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"The first awsesome PC to DC conversion"

I've read WAY too many negative reviews for this brilliant piece of work.

Whoa! The control is awesome. Turok 2's control, except it is so much more confortable, and the analog stick is much more accurate. The shooting may sound too Doom-esque, but take this from a guy who hated Doom, to get anywhere in the game you'll have to know when to fire bullets, when to fire missiles, when to jump, and when to stomp. You are also challenged to do it quickly. If you take too long you'll get killed so fast it'll make your head spin. It's still somewhat similar to your average shooter, but I didn't give gameplay a ten for nothing. It's a whole lot of fun to play, and anyone who tells you anything else is WRONG. COMPLETELY WRONG. Thos game isn't exactly innovative, but it's very good. I loved it. A favorite of mine.

STORY 1/10
I read the story in the manual, but couldn't understand it. Maybe if they actually PUT IT IN THE GAME!!! Luckily, the game isn't reliant on story.

Your Slave is gorgeous, as is the enemies. The porportions are very good, and the builidng look great. The neon lights are a cool effect, and it does a nice job of conveying a city in ruins. The sound is good, I suppose, but could be a little better. I mean, the sound effects sound great, and everything sounds so good you can close your eyes, turn the volume up really high on you TV, and you might believe you were in a firing range. Still, the mood isn't as dangerous and fast-paced when the firing stops. But it does make you jump when you hear enemy fire out of nowhere. Still, the ground could look better.

You won't play it too many times, but its so long that you'll take a whole lot of time to finish it.

Buy. No way you'll finsih it in a rental.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/12/00, Updated 12/24/02

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