Review by Psycho Penguin

"Need to become dizzy? PLay Sonic for 5 minutes"

After hearing all the dang hype about Sonic Adventure, I decided to import a copy of the game. Boy was I disappointed. First off, the camera system was horrible and the game wasn't all that fun. NOw the American version is here and it is better. Much better.

GRAPHICS (9/10): Ya the graphics are tight but the graphics are better in Soul Calibur, since they came out at the same time I am allowed to compare them. The graphics are great, with the beautiful backgrounds and great charcater designs, and the camera system is much improved. This game definetly shows off the power of the Dreamcast.

CONTROL (5/10): I hate the Dreamcast controller. It must burn into little pieces and served to McDonald's so they can make a new special.. call it McDreams or something :)

GAMEPLAY (10/10): Adventure is your classic Sonic action all the way, but the game is quite dizzying. Be prepared to go from place to place, and the camera angle changing suddendly, and you go from knowing exactly where you wanted to go to not having a clue where you are. Sorta like life... Anyways, the addition of adventure elemnts is a welcome sign, and the addition of finding and bredding chaos adds replay value to the game.

FUN FACTOR (9/10): Definelty one of the beter Dreamcast Launch games. While I like Blitz 2000, NFL2K, Soul Calibur, and Marvel vs Capcom better, this game is still great!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 07/01/02

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