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    Mitsurugi by GGaffney

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    SOUL CALIBUR: Heishiro Mitsurugi Strategy Guide V1.3	
    By Giles Gaffney (Founder of Kung Fu Movies Website) 
    1st June 1999
    8 WAY RUN
    V1.3 - 1st June 99
    Small update to coincide with my new Maxi guide;
    -Added rising section
    -Fixed another typo error 
    -Reformatted to suit Notepad and Web Browsers
    V1.2 - 18th May 99 
    Big update this time thanks to all the feedback;
    -Fixed typo error
    -Changed Introduction again
    -More Juggles
    -8 Way Run section added
    -Throwing section added
    -Changed some notations 
    -More on Mist
    -More on floored opponent theory
    -No longer cheap, more all-round strategy
    V1.1 - 8th May 99 
    -Bigger Introduction
    -More on first hit theory
    -Mist and Relic section added
    -Against CPU section added
    -Removed Summary section
    -Various other bits and pieces
    V1.0 - 26th April 99
    -Initial release
    In Soul Calibur, Mitsurugi is a very good all-rounder, easy to learn and one of the most popular 
    characters. This guide is not intended to be a moves list with a description of each move 
    because knowing that will not make you a good player. You'll end up saying to yourself "What move
    should I use next? Ah! I haven't used that move for a while. Brilliant. I'll use that next." 
    The best way to learn is to adopt a strategy of knowing what moves to use in different situations 
    and what moves combine into effective strings. I've been playing Soul Calibur since the test 
    version first came out. This guide will explain to you MY way of playing and MY opinions. You do 
    not have to agree with me but I'm sure you will find stuff interesting and useful like the 
    unblockable series against the CPU. Excuse the bad English but it's hard getting my strategy down
    on paper. I've tried making it as clear as possible. When I first started playing I was very
    honourable and I liked to block a lot but now I just want to win and I've found that cheapness is
    the best way. Before I was losing too much money but now I can last for 45 minutes with only 1 
    credit. This guide is not copyrighted so that means you can change the author's name, add lots of
    colours to it, print it, photocopy it and give it to your friends. Welcome to my Mitsurugi Guide. 
    Anything you don't understand email me.  
    For conventions/notations check out one of the official moves lists which I'm sure you already 
    have. You can get them same place you got this.
    At the start of a round both players are a certain distance away from each other and you and your 
    opponent are not fully concentrated as you would be in the middle of a round, so I think the 
    first hit is very important. In some games like Street Fighter 2, you get extra points for the 
    first hit. Getting off to a good start can mean that your opponent might completely lose his/her 
    concentration and if you follow this strategy you can end the round quickly with a series of 
    As soon as the round starts I normally do one of 4 things;-
    1. Run towards the opponent and perform a delayed HEAVEN DANCE (f,f+B, pause, B). If they block 
    the first hit then normally they would drop their guard, thinking you were done, and the second 
    hit has very high priority over most attacks and should connect.
    2. Fully crouch and wait for them to run at you with an attack. If they don't move then duck d/f 
    and keep edging forward. Suppose they try hitting you with a long attack then just block and keep
    waiting. As soon as they run up to you execute CLOUD DIVIDE, COLD STITCH (FC,d/b+B,B). This again
    has very high priority.  
    3. Immediately perform the SHIN SLICER (d/b+A). This is one of Mitsurugi's main moves and has 
    good reach. It may be cheap but you need it to win. 
    4. Go straight into an 8WR and execute TROOPER ROLL (B+K) which is very surprising. 
    The first thing you want to do is knock the opponent down right? I use different moves depending 
    on my distance from the opponent. These are the basic ones.
    1.  FAR - HEAVEN DANCE (f,f+B, pause, B). Always a good move to use.
    2.  FAR - SHIN SLICER (d/b+A). I use this when alternating between high and low attacks.
    3.  FAR - BULLET CUTTER (b+K,B). This is Mitsurugi's main attack. I use it a lot.
    5.  CLOSE - STALK SHAVER (d+K,B). Fast but don't use it too much. 
    6.  CLOSE - HEAVEN CANNON (d/f+B). This moves launches the 
    opponent into the air for a juggle opportunity (See Juggle).
    Occasionally I might pull out;-
    1. OBEDIENCE (K~B). Good to as an un-blockable after a spirit charge.
    2. SHIN SLICER FEINT UPPER (d/b+A,B) and go on to a juggle.
    The next 4 sections explain other ways knocking the opponent down.
    Mitsurugi has 2 stances called Mist and Relic. I don't really use Mist much but I use Relic a lot
    against the CPU and only occasionally against human opponents.
    This stance is mainly used by pokers. I won't cover everything just the basics. The best way to 
    get into the stance is by tapping B,B and holding f. Once in the stance you can poke with the A 
    button or press B,f for a modified throw or K for a very fast sweep. A good strategy is to use 
    the sweep after STALK SHAVER. For example, after parrying try STALK SHAVER (d+K,B) => hold f then
    press K. After the STALK SHAVER, Mitsurugi will go straight into MIST and sweep. Useful for 
    following up and taking off a little bit more energy.   
    This stance is very good. The best way to get into it is by doing the first part of HEAVEN DANCE 
    (f,f+B) then holding down the B button until Mitsu changes into RELIC. Going into the stance this
    way pushes your opponent back and gives you time to charge up for PATH OF DAMNATION (Hold A+B). 
    If opponent starts running at you then release A+B immediately for an unblockable High attack. If
    opponent freezes or moves away then charge up for about 2 seconds then release for a double low 
    unblockable. Good to use on a cornered opponent.   
    In Soul Calibur, juggles can easily be escaped so after launcher you're only guaranteed 1 hit but 
    more than half the people I challenge either don't know how to escape a juggle or just let go of 
    all the buttons for a moment. I use 2 different 5-hit combos and hope that the opponent goes all 
    quiet and doesn't try to escape. 
    d/f+B (Launcher) -> f,f+K -> A -> b+K,B 
    d/f+B (Launcher) -> f,f+K -> A -> f,f+B,B
    The second one looks very aggressive and is good for ringing out because it juggles a further 
    distance. You have more control over this juggle and if you delay the last part then you will 
    send em' even further and hit them on their side while they're just a few inches above the 
    ground. Guaranteed to get a response like "Wow, how'd you do that??" 
    You say "Well I got my hands on this strategy guide.." 
    If the opponent is a pro and knows how to escape then only 1 or 2 hits will connect and I won't 
    bother launching them again.
    Note:- Did you know it's possible to do a 6 hit juggle?
    d/f+B (Launcher) -> d/b+B -> d/b+B -> A -> K~B.
    8 WAY RUN
    This strategy may be based on vertical attacks but in-between it's still a good idea to move 
    around and dodge the opponent or get in close via an 8 way run. Better still, you can use 
    specific moves that are only available while in 8 way run. Here's some good strategies;-
    TROOPER ROLL (B+K). This move is very good because it rolls in close to opponent and stabs under 
    any high attacks.
    While in 8 way run(u/b or d/b), perform PEAK OF FLAMES (B,A,B) then go into SHIN SLICER (d/b+A) 
    The PEAK OF FLAMES is 3 different strikes at different angles which normally gets in close to 
    opponent. The last hit doesn't always connect but looks very aggressive and forceful like you are 
    digging your sword into the ground as if to say "You will always be weaker than I! Let's forget 
    this match." Just to let you know, these strikes look so cool if you select the unknown soul 
    version of Mitsurugi with a glowing sword (character select screen, G,G => hold start and press 
    A). All you see is this red light moving at all different angles. That's how I made up the name 
    of this strategy.
    I don't throw much because most players are pretty good at spotting it early and duck under them. 
    I feel like they're no better than any high attack but I still put them to good use by "Ticking."
    Ticking, in case you don't know, is doing a move and flowing straight into a throw afterwards. 
    The term came from Street Fighter 2 when a guy won a tournament by doing a low punch which made a 
    "ticking" noise and then going straight into a throw. It was a bug in the game. Nowadays we still
    have this problem in games like King of Fighters 98. There's no bugs like this in Soul Calibur 
    thank goodness but I still like to try and do it. Here's some strategies;-
    1. While in 8 way run(u/b or d/b), perform PEAK OF FLAMES FEINT (B,A) which gets in close to 
    opponent then throw them straight after!
    1. Try RISING KNEE (f,f+K) => throw
    2. Try getting close and SPLITTING GOLD (d/f+A) => throw
    Note, the first hit stuns the opponent so a throw is likely but you must be in close
    3. f,f+A => d+A => d+K => WS+K => throw
    This gets in close and pokes the player which is good because it forces them to block so you just
    throw them. I use this technique a lot when fighting Xianghua players. Mitsurugi can poke too you
    Once the opponent has been knocked down then that's when all the fun starts! 
    I'm always analysing other peoples strategies and I've noticed that many people think like this;- 
    KNOCK DOWN => FOLLOW UP with ground hit => END.
    So they might do a HEAVEN DANCE then go straight into STEEL SLICER for a guaranteed ground hit 
    and then stop. That's not how I think. Once an opponent has been knocked down, I use it as an 
    advantage to keep them guessing what I might do next so I mainly wait till they rise before doing 
    my next hit. I find I get more successful hits this way and can sometimes win the round with a 
    series of attacks in a row. I'm like a snooker player, I don't pot one ball at a time, I make a 
    break. This is really the heart of my strategy.  
    All moves assume opponent is floored.
    Follow up.
    Run right up close to opponent and when he/she is about to get up perform STALK SHAVER (d+K,B). 
    Run close to opponent again who will no doubt be blocking low and perform BULLET CUTTER (b+K,B)
    and keep alternating.
    Run right up close to opponent and when he/she is about to get up execute BULLET CUTTER (b+K,B).
    Run close to opponent again who will no doubt be blocking high and execute STALK SHAVER (d+K,B)
    and keep alternating.
    HEAVEN DANCE (f,f+B, pause, B).
    When they are about to get up perform SHIN SLICER (db+A). While they are still laying down 
    perform a delayed HEAVEN DANCE (f,f+B, pause, B) and keep alternating.
    SHIN SLICER (d/b+A).
    While they are still laying down execute a delayed HEAVEN DANCE (f,f+B, pause, B). When they are 
    about to get up execute SHIN SLICER (d/b+A) and keep alternating.
    Run right up close to opponent and carry out a surprising WHEEL SLASH (u+A+B). Finish with a 
    BULLET CUTTER (b+K,B) which altogether looks cool!
    SHIN SLICER (d/b+A).
    Immediately carry out HALF-MOON SLICE (HCB+A,A) which cannot be blocked but can be interrupted. 
    This is my number one killer technique. It's very cheap but even top professionals fall for it at
    least once a round. 
    this strategy only tends to work if your opponent is a quick riser. 
    If your opponent likes to lie down for hours then I just keep doing
    STEEL SLICER (A+B) or COLD STITCH (d+A+B) which does high damage and wakes them up.
    If your opponent is at the edge of the ring then the best way to knock him/her out is to carry 
    out a juggle or keep walking around them in an 8WR and perform BULLET CUTTER (b+K,B) or STALK 
    SHAVER (d+K,B).
    When YOU get knocked down then instead of mashing all the buttons to get back up again, there is 
    actually a strategy to rising.
    providing you are lying near the opponent then press G+A or G+B to quickly rise with a throw.
    If you are lying mid-range or far from opponent then quickly rise with a BULLET CUTTER by holding
    back and pressing K then B.
    Supposing you are floored at the edge of the ring, then roll around on the floor until opponent 
    is between you and the edge, then quickly rise with a BULLET CUTTER (b+K,B) and hope opponent 
    falls out of the ring.
    Supposing opponent only has a little bit of energy left then keep tapping B,B.. or A,A.. or 
    K,B,A,K,B,A.. There's no point in doing a big move.
    If opponent parry's then try parrying straight after.
    If the opponent blocks too much then I might move around them in an 8WR and keep repeating 
    BULLET CUTTER (b+K,B). In other words, keep dodging them.
    If the opponent keeps moving in an 8WR then I would use SUDDEN GAIL (f,f+A) which ends any 8WR 
    game and maybe go on to tick them into a throw.
    If you ever find yourself in a situation where your opponent has spent all his/her money trying 
    to beat you and everyone else is too scared to challenge you then you'll have to, unfortunately,
    fight against the CPU. You can use this opportunity to either show off, attract new human 
    opponents or complete the game in the fastest time and get to enter your name. I'll explain to 
    you how to pull off an inescapable string that ends the round. This technique is a series of 4 
    different unblockable moves.
    A+B+K,G -> A+B -> b+A+B -> release -> HCB+A,A -> HCB+B,B
    The Spirit Charge makes the STEEL SLICER un-blockable. After the last attack the CPU will KO. To 
    make this series look even cooler finish off with a throw like AUTUMN REQUIEUM (B+K).
    f,f+B Hold B, into RELIC -> Hold A+B, release -> HCB+A,A -> HCB+B,B
    This must be the fastest way of winning the round. Again, finish off with a throw to look cooler.
    The CPU is absolutely helpless against the un-blockable series. You are guaranteed to get on the
    score board for the fastest completion. Just use the same string every round. 

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