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    Endings FAQ by Basel

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    Soul Calibur
    A Word Before We Get Down To The Real Talk:
      This F.A.Q. is only for the endings. So if anybody have anything to add,
    please do so. Otherwise... do not bother.
    Name: Ivy (Isabella Valentine)
      "But... it can't be..."
      Through her battles, her permonitions proved to be true. Although evil had
    been destroyed, the sword would not die. The cursed blood that flowed through
    her veins was the sword's life source. However she felt no hesitation in coming
    to terms with the truth.
      "I feel as though a burden on my soul had been lifted..."
      The fetters on her curse were broken and thus began a new unholy quest.
    Name: Cervantes de Leon
      The long lost sword... and his onetime master. He reached toward the demon
    sword, now without a host, and the two and the two became one once again. A
    long figure appeared, clawing his way through the eternal flames of evil.
    Regaining a lost part of himself, his memories came flooding back and the
    broken chain was now complete again.
      His ship appeared fear across the seas once more as even the warships of the
    great naval powers were sent down to their watery graves.
      "Raise the another and make sail, me hardies! Cervantes de Leon sails again!"
    Name: Nightmare
      The time had come... with countless souls stolen from brave warriors, the
    evil sword now transformed into an apparition of his father.
    Frederick: Siegfried, my dear son...
    Siegfried F... father...!
    Frederick: Pierce me with this sword.
    Siegfried: What?!
    Frederick: I'm nothing more than an illusion. Reflect back upon your sins and
      Standing before his father's grave, he whispered to himself, "Is redemption
    possible?" And so he embarked upon a journey with atonement at his cross to
    bear, embracing within his heart the last wishes of his father.
    Name: Voldo
      The moment he grasped the evil sword, a flood of evil energy coursed through
    Voldo's body and made him writhe to agony.
      "Entrust your soul to the sword..." A familiar voice echoed in his mind. As
    he gave in to the power of the sword, the pain dissolved miraculously and his
    memory along with his youth returned.
      The image of his dead master was reflected in his eyes, now wide open. His
    master's wish was finally fulfilled, as was his. In the empty solitary darkness
    of this place, he found eternal bliss.
    Name: Astaroth
      Astaroth returned before the grand priest Kunpaetku with Soul Edge in hand.
    Kunpaetku: Astaroth, you have done well. Now the power that surpasses the Gods
    is mine!
      Suddenly, Astaroth grabs Kunpaetku...
    Kunpaetku: What... are you doing! No, unhand me! Stop! STOP!
    Astaroth: Need... more... souls...
      Engulfed in crimson fellfire, the two figures eventually fade from view. What
    were Astaroth's true intentions? There is no way to know...
    Name: Heishiro Mitsurugi
      After countless battles, the demonic blade Soul Edge was in Mitsurugi's
    hands. En route back to his homeland, pirates attacked him on the high seas.
    Mitsurugi was completely surrounded by the bloodthirsty pirates. He smiled
    without fear as he looked down the barrels of their guns and murmured...
    Mitsurugi: I've had enough of duels... you're just what I need to try the blade
    of my new sword...
      This was the last anyone heard of the lone samurai known as the "Mercenary in
    the Wartime Age."
    Name: Taki
    Taki: Evil... begone!
      Taki's cry and Mekki-Maru both pierced through Inferno. Taki wielded
    Mekki-Maru at her well, which bore the same evil as Inferno. But the faint
    resonance of Mekki-Maru along with the doubt in her heart would not stop.
    Taki: So there is no end to this?
      Yet surely she will triumph somehow... and repeat her favorite line, "Demon
    slain, the deed is done."
    Name: Kilik
      Despite losing its physical form, the demonic blade still burned fiercely and
    prepared to scatter itself throughout the world again.
      Kilik chanted quietly but with resolve, "Om Vajradharma Kilik." The
    Dvapara-Yuga that protected him split apart and extingushied the evil flames.
    Over the course of many intense battles, Kilik mastered the skill to tame the
    evil within him. Not one to rest on his laurels, Kilik subjects himself to more
    intensive training.
      Here, at the place where heaven and earth meet, his eyes reflect nothing but
    the clear blue of the boundless sky.
    Name: Maxi
      The price of defeating evil was high.
    Maxi: Heh... what took you so long?
    Kilik: No! This can't be!
    Maxi: This is... the end of the line for me... and... Ki... lik...
    Kilik: Maxi!!
      Kilik was without words, and Xianghua looked on quietly. The winds blew and
    the clouds moved on as if they were oblivious to their mortal plight.
      "It's been fun..." The clouds seemed to whisper in his voice.
    Name: Chai Xianghua
      The Krita-Yuga she wielded revealed its true form as if it heeded the call of
    destiny. The sword gave her unparalleled strength and in return, Xianghua
    channeled her pure spirit through it. The interminable battle came to a close
    with Xianghua's victory.
      The brooding clouds that covered the firmament until now broke apart to
    reveal shafts of sunlight from above.
    Xianghua: Mother... was this the destiny I was meant to fulfill?
      She narrowed her eyes as the brillient sunlight crosses her innocent,
    childlike face...
    Name: Yoshimitsu
    Yoshimitsu: Taste the steel of my blade, demon!
      With flash of his katana, Yoshimitsu destroys the evil sword. At that moment,
    lighting from the evil sword struck his beloved katana, and it became the host
    of a ghostly glow.
    Yoshimitsu: Has my sword been possessed by evil? Never!! This I shall not allow!
      "Honor is reflected in one's deeds. Inaction bespeaks of cowardice." And thus
    Yoshimitsu became a protector of the poor. Eventually, his name became known
    throughout the land, and valiant men came to gather under his name.
      Yoshimitsu the First became the head of a band of chivalrous thieves, and his
    name continues to live on to this day.
    Name: Sophitia Alexandra
      After fulfilling the sacred duty entrusted upon her by Hephaestus, Sophitia
    returned home to her betrothed.
    Sophitia: Rothion, I...
    Rothion: I understand, Sophie.
      The long delayed wedding took place at last with the blessings of the
    townspeople. Time passed and Sophitia was blessed with the birth of her child.
    Sophitia: Though I can no longer hear the voices of the Gods, perhaps my child
      The child smiled back as if in reply to her words.
    Name: Seung Mina
      Mina used every ounce of strength left on her to defeat the final enemy.
    Exhausted, she was about to collapse when...
    Hwang: Don't you have a homeland to save?
    Seung Mina: Oh... Hwang...
      Her cheeks reddened and though she struggled, she lacked the strength to
    escape from his strong arms.
      Upon returning home, Mina found a far more dangerous enemy waiting for her.
    The idiot son of the Kim family proposed.
    Son of Kim: Hey, let's get hitched. I've even brought a gift of a hundred
    cattle as a sign of my love for you!
    Seung Mina: Hmmm... maybe I should run away again...
    Name: Siegfried Schtauffen
      There was nothing to stand in the way of the wind that cut through this
    valley. The evil within him had been exorcised, and now the warrior cast his
    eyes upon the windblown valley.
      His childhood memories, the valiant figure of his father, the beginning of
    his madness, and the Schwarzwind (Black Wind).
    Man: Siegfried, where have you been for the last three years?
    Siegfried: I shall tell you about it someday.
      Familiar faces, new faces... it seemed the Schwarzwind was alive and well.
    Siegfried: Demons are on the attack! Prepare to fight, men!
      And thus a new wind began to blow...
    Name: Hwang Sung Kyung
      One legend spoke of the "Sword of Salvation" as being in truth an evil sword
    that drove souls insane. Injured during a fight with Inferno, the incarnation
    of the sword, Mina came to his aid.
    Seung Mina: You can depend on me now.
    Hwang: Indeed... thank you. We need not rely on legends anymore, for we shall
    protect our country ourselves.
      The zealous patriots depart for the seas of unrest to protect their country
    and their people. Their stories will surely be retold with pride to future
    Name: Rock
      At the end of the fierce battle, Rock finally rescued Bangoo and returned
    back to their homeland in the wilderness. Although he staggered a little,
    Bangoo lifted Rock's ax high.
    Bangoo: See, I'll be okay Rock. I can take care of myself from now on.
      With the passing of time, Bangoo became a strong young man. He would recall
    Rock's words whenever he saw a large cloud in the vast blue sky.
    Rock: You'll leave someday on a quest of your own, to find your true soul for
    Name: Lizardman
      Inferno disappeared into the infinite darkness with countless lost souls. The
    overwhelming power, the pure insanity, and the temptation for destruction...
      Injured during the violent struggle, Lizardman devoted himself to madness.
    With a hideous roar, Lizardman expressed his lust for more destruction and
      Other monstrous abominations gathered under the moonlight as if summoned by
    his roar. And so the cold-blooded legion led by Lizardman began the hunt for
    their next prey...
    Name: Edge Master
    Edge Master: It's been a long, hard trip, and it's good to be back at last.
    Seems like Kilik is ready to take the test. Kilik!
    Kilik: Yes master.
    Edge Master: Wait right here.
      Edge Master suddenly attacks Kilik while he is in his youth (or evil?)
    Kilik: Master... you've become...!!
    Edge Master: I shall teach you the art of mastering the evil within you by
    using evil itself! Prepare yourself Kilik, defeat me if you can. Are you
    ready?! KAAAAAAH!!
    Name: Inferno
      A pillar of light pierced through the clouds to herald the event. A powerful
    sword capable of destroying evil, as if in opposition to the surging evil.
      For the demon sword seeking stronger souls to consume, it became the ultimate
    source of power. The Krita-Yuga was consumed by a wave of evil, and a new sword
    of chaos was born.
      Inferno's cry of joy reverberated as if to reach the entire world. All hope
    was lost... and now an era of darkness is about to begin...
    Last Words:
      There you have it. If anything is wrong, just send me an E-Mail. Hope there
    will be some respect for the hard work.
    Special Thanks:
    2)To Gamefaqs
    3)To all my friends for the encouragement
    Soul Calibur is Copyright Namco Crops. This document Copyright 2003 Basel
    If you need to contact me to add or ask me about anything, E-Mail me at
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    Credits for GameFAQs and Namco Crop.

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