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"The most detailed, the most amazing, the most awe inspiring game you will ever play."

First of all, these are the word's of a person who doesn't speak Japanese.

The game's sound is incredible. From the thumps of socks on wood. To the slush under your shoe's as you run around in a wintery snow. This game is very interactive so sound play's an important part for this (and any) virtual world. Just about any action can be performed, and the team that worked on this game obviously did a great job on the sound. The music presented in this game fit's directly into the world,peacefull sounding orchestra music fill's the air as you wonder around your home town. Oh ya, I forgot to mention. Every charector talks. (yes unlike rpg's every body talks!)

Graphics, 10
Wow, The graphics presented in this game are just incredibly amazing. Randomly spray painted wall's, japanese urban homes. Inside all a building is also incredible. Each detailed in a differnt way. No 2 places are the same. The people you come across in the town's street's are all indivdually detailed. No two people are the same. Oh, but you do see them alot when you go back and fourth. But every one is a differnt person.

Gameplay, 10
Play's exactly like it looks. Amazingly well. The control on Ryo during the explore part's of the game are great, it's kind of similar to controlling Lara Croft. (which can be good yet a curse at the same time) But over all it's not as tough and there aren't ton's of confusing commands to learn. My favorite part's of the game are the QTE(Quick Time Events)segments. Especially the fight's, they just look dang cool. The free battles are great too, it's alot like playing virtua fighter (this game is made by AM2 who are known for virtua fighter) except it's not sluggish, and you can go up to as many as 5 opponents AT ONCE. Yeah, all 5 people beating you down at once..better get the hang of fighting fast.

Replayability, 10
If you go through this game too quickly, It wouldn't be a bad idea to go around and play the arcade games for the fun of it. Plus there most likely is a ton of secrets.

Overall, 10
I think every one will find something to like in this game. Lot's of exploring,amazing graphics,and great fight sequinces.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/03/00, Updated 01/03/00

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