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    Morrigan by Twinturbo

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    Morrigan Guide
    Capcom Vs. SNK: Millenium Fight 2000
    v1.1 by Twinturbo <Doomtrainsride@aol.com>
    June 23, 2001
    This work is copyright 2001 by Timothy "Twinturbo" Maahs
    This work can be reproduced electronically as long as the following two 
    conditions are met:
    1.This work is reproduced fully intact.  This document should not be modified
    in any way.
    2.This document should be distributed freely.  No one should receive payment
    of any kind for this.
    I don't really care about stuff that is commonly known, however if you quote
    me directly or find something unique in here that isn't in any other 
    documents I'd like acknowledgment.
    If you wish to put this on a website please let me know(e-mail me at the 
    address at the top of this document).
    All Characters are copyrighted by their respective companies.
    The newest version of this document can always be found at 
    - Revision History ---------------------------------------------------------
    v1.0 - Everything(duh)
    v1.1 - Added credits section(forgot it the first time, D'oh!)
           Figured out more of her speech
           Added Shameless Promotion ^_^
    - Table of Contents --------------------------------------------------------
    Section 1 - Introduction
    Section 2 - Abbrieviations
    Section 3 - Special Moves
    Section 4 - Super Moves
    Section 5 - Combos
    Section 6 - General Strategy
    Section 7 - Partners
    Section 8 - Vs. Morrigan
    section 9 - Miscellaneous
    Setion 10 - Credits
    Section 11 - In Closing
    - Section 1 - Introduction -------------------------------------------------
    I've been a fan of the Darkstalker/Vampire games for years. Sadly, Morrigan
    is the only fighter from those games who made it into Capcom vs. SNK(Damn you
    Capcom!!! Where's Talbain!!! It's supposed to be CAPCOM vs. SNK, not Street
    Fighter & Morrigan vs. SNK). So I made due with what was offered. She has
    been toned down from her more recent incarnations(no Eternal Slumber and
    certainly no Soul Eraser) but is still fun to play as. A shoto with a twist.
    I will try my best to teach you something about Morrigan in this document so
    please, read on.
    - Section 2 - Abbrieviations -----------------------------------------------
    This is just a list of motions Akuma uses, for a full list of game basics 
    refer to the instruction manual or Sailor Bacon's excellent guide at 
    GameFAQS. All motions in this guide assume you're facing right, if facing 
    left, reverse foward and back motions(duh).
    s. = do the following move while standing
    c. = do the following move while crouching
    j. = do the following move while jumping
    f = foward
    b = back
    u = up
    d = down
    uf = up and foward
    ub = up and back
    df = down and foward
    db = down and back
    qcf = quarter circle forward (d, df, f)
    qcb = quarter circle back (d, db, b)
    hcf = half circle forward (b, db, d, df, f)
    hcb = half circle back (f, df, d, db, b)
    dp = "dragon punch" motion (f, d, df)
    (air) = Can be done in the air or on the ground
    (air only) = Must be done in the air
    (LV3/MAX only) = can only be done at level 3 in capcom or max in SNK
    P = any punch
    K = any kick
    PP = both punches
    KK = both kicks
    LP = light punch
    HP = hard punch
    LK = light kick
    HK = hard kick
    - Section 3 - Special Moves ------------------------------------------------
    Spears: f + HP
    -Spikes come out of Morrigans wings.
    Axe Kick: f + HK
    -Morrigan performs an axe kick like move.
    Wing Blades: df + HP
    -The wings on Morrigan's back turn into a large blade and she spins around, 
    swinging it.
    Sweep: df + HK
    -Morrigan floats just off the ground and spins around kicking with both legs.
    Drill Kick: d + HK (air only)
    -Morrigan's legs turn into a drill and hits 3 times if she connencts.
    Soul Fist: qcf + P (air)
    -It's a fireball, what more can I say. Air version travels at a angle.
    Shadow Blade: dp + P
    -Morrigan's dragon punch. Does a rising uppercut with one of her wings in
    the form of a large blade. Use it for your anti-air needs.
    Vector Drain: hcb + P
    -Morrigan leans foward ant tries to grab her opponent. If she connects she
    flies into the air, sits there a moment holding her opponent, then flips over
    and drives them into the ground head first. Terrible range but unblockable.
    - Section 4 - Super Moves --------------------------------------------------
    Valkyrie Turn: hcb + K
    -A difficult move to connect with until you get the hang of it. What
    Morrigan will do is she will jet off screen past her opponent and then she
    will reenter with her legs in the form of a drill. Normally she will enter
    at the middle screen but by holding down or up she will enter at different
    points. In any case she will then gently float downward if she hits her
    opponent will hit multiple times. To get a great deal of hits, mash the kick
    buttons as rapidly as you can. She is invincible while flying off screen.
    While the hits varies I usually get 11 hits from level 1, 14 hits from level
    2 and 21 hits from level 3.
    Cardinal Blade: qcf, d, df + P
    -A multi-hitting version of the Shadow Blade. Very useful for combos. Hits 6
    times at level 1 and 8 times at levels 2 and 3.
    Darkness Illusion: LP, LP, f, LK, HP (air) (LV3/MAX only)
    -Very nice... Morrigan will glide foward and try to grab her opponent. If she
    connects she grabs her opponent and a doppelganger of Morrigan appears on the
    other side of the opponent then both Morrigans procede to pound the opponent.
    This move is unblockable and invincible at the start up. Hits 27 times when
    performed on the ground and 21 times in the air.
    - Section 5 - Combos -------------------------------------------------------
    As far as combos are concerned, Morrigan is unique as she retains her chain
    combos from Nightwarriors: Darkstalker's Revenge. This process is a bit
    confusing if you haven't played Nightwarriors but it goes like this:
    LP -> LK -> HP -> HK -> Spears/Wing Blades -> Axe Kick/Sweep
    It doesn't matter if you stand or crouch and you can skip moves in the middle
    but you must keep moving foward in the chain, for example LK, HP, Spears
    works but not LK, Spears, HP. Another thing to note is that for the last two
    moves you must choose one or the other then move foward in the chain, for 
    example HK, Spears, Sweep works but HK, Spears, Wing Blades doesn't. Once you
    get the hang of this and the timing involved(you must hit each consecutive
    button very quickly) you'll find its very easy to pull combos out of the air
    however due to the fact that Morrigan is so much slower her then in NWs she
    is usually limited to three or four hit chain combos instead of the five or
    six hits she could do in NWs.
    Note: All combos work in either Capcom or SNK groove
    Chain/Two-in-one Combos
    c1 - j.LP/LK/HP/HK, c.LP, c.HP, c.HK, Sweep
    c2 - j.LP/LK/HP/HK, s.LP, Shadow Blade
    c3 - j.LP/LK/HP/HK, c.LK, c.LK, Shadow Blade
    c4 - j.LP/LK/HP/HK, c.LK, Wing Blades, Sweep
    c5 - j.LP/LK/HP/HK, c.LK, s.HK, Axe Kick
    Super Combos
    Note:For the following combos to work you must "Super Cancel" into the last 
    move in each combo.
    Note:c5 is for an air encounter(you and your opponent must be in the air).
    c1 - j.LP/LK/HP/HK, s.LP, Cardinal Blade
    c2 - j.LP/LK/HP/HK, c.LK, Axe Kick, Darkness Illusion
    c3 - j.LP/LK/HP/HK, c.LP, Sweep, Cardinal Blade
    c4 - Drill Kick, Darkness Illusion
    c5 - j.LP/LK/HP/HK, Darkness Illusion
    - Section 6 - General Strategy ---------------------------------------------
    -Morrigan is a good all-around character, not exceling in any one area but
       certainly not lacking anything either. She's like a shoto with more
       interesting supers.
    -Playing keep away is very easy with morrigan as you can keep lobbing Soul
       Fists on the ground and in the air. This is a good tactic to put pressure
       on an opponent and drive them nuts.
    -While Morrigan plays well in Capcom groove you'll probably want to choose
       SNK groove once you figure out how the Valkyrie Turn works since you can
       keep using it while in desperation in SNK groove and leave very little
       opportunity for you opponent to attack. As an added bonus if you keep
       doing this the chip damage will probably kill you're opponent. Cheap but
       very effective.
    -The Darkness Illusion is invincible at its startup. Take advantage of this
       by letting your opponent get close and then performing this move. Your
       opponent will probably try to attack but this will pass through their
       attack and get hit by this.
    -If you don't have the energy for a Darkness Illusion, try the Cardinal Blade
       instead. It starts very fast, out prioritizes everything except a few
       other supers and still does decent damage.
    -Use the Air Soul Fist on any one stupid enough to try an anti-air move
       against Morrigan. Eventually they'll stop using that move making it safe
       for you to use some jump in combos.
    -If you use shotos much you'll feel right at home with Morrigan. Many of the
       same tactics you'd use with Ryu or Ken work pretty well here.
    - Section 7 - Partners ----------------------------------------------------
    Even a demon can get taken down in a fight so it's nice to have someone
    watching Morrigan's back. The question is who? Morrigan is a ratio 2
    fighter, meaning she can be paired with either two ratio 1 characters or one
    ratio 2 character. Here's a list of possible partners:
    -Sakura           |
    -Cammy            |
    -Dhalsim          |
    -Blanka           |
    -Benimaru         |-------Any two of these fighters
    -King             |
    -Vice             |
    -Yuri ____________|
    -Ryu              |
    -Ken              |
    -Chun-Li          |
    -Guile            |
    -Terry            |
    -Mai              |
    -Iori             |
    -Kyo              |-------Pick only one of these fighters
    -Balrog           |
    -E. Honda         |
    -Zangeif          |
    -Raiden           |
    -Kim              |
    -Ryo              |
    -Nakoruru ________|
    Take your pick. Seriously, Morrigan works well with just about anyone. I
    myself usually pair her up with Ryu or Iori as they are excellent all-around
    fighters too, but you're welcome to try whoever you like.
    - Section 8 - Vs. Morrigan -------------------------------------------------
    As I said earlier, Morrigan is similar to a shoto and most of the same
    tactics that work against them also work against her. Stay within jumping
    distance of her and wait for her to throw a Soul Fist, jump over it or roll
    through it and procede to destroy her. Try not to stay directly next to her
    for longer then you have to as the Shadow Blade, Vector Drain or worse the
    cardinal Blade or the Darkness Illusion might connect. If she uses the
    Valkyrie Turn just block it until she's done, however if she misses and goes
    over your head, feel free to give her an anti-air move or worse.
    - Section 9 - Micellaneous -------------------------------------------------
    The last four are hidden colors and must be bought through the secret shop 
    |    |Outfit  |Wings       |Pantyhose      |Hair         |
    |A   |Red     |Black       |Peach          |Light Green  |
    |B   |Red     |Black       |Peach          |Light Blonde |
    |X   |Gray    |Dark Red    |Light Brown    |Light Green  |
    |Y   |Gray    |Red         |Peach          |Blonde       |
    |A+B |Black   |Brown       |Light Brown    |Offwhite     |
    |X+Y |Black   |Dark Purple |Light Lavendar |Green        |
    |A+X |Blue    |Dark Purple |Light Lavendar |Light Blonde |
    |B+Y |White   |Burgandy    |Light Brown    |White        |
    Entrance pose:
       -Morrigan rises from the ground and her bats then form her wings while she
         says "Tanoshi masette chodai" or "Do, Kiredesho?" 
       -Morrigan floats on her bats and says "Do, Kiredesho?" 
    Win poses:
       -Fixes her hair, then jumps up and down laughing.
       -Floats on her bats and says "Matta asondan geruwa!" 
       -Changes into one of three outfits and says "Dinou shitoy de!" 
       - I realized man likes to fight. And I like man, so...
       - You are so boring!
       - I grow tired of your feeble attempts to fight me...
       - I could let you live, but then that would only make me as weak as you...
       - You didn't have the strength to satisfy my lust for vengeance...
       - I find this place is full of fantasies. Everything looks so attractive!
       - You don't need to feel ashamed. There is no one who is not fascinated
          by me!
       - I didn't have the heart to destroy you...
    To play as Morrigan, beat the game with all Capcom characters in Capcom
    groove. Now buy all EX Capcom characters and secret 63(The Challenger from
    the Dark Realm). Fight and beat Morrigan by going through arcade mode with
    Capcom groove and have 60 gps and four wins with super moves by the third
    match. Morrigan will become availible for purchase in the secret shop as
    secret number 74 for 8000vs. points.
    - Section 10 - Credits -----------------------------------------------------
    I forgot this in the first version. HUGE apologies to everyone listed here.
    Please forgive me for my absent-mindedness.
    Capcom - For finally giving us a Vs. game that doesn't have Cheesy beam
    CJayC - For running the best gaming site on the web.(We appreciate your hard
             work, we really do!)
    Sailor Bacon - Best Capcom Vs. SNK guide on the web. Used it for move names,
                   colors, etc.
    SiLent J - For format. Biggest apologies to you. I used your format because
               out of all the character guides I thought yours was the best.
    The True Warrior - Your guide helped me with clarification on what everyone
                       is saying.
    - Section 11 - In Closing --------------------------------------------------
    Yeah, we were all hoping for other Darkstalker's characters but I hope after
    reading this you're at least willing to give Morrigan a try as se can be
    pretty fun to play as. Hell, you may even want her on your team all the time
    if you gave her a chance.
    <Shameless Promotion>
    Got time to kill? Come to the Capcom Vs. SNK message board and Social board!
    Not only is it a place to discuss the game but we've got a great many
    talented fanfic writers. Writers to watch for include(but are not limited
    to): Strider Taylor, starphoenix, Onikirimaru, and CyberAkuma.
    <End Shameless Promotion>
    Needed for future updates:
    -more combos
    -ascii art
    -more in depth general strategy and vs. strategy
    Questions, comments. contributions, death threats? The first three would be
    apprieciated. Contact me at 
    Just put "Morrigan" or something similar in the subject line. 
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               __/  |/  \/  / /  \/  /  /__/ /  /___/ /___/
    WE WANT SEXADECIMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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