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"Should of listened to IGN, this game is trash."

At first when playing Slave Zero I thought that this was a good titlebut then later on when playing the game it got boring and frustrating, "veryfrustrating". This game seems like it was rushed and because of that the gameis full of glitches and is shamefull.

Graphics 6/10
The graphics are not the best the dreamcast has to offer but the game still has some nice city designs and real nice mech models. But overall the leveldesigns are to dark and also in places you can get hit by an enemy and endup on the other side of a wall and be stuck.

Control 1/10
Probably the lowest point of this game is the control cause it is almost impossible. You have to use the d-pad to jump and also the analog stickto move and when trying to do both at the same time gets extremely hard andalmost impossible. Also the Mech itself does not control well with the dreamcast controller. When having to make tight jumps onto beams it getshard to control and usually your mech falls off and you have to start over.

Sound 2/10
Where's the music? There is no music and if there is there is very little.The voice acting is also really bad when the rebels contact you it is hardto hear what they are saying to you especially when the old man speaks.

Gameplay 4/10
Gameplay is ok for the first five or six levels but then it gets to hard andfrustrating. Enemies take away too much health and also not being able tosave parts of a mission really sucks. You can only save at the beginning of a level which presents a problem in the longer harder levels. Also in thefinal four or five missions health is hardly anywhere to be found and when it is found it is usually only 20% health.

Replay Value 1/10
This game is frustrating and offers nothing new upon completing it. Onceyou finish it (if you can stand the frustration and get that far)thats ityou will not want to play it again.

Bottom Line: This game is disappointing and should not be bought. If you arethink about buying it rent it first before you put you money on it cause youmight change you mind very fast and reconsider. All I saying is don't spend$80 on a game like I did when you been warned that it sucks.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 12/05/99, Updated 12/05/99

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