Review by wolverinefan

Reviewed: 10/10/07

I really hate this game

Ryo comes home on the day it snowed and finds this man named Lan Di with his father. After about 10 minutes of talking Lan Di kills your father and so your journey begins. This is a rip-off of so many other stories in games. I would have hoped they could have come up with something original for the story but it's just the "i want revenge" type of story. I give the story a 3/10

This has to be the worst control in a game every. It's just horrible. You use the D pad to move and the anolog stick to look around. Battles can be hard cause of this horrible control. QTE's are the only thing that are easy with the control cause all you do is push the button that flashes on your screen. I give control a 1/10

Voice Acting, Music, and Sound Effects
The voice acting is horrible in this game. I think it's the worst voice acting ever in a game. None of the voices match the characters and some character just says the same line over and over. The music is ok, the only good song is the song that is played on the motorcycle near the end of disc 3. The sound effects are annoying, in battles sometimes the guys will yell out SEGA which gets very annoying. Rest of the sound effects are ok but nothing great. I give voice acting, music and sound effects a 2/10

Game play
The game play is a lot like a point and click game. you look around and if you see something interesting you zoom in on it and examine the object. There are battles thrown into the game but there isn't enough of them. The game also has QTE's which make you hit a button on your controller and Ryo will do an action if you hit it fast enough, there seems to be a lot of these but they are way to easy. You can also collect stuff but it gets boring after a while.You can also play at the You Arcade but there isn't enough games to hold your attention for long.I give game play a 5/10

Replay Value
Well if you like to get everything like all the toys, fill out the note book get all the special items then you might play this game again. You could also play the game again so you can play the mini games again and get a high score to put in the world rankings. I give replay value a 7/10

Final Score
I give Shenmue a 35/100

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Product Release: Shenmue (US, 11/07/00)

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