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Dobuita street actually exists in Yokosuka, as well as the Tomato Mart.

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The game was originally in development and planned for release on the Sega Saturn however game development on the Saturn was very tough, which led Shenmue to be developed and released for the Sega Dreamcast

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The scale of Shenmue's game data in it's raw form would of meant that Shenmue would of been shipped across 50 to 60 compact discs, so Suzuki and his development team worked on data compression to get the game shipped on as few discs as possible.

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In the JP version of Shenmue, the vending machines contain Coca-Cola products; however, NA and PAL copies didn't manage to get that licensing. For those regions, the Coke products are replaced with fictional brands, including "Bellwood" coffee. "Bell Wood" is the literal translation of producer Yu Suzuki's surname.

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At one point of the development, all the NPCs in one of Shenmue's district had disappeared, only for the team Sega AM2 to find them stuck at the doors at a convenience store. This was solved with Suzuki making double doors for characters to enter and exit buildings in order to get back to their routine.

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Sega AM2 experimented with character's animation skeletons for Shenmue. It was reported that at one point during Shenmue's development, Sega AM2 ended up getting carried away by allowing male characters to walk like Marilyn Monroe and by having cats to walk on two legs.

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Before the development began for Shenmue in 1993, Yu Sukuzi visited China where he learned about martial arts and scouted locations to be used for the game.

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Connection to Other Media

Shenmue originally began life as a Virtua Fighter RPG on the Sega Saturn before straying from its source material and splintering off. Ryo was originally meant to be Akira, which is why they're similar.

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