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    FAQ/Walkthrough by smeckledorf

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/08/08 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Walkthrough written for:
    Writer/Author: L. Brandon Freeman III
    Version: 1.1
    Table of Contents
    I) Legal Delights
    II) Contact Info
    III) Writing History
    IV) Game Information
    V) Introduction
    VI) The Fabled Ctrl+F 
    VII) Controls
    VIII) Menus
    IX) Characters
    X) Area Layout
    XI) Walkthrough
    XII) Disc 1 Walkthrough
    XIII) Disc 2 Walkthrough
    XIV) Disc 3 Walkthrough
    XV) Passport Disc Walk-around
    XVI) Secret/Fun Stuff
    XVII) Strange/Not So Fun Stuff
    XVIII) My Opinion
    XIX) Contact Info (Again)
    XX) Closing
    XXI) Version History
    XXII) Credit/Props
    I) Legal Delights
    Ah yes, the legal section, well seeing as how the writing of FAQ's has been
    around for a while, there is not much I'll say here.  Aside from the obvious 
    DISTRIBUTING NONSENSE (sorry).  Phew, okay don't let this discourage you 
    from reading this FAQ, it's just I hate having stuff stolen from me as much 
    as the next guy/girl.  So if I find out this FAQ is elsewhere other than 
    GameFAQs, then I'll sic Lan Di-sama on your hide.  
    Enuff' said.
    Oh yeah, feel free to print this guide out (tree killer!) or take it and 
    store it on your computer for all hours access, just don't try and sell
    it you thieves you!  I mean it!
    If you prefer a technical description, then don't say I never gave you 
    This document is copyrighted © 2007 by L. Brandon Freeman III.  This guide 
    is for personal use only and may not be altered, printed or distributed 
    for any commercial purposes.  This guide may be printed for personal use 
    providing it is not further distributed or sold.  No part of this guide 
    may be used without written consent of the author and the requester 
    agrees to provide proper recognition.  Violators of this copyright will be 
    prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Shenmue and all of its 
    contents are copyrighted © 1999 Sega.
    II) Contact Info
    Well, I had to create a whole new E-mail account on another site just to 
    register with GameFAQs.  Needless to say this is irritating, as well as 
    fortuitous.  The new E-mail will ONLY be used for GameFAQs business.  So if 
    you need to contact me do so under these fun and delicious guidelines.
    E-Mail's I'll read (Explicit Credit/Props will be given to all of these).
    *Stuff regarding the FAQ (obviously) that I DIDN'T already answer
    *Any, and I mean ANY hidden cutscene stuff, or sidequest info
    *Seriously incorrect info
    *Added information that I was unable to get
    *If you need help in a certain area
    *Any major information that I'm missing
    *Juicy love letters
    *Corrections in consistent spelling and grammar errors only, you sentence 
    structure people can still jump in the lake for all I care.
    *Any inconsistencies
    E-Mails I'll delete, instantly.
    *Anything without a specific subject (i.e., Ryo's Inability to Change Clothes)
    *Excessive swearing
    *Whiny protests 
    *Anything irrelevant to Shenmue (juicy love letters aside :D)
    *Chain mail
    *Requests to post this on some other iffy website
    *Requests to sell it for outside profit 
    As a final note, if I get multiple E-Mail's regarding something (unlikely, 
    this game is old), I'll create a FAQ section for your enjoyment.
    Contact: ss2vegetabigbang2007@hotmail.com
    III) Writing History
    Yes, I know this is supposed to be a "Version History" of sorts, but since 
    GameFAQs is rather explicit on the rules of hosting old game guides, I 
    decided to put a history of what is written in this FAQ as it is written.  
    Now, the guide that I post will be the completed one, but if and only if I 
    get E-mail's pertaining to the guidelines up there, I'll include a F.A.Q. 
    section and a more concise Version History to correlate with the questions 
    and what-not, but until then the Version History will be at the bottom.
    9/18/2007-The big day of deciding to write a Shenmue Walkthru, and my first
    FAQ...EVER!!!  Had to hunt for my "Notepad", it's buried somewhere here...
    9/19/2007-Wrote the Table of Contents, the legal stuff...lets see, and a 
    little bit of the intro and the game information.  Also put in the E-mail 
    guidelines among other things.
    9/20/2007-Laid out about 90 percent of the Controls section, about 20 percent
    of the menus section.
    9/21/2007-Added the Ctrl-F stuff, revised the introduction a bit and added 
    some more content to the Controls section.
    9/23/2007-Ok, so I'm not as diligent as I thought, nonetheless I decided to 
    screw a major portion of the general stuff and began writing the Disc
    1 walkthrough, got about halfway.
    9/25/2007-Finished the Disc 1 walkthrough, and revised a lot of the little
    cutscene and "what if" stuff.
    9/26/2007-Wrote about halfway through Disc 2 don't you know.
    9/27/2007-Finished Disc 2 and replayed it multiple times to provide validity
    to a lot of the optional stuff.
    9/28/2007-Turns out I wasn't finished with Disc 2 after all...had to rewrite 
    a couple of paragraphs to fix the storyline layout.  And started Disc 3 
    walkthrough, upon finishing this very sentence, I'll be about 20 percent done
    with Disc 3.
    9/30/2007-10/13/2007-Dreamcast is making a terrible whistling noise and 
    freezes the game at times...looks like the FAQ will have to be put on 
    hiatus for a bit. 8-(
    10/17/2007-Sheesh, my Dreamcast picked a perfect time to go loopy on me, I 
    roughed it up a bit, and REJOICE!  Worked on Disc 3 right up to the end of the
    first day at your forklift job.
    10/18/2007-Wahahaha!!! My Dreamcast is still working!  Worked some more on 
    Disc 3, right up to your 4th day at work.
    10/24/2007-HA! Dreamcast is still okay....phew.  Loaded my Resume file working
    from the 4th day all the way up to the end of said workday, so I'm lazy...so
    10/26/2007-Minor revisions, grammar, sentences, plot relevance.
    10/29/2007-Same as before, but I also added a little of the Motorcycle race 
    thingy in Disc Three.
    10/31/2007-Woooooooooo!!!!!!!  Mwahahahahahahah!!! BOO!!!  Happy Halloween 
    (All Hallow's Eve) everybody, I wrote absolutely NOTHING today, wahahahaha!!!.
    Ok, that's a lie, I did an overview of the whole guide up to this point and 
    did some grammar and spelling checks.
    11/1/2007-Prematurely wrote in the parts of your last day at work, and most 
    of the big battle.
    11/2/2007-Once again, prematurely wrote in from the end of the big battle to
    early next day.  More than likely I'll be revising a lot of this stuff.
    11/4/2007-He he he, I finished Disc 3.  I validated a lot of stuff in Disc 3.
    Wrote out the Passport stuff, it carried over past the witching hour so there
    is an update below this one too.
    11/5/2007-This is a continuation from the update above this one; I wrote about
    95% of the Passport, starting writing the Secret/Fun section and chopped the
    Table of Contents down a bit.  Reworked the border design, and I'll probably 
    redo it before I submit it to GameFAQs, I wrote a lot of the Secret/Fun and 
    Strange/Not So Fun Stuff section.  Wow, this day is chock-full of goodness, 
    as of writing this I will be about 90% done with whole Guide!!!  All I have
    to do is major revisions and write out the Area Layout.
    11/6/2007-Added some more stuff to the Secret and Strange Sections, and did a
    little overall revision.  Put some stuff into the Credits/Props section, 
    nothing much more to do now but one giant revision and submit it!!!
    11/7/2007-Formatted the whole guide so it meets requirements on GameFAQ's, and
    ran a spell-check.  Submitted it to GameFAQs, here's hoping!!!
    IV) Game Information
    Shenmue© 1999
    Created, Produced and Directed by Yu Suzuki
    Sega Productions
    Teen Rated: (Violence, Mild Language, Alcohol and Tobacco use)
    Players: 1
    Discs: 4
    Memory: 80 blocks
    Miscellaneous: Video Memory Card and Internet capable
    V) Introduction
    Well, well, well.  I'd like to welcome you all to my information extravaganza
    that is the Shenmue FAQ.  This is my very first guide, and well, I've been 
    meaning to write a FAQ for a very long time now, but never could choose the 
    right game.  And one day (6 days ago from writing this Introduction in fact),
    I dusted off the old Dreamcast, booted it up, popped in Shenmue for some 
    nostalgic gameplay, then whoosh, it hit me, this is the FAQ I've been waiting
    to write up.  This my all-time favorite game, ever.  The only game that ties 
    is Shenmue 2, and a close second runner is FF7.  Why write a FAQ for a game 
    that is nearly 10 years old, you say?  HEY! Shenmue don't need no reason.
    Now this FAQ will include lots of good stuff applicable to nearly every type 
    of reader out there (I think).  But mainly this guide exists solely for good 
    information.  Throughout this immensely concise guide, I'll include comments 
    and otherwise very humorous insight and opinionated information regarding the 
    in-game goings on.
    Why the humor?
    I really don't like searching through 5.5MB of a guide resembling a legal 
    report.  I believe it's impossible to go one day without some type of humor.  
    And while this guide will satisfy those just wanting help in certain areas.  
    For a few of you guys/gals out there who like fully reading FAQs for enjoyment
    (me included), this is right up your alley.
    I also like to keep note of whatever plot may (or may not!) exist so most 
    people will be able to easily pick up and leave off of places, and it makes 
    for a much more visually pleasing FAQ, although it will be a little verbose.
    Also be aware that NOWHERE throughout this FAQ will I be using profanity 
    (ignore the two censored F-words below :-O), it does not mean I don't swear on
    a regular basis (which I do!), it's just, well, there is no need for it.  
    Also, so youngsters can read it without being subjected to horrific 
    expletives.  But I must warn you, some of the comments will sometimes sway to
    the adult side, meaning in a "What If?" scenario I'll be putting my 2-cents 
    (two sense?) in which will likely conjure up an imaginative scenario that is 
    rife with graphic images!
    And unfortunately while this guide will be concise, a lot of stuff will have 
    to be left out; why, you say?  Well, I've noticed that there are in-depth FAQs
    out there (primarily on GameFAQs.com) that deal with stuff a lot better than 
    what I could ever do.  For instance, the Collections, Items, the Move Layouts,
    and some other stuff.  I'll touch base on some things though.  Another reason
    is at the time of me writing this, my Dreamcast is going on the fritz and 
    this makes it extremely difficult to restart the game multiple times.  Also my
    memory card has a fun habit of corrupting and subsequently erasing my data, 
    nice huh?
    So what's in the Table of Contents will be what is in the FAQ, anything else 
    that's missing and you'd want to know, you would be a lot better off looking 
    for it on GameFAQs.com.
    As a final note to all of you righteous dudes/dudettes out there who 
    appreciate FAQs like this, I've got five words for ya's.  YOU GUYS/GALS 
    F%#@ING ROCK!!!!
    And as a final, final note, to all you people out there who dislike FAQs with
    a lot of "irrelevant filler" (as a rude person recently told me), I've got 
    four words for you.  FIND ANOTHER F#$@ING FAQ!
    VI) The Fabled Ctrl+F Function
    This will probably be the smallest section of the fact, needless to say.
    What's that you say?  You're stuck in an area and would rather not scroll down
    to the appropriate section?  You want a quick answer right now?  Or you want 
    to get to the bottom of this FAQ for some odd reason? 
    Well my friends, this is where Ctrl+F comes in handy.
    Here is the rundown:
    Highlight the section that your query is applicable to in the Table of Contents.
    Ctrl+V that sucker.
    Ctrl+C that sucker into the search engine.
    Enter it, and booyah grandma.
    VII) Controls
    Since the controls vary depending on what you're doing at the moment each will
    have its appropriate sub-section, but not necessarily in the order you first 
    use them though.
    a) Start Menu
    b) On Foot
    c) With the R-Trigger pressed (1st person)
    d) In the menu (Y-button)
    e) Looking at your moves
    f) In your room (After 8:00)
    g) Chatting with someone
    h) Practicing
    i) Fighting
    j) AS Events
    k) QTE Events
    l) Learning New Moves
    m) Forklift
    n) Motorcycle
    o) Vending Machines
    p) Telephone
    r) Radio
    a) Start Menu
    The Start Menu controls are short, and sweet, like taffy, anyway.  You use the
    D-Pad to move the cursor, A-Button to confirm your choice and B-button the 
    either cancel a choice or otherwise exit out of certain menus and revert back 
    to the Main Screen.
    b) On Foot 
    When walking around Yokosuka that controls are thus:
    L-Trigger lets you physically move.  Vary how hard you press it for a wide 
    range of walking to jogging to running.
    R-Trigger functions as a zoom button.  Press it all the way in to phase into 
    a first person view, although you can't run during this.  Pressing the button
    lightly lets you view your surroundings and can even tell you what store you 
    happen to be facing at that moment.
    Joystick is basically your camera.  Use it to look at stuff from a lot of
    different angles.  While running you if you direct the camera at an 
    establishment you'll be able to see the name of the store.
    Start-button pauses the game, simple eh?  Oh, and press it again to unpause
    Y-button brings up your Item menu, so you can check out all the useless toys 
    you've collected, among other things.
    X-button brings up your Notebook, for your visual pleasure.
    A-button is the multi-function button.  Lets you talk to NPC's, open doors 
    utilize vending machines to name a few.  Basic rule of thumb; use A when in 
    B-button stops you when you're running, cancels out conversations, and exits 
    you out of any menu you're currently in.
    D-Pad is your most important button/buttons, if you don't use this then you'll
    be trapped in Ryo's room for all eternity.  Basically it lets you change the 
    direction you are facing when walking, serves as the default walking button 
    and if you tap the Down-direction, you quickly make a 180 degree turn, very 
    c) With the R-Trigger pressed (1st Person)
    Fairly easy, with the R-Trigger firmly pressed in you go into 1st person
    view, from here you can use the Joystick to look at stuff.  If it is of 
    interest(not necessarily important to the quest though...) Ryo will lock onto
    it.  From here you can move left or right, up or down to other items if they 
    are near to each other.  
    Press A-button to pick it up, R-Trigger zooms on the object, L-Trigger zooms 
    out, Joystick lets you...look...at it, D-pad moves it in various angles, 
    B-button to put it down, and if Ryo actually wants what he has in hand, the 
    A-button will allow you to take it.
    Note that in special cases the A-button lets you trigger a cutscene. 
    Sometimes the Y-button can be used also.
    d) In the Menu (Y-button)
    Very easy, D-Pad lets you move the cursor around, A-button lets you select 
    whatever the cursor may be on, and B-button either exits you out of adjacent 
    menus or out of the Item Menu entirely.
    e) Looking at your Moves
    First hit the Y-button, and select the Moves Scroll icon.  From here you can 
    use the D-Pad to select the different moves.  
    A-button programs the move to the R-Trigger for quick access, handy for those
    throw moves with the long button combinations.  
    X-button tells you a little background information on the move.  
    B-button is your exit button.  
    L-Trigger changes the text from English to Japanese (pretty cool).  
    R-Trigger zooms in the Ryo model, handy if you want to see Ryo do a high kick 
    up close I guess.  
    The Joystick lets you rotate the Ryo model in various angles, but controlling
    it is a little clunky.
    f) In Your Room (After 8:00 pm)
    If you cruise in here before 8pm, you'll only get Save and Settings.  After 
    that time though, you get Training and Sleep along with the other two.
    Use the D-Pad to choose from the aforementioned choices.  
    Save can be used with the D-Pad, use A-button to confirm and B-button to 
    Settings function just like in the Start Menu, refer to the Menu Subsection.
    Training can be used with the D-Pad to move the cursor and A-button to confirm
    and B-button to cancel.
    Sleep is the simplest, just hit up on the D-Pad to sleep, otherwise choose 
    something else or hit the B-button to exit out of the Ryo Room AS-Selector.
    g) Chatting with Someone
    Press the A-button to talk to the person you want to talk to.  B-button speeds
    up the conversation.  In some cases you'll have to press the A-button at 
    certain moments to further the conversation.  And in rare cases an AS will 
    h) Practicing
    There are places scattered across Yokosuka that will allow you to hone your 
    already deadly martial arts.  (Those places will be outlined in the Area 
    Layout section)  The prerequisites for being able to practice is that the 
    area has to be free of people, you have to do it on your free time, and must 
    be before 11:30pm, (in which case, you'll be warped straight home).
    The controls are EXACTLY the same as fighting with scallywags or sparring.
    L-Trigger allows you to run, in practice mode your stamina doesn't go down.
    R-Trigger brings up your Moves Scroll.
    Joystick lets you move the camera around, but it'll revert to the default 
    position once you let go of the Joystick.
    D-Pad lets you move in a strategic manner and also functions as your command 
    input for your moves.
    Start-button is the ever-present pause-er.
    Y-button is your Guard button, which is funny considering Ryo very rarely 
    blocks any direct assault against him.  A better name would have been Evade 
    button.  At any rate during practice using the Evasion button is practically 
    useless, unless that button is used with a move you wish to progress.
    X-button is your Hand Move.  Punch Away!!!
    A-button is your Leg Move.  Kick those hooligans!
    B-button is your Throw Move button, completely and utterly useless
    during practice.
    i) Fighting
    Fighting is EXACTLY the same as when you are practicing or sparring, 
    there are a few differences though.
    L-Trigger is still the Run button, handy when you want to distance yourself, 
    or run away to get some health back.  Be aware that your stamina will lower 
    and can cause you to actually stop to catch your breath, making the bad guys 
    able to get the jump on you.
    R-Trigger, instead of a Show Moves Scroll button, it lets your perform the 
    move you set to be remembered.  Just like a hotkey function.
    A-button and X-button are the same for Practice and Fighting.
    Y-button is a fun one, and one you should get to know very well.  It lets you 
    evade your opponents attacks, provided you press it just as they are 
    attacking.  When multiple opponents attack you simultaneously, it's not so 
    useful.  You can also use A-button, X-button and B-button immediately after 
    evading to counter with those moves, it takes a little while to work out the 
    timing, but with experience you'll pick it up in no time.
    B-button is also a different function, although important too.  It lets you 
    throw your foes like ragdolls.  Seriously, it makes you wonder how strong Ryo
    actually is... One good reason for using Throw often is once your grab on to 
    an opponent you get a few seconds of breathing room.  For what you say?  
    Assess your situation, get back one or two green orbs of health, or follow up
    with the throw move to hopefully clear out the other dudes waiting to rupture 
    your kidney.
    D-Pad is the same, whoop-dee-do.
    Start-button is the same, and will be the last time it will be mentioned.  It 
    is your pause button when you're able to pause.
    Joystick will be useless during those heated battles, I highly doubt you're 
    going to be wondering what size shoe Random Bad Guy #3 is wearing when your 
    getting your keister kicked.  If you're still curious, it's your camera.
    j) AS Events
    Pretty short one.  In the top-left corner of the screen a choice selection 
    will appear during certain moments.  Most of the time you have a limited 
    amount of time to choose.  And in some occasions the B-button can function 
    as the "Quit" choice.
    k) QTE Events
    Oh yeah, these are fun, (well for me at least).  Certain cutscenes, arcade 
    games, and chase sequences will use these.  What QTE (Quick Timer Event) does 
    is puts a button choice in the middle of the screen and you have a very short 
    time to press it.  The buttons used are the D-Pad, A, B, X, and Y-buttons.
    l) Learning New Moves
    There are only a few of these, and all but one are optional, but I don't know 
    why you'd choose to not learn them.  Listen to what the instructor says about 
    performing the move and you can apply that to the Fighting commands.  
    (i.e. "Take one step forward, build up your energy, and strike with your arms 
    and legs at the same time, means depending what direction Ryo is facing 
    you'll press the D-Pad in that direction and the X and A-button at the same 
    time.)  You'll get to hear various comments depending on how long it takes 
    your to do the move. 
    Note: Those with that fan-dangled video memory card thingy are in luck here, 
    the move command will appear here, I don't have one.
    m) Forklift
    Either you hate it or you love it.  But it's necessary unfortunately.  I'll 
    keep it brief.
    L-Trigger is your reverse and is pressure sensitive, press lightly to go 
    slowly and all the way down to zoom baby.
    R-Trigger is your forward movement and is also pressure sensitive.
    Joystick is directional movement for those out there who prefer analog.
    D-Pad is directional movement as well.
    *Note: Some people may think the D-Pad Up is a useless horn, but in fact if 
    another forklift gets in your way (which will happen often) you can honk your 
    horn to make them back up a few feet.  A really funny thing to do is drive 
    really quickly past someone and honk your horn (well fun for me at least).
    Y-button brings up your Item Menu.
    X-button brings up your Quota Map, I always enjoyed how it appears upside-down
    when you bring it up.
    A-button raises and lowers your forklift.
    B-button changes your view from 3rd person to 1st person.
    *Note: There are also Forklift Races in Disc 3, the controls are the same,
    except the Y-button won't bring up the Item Menu.
    n) Motorcycle
    The motorcycle handles just like the Forklift...except...you don't pick up 
    crates with it.
    Joystick or D-pad is your directional movement, which is to say, you only get 
    to move left and right.
    L-Trigger is your Reverse
    R-Trigger is your Accelerator
    B-button is your Brake
    o) Vending Machines
    These apply to the Toy Capsules and the Soda machines.  You walk up to the 
    machine of choice, and hit the A-button, but from here things differ...
    Toy Capsules need to be selected via the AS Event, and yes, you use the D-Pad.
    Soda machines are different, all you do is use the D-Pad to chose which tasty 
    beverage you want and hit the A-button.
    *Note: Rare occasions will net you with a golden can, but more on that later.*
    p) Telephone
    The phone needs only to be used like 5 times in the game, but can still be a 
    blast to fiddle around with.  You walk up to the phone/phone booth and hit 
    the A-button.  From here you'll get a close-up view of the rotary phone.  Use 
    the Left and Right directions on the D-Pad to move down and up on the rotary 
    wheel, respectively.  Once you get to the number of choice, hit the A-button 
    to confirm it.  B-button takes off the number you just entered (wish my phone 
    did that).  When Ryo is done with his "phony" business, he'll automatically 
    hang up and revert back to the "On Foot" mode.
    q) Radio
    This applies to your little hand-held cassette as well.  For the handheld
    Y-button and hit the A-button to bring up a menu for the different tapes you 
    currently own, and hit the A-button again to play it, B-button will either 
    stop the music or altogether exit you out of the submenu/menu.
    Final note:  Keep in mind that I've neglected to put in many other situations 
    that warrant a control layout, either these aren't significant to the main 
    story or are easy enough to figure out on your own.  Also note that about 99% 
    of the time you can press the Start-button to see what the controls are for 
    whatever it is you're doing at that time, so no whining!!!
    VIII) Menus
    This section shouldn't be too long, I hope, nonetheless, I'll break it down 
    by the varied types.
    a) Start Menu
    b) Item Menu
    c) Resume
    d) Moves Scroll
    e) Collection
    a)Start Menu
    From here you have four choices, moving clockwise: New Game,
    Continue, Options, Load.
    New Game is what it says, start that game anew baby, provided you have the 
    first disc in the console (the one with Ryo's mug on the front).
    Continue is sort of like a quicksave, that saves WHEREVER you are at the 
    moment, load this to resume where you left off.  Handy if used before a tough 
    fight (the first Chai fight is one).  Oh yeah, once you load it, it erases 
    itself, so make sure you're sure you want to load it before you load it!!!  
    And for the bad news, once you create a Continue file, you have to exit the 
    game...which totally sucks, so it's up to you.
    Options has a few things in it; Dialog & Text, Settings, and 70 Person Battle
    (only when you beat the game and save with a "Cleared File").
    Dialog & Text offers you four different combination of text and voice for your
    preference, and are very self-explanatory.
    Settings has things in it configure your playing experience, like switching 
    the L-Trigger and R-Trigger functions.  Or you can switch the weather options 
    from "Shenmue Weather" to "Actual 1986 Yokosuka Weather", among other things.
    70 Person Battle is only available once you finish the game and save your 
    game with a "Cleared File" save file.  This is nothing more than the last 
    huge free battle you had with Terry, only difference is that Gui Zhang is 
    mysteriously absent this time (out getting a Yokosuka dog, I bet).
    Load is an easy one, load that game silly.  Always starts in Ryo's prison
    cell sized room.
    b) Item Menu
    Hit the Y-button, this'll bring up your Item Menu.  In the beginning this 
    won't have a lot of stuff on it, or in it rather.  But as you go along 
    collecting stuff, it will grow to enormous proportions.  (Ryo apparently has 
    the ability to hold an infinite amount of items in his jean and jacket 
    From the Item Menu several submenus can be chosen.  These are: Resume, Moves 
    Scroll, Collection, Tapes, Tokens, Calendar and Watch.
    Resume will be described in the next section.
    Moves Scroll will be described in the section below Resume.
    Collection will also be described in the section after Resume and Moves 
    The Tapes menu shows you all the tapes you currently have, for just looking 
    you can select A-button to examine it...but if you wanna hear it you gotta 
    find something to play it on...hmmm.
    Tokens...I really can't remember what this is for, I thought it had something 
    to do with the bus stop, but....Ryo pays for each ride.  And I've hunted all 
    over this game for what the heck this menu is for, but no avail.  If anyone 
    knows, mail it to me, I'll put it here, and credit ya.
    Calendar is so self-explanatory it shouldn't be explained, and it won't.  
    Just kidding, all you have to do and put the cursor over it, and it will tell 
    you the current date, month, and all that good stuff.
    If you check out your Watch in the Y-button menu, it will tell you the current
    time, it also glows if you push the A-button (I think, or is it X-button?) 
    which is utterly useless.
    c) Resume
    Resume is your Quick-Save of sorts, but different.  At anytime you are On Foot
    you can select this to make a save of wherever you are at the time.  Obviously
    you can't do this during cutscenes and you can't do this when you're driving 
    your Forklift (which would have been nice).  And once you create a Resume 
    file, you have to exit the game, which kinda sucks.  Oh, and you can only 
    have one Resume on file at a time.  The only real reason for using this is to 
    save right before an important event, that way you won't have to watch those 
    unskippable cutscenes over and over and over.
    d) Moves Scroll
    This has all the Moves you currently know.  And when you learn new moves 
    they'll appear here.  Conversely, if you have individual scrolls in you Item 
    Menu, either bought or gotten through dilligent means, you'll have to read 
    them for the moves to appear in the Move Scroll.
    e) Collection
    This submenu has all the trinkets you collect either through Toy Capsule, 
    Forklift Racing, High Scoring in Games, or anything that gains you a toy.  
    It's really just an "I got everything" bragging thing.  Unfortunately I'm not 
    going to layout all the toys here, because it is VERY time consuming trying 
    to get every individual item.  And despite the fact I hate collecting stuff, 
    randomly mind you, I couldn't help but waste countless hours at the Toy 
    Capsule machine.
    IX) Characters
    Ryo Hazuki: Our main character, the protag' and like the Forklift you either 
    love him or you hate him.  Wears a jacket with a large tiger on the back, a 
    white T-shirt, and a pair of ridiculously tight blue jeans.  He has really 
    spiky hair, and unlike most of the characters you'll encounter his Voice 
    Acting isn't as robotic as you'd think.
    Iwao Hazuki: Why does he get second billing, you say?  Watch the intro 
    cutscene and you'll find out.  Anyway, I think his only attire is his 
    traditional Karate gi.  And gathering how far back some of hidden flashbacks 
    seem to go, it really makes me wonder what happened to Ryo's mother.
    Fukuhara:  Oh boy.  Fuku is Ryo's faux-brother.  And when I first played 
    Shenmue, I really thought that he was his brother, until he confesses that 
    he's only been living their for 10 years.  Anyway his only saving grace is 
    that he provides a significant boost to your training in the early stages.  
    Ine:  I really don't know what her role is, I assume she is a house-keeper 
    of sorts, but, she imposes a curfew on Ryo...  Nonetheless, her hobbies 
    include stealing letters and forbidding trips overseas for personal vendettas.
    She does provide you with 500 yen everyday that you are there to pick it up 
    (Harbor workers, you're out of luck...).
    Lan-Di:  Wow, this guy is really evil, yet I like him, Mr. Antagonist.  He 
    wears a green robe of sorts with a dragon encircling it.  (Yes, like every 
    person in the Shenmue-verse, he never changes clothes) This is Ryo's 
    arch-enemy, and the man responsible for killing his father. 
    Master Chen:  Jiggly-red robe wearing dude.  I'm not sure about his profession
    , but I have to assume it's not really on the up and up, despite him saying he
     is trying to stop the Chi You Men, he'll be your contact and your only hope 
    in getting to Hong Kong.  Later in the game, he'll teach you a useless move.
    Gui Zhang:  Master Chen's son, who looks nothing like him, maybe he takes 
    after his mother?  Anyway, he clearly looks much older than Ryo, but you will 
    be able to tell that he is a little jealous and will rival with Ryo throughout
    the story.  He teaches you a pretty good move in the middle of the game.
    Nozomi Harasaki:  Not much to say about her that the numerous cutscences with 
    her and Ryo didn't already tell you.  It begs the question if Ryo's father 
    hadn't of gotten killed, would he still be so stiff towards her?  She wears a 
    white sweater (cashmere I tell you!), and a really short skirt that is in no 
    way appropriate for riding a motorcycle, especially sidesaddle, more on that 
    Chai:  Chai, well, is a member of the Mad Angels.  And appears to have been 
    living in the gutter, with a thousand pound weight strapped to his back...and 
    survived by eating his own teeth.  Nonetheless, he is a very dangerous martial
    artist, and you'll find that out eventually.  His ambition in life is to join 
    the Chi-You-Men, and ultimately lick Lan-Di's shoes for the remainder of his 
    Goro:  Elvis impersonator, statutory rapist, and another testicle-busting 
    pants wearer.  You initially meet him on unfriendly terms, but he eventually 
    comes around, provides you with a link to finding the Mad Angels and will 
    become an invaluable buddy and a hilarious comic relief.
    Naoyuki Ito: Significant, only because he lends you something important 
    towards the end of the game.  Otherwise another NPC.  Has a strange 
    fascination for the "Sakuragaoka Gossip Gaggle".
    Tom:  Sells the best and apparently the only hot dogs in the immediate 
    Yokosuka area (And in Amihama after the end of Disc 1).  If his daily dancing 
    and dreadlocks and accent weren't enough help.....yeah, he's not from around 
    here.  Significant only towards the end of the game, but you can hijack his 
    radio and listen to your TAPES if you are cheap and don't want to buy 
    Terry:  A jerk if there ever was one, in fact, I grew to hate him more that 
    Lan-Di.  Nothing worse that what he tried to do late in Disc 3.  He's the 
    leader of the Mad Angels, and you don't hear about him or see of him till 
    Disc 3.
    Tony & Smith:  Wahaha...if it wasn't for Goro, I'd definitely peg these guys 
    as comic relief.  I'm not exactly sure which is Tony and which is Smith, not 
    important.  What is, is that you'll be beating them up continuously throughout
    this game.
    Charlie:  Seemingly a low-rung member of the Mad Angels, wears sunglasses has 
    a leather jacket and a tattoo on his forearm.  You meet him in Disc 1 and 
    effectively end your violent relationship in Disc 3.
    Mark:  He never tells you his last name, not that you'd want to know (look in 
    your game case booklet...), anyway while you'll see him zipping around in 
    Disc 2, you don't formally meet him till Disc 3.  You'll be able to spot him 
    from his Freddy Kruger Sweater and his super-tight fitting pants (must be an 
    80's thing).
    X) Area Layout
    This area layout was going to be pretty in-depth, but since my Dreamcast has 
    developed a mind of its own, I'll only be able to touch base on them, and 
    offer you the relevant stuff that can be accessed in each area, and if there 
    is anything that is missing here, you can either Email me the correction of 
    you can look on another FAQ (I'm sure THEIR Dreamcast doesn't freeze).
    As a final note, remember, if you are in doubt, or are hopelessly lost 
    (possible) then you can always search out for an Area Map, which will not 
    only tell you where you currently are, but will also outline almost 
    everything around you and can help you decide where you need to go.
    a) Yamanose
    Yamanose is where Ryo resides, and where you will begin and end your day in 
    The points of interest in Yamanose are:
    Hazuki Residence:  Here is where you live, along with Fuku and Ine, of course.
    You can sleep, set your training schedule, play your Sega CD, practice in your
    Dojo and do lots of other things that you'll have to discover.  You really 
    don't get intimate with the inner workings of the Dojo until Disc 2.
    Yamanose Shrine:  The only reason for coming here is to feed and interact 
    with Megumi's cat.
    b) Sakuragaoka
    Sakuragaoka is a little busier, but not by much.
    Its points of interest are:
    Phone Booth: There is a phone booth here that you can use if you are 
    ridiculously too lazy to just go to your house and use one for free.
    Naoyuki's House:  Only relevant towards the middle of Disc 3.
    Yamagishi's House:  You only visit this place early in the game.
    Abe Store: Right down the street from the booth is the Abe Store where you can
    buy a lot of things, some of which can only be purchase there, note the 
    psycho lady who calls Ryo all sorts of names.  
    Sakuragaoka Park: Once you leave Abe store if you walk all the way down to 
    the right, you'll run into Sakuragaoka Park, which is a little depressing 
    looking...but anyway, while you can't ride the swings, you will be able to 
    practice here if and only if there are no people in here.
    c) Dobuita
    Dobuita is where it's happening, there is a lot of stuff to do here, and while
    I will only point out the really, really important stuff, you should explore 
    it, and note that there are Area Maps scattered throughout.
    Dobuita's interesting sights include:
    Liu Barber:  This store is basically in front of you if you enter Dobuita the 
    normal way.  Liu's is significant only in Disc 1.
    Nagai Industries:  Relevant during Disc 1, and thereafter a source of 
    Russiya China Shop:  If you want that letter that Ine stole translated, you'd 
    better stop by here first.
    Fortune Telling:  You can visit her at any time (provided it's during 
    business hours) and she will either tell you your Future, a Clue or a Gamble, 
    each for 300 yen.
    Asia Travel Co.:  Hehe, you'll get an armful of this place in Disc 2.  Their 
    business is ripping people off and hiring psycho-haired women and 
    terrible-bowl cut men.
    Okayama Heights:  There is a Tattoo Parlor here, not that Ryo will ever get 
    one, but this will be relevant in Disc 1, and as a side note, Kurita lives on 
    the first floor.
    MJQ Bar:  You get steered to Heartbeats if you go here first in Disc 1.
    Knocking Motorcycle Shop:  You'll be referred here by the Heartbeats Bar owner
    in Disc 1, Ono is the owner.
    Heartbeats Bar:  You really only need to go here once in Disc 1, but every 
    subsequent time afterwards is just as hilarious, if only to torment the owner.
    Ajiichi Restaurant:  Learn about those mysterious Three Blades and you'll 
    probably start your search of Wang from here.
    Nozomi's Grandmother's Flower Shop:  Okay so I forgot the name...but you'll 
    get to talk to Nozomi and here wicked old grandmother here.
    Tomato Convenience Store: Here you can buy lots of useless stuff, and talk to 
    owner and learn of her fetish for bikers...
    Bunkado Antiques: You get a special item here in Disc 2, you can also buy 6 
    SCROLLS here, for an inflated price of course.
    Global Travel Co.:  There really isn't much you'll be able to do here, but 
    nonetheless it takes minor importance in Disc 1 and major importance in 
    Disc 2.
    Tom's Hot Dog Stand:  Um...like I'll mention a lot later, the one and only 
    vendor of hot dogs in the immediate Yokosuka area.  Tom resides here and his 
    radio, which you can use.  And until you venture into the Harbor Tom will be 
    here all the time, whereupon he will only be here at night.  A wealth of 
    useless and semi-useful information, Tom only proves his worth towards the 
    end of Disc 3.
    Mary's Patches and Embroidery:  I still think that this is a weird name, but 
    Itoi will provide some useful information early in the game, if you so choose.
    Army Surplus Store:  Kurita's shop (in case you didn't know he's dating 
    Yuriko) and will provide a lot of useful information early in the game.
    Jupiter's Jackets:  Tsuruoka's brainchild, you'll only come here when you 
    pursue your query about Charlie.
    Suzume Park:  A potential practice area, and you can learn a hidden move in 
    here (see Secret/Fun Stuff section).
    You Arcade:  Lots of stuff happens here, but this is a good spot to cool down,
    there are a lot of arcade games, darts and other stuff.  Outside you'll find 
    some Capsule Toy Machines.
    Maeda Barber:  Only regarding the Three Blades will you ever come in here, 
    but since you have to watch a total of two loading screens to do so, you're 
    better off going to Itoi's store...sorry Miki.
    Parking Lot:  This parking lot that is ALWAYS suspiciously empty will be a 
    better choice of a practice area then Suzume Park...in fact I really don't 
    know why you'd choose a more cramped area, but to each his/her own.
    Hirata Tobacco Shop:  Here you can choose from a wealth of delicious tobacco 
    products...just kidding.  There is a public phone here that you can use, there
    is a phone book too, that you only need to use once.
    Bus Stop:  Here is where you go when you want to get to the Harbor, you'll 
    only actually use this during Disc 1 and 2, in Disc 3, it'll be automatic.
    d) Amihama Harbor
    Amihama Harbor is where it's REALLY happening.
    It's points of interest are:
    Phone Booth:  Since I doubt you're so cheap as to want to ride the bus all 
    the way back to Dobuita and hike back to your house, this will be you main 
    source of phone use here.
    Harbor Cafeteria:  While there is really no point in going in here, you should
     in case you'd want to harass Yada during his lunchbreak...he he.
    Harbor Lounge:  This is like if the Tomato Store and the You Arcade had a 
    kid.  There is even an exclusive dart game here, and there's that creepy 
    worker who never seems to leave.
    Tom's Hot Dog Vendor:  This is to the left of the Harbor Lounge 
    and...well...it's Tom!  You'll only need to use him towards the end of Disc 3.
    Old Warehouse District:  Old Warehouse #8 is here, and it is here where you 
    must go in Disc 2 and Disc 3 to talk to Master Chen.
    Alpha Trading Office:  Here is where you go for your brief job interview.
    Hokuhoku Lunches:  Hisaka's shop and a branching from the one in 
    Dobuita...business is booming!!!
    Warehouse #8:  This is the NEW one, smart-butt.  You only need to go in here 
    during the beginning of the second Disc.
    Warehouse #4:  This is the only practice area in the Harbor, I've never seen 
    anyone in here, so it's pretty good.
    Warehouse #17:  In back of here is the alleged entrance to the lair of the 
    Mad Angels, but you only get to see it in cutscene form in Disc 3.
    			XI) Walkthrough
    The walkthrough really doesn't need an intro but for the sake of me regretting
    it later, I'll put in a little foreword.  
    Reading the walkthrough will be easy enough, just read it.  I'll outline what 
    you should be doing to further yourself in the main story.  And when it comes 
    to hidden stuff, or miscellaneous things, those will be outlined as you are 
    first able to interact with them.  
    Oh, a word of warning, there will be SPOILERS a-plenty here, this game has 
    been out for nearly 10 years, and if you haven't played it, you never will.
    And if you've played it and haven't beaten it, then I hope your excuse is you 
    had your hands chopped off before you could do so...otherwise shame on you.
    And as I briefly mentioned in the Introduction, I'll be adding my own 
    commentary throughout the walkthrough to provide for a more interesting 
    Also note, that despite it may seem like the walk-thru is sort of rushing you 
    along does NOT mean you have to follow it from Point A to Point B.  In fact, 
    I encourage you to talk to everyone and do everything you can possibly do 
    during your play, and re-play the game over and over to get all the hundreds 
    (yes, hundreds!) of different angles to progress in the game.
    Nuff' said, get to it!
    XII) Disc 1 Walkthrough
    November 29th, 4:00 PM, Yokosuka, Ryo's House.
    The cutscene begins with our main character, Ryo Hazuki running up the 
    backroad to his house.  He stops short of the main gate and looks at the 
    broken sign, then at the mysterious car behind him.  It looks like a Bentley 
    to me, I guess even murderers need to ride in luxury.  
    Anywho, Ryo enters the main gate to see Ine-san sprawled on the ground, he 
    goes to sit her up, she assures him that she's okay and tells him to go after 
    Hazuki-sensei, who I'm assuming is in the Dojo.  So, Ryo, not even bothering 
    to help her to her feet, leaves her and goes to the Dojo entrance.  He 
    hesitates for a reason I'll never be able to figure out.  Oh wait, I know.  
    Anyway, Ryo will see a somewhat comical scene of Fukuhara flying out of the 
    Dojo and landing solidly on the ground.  He manages to gasp Ryo's name before 
    falling unconscious.
    *note: From here-on out, I'll be referring to Ryo as "you" or "Ryo, just note 
    that both mean the same, 'kay?
    The next bit starts with a shot of what appears to be the bad-guy of the game.
    You then enter, only to be accosted by two black suit wearing henchmen.  
    Whereupon, Iwao (Ryo's old man) tells you to stay back.  "Green-Robe" asks 
    Iwao where the mirror is, Iwao refuses. What commences can only be witnessed, 
    ultimately Iwao and "Green-Robe" square off.  Result?  Iwao is incapacitated 
    on the floor.  
    You yell and attempt to attack "Green-Robe", only to have your own keister 
    handed to you, seriously, that is one heck of palm shot.  Father and son are 
    both on the ground, and "Green-Robe" asks again where the mirror is, Iwao 
    refuses yet again.  "Green-Robe" then proceeds to lift Ryo into the air...by 
    his neck...with one arm...effortlessly.  
    Seriously folks/folkettes, if it wasn't enough to send Ryo flying back over 
    5 feet with a single strike, he then lifts him about a foot in the air, clear 
    above his own head, and as un-realistic as it may be, that is still one the 
    coolest things I've ever seen.  And that begs the question, if "Green-Robe" is
    such a wicked fighter, what is the purpose of bodyguards?  
    Anyway, once "Green-Robe" has Ryo in the air, gasping for said air, he demands
    again about the mirror, the sets up for a blow which would have surely killed 
    Iwao finally gives in and tells them to check under the Cherry Tree.
    "Green-Robe" drops Ryo, who takes forever to fall to the ground, he then asks
    Iwao if he remembered a man named Zhao Sun Ming, and says this was the dude 
    he killed in Meng Cun.  All you get from Iwao is "Zhao?!", which really 
    doesn't tell you much.  "Green-Robe" then tells Iwao to get up, for he will 
    grant him a warrior's death, which I have to say, is probably my favorite line
    of the game.  Iwao rises and throws a feeble punch, which "Green-Robe" easily 
    dodges and counters with a devastating blow to the mid-section. Take note that
    you can actually hear Iwao's death rattle as he lands.
    As "Green-Robe" patiently awaits his goody, Ryo groans out "Father".  Then, 
    "Random-Goon #1" says "Green-Robe's" actual name.  Lan-Di.  "Random-Goon #1" 
    hands him the mirror that cost Iwao his life,(or was it this unknown Zhao Sun 
    Ming that caused it?) Lan-Di looks at it, in doing so gives you a brief look 
    at the "dragon-esque" tattoo on his forearm.  And without further word he 
    walks out of the Dojo, presumably to physically step on Fukuhara and kick 
    Ine as he is leaving.
    Watch as the door closes on its own as the men leave.  Then watch as Ryo 
    crawls across the floor to his father.  Long story short, you won't be 
    learning any new moves from him in the future...Nevertheless before expiring 
    he imparts what I hope will be crucial advice for later in the series.  He 
    apologizes for leaving Ryo so soon and tells him to keep the friends he has 
    and to love those close to him.  Ryo in disbelief and shock screams into the 
    stormy night.  Sorry folks/folkettes, no jokes here, this part still touches 
    me, man I love this game!!!
    4 days later...
    Ahem, excuse that. 4 days later...The next scene depicts a would-be mailman 
    delivering a letter to the inside area of the Hazuki home.  And he doesn't 
    even bother closing the gate as he leaves!!!  This must be how Lan-Di and his 
    goons got in in the first place...  Anyway, as you watch the useless mailman 
    putter away, Ine-san opens the mailbox and notes that the only letter inside 
    is addressed to Iwao.  And, seeing as how dead men can't read letters 
    (allegedly), I would assume this was mailed before Iwao was fated to die...  
    Take a good look at that letter, because you won't be seeing it again for 
    quite a while.  
    While Ine-san was stealing stuff that rightfully belongs to you, you're in 
    your bed sweating like a hog with horrid nightmares.  The dream is a 
    reiteration of the battle between Iwao and Lan-Di, very nightmarish indeed.  
    Ryo then bolts upright, doing that moaning and groaning stuff again.  
    The time elapses to the same day, but later on.
    December 3rd, 9:00ish AM
    This is your first opportunity at controlling Ryo, familiarize yourself with 
    the controls, and marvel as to why they didn't map the Walk to the Joystick.  
    From here, you can rifle through the Notebook, and read up on why the Dragon 
    Mirror getting stolen is more important than the fact that someone murdered 
    Iwao.  You can also look at Ryo's desk for some fun items, mainly two TAPES, 
    a TAPE PLAYER, and a PHOTO of Ryo and his friends, (Eri and Noriko fans, 
    you're out of luck here).
    While in your house, you can grab everything in here relatively quickly, but 
    keep in mind you can gather these at your leisure.  There is a FLASHLIGHT in 
    the cabinet below the Telephone, from there you can go into Fukuhara's room 
    to steal his martial arts SCROLL.  A PHOTO of the Hazuki family is in Ine's 
    room right across from Ryo's room.  Notice I said "Hazuki" family and not 
    "Hazuki with Fuku and Ine".  Apparently they are legally "Hazuki's"
    ...whatever.  Note that the SCROLL and the PHOTO can only be taken when the 
    respective people are not in their rooms.  
    You can also go into the Family room directly across the house exit, in there 
    you can check the TV stand to put the Sega CD on top of the TV.  No funny 
    ideas now, you can't play it without any games, which makes me wonder why Ryo 
    has none to speak of.  You can collect 2 from various shops by winning it in 
    a raffle ticket, good luck with that.  If you check the cabinet in that back 
    of the room, you'll find some C-SIZED BATTERIES.
    At the other end of the house in the Altar room, you can take a BOX OF MATCHES
    on the actual Altar itself, and in the drawers lies a box of candles, and 
    notice the drawer to the left has what appears to be a plastic covering filled
    with what looks like the same white candles.  
    Evidently Ryo doesn't want these.  
    From the Altar room go to the back hallway and turn left.  Here you can take 
    another SCROLL from the basket containing what looks like Iwao's spare gi. 
    You can go right from here into I'm assuming is Iwao's room, actually I fancy 
    thinking he slept in the Dojo.  
    Nonetheless if you focus on the letter on the desk for the first time you'll 
    see a cutscene of Iwao's voicing what is on said letter.  Ryo makes the 
    startling revelation that Iwao must've know that Lan-Di was coming, which 
    would be incredibly frightening if you think about it.
    Anywho, you can search the desk for an OLD KEY, which is crucial to the 
    storyline, so you should take it, or not.  
    Take note that in this hallway, there is a bathroom, which of course you'll 
    start to realize isn't used by Ryo, ever...(or anyone else in the house now 
    that I think about it), there is nothing in there though.  You can also go 
    into the kitchen and focus on the food for a little flashback.  There is 
    nothing else in the kitchen...yet.  You can go outside now, if you want to.
    Once outside you can go to the Dojo.  Or, before you enter, you can walk to 
    the large tree for another flashback.  Once inside, Ryo will start to talk to 
    Fuku about what happened that fateful day.  You'll ask him lots of questions 
    regarding how useless he is as a fighter...and Fuku will come to the 
    conclusion that you intend to take revenge on Lan-Di, and plead for you not 
    to pursue it.  Ryo tells him to suck an egg, and the cutscene ends.  
    Alright!  In the Dojo you can do a number of things...but you won't be able to
    do anything till you go back inside, seeing as how the game booted you out!  
    Once inside you can use that OLD KEY you should have taken to unlock the 
    little case near the right back corner of the room.  This nets you a KATANA, 
    which you can prematurely shove into the slot behind one of the scrolls on the
    back wall.  
    NOTE!!!: The moment you use the OLD KEY to get the KATANA, Fuku seemingly 
    disappears from the Dojo, but will appear until you find the secret passage, 
    and will therefore vanish, but after an unknown time will show up again to 
    spar with you.  If anyone knows the gig behind this strange thing, E-mail me 
    and you'll get that tasty credit.
    You will still be able to learn Pit Blow if you go do the Dojo immediately 
    after you wake up on December 4th.  I'm sure there are other opportunities to 
    learn it, I just didn't bother to find them.  You can also see the sword stuck
    in the wall during the cutscene, if it is there, that is.
    You can also look at the large frame near where Fuku is practicing and when 
    you press the A-button while locked on, Ryo will say..."I can't reach it!"  
    This is video game logic telling you that there is a goody behind that frame.
    So grab that stool conveniently placed next to it to grab the MYSTERIOUS 
    SCROLL.  Nothing you can do with it now, so pocket it.
    Actually, a small word on that MYSTERIOUS SCROLL, I've tried everything 50 
    ways from Tuesday, and I still haven't been able to figure out if I can learn
    a move from this scroll or not, despite what Ryo says. I really need to know 
    the mystery behind this scroll, and if you can or cannot learn a move from it,
    someone let me know, alright?
    And onward to Yamanose.
    Upon leaving your house's main gate, walk down the road but don't walk up to 
    the Shrine yet.  You can talk to your buddies who are lounging in the lower 
    area to the right for some info...or not.  Upon walking to Shrine a cutscene 
    will commence.  Ryo walks up to a little girl, Megumi, who is crouched over a 
    box.  You'll then hear a meow, which obviously means a wild turkey is in the 
    box.  She'll say that the kitten's mother was killed a car, a big black car.
    The cat'll meow again, and they guess that she's hungry.  Ryo will then go to 
    the Shrine and thieve the offerings that are on the pedestal.  Here is your 
    first AS Selection, you can pick either, just note that picking "Tofu" will 
    probably doom the cat to starving for the day, you demon, you.  
    They'll talk about the cat for a bit, which will bring Megumi to tell you why 
    the cat is an...orphan?...and tell you about a man named Yamagishi who almost 
    got sideswiped by the car.  She'll then tell you how he hurt his backside and 
    now he stays home all day, which aside from being hilarious will give you a 
    clue about where to find him.   
    When Ryo is about to leave, Megumi will ask him to help her name the kitty.  
    Ryo says when he thinks of a good one, he'll let her know.  Note that if you 
    are dilligent about visiting and feeding the cat, you can name it.  If you 
    don't feed it, well, violin strings are still the rage.
    From here you can go to Sakuragaoka.
    In Sakuragaoka once you pass the telephone booth, you'll run into a cutscene 
    with an elderly lady..er...NPC.  She's trying to find the Yamamoto house, but 
    evidently her eyesight is poor, which would explain the clown clothes she's 
    wearing.  Ryo will say he'll find the house for her.  You can or you can't, 
    the only reward is knowing you helped out a digital human.  Anyways, the house
    is near the entrance to the park, which is typical.  I think the cutscenes 
    purpose was to point you in the direction of Yamagishi's house, which is in 
    your field of view.  You can talk to Naoyuki on the way, and he'll direct you 
    to the "Sakuragaoka Gossip Gaggle", and go on about how they are always, "Yak,
    yak, yakking" by the telephone.  Now I don't know which is creepier, that he 
    knows the whereabouts of two old ladies at anytime of the day, or that he 
    actually created a nickname for them.  
    Those motorcycle fumes are noxious, dude.  
    Also note that the little old lady is standing right by Naoyuki when you first
    see the cutscene.  Either the old lady's eyesight is so bad that she can't 
    make him out working on his bike, or Naoyuki is ignoring her altogether.  
    Either one is pretty sad if you ask me.
    Anyway, you can chat up Yamagishi, who will confirm what Megumi told you, and 
    add that the car sped towards Dobuita and that Ryo should pursue his inquiry 
    Note before you leave, if you want to, you should tell the old lady where the 
    house is...and...if you forgot...sheesh.  It is the house directly across from
    the area map, if you are walking to the park it is on the left.  Just focus on
    the nameplate, press the A-button, go talk to the old battle-axe and be on 
    your way.  The park that you are in now is a potential practice area just like
    the Dojo, but since there are people in it, you aren't able to use it right 
    now, bummer.
    There are some other fun things to do here, you can go into the candy shop and
    buy candy and other foods, none of which Ryo will ever eat, mind you.  Also it
    seems you only get to draw a ticket for foods that aren't given to the cat or 
    otherwise used.  There are some tapes here too, but you should save your yen 
    till you get to Dobuita.
    In Dobuita, wow, there is a LOT of stuff to do here, so I'll layout the basics
    , and if it turns out you have to do stuff the next day, no prob, just finish
    where you left off.
    In Dobuita, to do things the fast way, just go straight to Tom, who is the Hot
    Dog vendor, and if you don't know where that is, look at the area map and look
    for Global Travel Agency, Tom is ALWAYS across from there, if he is there... 
    He will offer Ryo a hot dog, saying that it is guaranteed to "perk Ryo right 
    up", wow Tom, um...I don't think so. 
    Tom will end the conversation with a little ''tell'' sign, people well versed 
    in interrogation will be able to pick up on this.  Ryo is not however.  Run to
    Nozomi, who stands outside the flower shop near the Funny Bear Burgers shop.  
    She will say that Tom had words with the dudes in the car. 
    So back to Tom we go, who will say he doesn't remember at all.  When I first 
    played this game, it really made me suspicious of Tom when he said that.  
    Anyway Tom is on the up and up, because he'll identify Lan-Di.  Apparently 
    they almost hit one of his customers, but I prefer to believe that Lan-Di 
    wanted one of Tom's famous Yokosuka dogs and a frosty Bell Waad Jet Soda and 
    refused to pay, but that's just me.  Tom will say that Lan-Di has a creepy 
    glare which obviously prevented Tom from kicking the crap out of the two 
    black suit dudes.
    Then Tom will revert the conversation his way by tell Ryo to ask Chinese 
    people about Chinese, and directs you to the Travel Agency right across the 
    street.  You can go in there if you want, but it'll be quicker if you go 
    straight to the Ajiichi Chinese Restaurant across from the Hattori Sporting 
    Goods.  But take note, depending on the time (around 2:00 to 3:00 PM) you may 
    run into a cutscene that'll lead to your first QTE.
    QTE FIGHT: Enoki and Nagashima
    You'll get plenty of time to input these commands, and even if you mess up, 
    you'll get another chance.
    Press Left on the D-Pad, if you miss you get to press Left again.
    Then you'll get accosted by Nagashima where you'll have to press the A-button.
    Miss and you'll get to press A-button again.
    Then Enoki will attack again, where you get to press the B-button, but if you 
    miss the A-button will pop up.  Personally the A-button is my favorite, 
    nothing like a backfist.
    QTE FIGHT: End
    Onward to the Restaurant, talk to Tao-san, who will immediately peg Ryo out 
    to be racist against Chinese, just kidding.  Then once the conversation seems 
    over, Tao's (I'm assuming, wife) co-worker will mention the Three Blades.  
    Further the conversation to learn that the Three Blades is a little name for 
    the three prominent trades of immigrant Chinese; barber, cooks, and tailors.
    The "wife" will tell you three stores with Three Blades members, but all three
    will direct you to Liu's.  Tao will also direct you to Liu Barber and Hair 
    Salon, which is all the way on the other side of Dobuita.
    Note that Manpukuken Ramen doesn't open till 5:00pm
    Note that Itoi-san at...Mary's Patches and Embroidery...will tell you that 
    years ago he was Chinese but apparently defected and became a naturalized 
    Maeda Barber will direct you to Liu as well.
    Also note that Liu's shop won't open till you've talked with one of those 
    three, and if you're on a time constraint, it'd be best to talk with Itoi 
    at the Patch Shop, it opens early and doesn't force you to enter a loading 
    screen. (seeing as how he is outside, those patches probably get nibbled on 
    by moths a lot...)
    Liu's is near exit to Sakuragaoka on the main street, along the way of Nagai 
    Industries and that creepy Fortune teller, you'll recognize it because of the 
    universal barber pole outside.
    Inside, however, you'll can talk to Liu, who evidently assumes Ryo's current 
    hairstyle is fugly and offers to cut it.  Ryo says he's not there for that, 
    they converse briefly before Liu reveals that he is not the man that Ryo 
    should be talking to.  And will direct you to his father, Liu Sr.  And will 
    also tell you to look for him at the Suzume park, which also is on the other 
    side of Dobuita, for crying out loud!
    A funny thing though, if you listened to Tao-san talking about Liu Sr,  he 
    said he was in the hospital recently and Liu Jr. even says he got back from 
    the hospital, and now tries to keep his health up by walking around the park.
    Yet, if you visit the park in Dobuita every once in a while, Liu Sr. will be 
    there, smoking...which totally defeats the purpose of walking if you ask me.
    Liu Sr. is the old fart wearing the grayish-blue checkered shirt with the 
    dark vest.  Anyway at the park you can chat up Liu Sr.  Who will gather from 
    Lan-Di's name that he is part of a black market cartel.  Which is startling 
    to say in the least, because I didn't think names worked that way.  Anyway, 
    Liu Sr. theorizes that since the Chinese mafia have expanded their dealings 
    overseas, local sailors might have some general info about it.  Which leads to
    the infamous "Sailor" searches.
    Wahahaha, just picture a man walking up to you and asking you where the best 
    place is to find sailors hanging around, and you'll see why I find this 
    There are a number of people you can talk to who will divulge places.  But the
    easiest is to talk to Tom again who will tell you to look into bars, he'll 
    then tell you he doesn't know specifically which bars they hang out in seeing 
    as he is so broke.  Specifically, the Heartbeats Bar is where you need to go, 
    but you won't be able to enter until it gets after 7:00pm, so hang out till 
    What's that you say?  You don't know where it is?  Well, I'd tell you to check
    out the area maps scattered around Dobuita, but the Bar Linda, Heartbeats Bar,
    MJQ Jazz Bar and a few other shops don't seem to be featured on it.  Easy way
    to find it is look for the Knocking Motorcycle Shop in the same street area as
    Ajiichi, just further back, the alleyway to the bar is directly across from 
    While you wait, if you have enough time, check out the Bunkado Antiques.  Well
    , they close at 10:00 PM so you should have plenty.  Go in there and buy all 6
    SCROLLS, it'll set you back about 8500 yen, which is nearly all you have on 
    you at the moment, but using these moves makes you that much more of a 
    dangerous fighter.
    If you have a little time to kill, do whatever tickles you pink.  But once 
    7:00 PM hits, swing by the Heartbeats Bar.  Once you walk down the steps to 
    the bar a QTE will commence, which will tell you that you are going in the 
    right direction.
    QTE FIGHT: Tony and Smith
    These two drunk sailors are your private punching bags for the duration of 
    this game.
    From the start press the B-button, if you mess up the B-button will pop back 
    And from there the B-button again, and if you mess up the A-button.
    QTE FIGHT: End
    Head on inside the bar.
    The Bartender insults your tender age by slinging a glass of milk your way, 
    which begs the question of what milk is doing in a seedy bar in the first 
    place, I don't drink so I guess I wouldn't know.  Anywho, you get insulted 
    a few times more, and Ryo asks stupidly if the dudes lounging around are 
    sailors.  A dude wearing what really looks like a beret will grab your 
    shoulder, which of course Ryo violently shrugs off.
    Right-O!, get ready for yet another QTE.
    QTE FIGHT: Bar Denizens
    At the start, you have two chances to press the B-button.
    The next dude gives you an A-button and a second chance B-button.
    Once those two hooligans are down the fat guy picks up a barstool, whereupon 
    you only get one shot to press the B-button.
    When you press it the A-button comes up, fail to do that and the B-button 
    comes up again.
    QTE FIGHT: End
    Once you've proven that you can beat up three drunken sailors, the owner will 
    relent and give you a little info.  He'll only give it to you if you agree to 
    never enter his bar again, a promise that I make sure I break every time I'm 
    in Dobuita at night.  The owner will then tell you to look for a guy named 
    Charlie, and give you a link to the Motorcycle Shop nearby, and gives you a 
    vague description that could apply to about 50 people in Dobuita.  After Ryo 
    assumes having a tattoo is more significant than being apart of a illegal 
    smuggling unit, the owner will tell you to get the heck out.
    You can check your Notebook if you want to, but Ryo does a pretty good job of 
    remembering the details.  Head over to the Knocking Motorcycle Shop and chat 
    with Ono-san, whose hair rivals Ryo's and Iwao's in the spiky department.  If 
    this is your first time talking to Ono, he will give you his condolences 
    regarding your father and end the conversation.  Don't worry, either wait a 
    little bit, talk to another person, or look at your Notebook, anything to 
    pass about 2-5 in-game minutes and Ono will talk to you again.
    This time he'll rant on about how Charlie is a poser, (Considering Charlie 
    allegedly murdered Mark's brother, I'd say this excludes him from being a 
    poser) and will tell you to check out Jupiter Jackets and talk to Tsuruoka.  
    If it is after 8:00 PM, which it more than likely is, then you'll have to 
    come back the next day.  You can run into Tsuruoka if you're lucky (Wears a 
    reddish jacket and has a purplish cap on) but he will only tell you to stop 
    by and buy one of his delicious jackets.
    Note that you can talk to Kurita over at the Army Surplus Store, but he will 
    only confirm that Charlie comes over there after hitting the Jacket Shop.  
    Not sure if you can talk to him twice to get the information about the 7:00 PM
    thing, though.
    For all you speed demons out there thinking you can just knock out your first 
    QTE and Real-Time fight in one day, you can't.  Seems you have to rest and 
    try again the next day.
    Once you get home that same night, swing by the kitchen and you'll find a 
    package of dried fish on the sink.  You might think from Ryo's initial 
    sentence that he is going to eat this himself, but no, its for that cat.  
    Also look in the fridge to find a bottle of milk that mysteriously wasn't 
    there that morning.  (The only time I've seen either Fuku or Ine outside of 
    Hazuki area is Fuku in the first Chai fight)
    Anyway next day its a good idea to walk through to Dobuita without using the 
    Area Jump.  Why, you say?  To feed your pet cat of course!
    Once you get to Dobuita, you'll be forced into a cutscene with Wang who is 
    standing by the Bell Waad vending machine.  Long story short, you can buy 
    him a pop or not, just keep in mind that if you don't you'll have a little 
    tougher time deciphering the letter Ine stole at the beginning of the game.  
    And also note, that Wang appears every once in a while looking to weasel 
    someone, mainly you, out of a pop.  While you only have to do this once, you 
    can refuse every time.  Once you've seen the cutscene once you can avoid it, 
    by taking a wide berth around Wang.  Or just take the back way into Dobuita.  
    As a side note, I'm always cruel and always select the scalding hot coffee 
    (hit Down on the D-pad).
    Once that's done, head over to Jupiter Jackets, which is right along the right
    side of the main street if you are heading to the You Arcade.  Talk to 
    Tsuruoka and he'll end the conversation by saying sorry for not being helpful,
    indeed if you don't talk to him again, nothing will show up on your Notebook, 
    so talk to him again.  He'll mention that Charlie showed up at around 7:00 PM 
    or so.  
    From here, there is really nothing much you can do to further the story line.
    So hang out till about 1:00 PM or so and talk to Hirata at Hirata Tobacco 
    Shop, it's right near the bus stop.  She'll direct you to Nagai Industries, 
    which is before Liu's Barber but after the the Fortune Teller.  Look for the 
    green door with the crescent moon thing above it.  
    It doesn't seem to open till after 2:00 PM though, so hang out till then.
    Enter the building and head up the narrow staircase and talk to the guy with 
    the flat top and the towel around his shoulders.  All he will do is confirm 
    and solidify the fact that Charlie will be in Dobuita at night 
    (which he won't).
    You can also go to Lapis Fortune and she'll confirm what like 5 other people 
    have already; wait till 7:00 PM.  So have some fun till then.  One thing I 
    HIGHLY recommend doing is stopping by the Suzume Park after 3:00 PM to learn 
    one of the most powerful moves in the game.  You have an hour's window to 
    learn it, and if you miss it today, you can try again tomorrow.
    A good thing to spend time on is to practice your newly learned Double Blow at
    the vacant parking lot near the You Arcade.  The move only shows its potential
    once it gets beyond the "Moderate" stage.  And the best way to train it is to 
    do it over and over again.  
    I guess I can describe it for you, my loyal readers.
    The cutscene begins with Ryo walking in on Yamagishi sitting on a park 
    bench...drinking himself silly.  I guess almost being run over by a car would 
    bring most people to drink.  Ryo harasses him for a bit and discovers that 
    Yamagishi is actually drinking to Ryo's father, or having a drink with 
    him...whatever tickles you.  Then all of the sudden he springs up and demands 
    if Ryo has ever seen THIS move.  Wow, Yamagishi, I was just small-talking 
    with you.  Nonetheless he performs the move, which all joking aside is pretty 
    friggin' awesome, so damaging is this move, it makes the glass Yamagishi was 
    drinking out of move.  Again, unrealistic as this may seem, it is still a very
    believable representation and cool to boot.
    Now, Ryo in awe asks what move it was.  Yamagishi goes into a spiel about the 
    Double Blow and says he wants to teach it to you.  Once again, it is entirely 
    up to you whether you want to learn it or not...you'd be psycho not to want to
    learn it.  
    Anyway, listen to what Yamagishi says about doing the move, because the button
    combination lies within the explanation.  Depending on how many times it takes
    you to do the move will vary what comment Yamagishi says about your ability.
    Foom.  You learned it.  Yamagishi then tells you the Double Blow was created 
    nearly 500 years ago, if performed correctly it can be felt through armor.  I 
    highly doubt Ryo will be fighting knights any time soon, but I guess it is 
    important info.  Yamagishi then says he would like to drink sake with Ryo 
    sometime, I guess to carry on the tradition he had with Iwao, kinda cool if 
    you ask me.  Ok cutscene over.
    Minor note: Don't do like I did; while writing this FAQ and put your pet 
    outside, if you take too long to make your decision about whether to learn the
    move, Ryo will by default choose "Decline".
    At any rate, once 7:00 PM hits head over to the You Arcade and you'll 
    recognize one of the thugs you beat up yesterday (Tony and Smith).  
    Well not so much recognize, considering he just materializes out of thin air, 
    which is a pretty nifty trick.
    Ryo will go into a combat stance and the dude will stop him and say he isn't 
    there for violence and compliments Ryo on his fighting.  I doubt that's normal
    conversation for a drunken sailor, but yet again, Ryo doesn't pick up on the 
    obvious suspicious behavior.  You'll ask if he knows Charlie, and what do you 
    know, of course he does!!!  What a nifty coincidence, even more nifty is that 
    he can take you to meet him, right now.
    Ah yes, the meeting place is the vacant parking lot you do your practicing in.
    Are you seeing the signs yet?  Looks like Ryo just dropped in on a nightly 
    book club meeting...no...get ready for your first Real-Time fight.
    REAL-TIME FIGHT:  Sailors
    One thing you'll notice fairly quickly.  This isn't your average fighting 
    game, these dudes can and will gang up on you, and let me tell you, getting 
    juggled between punches will end you very quickly.  Also note you have to have
    some strategy, rarely will you win just by mashing buttons.  A very good 
    strategy that has worked for me 99% of the time is Evading and countering with
    a throw.  You can mix it up a bit for variety, but be careful.  If you end up 
    getting your keister kicked, don't worry you can try again.
    The scene ends with Ryo manhandling one of the sailors, note that this is the 
    only time you'll be able to further an A-button conversation with violence, 
    so enjoy it.  The dude will eventually reveal that he got his tattoo in 
    Okinawa, but for some reason will feel it's important to tell Ryo of another 
    parlor in Yokosuka.  Ryo doesn't bother to connect the fact if the sailor 
    knows of a tattoo parlor and he has a tattoo, then it'll be very likely he 
    will know where it is.  But, he neglects to ask, allowing you to what will be 
    over an hour of pseudo-detective work, ah well.
    Since it is likely after 7:00 PM, not a lot of shops will be open, but there 
    will be a few people you can ask if you want.  But none of them will know the 
    location, instead go into the You Arcade.
    I'll bet you remember seeing these two dudes hanging around, but trying to 
    talk to them was fruitless.  Once Ryo falsely admires "Red Jacket's" tattoo, 
    they'll both become communicative.
    Anyways the two Arcade dudes won't tell you squat unless you agree to join 
    their gang.  Just to be on the safe and speedy side, agree.  They'll divulge 
    that the famed tattoo parlor is in Okayama Heights, and you can go there now 
    if you want, despite being an underground, seedy and nefarious shop, they 
    still have to keep regular hours.  I also have a hard time accepting the fact 
    that Kurita, (owner of the Army Surplus store) doesn't know of its existence 
    considering it's directly above him.  I guess sweaty uber-muscled men walking 
    up there and leaving with marks on their bodies that weren't there before is 
    As a side note, maybe that sailor is off the hook.  Okinawa and Okayama are 
    very similar sounding, especially once you've had your nose broken and your 
    arm bent in a way that it really shouldn't be bent.
    Inside the parlor if you walk forward a little you'll meet and automatically 
    talk to the tattoo artist, who says he's closed and insists that he's never 
    heard of Charlie.  Ryo for once gets crafty by attempting to trick the artist 
    into thinking his...ahem...talent is appreciated, doesn't work.  "Tattoo Dude"
    will then try to get Ryo to get a tattoo, commenting on the tight, supple, 
    "no-sag" skin he has, and if that weren't creepy enough, just listen to the 
    guy's voice.  Ryo has to refuse "Tattoo Dude's" advances a few times before 
    he'll tell you to return tomorrow, because Charlie "might" appear, keep in 
    mind "Tattoo Dude" just said he'd never heard of Charlie, sheesh!
    So escape that madhouse and head on home.
    The next day head on to the Dojo, you'll be treated to a cutscene with Fuku 
    practicing a move, and doing a poor job of it.  Ryo walks in and identifies 
    the move he's doing.  This is a special case of Ryo learning a new move, in 
    the sense it really isn't new considering it's a basic move.  
    Perhaps Ryo decided it was time to bring some of his initial fighting back?  
    At any rate, Fuku asks Ryo to watch his form, listen to what he says for he 
    outlines the button combination is his speech.  Right around this time you'll 
    get an AS Selection to choose whether you want to give a demonstration and 
    therefore learn the move or not; once again it's your choice.  Watch as Fuku 
    performs the move and abruptly falls to the ground in pain.
    Wahahaha!!!!  Evidently, Lan-Di and his thugs did more than just throw him 
    from the Dojo.  Anyway, Fuku gets back up and asks Ryo to show him the right 
    way to do it.  Input the move, finish the cutscene and hightail it out of 
    As a side note, you'll be able to learn this on the 4th as well as the 5th.
    Walk down to Yamanose and get your QTE fingers ready.
    Three kids are playing in the street, Yasuo, Kota, and I think Kayo.  A funny 
    bit is watching how Kota stops the soccer ball...with his face.  
    QTE EVENT: Soccer Ball
    This is hard, very complex sequence of button presses. 
    Press the A-button and be done with it.
    QTE EVENT: End
    Ryo will tell them to be careful about playing in the street, they'll leave 
    and the scene will end.  Once you get control of Ryo note that you can focus 
    on what Kayo was drawing on the pavement, it doesn't mean anything, it's just 
    a really cool attention to detail.
    Feed your kitty!!!
    In Sakuragaoka, once you get near the entrance to Dobuita a cutscene commences
    where Ryo overhears Nozomi.  But I think you will only get this if you trigger
    the cutscene with Enoki and Nagashima by the Tomato Convenience Store the day 
    The scene reverts to the park where Nozomi is being harassed by Enoki and 
    Nagashima.  They were evidently about to beat the crap out of a kid for a toy 
    plane hitting Enoki in the face, which I would've loved to have seen.  Nozomi 
    is defending the kid, while Nagashima is trying to justify attacking a kid.  
    Then Nagashima reverts from child abuse to sexual harassment by trying to get 
    Nozomi to "party" with them.  Enoki assures Nozomi that they'll be gentle, 
    which is absolutely creepy.  No dice, Nozomi continues to refuse.  And Enoki 
    makes his move, which looked suspiciously like he was about to punch her in 
    face, good grief Enoki!
    Ryo steps in at this moment, which I have to assume he was watching the whole 
    thing, because I know it doesn't take that long to walk from the area map to 
    the park...
    Enoki challenges Ryo, of course Ryo accepts.  Watch, as the three get into 
    their battle stances, Nagashima's mouth is still moving ...apparently he had 
    something important to say but the game decided it wasn't important enough to 
    delay a butt-kicking.
    REAL TIME FIGHT: Enoki and Nagashima
    Fairly easy fight, Nagashima is really a push over, you should be able to beat
    him or at the very least clear him away before Enoki can blindside you.  Once 
    you drop Nagashima, Enoki is a different story altogether.  While not hard by 
    any stretch of imagination, he isn't easy for beginners.  The only moves to 
    watch out for is his headbutt/throw move and his windup punch.  The throw is 
    a little hard to dodge, but once he grabs you, mash the B-button to get out 
    of it.  Just evade him and counter with throws(recommended) or regular 
    Once Enoki and Nagashima get up and hobble away, Ryo'll be thanked by Nozomi 
    and the kid.  Ryo will then chastise Nozomi for trying to talk down to Enoki 
    and Nagashima, Nozomi will retort with the fact that they were going to hurt 
    the kid.  Ryo says you can't reason with them; whether he is referring to you 
    can't verbally reason or Nozomi, personally, can't reason with them I'll never
    know.  Anyway the cutscene ends with Nozomi making lovey-dovey eyes are Ryo, 
    while Ryo is apparently imagining the best way to make his hair even more 
    Ok, now off to the Tattoo Parlor, right?  Well not quite, see they aren't 
    open yet...which, like I stated before is really odd.  So you've got a few 
    moments to kill, they open at 2:00 PM, so go check out the Arcade, or go 
    practice, or something.
    Once 2:00 PM hits, swing by the parlor, and another cutscene begins.
    Ryo walks in to see Tony and Smith getting a tattoo, or more specifically, it 
    looks like one of them is getting an extension on his current one.  At any 
    rate, he tells the "Tattoo Dude" to give him "something tough, so no one will 
    mess with him"...right...  At this time Ryo walks in and Tony and Smith bug 
    the heck out, Ryo asks where Charlie is.  "Tattoo Dude" points you over to the
    bed and warns you not to disturb him, lest you get hurt.
    QTE FIGHT: Charlie
    Ok...this one is a little tricky for either newbies, or people who haven't 
    played it in a long time (me!). 
    You can actually start the fight this time by pressing the A-button, but if 
    you take too long, Ryo'll start it himself.
    Once Ryo pulls back the "drapes", you have a split second to press Left on 
    the D-Pad.  This guy uses a knife and therefore will only warrant you with one
    chance to input the command.
    Then the A-button comes up again, effectively ending the QTE fight.
    QTE FIGHT: End
    Once Ryo flings Charlie around a bit, he'll agree to let you in on his 
    dealings and tells you to come by the Arcade tomorrow at 3:00 PM.
    An interesting bit is when Ryo reminds Charlie of "what he'll do if Charlie 
    doesn't show".  I really don't know what this is...but I would assume Ryo has 
    some violent specialty that he is referring to.
    Upon heading down the steps you'll trigger a cutscene involving Nozomi.  
    Apparently she followed you there, and she's worried that Ryo hasn't been 
    showing interest in his college orientation stuff.  Ryo admits whatever he 
    intends to do will involve Karate.  He then tells her to beat it because the 
    area is dangerous, considering she works right down the street, I'm pretty 
    sure she knew that.  He then makes a promise to talk about later, which 
    effectively stops her nagging and ends the scene.
    Guess what?  You get a whole 24 hours to do absolutely nothing!  That amounts 
    to around 60-75 minutes of real time (not including sleeping).
    For fun, you could seek out the two biker thugs you spoke to the night 
    before.  Talk to the "Red Jacket", because the other dude never seems to want 
    to talk to you.  "Red Jacket" hears from "Tattoo Dude" that you never really 
    wanted to join the gang, which Ryo admits.  What looks like a butt-kicking 
    ends in "Red Jacket" saying it's okay.  Something tells me, if the other, 
    tougher members heard him say that, well...I suspect something gnarly would 
    happen to him.  The two places the bikers seem to appear the most is near the 
    Knocking Motorcycle Shop and in the You Arcade.
    So you've got time to spare.  I won't waste your time by outlining everything 
    you could do, but here are a few suggestions.
    Practice, practice, and practice some more.
    Hit the Arcade.
    Chat up some folks/folkettes.
    Work on your Toy Capsule collection.
    Check out Abe Store in Sakuragaoka to hear the owner call Ryo all sorts of 
    embarrassing names.  Wahahahah!!!
    Pause the game and go spin on your nose.
    Hunt down and talk with the only two prostitutes in the game.  Now, this is 
    something that is loosely inferred but nonetheless there.  Look in Dobuita for
    a Caucasian with a green sweater and reddish hair, or a Caucasian with a 
    yellowish vest, a striped undershirt and blond hair.  Now both of them say 
    exactly the same thing and even have the same voice, but it is interesting to 
    see that there are no references to Japanese prostitutes.  Also note how 
    creepy "Hooker #1" and "Hooker #2" sound.
    Whatever you decide to do is fine.  Get ready for the next day.
    Next day indeed.  If you've been loosely following my walkthrough then it 
    should be the 6th.  And if it's before or after the 6th...well...nothing I 
    can do about that.  
    At any rate you'll be treated to a cutscene of Ryo visiting the Dojo and 
    meditating to the "8 Principles of Yin and Yang".  Fuku will walk in and 
    they'll agree to sparring.  So spar already. 
    Note that if you use any moves outside the traditional Hazuki-style, Fuku will
    give various comments.  My favorite is when you use the Arm Break Fire 
    (bought at Bunkado Antiques in Dobuita) Fuku will say, "Don't use that 
    move!!!", to which Ryo will reply, "Oops, sorry!".  Kills me every time.
    Maybe it's me but sparring only seems to end when either of you gets thrown, 
    at least, EVERY time I've sparred it ends with me throwing Fuku...probably a 
    coincidence...but a 5 year coincidence?
    Once thats over Fuku and Ryo discuss what Ryo has discovered.  Fuku expresses 
    his doubts and CONTINUALLY asks him not to pursue it.  Ryo tells him to buzz 
    off, this continues until Ryo walks out of the Dojo. 
    Only to run into that useless Ine, who in addition to her letter stealing 
    likes to eavesdrop on people.  Ryo asks this and asks her to step aside to 
    allow him to freely pursue the killers.  Of course she refuses, not that this 
    will stop Ryo.  Before he leaves, she tells him that there is something that 
    she wants to give him.
    Back inside the house in Ine's room I think, she produce the letter she 
    thieved a few days ago.  Ryo sees that it is addressed to Iwao and asks why 
    she kept it.  Her paltry excuse was to prevent Ryo from doing something 
    foolish and so he wouldn't upset the spirit of Iwao.  Which makes me wonder 
    how she knew the letter and the death of Iwao were connected to begin with.  
    Ine then make Ryo promise her that he won't do anything rash, harsh and 
    Right, once Ryo makes his ridiculous promise, the cutscene ends.  And you've 
    got a spiffy new letter that needs translating.
    So go back outside and yet another cutscene begins with really creepy music.  
    Fuku asks what the letter is about, Ryo is hesitant and understandably so.  
    He eventually relents and shows Fuku the letter who deduces that it's in 
    Chinese!!!  There's a Sherlock Holmes for you.  They contemplate who would be 
    able to translate the letter, and Fuku assures you that through his Dobuita 
    connections he'll give you all the help you need, sure Tony Soprano.
    So head on down to Yamanose, and feed your kitty.
    In Sakuragaoka you run into a cutscene.  A boy wearing a green jacket comes 
    running up to you crying.  Ryo puts his creepy hands on him and asks what's 
    the matter.  The boy replies that some thug (Charlie) took his soccer ball and
    would give it back if the boy brought Ryo back to him.  Ryo springs into 
    action, catches the soccer ball and tells the boy to go home, signaling a 
    Real-Time Fight.
    REAL-TIME FIGHT: 3 Thugs
    Fans with excellent memories will recognize the dude with the green camouflage
    jacket...anyway.  This fight shouldn't give you much trouble.  The only real 
    threat is "Green Army Jacket", the damage from his attacks can really add up.
    It's easier to take out the two lesser thugs and focus your attention on him.
    But this can be hard because while you're dodging "Green Army Jacket", the 
    two random thugs will be beating you senseless.  You could implement a flying 
    spin kick to clear you some breathing room, or grab one of the dudes and hurl 
    him into the others.  Just carefully watch the moves and evade and attack this
    time; throws seem to create a more difficult fight.
    So once you've beaten them, (I always get really annoyed after this fight) 
    you get treated to a little QTE cutscene.  
    QTE FIGHT: Soccer Ball
    Charlie has the green jacket kid!!!  Oh no, and there is a nefarious blue camo
    dude sneaking up on you from behind!!! Whatever do you do?  Well, Batman is 
    on vacation so you'll have to fend for yourself.
    Press the A-button when it comes up for one of the coolest scenes in the game.
    You'd think you'd have to input a command for the sneaky dude behind you, but
    I guess the game hands you a freebie.
    QTE FIGHT: End
    Okay, once that's over the kid will thank Ryo, and in doing so will reveal 
    that he is Chinese, boy I love these game coincidences.  The kid says his name
    is Xie Gao Wen, and before Ryo can even think to ask the kid for help with the
    letter he sprints off.
    Now about that letter, to cut out the middleman you can go straight to the 
    Ajiichi and ask Tao who will as confounded as his "wife", and will refer you 
    to Wang, who should be out delivering.
    Good luck finding him, your best bet is to check between that Bell Waad pop 
    machine near Nagai Industries and the Ajiichi.  I'd tell you to cut out the 
    middleman's middleman, but where you really should go won't be open till Wang 
    tells you to go there.
    You might think you could talk to Itoi-san or someone else like that, nope, 
    they'll be as confused at Tao-san, so what are you going to do?
    Ah, to heck with it.  Walk down to the You Arcade and make sure that you hug 
    the left side and right by Komina and his awful bread store you'll run into 
    Gao Wen.
    Chat with him and he'll direct you to Russiya China Shop, where Xia, his 
    grandmother, will be able to translate the letter for you.
    So of course, now, the store is open, typical.
    Swing by there and enter it.  You'll be treated to a cutscene.  Long story 
    short it looks like the letter-writer took a leaf out of the book of Da Vinci.
    It's written backwards, reversed, written in Old-Style and god-knows what 
    else.  But Xia can translate it like nobody's business.
    Oh yeah as a side note, Xia recognizes Ryo's name from Gao Wen's predicament 
    earlier, yet Ryo completely forgot what happened about 3 hours ago.  I highly 
    doubt Ryo saves people on such a constant basis that it would allow such an 
    event to "slip" his mind.
    From the letter you'll get a link to Master Chen in case something bad 
    happened regarding the mirror...looks like the postal service was little 
    slow.  And you'll get a number, which is below.  And the name Zhu Yuan Da, 
    which only bears fruit in Shenmue 2 so forget it.
    To make your life easier here are the passwords for when you call, but if 
    you'd rather find them out yourself and therefore waste over 200 yen (10 yen 
    per phone call mind you...) be my guest and skip the next section.
    Mother's Earth=Comrades
    Comrades=Mother's Earth
    Father's Heaven=Nine Dragons
    Nine Dragons=Father's Heaven
    Ok, cutscene over.  Now you can head all the way home if you are extremely 
    cheap and make your phone calls from there, or you can walk to the other side 
    of Dobuita to Hirata Tobacco for a payphone there, or go to Sakuragaoka and 
    look of the junction street with Abe Store right by it, the phone booth is 
    Note that if you use the Hirata Tobacco Shop, as you're dialing the numbers 
    watch the extremely creepy wait-cycles of Hirata-san.  Wooh.
    Call em' up.
    Once you figure out the correct passwords, Ryo will screw up the rest and get 
    a dial tone for a reward.  From it, you'll get the name Warehouse #8.  I can 
    remember the first time I tried to figure out how to find out where the heck 
    Warehouse #8 is, it took me...well...an extremely long time, and I eventually 
    ended right back up where I started.  That's right, just focus on the 
    phonebook to the right of the payphone and hit the A-button.
    Ryo searches the area code of the number to get the location, which is pretty 
    clever.  Evidently area code "61" is in Amihama.
    So you can ask the nearest person where Amihama is (Yuriko at the flower shop 
    behind you is easiest) and she'll tell you the best way is to catch a bus 
    Note that you'll have to talk to someone before you get on said bus, otherwise
    Ryo won't venture out into the street.
    So head out to the bus stop, you can focus on the bus schedule for easy 
    reference.  And when the bus comes, hit the A-button to get on.
    Oh yeah, "bus fare there" and "bus fare back" to Yokosuka is 160 yen, I've 
    never seen what happens if you don't have any money, but I suspect that you'll
    have to wait till the next day for Ine's allowance.  Which now that I think 
    about it, where in the world is she getting the money from? 
    Holy shenanigans, it's the end of the first Disc!!!
    XIII) Disc 2 Walkthrough
    Alright, now.  The second disc takes place directly when you last saved on the
    the first.  
    And you are treated to cool "bird-like" flight camera viewing of New Yokosuka 
    Harbor and its various little things.  Note the extra-long look at Warehouse 
    #4...you'll be meeting it soon enough.
    Now it's likely that you'll be getting off the bus around daylight hours, or 
    rather I hope you are, because this guide unfortunately doesn't cover you zany
    night owls.
    At any rate, hang an immediate left and you eventually get into a cutscene.
    You'll see Nagashima harassing yet another kid.  Demanding money and what 
    not.  Ryo will step in with a ridiculous line that up to this point doesn't 
    really fit his character, but who am I to judge?  
    You'll then meet another character who I guess is overseeing Nagashima.  
    He'll walk up to Ryo and then he'll recognize him and say his name, whereupon 
    Nagashima will backstep a bit in fear.  Seeing as how Ryo is only like 6 
    feet away from Nagashima makes me wonder if his eyesight is as bad as the old 
    lady in Disc 1.  Nonetheless, "Elvis-Hair" says he isn't afraid of some geek 
    and away we go.
    QTE FIGHT: Goro and Nagashima
    This should be pretty easy, you get two chances to press Left on the D-Pad.
    Do that and a mini-cutscene showing the harassed kid (the first and last time 
    you'll see a child in the Harbor mind you) run away making a creepy sound.  
    Nagashima tells the kid to wait (yeah right) and will attack you.
    You get two chances to press the A-button and Nagashima will be out of 
    Goro attacks you again, this time you get a B-button, fail that and you get an
    QTE FIGHT: End
    Now that you've whupped butt and are about to walk away, Goro gives Ryo a 
    compliment to which I actually thought Ryo was going to react violently to.  
    Nope.  Anyway Ryo asks where Warehouse #8 is and Goro gives him (and you) 
    directions right to it.
    And in a pretty cool transition from Goro and Nagashima walking away to the 
    camera zooming back to behind Ryo, we make our way to #8.
    Goro tells you to go straight and take a right, which is pretty vague.  But 
    anyway, go past the Hokuhoku Lunch and you'll see it.  (not so much of a right
    turn as it is a gradual right...)
    Now try to enter the Warehouse and you'll be stopped by that wicked old man to
    your left.  Instead of roundhouse kicking both dudes, Ryo decides to play it 
    Pink Panther style. (i.e. break in, for all you youngsters) and wonders if 
    there could be an alternate way in.  
    Head around back and look for six large wooden crates placed ever so 
    conveniently under and even more conveniently open window.  Ryo will say he 
    needs to find a way in, which of course is game speak for look for a lower 
    What's that you say?  Not enough convenient gameplay for you?  Well look to 
    the right of the window to find a large metal box (wooden boxes and metal 
    boxes, Mario fans rejoice!).  Walk behind it, so you're facing the window and 
    push Up on the D-Pad, note this is the only time you're going to see that Up 
    icon where the A-button usually is, so enjoy it.
    Oh yeah, I know what you're thinking all right.  The metal box you pushed 
    won't be there until the "Powers that be" see you try to enter the Warehouse 
    first, nice try though.
    Oh, as a side note, for some odd reason you can push the box in the opposite 
    direction, I really have no idea why the designers would want to put that in 
    there.  But if for some even stranger reason you happen to push the box all 
    the way up against that barrel; you'll have to position yourself at the edge 
    of the box and push it back, it's a little tricky but doable.
    Ok, push the box till it's against the six wooden boxes, and continually press 
    the A-button till you get to the window, and, yes, you guessed it, press the 
    A-button to get inside.  I told you in the Controls section the A-button was 
    Note that while you're pushing the crate and climbing the boxes and whatnot, 
    guards and forklift operators will randomly pass through that way.  But, I'm 
    assuming what Ryo is doing is everyday normal behavior at the Harbor because 
    no one seems to stop him to ask him what the heck he's doing.  Maybe all 
    foremen go to their offices that way.
    Anyway, inside the Warehouse, hang a right and and left and move all the way 
    up till you hit a cutscene.
    This next section is optional, and only if you want to look at some other 
    stuff.  The first door you come too has a few items that Ryo will comment on.
    Mainly the invoice next to the stack of files that Ryo will say that he 
    shouldn't touch.  Looking at the invoice will further confirm that Ryo is in 
    the right Warehouse (as if the giant 8 on the front of the Warehouse wasn't 
    The next door has something more interesting.  Upon going inside, Ryo assures 
    us that their aren't any clues in here.  Ignore idiot, and look on the desk at
    the envelope.  You'll pick it up and notice that it is addressed to Old 
    Warehouse #8, not "New", and Ryo will wonder what is going on.  From here you 
    can leave and trigger that aforementioned cutscene.
    Ryo will mention hearing voices (no he's not cracking up) and will tread over 
    to the far window.  He'll eavesdrop on two Harbor workers talking about 
    The dude on the left mentions the address on an invoice is wrong and is sick 
    and tired of having to tell whoever "them" is to stop using the Old Warehouse 
    #8 address.  The camera shifts to the dude on the right, and if you look 
    carefully, maybe you'll see the invoice on that table, because I sure didn't.  
    To make matters worse, the dude on the right agrees with whatever the heck the
    dude on the left is looking at, which I suspect is nothing at all...(so who 
    is really cracking up?)
    The dude on the left will ask the dude on the right to call over to Old 
    Warehouse #8, dude on the right will cheerily reply, "OK!" and abruptly stop 
    moving...yeah...I don't think all the side commentary in the world will be 
    able to explain what the heck just went on inside that room.
    At any rate, you can leave the back by either descending the boxes you climbed
    on, or just jump from where you are standing.  
    You can talk to Hisaka at Hokuhoku Lunches for the location to the Old 
    District, or you can travel to Tom's Hot Dog Stand and ask him.  Yes, I know 
    Tom doesn't know where the heck it is, despite having set up his dubious stand 
    in front of it, but the funny thing is he'll tell you to talk to Hisaka in the
    first place and forces you to trek all the way back over there.  
    Or you can just take a right from Tom's and immediately hang a left and you 
    are there.
    You can either talk to the guard or try to enter, but the latter will make Ryo
    decide to try at night.  Note he says this out loud, yet the guard makes no 
    mention of it.  So hang out till then, look for an Area Map and hit the Harbor
    Lounge to kill some time till 7:00 PM.  Personally, I usually go inside a 
    building because I hate having to watch that day turn into night cutscene, but
    to each his/her own.
    I'm assuming you know your way around the Harbor, so after getting the note to
    wait till tonight head over to Warehouse #17.  Before you even get to the 
    Warehouse you'll get a cutscene, actually I had you go that way for the 
    cutscene not #17.
    You'll see two guards toss an old bum out of Warehouse #14, later on wondering
    how he manages to keep getting in (you'll find out later).  Ryo approaches 
    him and winds having to buy him a coffee.
    Where in the world can you find a coffee you say?  No, there aren't any 
    Starbuccachino's at the Harbor, or in Yokosuka for that matter.  Instead check
    out our trusty Bell Waad pop machine, hit Down on the D-Pad to get the coffee 
    for him.
    Note you can give him a soda, but he won't be very appreciative, plus, you 
    aren't that cruel are you?
    You automatically take the coffee over to him, and you get to watch as he 
    creepily rubs it all over his face.  Ryo then asks where he lives, Ryo is 
    lacking in the "obvious department".  The old man will say he lives in the 
    Harbor itself, which is vague and suspicious too.  Ryo will say goodbye and 
    walk off, but instead of the cutscene ending, the camera will pivot back to 
    the old man for a few seconds, this is what you'd call foreshadowing.
    Check out your Notebook.  It says, that Ryo "befriended the homeless man", 
    As a side note, you don't have to go over there when I specified, you can 
    actually go there the moment you get done with the QTE battle, just be aware 
    that that whole scene kills like an hour of your time, so it would behoove you
    to try it during your wait till night thing.
    With that nonsense out of the way, 7:00 is here and you should be in front of 
    the Old Warehouse entrance, if not swing by there.
    Funny thing to see though, if you're in front of the entrance with the time 
    crosses over, when you regain control the gate is partially opened (or 
    closed...) and the guard that was there is now gone.  I have no idea how the 
    workers managed to do all this in under a minute, but sheesh, they're fast.
    Ok, so walk through the little opening to trigger a cutscene.
    Ryo sees a guard in the little check-in building and decides to crawl under 
    the little area to sneak by.  The phone rings, scaring the spikes out of Ryo's
    hair and causes him to bump his head on the counter above him.  I don't know,
    I think the loud THUMP would alert me more than my flashlight (which would've 
    been on me) hitting the ground.
    At any rate once you bump your head a QTE starts.
    QTE EVENT: Flashlight
    Hit Right on the D-Pad to grab the flashlight.
    QTE EVENT: End
    Ok, I'm sure most of you know the stuff you can exploit at this point in the 
    game.  If you fail to hit the button, you'll be warped to the next day, where 
    seemingly someone always calls the guard every night at the same time, and the
    guard assumes his flashlight hitting the ground is just the wind...every 
    From here it is easy to see the "Bad Ending".  Just let it loop, and go watch 
    a movie, read a book, cook a pork shoulder for all I care.  Come back in an 
    hour or so to check on it.  
    It seems your moves increase in ability if you let this go on for a while, I 
    haven't figured out how this works or how to explain it, note that any moves 
    that require you to input the commands to learn will be mysteriously learned.
    It's also a good opportunity to compare the different weather patterns day by 
    day, well it was for me.
    So once you've caught your new but albeit stolen flashlight, you get to do a 
    little Tactical Espionage Action!!!  Sorry Snake Pliskin fans, your out of 
    luck here, no Soliton Radar for you.  
    Actually, while it's not that hard to sneak to Old #8, it is, by contrast, 
    incredibly easy to get caught by the superhuman guards.  Once you are seen you
    have an opportunity to run away and ultimately hide yourself if you're lucky.
    But it is so difficult to do so, you are better off letting them catch you so 
    you can try again the next day.  
    And yes, these guards work 7 days a week non-stop.  You will be able to make 
    the days pass by here too, but it's not as speedy as the Flashlight bit, and 
    you'll have to move Ryo in the guards sight to exploit it.
    If you keep getting caught for whatever reason, the homeless man will approach
    you and give you a little hint.  He'll initially give you a blank map, and at 
    intervals, enhance that map, to make your sneaking easier.
    The easiest way to do it is IMMEDIATELY from the starting screen count to 10 
    and run to the right.  From here you will see two security guards, but they 
    are far away.  Run forward and take the first left you see, if you timed it 
    just right, you'll squeak right by the incoming guard without him seeing you. 
    From there take a right and you'll automatically see the Warehouse.
    Yet if for some strange reason you get caught after finding the Warehouse 
    (but don't actually go in), the next time you find it, Ryo won't go into the 
    mini-cutscene of finding the Warehouse.
    Ok, once inside, you can look all you want, but nothing will happen till you 
    focus on the ridiculously obvious white china plate on the wooden shelf in 
    front of you.  So focus on it and hit that trusty A-button.
    Or you can just walk up to the shelf and push the A-button.
    Useless Ryo will drop it when the lights suddenly pop on.  A dude in a 
    super-tight suit will walk down the stairs and he and Ryo will square off.
    Before they fight, a voice calls out to halt the suit man, then you'll see 
    another man in a red robe jiggling down the steps.  This is Master Chen, and 
    he'll correctly guess that you were the person that called (darn good guess if
    you ask me).
    Ryo and Master Chen will discuss the letter, and Master Chen will confirm 
    that the letter was actually written by Zhu Yuan Da.  They will then discuss 
    Lan-Di, who Master Chen reveals is the rumored leader of a Chinese 
    organization called Chi You Men.  They talk about his proficiency in martial 
    arts, and Ryo will ask something regarding why Lan-Di would go after Iwao.  
    The suit dude will interrupt by saying that nothing should be discussed with 
    you, in doing so he'll call Master Chen father.  Which I was as shocked as Ryo
    was considering they look nothing alike, anyway.
    Master Chen said he is bound by his promise to Zhu Yuan Da, whereupon Ryo 
    tells of the stolen mirror, this shocks the crap out of the otherwise composed
    Master Chen.
    He'll then ask if only one mirror was stolen, to which Ryo will reply yes and 
    describes the DRAGON MIRROR.  Master Chen will be partially relieved and say 
    that there is one more floating around Ryo's house, the PHOENIX MIRROR.  He 
    then dismisses Ryo by telling him not to show his smarmy face around there 
    until he manages to find the mirror.
    Yeah, I know, it's going to be a pain walking all the way back to your house 
    right?  Nope, game's nice enough to warp you to your room, and even moves the 
    day to the next morning!!!
    Ok, so you could check your Notebook, there is a lot of new info there.
    So your are faced with the daunting task of finding the other MIRROR, but 
    first if you haven't done so already, grab the OLD KEY out of Iwao's alleged 
    room, take it and go to the Dojo, stick it in the long box in the back of the 
    room and shove that KATANA in the right scroll on the back wall.
    Once you are done with that, go chat with Ine, she'll mention that Fuku has 
    been looking for you.  So go to him, he isn't in his room so check the Dojo, 
    before you even get there, you'll run into a cutscene.
    You'll see Fuku standing under the Cherry Tree making strange noises, he'll 
    then confess that he blabbed to Ine about Ryo's vendetta.  His justification 
    was that Ine needed to know.  Ryo ignores him and asks Fuku if he knows 
    anything about the mirror, of course he doesn't, but he'll say that Ine might 
    The cutscene continues, Ryo will find Ine eavesdropping AGAIN, sheesh.  She'll
    apologize for this time but not for the time before, at any rate she'll 
    remember NOW that Iwao went to the Antique Shop to have something stored for 
    So head on there.
    If you have the Area Jump you can go back in Ryo's house and jump to Dobuita, 
    or you can walk there, the latter will let you, that's right FEED YOUR KITTY!
    Well not quite, if you stop by the Shrine in Yamanose, you'll see a cutscene 
    with Ryo being philosophical with the cat.  See, the cat and Ryo's parent died
    on the same day, that would be enough for me to want to keep the cat, screw 
    Megumi.  While Ryo is chatting with the kitty, Nozomi walks up behind him and 
    asks what he was talking about.
    Ryo, having to maintain his tough-guy persona, flexes his biceps and says 
    nothing, ok, he really didn't flex, but you get the idea.  Nozomi gets upset 
    and says that's all Ryo says to her anymore and that he never tells her 
    anything.  Well, maybe he doesn't tell her because it's none of her business.
    At any rate, the cutscene will end the same way a conversation ends between 
    Nozomi and Ryo thousands of times before; in that she'll either tell him to 
    be careful, or to take care.
    Ok, you get control of Ryo again, make your way to Dobuita.
    In Dobuita, note that even if you used the "Day Passing Glitch" at the Harbor,
    everything is relatively the same.  Also note that occasionally if you walk 
    past Nozomi at the Flower Shop, she might stop you to talk to you about random
    things, you can avoid this by taking a wide path around her, or wasting time 
    by taking the long way.
    Bunkado Antiques is to the right of the Tomato Convenience Store, so head in 
    there.  Inside the Antiques Store, Ryo will walk around looking at stuff and 
    then promptly get the stuffing scared out of him when a clock to his left 
    starts chiming.  
    While Ryo is frozen is fear, an old man will appear saying it's a lovely sound
    is it not?  This reminds me of that part in Bram Stoker's Dracula, fans of 
    that book will know what I mean.  
    Then Oishi will continue talking about nonsensical stuff and then realize who 
    he is talking to and offer his condolences.  Ryo then asks if there is 
    anything that Iwao left here for storing.
    Oishi looks around for it, saying he put it in a very special place in case 
    Iwao ever came looking for it again, well that special place happens to be on 
    his cluttered desk...  He picks up the box and opens it, and, nope no PHOENIX 
    MIRROR for Ryo.  Oishi then talks about how he polished and waxed and cleaned 
    it everyday with the loving care of a mother, notice his emphasis on how clean
    he kept it.  
    Oishi then talks about how the artifact is given to the Hazuki-heirs once 
    they turn 18, which is convenient considering Ryo is 18.  Ryo then picks it up
    with his murky hands, netting you with the SWORD HANDGUARD.  Oishi is still 
    talking about how it is a very special antique passed down through the 
    generations, and Ryo abruptly shoves it in his back pocket...
    Ryo then asks if there was anything else Iwao had stored here, namely the 
    PHOENIX MIRROR, Oishi stares at him in puzzlement, then says no and tells him 
    to get out.  Well, not really, but basically Ryo will have to continue to hunt
    for the MIRROR on his own.
    On your way back to your house, near the exit of Sakuragaoka to Yamanose, 
    you'll run into a cutscene
    It begins with a shot of Ryo walking, and shows his shoes, which look like 
    they are on the wrong feet, but I digress.  You'll then see a familiar figure 
    behind you, which scares the crap out of Ryo again.
    Ryo whirls around and accuses Gui Zhang of working for Lan-Di, to which Gui 
    cryptically replies, "If I was?".  A direct challenge if you ask me.
    REAL-TIME FIGHT: Gui Zhang
    No way you can lose this fight, either let him beat you, beat him up, or parry
    till time elapses.
    Gui Zhang stops and says if he continues, he'll fail as Ryo's bodyguard, which
    is ridiculous considering he just attacked you.  They'll talk a bit, to which 
    Gui will mysteriously say that Ryo still doesn't know what his role is yet.  
    Well, this is a type of "Role-Playing Game", now turn the game console off 
    Gui tells him that if Lan-Di gets the other mirror, then he'll be unstoppable,
    how this is possible is very unclear at the moment.  You'll then see the 
    camera revert to a bird's eye view, to which you will a dude on the roof 
    eavesdropping on them.  This is Chai, and Chai is an absolute nut, I mean it,
    I don't mean nutty in a "pistachio" way, I mean nutty in an "eat the skin off 
    of your face" way.  Chai overhears them and gets exclusive information that 
    there is two MIRRORS, which I'm sure Lan-Di doesn't know that Ryo has, but 
    will soon.  He then cackles loudly and springs off the roof, I really don't 
    know how Gui and Ryo fail to hear this.
    Upon entering your main house you'll get into a cutscene with Fuku, who is 
    apparently sweeping the door area, which can be amusing if you see this scene 
    on an either rainy or snowy day.  Also note the extremely shabby looking 
    witches-broom he's using.  Ryo shows Fuku what Iwao left for Ryo, and says 
    it's a part of his inheritance.  Fuku sees it for what it is and nothing more,
    but will say it could be a crest of some sort and will direct you to talk to 
    that eavesdropping Ine.
    The game will warp you inside, and if you attempt to go back out, you won't be
    able to until you talk with Ine.  I think Fuku mentions that she is in the 
    Altar room, so head there, this is also a good time to steal the PHOTO OF 
    HAZUKI'S from here room if you haven't done so; while not pertinent to the 
    story it's a must for the super collectors out there.
    Watch as Ryo takes the HANDGUARD out of his bottomless back pocket and puts it
    on the table IN FRONT OF HIM, when the camera angle shifts the HANDGUARD 
    somehow manages to jump over to where Ine is sitting...
    Inside the Altar room, Ine will basically tell you that the designs on the 
    HANDGUARD mean a Snow Ring, Two Stars and a One Sword.  And deduces that it 
    may have something important to do with Ryo's investigation.
    Yeah that's a lot of help, you are back where you started, and at this point 
    of the game things can get a little frustrating.  To save you a lot of 
    headache, go to the Dojo and put the HANDGUARD into the left slot on the back 
    wall (you'll have to move the scroll first).  But before going inside, save 
    yourself a lot of trouble and go take the FLASHLIGHT from the drawer beneath 
    the phone in Ryo's house.  Or you can travel to Dobuita and buy a LIGHT BULB 
    at the Tomato Store, choice is yours.
    Just note that you have to have the FLASHLIGHT to make it past the second 
    hallway.  Once you get inside the room, you can either use CANDLES, the 
    FLASHLIGHT, or stick a LIGHT BULB in the center of the ceiling (the light 
    switch is to the left of where you initially entered the room).
    Once you've illuminated the creepy room, take a gander around and note the 
    things you'll be able to take with you, all these are mapped if you were 
    standing at the entrance of the room facing in.
    A moves SCROLL, found on the shelf to your right.
    A BOX OF MATCHES, also found of the shelf to your right.
    Some CANDLES, found in a drawer in the far back left corner of the room.  The 
    drawer has a mirror on it.
    A WHITE LEAF, only gotten by look through a book to the right of the shelf 
    with the mirror on it.
    A PHOTO OF FATHER WITH ANOTHER DUDE, found in a red chest in the back right 
    corner of the room.
    Now you can search out the PHOENIX MIRROR, note the shelf with the vanity 
    mirror on it in the back left corner.  If you search it and press the 
    A-button, Ryo will notice a talisman in the reflection.  Conversely if you 
    initially know where it is, you can look on the back of the shelf.  If you 
    examine it, Ryo will comment that it is a sealing talisman, kind of 
    interesting to note that Iwao would take the time to put a seal there.  But I 
    really think this was ultimately a clue to let a knowledgeable individual know
    that you are getting close to the MIRROR.
    Anyway, check out the scratches behind that very shelf, hmm.
    Now you'll be able to pull the shelf back.  But you'll only be able to see it 
    in cutscene form, told you to enjoy that D-Pad direction while it lasted.  Ok 
    now go back to the area that was being hidden by the shelf and focus on it or 
    press the A-button.  Ryo will note that it looks different.  Press the 
    A-button twice, or focus and press the A-button and Ryo will do a dynamics 
    test on the two different areas of the wall, and note that the obvious patch 
    makes a hollow noise.
    So how are you gonna bust it open?  Yeah, you could kick it, but Ryo is smart 
    enough to not even acknowledge that idea.  So look to the left wall of the 
    exit/entrance of the Basement, and you'll find a conveniently placed ax.  And,
    no, that didn't appear after you tapped on the wall, that would just be 
    frightening to say the least. 
    Pick it up (A-button), and walk over to the wall, A-button that sucker, and 
    grab the MIRROR.  And note the cool "Special Item" music you get once you pick
    up the MIRROR, you only get this for the MIRROR mind you.
    You get warped to the Dojo where Fuku takes a look at the MIRROR with you.  
    Fuku comments on the creepiness while Ryo says it has a interesting aura.  
    Fuku makes a stupid comment about Ryo being possessed and Ryo will tell him 
    to take a hike while he examines it.
    Once Fuku vanishes, Ryo will tell himself (you) that he should go see Master 
    Chen.  It was like 8:00 PM while I was writing this, you can still see him 
    even this late, or you can wait till morning to do so.
    So make the call from the House and Area Jump to Dobuita, catch the bus and 
    hightail it to the Old Warehouse District. 
    You can either talk to the guard or walk in, either way you'll get inside.  
    From here you'll start off in the same area as when you had to sneak in, only 
    you don't have to sneak in anymore.  Guards won't comment on your previous 
    B & E's, but they will gladly tell you the fastest way to get the heck out of 
    there.  Go to #8.
    The cutscene starts with Master Chen telling you that the MIRROR is made of 
    Phantom River Stone, and that Lan-Di was unaware that Iwao had both MIRRORS.
    He then tells you of the legend that when the Phoenix and Dragon switch places 
    an evil monster named Chi You will appear and devour everything in sight.  As 
    unrealistic as this may seem they all entertain the idea.  As you are doing 
    so, Chai appears and snags the MIRROR, and in an incredible display of 
    "Spider-like" agility manages to clear 20 feet in under 3 seconds; looks like 
    a QTE to me.
    QTE EVENT: Chai
    Press Left on the D-Pad to end it quickly.
    QTE EVENT: End
    The thing that Chai is on moves over to the right and causes Chai to drop the 
    MIRROR, whereupon Ryo will take it.  I still marvel how the MIRROR doesn't 
    break from a fall of that height.
    Chai utters a few threats and jumps out of the window.
    Ryo runs back to Master Chen and thanks him, they then theorize on where Chai 
    originated, Master Chen thinks he is linked to the Chi You Men through the Mad
    Ryo excitedly assumes he'll be able to track down Lan-Di through the Mad 
    Angels, but Gui doesn't think this will be possible, and guesses that now that
    he has the DRAGON MIRROR he'll probably be in Hong Kong.  Ryo then impulsively
    requests Master Chen help him arrange a flight to Hong Kong, long story short,
    Chen refuses.
    Ryo protests and says he can get to Lan-Di and...Gui then interrupts and 
    finishes Ryo's sentence by saying Lan-Di will kill him (at this point very 
    true).  Ryo turns the conversation around in desperation by asking Gui if it 
    was his father (Master Chen) then what would he do.
    Master Chen stops this and says his word is final and parts some advice by 
    saying it isn't wise to live your life in vengeance.  Ryo makes a strange 
    noise and the cutscene ends.
    You get warped back to your House, where Fuku and Ryo sum up in about 5 
    seconds what Master Chen took about 10 minutes to say.  You'll then be warped 
    to your room where you can turn in for the night.
    When you turn in for the night, you'll get a dream sequence showing a bird 
    flying through what looks like two apparitions of the DRAGON and the PHOENIX 
    MIRROR.  I really don't know what this is supposed to represent, and if 
    someone out there knows definitively what it means feel free to E-mail me.  
    Just look at Ryo's expression when he wakes up the next morning, whoa.
    There will be another cutscene of Ryo looking at what appears to be a bank 
    statement, when he looks at the total amount, it somehow gets added to you 
    current yen amount, I swear banks in Japan are really speedy.  Anyway 
    regardless of your game you'll always get 36,512.
    Ryo surmises that this is nowhere near enough to get to Hong Kong, which 
    clairvoyantly is correct.
    Your Notebook will tell you to talk to Fuku, and unfortunately you have to, 
    so check him out, he's in his room, not the Dojo, I'll bet if I hadn't told 
    you this, you would have gone to the Dojo, heh heh.
    As a funny sidenote, talk with Ine, and more than likely Ryo will thank her 
    for everything.  Ine will then say now that Ryo knows everything (apparently 
    Ine thought Ryo was only concerned about his inheritance) he can focus his 
    energies on school.  Ryo agrees, and once again.
    Excuse me, looks like denial isn't just a river in Africa after all.  Ok, now 
    go to Fuku.
    Ryo will ask if he knows any cheap ways to travel.  Fuku will name Global 
    Travel and wonder why.  Ryo tells him of his idea to travel to Hong Kong and 
    goes to persuade Ine to let him go, Fuku says he'll back him up...uh oh.
    Ryo will then confront Ine in the kitchen and in a rare brilliant stroke will 
    tell Ine that he plans to go on a trip.  Ine finishes what Ryo was undoubtedly
    thinking of and says it'll be good to go a trip to clear his mind.  You can 
    see from Ryo's face that he must've been thinking of something else after all.
    And when it seems that Ryo will get the funds and the permission to go, Ine 
    asks where he plans to go.
    Fuku steps in and says Hong Kong, and says that the man that murdered Iwao 
    might be headed there.  Ryo calls him an "Idiot", and Ine asks him what he 
    plans to do once he gets there.  Ryo says nothing, evidently not wanting to 
    give Ine visual imagery on how he's going to kill Lan-Di.  Ine gets upset with
    this and promptly ends the discussion and leaves.  Needless to say Ine is mad,
    and even more needless to say Ryo is steamed as well.  Fuku gives his 
    heartfelt apology which sounds about as sincere as a whoopee cushion.  Ryo 
    then comes to the conclusion that he has to find a way to Hong Kong himself.
    You finish the cutscene in the kitchen where you can control Ryo.  Take a look
    at the Notebook for some clues.  It will tell you to compare prices of Hong 
    Kong fares from the travel agencies in Dobuita.
    Note that when you walk to the entrance hall, you still get your allowance of 
    500 yen, heh heh.
    So Area Jump to Dobuita and go to Global Travel right across from Tom's and 
    you'll see a cutscene of Ryo talking to the salesman.  Ultimately you'll get 
    a cost, 220,000, which even if you exploited the "Day Passing Glitch" is 
    nowhere near the amount you currently have.
    Ryo will ask for a one-way fare, which they don't have.  Then he will ask if 
    anything else can be done.  The salesman will reluctantly refer you to Asia 
    Travel Co., but immediately say that from reputation that they are no good.
    Upon leaving, Ryo will say he should talk this over to Fuku.
    Now technically this is all you have to do, but you can go to Asia Travel that
    is right by that wacky Funny Bear Burgers.
    Also note that if you attempt to go to Asia travel first, you won't be able 
    get in until someone refers you to it, which is typical.
    So check out Asia Travel Co. right across from the Funny Bear Burgers (...).
    In Asia Travel, you'll see a vain woman sitting and looking at her fugly mug 
    in a mirror, Ryo tries several times to get her attention and manages to get 
    a BARGAIN FLIER from the detached woman.  One extremely funny thing to see is 
    Ryo's face when the woman demands him to take the FLIER, seeing as how it 
    cost her an arm and a leg to get it out.
    Upon leaving the place, Ryo will say he should go home and think it over.  So 
    swing on by there.
    In Yamanose, if you've been neglecting the cat, or even diligently feeding it,
    I'm not sure which, but if you go to the Shrine and talk to Megumi she'll 
    mention that the cat is missing and Ryo volunteers to find her.
    Now, at this time Megumi had named the cat without me.  In the past I had 
    found the hidden scene where she gives you the choice of four names but have 
    been thus unsuccessful in finding it again, any input regarding this (In 
    E-mail form mind you) will be greatly appreciated, and credit will be given.
    Anyway. to make it go fast, walk up towards the entrance to your House and 
    look to the left, where the stairway is.  Ryo will mention that he can hear 
    the cat.  
    Before you go downstairs, 1st Person look down there, look to the right of the
    area and you should see a clothesline, the cat is right by there.  So head 
    down there, now you know where to look without getting turned around 
    navigating those tight corners.  A-button the cat, and Ryo will give us 
    another spine-tingling shot of him crouching.  During this Nozomi will 
    approach him and guess that Ryo is looking for the cat too, duh.  
    The scene reverts to the Shrine where Megumi un-appreciatively thanks Nozomi 
    instead of Ryo.  Nonetheless, Nozomi corrects here and Megumi then thanks Ryo,
    cutscene over, now get your keister to Fuku!!!
    As a side note, you can trigger this scene when you first leave your House to 
    look for the different travel agencies too.
    Once again Fuku is in his room and not the Dojo, so don't bother going there.
    In Fuku's room, Fuku will note that a Hong Kong fare is really expensive, 
    he'll then produce a piggy bank.  Fuku's savings.  I honestly didn't think 
    people used piggy banks anymore, even in '86, and it makes me wonder why the 
    heck Fuku just doesn't use a bank.  It also begs the question of how he was 
    saving the money when he's been living there for like 15 years with no obvious
    means of income; I shudder at the thought that Ine gives HIM allowance too... 
    Anyway, he then tells Ryo to smash it open, which he does.  Fuku counts out 
    39,634 yen, and depressingly notes that it still isn't enough.  Fuku then 
    suggests that you hit up Aida Florist and talk to Nozomi, so Area Jump and 
    talk to her.
    Oh good grief, when I made it to Dobuita, that useless Wang was standing by 
    the pop machine again....But instead of ignoring him, go and talk to him, and 
    he'll give you the idea of traveling by boat, effectively giving you a 
    Notebook entry.  Also effectively cutting off your possible conversation with 
    Nozomi, so the choice is yours.
    Anyway, when you talk to Nozomi, you discover that she travels to Canada a 
    lot, and when shes asks how much Ryo plans on spending to get to Hong Kong, 
    Ryo replies to which Nozomi basically scoffs at the amount.  
    Conversely, one could argue that a trip to Canada (in general area terms) 
    would be much further than a trip to Hong Kong, and therefore much more 
    expensive.  So it stands to reason that Nozomi has big bucks, (i told you 
    that sweater was cashmere) and since she flies to Canada REGULARLY it means 
    she has really big bucks.  So you could apply this reason to why Ryo is so 
    stiff towards her, while Ryo isn't poor by any stretch of imagination, his 
    family looks as if it doesn't have anywhere close to the amount of money as 
    the Harasaki family.  
    Ok musing over.
    From here you can go to Global Travel and be referred to Asia Travel, or you 
    can cut out the middleman and go straight to Asia Travel.  One of the rare 
    cases where the store is actually open without the "Powers that Be" opening 
    it for you.
    Inside Asia Travel Co., you'll run into that lady with the psycho hair again. 
    Ryo'll will ask for a boat fare, to which she'll produce a moldy looking 
    flier, to which Ryo will immediately take.  She says cash first, I'd say suck 
    a bug, but Ryo pays up.  Notice the imaginary yen signs in front of her eyes.
    One Ryo makes the money appear on the tray like a magician, she snatches it 
    up and promptly ignores him.  Ryo starts his, "Excuse Me'' bit again, and 
    she'll tell him to come back in three or four hours.  
    To cement the fact that you actually purchased the ticket, when the cutscene 
    ends you'll see your yen amount on the screen...rapidly declining to the 
    amount you paid.
    As a side note, if you are really unlucky and those three or four hours 
    happens to overlap the normal hours of the store and therefore they close; 
    well, you'll have to show up the next day.
    Ok, three hours to kill: practice, Arcade, hang on a telephone pole by your 
    eyelid, do something to pass the time.
    As a side note, if you've got those Chinese SCROLLS, I'm pretty sure you are 
    stumped about what to do with them, if you've never played this game before I 
    mean.  Well at this point (gamewise, not timewise, you still have to go to 
    Asia Travel in a bit) you can call up Master Chen and Gui will translate those
    pesky SCROLLS for you, I've done this twice in one day despite what other 
    people say, so go for it.
    For fun you can ask around for info on Asia Travel Co.  Hattori at the Sports 
    Store will mention that nobody seems to know when they are open, which is 
    pretty ominous.  And right next door at the Pharmacy the dude in there will 
    say that Asia Travel Co. is connected to the Chinese Mafia, whether or not 
    this is true will be confirmed later.  Minako at the Tomato Store, will 
    mention that they have a good reputation...for screwing people over.  
    Nemoto from the florist by Hirata Tobacco will say since he only patronizes 
    good reputed organizations, Asia Travel must be bad...right.  And lastly over 
    by that creepy Funny Bear Burgers, the even more creepy dude in there will 
    reference the jeans owner Akasaka having a bad experience, evidently he went 
    to the U.S. to get some rare jeans but the hotel was bad and the ticket 
    booking was awful.  You can also confirm what Funny Bear dude said if you 
    chat with Akasaka at this shop, it's near the Lapis Fortune.
    So it's starting to look like more and more that you ripped off.  
    Don't bother going there before the 4 hours have passed, no one will be there.
    So, if your time has passed, head over to to Asia Travel Co.
    Right away you should get a bad feeling, there's a different person than 
    before.  Ryo asks if his ticket is ready and the big tough guy plays the 
    ignorant role and says he doesn't know what kind of ticket.  Ryo gets ticked 
    and wonders what kind of scam they're running.  The dude behind the desk will 
    say that they don't take kindly to threats.  Two other dudes who are sitting 
    in the corner will get up, one you should recognize from Nagai industries and 
    if you talked with him then, then its time for a little payback; the other 
    dude is someone you'll see again later on.
    Needless to say Ryo finishes them off quickly.  The would be tough guy then 
    squeals like a little girl, Ryo then grabs him and threatens him for his 
    ticket.  It's funny to hear the dude's voice raise like 3 octaves as he's 
    whimpering.  Ryo threatens him some more, and the dude will say that he'll 
    call Ryo first thing in the morning.  Cutscene over. 
    Wow, I forgot about this other cutscene, well it was around 6:15 PM, but I 
    think that it can be triggered earlier or later. Anyway I was in Ryo's house,
    I went back to the Altar room with the intention of harassing Ine, but got a 
    cutscene instead.
    Ryo will walk in the Altar room and notice a different set of flowers that 
    before.  Ine will sneak up on him and mention how nice it was of Nozomi to 
    bring the flower (by contrast implication, she's calling Ryo a mean old 
    codger) and how thoughtful it was that she even remembered Iwao's favorite 
    variety.  Ryo mumbles 'Nozomi' and some other stuff, and Ine mentions how nice
    Nozomi is again, and the cutscene ends.  Also note that once you regain 
    control of Ryo, you'll notice that Ine closed the darn door on you!!!
    So if it is late enough you can head on to bed, or whatever.  
    That night you'll have another dream sequence, this time it shows Sha Hua, 
    doing loopy stuff with what I'm assuming snow in the background and with 
    really cheerful music.  And if you are observant, you'll note that apparently 
    Ryo has a TAPE of Sha Hua in his desk, which is really odd, I didn't know she 
    put out a solo album, or put out music period.
    At any rate the next day you get that promised phone call.  The Asia Travel 
    dude has his tough-guy voice again, this alone should alert you to something 
    weird is going on.  If that doesn't convince you continue reading below.
    The dude, (Jimmy) will then tell you to come to the Arcade at 12:00 PM 
    tomorrow.  And if you've been observant, the last time someone told you to be 
    at the Arcade, well something unpleasant happened.  Regardless of your warning
    shouts to Ryo, he'll agree...sheesh.  And if THIS didn't convince you then 
    keep reading below again.
    I'll just say this, if United Airways or any other reputable airline company 
    booked my flight and told me to pick up my ticket at a seedy 
    Arcade...well...Ryo must be lacking major common sense here.
    So you have about 2-3 hours to kill, or do you?  If you Area Jump or walk to 
    Dobuita and hang out at the entrance to You Arcade and wait till it opens, 
    which is 10:00 AM you can "meet" Jimmy early,
    And boy do I feel sorry for you.  As you enter the Arcade you get mounted by 
    Chai who cackles horridly.  He then springs off and shows you your Hong Kong 
    ticket, wow.  Ryo then attempts to grab it, and I swear the evasive move that
    Chai pulls off looks just like the Shadow Step, anyway.  From here, I'm hoping
    you know that Hong Kong is out, unless you want to cut this ticket out of 
    Chai's stomach.... Anyway, Chai demands info about Zhu Yuan Da from Ryo, and 
    Ryo demands info about Lan-Di from Chai.  Chai would rather square off with 
    Ryo than give this information, and twirls off the arcade game and gets into 
    his stance.
    Oh boy, here we go.  I honestly have to say, this is a really difficult fight,
    even for experts (me included), in fact I still haven't been able to beat 
    him.  But what makes the fight so hard is the cramped area that you are in, 
    which makes it impossible to run and get some breathing room.
    To make matters worse, Chai's attacks are utterly devastating, his backflip 
    kick alone can zap 3 green orbs off of your health.  He evades almost all of 
    your throws, and can even counter some of your strikes.  Because he is so low
    to the ground it can also be tricky trying to determine where his strikes will
    But all is not lost.  If you want to be a cheater, you can exploit the "Day 
    Passing Glitch" and all of your moves will mysteriously will be advanced, 
    (roughly 3-5 weeks of this glitch should be enough).  With your prematurely 
    advanced moves, Chai is a little easier because you'll be doing more damage to
    him.  I've seen in some situations you can trap him in a corner which can 
    cause him to jiggle a bit and pause, this brief moment is like a godsend, 
    'cause it gives you more than enough time to input a really devastating move, 
    say the Stab Armor or the Arm Break Fire.
    All in all, you just have to be very patient, make sure you save your game 
    the night before in Ryo's room.  And right before you fight him, make sure you
    do a Resume, be aware that once you load it it disappears, so you'll have to 
    do it again.  Ok, good luck. 
    If anyone knows what happens once you actually beat him, let me know, E-mail 
    of course, credit will be given.  A really good strategy will be greatly 
    appreciated too.
    Crap, crap, crap!!!  I swear I've fought him so many times and still lose!!!  
    Well, if Chai beats you, you'll see cutscene of Ryo on the ground.  Fuku then 
    shows up, how in the Hades he knew where to look is beyond me, they could've 
    at least put some different clothes on him, he looks so out of place in 
    Fuku runs in and Chai, seemingly about to kill Ryo, or at least badly cripple 
    him, jumps OVER Fuku and says he'll save the "fun" for later.  Fuku then grabs
    Ryo and warps the both of you Home.
    You're treated to a scene in Ryo's room where Fuku is laying the barely 
    conscious Ryo on his bed.  Fuku tells him to rest for the day, right Fuku, I 
    highly doubt Ryo is going anywhere.
    The next arrives and Ryo wakes up in perfect health, with no visible bruises 
    on him, which is startling considering he still has that Band-Aid on his 
    cheek.  Nonetheless this is one time I'm telling you to check your Notebook, 
    it only has one sentence on it.
    "Go to Asia Travel Co."
    Aww, yeah, time to kick some keister.  But before you swing by there, go chat 
    with Fuku, you'll probably have to spar with him, which I recommend, but he'll
    actually say some pretty cool things.
    Once you get to Dobuita, you can ask around if someone saw Chai, funny thing 
    is, is that a whole day passed and everyone's mindset is still on yesterday, 
    don't believe me?  Go talk to Nozomi...  Anyway, note the further you venture 
    from the Asia Travel Co., the less likely it will be to run into people who've
    seen Chai, another cool attention to detail. 
    But if you go to You Arcade, the owner there says he was in a real fix and 
    assumes that it was Jimmy who tipped off Chai.  I, to this day, have no idea 
    what he was talking about, "being in a fix".  I assume he had to lend out his 
    Arcade for a bit to pay for some unknown debt perhaps?
    Anyway, go to Asia Travel at anytime, it can even be outside their working 
    Ok, so the cutscene starts with Ryo knocking on the Asia Travel door, no 
    answer, he makes an angry face and starts pounding on it.  Jimmy, opens the 
    door asking who the Hades it is, notices its Ryo, says another expletive and 
    attempts to close the door on him.  Ryo grabs his arm and whips him outside 
    asking what his problem was (a very odd question).  Jimmy wrenches loose and 
    takes off, whereupon Ryo tells him to stop (right...).
    QTE CHASE:  Jimmy
    This is your first chase sequence using the QTE functions, and is pretty fun 
    too, but take note you only get one chance to input these commands, and if you
    screw up too many times, you run the risk of completely losing Jimmy and 
    making you start over again.
    ***If you screw up on all of these you will lose Jimmy.***
    ***All you have to correctly input is ONE of them to get to the next 
    From the start press Left on the D-Pad.
    Then you press Right on the D-Pad.
    Then another Left.
    And another Right.
    Yet another Left, but this one is special, you'll have to dodge around Tony 
    (or is it Smith), and if you mess up and bump into him, when the camera pans 
    out, you can see him make a grab and Ryo and start to chase him, but he 
    disappears at the next button press.  Conversely if you input it in correctly 
    you'll get another input; Right on the D-Pad.
    And finally an A-button press.
    ***If you screw up on all of these you will lose Jimmy.***
    ***If you only get one right, you lose Jimmy***
    After jumping over the apples, or tomatoes.
    You get a Left on the D-Pad.
    Then you get another Left.
    Next is a Right on the D-Pad, if you mess up, you'll knock her over and Ryo 
    will stop to help her up.  But if you input it in correctly, you'll get 
    another input, Left on the D-Pad.  And if you get that previous one right 
    you'll have to press Right on the D-Pad, all three of these need to be pressed
    very rapidly.
    ***Separate if you knock over Noriko, or dodge Noriko but knocked over 
    Kurita*** Another Right on the D-Pad.
    And finally an A-button.
    QTE CHASE: End
    Phew, did you get all that?  It's really easy and even if you mess up 
    horribly, just a couple of button presses will do you fine.  Anyway if you 
    succeeded in not losing Jimmy, the bus that would've made you lose him 
    suddenly jets out in front of him making him trip.
    Ryo runs up behind him and asks why the heck he ran, then demands his ticket 
    back.  Jimmy replies he doesn't have it anymore, (which is true considering
    Chai ate it...) to which Ryo promptly kicks his arm out from under him...wow,
    I think Ryo is developing a dark side.  Ryo then reaches down at starts 
    throttling Jimmy, who is making some god awful noises.  This continues as the 
    camera zooms up into the sky and...
    Galloping Banana Hands it's the end of DISC 2!!!
    XIV) Disc 3 Walkthrough
    Ok folks/folkettes, same drill as before, the game starts off as you left 
    off.  Well, almost.  You get treated to a cutscene of Ryo shoving Jimmy into 
    Asia Travel, which kinda sucks on two counts: One, I would've liked to see Ryo 
    march Jimmy all the way back.  Two, Ryo must've preferred to beat up Jimmy in 
    the privacy of Asia Travel considering no one knows when they open...
    Nonetheless, Jimmy thinks Ryo is going to inflict some serious pain and tries 
    his sympathy plea of "I have a wife and kids." To which Ryo cruelly replies, 
    "That's your problem!".  Good grief Ryo.  Jimmy then talks about how his 
    company is bankrupt and how he was going to skip town that night.  As a manic 
    state of compensation, he offers a ticket to the Phillippines for Ryo; to 
    which, Ryo pretty much does the same this as Chai did with Ryo's ticket.  Ryo 
    asks who the skinhead (Chai) was; Jimmy replies the Mad Angels.
    Ryo asks where can he meet them, Jimmy is hesitant and Ryo grabs his arm and 
    slams Jimmy on the desk.  Jimmy, having obviously soiled himself tells Ryo 
    that he can check the Harbor.  Ryo then asks who the boss is, Jimmy doesn't 
    know though, but he will tell you that the Mad Angels extort from the factory 
    workers.  Ryo, a little suspicious asks how Jimmy knows this.  Jimmy says that
    if Ryo were to work there then he would meet them, because they always harass
    the new guys.
    Cutscene over baby!
    There is a lot of new info in your Notebook, so check it out if it fancies 
    you.  And you can ask around town for more info if you want, but everyone will
    tell you to haul your carcass to the Harbor and ask yourself.
    So haul it already!
    At the Harbor, you can ask around for job information.  A funny thing to do 
    is to search out the homeless man, you can usually find him to the left of the
    Harbor Lounge area, and listen to what he says about the topic.  
    And you can go to the area around New Warehouse #8 and ask around there, note 
    that a lot of the workers seem to have New York accents, which is really 
    funny and strange at the same time.  "Ask me again sum udda time!"
    You can also ask Tom over by the entrance to the Old Warehouse district.  
    He'll gladly offer your a job dancing alongside him, and selling those 
    suspicious hot dogs.  Ryo, will refuse though.
    Ok, mostly they'll all tell you that they don't need any new workers, so what
    are you going to do?
    You can ask around till you turn magenta in the face, but you won't get 
    anywhere till you head over to Warehouse #17.
    This cutscene only seems to be triggered at a certain time, maybe around 2:00 
    PM?  I wonder if you have to talk to a bunch of people to get it to play.  
    And it seems something needs to be done before it can be triggered, if anyone 
    knows definitively, E-mail me and I'll give credit.
    Oh man, words will not do this cutscene justice.  I really assume the beating 
    that Ryo gave Goro must've knocked some emotional screws loose.  Ryo will 
    still be a little hesitant about Goro, but will ask him if he knows the Harbor 
    well, which Goro does considering all he seems to do is walk around it 
    everyday.  Ryo will then ask him if there is anyplace he can find a job 
    and...lets...just...say that Goro does, in his own special way, he'll then 
    tell you to meet him TOMORROW at 12:00 PM in front of the big, blue doors of 
    Warehouse #1 (yes, thats New Warehouse for all you out there).
    Well thats all just fine and dandy, now you've got like 18 hours to waste.
    So you can leave now if you want, unless you want to go buy some TAPES or 
    something, I hear that new Fuku-san Jazz mix is out...just kidding.
    Back in Dobuita, if you talk to people you'll note by Ryo not asking any 
    questions you'll really have to wait it out till the next day.  Also if you 
    pass too close by Nozomi, she'll stop you to tell you to be careful, this can 
    happen multiple times so beware, or be aware...
    This a perfect opportunity to brush up on your practicing that I'm sure you've
     been horribly neglecting.  You can check out the Arcade, chat with some other
    people, buy some stuff, work on your Collection...yada, yada, yada.
    If you go to your House you'll find Fuku standing by the Cherry Tree which is 
    pretty rare, he still says the same crap though...
    When you sleep that night, you'll get another dream sequence.  This time it's 
    Sha Hua (again) and she's moon-gazing with a bird circling around in the sky. 
    Once again I highly doubt that these are dreams, and if they are...whoa.  And 
    if anyone has a definitive answer for what the heck they mean, E-mail me, 
    credit...you know you want it.
    I wasn't paying attention to the time last night and I was jamming out at the 
    You Arcade and I didn't leave till like 11:40 PM, and the next morning when I 
    was heading out to the Harbor Ine stopped me.  She basically scolded me for 
    being out so late and wanted me to be home by 11:00 PM.  While I know I 
    discussed the curfew thing before, I think it's ridiculous that she is 
    imposing a curfew, who the Hades does she think she is?!  Ok, rant over.
    On the next day. swing by the Harbor and around 12-ish, walk past the doors to
    Warehouse #1.  And if you aren't there just note the area Klaxon foghorn 
    sounds the 12:00 PM lunchbreak, and no that sound has nothing to do with 
    Silent Hill...
    Once you walk past the doors a cutscene will show.  You see Goro come whipping
    around a corner saying that he got a job for you and saying that he had to go 
    through a lot of hassle to do it; note the hilarious poses throughout Goro's 
    rant.  A girl walks up behind him and from what she says you'll find out it 
    was her that got you the job, Goro basically did nothing...but you still gotta
    love 'em.
    Goro confronts the girl with a, "Shut cho lip woman!", HAHAHAHA!  Ryo 
    recognizes her and says hi.  The girl, Mai, explains since she works for 
    Hokuhoku lunches and delivers to the foremen (I'll bet she does) she was able 
    to reference Ryo to them.  Goro and Mai then get confrontational; and when it 
    seems Mai is about to beat up Goro, Ryo asks where he is supposed to go.  
    Goro and Mai tell him (you) to go to Alpha Trading Office by 2:00 PM.  Now 
    pay attention, while they are saying this, the camera is giving you the 
    location of the Office.  If you are dense, like me, and weren't really looking
    ...well you've got some asking around to do.
    At any rate the cutscene ends and you should notice that only like 15 minutes 
    passed...oh well.  Yeah I know its a pain to wait, but at least you don't have
    to show up TOMORROW like most of the previous cutscenes.
    So rock out for a bit, or not, actually you can go in there immediately after 
    the Goro/Mai cutscene.  And hey, whoever said it was bad to show up early for 
    an interview anyway?
    In case you forgot where Alpha Trading is...well.  If you stand with your back
    to Hisaka's front at the Hokuhoku you should see the water on your right and 
    a long building to your left, Alpha Trading is on that strip.  To easily find 
    it, just use the Joystick and tilt it towards the buildings, when Ryo's view 
    passes over Alpha, it'll pop up on the bottom of the screen.
    Ok, the cutscene starts with Yada staring at a whistling teapot...and since he
    does this even if you show up at 2:00 PM, it makes me believe that this is 
    all he does during his lunchbreaks.  Ryo approaches him and asks if he is 
    Yada-san, to which Yada agrees...look at his teeth...
    Ryo then mentions Mai, to which Yada says, "Yes...Mai...from the..lunch 
    stand.".  I told you Mai was, well...friendly with the foremen, okay it's 
    just speculation!  Anyway, Yada asks if you can start right away, I really 
    think this shocks Ryo, who kind of hesitates before he says yes.  Yada then 
    takes him outside and subsequently around the Warehouse #4 area.
    When you get here, he asks if Ryo has ever driven a forklift, to which Ryo 
    replies no.  Yada then calls that creepy-looking Mark over to them.
    Ok, note time; if you've been observant during your recent trips to the 
    Harbor, you'll occasionally see Mark driving a #6 forklift, well he is driving
    a #5 now...which will be your forklift for the duration of Disc 3, I'm sure 
    Mark is just such a bad-A that he knew that he was going to have to tutor 
    someone today, and went and got another forklift.
    Yada tells Mark to teach Ryo how to operate the forklift.  And the screen 
    fades and you're suddenly a forklift, Mark pulls up beside you and starts off 
    by saying its easy to drive the forklift and will give you very concise 
    instructions on how to use the different controls.
    In fact they are so concise, I'm not putting them in here...whine all you 
    want, there is no way to mess up this part.  Also note that you can press 
    Start to see the Forklift controls, well you can when Mark isn't talking.
    But for fun you can do every other forklift function from the one that Mark 
    says, he'll get annoyed and make really funny comments every time you do 
    something different.
    Once you get done with the basics, he'll instruct you to pick up one of the 
    crates, and he'll explain by doing it while telling you.  And watch as he puts 
    the crate perfectly within the white square, marvel at Mark's uncanny ability 
    at perfection because you'll never be able to duplicate it.
    Also note as Mark is backing up he obviously clips with the wooden crates on 
    his left and with the entrance to the Warehouse on his right, I guess Mark is 
    able to partially go through walls as well as his incredible feats of god-like
    perfection...you'll see why the wall thing is significant later.
    After Mark shows off, he tells you to move the rest of the crates in the 
    warehouse.  He then tells you that for the rest of the day you'll be training,
    so get to it rookie!
    It will most likely be after 4:15 PM when you get control of the forklift, so 
    just do what you can in the short time.  Note that even if you don't get much 
    done, this will be the ONLY time Yada won't gripe at you for working under 
    quota, so enjoy it.
    You'll notice pretty quickly that the collision detection for the Forklift's 
    boundaries are a little too good.  In fact, just grazing with a little corner 
    of something is enough to stop you completely.  The only way to get around 
    this is practice and learn the distance of where you can drive past without 
    getting stuck, why should you practice you say?  Oh boy, you'll find out 
    5:00 PM arrives with that Silent Hill foghorn again.  You'll warped to Alpha 
    Trading Office where Yada evidently hands out daily paychecks...wow...thats 
    the good life, I guess that's why so many foreigners are there.  Anyway you'll
    get your laughable pay from Yada and Yada will ask if you are getting used to 
    the Forklift and will tell you the rules when working at the Harbor.  He'll 
    say that you start out at 300 yen per crate with a quota everyday to prevent 
    slacking; but as an incentive you'll get a 50 yen raise if you exceed quota 
    by at least one crate.  He'll then give you 2000 yen (even if you only had 
    Mark's crate in there) and tell you to get the heck out.
    Once outside, creepy-Mark will approach Ryo and tell him to show up at 9:00 AM
    tomorrow, well since the shift doesn't start till 10:00 AM, I'd tell Mark to 
    go suck an egg.  Mark then says it's because there is something they need to 
    do before work, he'll then tell Ryo not to be late and walk off.
    I really have no comments about this that weren't apparent when you first 
    played the game yourself.  Well maybe one, I'd have to say during this whole 
    thing with the Asia Travel Co. and all the other bad stuff that has happened 
    lately, I'd say that this is the last thing that I'd want to hear from some 
    stranger.  But Ryo feels creepy-Mark is trustworthy, I didn't and still don't.
    If you check your Notebook you will see that Ryo says the job starts at 9:00 
    AM, now I don't know if this is according to what Mark told Ryo, or that the 
    job actually starts at 9:00 AM and Mark intends to embezzle funds by hosting 
    his morning races.  You'll should also note that Ryo considers the job 
    "Part-time", considering you can exploit another glitch when working, and 
    that work is from 9 to 5, and that Ryo would normally work everyday if you 
    follow the story normal, I'd say this counts as a full-time job...maybe 
    Hazuki's work by a different schedule.
    So check your Notebook already, you'll see what you have to do.  Oh yeah, in 
    case you'd think you can be lazy and just leave for Dobuita, you can't.  In 
    fact you really can't leave till around 9-10:00 PM, so you should spend the 
    time asking about those wacky Mad Angels.  A really funny conversation you 
    can have is with Goro, who is living in complete denial and fear because the 
    Mad Angels evidently have supersonic hearing.  You can also chat with Tom and 
    Honey (is that his wife?).  Or one of my personal favorites, you can talk to 
    some of the workers with the New York Mafia accents, they won't reveal 
    anything important, but it's still hilarious to hear their voices.
    Or you can swing by Hokuhoku lunches and park it till 7:00 PM, once the screen
    reverts back to Ryo a cutscene will automatically begin.
    The cutscene begins with two motorcycle dudes chasing that homeless man you 
    may or may not have met your first time at the Harbor.  I really don't know 
    what they were planning on doing with him, but if you've played this game 
    before, I'm sure you can speculate what the old man might have done if there 
    was no one around...  
    Anyway, Ryo steps in and defends the old man.  The two motorcycle dudes say 
    that they should play with Ryo instead, to which Ryo will be as bewildered by 
    this statement as I was.  And if that wasn't strange enough, instead of 
    engaging in a deadly hand-to-hand fight, they politely offer to play chicken 
    with Ryo.  Ryo raises the already super-heated stakes by saying if he wins 
    they leave the old man alone, oh yeah, Ryo's negotiating the terms now!
    The next part shows Ryo and one of the dudes side by side near where Hokuhoku 
    normally is, this is where a QTE starts, if you didn't already know.
    QTE EVENT: Chicken Race
    This would be ridiculously easy if it wasn't for the fact you only have one 
    chance to nail it.  Yes, you heard me, I believe this is the second QTE in 
    the game you can actually fail, so pay attention!!!  And I'm pretty sure that 
    you only get one chance on the button presses.
    From the start hit the A-button
    Then press Down.
    And press Left.
    And finally a Right on the D-Pad.
    QTE EVENT: End
    Once you finish it, you'll see a satisfying but cruel scene of your opponent 
    hurtling into the sea, still attached to his bike...I really hope he didn't 
    get stuck on a piece of the machinery.  The other dude utters a threat and 
    sprints off.  It really would've been nice if Ryo had kept the motorcycle and 
    started driving it to work...but we can't have everything.  When you regain 
    control of Ryo, note that the bike is gone...apparently Ryo kicked it into the
    sea on top of the other biker.
    Or if you fail it, well, you get to see a fun little scene of Ryo getting 
    ousted from his bike and lying on the ground in pain, so don't fail it now!
    ***A quick question for my fellow FAQ-er's out there, is this cutscene linked 
    to whether or not the homeless man will teach you those moves?  E-mail me and 
    I'll put your answer here, and yes, you'll get credit.***
    Anyway, seeing as how it is late, you should head on home.  So get on that 
    wacky bus and head home.
    On the next morning the first thing that you should note is that you're 
    getting up an hour earlier...but it's no big deal, not even for Ryo, who still
    likes sleeping in the clothes he's apparently been wearing since late 
    Another good thing to note is that Ryo will automatically warp to the Amihama 
    Harbor.  Which is totally merciful, although you'll have to travel all the 
    way back home yourself.  
    Once you get to the Harbor, you'll run into another cutscene...and remember 
    how I was telling you to practice the collision detection with your forklift?
    Ok, granted you probably didn't have enough time to do so yesterday, but 
    remember that you get paid the same amount irregardless of how little work 
    you do...so no excuses!!!
    Ok, you'll see that creepy-Mark and then you'll see five other forklifts 
    (yes, you're in one of them) lined up on that long stretch of road you've 
    walked down numerous times.  What in the Hades are you doing here you ask?  
    Race time baby!!!  And here is the second most hated part of this game for me,
    and maybe some of you out there.  What's the number one most hated part?  Oh 
    baby, that's coming up later.  For now, I'll explain the stuff you need to 
    You're forced to participate in these races that circuit around the whole 
    Harbor area.  Three laps to the finish, and the races either end when you 
    finish all three laps or if time runs out (unlikely).  You'll always start 
    the race in last place, so no whining.
    I'll try to make it as painless as possible, needless to say collision 
    detection is your worst enemy here, you cannot, I repeat, cannot let your 
    forklift even graze the side of anything.  If you do, you'll get stuck, and 
    odds are, you won't be able to accelerate yourself out of it, you'll have to 
    back up and re-orient yourself, which can waste seconds and can kill your lead 
    in a heartbeat.
    You should also prepare to waste a few minutes before you know you are going 
    to have to race (every morning from here on out) because you can't pause 
    during the race.  I have no idea why Yu Suzuki would want to torture us like 
    that, but there you go.
    And if you want to look at the map of where you are going when you are racing,
    just press the X-button...but don't say I didn't warn you...
    Ok, from the start, just jam on that R-trigger (if you practice and memorize 
    the course, you shouldn't have to let up on the R-trigger once).  By the time 
    you get to the first right turn, you should be in 4th place, make your turn 
    hugging that inside corner as tight as you can.  As you're driving to your 
    second right turn, you should be able to pass the #3 forklift, and when you 
    get to the turn, hug the inside wall, and you should be in second place.  From
    here it can get tricky, but make sure you give yourself enough room in your 
    left and right turns so you won't get stuck.  
    From here just dash on up, following those handy arrows, (I guess Mark cordons
    off the entire area for his races...) make your right turn, and another right,
    and yet another right.  
    And here is the most important part of the race, always, always, ALWAYS, cut 
    in between the metal support post and the staircase when you have to make your
    left turn, this will shave off about 2-3 seconds, and if this doesn't put you 
    in 1st place, then the next lap definitely will.  From here just rinse and 
    repeat, and watch those walls for cryin' out loud!
    If you got first place, kudos to you dude/dudette.  If you got second place, 
    the #1 forklift obviously cheated.  If you got third place, better luck next 
    time.  If you got fourth place, you didn't watch the collision detection.  If 
    you got fifth place, then you must've passed out from lack of oxygen or 
    something, 'cause, when I think of it, it's harder to get 5th place then it 
    is 1st if you are trying to get 1st in the first place...try saying that five 
    times fast.
    If you finish the race in first place, you're treated to seeing creepy-Mark 
    fling his arm in a complete circle, I know his shoulder is dislocated.  And 
    you'll see Mark walk up to your forklift, and either congratulate you, 
    sympathize with you, or berate you depending on how you did.  
    And your reward???
    Mark, who obviously buys the same clothes as Ryo, pulls out a...toy...from his
    bottomless pocket and hands it to you.  Now, first time I played this, I was 
    expecting money, or a pink slip, or street cred, anything...what I wasn't 
    expecting was a kid's toy.  And if that wasn't creepy enough, it seems Mark 
    will always have the same number toy to relate to your finishing position. 
    And, I have to assume that he hands out the same toys to every other 
    As a side note, if for some really strange reason (like your controller jumped
    out of your hands and walked out of your room) you are unable to finish the 
    race by 10:30 AM, you'll automatically go to the 'creepy-Mark race end scene',
    and by default, regardless of what your position was, you'll get a #5 forklift
    Another side note, for you funny guys/girls who thinks it'll be cool to get a 
    slew of #1 forklifts for bragging rights, think of this; if your trying to 
    collect all the toys in the game, then you'll miss out on #'s 2-5 forklift if 
    you win all the races, so it would be best to work your way down from the #1 
    position, just a suggestion.
    Once creepy-Mark gives you a toy, he'll signal the start of the workday, and 
    evidently Mark is the one who actually owns the whole Amihama Harbor, and can 
    not only tell hundreds of people when they can start working, but can also 
    organize and direct illegal forklift street races.
    After creepy-Mark tells you this, you and him will warp to your designated 
    starting work area.  He'll tell you where to take that days crates and gives 
    you a useless map of the best route, well not entirely useless considering it 
    has your quota on it.  He'll wish you luck and utterly vanish from the area.  
    And away we go.
    Nothing really new here, but depending on how quickly you finished your race 
    (and subsequent later ones) will determine how much time you have to work 
    before the "Silent Hill Klaxon" sounds off the lunch break.  I will say that 
    you should get to know the area very well, this will help you in not getting 
    hopelessly lost.  And when you do finally memorize the whole area, you'll feel
    like a weasel-snake for getting lost in such a small place.  
    Another thing to help you pass the time when you're are endlessly moving 
    crates from one place to another is to vary your route.  
    Also, I suggest you get used to Warehouse #18, you'll be seeing it a lot from 
    now on...the quota of the day is a measly 10 crates, and even a palsy ridden 
    parrot can get this quota in that amount of time.  A true challenge is trying 
    to get all the crates in before 5:00 PM, big bucks.
    Oh, as a side note, whenever I have to suffer through this part in the game, 
    it reminds me of the Terrible Trivium, and anyone who knows  who that is 
    should give yourself a super pat on the back, cause you totally rock!!!  Ahem,
    anyway work till lunch and you get to see a really funny cutscene, well it was
    funny to me, I hate Mark.
    Anyway, you'll see creepy-Mark sitting near Alpha Trading office, but on the 
    other side, near the edge of the water.  Evidently he's eating food, but from 
    my angle, it looks like he's eating a mass of digitally scrambled pixels; and 
    I don't know about you, but I'd rather eat dirt.  And while Mark is debating 
    whether or not his food is poisonous or not, a dude kicks it into the harbor 
    (if you ask me, he did Mark a favor).  You should recognize these two dudes 
    from previous encounters.  They ask creepy-Mark if he is one of Master Chen's 
    men and say that he ratted out the Mad Angels.  At this time, you'll probably 
    assume creepy-Mark is telling the truth, well it's the half-truth really, but 
    more on that later.  They kick creepy-Mark around a bit and Ryo magically 
    appears and tells them to cut it out, but only after tripping "Blue Camo 
    Dude", they then focus their attention on you.
    REAL-TIME FIGHT: Camo Pants dude and Camo Shirt Dude
    Sorry, about the names up there, but I don't think they say the two thugs 
    names at all, but I'll call em' "Green Camo", and "Blue Camo".  Now this fight
    isn't really difficult so much as it is extremely annoying, I guarantee if 
    you don't knock out "Blue Camo", you'll be juggled back and forth because 
    they're both relentless.  You should focus on "Blue Camo", because it seems 
    he has a lot less health.  Once he is down, work on "Green Camo", his attacks 
    aren't super powerful, but they can add up in damage if you aren't careful.  
    Just Evade and counter, rinse and repeat...in the rain or the snow I got the 
    funky flow...
    Once you beat them, they get up with that same line they said before, and I'm 
    pretty sure they'll say it again.  At any rate, creepy-Mark will get up 
    seemingly unhurt and will thank you.  He'll say they were messing with him 
    because they thought he knew something about a dude named Chen, but 
    creepy-Mark insists that he doesn't know anyone by that name, the cutscene 
    ends with Ryo saying Master Chen's name.
    Ok, you get control of Ryo now, check out the Notebook for the new topic, or 
    rather a new addition to the current topic.  You can ask around if you want, 
    but you'd be more efficient if you walk over to Warehouse #4 and do some 
    practicing, you can only practice up to a certain time though.
    Once 2:00 PM hits, Ryo will look at his watch, signaling the afternoon working
    Same stuff as before folks/folkettes, just move one crate from the main 
    source, ship it to #18, rinse and repeat.  
    Once 3:00 PM hits you should be inside Warehouse #18 to see a cutscene.  
    You'll see Ryo drive inside only to be stopped by three thugs.  The dude with 
    the dastardly mustache will demand that you pay your insurance to them, wow, 
    insurance companies in Japan are serious these days.  Ryo will be really dense
    when it comes to this conversation, and eventually the "Dastardly Dude" will 
    tell you to pay up or get beat up, Ryo, will of course refuse.  Then the 
    three dudes'll saunter backwards in graceful fashion, signaling at fight.
    REAL-TIME FIGHT: Three Dudes
    This should be such a ridiculously easy fight, it should make your head 
    explode, I mean it, this is one of the rare times you can get away with a 
    little button mashing, but of course YOU wouldn't do that, right?  Just Evade 
    and Throw, and kick the crap out of them, actually now that I think about it, 
    if you do a spinning jump kick (L-Trigger+A-button) you should be able to take
    out at least one of the dudes, you gotta be fast though.  Although if you've 
    been training yourself silly, the spinning kick can and will take out all 
    three of them in one swoop, very, very cool indeed.
    Once that's over with Ryo will try to talk to them, they'll get up in fear 
    and run screaming out of the Warehouse crying for help!  Wahahaha!!!
    Ok, back to work with ya's!  Work until the end of the shift, and once 5:00 
    PM hits, you'll be warped to Alpha Trading for your pay, if you were diligent 
    you should receive a healthy check for your 20 crates, if you didn't get 20 
    crates that's okay, as long as you made quota, anything to prevent seeing any 
    more of Yada's exhumed corpse looking teeth.
    After this you'll see another cutscene with Goro asking Ryo how he likes the 
    job.  Ryo will ask Goro about the Mad Angels since Goro knows a lot about the 
    Harbor.  Goro makes a show of not hearing what Ryo is saying and makes like 
    he has to go to the bathroom, Ryo stops him though.  Goro will tell you that 
    saying the name Mad Angels is taboo around the Harbor and that a kid got 
    killed for talking about them.  At this point in the game, this seems like 
    silly rumors and speculation but more will be revealed as you continue to 
    You'll get control of Ryo shortly after the cutscene but you should walk to 
    the left to trigger yet another cutscene.
    You'll see Ryo aimlessly walking when all of the sudden he gets jumped by Gui 
    Zhang, Ryo dodges the moves and asks what the Hades Gui is doing there.  Gui 
    will respond by saying he's there to teach you a new move, if that's the case,
    why does he have to attack you first???  Ryo stubbornly refuses once Gui 
    insults Ryo's lack of skill in handling the Mad Angels.  From here you'll get 
    an AS Selection, and once again, it is up to you whether or not you want to 
    learn it.  
    Once you learn the Swallow Dive, Ryo and Gui will walk to creepy-Mark's usual 
    spot and they'll talk about "man" things.  Ryo asks why Gui taught him the 
    move.  Gui will ask Ryo if he is still dead-set on going after Lan-Di, which 
    he still is.  Gui will then walk partly away, stop and say if it were him in 
    Ryo's shoes, he would do the same thing. 
    Once that manly stuff is over you'll be stuck in the Harbor till either you 
    trigger something else or time reads around 8:00 PM or so.  It should be 
    around 6:30 PM if you are following this guide so you should stop by the 
    Harbor Lounge for a cutscene.  Note you'll have to walk towards the Bell Waad 
    machine to trigger it.
    You'll be walking past the Lounge when the homeless dude will stop to talk to 
    you.  He'll thank you for what you did the night before and offer to reward 
    you for your help.  Basically he offers to teach you a move by telling Ryo to 
    try and punch him, Ryo, rightfully, will be dubious.  The homeless man further
    confuses Ryo and you by revealing that he knows of the Hazuki style; that 
    really shouldn't be known by a creepy old man.  Ryo will ask how in the Hades 
    he knows this, the old man will get right up in Ryo's face and will compromise
    by saying if he really wants to know then he should try and punch him.
    Long story short, Ryo will try and try again, and fail miserably.  The old 
    man concludes the embarrassment by saying that he could've crushed  Ryo's 
    throat if it was a real fight, and that has to be the most graphic thing I've 
    ever heard in this game and creepy to boot.
    Watch a little more of this scene and you'll get another AS Selection, and yet
    AGAIN it is your choice whether you want to learn it or not, I highly suggest 
    you do, or it seems you won't be able to learn the other two moves from him.
    As always, listen to what he says about performing the move and extrapolate 
    from that and work it into the button commands.  I really wonder why you can't
    use these moves during Practice, oh well.
    Once you learn the move, the old dude will foreshadow by saying maybe they'll 
    meet again.  Ryo will ask how he knows of the Hazuki style, the old man will 
    say that the style is revered by martial artists throughout despite it being 
    so young.  Ryo will then ask why the old man didn't just beat on those two 
    dudes the night before, basically the old man will tell you that getting 
    someone else to do it for you is better than doing it yourself (lazy sod!).  
    He'll then tell you of Warehouse #4 and how it's a potential practice area and
    will say that he will sometimes be there, which he WON'T in case you are 
    If you followed the string of cutscenes above, it should be close to 8:00 PM.
    Unfortunately you still can't leave, so sprint to the Bell Waad machine near 
    the bus stop and park it till 8:00 PM, then you can leave.
    Make your way home, and if you are feeling spiffy, you could feed your kitty 
    seeing as how you won't get to pass by this place in the morning for a while.
    After you feed or neglect to feed that darn cat, head on to bed...yawwwnnnn, 
    after today's events, you'd expect Ryo to at least wash his face, but you 
    aren't getting that lucky.
    You'll get another dream sequence, this one shows a silhouette of the Cherry 
    tree with the petals falling and an up close shot of the Phoenix Mirror.  And 
    yet, and yet's yet again, if this is a dream sequence, then Ryo really needs 
    to start taking some sleep medication.
    Next day, you'll be warped to the Harbor again.  And again, you'll be forced 
    to race.  Race or not, your choice.  If you are one of those dudes/dudettes 
    out there who actually enjoys these races....no comment.  I, for one, think 
    these races are the perfect opportunity to add more stuff to the FAQ you are 
    currently reading.  
    One thing I have noticed about racing is this: On the second right hand turn 
    from the starting gate, if you manage to wedge yourself perpendicular to the 
    water's edge you can actually cause the other racers to get stuck on you, and 
    yes, I know you can do this in other spots, but this is the easiest.  Now for 
    the bad (or is it worse?), the moment you hit the X-button to look at your 
    useless race map, the other drivers will vanish and reappear ahead and zoom 
    along their merry way.  I know that time still elapses when you look at the 
    map, and now I know that it doesn't pause the race either...so it's still 
    At any rate, once it's over and you receive your toy, you'll be set to work 
    again, and no, it's not at Warehouse #18 (not today at least), but at 
    Warehouse #3.  So check out your quota and get to work slop drudge!!!
    When the "Silent Hill Klaxon" sounds, you're treated to a cute little cutscene
    of Ryo sitting with creepy-Mark and the other forklift operators he races 
    with.  Apparently they are all eating lunch, and while you can assume Ryo 
    actually eats at this point, you never see him do it...In fact the only time 
    you'll ever get to see him consume something is when you go to that handy Bell
    Waad machine, gotta have that frosty Jet Soda!
    You've got a little time to kill, so you could go practice, head over to the 
    Harbor Lounge, talk to people, go jump in the sea, something.  Once 2:00 PM 
    hits Ryo will signal the next working shift again.
    Same stuff as before, work your keister off till 3:30 PM or so and make your 
    way to Warehouse #3 and you'll hit a cutscene.
    Once again, some thugs will accost you, this time it's the dudes you first met
    at Heartbeat's Bar in Disc One.  They ask Ryo what the Hades he is doing here, 
    and beat up his forklift a little, oh man, that poor piece of machinery.  The 
    claim if Ryo harms them, then he gets fired, I guess you could call this 
    foreshadowing...but I'm getting ahead of myself here...anyway one of the dudes
    hops on the crate you were carrying when you triggered the cutscene and tells 
    Ryo to take him home.  Haha...no comment here, Ryo instead takes him into the 
    Once inside the sliding door closes and the light goes on...this isn't good, 
    Ryo complains about this, and you gotta hear the thug's reply to this.  
    Anyway, this signals another beat 'em up.
    REAL-TIME FIGHT: Multiple Thugs
    Once again, this is a ridiculously easy fight, in fact so easy, you can get 
    away with just running and doing that zany spin kick.  If it's as strong as I 
    hope it is, you shouldn't have to do this more than 5 times.  Once you beat 
    that group of dudes, another group, who no doubt were discussing the best 
    eggplant parmesan recipe will suddenly spring up to attack.  Same stuff as 
    before, folks/folkettes, just kick butt, and kick it good and hard!
    Heh heh, once the fight is over, Ryo gets to pretzel up one of the thugs and 
    interrogates him about where to find the Mad Angels.  He'll tell you to go an 
    check behind Warehouse #17, 'enuff said.
    So finish your shift, it should be 4:30 PM, get your uber-minimum wage and
    hightail it to #17.  If you don't know where that is, just face Hokuhoku, head
    west and follow that till you trigger the scene.
    Hahahaha!!!  Yet another funny cutscene of Mark getting beat up, and this one 
    takes the cake, he's seriously getting punished.  Ryo will step in, tell them 
    to stop it, they square off, you square off...blah blah, another fight is 
    REAL-TIME FIGHT: Multiple Thugs Pt. 2 & Blue/Green Camo Dudes
    The same as before, only you you have those two Camo Dudes in the mix, and 
    that can make the fight a little irritating.  You should take out the lesser 
    random dudes as quickly as possible and focus on taking down the camo dudes, 
    remember that Evade button will be your best buddy here.
    The cutscene will begin with the two camo dudes running away saying the same 
    thing they said before.  Ryo goes to help creepy-Mark up who falls to the 
    ground again like Fuku did in Disc One.  
    The screen fades back in with creepy-Mark divulging why he is in Amihama; he 
    is looking for his brother.  Unfortunately he suspects that his brother may 
    be that kid who ended up getting "concrete boots".
    Mark isn't sure if his brother is dead or not but is certain that at least one
    person is; either his brother or the one who heard the information in the 
    first place, this really makes you wonder how creepy-Mark knows this, Ryo 
    doesn't ask though.  Mark will then just suddenly remember some important 
    information he overheard regarding the Mad Angels in regards to some black 
    market deal,.  Now, Ryo doesn't bother ask who Mark heard this from, or how he
    managed to hear it.  Mark, on the same token doesn't bother to tell Ryo where 
    he heard it from anyway.  Even stranger, isn't this the exact reason why 
    Mark's brother was allegedly murdered, hearing and leaking information?  Eh, 
    If you are extremely speedy, you should go to the homeless man near the Harbor
    Lounge to learn an extension to the Shadow Step, the Shadow Blade.
    After that, try and find Goro, or you can talk to the homeless man, the former
    will be walking around the Harbor in a route similar to the route you race 
    with, the latter is usually under the stairs near the Harbor Lounge.  Both 
    will tell you to hang around at night to find some motorcycle thugs near the 
    But as much as I've tried I've never been able to get this scene to go this 
    night, I always had to try it again the next night.  So you're forced to 
    twiddle your thumbs till 8:00 PM when you'll be able to leave.  Go on home and
    get ready for the next day.
    And on the next day, you guessed it, another stinkin' race.  So just get 
    through it as best as you can, I'll be writing more updates as always.
    Ok race over, time to work, check out your quota and get to it, slop 
    drudge!!!  Notice you have to go back to Warehouse #18 again, told you it was 
    popular.  Anyway, work your keister off till the lunchbreak.
    You'll see another suspicious scene of Ryo allegedly eating lunch with his 
    fellow felons.  Nothing really significant, just sit back and watch the coming
    up cutscene for a bit.
    Anyway once you get up, you'll see another cutscene with Eri and Nozomi 
    walking up to you.  Eri demands that you stand next to Nozomi for a picture, 
    Ryo of course starts to refuse like the weirdo he is, but eventually relents.
    Eri takes a picture with the two standing awkwardly apart, she'll then tell 
    them to get closer and takes another picture.  Once they jet out of the camera
    she offers you a choice of which one you want.  Note how you can see them 
    develop as you are making your choice...pretty cool.  Now you can be a 
    jerk/jerkette and pick the right one, or you can be a nice guy/gal and choose 
    the other one.  Either way, Eri will give the other to Nozomi, say that they 
    are keepsakes and sprint off.  
    Ryo will wonder what the frick is wrong with her when Nozomi will blurt out 
    that she is leaving for Canada.  And Ryo will respond in a rather shocked 
    manner, but will regain his manly/stubborn composure. They'll agree to keep in
    touch whenever Nozomi decides to drop in Yokosuka (right), and the cutscene 
    will end with Ryo moaning Nozomi's name.  And when the screen goes black, 
    you'll see that little icon telling you that you got another item, a PHOTO OF 
    As a side note, you should notice that in the pictures, the weather is the 
    same as the weather in the game, that is a really nice attention to detail.  
    For instance at the writing of this FAQ it was raining and during the picture 
    shoot, the rain changed to snow, well in the photo you could see the rain AND 
    the snow in the picture.  THAT is a very good reason why this is my favorite 
    game, ok Rant #2 over.
    Once the scene is over with, you should chat with all your lunch buddies for 
    some semi-useless but albeit interesting information.  Note the dude wearing 
    the light blue jean outfit and note how he likes to make numerous comments 
    about Ryo's masculinity...to be politically correct, I'm not saying anything 
    here.  Ok, so you should have enough time to practice if you haul butt over to
    #4 and grab yourself a spicy Bell Waad Cola, mmm!!!  
    Ok, lunch break is over with, get back to work slop drudge!  Work, work, work 
    and when 5:00 PM rolls around, get ready to get paid.  Honestly I was 
    surprised that I didn't have to beat the crap out of anyone this shift, but I 
    suppose I'm speaking too soon.  
    You are going to have to be patient and run from the homeless man to the 
    security man near the Bell Waad and back till you trigger the cutscene, I 
    really don't know any other way of doing this short of knowing the exact time 
    the cutscene is supposed to be triggered, which I don't, but I do know that it
    is after 7:00 PM.
    Anyway once you trigger the cutscene, you'll see Ryo walking and suddenly a 
    bright light flashes in his face.  It's three motorcycle thugs, specifically 
    Charlie and two dudes wearing helmets with visors on them.  I'm not sure if 
    they are the same two dudes as the other night, but I'm pretty sure that's not
    relevant at this point.  What is relevant, is that they have their sights on 
    you at the moment, crack those knuckles and get ready for a QTE.
    QTE FIGHT: Charlie and Two Motorcycle Thugs
    This should be pretty easy since you get to retry it if you get run over...but
    you only get one chance to press each command each time you do try it.  But it
    seems you only need to press the last command to move on to the next sequence.
    From the start press Right.
    Then press that handy Left on the D-Pad.
    And finally press the A-button.
    QTE FIGHT: End
    Now that you've surely killed the guy you kicked off the bike, you get to 
    further shame him by hijacking said bike.  And from here you get yet another
    QTE CHASE: Two Remaining Motorcycle Dudes
    I hope you're appreciative of this, considering how many times I had to replay
    this to get the commands right....sheesh.  Ok, but if you mess up you get to 
    try again, and I'm pretty sure you only get one chance to press each of the 
    buttons.  Also it seems you can only screw up on a certain number of these 
    before you get the scene where Ryo loses the dude.
    From the start you get two presses Left on the D-Pad, don't mess up now.  
    Curiously if you get the first Left and miss the second one you'll have to 
    start over.
    After that you get an A-button press IMMEDIATELY after the previous Left, be 
    careful now.  Looks like you killed the other dude too, seriously that's a 
    wicked kick.
    Ok, now the real fun begins, you get a Right on the D-Pad.
    Another Right on the D-Pad after that.
    Yet another Right on the D-Pad after the previous two.
    A Left pops up.
    This is where it gets tricky, you get a glimpse of Charlie as he is making 
    Left turn, so press Left.
    Another like the last one pops up, this time you get a peek at Charlie making 
    a Right turn, press Right on the D-Pad.  As a side note, if you screw up and 
    press Left, you'll end up where you kicked the second dude off of his bike, 
    another really good attention to detail bit.
    QTE CHASE: End
    You'll see a little scene of Ryo gaining on Charlie and they'll eventually end
    up behind Warehouse #17.  Charlie compliments Ryo on his outstanding bike 
    handling skills, to which Ryo will visibly get offended and spring off his 
    bike.  Charlie then says it's time for Ryo to get beat up, and as Ryo is 
    walking towards Charlie, 5 dudes will literally materialize around Ryo.  Now, 
    I don't know what the Mad Angels are all about but it seems they like to 
    dabble in the dark arts, seriously, don't think I'd want to fight a bunch of 
    apparitionists (is that a real word?).  At any rate, Charlie says that since 
    Ryo is trying to take on the Mad Angels it means a death sentence for him, 
    which now that I think about it, it was the Mad Angels who initially started 
    messing with Ryo, but whatever.  Fight time, get ready to kick butt.
    REAL-TIME FIGHT: 5 Random Thugs
    This is a really easy fight, you can usually tell because you shouldn't be 
    able to recognize any of the men you're fighting, which means they are 
    exceptionally weak.  Just flail on 'em and end it.
    Once that's over, Charlie, obviously mad over the incompetence of his 
    magicians will jump off the bike and offer to rearrange your face.
    REAL-TIME FIGHT: Charlie
    Not sure if this is hard or easy, some days I can toy with him, some days I 
    have a little trouble, I guess it depends on how you're feeling.  What I do 
    know is that you should have no trouble winning this fight considering it's 
    one on one.  One thing you should be aware of is his grab move, which will 
    take a lot off of you and cause you to hit the ground, if you have really fast
    reflexes you can mash the Y-button to get out of it.  All in all just Parry 
    and attack and eventually Charlie will bite the proverbial dust.
    Now that that's over, Ryo gets to "interrogate" Charlie, long story short 
    Charlie will give you some information regarding a connection between the Mad 
    Angels and the Chi You Men,  Charlie will also tell you he had to arrange a 
    boat to take some "big shot" offshore and will say he was wearing a green robe 
    with a dragon on it...Lan-Di.   It would've been nice if Ryo had asked Charlie
    about Mark's brother, but I think we can infer that he is dead considering 
    Charlie's comment about "It's the bottom of the sea for you!" towards 
    Ryo...kinda sad. :(
    When you get control of Ryo marvel at the fact that everybody you roughed up 
    is gone...check out your Notebook for a summary of what took you 20 minutes to
     find out.  Head on home and get ready for the next work day.
    I hope you enjoy those strange dream sequences because this one is a doozy.  
    You'll see Lan-Di standing with a creepy red glow, the Dragon Mirror behind 
    him (like 4 times his size), and even creepier music.  Yeah this isn't your 
    normal dream sequence, this is a nightmare sequence, but for once in the game 
    it makes sense, I guess Ryo has it because he just found out that Lan-Di is 
    still in the Harbor.
    Ok, next day.  Wake your lazy butt up, crack those knuckles and warp to the 
    Harbor.  You'll have to sit through yet another race again, so I hope you like
    them, if not, well nothing I can do about that.  When the race is over, Mark 
    will as usual, hand you your work layout for the day.
    HA!  Warehouse #18 again, sheesh...this time you have to transport those 
    suspicious crates from Warehouse #15/16, which is on the other side of the 
    Harbor.  Indeed, creepy-Mark will tell you not to get lost...I'd tell him to 
    stick it in his ear, but that's just me.  And, I shouldn't have to say this, 
    but you're probably going to sidetrack yourself over to the Warehouse #4 area 
    at one time or another, you shipped crates from there yesterday, so it's okay 
    if you suddenly find yourself looking for crates that aren't there.  Anyways,
    just do what you do best and work till the "Silent Hill Klaxon" sounds.
    At lunchtime you should ask around for some more information, you won't get 
    anything pertinent to the main storyline, but you will get some other good 
    stuff.  Mostly you should go and ask those dudes with the New York accents, 
    they're everywhere, so you should have no trouble looking for them.  Ryo will 
    ask if they've noticed anything unusual around the Harbor, they'll in turn 
    ask you if you're Hazuki from Alpha Trading or something of the like, you'll 
    agree, then they'll say that some "thugs" have been asking about you.  If you 
    ask me, this is pretty ominous, but evidently it's not to Ryo, who feels no 
    need to jot this down in his Notebook.
    Conversely if you talk to Takeuchi (the #1 forklift dude with the brown 
    jacket) he'll mention some big fight went down last night involving 
    motorcycles and will say some got hurt pretty badly, Ryo will reply, 
    "Yes...".  Creepy-Mark has nothing relevant to say at the moment, he'll just 
    drill you on the subject of women.  
    So now you know that you are on the right track (if getting mugged everyday 
    wasn't enough), bad guys are asking about you and actively looking for you.  
    But no matter what YOU want to do, you can't do anything till the game lets 
    you, bummer.  Ok, so you should have a little bit of time to kill, you should 
    go practice or something, remember it never hurts to train.
    So 2:00 PM is here, back to work for you slop drudge.  Just work on shipping 
    those crates to Warehouse #18, try not to get sidetracked to the Warehouse 
    from the previous day.
    At 2:30 PM you'll see Goro writhing on the ground, and no he didn't eat one of
    Tom's hot dogs...although it's funny to assume he did.  At any rate, Ryo will 
    walk up to him and ask what happened.  Goro manages to spurt out that a thug 
    hit him and took off telling Goro to tell Ryo to follow him.  Indeed, when Ryo
    looks up it's Tony/Smith (still don't know which is which) beckoning Ryo to 
    come on.  Ryo dashes off after him.  
    When the scene fades back in you'll see Tony/Smith running into the Warehouse 
    saying that you took the bait...right...anyway the thugs gathered here are the
    same lot who pretty much always tries to ambush you, and they'll try it here 
    again assuming they forgot they tried it before.  At any rate, this time it'll
    be different, you'll only have to do a QTE fight, and boy it's a doozy.
    QTE FIGHT: Lots of Thugs
    This fight isn't so hard, what's hard is writing out all the possible outcomes
    if you manage to beat it or not, so like last time I really hope you're 
    appreciative!!!  Keep in mind that you'll be able to replay this fight over 
    and over if you lose, I recommend you do, so you can see the multiple endings 
    to whether or not you win.  So far all I know of is three winning endings.  
    And I'm pretty sure I'm going to screw this up, so if anyone finds mistakes or
    can give me a more flowing layout of this QTE I'll put it here and credit 
    you, OK!
    At first you'll have two chances to press the B-button.
    Then a A-button, and if you mess that up an B-button.
    If you got either the A-button or B-button you'll get another B-button, screw
    that up and two Up's on the D-pad pop up, mess those up and you start over.
    If you hit the previous B-button, you'll get an A-button right after it, fail
    that and you'll get a last B-button.
    Conversely if you failed that B-button with the big dude and hit the Up on the
    D-Pad, you'll get two very quick A-button and B-button presses.
    You'll get another B-button, and if you managed to be flawless in the previous
    presses you'll get a second chance at the B-button, otherwise you only get one
    shot.  (it's hilarious to hear what Tony/Smith says when you hit him here!!)
    Here is where it gets tricky.  You get a VERY fast sequence of Left, Down, and
    the A-button, depending on what you hit will depend on how Ryo finishes off 
    the last guy.  
    As a side note if you've learned the Double Blow, you'll see Ryo use it to 
    finish off the last guy, I think (someone out there confirm this!!!).
    QTE FIGHT: End
    So when you finish kicking the crap out of these guys, you'll see a cool 
    cutscene.  Ryo will grab Tony/Smith (the green shirt) and say that they'll pay
    for what they did to Goro.  Tony/Smith will insult Ryo by asking if Goro is 
    his girlfriend, to which Ryo will throttle him a bit.  Tony/Smith will make a 
    mistake by saying that they'll come after his family and friends, to which Ryo
    will explode and sock the pigment off of his face.  This is an extremely cool
    and satisfying ending to the QTE battle, endings like this happen only a few 
    more times after this, so enjoy it, I know I did. :)
    Ok about a half hour has passed, so finish out your shift and get your pay.  
    Once the cutscene is over, you'll see another cutscene.
    Ryo will walk up to creepy-Mark, who is sitting on the edge of the pier again.
    He'll then tell Ryo he overheard some information regarding a name, Long Zha.
    Creepy-Mark theorizes that this must have something to do with a black market 
    deal and would explain why the Mad Angels are on edge lately (I suppose Ryo 
    kicking the crap out of them everyday wouldn't help either).  Either way 
    cutscene over.
    You can ask around if you want, but the best place to go is to talk to 
    creepy-Mark again, you should be able find him if you turn 180 degrees and run
    to near where you take your lunch, now you know why he's looking out to 
    sea...anyways keep talking to him and he will reveal the name Long Zha again, 
    which will be very important later, and no, he doesn't tell you how he managed
    to hear the info, maybe he beat it out of one of the the goons.  If you 
    continue the conversation, Mark will mention that Tony and Smith were saying 
    that a Long Zha will be taking place in a couple of days.  
    If you look at the Notebook entry after this, Ryo will refer to Tony and Smith
    as foreigners he rarely sees, considering Ryo beats them up almost everyday I 
    wouldn't consider this to be rare.
    Now, you still can't leave, so then best thing I can tell you to do is to go 
    and waste time till 6:00 PM hits and make your way to the Harbor Lounge.  This
    way you'll be able to learn the last extension of the Shadow Step/Shadow Blade
    move from the homeless man, the Cross Charge, which is honestly quite useful 
    if you know when and where to use it.  And this will be the last time you'll 
    get a marital arts move from this old man (to my knowledge), so enjoy it.
    Not much you can do after this, except ask some people about the Mad Angels; 
    and since it's late, the majority of the people will be security guards (who 
    never seem to leave) who won't tell you much.  If you still haven't gotten 
    those Chinese Scrolls translated, now is a good time to do so.  I still think 
    it's a little irritating that you can't leave until a certain time, but what 
    are you gonna do?  You'll have to wait till 8:00 PM, that's what you'll have 
    to do.
    Note that depending on the date, (I noticed this as late as Dec. 15th) you 
    may or may not see a Santa Claus skulking around Dobuita.  This really isn't 
    relevant, but you've gotta admit, he's creepy-looking.  HO HO HO!!!
    Back home, finally, so get to bed, layout your moves and get ready for another
    thrilling workday.
    And by thrilling I mean another forklift race, and by forklift race I mean, 
    blech!  Once you are through that stuff, creepy-Mark will, as usual, hand out 
    your work schedule for the day.
    This workday will be interesting, to add spice to your forklifting life, Mark 
    wants you to move crates between two warehouses.  Specifically you take the 
    crates from your starting area, take them to the New Warehouse #8, drop them 
    off and take those crates with the red slash to....yep you guessed it, 
    Warehouse #18.  Once you get into a rhythm it'll go very fast, so don't worry.
    Also you should note your quota is 10 crates today, which is good for you but 
    bad for the people who are paying you, you should easily get double this 
    During your lunchbreak, Goro and Mai will sprint up to you.  They've got 
    wondrous news for you; they're getting married.  I will not comment on this; 
    however, I do comment on Goro in the Characters Section IX.  Anyway, Ryo 
    rightfully comments that Mai is too young (which by contrast he's calling Goro
    a wicked old codger) to get married.  Mai then explains that they can legally 
    get married once she turns 16.  Ryo is still in disbelief that she is marrying
    Goro when they say goodbye and sprint off.  Oh yeah, the cutscene is over in 
    case you didn't know.
    For added information, you can talk to Takeuchi and he'll mention that he saw 
    some foreign thugs hanging around the Harbor Cafeteria (Tony & Smith).  You 
    can also ask those New York Mafia accent dudes, while they'll tell you 
    absolutely nothing, their voices never cease to amuse me.
    Work till 3:30 PM and when you pass through that open area near the Harbor 
    Lounge you'll run into a cutscene.  Ryo will ride up next to Tony and Smith, 
    who were no doubt discussing the latest cobbler recipe.  They'll abruptly stop
    talking to stare at you as you climb out of the forklift.  Ryo will ask them 
    when the next Long Zha is taking place, and the green shirt guy will ask you 
    what the heck you just said; wrong answer.  Ryo will ask again, and in 
    desperation, fear, and extreme thirst, they'll run off, which of course 
    signals a QTE chase.
    QTE CHASE: Tony and Smith
    This one will be just like the QTE at the end of Disc 2 (remember Jimmy?), the 
    only difference is that you don't have to switch out a disc.  Note that there 
    will be multiple branches to this chase, and like the big QTE FIGHT before, 
    I'm bound to confuse you and screw up portions of it.  So, if this isn't easy 
    enough to follow, then feel free to E-mail me a better one, I'll credit you 
    and put it below mine.  Also note that this will be a little different of a 
    QTE depending on who you choose to follow, but the outcome will be exactly the
    ***Funny thing about this, is that you can screw up all of the commands in the
    first part, and you can still make it to the second part.***
    Ok, from the start, you'll get a Left on the D-Pad.
    Next is a B-button.
    And another B-button after that.
    The next two will come in quick succession regardless if you miss them or hit 
    them; a Left on the D-Pad and an A-button (haha!).
    Next on is a choice press of Left or Right on the D-pad, you can choose either
    After the stationary van you'll get a Left on the D-pad.
    Next one will be up to you on which you want to pursue, so pick Left or a 
    QTE CHASE Pt. 2: Green Shirt Guy
    If you chose Left, you'll get to follow the guy in the puke-green shirt.
    You can screw up on ALL of these commands and you will still be able to see 
    the final cutscene, so I'm not going to outline them.
    QTE CHASE Pt. 2: Purple Shirt Guy
    If you chose Right, you'll get to chase the frilly-purple shirt dude.
    Just like the Green Shirt Dude, you can miss all of them and still get the 
    last cutscene.
    QTE CHASE: End
    Ok, no matter which one you chose, the cutscene is the same.  Ryo will 
    threaten to break the dudes' arm, and the dude will give you the name of the 
    leader of the Mad Angels, Terry.  Ryo will ask where he can find him, but 
    Tony/Smith will say they don't know, on account Terry is very careful.  
    They'll then beg you not to tell that they told, lest they share the same fate
    of Mark's brother.
    Evidently the chase sequence took over 2 hours because immediately after it, 
    you'll be warped to the Alpha Trading Office for your pay.  After that, Yada 
    will remember to give you a note, no, he's not hitting on you....yet.  The 
    note is from Gui, who tells you what you've already known for like a week now.
    The point of the note is so Ryo will get the idea to ask Master Chen about the
    Long Zha.
    So once again, you get warped to that creepy, old-Warehouse #8.
    Ryo approaches Master Chen and asks if Lan Di is here about the Long Zha.  
    Master Chen will reply that Lan Di has nothing to do with it, instead Master 
    Chen will say that Terry is arranging a ship for Lan Di to get into his good 
    Master Chen then explains the art stuff he deals in is in direct competition 
    with the drugs that the Mad Angels deal in, and if this particular Long Zha 
    deal goes down, it will destroy any chance of future profit on Master Chen's 
    front.  Ryo will ask when the deal is, but that stupid Master Chen refuses to 
    tell you the date, but will agree to help you if you are patient enough.  Gui 
    will get upset out this, but Master Chen is still bound by the promise to Zhu 
    Yuan Da.  As Ryo is leaving, Master Chen will comment again about how Ryo is 
    foolishly pursuing this vendetta.  Of course Master Chen would say something 
    like this, he has no idea what Ryo is going through now.
    PHEW!!!  I had to write all that while the cutscenes were still going 
    on...anyway, check out your Notebook for an update.  It will mention that you 
    need to find this so called Terry, but I dare you to find a person in the 
    Harbor to tell you something relevant.  You can't can you?  But you will be 
    able to leave the Harbor right after the Master Chen cutscene though, yayy!!
    So in Dobuita, take in the X-mas sights and sounds, talk to some people you've
    been ignoring.  You should talk to Nozomi too before you head home....wait, 
    she isn't at the Florist Shop...hmm....
    So anyway...head on home and hit the hay, notice the atmosphere this day has 
    been different.  You didn't have to finish out most of your second shift at 
    work.  Lots of cutscene action.  You could leave the Harbor relatively early.
    No topics to talk about with people... double hmm....
    I hope you weren't planning on getting any sleep tonight, because if you were,
    you can forget it.  The cutscene begins with Ryo saying he needs to get some 
    fresh air...at 11:45 PM...right.  So at the entryway, the cutscene continues 
    with Ryo talking to Ine (look below for commentary on her attire).  Ine will 
    ask if you were just with Nozomi, Ryo says no.  Ine then will say she asked 
    because Nozomi's grandmother called to say that Nozomi never came home.  
    At this point the phone rings, and at this point this has to be the most 
    conveniently place event in the game.  Ryo picks up the phone, regardless of 
    how inappropriate an hour it might be, it's not a telemarketer, even if he is 
    Long story short folks/folkettes, it's that Chai again, and this time he's 
    kidnapped Nozomi!!!  Ok, you might've seen that one coming, but I'll bet you 
    didn't see the next part of this cutscene coming.  Chai will tell you to make 
    it to the Harbor by 3:30 AM or he'll make her...cry...yeah, no comment there.
    Ryo then shouts for Chai not to lay a hand on her, and note that Ine is still 
    standing there.  Then Ine, who is still floating behind, will ask who it was, 
    note that she is fully dressed, well technically she isn't really "fully" 
    dressed considering she and everybody else never changes clothes, but I 
    digress.  She asks who it was and what's going on, and not being able to put 
    two and two together will have to settle for an answer from Ryo telling her 
    that he's going out for a bit.  
    Ryo will note that if he doesn't leave Dobuita by 3:00 AM then he won't be 
    able to make the deadline.  Now I have to admit, the first time I played the 
    game, it was obvious to me as to what to do, as it should be to you.  But I've
    always wondered if you could explore other branches in this area.  In case 
    you're curious, don't waste time going to the bus stop, and if you thought 
    you were clever, the Knocking Motorcycle shop is out too...  To make it easy, 
    go to Sakuragaoka; now, do you remember in Disc 1 where you helped that old 
    lady with the allegedly bad vision?  Well, remember how I commented on how 
    Naoyuki was ignoring her?  That is where you need to go, just walk up to 
    Naoyuki's buzzer and hit the A-button.  Now as I said before I wonder if you 
    can do other things, anyone out there who knows any other paths to take in 
    this event let me know, OK?
    Alright, this cutscene starts with probably my favorite piece of music in this
    game, if fact I liked it so much, I transcribed it into a guitar song, but 
    once again I'm getting off track.  Ryo will ring the doorbell and ask if 
    Naoyuki is home, the woman on the other end, who I'm assuming is Naoyuki's 
    Mom, will cheerily say yes and make no mention of how incredibly late it is.  
    Naoyuki will come outside and greet Ryo.  Ryo asks him for a favor, to which 
    Naoyuki will ask him to come inside (again no mention of the time), Ryo will 
    say he is in a hurry and will ask to use Naoyuki's motorcycle.  He'll agree 
    (gee, what a friend!) and toss you the keys, and I'm assuming he gives Ryo a 
    helmet, because I didn't see one on the bike in the previous scene, nor did I 
    see Ryo carrying one, and if he was, wouldn't it be in your 
    Item Menu?....Anyway, Naoyuki tells Ryo to drive carefully...if only he could 
    see what Ryo is going to do to the bike, phew.
    Oh, wait, there was a helmet on the bike after all, I wasn't paying attention,
    but I'll leave that previous stuff in there, it's funny any way you slice it.
    Ok, watch the nifty cutscene of Ryo tearing through Yokosuka, note the heavy 
    rock music in the background.  I'd tell you to watch as Ryo tears up asphalt 
    on his way to the Harbor, but you're gonna have to do that yourself.
    Yep, and here is the most hated part of this game for me, and maybe some of 
    you folks/folkettes out there.  Now before I give you a strategy for this 
    upcoming part; let me give you some points of interest, feel free skip them 
    It's obvious that this next part is modeled after the video game "HANG ON", 
    which I think was created by Yu Suzuki as well (not to mention Virtua Fighter 
    and Space Harrier), and while "HANG ON" was and still is fun, this however, 
    isn't.  Granted, some of y'all out there might have grown up playing "HANG ON"
    and this might bring up nostalgic sensations; I however was born WAY after 
    that game came out, so it doesn't hold as much emotion for me as it does you.
    Ok, now that that is over, you have a ridiculously (and I do mean RIDICULOUS) 
    short amount of time to cruise the suspiciously empty and even more 
    suspiciously cordoned off streets of Japan.  Just be grateful to the almighty 
    Yu Suzuki that he granted us the ability to pause during this mini-game, if 
    not to look at the controls so much as to swear your hair out on the 33rd 
    attempt at this.
    Yes, it's difficult, I highly doubt a veteran can get it in their first try, 
    and I'd say a beginner has a better chance of being struck by lightning 
    underground than beating it on the first try.  I can only give you tips to 
    make it through as quickly as possible, since you can only go the way the game
    has laid out for you.
    The trick isn't to think of a MotoGPX game, but to think "HANG ON". 
    Instead of careening your bike into a useless pile of ashes and molten 
    shrapnel, you're speed takes a big nose dive, so stay off the sides of the 
    Make good use of those L-Triggers and R-Triggers, and learn to "tap" the D-pad
    when you're making those really tight turns.  Hug the corners as close as you 
    can, and don't let up on the accelerator if you can help it.
    Take a break after every other time you're destined to screw up, pause it and
    take a breather, you'd be surprised how good you'll perform after a brief 
    intermission, which now that I think about it, it works wonders when you're 
    continuously getting pummeled by the CPU in Virtua Fighter 5.
    Get used to hearing Ryo say, "Oh no, I'll never make it!".
    Ok, once you see the cutscene of Ryo cruising the streets you know you finally
    beat this section of the game, give yourself a clap on the back, you really 
    deserve it.  You arrive at the Harbor, specifically in back of Warehouse #17, 
    right in front of those large gray doors with the same spray-painted "Mad 
    Angels" logo on it.  What isn't the same is that the doors are open now...to 
    the lair of the Mad Angels!!!  If this wasn't obvious before, then it 
    definitely should be now.
    Once you get off of your bike, you'll be surrounded by those thugs with the 
    apparent ability to materialize out of thin air.  They are there to assure 
    that you don't make it.
    REAL TIME FIGHT: Multiple Thugs
    Ok, these guys are random dudes and they are very weak, just do what you do 
    Once you beat them, Ryo moves further in to fight yet another wave of dudes.
    REAL-TIME FIGHT: Multiple Thugs Pt. 2
    Same as before folks/folkettes, but this time the Blue Camo Pants dude is in 
    the mix, and is as always, a little stronger than the rest, but this really 
    shouldn't be a problem for someone as awesomely skilled as yourself.
    The cutscene starts with a dude in a red leather jacket attempting to fight 
    you, but Terry will stop him.  The leather dude will complain and Terry will 
    call up another dude to fight against the "Red Leather Dude", this taller guy 
    is Pedro...you'll be meeting him along with the other two dudes later.  "Red 
    Leather Dude" will back down.  
    Pedro will bring out Nozomi and Ryo will cut the bindings on her, mushy stuff 
    will go on.  Terry will open up by saying he's been hearing around the Harbor 
    that Ryo messed up some of his boys pretty bad; I guess the dudes Ryo JUST 
    beat up didn't matter.  They'll deal a little, and eventually come to an 
    agreement.  Ryo has to cripple Gui Zhang (for being in Terry's way...) and in 
    return Ryo can take Nozomi and be guided to Lan Di by Terry.  And just as a 
    funny sidenote, when Ryo asks Terry to take him to Lan Di, did you notice the 
    high-pitched voices floating around?  Anyway, Ryo demands that Terry keep his 
    word, Terry does a semi-backflip and grand-stands the fact that " when Terry 
    of Yokosuka speaks, he always keeps his word!".  Whatever. 
    Ryo and Nozomi get on the motorcycle, and remember my comment on how girls 
    shouldn't ride bikes sidesaddle?  You're forced to watch this little mushy 
    cutscene that is so unlike the rest of the game, I still can't believe it.  I 
    always expect credits to roll during it also.  Thankfully it'll end within a 
    few minutes, and once you see Dobuita, you'll be warped to your house.
    It's 6:00 AM, and the game still wants you to get some sleep, so do so (you 
    have no choice) and get ready for another riveting day of work right?  Hmm, 
    we'll see.
    You should note that Ryo has gotten up as usual, but instead of going to the 
    bus stop your see him in the Dojo...not a good sign. 
    In the Dojo you'll see him praying, and you'll see a little cutscene of Iwao 
    pulling off some gnarly katana moves, this, I guess is an inspirational thing 
    for Ryo for what's going to follow tonight.
    But he'll go through the motions of a normal day and you'll find yourself in 
    the Harbor as usual, but instead of inside a forklift, you'll be over at 
    Tom's, who will ask you to drop by at noon for lunch, on him.
    The scene will warp to Alpha Trading Office where Yada tells Ryo to sit the 
    heck down.  He'll then tell Ryo that he is going to have to resign, which is 
    a very polite way of saying you've been fired.  Ryo will ask why, and Yada 
    basically says it's because Ryo has been getting into fights, and when it 
    affects his company it's a problem.  Ryo will go through his formal route and 
    walk out the office.  Now, you get control of the game, check out your 
    Notebook or some information.
    You can talk to some of the people around the Harbor, some will reflect on you
    getting fired (creepy-Mark), some won't even acknowledge the fact that they 
    once knew you.  You can also talk to Hisaka over at Hokuhoku and she'll 
    mention that Tom seemed a little down today.  Now, I'm not sure this is 
    optional or not, but you should swing by Tom's as soon as possible to learn 
    one of the best moves in the game.
    The cutscene will begin with Tom dancing away as usual, he will note that Ryo 
    seems a little glum and will ask Ryo to watch him for a sec'.  During his 
    little dance routine he pulls of an acrobatic kick, (looks like Capoiera to 
    me) and basically asks Ryo if he wants to learn it.  And as before it is up to
    you as to whether or not you want to learn it, but this time I'll say you'd 
    be nuts not to, it will make the upcoming fights so much more pleasing and 
    not mention easier.
    Tom will say that he learned the Tornado Kick during his travels, you can 
    choose to believe this or not.  But listen to what he says about performing 
    the move, the button combination lies in his description, don't cha' know?  
    Once you perform the move, Tom compliments you, Ryo thanks Tom and attempts to
    leave.  Ah, yes.  There are two, count 'em TWO parts to this move.
    What is probably in my top 10 moments in Shenmue; Tom grabs a bottle 
    (Everclear I'll bet) and flips it in the air, he talks for way too long here, 
    unless he hurled the bottle into the next layer of atmosphere.  Anyway, as he 
    describes the second part, he promptly shatters the bottle with the second, 
    twirling kick, very awesome.  Ryo doesn't think so, but you have to do the 
    move for Tom anyway.  
    Once you do, Tom tells you that the move is perfect for when you are 
    surrounded by multiple bad guys (foreshadowing again), and in this instance 
    he's right.  Just wait till you see 5 dudes fly in every direction from this 
    move, and you'll see why it's so bad-A.
    Ok, now that's over, and you'll see Tom looking a little sad.  He'll say that 
    he has "something" to tell you, that his main ingredient in his hot dogs are 
    PEOPLE!!!  Just kidding.  Long story short, Tom is leaving (no, he's not going
    to Hong Kong) and he's been planning to for some time now.  He'll then 
    correctly theorize that Ryo is planning some vendetta due to Iwao getting 
    killed, which is spooky.  Tom tells you some other mushy stuff, they slam 
    their fists together (creating a shockwave that destroys half of Tokyo in the 
    process!!!  Just kidding.) and says that today is the last day to get one of 
    Tom's "special" dogs, Ryo says he'll take one.  And before you ask, no, you 
    don't get to see Ryo eat that hot dog, now that I think about it, I've never 
    even SEEN one of Tom's hot dogs.
    The cutscene continues with Ryo staring at the sky, apparently that plane he's
    looking at has Tom on board (is Honey with him?) he comments on the fact that 
    Tom was his buddy and the cutscene ends.
    Only to give way to another one, at night, with Ryo standing near where 
    Hokuhoku usually is.  The Red Leather dude will walk up to you and Ryo will 
    ask him if Gui is going to be here.  Red Leather will confirm it and take Ryo 
    over to Alpha Trading, he'll then say that Gui always walks this way when he 
    comes from work (illegal art smuggling, mind you).  Gui appears, Red Leather 
    makes himself scarce, and Ryo demands that Gui fight him.  Gui should have no 
    reason to be puzzled on account of all the other times he's attacked Ryo for 
    no reason.
    REAL-TIME FIGHT: Gui Zhang
    This fight will be like your previous battles with Gui, just fight him for a 
    bit and watch the little intermissions.  Evidently "Ryo of Yokosuka" just went
    back on HIS word!  Ryo will tell Gui to pretend to lose, but Gui apparently 
    wants a real fight.  Note as you fight with Gui, depending on where the camera
    is (adjacent corner to Alpha Trading) you'll see Terry and Red Leather gawking
    at you.  Anyway, as you are fighting in real-time, the screen fades away.
    But it comes back with a cutscene, the both of you are exhausted, and in a 
    final flurry of attacks, the both of you put each other on the ground.  Ryo 
    and Gui compliment each other's fighting skills when Terry skulks up behind 
    you...carrying a metal pole with a chunk of cement attached to it (I like to 
    entertain the thought that he ripped this out of the ground with his bare 
    hands...like Neo).
    QTE EVENT: Terry's...pole
    Just press Right on the D-pad to be done with it.
    QTE EVENT: End
    Ryo and Gui tell Terry what a low down dirty rat he is.  They get up and 
    square off, in perfect health and not even winded.  Terry bows and invites 
    them to his personal Hades then sprints off.  As you and Gui chase after him, 
    around the corner there will be some thugs waiting for you.  I guess Terry's 
    contingency plan was to litter the Harbor with hundreds of goons in the off 
    chance that Gui and Ryo knocked each other out AND if Ryo dodged his metal 
    pole....that is some impressive planning.  
    So Terry has seemingly vanished...or he has the ability to split himself into 
    hundreds of different looking counterparts.  Nonetheless, it's your job to 
    kick all of their butts.
    REAL-TIME FIGHT: 70 Person Battle
    If you're expecting pages of information for this fight, you can forget it, 
    sure I'm a redundant guy, but not THAT redundant.  The random thugs are so 
    weak, they should pose no challenge to you.  What you SHOULD do is lure most 
    of them to Gui (who can't be knocked out for some reason) and take out any 
    stragglers.  Note that at some point, one of the thugs will toss a metal 
    barrel at you, and if you manage to knock out the guy before he throws it, 
    someone else will pick it up, so let him throw it and it should vanish, now I 
    shouldn't have to tell you that metal barrels hurt, so dodge it.  Your main 
    focus is to conserve as much of your health for the upcoming "Boss" fights, 
    fights that Gui doesn't help you with now that I think about it.
    REAL-TIME FIGHT: Green Camo Dude
    So as you fight along, at some point the Green Camo Dude will spring forth, 
    crack his knuckles and join in.  The creepy part is he'll have to find you 
    first, meaning he could spring up at anytime, so keep you eyes peeled (ewww).
    He seems to have more health this time around, so do what you do best, let Gui
    beat the random dudes (this keeps them off of you), and try not to take a lot 
    of damage, you'll know the fight is over when Green Camo Dude makes a yelp and
    doesn't get back up.
    Ok, you'll have to fight an indeterminate amount of thugs, goons, and 
    scallywags before you trigger the next boss battle, just watch that health.  
    Note at this time, I noticed that there is a wooden box that can be tossed at 
    you...so watch it.  Oh yeah, did you ever notice how those unconscious bodies 
    twitch as you walk over them...wooh, that's REALLY creepy, but not as creepy 
    as how they seem to fade away...anyway, right around this time you'll notice 
    the Red Leather dude as he swings a giant pipe.
    REAL-TIME FIGHT: Red Leather Dude w/ Iron Pipe!!!
    This one is kinda tough, it's very important that you do not, DO NOT, let him 
    hit you with that pipe, it does a whopping amount of damage that can end you 
    before you realize the game is over.  That being said, Red Leather's strikes 
    are relatively slow, so you should Evade, the best thing is to counter with a 
    throw, this will reorient you and disorient him.  I can't think of anything 
    else to watch out for from this guy, he's irritating and will take a long time
    to beat, but when you do, pat yourself on the back again.
    Ok, fight some more guys, or better yet, lead them to Gui and let him do the 
    monotonous work while you sprint around and get some health back if need be.
    I can't remember if the other two "Boss" fights had that white "fade in", but
    I know that once Pedro says, "I'll kill you!!!", the screen goes white and 
    fades back in, this should signal that Pedro isn't your ordinary thug.  You'll
    be able to spot him lumbering up to you, if not for his ridiculous outfit, 
    then for his gargantuan size.
    I can't stress this enough in this fight, do not let him touch you, I know 
    this will seem hard (even I can't get a flawless win on him) but if you let 
    your health get to 2-3 orbs (I factor this in where you can have no green orbs
    at all and still be able to fight too), he can finish you off in one hit...
    At the beginning, the hardest part will be dealing with the other thugs that 
    accompany Pedro (I've had up to three to deal with).  You really should take 
    them out first, or suffer the consequences.
    The stuff to watch out for (aside from everything), is all of his grabs; if 
    he grabs you, mash the B-button or the Y-button as fast as humanly possible to
    get out of it.  Watch out for his drop kick, this can come out of nowhere and 
    can do a lot of damage, the Evade button will get rid of this.  Also watch out
    for his "Uber Punch", I swear, this punch will send you flying back like 10 
    feet, and once you get up, you usually get greeted with another one, or his 
    drop kick, or something else even more gnarly.  His headbutt will also throw 
    you back, so dodge that, it isn't as sudden as his drop kick, so it shouldn't 
    be that hard.
    So, what have we learned?  Stay the heck away from him, learn his moves, and 
    stay the HECK away from him.  The best course for this fight is to peck away 
    at his health bit by bit (as is the case of the all the previous "Boss" 
    fights), this will allow you to control him a lot better than if you ran up 
    and started whaling on him.  The only bad thing with this is the fight will 
    take a long time, even with maxed out moves...so the choice is yours, but 
    don't say I told you so, when you have to start all over again.
    So when you knock out Pedro the battle royale ends, you have to do it over 
    again...just kidding.  Actually, you get a cutscene of Terry being cornered by
    you and Gui.  They exchange some words and while you think Ryo is going to 
    step up to personally hand Terry his keister, you're wrong, Gui intercepts and
    says the fight is his.
    QTE FIGHT: Terry's....pole...again
    Watch as Gui dodges Terry's initial strike, sending Terry over to you.
    Hurry and press that A-button, or else...well, just don't screw up.
    QTE FIGHT: End
    Well, if you were expecting a spectacular fight from Gui, then you're going to
    be sorely disappointed.  Gui gets dirt in his eye, but gets help from Ryo and 
    takes down Terry in a really sloppy fashion, I really hope it's on account he 
    is tired.  Also, note that the throw move Gui uses looks like a certain move 
    that you'll be acquainted with later...
    Once this is over Ryo puts his creepy hands on Terry and questions him about 
    Lan Di.  Well to Terry's misfortune Lan Di has already left the Harbor.
    Like I said, to Terry's misfortune, he should've lied...anyway.  As you watch 
    Terry writhe in pain, the camera zooms out and the screen fades away.
    When we last joined our heroes, they were deep in the muck that is the Mad 
    Angels, but they came out....ahem...wrong channel.
    The screen fades back in, and it's morning.  Ryo and Gui are standing by the 
    water's edge, Ryo is pissed that he went through all that butt-licking and 
    still didn't get Lan Di.  Gui asks him if he is still Hades-bent on going 
    after him, Ryo says yes.  Gui asks him even if it means his life (Ryo's), Ryo 
    agrees again.  Gui apparently comes to terms with something, because he'll say
    that he will talk to his pappy for you (Master Chen, in case you're dense, 
    like me!).  Gui will tell you to contact him later, and after some mushy 
    "Thank You" stuff, the cutscene ends.
    Now...this was a little hidden cutscene for me.  At 5:21 AM, back at your 
    house, Fuku will walk in and give you a PHOTO.  Specifically it's the PHOTO OF
    FATHER from the Dojo basement....I wonder if this picture carried over to 
    Shenmue 2 in your Item Menu, cause if it did, I wonder about the importance of
    it, and if it didn't then why is there a cutscene warranting the significance
    of it???  Need E-mail information from you guys/gals about this, so hop to it,
    I'll credit you here.
    Ok, so get to sleep, god knows you need it.  3 hours later, you'll be 
    automatically warped from cutscene to cutscene.
    First you'll see Ryo walking from the house with a hilarious expression on his
    face, when Fuku stops him.  He gives you something, I assume it's money even 
    if it doesn't get added to your current amount (but then again you won't be 
    buying anything anymore).  Ryo bows to his house, leaves, then Fuku bows to 
    Ryo and you see that eavesdropping Ine behind the house (how'd she get out?) 
    and she bows to you.
    Next you see Ryo outside the House and he's a little choked up, but gathers 
    his composure and walks to Dobuita.
    In Dobuita you get treated to Ryo walking through the town, note the positions
    of many of the people, and instances of people doing specific things that 
    you've never seen them doing before.  As Ryo passes You Arcade you get a 
    really weird shot of what looks like the Arcade FOLLOWING you as you walk to 
    the bus stop.  At the bus stop the cutscene ends.
    The scene continues with Ryo getting off the bus (if you haven't noticed by 
    now, he has a backpack...), he walks to the Warehouse #14 area where Master 
    Chen and Gui meet him.  Master Chen evidently wanted you to destroy the Mad 
    Angels before he would arrange the trip for you, (lazy sod!!!) Gui also 
    mentions that he will go with you.  But he is going with you to find out more 
    about Chi You and to keep you from doing something rash (right).
    Master Chen will tell you that he will teach you a move that will be useful 
    during your trip, and goes into a spiel about the move.  He commands Gui to 
    spar and demonstrates the Swallow Flip.  You don't have any choice but to 
    learn it, so deal with it.
    Once that is done with the camera focuses on Chai up on the iron rafters, not 
    only that, but notice as he kicks one of the I-bars loose...jeez.  Gui sees it
    coming, knocks Ryo out of the way and in the process get his ankle squished 
    by the rolling I-bar...ewwww.  Chai jumps down (note the abrupt disappearance 
    of Master Chen at this point...), visibly upset about Ryo's meddling and says 
    that he is there to prevent you from going to Hong Kong (and...note the also 
    abrupt disappearance of Gui at THIS point).
    Ok,  this fight is tough, but you are (should) much stronger now, so just 
    apply what I said in the first fight here.  You have much more room to move, 
    which will put you at an advantage, still watch out for his moves, they really
    hurts.  Again, it is best to peck away at hie health rather that button 
    mashing, that will get you beaten very quickly.  You'll know that the battle 
    is over when you hear Chai squeak and cease movement.
    It seems that Master Chen and Gui either turned invisible or jumped off the 
    side of the pier, cause I didn't see them hanging around during this fight.
    Note that it would have been extremely nice to have had help from Master Chen 
    in this fight, but seeing as how he seemingly melded with the cement I guess 
    we have to do it alone.
    The fight ends with Ryo asking Chai about where Lan Di is, before he passes 
    out Chai will tell you that Lan Di is sailing on a ship bound for Hong Kong.
    Indeed the upcoming cutscene shows that bad-A Lan Di cruising into the horizon
    to a larger ship, sayonara.
    The screen fades back in with Chai lying on the ground and Ryo looking at 
    whatever it is over there, when Chai springs back up, signaling another round.
    QTE FIGHT: Chai
    This is probably my favorite fight in the entire game, I recommend you lose 
    multiple times to fully enjoy all the scenes of Ryo kicking butt.  I mean it,
    just look at the flurry exchange of blows from the two.
    ***Also note if you only get one chance at each button press.***
    Ok from the start press Down on the D-Pad
    Next is an A-button.
    After than you get another A-button.
    Lastly, but by no means least, you get a B-button.
    QTE FIGHT: End
    Once you press that last command you see a wicked scene of Ryo doing that 
    Elbow Slam on Chai, sending him straight into the sea (I like to assume that 
    this killed him, I don't think you see him in Shenmue 2).
    After that, Ryo runs up to Master Chen and Gui, who have conveniently 
    reappeared.  Master Chen comments that Gui can't travel with an injury like 
    the one he has.  Gui will then say that he will follow you once the injury 
    heals (but don't believe that nonsense, I never saw Gui there once during 
    Shenmue 2). 
    Master Chen will give you a letter with the address to a Shaolin master by the
    name of Tao Li Shao.  Master Chen will tell you to buzz off, and the three of 
    you will part ways.
    As Ryo is getting on the ship, he will have a cutscene.  Nozomi is standing 
    at the Shrine in Yamanose when Ryo sneaks up behind her.  Nozomi comments that
    she was making wish for him, then she comments that she forced information 
    out of Fuku in regards to Ryo going to Hong Kong.  She offers you an amulet, 
    for protection, Ryo takes it, and she says that she is happy that she was 
    able to give it to you, she will say that she's been busy because she is 
    getting ready to go to Canada (what's the relevance?), some more mushy stuff 
    happens and before she walks off she gives you a line similar to one of my 
    favorite movies of all time, Man On Fire, by saying, "I wish we had more 
    time.".  And the scene ends, good stuff.
    The ships foghorn will bring Ryo back to reality, and he gets on the ship.
    The next scene is of the ship pulling away from the harbor, notice the shots 
    of workers that weren't there before...anyway, watch as the ship is leaving, 
    and note the gorgeous music (i love Chinese Fiddle music), Ryo is standing at 
    the head of the ship, when the camera reverts to Master Chen watching the ship
    leave, sans Gui.
    As the ship is going into the horizon the sun sets regardless of the current 
    weather (it was raining for me), from here a monologue will narrate the 
    journey that Ryo is going to undertake, but it's an "I" narrative I think, so 
    I wonder who it is that is making the narration, because the narrator says 
    that he is awaiting Ryo, whilst praying.
    Oh wait, I know, the narrator is reading what Sha Hua was saying, right?  
    E-mail me to confirm this.
    In the final scene you'll see a shot of Sha Hua in the sky, whom will play a 
    significant role in Shenmue 2. 
    I recommend you watch the credits for the great music, just be warned you'll 
    be listening for a long time.  When the credits end, you'll get a "Save Game" 
    screen, this will let you save a Cleared Game, and allow you to access some 
    "After-Game" goodies, for that stuff check out the Fun Stuff section.
    Gadzooks!!! It's the end of the 3rd Disc!!!
    XV) Passport Disc Walk-Around
    The reason this section is a "Walk-Around" instead of a walkthrough, is 
    because I never connected to the Internet with it, and even if I wanted to, I 
    can't, the website people disconnected the Shenmue Online thing.
    Anyway, once you load it, you will have to choose which file you want to 
    reference to, this is really only applicable to the Music and the Theater 
    options.  I'll outline the different options starting at Information and going
    This has 7 different characters in here describing important parts of the 
    game.  You can use the Controller to look at the characters from various 
    angles, note that their eyes follow you...Anyway, this will be outlined from 
    the initial choice and moving to the right (note that you have to press Left 
    on the D-pad to move right...that is so confusing).  Note they all look so 
    polished and hi-res...oooh.
    Sha Hua:  She will talk to you about the Prologue.
    Chai:  He talks about the various QTE events, and allows you up close shots of
    his "corpse-teeth", and some hideously gnarly earwax.
    Xiu Ying:  For those who don't know who this is, you meet her in Shenmue 2, 
    which makes me wonder why the heck she is even in here, I guess they ran out 
    of relevant female characters; I mean think about it, would you want Ine here?
    Anyway she will talk to you about the Game System in general.
    Mark:  And you thought you were rid of him.  Creepy-Mark will talk to you 
    about the best way to swindle all the shop owners in Yokosuka...just kidding.
    He talks about money and money only.
    Oishi:  Probably my favorite, he will talk to you about the Magic 
    Weather...his voice always puts me to sleep.
    Nozomi:  She will talk to you about Mini-Games.
    Ryo:  Lastly, most-importantly and rightly chose, Ryo will talk to you about 
    the Battle System.
    Here you can listen to all the music you heard in the game, and if you either 
    haven't progressed enough in the game, or weren't able to witness some 
    cutscene with special music, then it won't be here, all the more reason to 
    replay the game.
    I don't have the necessary stuff to use this feature, note that using it will 
    incur the wrath of Phone Charges...sheeesh.  Anyone out there who wants to 
    tell me the full features for this can E-mail me, and I'll put it here, yes, 
    you'll be credited.
    Here you can see all the plot-relevant movies and some promotional ones.  At 
    this time I was missing three at the end, any help out there?
    1.  Promotional Movie Trailer:  This is just like all those other games that 
    preview their games in commercial form.
    2.  What's Yokosuka:  This one is a "Uber Camera" viewing of Yokosuka and all 
    it's goodness.
    3.  Magic Time & Weather Control:  This is a narrative of the weather and time
    4.  Preview #1:  First of all, where's #2 and any of the other ones, that 
    being said, I like this one, it has some shredding guitar music in the 
    background.  It also gives you a hyper-fast forwarding of the game.
    5.  Forklift Preview: ........the title is good enough explanation, I think.
    6.  Prologue:  This the scene you'll see if you wait too long to press the 
    Start button when you pop in DISC 1-3.
    7.  Drifting Blossoms:  A hidden scene you'll have to trigger, find out how in
    the Secret/Fun section.
    8.  Trap on the Street:  Wahaha, you are introduced to Tony and Smith outside 
    of Heartbeats Bar.
    9.  Nozomi vs. Enoki:  A hidden scene you'll have to do some extra stuff to 
    see, find out how in the Secret/Fun section.
    10.  Tattoo Parlor & Charlie:  This is where you'll first meet Charlie and 
    flail him around a bit.
    11.  Nozomi Returns from Class:  Strange name, but it's the scene you see 
    after you beat up Charlie for the first time, Nozomi asks you about your 
    future plans.
    12.  Encounter with Master Chen:  This scene involves your first encounter 
    with Master Chen, you plate-breaker, you!
    13.  Oishi's Antiques:  You'll see the cutscene of you getting your SWORD 
    HANGUARD at Oishi's Antique Shop.
    14.  Chai Attack:  Not sure what Chai is attacking, but this is where he 
    attempts to steal the PHOENIX MIRROR, unsuccessfully mind you.
    15.  Piggy Bank:  It was strange during the walkthrough and it's strange here,
    this scene is Fuku giving you his suspicious piggy bank.
    16.  Boat Ticket:  This scene is of that Vain Woman with the psycho hair, she 
    takes your money and tells you to come back later.....right.
    17.  Chai's Trap:  Hmm...seems there is a cutscene that is missing between 
    #'s 16 and 17.  Where is the scene of Ryo coming back to Asia Travel and 
    meeting Jimmy for the first time?  And now that I think about it, a lot of 
    other scenes are missing.....oh well forget I mentioned it here, I'll put this
    query in the Not So Fun/Strange Stuff section.  Anyway this scene is where
    Chai ambushes you at the You Arcade.
    18.  Jimmy's Apology:  This is really evident from the title, but in case you 
    forgot (....) this is where Ryo gets the idea from Jimmy to get a job at the 
    19.  Goro's Job Introduction:  This is the cutscene you see when you meet 
    Goro at Warehouse #1 at noon; Mai and Goro got you a job with that useless 
    20.  Goro's Information:  This is where Ryo has to ask Goro multiple times 
    about the Mad Angels and Goro acts like he has a bad case of diarrhea.
    21.  Mark Takes an Ugly Beating:  Hahahah!!!  This is where you see 
    creepy-Mark getting kicked by the two Camo Dudes, and where you learn of his 
    brother's alleged murder.
    22.  Goro's Marriage:  Pretty easy, Goro and Mai will come up to you and tell 
    you that they are getting married.
    23.  Borrowing Ito's Motorcycle:  Why is it "Ito" and not "Naoyuki"?  Oh well,
    this one has that cool jingle, and show Ryo tearing up the streets of 
    Sakuragaoka, among other places.
    24.  To the Harbor:  This is basically the scene you see after you clear that 
    motorcycle time trial thing.
    25.  The Deal with Terry:  This is were you are introduced to Red Leather 
    Dude, Pedro (!!!), and Terry.  He and Ryo will make deals regarding beating up
    Gui and Ryo getting to meet Lan Di.
    26.  Nozomi and the Motorcycle:  .....sheesh....this is where you're forced to
    see that sappy scene of Ryo taking Nozomi back, did I mention the short skirt 
    and the sidesaddle thing yet?  I did?  Oh, ok then.
    27.  Dream of the Phoenix Mirror:  Hmm...I don't know why this scene is here 
    of all places, anyway, this is where you see shot of the PHOENIX MIRROR with 
    the Cherry Tree in the background.
    28.  Meditation:  This scene is the scene you see before you get fired from 
    you forklift job, it shows Ryo in the dojo and some cool scenes of Iwao 
    pulling off some samurai techniques.
    29.  Tom's Treat:  This scene is Tom telling you to stop by his shop at noon 
    for lunch, his treat...
    30.  Tom Move Instruction:  This is Tom teaching you his Tornado Kick and 
    giving you one of his suspicious hot dogs.
    31.  Goodbye Tom:  Goodbye is right, chump!  Just kidding, this scene is Ryo 
    looking at a plane taking off with Tom allegedly inside.
    32.  Ambushing Gui Zhang:  This is the scene where Ryo challenges Gui.
    33.  Ryo & Gui at Sunrise:  This is where Ryo is pissed that his hard work 
    didn't pay off, and Gui telling you that he will ask his father to arrange a 
    trip to Hong Kong for you.
    34.  The Parting:  This cutscene is of Ryo leaving his House to go to Hong 
    35.  Dobuita, Departure:  Ryo is walking through Dobuita on his way to the 
    bus stop and eventually to the Harbor.
    36.  Nozomi's Amulet:  I knew this one would be in here.  This is a flashback 
    of Nozomi giving you an amulet for protection.  SMOOCH!!
    37.  Ending:  Not much to say here, this is the ending cutscene of the game.
    38.  ???:  I have yet to unlock this scene.
    39.  ???:  I have yet to unlock this scene.
    40.  ???:  I didn't get this one either.  Ok, I need some E-mails people, are 
    there only 40 movies here?  And if there are I need these last 3 ok?  I'll 
    credit you too.
    Flying Donkey Tails!!! It's the end of the Passport Disc!!!
    XVI) Secret/Fun Stuff
    Well for starters folks/folkettes, I'll tell you the stuff you will get once 
    you clear the game.
    70 Person Free Battle Time Attack
    This is a lot of fun, and although I shouldn't have to say this, but to play 
    this mini game, you have to have DISC 3 in, ok?  When you start it up, you 
    have to load your Cleared File to play it.  Once you do, you'll get a dimmed 
    screen of Ryo standing where you started during your first run-through with 
    And as a side note, Gui isn't with you this time...so stop asking.
    Ok, you have to press the A-button, or you won't get anywhere.  But before you
    do, note that you can hit the R-Trigger to look at, and set your moves and 
    whatnot, make good use of this.  When you press the A-button, you should 
    notice that things are a little different, at the bottom of the screen you 
    have a counter for the number of dudes you defeat and to its right is a timer.
    The fights will be a little tougher this time, because Gui is suspiciously 
    absent, and everyone will focus on you this time.  All I really have to say 
    is don't get cornered and you will be fine.  The fight will end when you hit
    70 instead of just beating Pedro, but the odds of you beating Pedro before 
    the random thugs are so remote it'll be safer to say when you beat Pedro the 
    game ends.
    If this is the first time you've played the 70 Person battle and your time is 
    under 10:00:00 minutes, you've got 1st place, and subsequent placement for 
    every 10 minutes it takes you to finish.  My best time is 6:55:28, which is 
    by no means good, and I should note, I don't want any bragging rights thing 
    going on here, that time is just for kicks, so no E-mails giving me your time,
    You also get the option of saving your time, so, yeah.
    Magic Weather
    If you into the Settings option you'll see a new option at the bottom, this 
    is the Magic Weather setting.  You'll get the choice of picking either Shenmue
    Weather, which is nothing more than a simulation from the Meteorological 
    Observatory dudes, or Actual Weather, which is the actual record of the 
    weather in the Yokohama District from late-1986 to early-1987.
    Significance you ask?  Well unless you lived in Yokohama during that time 
    and have a photographic memory for weather, not a lot.  But it still is kind 
    of cool to see the differences in weather.  Note that the first day or two 
    will the same for the Simulated and the Actual, otherwise how can Ryo refer to
    the rain changing to snow if it is sunny outside?
    Ok, from here on out, it'll be a mix bag of information: hidden cutscenes, 
    in-game stuff, hidden stuff, that kind of thing, and while there won't be any 
    kind of organization here, you'll still be able to follow it easy enough with 
    the titles that precede the information.  And any e-mails I pertaining to 
    this section will be put here; just make sure what you give me isn't here 
    already and can be done in the game, ok?
    I have to assume that you've noticed that there are bars floating around in 
    that seedy Dobuita.  Well they aren't there to look pretty, the actually serve
    a purpose, even if it is depressing in a way.  On some nights in Dobuita 
    you'll see people walking the streets with an unsteady gait, no they're not 
    zombies.  These people are drunk out of their shoes, but with a twist.  The 
    one who frequents the most here is the guy with the yellow sweatshirt, 
    regardless if you talk to him during the day or at night he always sounds 
    pixilated.  But there are some other drunks that come to mind.
    Aoi from the Produce Shop near the Tomato Convenience Store.
    Akasaka from the Water Dragon Jean store.
    Various old men, usually one with a skull cap on, he's really little.
    The twist with these guys is that if you talk to them when they have the 
    "Drunk Walk" going on, they'll still sound normal and have normal but albeit 
    brief conversations with you.  The depressing part is Aoi, who clearly has a 
    Troll-looking wife with a huge boil on her nose (at least I'm assuming that 
    is his wife), anyone who has to look at that would be driven to drink I guess,
    but shame on him.  Akasaka I could give a rat's booty about, but the old 
    people really shouldn't be drinking in excess like that, but then again, 
    their livers are probably nonexistent anyway, so drink away, drink away.
    I've Got a Golden Tick....Can
    If you are really lucky, or maybe you're really unlucky and all you get ARE 
    golden cans; whatever the case may be, this should apply to both of you.  
    Visit any of the Bell Waad pop machines and choose a fizzy drink of your 
    choice (not sure if this applies to the coffee), and when the can drops down, 
    Ryo could pull out a golden colored can with...Sha Hua on the Nutritional 
    Facts side of the can...what is she doing on consumable merchandise anyway?  
    Now that I think of it, she is on the Caramel, the Fudge, and the 
    Chips...probably some other stuff too.  But anyway, when you get a Golden Can,
    instead of tossing it into the recycle bin, Ryo will keep it.  You can either 
    hoard these like a pack rat, or you can give them to any of the Tomato Stores
    (there are only two) and you will get a free raffle drawing, but if you think 
    of it, its really not free since you had to buy a pop to get one...oh well.
    Santa's Come to Town
    Usually after December 15th, you'll see a Santa walking around Dobuita.  He's 
    there to spread his X-mas cheer as well as plant business propositions on you.
    And remember, Santa rearranged is SATAN!!!  Ho ho ho!!!
    Secret Entrances and Exits
    While probably most of you know about this, some don't, so here it is.  If 
    you are facing the Abe Store in Sakuragaoka and hang a right, you'll pass 
    Naoyuki's and Yamagishi's houses.  Keep going and you'll hit a dirt path, this
    path is a back way into Dobuita.  Once you find your way out of it, you'll be 
    able to go into Sakuragaoka by the opposite manner. This is handy if you need 
    to get home a little faster.
    Martial Arts Moves
    There are a few moves you can learn from certain people throughout the game, 
    and yes, I'll need a little help with this, so E-mail away.
    Pit Blow:  Go to the Dojo on December 4th or 5th right after you wake up.
    Double Blow:  You have to go to Suzume Park on December 4th at 12:00 PM to 
    2:00 PM.  Note that this replaces your TwinHand Waves move.
    Swallow Dive:  Outside Alpha Trading once you get your first paycheck, just go
    to your left.
    Shadow Step:  I'm not sure if you have to beat the QTE: Chicken Race to get 
    this one.  But the day after that, swing by the Harbor Lounge around 6:30 PM 
    or so.
    Shadow Blade:  Usually after you learn the Shadow Step, the next day drop by 
    the Harbor Lounge at the same time.
    Cross Charge:  I usually have to wait two days after learning the Shadow 
    Blade, but go to the same place at around the same time.
    Tornado Kick:  Go over by Tom's when he asks you to, this is after you get 
    Swallow Flip:  A mandatory move you learn right before fighting Chai for the 
    last time.
    Secret Martial Arts Scrolls
    These are scrolls you can either buy or find, and once you read most of them 
    you instantly learn the move, but there are instances where you have to get 
    the move translated by Gui.
    Twin Blades:  This scroll is on Fuku's desk, but you can only get it when Fuku
    isn't in his room, you thief!
    Other move in your house:  This is in the opposite hallway, you get get there 
    easy from the Shrine Room, and once you open the back wall, turn left.
    Stab Armor:  It's in your "basement", but you get this in DISC 2.  You need 
    to call Gui to get it translated.
    Rising Flash:  One of the six moves you can buy at Bunkado Antiques.
    Crawl Cyclone:  Second of the six moves you can buy at Bunkado Antiques.
    Mud Spider:  Third of the six moves you can buy at Bunkado Antiques.
    Arm Break Fire:  Fourth of the six moves you can buy at Bunkado Antiques.
    Tiger Storm:  Fifth of the six moves you can buy at Bunkado Antiques.
    (Forgot the Name):  Last of the six moves you can buy at Bunkado Antiques.
    Mysterious Scroll:  You get this by searching the "8 Principles of Yin and 
    Yang" plaque in the Dojo, but you need to get it translated.  And even when 
    you do, I still don't know if you can learn a move from it, I don't think the 
    scroll carries over into Shenmue 2.
    Bob's Pizzeria
    Yeah this deserves its own section, I was debating on whether or not to put 
    this here or in the Not So Fun/Strange section, and decided since it's so 
    funny it has to be here.
    Bob's Pizzeria opens at a ridiculous hour 5:00 PM and closes at an even more 
    odd hour.  But when you go inside, note the strange music, the strange 
    atmosphere, and the even stranger person standing behind the counter.  Yes 
    it's called Bob's Pizzeria, but that guy isn't Bob, Bobby, or even Robert, 
    it's Mario...I still think he looks Japanese, but his phony Italian 
    accent...I don't know, it looks like a cultural confusion here.  And to make 
    matters worse he ends certain words with an "a", for instance, "It's-a Ryo!  
    I know, I'll make-a nice-a pizza pie for you, eh?".  Now before you go and 
    eat a mushroom or try and squirt a turtle out of its shell by jumping on it, 
    just note that it's probably a coincidence that he is there and sounds like 
    that, or maybe they are paying homage to him, but since it's Sega they could 
    as well be insulting the Mario Bros.  Oh well.
    Sultry Interruption
    If you go to (Bar?) at night, once you walk past a certain area, a woman will 
    stop you to say hi, this is Akemi, and her role is a little dubious (maybe she
    owns the bar?), but nonetheless for a NPC she's pretty....umm...interesting.
    Nostalgic Gameplay
    Depending on how lucky/dilligent you are, you could be lucky enough to win 
    one of two Sega CD video games.  Either repeatedly buy something at a Tomato 
    Store or its derivative, or stock up on winning cans from your trusty Bell 
    Waad pop machine, either way, you're in for a night of torture.
    But besides all of that, let's just say you actually won both of them.
    Hang On:  This is a motorcycle racing game where race against what looks like 
    dozens of other racers.  You have a certain time to get from Point A to Point 
    B, and there are death-inducing obstacles on the sides of the track, so stay 
    away from them already!
    Space Harrier:  Hmm...this is like a rails shooting game, you speed through 
    various levels, taking down monsters till you get to a ridiculously hard boss 
    at the end of each level, your score goes up by how long you live...Man games 
    are so easy compared to back then, I kinda miss that.
    Hidden Cutscenes
    Yeah, I was tempted to not put this section in, but I really can't not do 
    that NOW can I?  Needless to say there are dozens of hidden and secret scenes 
    you'll be able to see if you are in the right place at the right time, or 
    happen to do something that triggers it later.  A lot of input will necessary 
    here more than anywhere else in the FAQ, I'm counting on you guys/gals to 
    verify, validate, and update this section with all the stuff you find out!  
    Meanwhile, this is all I've found.
    DISC 1
    Eat Your Carrots!
    I think once you start the game you can trigger this within the first couple 
    of days, but after that, I don't know.  Go into the kitchen and focus 
    (L-Trigger) on the array of food to trigger this.
    Iwao's Letter
    While not a cutscene per-se, it still should be here, go into Iwao's room and 
    focus on the letter that is one his desk.
    Elbow Slam Training
    Actually, directly after the previous one, just go outside and walk up to the 
    dormant Cherry Tree to start it.
    Kid Ryo and his Fight
    And right after the previous one, go into the Dojo and focus on the "8 
    Principles of Yin and Yang" to see it.
    Meet Enoki and Nagashima
    Walk past the Tomato Store around 3:00 PM or 4:00 PM on your first day.
    Pool Sharks
    At night, during your search for sailors, go into the MJQ Bar and talk to the 
    dudes over by the pool table.
    Nozomi Vs. Enoki
    You only get this if you fought Enoki and Nagashima the day before.  And as I 
    mentioned before, I don't know why this cutscene is in the Passport Disc: 
    Theater, and yet again, I'll discuss this in detail in the Not So Fun/Strange 
    Section.  Once you get near Sakuragaoka Park that morning you'll trigger it.
    Naming Your Kitty
    Still can't get find this one, need input people!!!
    Spending the Night with Nozomi
    Alright folks/folkettes!!! Someone nice enough E-mailed me regarding this
    cutscene, so here it is!
    ***Angel Alexis De La Rosa Diaz "mm_exe20" writes:
    I was playing Shenmue today and I saw a cut scene I never saw before and 
    that I didn't find in your guide either. I was just fooling around in Disc 1 
    (I just had the Chinese letter translated) and when I went home right after 
    the scene with Fuku-san asking if I had translated the letter I went back (at 
    the end of this scene he goes directly to his room) and the phone rang (it 
    was like 10 PM) and it was Nozomi asking me to meet her at the park. The cut 
    scene continues with Ryo arriving at the park and Nozomi starts talking about 
    her feelings towards Ryo and that she might have to leave for Canada soon and 
    Ryo tells her he's not sure about his feelings. When I first saw it I thought 
    it was the one when she sits with him but no, she sat but he never sat with 
    her. Anyways gotta go keep playing ^_^.***
    This is a confirmed cutscene folks, so enjoy!
    DISC 2
    Translating of the Scrolls
    Call Gui once you get both of the Chinese Scrolls, but make sure you call him 
    after Master Chen refuses to arrange a Hong Kong Trip, it seems that Gui will 
    only tell you to come by at this point, I need to confirm this too, so help 
    Meeting the Homeless Man
    I know I described this in the walkthrough, but this is a cutscene that isn't 
    related to the main storyline, so it belongs here.  On your first day in the 
    Harbor at the beginning of DISC 2, walk over by Warehouse #17 to see it, I 
    think you can trigger this right after you beat up Goro and Nagashima.
    Helping Hisaka
    I don't know the circumstances to trigger this one, I got it on a first 
    play-through, but when I went back I was unable to get it again.  But I know 
    that when you walk up to Hokuhoku during your first or second day at the 
    Harbor, you will see a cutscene with Mai and Hisaka (who are sisters) and 
    Hisaka will ask you for help.  You will get an AS Selection from this, but 
    you can always refuse, you monster you!
    Meeting Mai's Friends
    I'm pretty sure you've seen those two "schoolgirls" in the dark blue dresses 
    around Dobuita, and if you try and talk to them, they show off their potty 
    mouths.  Well it's here that you get to exact revenge on them, once you 
    trigger the cutscene (in back of Warehouse #17 right after you see the 
    "Helping Hisaka" scene) you'll run into a QTE FIGHT with the two of them.  
    Once you rough them up, just finish out what your Notebook says.
    DISC 3
    Fuku's PHOTO
    If you didn't get the PHOTO OF FATHER in the basement during DISC 2, then 
    Fuku will come into your room after you had the 70 Person Battle with Terry, 
    this is an automatic scene, but if you want to see it, don't take the PHOTO.
    XVII) Not So Fun/Strange Stuff
    This section will involve the exact opposite of the Secret/Fun section.  
    Meaning anything bad, excessively odd, or anything that invokes a "WTF!!!" 
    moment, it'll be here.
    Unrealistic Ways in a Realistic World
    This will be a subsection within a subsection within a section; needless to 
    say, Shenmue is a very realistic game, and the attention to detail even now in
     2007 is staggering (just look at how long the credits are....).  But I 
    assume a lot of stuff was left out due to CD memory usage or whatever, but 
    I'll give you all the stuff that will make you scratch your head and go, "Why 
    didn't they put this in?"
    a.) The Sewer Systems Must be Squeaky Clean in Yokosuka
    Yeah, nobody uses the bathroom, or even acknowledges the fact that there 
    doesn't seem to be any running water in the game.  You can go into your 
    bathroom in your House, but get used to not doing anything in there, Ryo has 
    got to have an impacted colon or something.
    b.) Whoever Said Change is Good?
    No one changes clothes in this game too.  Ryo goes to sleep in the same 
    clothes and wakes up in the same clothes, just slaps on his jacket and goes 
    out...He's got to smell ripe.
    c.) Photosynthesis
    Food is obviously an issue here too, I've never seen Ryo eat anything while 
    playing as him.  Yes there is that cutscene of Kid Ryo eating those carrots, 
    and I have to assume because of the emotional scarring that that was the last 
    time he ate anything...ever.  Ryo will consume gallons of Bell Waad fizzy pop,
    and not even have to use the bathroom afterwards...Which leads me to assume 
    he's able to get nutrients from photosynthesizing the sun's rays into sugar.
    I've seen other people eat though, if you visit any of the food stores (Bob's 
    Pizzeria, Soba Noodles, Funny Bear Burgers, Harbor Cafeteria), they clearly 
    have food in front of them or in their hands, and even though the amount of 
    food never decreases, we can safely assume that the denizens of Yokosuka 
    aren't zombies.
    d.) The Band-Aid
    Not much to say here, but I'm sure you've noticed that Ryo has a band-aid on
    his face, one that he won't take of even at the end of Shenmue 2.  I wonder
    what kind of cut warrants a 5-month band-aid to be worn?
    Hand to Hand Item Passing
    I'll bet not a lot of you thought of this one.  Have you noticed about 99% of 
    the time when you one person giving an item to another the scene switches 
    angles, and when it does the other person has the item.  I guess what I'm 
    trying to say is that I haven't seen a seamless transfer of items from person 
    to person without the scene changing.  So it makes me wonder how difficult it 
    is to script a scene like that, I wouldn't have cared if it looked clunky, but
    I guess Yu Suzuki did.
    Nozomi's House
    Where the heck does Nozomi live?  I realize that she lives with her creepy 
    grandmother, but her grandmother wouldn't have the last name Harasaki...I 
    wasn't able to find out the grandmother's last name...hmm...if anyone knows 
    where she lives left me know.
    Memory Card Shenanigans
    If you have an off-brand memory card, there will be, on occasion, times that 
    it will corrupt itself and corrupt your Shenmue save data, ultimately forcing 
    you to erase and start over.  Usually this happens when you save your game in 
    Ryo's room, and it can a result of you slightly jiggling the memory card, or 
    the fact that the memory card sucks...like mine.
    Sliced Fish Portioning
    If you go and buy some fresh Sliced Fish, you'll clearly note that there are 
    three portions in there that are relatively large.  Well, if you feed them to 
    your kitty, Ryo gives the whole thing to the cat, but when you see the cat 
    eating the food, there is only one slice on the ground...I always entertain 
    the thought that Ryo stuffed the other two into his mouth before the camera 
    could catch him.  To provide backup for my point, the dried fish comes in four
    The Mafia is in Amihama
    I know I've mentioned this multiple times, but this bears reiteration: Why are
    there Japanese Harbor workers with New York accents working there?!  "Ask me 
    again sum udda time!"
    The Children of the Darned
    In Sakuragaoka, in front of the Abe Store, you'll find Tetsuya, who will 
    always be in front of those Capsule Machines (evidently children don't go to 
    school in Yokosuka anymore).  You'll clearly notice that he is incredibly 
    small, but when you talk to him his voice is years ahead of his 
    body....seriously he has a deep-A$# voice.
    Ok, point #2, talk to any of the random kids in Sakuragaoka or Dobuita for 
    creepy dialog between Ryo and them...seriously where is "To Catch a Predator" 
    when you need it.  "Hey Mister, wanna play with ME?"
    Unskippable Cutscenes
    I've noticed that if you play through Shenmue a second time, that you will be 
    able to skip the beginning 4-5 cutscenes by tapping the B-button twice.  But 
    every other cutscene after that (especially the Nozomi Motorcycle one!) can't 
    be skipped...why?!  It's not that I don't enjoy watching them, it's just that 
    if I could, this guide would have been finished a long time ago.
    Bell Waad Coffee
    Did you notice that when Ryo drinks a pop from the Bell Waad machine, he'll 
    make a funny face that's related to the burning sensation of the carbonation.
    But...when you select a coffee, Ryo makes the same expression...and the coffee
    is hot...now, the only time I've seen coffee drinkers make that face is when 
    they mistake the sugar for salt....but whatever, I just thought I'd toss this 
    one out.
    XVIII) My Opinion
    Hello once again.  I'll try to keep this as brief as possible, so as not to 
    upset the children out there, LOL.  Anyway, I will say that this was and still
    is a very good game, one of the best out there.  It just makes me sad that 
    there don't seem to be anymore on the way, I mean the story just got underway.
    If I somehow became independently wealthy (like 500 million or so :D), I would
    totally bring the series back to life.
    But I wonder why Shenmue isn't going to be continued, didn't Yu Suzuki create 
    Virtua Fighter?  And the new Virtua Fighter just came out (they should at 
    least put in Ryo as a playable character), and if Yu Suzuki can do that, why 
    not Shenmue 3?
    Here is my brief review in my opinion:
    Story-10 out of 10
    Great story, I've always enjoyed revenge stories, but this one takes the cake
    (or at least should've taken the cake if they continued the story).
    Sound-9 out of 10
    The V.O. are a little robotic, and some of the dialog is a little strange in 
    a Japanese way, but it still rocks.
    Music-10 out of 10
    Great music, 'nuff said.
    Graphics-9 out of 10
    Even now, it still looks more polished then most of the high-end 360 games, 
    (and yes, I don't wear glasses) and even though there are some strange moments
    when people seemingly appear right in front of you and weird images when Ryo 
    crouches and his knee melts into his thigh...but other than that it's still 
    Controls-7.5 out of 10
    Yeah this takes a hit, mostly because the Dreamcast controller sucks, but not 
    only that, the Forklift, the Motorcycle and the fact you have to control Ryo 
    with the D-pad and its pointy edges.
    Re-Playability-10 out of 10
    Even now, 5 years later (I got this game late I know) I still find new stuff 
    every time boot it up, there isn't a game on this earth (except Oblivion and 
    Harvest Moon) that can boast that after all this time, at least in my opinion.
    So taking the average the game overall gets a 9.25 out of 10, you totally 
    friggin' rock Shenmue.
    XIX) Contact Information (Again)
    For those of you who ignored the section at the very beginning of the FAQ, 
    here is my contact information again, but if you want the guidelines for 
    Emailing me, you have to look up there for it.
    XX) Closing
    I really enjoyed writing this FAQ, headache that it was.  And if you fine 
    folks/folkettes out there would like me to write another one (because the 
    chances of me doing this again is very slim, unless I can find another copy 
    of Shenmue II) then E-mail me and give me game titles that you would like to 
    see.  Just make sure they follow the same configuration as Shenmue.
    Lots of dialog with other NPC's, and lots of cutscenes.
    Has to be a NTSC game, no funny foreign import games, I'm not multi-lingual...
    A rich storyline and good plot.
    NO Final Fantasy games please, I'd like to be able to live past 22 
    So basically make sure there is a lot of stuff that I'll be able to make 
    commentary on, otherwise the FAQ will be extremely bland.  And if I get a lot 
    of Email's sending me choices, I'll pick the one that I get sent the most and 
    choose that one.
    And for the stuff that I won't be able to describe for you (See the 
    Introduction), the Items Locations and Prices, Collection, Move Layout, and 
    an indepth layout of all the areas and what lies in the areas.  If you want 
    these that bad, then the other guides (type in Shenmue in the search engine 
    at GameFAQs) will be able to satisfy your need better than what I would have 
    been able to do, sorry folks/folkettes. 
    XXI) Version History
    The Writing History is so I can show you (and GAMEFAQs) the history of the
    guide IF I there weren't a lot of finished guides already on GAMEFAQ's.  But
    once I submit this guide it, I'll work from the Version History only.
    1/5/2008-Slight update with the Secret/Fun stuff, version 1.1!
    11/7/2007-This is the completed guide, version 1.0.
    XXII) Credit/Props
    Yu Suzuki and all of his underlings, for creating a perfect game.
    Sega, may you R.I.P. and thanks for allowing me to play Shenmue on your 
    dead-but-ridiculously-advanced-for-its-time console, the Dreamcast.
    Angel Alexis De La Rosa Diaz "mm_exe20" for the information about Disc 1's
    cutscene involving the Sakuragaoka Park with Ryo and Nozomi.
    Me, for writing this d#$@ FAQ and sticking to it.
    BTB and the Resident Evil 2's Versus Book Strategy Guide authors for the 
    inspiration and the guts to put my own opinionated statements in, you don't 
    know it, but you helped me decide to make this guide.
    Last, but by no friggin' means least, CJayC (and the GameFAQs people) for 
    giving me a home to host this child that is a FAQ, thanks, and you guys/gals 
    so totally rock!!!
    Peace out and later dudes/dudettes, and possibly, until next time!!! 
    Shenmue© Walkthrough written by L. Brandon Freeman III

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