (<- A)
      + Swallow Dive (<- A) *
      + Against Cascade (-> -> A)
      + Surplice Slash (<- <- A)
      + Thunder Kick (-> <- A)
      + Hold Against Leg (<- -> A)
      + Tornado Kick (-> -> A A)
      + Crawl Cyclone (-> <- <- A) **
      + Mud Spider (<- -> -> A) **
         * When learned, the Swallow Dive replaces the Side Reaper Kick
         ** Buy these moves at Bunkado Antiques
         POWER MOVES
      + Big Wheel (X+A)
      + Twin Hand Waves (-> X+A)
      + Double Blow (-> X+A) *
      + Backfist (<- X+A)
      + Avalanche Lance (-> -> X+A)
      + Katana Mist Slash (<- <- X+A)
      + Brutal Tiger (-> <- X+A)
      + Dark Moon (<- -> X+A)
      + Stab Armor (-> <- <- X+A)
      + Twin Swallow Leap (<- -> -> X+A) **
      * When learned, the Double Blow replaces Twin Hand Waves
      ** Buy it at Bunkado Antiques
      + Mistral Flash (X while running)
      + Cyclone Kick (A while running)
      + Windmill (X+A while running)
      + Shadow Reaper (Y+A while running) ***
         *** Find the scroll for this move in the Hazuki Residence.  It's in
             Fuku-san's room.
         THROW MOVES
      + Overthrow (B)
      + Darkside Hazuki (B, when Ryo is standing to the side of his opponent)
      + Back Twist Drop (B, when Ryo is standing behind his opponent)
      + Sweep Throw (-> B)
      + Vortex Throw (<- B)
      + Mist Reaper (-> -> B)
      + Demon Drop (<- <- B)
      + Shoulder Buster (-> <- B)
      + Tengu Drop (<- -> B)
      + Shadow Step (-> Y+B)
      + Shadow Blade (-> Y+B X)
      + Cross Charge (-> -> Y+B)
      + Tiger Storm (<- -> -> B B) **
      + Arm Break Fire (-> <- <- B) **
      + Swallow Flip (<-X+A)
         ** Buy these moves at Bunkado Antiques
      A combo is a string of individual moves performed in quick succession.  You
      can't create your own; rather, the game has a number of built-in combos.
      Used at the right moment in battle, a combo can be a great way to beat the
      crap out of your opponent.  As with above, "->" denotes toward the enemy and
      "<-" denotes away from the enemy.  Also, since the game doesn't provide
      official names for any of these combos, I've had to come up with my own names
      for them.  I'll just apologize in advance for my lack of creativity, shall I?
      Sorry, everyone.  I suck.
         TIGER FLURRY (X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X)
      This combo cycles throw a number of Ryo's hand moves.  It finishes
      definitively with the Elbow Assault.  It's quick and easy to perform, and the
      way it concludes means that it packs a punch.
         KATANA RUSH (X-X-->-X-X)
      A short and less powerful version of the above combo.  It finishes with the
      Katana Mist Slash move.
      A Crescent Kick followed directly by a small spin and a second kick.  As leg
      moves tend to be a bit slower and, thus, a bit easier for your enemy to
      parry, this is handy combo that can executed quickly and easily.
      This is the above combo with the addition of a roundhouse kick at the end.
      Obviously it's more powerful, but it takes longer to pull off.  You might
      find that enemies are able to strike you before the final kick lands.
         TIGER'S RAGE (X-X-A)
      A left-right punch combo finished with a quick kick.  Handy.
      Don't say I didn't warn you about the names of these moves.  Anyway, this is
      a great move, but another one that you doesn't always work.  Three quick
      punches leading into a Cyclone Kick works fantastically well against a
      single opponent, but don't try it if you're surrounded.
         FLOWING CASCADE (X-X-->-X-A)
      Another short, quick punch combo.  This one uses the Against Cascade move as
      a finisher.  Effective.
         THE REAPER (X-X--<-A-A-A)
      Two quick punches that flow into the aforementioned Crescent Twirl combo and
      finally ending with a Side Reaper Kick.
      One punch that chains into the Crescent Cyclone combo.
         TIGER CLAW (A-X-X-X-X-X-X-)
      The reverse of the Tiger Maelstrom combo - a kick that chains into a flurry
      of punches.  This is a good one, because the initial kick can knock an
      enemy back and leave them vulnerable for further attacks.
         WHIRLING FURY (A-X-A)
      One of my personal favorites.  Again, it's a bit slow, so don't be overly
      reliant on it.  But when it works, it works really well.  It starts with a
      standard kick followed by a standard punch and finishes with a flying Cyclone
      Kick.  Awesome.
                   *        *        *        *        *         *
         V. -------------------------------------------------------- ITEM LIST
      Honestly, items serve little purpose in Shenmue.  For the most part, they're
      there only to be collected.  Occasionally you'll get the chance to use one or
      two, but most are just there to add to the realism of the game's world.
      There are essentially three types of items that you can pick up in the game:
      Cat food, Shenmue items, and "other" items.  Cat food, obviously, is used to
      feed Megumi's cat (I really hope that's not what you came here to look up).
      Shenmue items give you a chance to play the raffle at your local Tomato mart.
      "Other" items are basically anything else you get in the game, be it a box of
      matches, a cassette tape, or a martial arts scroll.
      You can buy these at the Tomato mart for 150 Yen.  Use them to keep your
      cassette player in working condition.
      These cost 50 Yen at the Tomato store.  Use them to light candles.  You might
      find them particularly useful when you visit the Hazuki Residence's basement.
      You'll need some candles to light up the dojo's hidden basement.  Check the
      Hazuki Residence for a box of candles, or buy them for 150 Yen.
         CANNED TUNA
      Snag some of this cat food at Tomato for 180 Yen.
      You can't eat it, but buy it for 120 Yen and you'll get a chance to play the
      Check the desk drawers in Ryo's room to find this.  The only other way to
      listen to cassette tapes is to hijack Tom's boom box.
      Purchase these at the Tomato convenience marts in Dobuita or at the harbor,
      or just find them lying around somewhere.  Pop them into your Cassette
      Player to listen.  Here's a list of the many tapes in the game ("Hip de hop"
      is my favorite):
        + Antiquity Tree           + GoGo                   + Magical Sound Shower
        + Be-Witch                 + Hang-On                + NaNa
        + Boz Nov                  + Harbor Bar             + Sha Hua
        + Dandy Old Man            + Harbor Beats           + Shenmue
        + Destiny                  + Heart Beats            + Space Harrier
        + Feel Tired Song          + Hip de Hop             + Spider
        + Final Take Off           + Like a Feeling         + Strong
        + Flower Girl              + Linda                  + Y.A.D.A.
        + Glyfada                  + Liquor                 + Yokosuka Blues
      Just like the Caramel, you can't eat it.  But buying it for 120 Yen gives you
      a shot at the raffle.
      These cost 150 Yen at Tomato.  Use them to keep your flashlight functioning
         DRIED FISH
      300 Yen at the Tomato mart buys four pieces of fish, which makes it a
      cost-effective way to feed Megumi's kitten.
      You can buy on at Tomato for 500 Yen, or, better yet, just grab the one in
      the shoe cabinet in the Hazuki Residence for free.  It's a good thing to
      have when you visit the dojo's hidden basement.
      When you visit Asia Travel Company for the first time, the lady will give you
      this.  It's useless.
      This is a letter written in Chinese by a man named Zhu Yuan Da.  Get it
      translated by the woman at Russiya China Shop to learn about Master Chen.
         LIGHT BULB
      90 Yen a pop at the Tomato Convenience Store.  You can use one in the Hazuki
      Once you've found or purchased a scroll, simply read it to learn the move
      described within.  Here's a list of the various scrolls and their locations:
         + Arm Break Fire (3000 Yen at Bunkado Antiques)
         + Crawl Cyclone (1500 Yen at Bunkado Antiques)
         + Mud Spider (500 Yen at Bunkado Antiques)
         + Rising Flash (1000 Yen at Bunkado Antiques)
         + Shadow Reaper (find it in Fuku-san's room at the Hazuki Residence)
         + Stab Armor (find it in the Hazuki Basement; have Gui Zhang translate it)
         + Tiger Storm (2000 Yen at Bunkado Antiques)
         + Twin Blades (find it in the back hallway behind the altar room in the
           Hazuki Residence)
         + Twin Swallow Leap (1000 Yen at Bunkado Antiques)
      Buy it for 100 Yen and feed it to the kitten.  You can get your first
      container of milk for free in the fridge in the Hazuki house, after talking
      to Megumi at Yamanose Shrine.
      Find this hidden in the Hazuki Dojo.  It's in Chinese, so Ryo can't read it
      himself, but give Gui Zhang a call and he'll translate it for you.  It's a
      Stashed away in the secret basement under the Hazuki Dojo, this mysterious
      artifact is the object of Lan Di's search.
      Just a useless photo of the Hazuki family.
      An old picture of a young Iwao Hazuki posing with an unknown man.  Find it in
      the basement.
      A photo of Ryo, Nozomi, Naoyuki and Ichiro (the character, not the baseball
      You'll get this cute photo during a scene that occurs one day during your
      lunch break at the harbor.
      120 Yen.  Can't eat them, but they give a chance to play the raffle.
      Buy three pieces for 90 Yen at the Abe Store in Sakuragaoka.  Probably the
      most cash effective way to feed the kitten.
         SLICED FISH
      The Tomato mart sells a meager helping of this stuff for 500 Yen.  Don't
      waste Ine-san's hard-earned Yen on it.  Or do waste it, whatever.
         SQUID LEGS
      90 Yen for three pieces at the Abe Store.
      Given to you by Oishi-san, the owner of Bunkado Antiques.  It's a symbol of
      the Hazuki family, but, more importantly, it's used to open the hidden
      entrance to the secret basement hidden underneath the Hazuki Dojo.
      Uh, it tells time.
         WHITE LEAF
      Find it hidden inside one of the books in the secret basement.  It serves no
         WINNING CAN
      Sometimes when you buy a soda from one of the vending machines scattered
      throughout the game, your fizzy treat will come out in a special, winning
      can instead of the normal can.  Trade it in for a free draw in the raffle
      I'm sure you've seen the capsule toy machines scattered around the game.
      Capsule toys are useless, but something to collect if you're into, you know,
      collecting.  In addition to buying them from the machines, some can be won
      under other circumstances, such as from the forklift race, the arcade, or the
      Slot House.  Below, I've listed the items that can be found at each
      individual machine as well as the color of the machine, just to make sure you
      know which one I'm talking about.
         GREEN SEGA (Outside Abe Store)
      [  ] A Button
      [  ] Amy
      [  ] Bark
      [  ] B Button
      [  ] Bean
      [  ] Binsbein 1
      [  ] Binsbein 2
      [  ] Binsbein 3
      [  ] Chao & Pian
      [  ] Dice 1
      [  ] Dice 2
      [  ] Dice 3
      [  ] Eggman
      [  ] Espio
      [  ] Fang
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 1
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 2
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 2
      [  ] Knuckles
      [  ] Ristar
      [  ] Sonic 1
      [  ] Sonic 2
      [  ] Super Ball 1
      [  ] Super Ball 2
      [  ] Super Ball 3
      [  ] Tails
      [  ] X Button
      [  ] Y Button
         YELLOW VIRTUA FIGHTER (Outside Abe Store)
      [  ] Akira 1
      [  ] Akira 2
      [  ] Binsbein 1
      [  ] Binsbein 2
      [  ] Binsbein 3
      [  ] Dice 1
      [  ] Dice 2
      [  ] Dice 3
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 1
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 2
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 3
      [  ] Jacky 1
      [  ] Jacky 2
      [  ] Jeffry 1
      [  ] Jeffry 2
      [  ] Kage 1
      [  ] Kage 2
      [  ] Lau 1
      [  ] Lau 2
      [  ] Pai 1
      [  ] Pai 2
      [  ] Sarah 1
      [  ] Sarah 2
      [  ] Super Ball 1
      [  ] Super Ball 2
      [  ] Super Ball 3
      [  ] Wolf 1
      [  ] Wolf 2
      [  ] Wooden Man
         RED SEGA (Outside YOU Arcade)
      [  ] A Button
      [  ] Aida II
      [  ] Alex Kidd
      [  ] B Button
      [  ] Binsbein 1
      [  ] Binsbein 2
      [  ] Binsbein 3
      [  ] Chicken Leg
      [  ] Coba Beach
      [  ] Dice 1
      [  ] Dice 2
      [  ] Dice 3
      [  ] Dreamcasko
      [  ] Gear-O
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 1
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 2
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 3
      [  ] Hornet
      [  ] Jet Opa Opa
      [  ] Megadra Brother
      [  ] MOBO
      [  ] Myau
      [  ] NiGHTS 1
      [  ] NiGHTS 2
      [  ] Opa Opa
      [  ] Poppors
      [  ] Ristar
      [  ] ROBO
      [  ] Ruber
      [  ] Sataro
      [  ] Shop
      [  ] Solo Wing
      [  ] Super Ball 1
      [  ] Super Ball 2
      [  ] Super Ball 3
      [  ] TRY-Z
      [  ] X Button
      [  ] Y Button
         BLUE VIRTUA FIGHTER (Outside YOU Arcade)
      [  ] A Button
      [  ] B Button
      [  ] Binsbein 1
      [  ] Binsbein 2
      [  ] Binsbein 3
      [  ] Dice 1
      [  ] Dice 2
      [  ] Dice 3
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 1
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 2
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 3
      [  ] Kids Akira 1
      [  ] Kids Akira 2
      [  ] Kids Dural S
      [  ] Kids Dural G
      [  ] Kids Jacky 1
      [  ] Kids Jacky 2
      [  ] Kids Jeffry 1
      [  ] Kids Jeffry 2
      [  ] Kids Kage 1
      [  ] Kids Kage 2
      [  ] Kids Lau 1
      [  ] Kids Lau 2
      [  ] Kids Lion 1
      [  ] Kids Lion 2
      [  ] Kids Pai 1
      [  ] Kids Pai 2
      [  ] Kids Sarah 1
      [  ] Kids Sarah 2
      [  ] Kids Shun Di 1
      [  ] Kids Shun Di 2
      [  ] Kids Wolf 1
      [  ] Kids Wolf 2
      [  ] Super Ball 1
      [  ] Super Ball 2
      [  ] Super Ball 3
      [  ] X Button
      [  ] Y Button
         RED SEGA (Harbor Lounge)
      [  ] A Button
      [  ] Aida II
      [  ] Alex Kidd
      [  ] B Button
      [  ] Binsbein 1
      [  ] Binsbein 2
      [  ] Binsbein 3
      [  ] Chicken Leg
      [  ] Cobra Beach
      [  ] Dice 1
      [  ] Dice 2
      [  ] Dice 3
      [  ] Dreamcasko
      [  ] Gear-O
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 1
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 2
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 3
      [  ] Hornet
      [  ] Jet Opa Opa
      [  ] Megadra Brother
      [  ] MOBO
      [  ] Myau
      [  ] NiGHTS 1
      [  ] NiGHTS 2
      [  ] Opa Opa
      [  ] Poppors
      [  ] Ristar
      [  ] ROBO
      [  ] Ruber
      [  ] Sataro
      [  ] Shop
      [  ] Solo Wing
      [  ] Super Ball 1
      [  ] Super Ball 2
      [  ] Super Ball 3
      [  ] TRY-Z
      [  ] X Button
      [  ] Y Button
         GREEN VEHICLE (Harbor Lounge)
      [  ] Binsbein 1
      [  ] Binsbein 2
      [  ] Binsbein 3
      [  ] Bus
      [  ] Coupe 1
      [  ] Coupe 2
      [  ] Coupe 3
      [  ] Coupe 4
      [  ] Coupe 5
      [  ] Delivery Moped
      [  ] Dice 1
      [  ] Dice 2
      [  ] Dice 3
      [  ] Hang On 1
      [  ] Hang On 2
      [  ] Hang On 3
      [  ] Hang On 4
      [  ] Hang On 5
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 1
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 2
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 3
      [  ] Motor Scooter
      [  ] Super Ball 1
      [  ] Super Ball 2
      [  ] Super Ball 3
      [  ] Wagon 1
      [  ] Wagon 2
      [  ] Wagon 3
      [  ] Wagon 4
         BLUE HARBOR ITEMS (Harbor Lounge)
      [  ] Anchor
      [  ] Binsbein 1
      [  ] Binsbein 2
      [  ] Binsbein 3
      [  ] Dice 1
      [  ] Dice 2
      [  ] Dice 3
      [  ] Container
      [  ] Float
      [  ] Forklift
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 1
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 2
      [  ] Heavy Bomb 3
      [  ] Shenmue Container
      [  ] Steering Wheel
      [  ] Super Ball 1
      [  ] Super Ball 2
      [  ] Super Ball 3
      [  ] Truck 1
      [  ] Truck 2
      [  ] Truck 3
      [  ] Truck 4
      [  ] Wooden Crate
      [  ] Forklift No. 1
      [  ] Forklift No. 2
      [  ] Forklift No. 3
      [  ] Forklift No. 4
      [  ] Forklift No. 5
      [  ] Bonanza Brothers (Abe Store)
      [  ] B.B. Ultra (Tomato mart)
      [  ] Crane (Harbor Lounge)
      [  ] Dural G (Abe Store)
      [  ] Dural S (Abe Store)
      [  ] Ferry (Harbor Lounge)
      [  ] Forklift Blue (Harbor Lounge)
      [  ] Forklift Red (Harbor Lounge)
      [  ] Hot Dog Truck (Tomato mart)
      [  ] Metal Sonic (Tomato mart)
      [  ] Mr. Yukawa Happi (Abe Store)
      [  ] Mr. Yukawa Suit (Abe Store)
      [  ] R-360 (Abe Store)
      [  ] Rent-A-Hero (Abe Store)
      [  ] Space Harrier (Abe Store)
      [  ] Super Sonic (Tomato mart)
      [  ] Hang On Certificate (Beat Hang On using only one coin)
      [  ] Harrier Certificate (Beat Space Harrier using only one coin)
      [  ] Mini Darts (Get 300 or more points)
      [  ] Mini Hang On (Get 10,000,000 or more points)
      [  ] Mini QTE (Get 300,000 or more points)
      [  ] Mini QTE Title (Get 300,000 or more points)
      [  ] Mini Space Harrier (Get 10,000,000 or more points)
      [  ] Cherry (Get all 7's on a 1-coin slot machine)
      [  ] Matsuyama Prize (Get 10,000 coins)
      [  ] Mini Jukebox (Get all 7's on a 20-coin slot machine)
      [  ] Mini Pool (Get all 7's on a 5-coin slot machine)
      [  ] Mini Slot Game (Get all 7's on a 10-coin slot machine)
      [  ] Mitsuzaka Prize (Get 50,000 coins)
                   *        *        *        *        *         *
         VI. ------------------------------------------------------ MINI-GAMES
      From the arcade to the Slot House to the various shenanigans that Ryo gets up
      to at the harbor, Shenmue boasts a number of mini-games that serve as
      diversions to the main quest.
         THE 70 MAN BATTLE
      Once you've beaten the game, you can access a time trial version of the
      famous 70 Man Battle via the title screen's main menu.  How fast can you lay
      the smack down on 70 gangsters?
         DARTS 7
      There are two places where you can play Darts - at the Game YOU Arcade in
      Dobuita and in the Harbor Lounge at the harbor (obviously).  The tricky thing
      about playing darts is that you have no control over Ryo's hand.  His hand
      automatically moves somewhat randomly both horizontally and vertically over
      the dartboard.  Hit A when you think you've got a good throw lined up to toss
      the dart and prompt a stupid comment from Ryo ("That's the way!").  If you do
      well enough, you can win two free games (for a total of three games overall).
      300 points across three consecutive games wins you the prize.
         EXCITE QTE 2
      The benefits of this game, found in the Game YOU Arcade, are twofold:
      firstly, it's great practice for the game's QTEs, and secondly it's a ton of
      fun.  Depending on how quickly you hit the button/direction that flashes on
      screen, you'll get a varying amount of points.  As you progress, you'll have
      less and less time to hit the button.  Fail to press the correct button in
      time three times and you're done.  Get 300,000 points and the arcade manager
      will award you with a sweet prize (and by "sweet prize", I mean a capsule
      After landing a job as a forklift operator down at the harbor, this will
      become your new morning routine.  Three laps around the harbor against four
      other forklift racers is one way to get the adrenaline pumpin' in the
      morning.  I guess.  Be sure not to get stuck on any walls and take the
      shortcut at the end of each lap (cut to the left of the pillar, instead of
      going right around it like the other fools).  Do that, and you shouldn't have
      too much trouble snaring the first place prize.  After the race, Mark will
      present you with a toy forklift with the place you came in written on it.
      Another game worth checking out at the arcade.  The main goal of Hang-On is,
      simply enough, to race your motorcycle through various locales.  What's
      interesting, though, is that you aren't racing the other riders, but rather
      the clock.  If you can hit the end of each course with time to spare, you'll
      be able to continue.  If not, it's game over.  The other riders do serve a
      purpose, however, and that's to get in your way.  If you smack right into
      another bike, expect to go flying and crash, losing precious time.  Learning
      to swerve in and out of traffic is crucial to succeeding in this addictive
      game.  Also be sure to watch out for trees and signs lined along the road, as
      they also cause you to crash.  I find that tapping the Right Trigger (instead
      of holding it down) makes things a bit a easier.  You can play Hang-On at the
      arcade, or, if you're lucky enough to win it in the raffle, on Ryo's Sega
      Saturn in the Hazuki Residence.
         NEO DARTS
      This game differs from the Darts 7 version mentioned above in a couple ways.
      First of all, Ryo holds the dart differently, making aiming a bit different.
      Also, there's no time bonus, meaning that you've got as long as you need to
      line up the perfect shot.  Finally, the scoring works differently; it's not
      as complex as the other version of darts.  Basically, there are five rings.
      Hit the ones closest to the center for big points, and the ones farther from
      the center for smaller totals.  Easy enough, right?
      As for the aiming, the goal here is to have Ryo holding the dart so that it's
      pointing slightly downward when you release it.  You have to be careful,
      obviously, because too much of an angle will send the dart flying into the 10
      point ring.  "No good."  Another thing to take note of is that you can't win
      any free games in Neo Darts, not even if you nail 500 points.  Bummer.  The
      game is found at the Harbor Lounge.
         QTE TITLE
      Like Excite QTE 2, this arcade game is a great way to improve your QTE
      skills.  The game is set up like this:  there are three red panels that move
      in random order.  Each panel is assigned to a button:  X corresponds to the
      left target, A the one in the middle, and B the right panel.  When a panel
      begins moving, immediately press the corresponding button to punch it back
      down.  This prompts another target to start moving.  Repeat the process for
      as long as you can.
      One thing you might notice is that the button icons don't actually appear on-
      screen until a split-second after the panel itself begins to move.  As long
      as you know which button is aligned with each target (it's kind of obvious),
      this allows you to gain a slight advantage.  Another thing:  sometimes two
      panels begin moving at the same time.  So, like, be alert.  And stuff.  Like
      in Excite QTE 2, you've only got three chances before it's game over.
      The Slot House is located in the "red light district" of Dobuita - you know,
      the area near the Heartbeats Bar and the tattoo parlor.  You can divine the
      best slot machine to use every day by getting the "Lucky Number" fortune at
      the Lapis Fortune Teller.  Your lucky number for the day is the machine that
      will yield the best results.
      Like Hang-On, you can play Space Harrier at the arcade or at Ryo's home
      should you be lucky enough to win it in the raffle.  This classic rail
      shooter is arguably the most fun mini-game available, and a great way to kill
      time.  Essentially, your character runs/flies automatically, meaning that you
      need only focus on two things:  shooting enemies and dodging projectiles.
      Pressing A constantly so that you're always shooting and taking out
      obstacles, even without realizing it, is an effective tactic.  As for evading
      projectiles, it's worth noting that your character will automatically return
      to the center of the screen if you let go of the thumbstick.
                   *        *        *        *        *         *
         VII. ------------------------------------------------------------ FAQ
      Frequently Asked Questions are, uh... questions that are asked, um...
      frequently.  If that wasn't obvious.  But thanks to this section, they don't
      have to be frequently answered questions.
         Q:  Other than Ine-san's daily allowance, is there any way to make money?
         A:  In the early stages of the game, no.  On Disc 3, however, you'll land
             a job as a forklift operator which provides a daily paycheck.
         Q:  Megumi keeps telling me that the kitty in Yamanose is hungry.  What
             can I feed her and where do I get it?
         A:  Catfood-wise, you've got a few options.  Canned Tuna, Dried Fish,
             Sliced Fish, and Milk are all available at the Tomato store.  Also,
             check out the Abe Store in Sakuragaoka to find Salami and Squid Legs.
             None of these are any more effective than the others, so it's best to
             just go with whatever's cheapest.
         Q:  Megumi's kitty disappeared!  Where'd it go?  Can I get her to come
         A:  If you neglect the cat (i.e. don't feed it for a few days), she'll
             disappear from the shrine in Yamanose.  Should this happen, she's gone
             for good - there's no way to get her back.
         Q:  How often can I spar with Fuku-san in the dojo?
         A:  The first time is a mandatory event that occurs the morning of the day
             you're supposed to meet Charlie at the arcade.  After this, you can
             spar with him every morning until you get a job, with the exception of
             the few times when there is a story event in the morning.
         Q:  I found two scrolls, but they're written in Chinese and Ryo can't read
             them.  Can I get them translated?
         A:  Yes.  Call Warehouse No. 8 (61-5647) and Ryo will set up a meeting
             with Gui Zhang.  He'll translate one scroll per meeting.  The
             so-called Mysterious Scroll is a poem, while the Stab Armor scroll is
             a powerful new move.
         Q:  What is the best way to train throw moves?  It's kind of hard to
             practice them on your own.
         A:  If you want to have any chance of mastering your throw moves by the
             end of the game, it's important to set your training method to "Throw
             Moves Only" as soon as possible (do this in Ryo's room - stand by the
             bed and a menu will pop up).  And while you can't practice throws when
             practicing by yourself, you *can* practice them on Fuku-san.  Spar
             with him as often as possible.
         Q:  I found the Sega Saturn in the Hazuki Residence.  Can I play it?
         A:  Yep.  Both Hang-On and Space Harrier are available as prizes in the
             raffle at the Tomato mart.  Win second prize in the raffle and you'll
             get to choose between the two games, which will then be available to
             play for free at Ryo's house.  Effin' sweet.
         Q:  What can I win in the raffle?
         A:  It varies from store to store.  The Tomato Mart in Dobuita and the one
             at the harbor have more or less the same stuff (albeit some different
             capsule toys), while the Abe Store in Sakuragaoka has a different set
             of possible prizes.  The grand prize at Tomato is a boom box, which
             Ryo will then keep in his room.  Second prize is a choice between two
             Sega Saturn games (Space Harrier and Hang-On).  The third place prize
             consists of some rare cassette tapes, while fourth and fifth prizes
             are rare capsule toys.  All of the prizes at the Abe Store are capsule
         Q:  Is it possible to beat Chai in the fight at the arcade?
         A:  It's difficult (the most challenging part of the game), but possible.
             My best piece of advice is to focus on defense first.  There's not a
             lot of room to maneuver in the tiny arcade, so it's important to make
             sure that you don't get backed into a corner.  In terms of offense,
             the most effective moves are quick, low attacks.  Don't bother trying
             to combo him, as he's a master of parrying your moves.  Throws don't
             work well, nor do the majority of Ryo's hand moves.  I find it's most
             effective to simply repeat a few simple moves, such as the Side Reaper
             Kick (<- A), the Trample Kick (-> A), the Dark Moon (<- -> X+A), the
             Crawl Cyclone (-> <- <- A), the Mud Spider (<- -> -> A), and the Elbow
             Assault (-> -> X).  Aside from that, the keys are patience and
             persistence.  If you're gonna beat Chai, it's going to take quite a
             bit longer than a normal battle.  Don't take risks, prioritize defense
             over offense, and keep at it.
             Not that you get anything special for beating him.  Just a slightly
             different cutscene after the fight and the feeling of accomplishment.
             Worth it?  You decide.
         Q:  I'm having trouble sneaking into Warehouse No. 8.  Any tips?
         A:  If you're having problems getting your Solid Snake on (err, I didn't
             mean it like *that*), the best thing to do is simply make a break for
             it.  Even if you get spotted, you remain in control of Ryo until a
             guard catches up with you.  From where you begin, take the passage to
             the right.  From there, take the first available left turn, then
             follow the path and take the next right.  Warehouse No. 8 is right
             there.  It's not far from where you begin, so sprinting for it isn't
             And if that fails, all hope is not lost.  If you continue to screw up,
             Shozo Mizuki (you know, the homeless dude) will show up to give you a
             hand.  First, he'll give you a map of the area.  If you still continue
             to screw up, he'll let you in on a secret:  arrive very early in the
             morning (which Ryo will do automatically the following day) and you'll
             find significantly fewer guards patrolling the area.  You'll have no
             trouble getting in, I guarantee it.
         Q:  What's the quickest way to see the bad ending?
         A:  Remember when you're trying to infiltrate the Old Warehouse District
             in order to sneak into Warehouse No. 8?  Yeah?  Good.  Well, as you
             enter, there's a QTE in which Ryo has to sneak past the guard at the
             gate.  If you complete the QTE, then Ryo gets past the guard no
             problem and the game continues.  If you don't complete it, however,
             the guard catches Ryo and throws him out, forcing him to return the
             following day.  Just let the game run by itself - you'll keep messing
             up the QTE, the guard will keep catching Ryo, and you'll skip
             automatically to the next day.  Even doing this, it takes a *long*
             time to see the bad ending, so go watch a couple episodes of 30 Rock
             while the game does its thing.
         Q:  Is there a way to listen to a tape without running out of batteries?
         A:  Two ways, actually.  Tom has a boom box sitting on his hot dog truck
             that you can use whenever you want (although you have to stand there
             at the truck in order to listen to a tape).  Also, the first prize in
             the raffle at the Tomato mart is a boom box which Ryo keeps in his
             room and can be used any time you're there.
         Q:  What's the most powerful move in the game?
         A:  Arm Break Fire.  It's a throw move which can be purchased at Bunkado
             Antiques for 3000 Yen.
         Q:  I have an, err... "personal" question to ask.  How can I get in
             contact with you?
         A:  My e-mail is americanarsenal4 (at) gmail (dot) com.  Let me warn you,
             though:  I'm lazy and take forever to answer questions, especially
             ones that I can't answer from memory.  Please be patient with me.  If
             you have a *really* urgent question, you may be able to catch me on
             Google Talk (americanarsenal4).  I'll be nice as long as you are, so
             please don't be obnoxious (i.e. don't IM every single time I get on).
             Fair enough, right?  One last thing:  please please *please* check the
             guide before getting in contact with me.  There's nothing more
             annoying than having someone nag you about something that is clearly
             explained in the guide.  Okay, Didier Drogba and his stupid face and
             his stupid hair is more annoying, but that's it.  Bottom line:  Ctrl +
             F is your friend.  And my friend.
                   *        *        *        *        *         *
         VIII. ---------------------------------------------- REVISION HISTORY
      If you're interested in knowing exactly what this version of the guide
      contains that wasn't available in previous versions, you're in the right
      Version 3.0 / August 17, 2010
         + Has it really been four years?  Damn.
         + So, everything's new.  Well, except the information itself (i.e. the
           useful stuff).  But everything else is shiny and new - the format looks
           better than ever and everything has been re-written.
         + I know I've said this before, but I'm more certain now than I was before
           that this is *the* definitive version of this guide.  I can't imagine
           that it will be updated again.  It contains everything I know about
           this game, and since it's like a decade old and no one ever e-mails me
           about it, I don't foresee anything unforeseen coming along and forcing
           me to update again.  That said, who wants to make a bet on how long
           it'll take before I have to eat my words?  Do I hear one month?
      Version 2.5 / September 25, 2006
         + Wow, it's been forever since I've touched this guide (or any of my other
           guides, for that matter).
         + The changes I've made this time around are mostly cosmetic (tinkered
           with the format yet again), but I also added in one of those new-fangled
           Ctrl + F search features that everyone seems to love these days.
         + I also rewrote the Introduction for no real reason and toyed around with
           a few other minor things that no one will notice.
      Version 2.4 / March 13, 2005
         + Aside from a few aesthetic changes, I added <www.honestgamers.com> and
           <www.gamerhelp.com> to the Legal Disclaimer.
      Version 1.337 / July 30, 2004
         + Discovered a nasty error in the walkthrough and cut it out.  I'm sorry.
      Version 2.31 / April 17, 2004
         + Added in some beautiful new ASCII, compliments of the insanely talented 
           osrevad.  Thanks a ton, man!
         + I also made some minor format adjustments and corrected a few
           spelling/grammar errors.
         + I lied.  Go ahead and berate me.
      Version 2.3 / January 26, 2004
         + I've added in a much nicer-looking format, rearranged some info, and
           added in the Bad Ending "side quest".
         + I also removed that horrible, horrible ASCII at the top.  So, yeah, this
           probably will be the LAST update.  Ever.  If not, feel free to berate me
           as you see fit.
      Version 2.2 / December 21, 2003
         + Hi there. ;)  I promise this is gonna be the last update... For a while
         + I was just tinkering around with the format again and making things
           generally look a lot better.  At least, I think they look better.  If
           you don't you can go urinate upon yourself. ;)
      Version 2.1 / December 1, 2003
         + Nothing big, just cleaned up some tiny errors.
      Version 2.0 / November 18, 2003
         + Welcome to the new and improved VtS Shenmue FAQ/Walkthrough Version 2.0!
         + I didn't actually make the walkthrough better or anything, but I did add
           in a sexy new format.
         + I also added in some horribly ugly ASCII art that I made all by myself
           (thus the ugliness).
      Version 1.1 / October 13, 2003
         + Didn't really do anything important here - I just revamped the format to
           make it a bit more attractive and fixed up some errors.
      Version 1.02 / September 22, 2003
         + Added a few more FAQs and fixed up an error or two.
      Version 1.01 / September 20, 2003
         + Fixed a few minor errors and added winnie the poop to the Credits
      Version 1.0 / September 16, 2003
         + All the main stuff is complete:  the walkthrough, the move and item
           lists, the mini-game descriptions, etc.
         + There may be a few more minor updates, but there isn't a whole lot of
           big stuff forthcoming.
                   *        *        *        *        *         *
         IX. ------------------------------------------------ LEGAL DISCLAIMER
      This document is copyright (c) 2010 Chris Noonan (American Arsenal).  It is
      not to be reproduced in any way, shape, or form.  However, feel free to
      download it, print it out for personal use, or send it to your buddies, as
      long as you leave it unaltered and do not make a profit off of it.  Doing so
      would be very illegal, so I suggest that you do nothing of the sort.  One
      final note:  this document should absolutely *NOT* be found on any websites
      with the exception of <www.gamefaqs.com>, <www.ign.com>, <www.neoseeker.com>,
      <www.honestgamers.com> and <www.gamerhelp.com>.  Don't even bother asking for
      permission to use it, as the answer will always be no.
                   *        *        *        *        *         *
         X. ---------------------------------------------------------- CREDITS
      I'd never have been able to write this guide without the help of others, so
      huge thanks to the following people/entities:
         GameFAQs, IGN, and Neoseeker
      For hosting my guides.
         winnie the poop
      A great FAQ writer who was kind enough to let me check my capsule toy
      checklist with his.  He, like me, has written guides for both Shenmue and
      Shenmue II, so go check his shit out! (catch the pun?)
      Another totally awesome dude who created the beautiful ASCII art you can see
      at the very top of this file.  If you want to solicit his services, feel free
      to send him an e-mail at osrevad (at) gmail (dot) com or catch him on AIM as
         My inspirations
      Not to get all mushy, but I wouldn't be writing FAQs if it wasn't for those
      who've paved the way.  I'm talking about the likes of Adrenaline SL,
      Crazyreyn, CyricZ, and AstroBlue - really fantastic writers whose work makes
      me realize how terrible my own is.  Err, thanks!
      And, above all, thanks to you for reading!  Hope the guide helped and maybe
      we'll see each other again in another guide.  Give my CRP a glance if you
      have the time:
             - http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/39691.html -
                             Copyright (c) 2010 Chris Noonan.  All rights reserved.

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