Review by Dan7768

"A great game!"

Story: 10
Graphics: 9.9
Sound: 7/10
Reply Value: 8
Fun Factor: 10

The story is different this time! Dr.Robotnik has stolen the Chaos Emeralds to feed to a Chaos, the god of destruction! So, its up to everyone favorite hedgehod to save the day. There are 6 characters, 7 if you include Super Sonic. Each has there own side of the story.

I gave it a 9.9 instead of a 10 because Sonics/Knuckles hand sometimes goes through there spikes, Sonics teeth are really...fuzzy looking, and the camera angle can get a little out of hand...also there mouths font fit the japanese words, but other than that...EXCELLENT!!!

English sound--7
Thats why at the top of the review I put the / thing in between the 6 and 10. The English sound is awful! It was so bad both my sister and me cold only make to the part where you rescue Tails! AHHH! Its really annoying. I wouldve gave it a 5, but the music saved it. The music really good.

Japanese sound--10
Much better! Tails japanese voise is sooooooo cute! The mouths dont fit the words, but I guess thats because of the graphics, so no biggie. Its strange, there mouths fits the English voice. -_-;; Anyways, the music is the same, but I dont pay much attention to it, and when I do, its great! Also, if you set it to Voice and Text, Japanese voice, English text, what they say in japanese is NOT what they say if you were to trainslate it in English according to the text! If you did English voice as well as text, THATS what they would say.

Reply value--6
Once you beat it, there isnt that much to do. Except take care of your Chao. You can also repeat Mini-Games, bosses, and levels!

Fun Factor--10
Excellent! Challenging, fun, and...great! There are over 50 levels, each with there own mission. Collecy an emerald, collect a chaos emerald, rescue animals, run from something, catch someone, all different! Good luck in the forest with Knuckles! Hehehe.

Rent or buy? Well, you cant rent Dreamcast games I dont that means buy! Even if you could rent, buy it anyways!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/27/99, Updated 12/27/99

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