Review by Blaze gamer

"Good name...bad game"

Alright this is one of those games that has every component to be the best game ever, but still it fails. This is my review.

Graphics:9 What can I say, their great. Beautiful city scenes, great explosions, many videos to see, and even the enemies themselves look pretty darn good. The only thing is it suffers a little slow down, but other than that the graphics are the bomb.

Control: 10 Very easy, in fact you'll be a pro as soon as you get in the first level. As soon as you get the game you be shooting the guts out of the computer and leaping over skyscrapers like its easy. The no problems in the control area. Wish I could say the same for the game play.

Audio: 10 Perfect! Great gunshot sound fill the air non-stop through out the game. It provides a great felling towards the game. Theirs not much music, but it doesn't need it. Its the best thing they did in the game! This is what made it worth the 5.99 price tag.

Game play: 2 I don't know why, the game play wasn't that bad it just was so boring you didn't feel like playing past the first level. How do they expect me to last 15 levels of this! Maybe its the lack of balance in the game. One minute your walking down the street minding your business not knowing what to do, then before you know it your surrounded by 100 foes ready to blow your freaking head off! Then the never really help you with your missions. You never know what to do until you get killed doing it a thousand times. The game play as flat as a pancake. I mean the only game play I seen like this is fighting force 2. What makes give the game play a 2 is the hot multi-player action! It goes up their with unreal tournament and quake arena, but who cares about that. The best thing about the game play is his name!

Replay: 1 You play it once, and then it will become fossilized in your dirty sock drawer.

Final word: Well it is worth 5.99, but for that price you could get even better games. It has one of the worse game play issues I've every seen. It so bad I could cry. Maybe its just me, but if I were you I'd rent it only if you've played every other game on the planet and your looking for some hot multi-player action.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/11/03, Updated 06/11/03

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