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"Good gameplay, half decent everything else..."

Many people have just looked at the games graphics and said ''I hate this game because I need to get due to it's lack of eye candy, this is complete and utter crap (while completely ignoring the gameplay and focusing in on it's flaws).'' Mind you that every game has flaws, this one has some that can be a little annoying, but doesn't ruin the experience of a good movie. And don't reject it just because of what others have said about it being one of the worst games on DC and such, read the rest and you will find that not all of the reviews have told you the full story.

The Good:

Very nice storyline and plenty of things to do when it comes to interacting with the city (picking up people and seeing how high on the building you can get that big red spot they leave when they hit something). To go into detail on the storyline... it is definitely the best plot I've seen in a console game since... Metal Gear Solid. It is quite decent in length with 13 levels, and multiplayer to play with your friends. The multiplayer has some good levels to play with a couple of friends, and the weapon upgrade is a cool aspect to (although it isn't original and can be found in many other games). The explosions from the ''mortar-like'' weapons are very cool. Plus, when was the last time you got to chase your friend around in a big mech?

The Bad:

The animations that leave you shooting at their dead carcass 5 seconds max after they're dead, whereas they're falling down slowly but you can't tell if they're dead yet (I like gibing people in quake 3 long after they're dead...). The multiplayer is can be fun, until you run into massive slowdown with heavy onscreen action in three player, or just massive slowdown when you have four people playing.
Some of the multiplayer levels aren't all that well planned out. In some of the levels I've gotten stuck in a wall (rare occasion and only in certain levels). The biggest baddy of them all is the graphics, the models are of low quality for the DC, the framerate even in single player isn't that good, and the textures are just average.

To sum it up:

Do graphics ruin a good storyline/gameplay?
No, but it does detract from it quite a bit.

Could it have been done any better?
Definitely, it could have used a little help in the graphics department, but everything was executed beautifully.

I myself would recommend buying this game because it's around ten dollars now, and that's only an 5 more than renting it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/23/01, Updated 06/23/01

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