Review by NBromley

"I love it to death, but it's no where NEAR perfect."

Gameplay 5/10 (and they meant it to be this)
I give this 'gameplay' factor a 5 because basically, it's captivating (but it would have been about a million times better if Ryo's voice actor wasnt simply reading a translated script letter for letter), it's rich, it's dorkey, it leaves you waiting for the next one. But that's only because the game is so insanly, wisely cinematic. It's a great novel/movie for chrissake. Gameplay is left untouched because...hell i dunno. But you were supposed to live it, not 'play' it. But i give that 5 the existance because you have the Streets of Rage type fighting sequences (those are the battle aspects of the game, compared to traditional rpg's), you get to race a forklift (and a motorcycle, but that was only once), and you get to actually WORK your job. Oh and the dart and arcade games, but you have already heard about those.

Story 9/10 (one of the best)
The best story for a game i've ever seen was Summoner for playstation 2. This game's story is as linear as Summoner's, but it shoudlnt have been. The story in the beginning of the game is frightningly good, but the story starts to lack some major ass in disc three (may i also add that the discs go by fast as f*ck). But disc three has the best moments. The forklift races, the motorcycle race, the 70 man battle(not as hard as people would think), all those fricken FREE battles AND the ending. The ending....Oh my God. SH*T the music makes the ending. The music is so wonderful and gives such mystery to the 'saga'. If the music were bad, this game woulda sucked(i'm serious......i'm so very serious)

Music 10/10 (it is the best)
It's got the best tracks in videogame history. But it also has horrible tracks but it's easy to not recognize those. You'll know when it's good.

Voices 3/10 (Hello. I Am Ryo (Better Known As A Bad Actor)
Ine-san and Master chen are the only voices that have some sort of drama to them. Ine-san mostly. Ryo-san's voice though. It sucks. But dammit i love this game so much.

It's impossible for this game to not have hype considering it's feel. So to the people who say that it's all hype, well you thought farther than the people who just like it for the hype, but it's seriously impossible for this game to not have hype because it's more emotional than most movies. Well...sorta. It's all the music, baby.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/10/00, Updated 12/10/00

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