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"The Experience Begins..."

Shenmue is the newest addition to the lineup Yu Suzuki has for us, and BOY is it a winner! Dreamcast owners rejoice around the world, the gaming world is about to be revolutionized by this great FREE style game. With the ability to go online, trade items, play at the arcade, talk to hundreds of people, and go on a journey to get revenge on the person who killed your father, you will think, ''Is this a game?''
Let the Experience begin..

Graphics- 10: To bad i cant give the graphics a 20, because i would, these are by FAR the best graphics in any game out so far, IMO. The graphics ALONE make this game great. Suzuki went overboard with details, you should just see the amount of work but into the graphics. He gets down to the knitty gritty, down to the strands of hair.

Sound- 9.5: The voices are fabulous, sure the acting isnt PERFECT, but theres just SO many voices in the game to make you say ''WOW''.. and the sound itself is crisp and just sets the tone for the japanese setting.

Gameplay- 9.5: The gameplay is awesome, it runs smooth, the only problem i had was when theres tons of chars on the screen when its snowing...other than that it the gameplay is excellent

Control- 10: At first, the Controls seem awkward, but once you get used to them, it just seems right, i cant think of a better control configuration for the game...

Fun FactorLongevity-10: Theres TONS of things to do in Shenmue.. Its hard to decide!! Do you want to play Darts, Pool, Hang-On, Space Harrier, Slots, GTE Extreme, GTE Extreme2, etc.. Add collecting items in and your liable to pass out... simple put folks, this game is VERY fun to play and youll find yourself playing it over to get things you missed. The Extra Passport Disc that comes with Shenmue is also entertaining, and can add to the excitement! Once you see how fun Shenmue is you will wonder why you ever bought another game.

OVERALL SCORE- 10: This is as good as it gets. Shenmue is revolutionizing the game world... the FREE Style genre is unique and entertaining, its a MUST buy.. if your a dreamcast owner. It is one of my favorite games hands down. Theres so many things to say about Shenmue, but why dont you just see how fabulous it is for yourself, and go buy this great one of a kind game!

Until Shenmue: Chapters 2-5 are out...
I cant wait!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/12/00, Updated 11/12/00

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