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"I can't even begin to stress how amazing Shenmue is ... This is the best overall game to date!"

Shenmue, dubbed Project Berkely, is the series that will sell the DC (At least in Japan). This game took many years, and a lot of money to make, and boy ... was it worth it! Developed by Yu Suzuki and AM2, Shenmue has taken Japan (And America now) by storm. It's easy to see why too. This game has amazing graphics, sound, story, and gameplay. That's the formula for amazing games!

(I'm reviewing the Japanese version)

Graphics: 10/10

-These are simply the best graphics ever seen on a video game system. There isn't even any comparison people. I mean, it really looks like a movie! The characters all are done exceptionally well, and what I loved most was how the characters looked from an age standpoint. I mean, how kids looked, and the elderly was just ... amazing. I still can't get over it as I play the game for the 300th time! The towns/shops/streets/cars/EVERYTHING is just to amazing for me to handle. Yu Suzuki just did a teriffic job. That's all I can say!

Sound: 10/10

-I really loved the music in Shenmue. It had a good mix of everything. The music fit perfectly for every setting in the game, and that's hard to get out of me. I also liked how you could listen to a lot of it anytime you wanted to with the cassette player! Also everyone in this game talks! That's right, talks! It's so awesome, I swear. I'll get more into it on the gameplay section ...

Story: 10/10

-GREAT! The base of it is the game starts out with Ryo coming home finding his house being broken into by a Chinese mob boss named Souryu (sp?) with his henchmen. Souryu is looking for some kind of ancient artifact that Ryo's dad sopposivily has. After a fight between Souryu and Ryo's father, Souryu asks Ryo's father again for the artifact ... Ryo's father says he doesn't have it. After hearing this, Souryu beats down Ryo and tells Ryo's father that he will kill his son if he doesn't tell him where it is. His father does and Souryu drops Ryo to the floor. After getting the item he wanted, Souryu leaves. Ryo goes to his father (who is hurt very badly on the floor) and after a short conversation his father dies. Ryo then starts his journy trying to find Souryu to get revenge for his father and to find out why this artifact is so important. This is an epic story that doesn't end on this Chapter.

Gameplay: 10/10

-WOW. I mean amazing. The control is very good and easy to use. The people all talk in this game as I said in the sound part of the review. It's really cool. I've waited for someone to think of this for the longest time too! Well, the character interaction in Shenmue is just ... you guessed it, amazing. All the characters in the game react to Ryo in different ways (As do people in real life, obviously) That's really a high point in the game, how you can interact with all the different people in the game. This game is so much more fun if you play it on your own, no guide, trust me. The fighting in this game is really fun as well. The ''Free Battles'' I mean. You can learn (and purchase) different moves for Ryo to learn in battle. And, I mean they really did a great job with the fighting, it's not just something that was throw into the game with little development ... it was done so well I wanted a Shenmue fighting game to come out! I mean, I liked this more than Tekken! Well, O.K. so not that much, but it sure was fun :P Another cool thing in this game were the amazing QTE's (Quick time event's) Where a certin situation would come up and you press a button (or direction) to advance the QTE and eventually finish it. EX-Ryo is getting attacked by thugs ... the game asks you to hit the ''A'' button. If you do, Ryo beats up a thug and advances in the QTE. If you don't, the thug kicks the living *%$# out of you and it sets you back in the QTE.

You can do a lot of things in this game as well ... you can shop, get to know the characters, go to an arcade (Mark out time :P ) and you even get a job! Oh and don't forget to feed that damn cat!

Overall: 10/10


-If you play video games at all ... this is a MUST play. I haven't played the US version but I'm sure it's still a good game, it will just most likely have bad voice acting, oh well. I cannot recommend any game as high as this one. From the amazing graphics, to the very impressive gameplay this game is GOLD and has my nomination for GOTY.

Highly Recommended with a star rating of ***** (out of 5)

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Originally Posted: 11/21/00, Updated 11/21/00

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