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    Extra Tricks by DChan

    Updated: 08/22/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         [Soul Calibur] Dreamcast tricks
         By Don "Gamera" Chan (crs1219@hotmail.com + ICQ 3522863)
         Current Update: Sun, 22 August 1999
         Previous Update: Sun, 22 August 1999
         Created: Sun, 22 August 1999
         DISCLAIMER: No, I don't have a Dreamcast. (But I plan
    to get one by late January 2000, when Sentimental Graffiti
    2 is scheduled to come out on 27 January 1999. (Yeah,
    right. I'll believe it when I see it.))
         I can't verify the following Soul Calibur info. (-_-;)
    Don't publish them in a game magazine unless you've
    independently confirmed them, or the reliability of your
    game magazine maybe laughed out of the newsgroups and the
    Web by gamers all over the world.
         A01. Introduction
         A02. To use Inferno
         A03. New moves (Sophitia only)
         A04. References
         A01. Introduction
         Instead of updating the monolithic Sophitia FAQ that I
    wrote last year, I'll just report some of the systematic
    features and tricks that are in the Dreamcast version and
    weren't in the arcade version. BTW, I effectively haven't
    played Soul Calibur since late December 1998, when I met
    some Japanese Soul Calibur fans at Comic Market 55 in
         A02. To use Inferno
         To use Inferno, fulfil these conditions:
         1.   In Mission Battle Mode, able to use Xianghua's 3P
              The player may need to purchase her 3P costume in
              the Art Gallery in the Museum Mode.
         2.   In Arcade Mode, choose Xianghua's 3P costume.
              In the Select Your Character screen, choose the
              3P costume by pressing Y+A or Y+X. That is, while
              holding Y, press A or X.
         3.   Clear the Arcade Mode with 3P Xianghua.
              The player can Continue after a lost match.
         A03. New moves (Sophitia only)
         New moves that the Dreamcast Sophitia has and the
    arcade Sophitia hadn't. I don't know if Edge Master,
    Inferno, and Lizard Man also have these new moves or not?
         db+[B]                   L
         Whirl Low Kick
         X+Y                      Impact counterattack
         L (Yell?) Punish [At long range, impact only.]
         X+Y                      Impact counterattack
         L (Yell?) Sentence [At long range, impact only.]
         (WS) [A]+[B]             X
         Fortune Satellite
         A+[f]                    Special movement
         Guard Shuffle
         A04. References
         - Shuukan Dreamcast Magazine, Vol.25, 1999. Tokyo,
    Japan: Softbank Publishing Inc, 99.08.13-20.

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