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Reviewed: 11/12/00 | Updated: 11/12/00

I like this game better than my PS2!


Shenmue is about a 18 year old boy seeking revenge for his father's death. A mysterious man Chinese man is the murderer
and you seek revenge. Trust me, if you want a good story play this game.


The graphics are outstanding! They're even better than anything I've seen on the PlayStation2! Even Madden! The game world was put together flawlessly. The characters are very detailed, as well as the environments. The game has some nice graphical touches, too. It has a blurring effect used a lot for fighting, has a Magic Weather system to change the environments, and so on. The fighting scenes are the coolest looking since Dead Or Alive 2! With out a doubt the best looking in game graphics I've ever seen.


The graphics improve the game experience substantially, but lets not forget about the audio! The audio has it all.
It has the soothing, cool, and intense music. It also has some great voice actors. These actors are some of the best I've heard. They might get repetitive for some people because they use the same voice over and over for different people but only for the unimportant characters. Bottom line: The most emotion I've got from anything, be it a game movie or whatever in the terms of music. The voices are 2nd only to Metal Gear Solid.

Game Play:

This is the good part! Finally something new. The reason why everybody should try this game, the game play. The game play is the most realistic ever in a video game. You can go to the store and actually pick up the item you want to buy. You can go to the slot house and play, you no, slots.
Or you could spend the whole game at the arcade playing some classics like Hang-On and Space Harrier. Or you can look through every single doer and cupboard in you house and still not find what your looking for! Now that realistic, folks! Time passes accurately, too. This is like real stuff, people. If your worried about the Quick Time Events (QTE Buttons come on screen and you have to push them in time) don't worry, they work out great! There is of course free battle, A whole fighting game itself. There's no other joy like walking away from a battle you won with 10 guys lying on the floor, so try it yourself.


This game has so much to do, you can't do it all in one time through. Don't worry, you'll be happy to go through it a second time, or a third or....... Too bad it only had one secret to unlock after the game.

Should I Buy This Game?:

That depends. You could beet the game on a 5 day rental. If you have medium game skills, you can beet it in AT LEAST 15 hours if you don't spend every day at the arcade and every night at the bar. But you might want to play it again. It's definitly a game worthy enough to have in your collection. If you want to beat the game once and never look at it again, rent it. If you want the greatest game ever in your collection, buy. How else are you going to get past the torture of waiting for Shenmue 2?

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