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"This game kicks @$$!!!"

OK, I would like to start out by saying that when I went and bought this I was soooo excited to be going to get it. When I got it and brought it back home I was just so happy I was jumping around when I played it. OK sorry for that rant. Lets get on.

The story in this game is awesome. The here, Ryo Hazuki, witnessed his father's murder. And now he is out to get revenge on the guy that killed his father, Lan Di. On his journey he talks to TONS of people and occasionally gets into fights and QTE (Quick Time Events). You also have to practice your moves daily or you won't be ready for Lan Di when you get to him.

This game graphics are OUTSTANDING. These are the best graphics I have seen on the Dreamcast. I mean the birds, the sky changing from down to dusk, the rain, and Ryo himself!! What really ticks me off though is the sudden chops sometimes are slowing down when he is around a lot of people. But the awesome graphics will totally demolish that.

The amount of verbal talking in this game is just amazing!! I mean every time you talk to somebody they say something totally different. Also the controls are like that of a fighting game when you are fighting against an enemy. Like different button combinations make different moves and stuff. The QTE are very cool too.

The sound is very good although Ryo kind of sounds like a robot sometimes. And this one guy named Goro is just friggin' hilarios!! But I will let you get to him yourself. But overall the sound is very good.

The controls are very easy except for having to use the D-Pad. It gets on my nerves that I can't use the Analog Stick instead. It would be a lot easier to move around. The fighting controls are very good still except for the fact that using the Analog Stick would be better.

Replay Value
Well...the reply value in this is not THAT good but it is if you have internet connection so you can try and get high scores in Darts so you can post your score on the net. And you can also buy and trade items that you get in the game over the net. Oh you might just want to go through the game again and try to get the crucial battles and QTE that you missed.

Fun-o-meter: 9/10
Can be boring at times (like running around your house until its 8:00PM so you can go to bed)

Buy or Rent
I would definitely recommend to buy this game. For one, it is an awesome game. And two, if you rent it there is not way you can get through it all (unless you save on VMU and keep renting until your done, but thats no fun!!!)

Well I have had very righting this review and also playing the game!! Please go buy it and get ready to enter the year 1986, in the world of RYO HAZUKI!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 12/13/00, Updated 12/13/00

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