Review by samthebigkid

Reviewed: 06/22/04

60 feet of Pure Action!

Okay I heard about this game from my cousin. Being that we have similar interests, I picked this game up for $20 (the price at the time). I can't say it was the best game I ever played, but it definitely was a fun one. I've always had a thing for controlling giant robots of destruction. It has a few flaws but it's a good game none-the-less.

Graphics- Mediocre. They aren't necessarily great, but they don't stink. They're above average. The environments look pretty good. The Slave Zero (your robot) looks pretty good. The bad guys are okay. The effects are good for the most part. But there really isn't anything here that's going to make you go "oooh, ahhh" type deal.

Sound- The sound is pretty good actually. The music is quite cool and keeps the adrenaline pumping. I like the "clunk" sounds as your robot runs forward. All the weapons and such sound just great. Also, the voices involved are pretty good themselves. Overall this one the better parts of the game.

Game-Play- I like it, as Barney from the Simpsons would say. As for the story, The SovKhan rule the Corporate Dynasty in Megacity-19. This is 500 years in the future (so depending on the time, this date my vary ha-ha). One group of rebels has stepped up to them. These are The Guardians. The problem is they have nothing to rebel with. They then steal an enemy "Slave" unit and put their best pilot Chad (a.k.a YOU) to pilot it. You name it Slave Zero (Slave 1 was already taken by Bobba Fett [Stars Wars]). So as for controls, they are pretty good for the most part. It takes a little but to adjust, but you should be able to get it down quick. So you basically go from level to level, killing bad guys, in an attempt to save humanity from the evil dynasty. There are no puzzles, but just lots of enemies. It's all also in 3rd person. Also the multi-player is decent, not the greatest, but it can be fun with a few friends. Overall the Game-Play is fun, and will give you some decent times.

In conclusion, this a good game. Not super good, but it will entertain you. If you got $8 to spare and are bored, go out and try this baby. You should have some fun. So with a few flaws, I give Slave Zero for Dreamcast a 8/10.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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