Review by Kain vs Raziel

"Decent Game, could have been alot better"

This game is pretty good but can be vary irritating. It is a pretty simple game and probably won’t last for long, although some areas could take a while and will make you very frustrated. Using cheat codes for this game is a really good idea, especially on the last boss.

Graphics 8/10
The graphics are good and really shows the potential of what the dreamcast could have done. This game does a good job making the robots look like they have a personalized appearance.

Story 6/10
The story is really kind of odd. It takes place in the future and a weird kind of Sci-Fi game. If you like weird sci-fi flicks, this is a game for you. The robots are not entirely what you would define as robots.

Sound 7/10
The sound is decent, and portrays a weird feeling on the robots. This game does a pretty good job with the explosions and stuff but can get kind of weird.

Game play 7/10
The game play can get rather annoying. The controls some times do not always work in some areas. This too will also make this game very frustrating.

It is kind of hard to fight some of the bots due to control issues. It really just depends on how you like controls. You might or might not like them, however I think they work for the game but can be irritating.

This game also has a multi player feature, which is quite fun when you have your friends over. The only thing I do not like about it is, you only can choose were to go, you have no choice of character, and weapons vary when at different places.

Buy ability 4/10
You will probably want to rent this game before deciding to buy it, but this game does not cost much anymore. I say just buy it if you think it will be good.

Lifespan 3/10
I only played it once and did not care to play it again. I like the bosses they had but not enough to beat it all over again. It was just too irritating and frustrating.

Glitches 9/10
I only ran into a few. This game is pretty much clean. There were only a few and they were just minor glitches, nothing serious.

Over All 6/10
This game is pretty good but just a little too irritating. That’s why I gave it a six out of ten. I think they probably could have made this game better.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 11/30/03

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