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It's bad. I'll just start the review, no introduction/

This game IS NOT FUN AT ALL. Almost the entire game consists of running around some city, talking to everyone that you see. Eventually, you find the person you need to talk to, and they tell you to go talk to someone else! But of course they don't actually tell you who it is. They leave the ''fun'' part for you. Plus, when you actually get to the person, you can't choose what you say! Ryo just says what he feels like saying, which he chooses from about five possible phrases, such as ''About that day... did you see a black car?''. I heard that one about fifty times. But enough about the bad talking stuff. Now on to the bad fighting. The fighting was horrible! The animations seemed unrealistic and choppy, and the moves were pathetic. Just watch a video of a ShenFight and you'll know what I mean. Finally, the control. It's bad too. Who decided you have you move around with the D-PAD?!?! Shouldn't we move with the JOYSTICK and look around with the D-pad? ARRGHHH! I'm getting depressed by all this, so let's move on to...

AUDIO - 8/10
I'm only giving it this high of a score because of the music, which was very good. The only problem with the music was that it seemed a bit muffled, but other than that it's great. Unfortunately, the voices are nowhere near this good. The voices are super-muffled, and the voice acting is TERRIBLE. It sounds like they just picked up some bums from the street and forced them to read the dialogue at gunpoint. Terrible!

VIDEO - 7/10
Yes, it was good, but not that good. For some reason, EVERY texture looked pixelated, and I often saw texture seams. Also, the normal game bodies were not that bad, except for a few... problems. First, the feet, hands, and hair did not cast shadows, making it appear that Ryo was levitating. Also, the ears are (badly) textured on to the face. According to my friend here, looking at them makes him vomit.

None. This game is just a movie advanced by you. Now, you may have heard how what you do in battles and QTEs will affect the course of the game. Well, let me tell you that that's a big load of cattle@#*@. If Ryo loses a battle or QTE that he is supposed to win, he teleports back in time so he can try again. Plus, some battles are IMPOSSIBLE to win. No, I don't mean difficult, I mean IMPOSSIBLE. So there's no point in playing the game again to try to win the battles. I would have given this a 3 if you could go explore the world and play in the arcade after you beat the game, but you're locked out of the ShenWorld when you win. Evil.

STORY - 5/10
Hmm, average. Guy's dad is killed, he hunts for the killer. Gee, never seen that before. If it weren't for the occasionally interesting twists, I would have given this a 3. It could have been HIGHER, though, if the ending wasn't incomplete. Ryo leaves on a boat, and suddenly the credits appear. It might sound fine here, but believe me, it stinks.

You'll probably beat it in the rental time, and never want to play it again. I know I don't.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 05/10/01, Updated 05/10/01

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