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"Could be the greatest game ever made. And I still have not played it in English"

Shenmue is the definitive Dreamcast title and it is not even out in the United States of America. It is Sega’s greatest chance at a PlayStation 2 killer. Shenmue amazes you in it’s level of detail to everything possible in the game. You will feel totally immersed in Shenmue. Nothing is left out. Except for bathroom breaks.

The level to detail is amazing. Unlike most games, where emotions are lost in the translation to polygons, these characters show emotions like sprites (a good thing.) The Coca-Cola machine is a great addition. It looks exactly like a real machine, as does the Coca-Cola can. You cannot tell at all that these characters are polygons. They are not blocky or grainy at all. In fact, there is absolutely no slowdown. Even more surprising, is that there are not any camera problems, a problem that plagues many games in this genre. The camera never gets in the way of the game.

There is no music really in this game. At certain times (for example the very fun dart game) songs are played, but throughout the game there is not really music. The sound effects are spectacular, in their level of detail. Enemies groan and moan when punched in the groin. Coca-Cola rattles as it leaves the Coca-Cola machine. The game is completely realistic here as well. Perhaps that is why music was not included, because there is not a song playing over your head in real life.

The control is responsive. There are many options and all are completed easily. The beginning is sort of a tutorial-the game shows you what button to press at what time. After this, you can control everything easily. All of the moves even after the tutorial are simple to pull off. Everything can be done with the click of just a few buttons.

This game starts out slow and picks up fast. I do not really know the story, so I cannot explain it to you. (I cannot read Japanese.) There was not much text in the game though, so I do not think it matters that I cannot read it. Once you beat the tutorial sections, especially, the game is one of the most fun times I’ve had on my Dreamcast. (And the Dreamcast has great games.)

I cannot wait until the United States localization is finished and the game is released here. This game oozes with atmosphere due to the great graphical and sound effects. Shenmue will bring the Dreamcast owners together.


Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/04/00, Updated 07/18/01

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