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Reviewed: 09/02/00 | Updated: 09/02/00

Well, if I added up all the dust this game has collected, it might be worth the $40 I wasted on it.

With all of the Dreamcast's great games that have been coming out, it's really too bad that some had to experience this ''game''. I was one of the victims. Well, this will certainly be the last time I buy a game just for the heck of it.

Gameplay: 1/10

One word. Sloppy. For one thing, when you try to walk (either forward, backward, or sideways), the ugly-looking heap of metal you control barely moves. After constantly bashing your Dreamcast controller, it might seem as though he actually has a hint of your intentions to move him. The camera isn't any better. It rarely moves when you want it to, and when it finally does, it's even more rare that it moves in the same direction that you want it to, making the game seem much harder than it really is.

Graphics: 2/10

The graphics are very blurry and fuzzy. Didn't developers solve this problem after the N64 ? You wouldn't think so afer playing this game. The environments aren't detailed at all, and their colors look pretty bland. Don't play this game during the night, or you might fall asleep. The explosions in the game could've been done easily on any system in since the 32-bit era. The piece of metal you control also looks extremely ugly, matching the environments in which it walks around in quite accurately. The Dreamcast has proven that it's capable of many things graphically, but it doesn't show any of them in Slave Zero.

Sound: 1/10

Zzzzz....Huh ? Oh, sorry. I was listening to the music from Slave Zero. But be aware, it will probably make you fall asleep as well. Boring, monotonous tunes playing along with sound effects that can't even be timed right isn't exactly music to my ears. I decided to turn the sound off altogether after a while since I couldn't stand it any more. What else can I say to describe the sound ? Boring, irritating, cheesy, awful, horrible....(Name a negative adjective and insert it here).

Value: 1/10

Well, let's see. First of all, this game could last two million hours and still get a low rating here because each and every second of that is pure torture. Second of all, it doesn't last very long anyway. This could be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. If for some reason you need to beat this game, the suffering will end fairly quick. However, there's still very little to it, which is why it recieves a low mark here.

Buy or Rent ? Ha! That's a good one. Buy it for a little boy who's been naughty for Christmas. Trust me, he'll never act up again.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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