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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Prof_Rev

    Version: 4.0 | Updated: 08/29/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    * Shen Mue FAQ/WalkThru v4.0                    *
    *  by Professer Revolution                      *
    * This document copyright(c)1999 by the author  *
    * Shen Mue(c) 1999 by CRI                       *
    This document can be freely used and distributed around the internet 
    providing proper credit is given to the author and it isn't altered in
    any way, shape or form. This document may NOT be used in a magazine or 
    any other publication for profit. This document is not to be used as 
    incentive to buy a product.
    Version History 
    v3.0--Added Menu Description section
         -Some basic punctuation,spelling,format fixes.
    v2.5--Just a quickie to try and fix the spacing.
         -Turned to the "darkside" and converted the FAQ to Notepad. 
         -Made a few spelling corrections and such
    v2.0--Added Disc 3 Walk Thru
         -Fixed "Santo" to "Soryu" with credit in Thank You's
         -Spacing problems still exist, grrr...
    v1.0--Added Disc 2 Walk Thru.
         -Removed "Notes and Extras"(explained in Intro)
         -Still having Simpletext spacing problems
    v0.9--Added the Introduction and Controls,fixed typos. 
         -Added "Disc 1 Notes and Extras" to Disc 1 Walk Thru
         -Added "Important Mail Notice" and "other places to get help" in 
           "About the Author" section.
         -Ugly Simpletext spacing problems are showing up again
    v0.5--Basic guide for Disc 1 is in. This is basically a rush job to get the 
          FAQ out there, a more polished version will follow shortly.
    4.a.Disc 1 Walk Thru
      b.Disc 2 Walk Thru
      c.Disc 3 Walk Thru 
    1.                          INTRODUCTION
     Well, everyone pretty much knows about Shen Mue. It's probably the 
    biggest game in the Dreamcast's short history. Developed by the legendary 
    AM2 and Yu Suzuki, it's a game that's in a genre all it's own. F.R.E.E.
    Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment...no, I don't know what it means either^_^ 
    Regardless, Shen Mue is unquestionably one of, if not THE most beautiful 
    game(s) ever created. I don't just mean the graphics either, the entire 
    Shen Mue experience is a beautiful thing.
     The story follows Ryo as he searches for the Chinese Mobster Souryu who 
    killed his dad over an ancient artifact. Ryo must find out what the deal 
    with the mirror is and why his father was killed over it, and also seek 
    revenge against Soryu. Chapter 1: Yokosuka sets up this premise, but with 
    plenty of Chapters to come, you don't solve everything in this game. Still, 
    Shen Mue has a chance to be a huge franchise for Sega(or CRI^_~). 
     I've written this FAQ to help people in playing the game, but please note 
    that this Guide is very basic and only details events that will move the 
    story along. You may want to spend a few days just messing around and 
    checking out the game. There's nothing wrong with that^_^ Shen Mue is very 
    detailed and there's alot to do. Please note that alot of the game is time-
    oriented though so you may miss a character or they'll be in a different 
    spot than I list if you spend time doing other stuff.  Above all else 
    though, have fun! I know I sound like a broken record, but this game is 
    meant to be experienced, not just played through. Don't race to get through 
    the game the first time you play it as you'll miss out on alot of the beauty 
    and work that went into creating this masterpiece.
    NOTE: I removed most of the explanations for the extra stuff(cat, tomato 
    mart) from this document because I'm going to make a seperate FAQ for them, 
    this FAQ will include info about the 4th Pass Port disc as well. I did this 
    to save time and space in this document, since I'm writing it in SimpleText 
    I have a limited amount of space.
    2.                              CONTROLS
    The controls for Shen Mue are pretty easy to come to grips with. I've 
    listed seperate controls for the different gaming modes:
    Exploration(Main mode):
    D Pad-Move Ryo around. Up makes him move forward, left/right make him turn 
    in 45' increments in that direction, and down makes him do a 180' and face 
    the other way
    Analog Stick-Move Ryo's head. Let's you look around without actually moving.
    A Button-Action button. Talk to people, open doors, pick up objects, etc.
    B Button-Cancel button, put down objects, skip conversations, etc.
    X Button-Memo Pad. Brings up the Memo pad to look at the clues you've 
    Y Button-Brings up System Window, kinda like in the old RPGs
    L Trigger-Move/Run button. Hold L to walk forward instead of having to hold 
    Up on the D Pad. When possible Ryo will jog/run depending on how hard you 
    hold the button down
    R Trigger-Zoom In/Lock On. Hold R to change to a first person view and see 
    what Ryo sees, if an object can be picked up or examined the view will Lock 
    On to that object, hit A to pick it up and the D Pad to look at it(if 
    Free Battle:
    D Pad-Move Ryo, used with buttons for moves
    Analog Stick-Not used
    A Button-Kick, use with D Pad and X for more moves
    B Button-Throw,use with D Pad for more throws
    X Button-Punch,use with D Pad and A for more moves
    Y Button-Dodge,use with D Pad to dodge in different directions
            -Also works as the "reversal" button for most moves
    L Trigger-Run, use with X and A for moves
    R Trigger-Performed assigned move(see menu descriptions)
    Quick Time Event(QTE):
    Tap the appropriate direction/button when prompted on screen
    3.                         MENU DESCRIPTIONS
     Many people have been asking for a section that explains the various menus
    in Shenmue. Well, here ya go^_^ The Main Menu is the one you see when you 
    first turn on the game, the System Window is the window that displays your
    inventory and stuff during the Exploration periods of the game(hit Y), and 
    the End of Day menu is what you see every night in Ryo's bedroom.
    Main Menu
    NEW GAME-Starts a new game of Shenmue
    CONTINUE-Continues a game saved from the System Window(see SysWin section)
    LOAD AND START-Continue a game saved from the End of Day Menu
           Kid Mode:         On <-> Off
           Language Options: Cinema Mode (Speech ON|Subtitles OFF)
                             Shenmue Mode(Speech ON|Subtitles ON)<More Kanji used>
                             Game Mode   (Speech ON|Subtitles ON)<Kid's Mode>
                             Text Mode   (Speech OFF|Subtitles ON)
                             Sound: Mono<->Stereo
                         Area Jump: On<->Off
                          Triggers: L Run/R Zoom<->L Zoom/R Run
    System Window
    The top area of the System Window shows all the items you currently have, the
    next area down has a list of icons that ket you do various things(explained
    below), and the 3rd row down shows the amount of money you have. The bottom of
    the System Window shows the description of the highlighted icon/item.
     The Icons are as follows(from left to right):
    VMU-Save a game. If you save with this option you'll have to Soft Reset your
        game(Hold down all the buttons and hit Start) and choose the "Continue"
        option from the Main Menu.
    Scroll-A list of your fighting moves, hit A to assign a move to the R Trigger
           during the Free Battle mode.
    Notebook-View your Notebook.
    CL Block-View your Gotcha Gotcha collection.
    Tape-Listen to tapes you've found/bought.
    Coin-How many Sega Coins you have(use?).
    Calender-Shows current date.
    End of Day Menu
    UP-   Sleep
    LEFT- Save
    DOWN- View Moves
    [Move Menu]
    UP-   Back to other menu
    LEFT- X Button Moves
    RIGHT-A Button Moves
    DOWN- B Buttons Moves
    4.                          DISC 1 WALK THRU
     Note: These are the steps that will advance the story, if you follow them 
    to a T you'll breeze through the first disc in a few game days, BUT you'll 
    miss out on a lot of Shen Mue's charm and the beautiful worlds that AM2 and 
    Yu Suzuki have created. My advice is to revel in the game a bit,play some 
    arcade games, and slots, and stuff. Just walk around for awhile and pick 
    stuff up before you go zipping through the story.
    Also note that there are plenty of items and such to find, but I haven't 
    included them yet. This is a bare bones FAQ for now but more will be added 
    as I play, and get help from you friendly folks^_^
    When you get control of Ryo:
    -Exit Room, cutscene with Ine-san
    -Go to Kitchen and focus on the table, Flashback
    -Go outside, move near the tree for another flashback
    -Go inside the Dojo, speak with Fuku-san
    -Head towards the town, cutscene with Megumi and kitty
     -pick left option to feed the kitty
    -Continue down the road, head right at the phone booth, cutscene with old 
    -Go past the guy working on his bike and go right to speak with 
    -Go to Dobuita(the larger section of town)
    -Talk to the guy at Fancy Bear Hamburgers
    -Talk to Harasaki(the girl with the white sweater and skirt on)
    -Talk to Tomu(hotdog stand guy that speaks broken Japanese and English, 
     funny hair)
    -Talk to Kurita-san(Camaflouge wearing guy, right by Tomu-san)
    -Go to restaurant across from sports store, talk to the chef
    -Go to the Barber Shop near the Game Center, talk to Maida-san
    -Go to the Barber Shop near the entrance to Dobuita, talk to old barber guy
    -Go to Suzume Park near the Game Center, talk to guy in checkered shirt
    -Talk to Tomu again
    -Go to "Bar Yokusaka," after the cutscene talk to the bartender again
    -Go to the MJQ Bar right up the street, cutscene with guys playing pool
    -Talk to bartender, then move towards the guys playing pool
       -When prompted, choose the left option to bet 1000Y on a pool shot
       -Make or miss the shot(I missed both times!)
    -Head towards the "Heart Beat" bar(it's in the alley near the Bike Shop)
    -QTE with thugs in the alley
    -QTE in the Heart Beat bar
    -Talk to Oyaji-san in front of the bike shop twice(blue jacket, white hair)
    -Go to the restaurant near Bar Yokusaka and talk to the chef
    ------My first day ended here most of the time------
    -Ine-san asks you to be in by 11pm today
    -QTE with Soccer Ball
    -Go to Dobuita again, cutscene with the restaurant guy
     -choose the left option to buy him a drink, buy him Orange Fanta
    -Talk to the guy outside the Jeans store(black denim work apron on)
    -Enter the door with the weird symbol above it and a camera near by
    -Talk to the tailor and mafia-types
    -Talk to Kurita-san again(orange camaflouge), twice
    -Once it's past 7pm(the lights have come on) head towards the Game Center
    -After the cutscene where you follow a thug you'll have a Free Battle in 
     the parking lot
    -Defeat the 5 thugs and you'll find out about the Tattoo shop
    -Go to the Game Center and talk to the bikers there, choose the left answer 
     when they ask you something
    -Go to the apartments close to Bar Yokusaka(something-yama Heights)
    -Go up the stairs and enter the door with the poster, the tattoo guy will 
     tell you to come back tomorrow
    -Go home before 11pm
    **--End of Day--**
    -Go back to the Tattoo Shop when it opens the next day(2pm), cut scene 
     with thugs running
    -Hit A to start QTE when prompted
    -QTE with Charlie, he sets up a meeting for tomorrow at 3(don't worry, 
     it doesn't go down^_^)
    -Leave the Tattoo Shop, cut scene with Harasaki-san.
     Now you have pretty much the rest of the day to kill, so if you've been 
    just racing through the game step by step(shame on you!^_~) you can now 
    walk around a bit and enjoy the scenery. Buy the cat some cat food from 
    the Tomato Mart, or play a few games of Space Harrier. Nothing happens 
    until the next day.
    **--Next Day--**
    -Spar with brother in Dojo
    -Get letter from Ine-san
    -Walk to town, cut scene
    -Free Battle with 3 of Charlie's goons
    -Quick QTE after the battle
    -Talk to Kurita-san
    -Head towards Game Center, cut scene with the kid you helped earlier
    -Go to the Roshiya(building next to the Fortune Teller, hasn't been open 
    before), and have old woman translate the Chinese letter
    -Go to the little Tobacco Shop and dial the number from the letter(it's in 
     the Memo pad)
    -Choose the right option, then the left when prompted
     ((sometimes the right option isn't the correct one(the password deals with a
      passage in the letter), just keep calling until they accept the right one))
    -Ask old lady in the shop about Warehouse 8
    -Look in the phone book on the counter
    -Talk to Tomu
    -Go to the Bus Stop on the other side of the Tobacco Shop(you couldn't get 
     there before)
    -Wait for, then get on the bus.
     *-END OF DISC 1-*
    b.                        DISC 2 WALK THRU
    Disc 2 is longer and tougher than Disc 1 but it also has some of the 
    coolest moments in the game. You'll be left with some free time more 
    often than in Disc 1 so if you've been neglecting to enjoy some of the 
    extras in this game, you'll get a few chances on this Disc.
    Note that I don't list the break-up of days since it doesn't really matter, 
    just do what you can in a day and then start where you left off during the 
    next. And remember, enjoy yourself!
    -Cutscene of Warehouse Area
    -Enter Warehouse District to the left
    -Cutscene with thugs roughing up some guy, QTE with the thugs
    -Go straight, then left at the small stand, then right down the "alley" 
     past the fishing guy
    -Go right(you should see a large door with the number "5" on it), Warehouse 
     8 is on the left at the end
    -Try to enter Warehouse 8
    -Go around the back and Ryo will spot a small window near some crates
    -Push the nearby box close to the big crates and jump up on the crates
    -Once in the warehouse, go right and go to the end of the little walkway, 
     cutscene with workers
    -Get down off the crates, if there's an old cop walking by talk to him, 
     if not it's no biggie
    -Leave the area with the numbered warehouses to the left, and head NorthWest 
     along the harbor
    -Talk to Tomu when you reach him
    -Go to the right of Tomu and try to get past the cop, this is where you have 
     to go later
    -Wait until it's past 7(lights go on) and return to this spot, there will be 
     an almost closed gate
    -Quick QTE nets you a flashlight
    -This part is quickly becoming known as the "Metal Gear Solid" portion of 
    the game, you have to sneak your way past the cops to the other Warehouse 8, 
    if you get caught you lose a day and if you mess up too many times a 
    homeless guy will give you a map. You won't need it if you follow my 
    instructions though^_^
    -When the cop closest to you turns his back, run to the right and duck in 
     the small area with the "10" door
    -Lean against the end of the crates until a cop comes in from the left, 
    when he shows up move away from the edge because he gets REALLY close. I 
    usually run to the corner of the crates and wall and wait until his 
    footsteps start fading away
    -Run straight then right after the stack of crates, quickly enter the door 
     on the left
    -Inside the warehouse you can look around and walk up the steps etc, if you 
    want to move the story along go up to the shelves and pick up the white 
    plate with the art on it. 
    -Cutscene with old guy and his body guard
    -After this you find yourself at home the next day
    -Exit room, go left past the kitchen then follow hallway to the end and 
     enter the room on the left
    -Open the desk drawer and get the key(the desk has a letter from your father 
     on it)
    -Find Ine-san and talk to her
    -Head to the Dojo
    -Cutscene with Fuku-san and Ine-san
    -Go to the Dojo, open box on floor wih key
    -Take Katana and focus on the wall hangings nearby, take down the right one
    -Head towards Dobuita, stop and see cat along the way for a cutscene with 
    -if you've been taking care of the cat it will have grown a little and not 
     stay in the box anymore
    -Continue towards Dobuita, you'll get stopped by the body guard from the 
    -Free Battle with the body guard
    -Go to Roshiya and talk to old woman
    -Go to Antique Store(sells the fighting moves, to the left of the 2nd Water 
     Dragon store)
    -Go back home, cutscene with Fuku-san(if you don't have a flashlight and 
     matches yet get some at the T. Mart or you can find them in your house by 
     looking in drawers and such)
    -Find Ine-san in the house and talk to her
    -Go to the Dojo, walk up to the left wall hanging and hit Y to bring up the 
    system window
    -go to the artifact(guard for Katana?)you just recieved and hit A twice to 
     put it in the wall slot
    -Go down the ladder in the secret room, put on flashlight from system window
    -Light candle in the right corner with a match(system window) and open the 
     box next to it, get photo
    -Pick up the book on the trunk that's against the wall opposite of the 
    -Light the small candle on the mirror and look in the mirror
    -Look at the markings near the shevles to the left, push the shelves by 
     walking close to them and hitting A
    -Get the axe near the entrance-way and use it on the discolored spot that 
     was behind the shelves
    -Cutscene with Fuku-san
    -Go to the small park by the taxi(before Dobuita) and talk to Yamagi-san
    -Go to the Roshiya, cool cutscene with old woman
    -Go to the Antique Store, cutscene with old man
    -Go to the park near the Game Center and talk to the guy in B/W checkered 
    -I usually go the Warehouse disctrict now but I think you can use any phone 
    -Call 0468-61-5647 again and answer right then left
    -Wait until after 7 again and go to the area where you had to sneak around 
     last time, the cop will let you in
    -Go to Warehouse 8 again, cutscene with the old man and his bodyguard
    -QTE with Chai
    -Cutscene with Fuku-san, then go to sleep for a little dream sequence
    -When you wake up your bank account grows
    -Go to Fuku-san's room(right then last one on the left from yours), cutscene 
     with Fuku-san and Ine-san
    -Go to the Travel Agency(across from Tomu in Dobuita)
    -Go to the "Aja" Travel Agency(near the Fancy Bear burger place)
    -Go back home, go to Fuku-san's room, cutscene with Fuku-san giving you 
    -Back to Dobuita, talk to Harasaki
    -Go back to Aja Travel Agency
    -(you can kill some time now until tomorrow) When ready, head home, cutscene 
     with Fuku-san
    -(Next Day) Go to Aja Travel Agency when it opens, cutscene taking care of 
     some thugs
    -You now have this whole day to do stuff, so play some games, buy some 
     "gotcha gotchas", etc...
    -When you are ready, go home and sleep. Cool dream sequence of "Shenhua"
    -Cutscene talking on the phone, be at Game Center by 12
    -When Game Center opens, go and Chai will eat your ticket to 
     Hong Kong and fight you
    -Free Battle, if you lose your brother comes in and helps you get away
    -When you wake up the next day(or after you beat Chai) go to the Aja Travel 
    -QTE, one of the thugs starts running from you. This is the coolest QTE yet
    -After you catch him Disc 2 is over!
    **--END OF DISC 2--**
    c.                           DISC 3 WALK THRU
    Disc 3 is without a doubt my favorite, there's just so much you do and the 
    scenes are really dramatic and cool. Disc 3 has a nice blend of action and 
    story, and you get a job! What an easy job too, I'd take it any day.
    Also of coolness, the Forklift races each morning are a blast, and you get 
    a prize from Mark(you'll meet him)depending on how you do. Let's not forget 
    the 70 man battle, sheer and utter amazment is all I can say!
    Note: Once you start working the game gets into a sort of pattern: work, 
    story, work for awhile. Unless noted, once the work is over and the Walk 
    Thru starts the next line with "Next Day" that means that nothing eventful
    happens between the last step and the next day. You can do whatever you want 
    with this time.
    Enough Talk!
    -Cutscene roughing up the thug in Aja Travel Agency
    -Afterwards, walk towards Harasaki for a short conversation(I dunno if it 
     advances anything, but she's a babe!)
    -Go to Warehouse District via Bus and hang around Warehouse 13 near the 
    harbor until a cutscene is triggered with Goro(the pompador-sportin' guy). 
    Mine happened around 2:30
    -He sets up a meeting for tomorrow in front of Warehouse 1 at Noon, you have 
    the rest of today to do whatever
    Note: It's a good idea to get familiar with the layout of the Warehouse 
    District today because you're going to need to know it for the majority of 
    this Disc. I give some directions, but they aren't that detailed
    -Return home when ready, dream sequence that night with Shenhua again
    -Next Day, side note: If you've taken care of the cat throughout the game it 
     will be grown up now and you'll get a cute cutscene with Megumi and the cat 
     when you walk to it. You will no longer need to care for the cat,so long 
     little guy *sniff, sniff*
    -Go to the Warehouse District and be in front of Warehouse 1 at noon, I 
     usually go at 11 or so and just stand there
    -Cutscene with Goro and his girlfriend, they show and tell you to go to the 
     Warehouse Office
    -Go to the Office, it's really close and enter the door
    -Cutscene with Foreman and Mark, you are now employed!
    1.Hit left then right on the D Pad
    2.Hit the Right Trigger to go forward
    3.Hit Left Trigger to go backwards
    4.Hit A button to raise and lower the lift
    -Use the Forklift to move the boxes into Warehouse 3 in the outlined squares
    -Take the top box of a double stack first by hitting A once when the lift is 
     fully lowered, this puts it in position to get the top box. Also, you can 
     switch between 3rd and 1st person view by hitting B
    -Work until the horn sounds at 5, cutscene with pay( 3 bucks, yeah!) and a 
     talk with Mark
    -Wait around until after 7 and go back towards to office
    -Cutscene of homeless guy getting harassed by Mad Angels
    -Cool QTE on bike
    -Next Day, Forklift Race! It's 3 laps, hit X for a map
    -Now you move boxes to Warehouse 18 until 12
    -Free Battle thugs who are messing with Mark
    -You're on break until 2, then back to loading boxes into Warehouse 18
    -Keep loading until a cutscene occurs, you'll be confronted by 3 thugs
    -Free battle with the 3 thugs
    -After the fight, keep loading until 5, you can double stack if needed
    -Collect pay, cutscene with Goro-san
    -Go left from the office, cutscene with the Body Guard(Shou, I think)
    -Pick left option to learn new move( back+A)
    -After 8pm or so go to the area near the smaller Tomato Mart, cutscene 
     with old guy
    -Learn move from homeless guy(fwd Y+B)
    -Should be time to go home when you're done
    -Dream sequence that night
    -Another Forklift Race in the morning
    -Take boxes to Warehouse 3 this time(from start head towards the exit of the 
     Warehouse Area but make a sharp left once you get there, go straight until 
     you see the small stand then go to the right of it, then left, it's the 2nd
     one on the left
    -Keep loading until break, during break talk to homeless guy(under steps 
     near Tomato Mart)
    -After break, load until cutscene occurs
    -Free Battle 5 thugs, then Free Battle 4 more
    -After the fight, keep working until 5
    -Collect pay and head towards Warehouse 17(right from office then left, then 
     go straight until cutscene)
    -Free Battle 5 thugs beating up Mark, cutscene with Mark
    -Go see Ojii-san(homeless guy) to learn a new move(fwd+Y+B, X)
    -Talk to him again after learning the move
    -Next Day, another Forklift Race in the morning
    -Take Boxes to Warehouse 18 again, you're a bit further away this time
    -Cutscene during break, take picture with Harasaki then choose the left or 
     right one
    -Keep working until 5
    -After 7 go to the small Tomato Mart area
    -Awesome QTE on bike
    -Free Battle 5 Mad Angels
    -Free Battle Charlie
    -That night, dream sequence of Souryu
    -Next Day, 4th Forklift Race
    -Take boxes to Warehouse 18 again
    -After break keep moving boxes until cutscene
    -QTE with the thugs
    -Keep working until 5, get paid then cutscene with Mark
    -Next Day, last Forklift Race
    -Take boxes to Warehouse 8 and put them in the area marked IN, then take a 
     box in the OUT area and take it to Warehouse 18 until break
    -Cutscene with Goro and his girlie, I think they're getting married
    -Talk to Mark
    -Talk to the 3rd guy down(before the kid in all denim) before he walks away
    -After break, keep loading until cutscene occurs
    -QTE chasing after thugs, then cutscene learning the name of the boss of the 
     Mad Angels
    -Cutscene with Chintaijin(name or nationality of the old guy? Chinese-Tawainian?)
    -Go home when ready
    -Wake up at 11:45(or when you walk in if you stay out till 11:30)
    -Phone call, Harasaki has been kidnapped!
    -Go to Dobuita and try to take the bus
    -Go to the Bike Shop and knock on the door
    -Go back to the area before Dobuita(Soruu-something, I forgot to check, some 
    FAQ writer I am!^_^) via the smaller route near the Game Center and Park(up 
    the stairs and to the right)
    -Remember the guy working on his bike in the 1st Disc? His place is near the 
    Gotcha Gotcha machines, you'll see the bike with the helmet on it. Walk up 
    to the gate and you'll get a cutscene borrowing the bike
    -You are now one bad mamma-jamma, get ready for a little Hang On style action
     You have  1:30 to make it to your destination. If you don't make it you 
     just start over at the cutscene borrowing the bike. 
    R Trigger--Gas
    L Trigger--Brake
    D Pad or Analog Stick--turn
    -Cutscene riding through the Warehouse Area
    -Free Battle 6 thugs
    -Another Free Battle with 5 
    -Cutscene with Harasaki being freed, then taking her home(cue cheesy 
     romantic J-pop song)
    -Next Day, cool Dojo cutscene
    -More cutscenes with Tomu and the Warehouse Foreman
    -Go back towards Tomu(yeah his name's Tom, but Tomu is cooler) and learn a 
     move(twd, twd A A)
    -Cutscene with Tomu, he's going back to America. I'll miss him, he was 
     "Everytime Powerful!"
    -Cool Free Battle with Shou the body guard, throughout the fight the action 
     turns automatic and they get tangled up and talk/shout. The ending is pure 
     Kung Fu movie greatness
    -Quickie QTE to save Shou
    -Now you and Shou fight together and take on 70 guys! This is one of the 
     best parts of the game, you can make your way to the left then right. Feel 
     free to abuse the running jump kick(L then A) to take out as many guys as 
     quickly as possible. At certain points the action will pause when a 
     "sub-boss" makes his entrance in the fight.
    -(The 70 Man battle will be discussed in further detail in the Extras FAQ)
    -After everyone else is dealt with the Boss will come down with a couple 
     henchmen, you're on your own here
    -Take out the underlings first
    -This guy likes to grab up close, but usually his kicks are real slow so 
     you can deflect them then grab him for good damage. The Tornado Kick you 
     learned from Tomu is useful as well. I'll give more tips in the Extras FAQ
    -QTE with Terry, then  cool scene of Shou beating him up and you getting 
     info from him
    -Long scene of you leaving home, then Dobuita
    -Learn a move from Chintaijin(back+X, then back+X, A)
      -Practice move with Shou
    -Free Battle Chai
    -Cutscene of Ryuusatsu
    -QTE with Chai
    **--Now watch the ultra cool Shen Mue ending--**
    Of course now that you've beaten the game you can go back and do all the 
    things you neglected to do when you where racing through the game with this 
    document^_^ Luckily I'm making an Extras FAQ just for that purpose!
    5.                            NEXT REVISION
      Just a quick update to fix some of the layout and add my new E-Mail.
    6.                             THANK YOU's
    Jackal-a big THANKS for helping me get through the end of Disc 1
    CJayC-the man who makes GameFAQs what it is.
    Ron Lee Aughenbough II-for pointing out the bad guy's real name
    And thanks to everyone who's mailed me with compliments and stuff
      min'na domo arigato gozaimasu!
      This is just one of a few FAQs I've written, all of which are 
    available at GameFAQS. A few my FAQs are on various other websites
    (usually with proper creditO_o) as well. I hope this or any of the other 
    FAQs I've written help you in some way, or allow you to enjoy a game 
    more than before, or maybe just get a good read out of it. 
      If you have any questions about this game, or any other I've 
    written a FAQ for, feel free to drop me an E-Mail. BUT keep in 
    mind a few things:
    1. Please don't ask when the next revision will be out, or if I 
    can send it to you, or if I can help you with a part not covered in the
    FAQ yet.  I don't really have a set schedule for these things, and you 
    can pick up the FAQ(s) at GameFAQs. 
    2. Please don't ask about something already covered in the FAQ. 
    Usually once a FAQ comes out I'm swamped with E-Mails and skip 
    ones that are covered in the FAQ. 
    3. Don't mail asking for codes, I don't have a Gameshark or keep 
    track of cheat codes or anything.
      Other than that, I try to answer every single E-Mail I get and 
    am usually pretty good at getting back to people quickly, but 
    sometimes I lose letters in my computer or forget to keep them as 
    new. If I don't answer in a week or so it's safe to say I won't
    be getting back to you, sorry.
    My E-Mail address: ProfRev@cox.net
    ++-==Other places to get help with Shen Mue==-**
    Hardcore Gaming: www.hardcoregaming.com
     Good Shen Mue discussions in the Message Board
    ShenMue.net: www.shenmue.net
     Well? Sounds like it deals with Shen Mue, eh?^_^
    Sega News Group: rec.games.video.sega
     As far as VG Newsgroups go it's the best, still subject to flames and 
    stuff but not horrible like the Nintendo and Sony NGs.

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