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    Passport Disc Unlocking FAQ by ryoji1

    Updated: 12/29/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Sup Shenmue players.  This is my first FAQ so bear with me if I suck...  My 
    user name at www.gamefaqs.com is ryoji1.  My e-mail address has now been 
    changed (again) to RYOJI@sega.net.  Listen, I'll keep this short and sweet.  
    This FAQ is strictly MINE and ONLY mine.  Don't try and duplicate my work and 
    claim it as your own.  If you do, you know the deal.  I don't need to mention 
    the consequences...  Just get my permission first.
    Table of contents:
    -List of cut scenes
    -List of music tracks
    -Detailed instructions on how to get the scenes that can be missed
    -Bad ending
    -Moves learned from people in the game
    -QTE's and a free battle that can be missed through gameplay
    -How to get the mysterious scroll and the "yoroi doshi" (armor slap) move 
    translated from chinese
    Version update:  12/16/00  Made minor changes on info. and added table of 
    contents.  Also, changed my e-mail address.  Send all e-mails to 
    RYOJI1@aol.com (void as of 12/21/00, read beginning of FAQ for current 
    12/21/00  Again, change in e-mail address.  I will know longer have aol 
    service.  I have moved on to seganet since i got tired of aol already.  
    Anyway, my bad for the frequent moving around but i should settle down at 
    seganet for awhile.
    12/29/00  Okay, added info on how to obtain the mysterious scroll and the 
    armor slap scroll in the dojo area.  I've been getting frequent e-mails about 
    this...  Also, I still have my ryoji1@aol.com address for now but i'd prefer 
    you people to send e-mails to ryoji@sega.net.  Thanks.
    Anyway, let's get this started.  This is written from my Japanese version of 
    Shenmue but I have been informed that the format for the passport disc is 
    exactly the same for the U.S. version.  I will not list the cut scenes by 
    title but instead by what the scene is about.  Also, some names and places 
    might be different from the U.S. version.  I will change the names if I know 
    what they were changed to in the U.S. version.  However, if I'm not sure, 
    I'll just make references to the characters or locations.  Good enough?  Alr
    ight then, let's get started...
    Cut scenes:
    1 - 6:  Default cut scenes
    7:  Ryo as a child training with Iwao
    8:  The 2 sailor thugs in heartbeats alley
    9:  Ryo rescues Harasaki and little boy from 2 guys dressed in black uniforms
    10:  Ryo and Charlie in tattoo parlor
    11:  Ryo talking to Harasaki outside of tattoo parlor
    12:  Harasaki and Ryo talking in Sakuragaoka park (part 1)
    13:  Ryo's first meeting with master Chen
    14:  Getting the katana guard at the antique shop
    15:  Chinese lady in purple dress from (Roshia) explaining the phoenix mirror
    16:  Chai attempts to steal the phoenix mirror at the warehouse
    17:  Fukuhara breaks open piggy bank for Ryo
    18:  Ryo buying ticket to Hong Kong at Asia Travel
    19:  Chai and Ryo at Game You
    20:  Ryo getting information from Jimmy inside Asia Travel
    21:  Goro and Mai find Ryo a job
    22:  Goro's information about Mad Angels
    23:  Mark tells Ryo a little story after being beat up
    24:  Goro and Mai announce that they will get married
    25:  Harasaki and Ryo talking in Sakuragaoka park (part 2)
    26:  Ryo borrows the bike from friend
    27:  Ryo rides bike through the harbor
    28:  Terry and Ryo make a deal
    29:  Ryo takes Harasaki home
    30:  Dream about the phoenix mirror
    31:  Ryo sitting in dojo thinking of his father
    32:  Tom offers lunch
    33:  Tom announces that he is leaving
    34:  Ryo bids farewell to Tom
    35:  Ryo challenges Kishou (Gui Zhang, master Chen's son)
    36:  Kishou (Gui Zhang) and Ryo talking at sunrise
    37:  Ryo leaving his house
    38:  Ryo leaving Dobuita
    39:  Harasaki's gift to Ryo
    40:  Ending
    Okay, that's the cut scenes.  By the way, all cut scenes are automatically 
    recorded except for numbers:  7, 9, 12,15 and 25.  This is because they can 
    be missed.  All the rest are automatic because it's simply a mandatory cut 
    scene in the game...
    Now for the music tracks on the passport disc.  Actually, i will only list 
    the tracks that can be missed (if you happen to not enter these areas) 
    because the rest will be recorded automatically through game play just like 
    the cut scenes.  Also, the track order will be different if you missed any on 
    yours.  The track number I give you is the correct order.  Why?  I have them 
    all unlocked, that's why!
    Easily missed music tracks:
    1-9:  Default
    10:  The music from the noodle restaurant across from Suzume park
    11:  The music from (Rapis) the fortune teller
    12:  Bob's Pizza
    13:  Abu candy store
    14:  Slot House
    15:  Tomato Mart
    18:  Rest stop at the harbor (Tomato Mart 2)
    30 - 32:  X-mas music  (all 3 will be obtained after a certain date near 
    That's about it for unlocking empty slots on the passport.  Now for a more 
    detailed explanation of how to get the cut scenes and the rest of the Shenmue 
    Scene 7:  Disc 1, at the beginning of the game, when you first leave Ryo's 
    house, walk over to the big tree beside the dojo.
    Scene 9:  Disc 1, after heartbeats event, go home and sleep.  The next day, 
    make sure the weather is sunny outside.  Head over to Sakuragaoka park around 
    12pm noon to unlock this scene.  Also, make sure you see this scene first 
    before looking for Charlie.
    Scene 12:  Harasaki scene part 1 is at the end of disc 1.  Right before you 
    get on the bus to disc 2 (after you called warehouse 8 on the phone), stick 
    around Dobuita until 7pm and then go home.  Once in the house, look at the 
    phone and it will ring.  Answer the phone by pressing "A" and the scene will 
    Scene 15:  After obtaining the phoenix mirror in disc 2, instead of going 
    back to Master Chen right away, stop at "Roshia" (i don't know what it's 
    called in the u.s. version).  The place where the old lady in purple read you 
    the chinese letter.  You'll get that scene.  You can also stop at the antique 
    shop for more info on the phoenix mirror as well but this scene doesn't get 
    recorded.  It's just extra.
    Scene 25:  Harasaki scene part 2.  On disc 3, make sure the game date is 
    december 26th or later.  Then, after 7pm, go in front of game you and there 
    will be an automatic cut scene with Harasaki's friend, Tajima.  She'll tell 
    you to go to Sakuragaoka park because Harasaki is crying there.  Go there 
    Bad ending:
    To get the bad ending easily, on disc 2 where u have to sneak in past the 
    guards to get to old warehouse 8, keep getting caught over and over until the 
    game date is april 15th.  You'll be sent home automatically and after you 
    sleep, the bad ending will start.
    Moves learned from people:
    1.  Fuku-san on 2nd day of disc 1.  Go to dojo in the morning.
    2.  Yamagishi-san on disc 1.  Go to Suzume park between 3 - 5pm AFTER talking 
    to one of the "3 blades" and have bought all 6 moves at the antique shop.
    3.  Gui Zhang on disc 3 at the harbor.  (part of story)
    4.  Homeless man on disc 3.  Go to rest stop area at harbor after 1st "full" 
    (not half) day of work.
    5.  Homeless man again.  Same place after 2nd full day of work.
    6.  Homeless man yet again.  Same place after 4th full day of work.
    7.  Tom on disc 3.  (part of story)
    8.  Master Chen at the end of game.  (part of story)
    QTE's and a free battle that can be missed through gameplay:
    1.  The scene where you QTE against 2 girls in the back of the harbor at 
    beginning of disc 2 (surprisingly enough, many people miss this QTE).  After 
    going to new warehouse 8, go to old warehouse entrance area.  Can't go in so 
    go talk to Tom.  Then go to the lady selling lunch boxes at the stand.  
    Follow her instructions.
    2.  During disc 2, at night.  Go by the yokosuka bar or the karaoke place and 
    the QTE scene will start.  It's with a drunk sailor guy holding a bottle.  
    Kinda funny.
    3.  This is a hidden free battle.  After unlocking scene 9 in disc 1, head 
    over to the apartments at the very back of dobuita passed the big staircase 
    after 7pm to have a free battle fight with 4  guys in the black school 
    uniforms.  This scene happened for me after the part with Charlie in the 
    tattoo shop and talking to Nozomi outside of the tattoo parlor.
    Mysterious scroll and "armor slap" moves translated:
    To obtain the mysterious scroll, go up to the big picture frame that has 
    japanese writing on it and press R trigger to lock onto it.  Ryo will say 
    that he can't reach it.  So go to the stool directly to the right of the 
    frame and press A.  Ryo will use the stool to get the frame and move it.  You 
    get the mysterious scroll.  The armor slap move scroll is located in the dojo 
    basement.  when you enter the room with all the junk, go to the right and 
    you'll see a folded up move scroll sitting on top of some old books.  that's 
    the armor slap.
    To get the mysterious scroll and the armor slap move translated, on disc 3, 
    call master chen's warehouse number (61-5647) and then head over to old 8th 
    warehouse.  You have to repeat this process twice because Gui Zhang will 
    translate the armor slap first and the second time you go, he'll translate 
    the mysterious scroll.
    Well, there u have it.  That's all for now people.  E-mail me if u have any 
    more questions regarding Shenmue.
    Shenmue is a product of Sega so props go to them for making this hot game.
    Gamefaqs.com for giving me opportunity to post this FAQ.
    Me for writing this.
    Peace - Ryoji1

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