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"Slave Zero is a very unique mech game"

Genre: Mech / Action / Adventure

Game Play: 8/10
In Slave Zero you control a massive mech that can use many different weapons, you can use missiles, "laser beams," super powerfull exploding energy bombs, and many other weapons. The goal of Slave Zero is to make it to the end of each level and destroy anything that gets in your way. To clear a level you must many avoid and destroy many obstacles such as enemys, narrow walk-ways hanging over massive pits, and of course bosses. The bosses are challenging yet they don't take forever to kill, there difficult but not so difficult that you want to give up or throw your controller out a window. The areas mostly take place in a massive city with buildings miles high. But sadly the levels are kinda small and the game doesn't take too long to beat. Luckily if you get tired of destroying enemys you can attack cars and people! In some levels there are roads with cars driving on them, there small because your so big, but if you get in the way of a car it will try to stop or turn. When a car stops you can see a super small person get out the car and start walking away. When the little person runs you can step on em! Slave Zero is very fun game, it can become repetitive but the levels are mostly unique to each other.

Graphics: 8/10
The areas in Slave Zero are kinda small but very cool (at least most of them are). Most of the areas take place in a massive city, some levels take place in the streets, some on the roof tops, and a couple take place underground. The areas aren't to detailed but they are clear. The enemys look ok but they can become very annoying if you don't know the best way to fight them. Sadly the enemys lack any skill at all, you can be behind a box and they will still shoot at you! Plus the bosses are extremely easy to beat once you learn there weakness and attack patterns, this takes away from the fun of fighting enemys and bosses. The game is sorta clear. Overall Slave Zero has slightly above average graphics.

Sound: 8/10
The sound effects in Slave Zero are well done, when you walk you can hear a loud crashing noise. This loud crashing noise makes for a great feel of scale. When you fire missiles the "whoosh" noise that is heard can become annoying if your losing because it always sound the same. The explosions sound great! The "explosion sound" your most powerful weapon makes sounds very realistic and powerful. The explosions your enemys make when they are destroyed also sounds powerful. The music in Slave Zero is ok but it can become very repetitive. The boss fight music doesn't fit either. The overall sound is well done, like the graphics it to is slightly above average.

Replay Value: 7/10
Slave Zero will keep you entertained for a month or two, depending on how much you play. The game is very fun the first time through the game, fighting enemys is very fun so even if your having a hard time with a boss you'll have fun fighting the boss anyway, this means you won't give up too easy. The later levels can become very frustrating so people with a short temper might stop playing before they even beat the game. After you beat the game there isn't much reason to play again, that is unless you really liked the game or enjoy attacking the tiny people and cars. Slave Zero has average replay value, you'll probably beat the game once and then stop playing.

Overview: 8/10
Slave Zero is a very fun game. There are lots of weapons to destroy your enemys with, this means you'll have lots of fun blowing up enemys and other stuff. The game is difficult but most players will be able to clear the game, the later levels can become very frustrating. But it's nothing the average gamer can't handle. The game stays fun for the first time you play through but there isn't any reason to play again once you clear the game. The levels are kinda small, and they almost all take place in the city. The game is clear and you mech looks "evil". The overall graphics in Slave Zero is slightly above average. The sound effects are well done, the explosions sound powerful. The music isn't all that great and it become repetitive often. Overall Slave Zero is a great game, I give it an eight out of ten!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/09/04

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