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    Taki by KJS

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 08/30/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    TAKI MOVES, TACTICS and everything FAQ V. 3.0 (8/30/99)
    by Khari J. Sampson (rurouni_kjs@my-deja.com)
    This FAQ is for personal use only. Do not use for commercial purposes 
    without written permission from Khari J. Sampson (yes, this means you,
    too, at Gamewarp). You may post it or link to it, but let me know first.
    --Quick Reference sheet of best Taki moves
    --Revised several move descriptions and some ratings
    --Added a little bit to tiny Time Attack guide
    --Revised VS. character section a little
    --Reformatted entire document
    --Changed all "[G]+u, land+" to "WL"
    Long combos are intentionally absent. Most strong players know how to 
    air control out of juggles, making any juggle longer than 3 hits 
    (including the starter) pretty much useless. As you become expert, you 
    might create advanced juggles which anticipate air control.
    SHE'S NOT A CHARACTER FOR WIMPS. You have to get right in an opponent's 
    face to use her well. No hiding behind long-range pokes with her. Plus, 
    you gotta love the idea of this woman going toe-to-toe against big guys 
    like Nightmare and Rock with her little oversized dagger.
    SHE'S NOT A GOOD CHOICE FOR MASHERS. She will jump *right* out of the 
    ring if you're not careful.
    SHE'S NOT FOR THE UNSKILLED. Although her potential is great, her screw-
    up quotient is high. This means she's got a rather steep learning curve. 
    SHE'S AN ABSOLUTE BLAST TO PLAY. Once you learn all her stuff (and 
    you'll need to), Taki becomes absolutely thrilling to play. Unlike 
    Mitsus and Lizardmen who can poke and poke and poke all day, a Taki on 
    full offense is a *sight.*
    SHE'S FINE. Hey, I'll admit it. Taki's not hard on the eyes, either.
    TAKI the Underground Hunter
    Age:25             Height: 5'7           Weight: 117
    Weapon: Ninjatou daggers--Rekki-maru and the evil Mekki-maru
    Fighting style: Musou-baton-ryu
    >From Japan
    Stage: Hokoji Temple
    BGM: Cursed Image
    Measurements: Unknown ;)
      THE BASICS...Conventions, System and whatnot
      THE MOVES...Commands, descriptions and comments
      VS. CPU...General and specific
      TIME ATTACK. . . Taki can get low times too!
      TAKI STATS. . . Win poses, costumes and whatnot.
    (Button commands are always in CAPS)
    A: horizontal slash. Usually hits high.
    B: vertical slash. Hits mid.
    K: Kick.
    (Joystick commands are always in lowercase)
     f: tap forward
     b: tap back
     u: tap up
     d: tap down
    uf: tap diagonally between up & forward
    df: tap diagonally between down & forward
    ub: tap diagonally between up & back
    db: tap diagonally between down & back
     n: neutral; no direction
    qcf: quarter circle forward; d,df,f (bka the Fireball motion)
    qcb: quarter circle back; d,db,b (bka the Hurricane Kick motion)
    hcf: half circle forward; b,db,d,df,f (bka the Yoga Fire motion)
    hcb: half circle back; f,df,d,db,b (bka the Reverse Yoga Fire)
    [ ]:  this means to hold the direction or button inside the brackets.
     r:  Release a button being held.
     ~ :  the command following this should be done real fast, *right* after 
          the preceding one.
     /:  this means "or."  Example: u/d+B means that either up or down plus 
         B will work.
     =:  the move following this can be linked to the preceding move.
    B. Hit conventions
    h: the move must be blocked high, but can be ducked completely.
    m: the moves hits mid. Must be blocked standing up. Duckers will be hit.
    l: The move hits low. Must be blocked low or jumped over.
    *: this move staggers a blocking foe. If on either end of a string (Ex: 
       *hhh*), all moves will stagger.
    !: this move is unblockable!
    Capital M: Special mid hit. Unlike most m attacks, can be blocked while 
    C. Abbreviations and Terms
    8: 8 Way Run (free walking). Some moves only work from this position.
    BW: Back to opponent. Some moves only work if you or foe is in this 
    CD: this move is a Crouch Dash. Ducks high attacks.
    CH: Counterhit. Interrupting a foe's attack offers greater damage and 
        special properties to your own.
    CLNH: Clean Hit. 
    DLY: this move is delayable--i.e. you can pause before entering a 
         command instead of committing to the whole thing at the outset.
    F: Far. Usually affects damage.
    FC: Fully Crouched. Some moves can only be done from this position.
    FD: Laying Face Down. Rare knockdown position.
    GH: Ground Hits. Move hits an opponent Laying Down or Face Down.
    GI: Guard Impact. Deflects attacks.
    LD: Laying Down on back. Normal knockdown position.
    N: Near. Usually affects damage.
    OKIZEME: Attacking while the opponent is grounded. 
    RC: Move recovers crouching. Links to any While Standing (WS) attack.
    RO: Ring Out; this move can often ring out an opponent near the edge.
    SpC: Spirit Charge. This move becomes unblockable when Spirit Charged.
    SS: Sidestep move
    THR: Throw
    WL: While Landing. Move must be done during the latter half of a jump.
    WS: While Standing. Move must be done while rising from a crouched 
    D. STUNS (ONLY occur if you score a Counterhit [CH])
    BD Stun: Bound stun. Victim bounces off ground into air. Ends LD
    DO Stun: Double Over Stun. Victim grabs gut and slowly falls FD. Escape 
             by tapping G at moment of falling.
    C Stun: Crumple stun. Victim slowly falls to the ground a bit faster 
            than DO. Escape by tapping G at moment of falling. Ends FD
    L Stun: Lift crumple stun. Victim gets knocked up a bit before landing 
            and crumpling FD as in C Stun. Escape by tapping G at moment of 
            falling to knees after landing.
    FB Stun: Fall Back Stun. Victim slowly topples over on back (LD). Escape 
             by tapping G at moment of falling.
    Sidestep---------------------tap any direction but f,n
    8 Way Run--------------------double tap any direction,[hold].
    Hop back---------------------b,b
       =Sliding kick-------------K. Hits low; damage varies by character. RO
    Guard Impact High/Mid--------f+G. Repels hm attacks. 
    Guard Impact Mid/Low---------df+G. Repels ml attacks.
    Guard Parry High/Mid---------b+G. Redirects hm attacks.to side.
    Guard Parry Mid/Low----------db+G. Redirects ml attacks to side.
    Soul Charge------------------[A+B+K] All attacks CH for a few seconds.
    Spirit Charge----------------[A+B+K],G. Certain attacks are unblockable.
    ---GETTING UP: After being knocked down (LD/FD)---
    Rise with an attack-----A/B/K   from LD feetfirst or FD headfirst 
                                    position, WS move
                                    from LD headfirst or FD feetfirst 
                                    position, a back move
    Roll to feet from ground-----f/b
           =Rising attack--------A/B/K
    Roll to side on ground-------u/d for up to 3 side rolls before autorise.
           =Rising attack--------A/B/K
    Stand up from ground----------G
    Get up blocking low-----------[G]~[d]
    ---AIR CONTROL: After being knocked in the air---
    Control landing---------------[] any direction. Avoid long juggles and 
                                     potential ROs.
    Land on feet------------------[G], any direction
    ---TECH ROLL: After being hit/stunned---
    Tech roll---------------------twice in any direction
    Stun recover------------------G at moment of falling
    With each move, I've written a brief description, commented on its 
    usefulness, and assigned a grade based on its general usefulness. Since 
    Taki's strength is her ability to mix up a constant offense, I've also 
    listed suggested follow-ups to each move. If no follow-ups are 
    suggested, that move may be best used as an ending move to a customized 
    string of attacks, or as a single poke.
    Usefulness Grading
    *****: Excellent move that should be abused. Potentially cheap.
    ****: Use move often, but don't get predictable.
    ***: Decent move. Incorporate into your arsenal.
    **: Avoid using unless you have an opening or are feeling bold.
    *: Total screw-up move that's more trouble than it's worth.
    Range (Rng) Key
    0: Taki's throw range
    1: Taki standard attack range
    2: About Mitsu attack range
    3: Nightmare range
    4: Ivy range
    Taki Key
    PSN: Move ends in Possession stance.
    Taki, sadly, has the shortest throw range in the game, and her throw 
    speed is as slow as anyone's. Use her throws wisely.
    NAME                        COMMAND      DAMAGE
    Return of the Sun------------G+A----------48. 
    This is a pretty standard suplex throw followed by a handspring back 
    away from the victim. Beware of using it when cornered at the edge, 
    since it leaves her stuck there. Basically, only use this to avoid 
    getting too predictable. Grade: **
    Departure in Fire------------G+B----------55. 
    Her popular throat-cut returns. This is her better normal throw: it does 
    good damage, can substitute for the below version if you screw that one 
    up, switches positions and the victim is left open for ground hits 
    afterward (If they're slow enough, you can pound them with b+B+K several 
    times before they can adjust). Just beware of getting too predictable, 
    or opponents may escape all your throw attempts. Grade: ***
    Followups: b+B+K; db+A; d+K; d+B; A+K; Possession+d+K
    Crossing the Cliff-----------f,[f]+G+B----60. 
    Taki knees the victim, hops on their head twice before cartwheeling off. 
    This is the throw to use, boyee! The f,f motion makes this a dash-in 
    move. Mix this up with her other f,f moves. Grade:****
    Followups: b+B+K; db+A; d+K; d+B; A+K; Possession+d+K
    Cellar Drop------------------G+A/B--------55. 
    Her left throw. She perches on the opponent's head and flips them down..
    Jute Burial------------------G+A/B---------65
    ...and this is her right side throw, a three-slash deal. Execute these 
    two sometimes after her side Wind rolls and flips. Otherwise, don't try 
    to go for these aggressively, just use when opportune. Grade:**
    Followups: db+A; d+B
    Dropping the Bottle-----------G+A/B---------60. 
    Lil' Taki hefts 'em overhead and slams 'em on their head. Dull and 
    rather weak for a back throw, but because it can ring out, you just 
    *might* want to use this if your back's at the edge. Grade:**
    Followups: db+A; d+B
    NAME                     COMMAND      HITS         DAMAGE,COMMENTS,RANGE
    Shadow Shrine----------------A~f-------mm-------------21,21    Rng 0
    This is a surprisingly useful move, though its range is nil. Use when in 
    throw range, especially after doing a 3-hit string. You can totally 
    stuff close enemy attacks with this. Try two in a row. Note: it's 
    possible to delay the f motion until after the initial A hits the 
    victim. The timing is difficult, though. Grade:***
    Followups: A~f; f+B; throw; 3string
    Shadow Ripper---------------A,A,B------hhm---------10,14,17. Rng 0-2
    A useful string for punishing missed moves. The first two hits are 
    *very* fast horizontals, and the third hits mid. Switch between this, 
    A,A,f+B and A,B,B. Grade:***
    Followups: df+A; d+B; df+K,K; f+B
    Silent Shadow---------------A,A,f+B-------hhm---------10,14,20. Rng 0-2
    Same as above except ending with an juggle-starting uppercut slash 
    that's well worth the slightly longer lag time. It doesn't come out 
    easily, though (don't push forward until AFTER the second A), and the 
    recovery is too long for even an A slash juggle or decent ground 
    attacks. Still, it knocks down, so that's something. Grade:***
    Followups: d+K; d+B; db+A. If blocked: df+A; d+B; df+K,K; f+B
    Darkness Illusion-----------A,B,B---------hmm---------10,19,28. Rng 0-2
    	=Possession-----------[db] during 3rd hit to end in Possession. 
    A standard pressure tactic whose 3rd hit can be cancelled into her 
    deadly Possession stance. Grade:***
    Followups: df+A; d+B; df+K,K; f+B
    Shadow Rush---------------A,B,K--------hmh----10,19,23. 3rd DLY. Rng 0-2
    Mix it with other A,B strings. The delay on the third kick only means 
    that you can delay inputting it, so you don't have to committ to the 
    whole string. Grade:***
    Followups: d+B; df+K,K; f+B
    Shadow Cannon------------A,B,b+B+K------hml----10,19,25. 3rd GH. Rng 0-2
    	=Cancel w/Mekki-maru--A during 3rd hit----h------11
    This move can be difficult to execute, and the last move comes out too 
    slowly to surprise alert players (although it can be cancelled into a 
    fast, no recovery strike). Thus the usefulness of this move is down a 
    point. If mastered and used sparingly, however, it can be a potent 
    weapon. Grade:***
    Followup juggles: A,A.  A,f,f+K.  A,db+A. K,K,K.  f,f+B. 8,u/d+K,A.  
    A~f.  df+B.
    If blocked: df+B; b+B; df+K,K; f+B; b+B+K (may fall for it)
    False Shadow-----------------f+A------------h-------------12. Rng 1
    This is useless except as a weapon-stripping move. Grade:*
    Burning Misery-----------f,[f]+A,B,B,B----hmmm--------24,8,12,18 Rng 1-2
    This adds 3 fast stabs to an initial high horizontal swing. It's a 
    decent pressure combo, though not as useful as in Soul Edge due to the 
    removal of weapon breaking and its slower execution. It's also a weapon-
    stripping move. Note that the 8wr version is considerably weaker. 
    Followups: b,b+B; B,K; df+K,K; f+B; f,f+B
    Burning Misery w/Delay----f,[f]+[A],B,B,B-----hmmm---24,8,12,18  Rng 1-2
    Same as above, but with a delay before the stabs. This one works 
    strangely; you must hold A while also inputting the Bs to get the latter 
    hits. Mix this with the single attack and full string below and above to 
    confuse. Its difficulty of use knocks it down a point. Grade:***
    Possessed Misery------------f,[f]+A,[db]------h-----------24. PSN. Rng 1
                             8,f/df/uf+A,[db]-----h-----------6. PSN.
    This move and its 8way version both end in Possession. The regular one 
    can be delayed by holding A. Grade:***
    Followups: any Possession move
    Shadow Split---------------df+A------------M-------12-------RC. Rng 0-1
                               FC, A-----------M-------12-------RC
    Very fast, low-looking crouching slash that's weakened a tad by the 
    Special mid property. Use it after her non-staggering 3strings to stuff 
    offense-crazed foes in close and, most importantly, set up WS moves. 
    Followups: any WS or FC move; throw
    Earth Scroll-------------d+A,K---------ll-----17,13. RC. 2nd GH. Rng 1-2
    Two fast low hits make this one to mix in from time to time. But be 
    aware that the first hit's very short-ranged, doesn't push the enemy 
    back and both have a brief but punishable recovery time if blocked. 
    Followups: WS+K; WS+B; db+K
    Reaping Hook--------------db+A--------------l--------33. RC. GH  Rng 2
    A low, wide, sweeping slash, this is about the longest-ranged of Taki's 
    low moves. However, SE vets will be dismayed by the longer recovery 
    time, during which free attacks are commonly suffered if this is 
    blocked. Only use this attack as okizeme or at the longest range 
    possible to minimize the risk. Grade:***
    Followups: WS+K
    Curse--------------------b+A---------------l--------17. PSN.  Rng 1
    This fast low sword poke is as short-ranged as d+A,K, but it also goes 
    straight into Possession. I don't recommend using it often, since it 
    lacks stagger potential and leaves Taki open whether she hits, misses, 
    or is blocked. Still, a low attack is a low attack, and it's a good 
    stuffer. Grade:**
    Followups: any Possession move EXCEPT b+A
    Bamboo Cutter----------------b,[b]+A-------------h-----------20  Rng 1
    The built-in backstep can carry Taki out of reach somewhat. Then, the 
    strike swoops in, and her circular arc spins her to her left a bit and 
    out of easy retaliatory range. It hits fairly often as well. The only 
    caveats are that it hits high and isn't that fast or ranged. Grade:***
    Hanging Phantom--------------WL+A------l-----------23  Rng 1
    Its disadvantages are legion; it's rather slow, short-ranged, hard to 
    time and requires the vulnerability of a jump. The upshot is that this 
    move is a juggle starter. Combined with an immediate WS+A,A,A; it can 
    easily become a 3-4 hit combo. And you get style points, too. Mix this 
    up with WL+B,B for best results. Grade:**
    Followup with WS+A,A,A
    Air Phantom------------------U+A------------m-----------------20  Rng 1
    In case you have to hop over a low move, stick this out to 
    counterattack. Grade:*
    Shadow Claw--------------WS+A,A,A----------mhm*--------21,14,33  Rng 0-1
    Excellent attack. At the risk of being predictable, you should use the 
    first 2 hits at least 50% of the times you recover crouching near the 
    opponent. Follow with the string of your choice. If those 2 hits whiff, 
    throw in the last A for more range; if they counterhit, use the now-
    guaranteed 3rd hit to really lay the smackdown. Don't use the last A if 
    you're facing the edge of the ring, or you may self-ringout! Grade:*****
    Follow-up first 2 hits with: B,A,[db]; 3strings; throws
    Shadow to Possession----B,A,[db]-------mh------15,12. 2nd DLY. P. Rng0-2
    This should really be your string of choice. The first hits mid and is 
    nearly as fast as an A move. The A comes out instantly, making this an 
    automatic two-hit string. Even better, the A can be delayed, and thus 
    throw off the timing of ordinarily good blockers. These first two hits 
    are excellent basic weapons which Taki players should abuse due to 
    the sheer variety of switch-ups it offers. This one interrupts to 
    Possession. Use the PSN. interrupt after using some regular 3-hit 
    versions. Grade:****
    Shadow Scroll--------B,A,A-------mhl-----15,12,24. 2ndDLY. 3rdGH. Rng0-2
    This Shadow combo ends with a low Reaping Hook-like slash. Train foes to 
    block this, then fool them with mid-hitting variations, or vice versa. 
    The long recovery on this move knocks it down a point, but the delayable 
    second hit can confuse enough to allow the low hit to score. Grade:***
    Shadow Banishment-----B,A,K--------mhh--------15,12,33. 2nd DLY. Rng 0-2
         =Delay Kick--------[K]--------mhh*
    A good pressure combo--use it a lot. Mix in the delay often to confuse 
    and stagger. Also has modest ringout power (to Taki's right). And don't 
    forget the 2nd delay--use it! Grade:****
    Followups: f+B; f,f+B; f,f+K, b+K,K
    Heavy Shadow----------B,A,f+K-------mhm*------15,12,17. 2nd DLY. Rng 0-2
    Mix this in only if they start ducking the above. Adds a Heavy Burden-
    like kick (8,uf/df+K) for a stagger. Careful; it doesn't always come 
    out. Grade:**
    Shadow to Stalker-----B,A,u/d/n+A+B-----mh------15,12. 2nd DLY.  Rng 0-1
    Really confuse opponents now. This is a perfect combo to use when backed 
    up to the edge. The first 2 hits force your attacker back while 
    disguising and covering your flipover out of harm's way. 
    Lightning Strike---------B,B,B-----------mmm---------15,18,28  Rng 0-2
           =Cancel 3rd to PSN---[db]
    This is another stock "B" combo. It's much slower than the previous ones 
    mentioned and easier to sidestep, so use carefully. Grade:***
    Followups: d+K; d+B; f+B; strings
    Blood Scroll-------------B,K,A-----------mh*h----------15,24,11  Rng 0-1
    The first 2 hits are excellent weapons and should be your reflexive move 
    to retaliate against missed moves. The 3rd has no range at all and often 
    doesn't even hit due to the strength of the 2nd hit. Grade:*****
    Delayed Blood Scroll------B,[K],A--------mh*h----------15,48,11  Rng 0-1
    The strength, confusion and ringout potential of the delayed kick makes 
    it worth trying. It knocks foes to Taki's left. Leave the 3rd hit alone-
    -it'll miss. Grade:***
    Followups: db+A; 3strings; b+K,K
    Silence--------------------f+B-----------m-----------24   Rng 1
    This simple, short lunging stab is one of Taki's most useful moves. It's 
    excellent for closing in from mid range to near-throw range, where Taki 
    fights best. It's a little slow by Taki standards, but it has decent 
    priority. A good string filler and poke, esp. when you push them out of 
    regular A and B slash range. Grade:****
    Followups: df+A, df+B; 3strings.
    Assassin's Strike-------------f,[f]+B-------m*-------N50 F33. SpC. Rng 2
                                8,f/df/uf+B-----m*----------N50 F33. SpC
    This move, in which she rushes forward about 2 lengths to stab in the 
    gut, lost a bit of range and priority from Soul Edge, but it also lost 
    the long recovery it had, especially after hits. So it pretty much 
    balances out. In addition, it's her best Spirit Charge unblockable. Mix 
    well with her f,f throw, f,f+A,B,B,B; f,f+K and make a dashing Taki 
    scary. The 8wr version,lacking the f,f dash, is shorter-ranged but also 
    less telegraphed. 
    Followups: d+B; db+A; PossessionA+B
    Assassin's Feather-----------df+B-----------m-----------22   Rng 1
    Standard juggle-starting upper slash. Use this to punish low blockers, 
    but watch out for the recovery time. Only a counterhit floats high 
    enough for juggles. Grade:***
    Followup juggles: A,A. A,db+A. K,K,K.  f,f+B.
    Mekki-maru's Darkness-----d+B,A--------mh-------21,11 1stGH,RC. Rng 0-1
    	=Cancel-------------~A------------h-------11. Rng 0
    The short, short range on the A moves kills their usefulness--only use 
    them at close range against standing targets; good timing on the cancel 
    can deliver a combo hit. The lst hit by itself is the fastest and 
    simplest ground hitter Taki has, and therefore should be used often. It 
    has surprising reach and is a good buffer for her WS moves. Grade:****
    Follow-up 1st hit with: any WS or FC move
    Free Shadow----------------db+B-----------m-----------15. RC   Rng 0
    Although it's faster than the above move, it's too weak and short-ranged 
    to be very useful. Grade:*
    Followups: any WS or FC move
    Darkness to Possession------b+B-----------m-----------12. PSN.   Rng 0
    I used to HATE this move. It's weak, short, only hits mid, doesn't 
    stagger and would leave me in the very punishable Possession stance when 
    I really wanted the move below. I thought b+A was a better choice for 
    the same effect. However, this move puts you in PSN faster and looks 
    identical to a normal B slash, given it a fair amount of trick value. 
    Use carefully, mixing in liberally with B strings and simple B slashes. 
    Followups: any Possession move, esp. PSN+A
    Seal-----------------------b,[b]+B--------m*-----------28. RO    Rng 1
                                 8,b+B--------m*-----------28. RO
    This is a potent move for Taki. though it's short-ranged. Taki rears 
    back a little bit and lunges forward with a powerful impact with the 
    flat of her blade. It staggers blockers and can force ringouts near the 
    edge. Add this at the end of a pressure series, as the beginning tends 
    to dodge many counterattacks. Just be careful not to mess up and do an 
    unfortunately-timed b+B. Grade:***
    Followups: B+K,B,B; Possession; hcf+B
    Darkness Banishment---------WL+B,B-------m*l-------28,26. 2nd GH Rng 0-2
                                WS+B,B-------m*l-------28,26. 2nd GH
    This bread & butter rising move from SE is less useful now that the Z-
    axis is so open. It has a tendency to totally whiff the second, low hit 
    and leave Taki open. Use WS+AA instead if close or interrupt with the 
    Stalker flip. The WL version is more surprising and should be mixed in 
    when opponents learn to block the low-hitting WL+A. Grade:** (*** for WL 
    Banishment to Stalker-------WS+B,u/d/n+A+B---m*-----------28
    Cancels the move into a flip. Be careful near the edge. Not that the WL 
    version CANNOT cancel to Stalker. Grade:**
    Air Calm---------------------u+B------------m*------------25    Rng 0
    Somewhat useless air move. Use to foil low-hit-happy foes and possibly 
    train them for her more useful WL+A. Grade:**
    Seal of the Fire Dragon------hcf+B----------m!------------71  Rng 2
    This unblockable uppercut has good range and a fairly speedy windup, but 
    it's very easily sidestepped. Be ready to cancel it every time you try 
    it. In fact, the cancel is identical to the windup, you have an 
    excellent chance of psyching your opponent out totally and getting an 
    easy run-in hit. Grade:**
    Darkness to Stalker---------BW,B,u/d/n+A+B-------m-----------17    Rng 1
    This flip is a good move to get out of the oh-so-open-backward position, 
    and turn the tables on the enemy. Grade:**
    Haste---------------------K,K,K-----------hhh---------18,21,21   Rng 1-2
    Though all the kicks hit high, and are therefore quite whiffable, 
    they're quick enough to combo and move her forward fast. Use this 
    carefully but often, especially after a series of slower strings. 
    Followups: b+K,K; df+A; df+K,K; K,K,d+K
    Water Haste---------K,K,d+K------hhl------18,21,17. RC. 3rd GH Rng 1-2
    Mix often with the above. Grade:***
    Followups: any WS or FC move
    Divine Punishment--------f+K,A-----------mh---------22,11. 2nd DLY Rng 1
    The first kick, which arcs overhead to smack foes on their crowns, is 
    better than the following A. However, always add the A against standing 
    opponents at close range for an easy 2-hit combo. Grade:**
    Hurricane Punishment--------f,[f]+K---------MM-----------22,22  Rng 2
    Similar to Chun Li's old Spinning Bird Kick, this is a good dashing move 
    to close the gap fast. Its weakness is that it turns Taki's side to the 
    enemy if blocked. It's not easily punishable, but she is vulnerable. Use 
    against very offensive or 8-way-run-happy opponents--its priority is 
    incredible. Be careful not to start the f,f version too far away, or you 
    might end up with a slide kick instead. Be aware that the 2nd version is very hard to get out consistently. Grade:***
    Rapid Destruction--------df+K,K,K----------mmm----------18,20,30 Rng 1-2
          =Cancel to Wind Roll---u/d/n+B+K
    This is a high-priority series of side kicks which should be used often. 
    The first 2 have better range than most of her slashes, move her forward 
    and are good for stuffing moves with windup. Her recovery isn't bad 
    either; they are almost completely safe. In sum, it's the best poke move 
    she has. Stick with just the first two, before adding the third for 
    variety (and ringouts). Grade:****
    Followups: df+K,K; K,K,K; b+K,K; f+B; ff+B
    Punishment Strike---------d+K,K----------lm---------17,26. 1st GH. Rng 1
    A standing shin kick followed by an overhead arc kick. Despite the 
    opening low hit, the short range of these kicks is problematic. Use the 
    2nd sparingly, as they do not combo. The first kick alone works as 
    guaranteed, low-risk okizeme or a low poke. Follow it up with the 2nd 
    kick after training them to block the first. Grade:***
    Followups: B,A strings; d+K,K
    Sealing Punishment--------db+K------------l-----------13. RC. GH. Rng 1
                              BW,d+K----------l-----------11. PSN. GH
    This fast crouching sweep is even shorter-ranged. Use sparingly or to 
    set up a WS attack. Grade:**
    Followups: any WS or FC move
    Water Kick---------------b+K,K----------hl------23,17 RC. 2ndGH. Rng 1-2
                         8,db/ub+K,K--------hl------23,17. RC. 2nd GH
    This high kick, low kick combo moves Taki forward a bit, so it's useful 
    as a gap-closer. However, it's best to use the first kick close enough 
    to stuff a potential attack. Grade:***
    Followups: any WS or FC move
    Mat-----------------b,[b]+K,K--------m*m*-----28,18. 1st must hit. Rng 1
    Taki does a low flip onto the victim's head. A single hit knocks down 
    and leaves the victim in perfect okizeme range. Two hits sends Taki 
    behind the fallen victim, with less opportunity for okizeme. If blocked, 
    it staggers but also leaves Taki with her back to the enemy for a brief 
    instant, although guard impact/parry is possible (and advised). The 8wr 
    version is a great surprise attack. Grade:**
    Follow-up successful 2 hit version with: db+K
    Haste Alternate--------[G]+u+K,K,K---------hlh----------17,12,20. Rng 1
    This series, similar to Tekken 3 character Jin Kazama's leaping spin 
    kicks, doesn't advance far, but is fast and has a nice low hit in there 
    (and you get style points....;) Try it in close as part of a custom 
    string. Careful; unlike most jump attacks, using uf/ub will not work (knocking it down a point). Grade:***
    Divine Cannon ---------WS+K--------------m--------23. Lift stun. Rng 0-1
    Excellent move to tack on after a crouched recovery due to Lift stun 
    potential. Plus, it pushes enemies out of easy retaliation range. Mix 
    with her equally essential WS+A,A. Grade:*****
    Follow-up a stun with: A+K; d+A+K
    Seal. Punishment to PSN.--FC,df+K,[db]------l-------11. PSN. GH  Rng 1
    This is the same as db+K, but with the option of going to Possession. 
                               8,A+B. Flips any which way.
    Stalker Lower-------------d+A+B  Flips toward screen.
    Stalker Upper-------------u+A+B  Flips away from screen
    No Taki user should ignore this. This flipover takes you behind the 
    enemy. Although vulnerable to high swings, this move can take you out of 
    harm's way and keep the enemy totally unsure as to where you're coming 
    from next. However, Taki always flips behind the enemy's position, so 
    this move can land her in some weird spots. Finally, NEVER use this move 
    if you have the enemy pinned at the edge, or you may ring out yourself. 
    The side flip is better for simple evasion, while the flipover is for 
    setting up counterattacks. Despite the high rating of this move, once 
    you achieve a certain level of expertise, you'll hardly ever have to use 
    it. Grade:***; side versions:****
    Followups: f,f+K; B+K
    Poison Dart---------------FC,db+A+B-------------M-----------20  Rng 0
    Taki tosses some sparkly dust. Too slow, weak and short-ranged to be of 
    use. Taki's one practically useless move, although there may be an 
    obscure combo that works it in. For show-offs only. Grade:*
    Followups: a REAL attack. If it lands, A+K may work
    Advancing Cloud Scroll----A+K---------------M*M*------22,17. GH  Rng 1-2
    Avoid low attacks and stuff many attacks with this flipping double kick. 
    Staggers, too. Great okizeme attack, but its Special Mid property keeps 
    it from being the Ultimate Move. Use after every Lift stun without fail. 
    Followups: d+B; db+A
    Cloud Scroll-------------d/u,n,A+K----------hh----------17,17  Rng 0-1
         =Cancel to Wind Roll u/d/n+B+K
    This is a lateral version of the above move. It requires a quick 
    sidestep before execution. The 8way version is more useful. It also 
    causes a brief crumple stun which can sometimes be exploited for a 
    float or even throw. Grade:***
    Storm Cloud Scroll-------d/u,n,A+K,A-------hhm*----17,17,31  Rng 0-2
    Tacks on an A to the above for a strong mid followup. Grade:****
    Fog Blanket----------d+A+K---------m*---30. FD if blocked. GH. Rng 1-2
                         BK,d+A+K------m*---37. FD if blocked. GH
    Somewhat useful, but not much, as a block or whiff leaves Taki open to 
    ground games. A+K is always the better choice. Grade:**
    Divine Cannon Combo----FC,A+K,K-----lm*---------16,23. 1st GH  Rng 0-1
    The first kick is a short-range sweep identical to db+K, followed by the 
    WS+K kick. Too short-ranged, plus the FC requirement hurts a bit. 
    Besides, db+K chained to WS+K is identical and offers more versatility. 
    Still, it has stunning possibilities (pun intended) and the 1st hit is a 
    tad stronger than other versions of the little sweep. Grade:**
    Ninja Cannon--------------b+B+K-----------l-----------20. GH     Rng 0
    Despite the windup, this is a great move to use at times. It hits low 
    and juggles enemies high. You can get a free 2nd hit once they land (and 
    the landing takes off as much health as the popup), but sometimes it's 
    better to wait and pop 'em up again when they fail to block low upon 
    rising. The attack's area surrounds Taki's feet, so they can't side-roll 
    away (in fact, ALWAYS use this against habitual side-rollers), and seems 
    to hit even low blockers to the side as well. Rinse and repeat until 
    they wise up. Beware, though: due to an apparent glitch, occasionally 
    this move will do NO DAMAGE AT ALL on grounded opponents. Grade:****
    Followup juggles: A,A.  A,f,f+K.  A,db+A. K,K,K.  f,f+B. 8,u/d+K,A.  A~f.
    If blocked: df+B; b+B; df+K,K; f+B; b+B+K (may fall for it)
           =Cancel w/Mekki-maru  A---------------h-----------11  Rng 0
    Another trick is to simply toss the move out when in range, then cancel 
    with A to tag 'em when they try to counterattack. Grade:**
    Heavy Burden-------------BW,B+K-------m*-----------14. BD Stun   Rng 1
                          8,df/uf+K-------m*-----------14. BD Stun
    This move, a downward-hooking axe kick, is Taki's best turnaround move. 
    It also comes out often when attempting the "infinite" Ninja Cannon 
    ground juggle, so you can stay unpredictable. Grade:**
    If stunned, followup with juggle
    Possession-------------------qcb, Lasts about 1.5 sec.
    This is both Taki's greatest weapon and an occassional weakness. While 
    she has a number of moves from this stance, many leave her open if 
    blocked or missed. Worse, it's easy to do this stance accidentally, and 
    she is completely unable to block or dodge once in Possession, although 
    it ducks most high attacks. Still, mastery of this stance and its many 
    moves can make Taki plain scary. Ideally, you should use Possession 
    several times a match. Grade:****
    Followups: any Possession move
       =Rush---------------------f    Rng 2
    	=Cancel Possession---b
    Taki sprints forward for about 4-5 steps. This is a great surprise move, 
    as you can interrupt it with any Possessed attack. It also has the added 
    effects of ducking high moves and lengthening the Possession time, but a 
    quick pull back cancels it immediately (note: to prevent stepping back, 
    do b~f). Try a fast cancel then throw a turtling opponent, or go right 
    back into the stance. Finally, the cancel can link to any b+whatever 
    attack. It's possible to use the various Rush cancels as a entire style 
    in itself. Grade:*****
    Followups any Possession attack EXCEPT PSN+b+A; b+whatever
       =Storm Scroll------------A-------------h*--------------39    Rng 1
    Taki sidesteps left, then leaps to her right, slashing high (The move 
    starts mid, but soon becomes a high strike as it arcs). It also leaves 
    Taki with her flank exposed. It staggers, and she travels a good 
    distance, so she's usually safe. But a total whiff may leave her 
    vulnerable. Also, be very aware that she may self-ringout. If near the 
    edge, avoid this move. This is the P move of choice if the enemy likes 
    to 8wr or use vertical attacks. Grade:****
       =Mekki-maru Wind----------b+A----------h--------------11     Rng 0
    Too short-ranged to be useful, but it's fast, at least. Sadly, it's 
    impossible to use this in the PSN Rush, since the back motion cancels 
    the run. It's best used against foes who try to counterhit you while 
    you're in the stance. Grade:**
       =Dream Scroll-------------B-----------m*--------------47     Rng 1
    A powerful mid attack. It's pretty short-ranged, easily sidestepped and 
    leaves her too open if she misses entirely, so use this in close only. 
    However, this is the P move you most want to land, especially for the 
    powerful (but tough to time) A+K followup. Grade:****
    Followups: Possession; f+B; db+A; A+K
       =Dragon Wheel-------------K-----------m--------------18    Rng 1
    The speed and priority of this flipkick plus its slight retreating 
    effect makes this the move to choose if accidentally caught in 
    Possession. It's also great after during the Rush, particularly against 
    people who like to try counterhit her. It's her safest P attack. 
    Followups: db+A; df+K,K; f+B
       =Vacuum Drop Kick--------d+K-------l------22. LD if blocked. GH Rng 1
    This short-ranged kick hits low, sending her sailing in a Stalker-like 
    backflip. Blocked, it puts her in a bad ground position *right* in front 
    of the enemy, so it's not one to toss out lightly. However, it's 
    probably the first Possession move you should try, if only to scare them 
    into blocking low, thus opening them up for her stronger mid A & B 
    attacks. It's also a great gauge of an opponent's ability--if they block 
    this, you're facing a seasoned opponent. Also use for ground hits and to 
    stuff enemy attacks right in your face, as it ducks all high and some 
    mid attacks. Grade:***
       =Awakening Rush------ub/u/uf+K,A----mmm*-------23,23,47. SpC  Rng 1-2
    Taki's strongest P attack, this small flipping attack is difficult to 
    use or land compared to the rest. But the huge damage potential makes it 
    worth trying; two clean hits of these will end a match fast! Beware of 
    using the forward-moving uf version, as it may carry you over the 
    enemy's head, opening you to back throws and such. The A is Spirit 
    Chargeable, but in order to land it you must charge up fully, making it 
    useless against anyone who knows how about Spirit Charging. Try to use 
    after doing a few harmless flips to lull opponents into carelessness. 
       =Exorcism--------------A+B------------m!---------66     Rng 0-1
    Taki's fast P unblockable is very short-ranged. However, this is a good 
    one to throw out after panicking foes with constant Possession mixups, 
    and it hits better than her other unblockable. Faster characters can hit 
    you out of the windup, but slowpokes are easy pickin's. Grade:***
    Followups: hcf+B
    Wind Roll Front--------------B+K  Rolls toward foe. RC    Rng 3
    Similar to SE, Taki rolls under high attacks toward the enemy. She's 
    still open to mid and low strikes, and can't stop the motion once 
    started. But it's still useful for the number of moves available after. 
       =Mekki-maru Wind-----------A-----------h-----------11  Rng 0
    Short and fast, but not a worthy payoff for the risk of using the Roll. 
       =Divine Wind---------------B-----------m*--------33. GH, SpC  Rng 1
    This Spirit Chargeable uppercut is better by far, but don't stop here. 
    Also hits ground. Grade:***
       Wind Death Sault------B,B,B-------m*mm---33,28,52. 1stGH,3rd Rng 2-3
    One of Taki's most impressive moves; following the upper, she slices in 
    midair, then dives down for a ground hit. Too cool; takes off half a 
    life bar if the whole thing connects, which seems to require a clean 
    hit. Also be aware that good players will block or avoid the last hit. 
    Then only use the 1st 2. Also if the foe is near the edge, to prevent an 
    accidental self-ringout. Finally, the last hit can be angled by holding 
    f or b on the stick. Grade:***
    Followups: hcf+B; any Possession move
       Wind Sealing Rush----B,K,B-------m*m---------33,23,28. 2nd must hit.
    This is similar to Taki's original Roll strike. The 2nd hit is a 
    circular attack, so a clean hit on the first B is not required. The 3rd 
    hit seems to rarely come out, as it can be air-escaped though. Grade:***
    Wind Roll Inner/Outer---------u/d+B+K  Rolls to side.  
    	= Side Breeze-----------A-----------h-----------33    Rng 1
    These, which also duck high moves, are decent ways of getting around the 
    enemy's guard. Follow-up on simple side-rolls with side throws. 
    ---8 Way Run (see followups to normal versions)
    Possessed Misery---------8,f/df/uf+A,[db]---h-----------6. PSN.
    Burning Misery---------8,f/df/uf+A,B,B,B---hmmm------6,8,12,18
    Use as in normal stance. Note the far lower damage. Yuck. Grade:**
    Bamboo Cutter---------------8,b+A-------------h-----------20
    This move's a bit slow for an 8 way attack. Grade:**
    Assassin's Strike-----------8,f/df/uf+B-----m*----------N50 F33
    This is the 8wr move you're most likely to use by accident. Good thing 
    it's a good move. It's blindingly fast. Grade:****
    No chance of screwing up this version. The problem is that the short 
    range is compounded by the backward walk. Grade:***
    Water Kick----------------8,db/ub+K,K-------hl---------23,17. RC. 2nd GH
    The backward motions for this move makes the 8way version a little more 
    difficult to land. This move is probably better used in normal mode. 
    This move is easily used, so be careful not to toss it out accidentally. 
    Wait for foe to start walking, too, then surprise them with this sudden 
    forward strike. Grade:***
    Cloud Scroll-------------8,d/u+K------------hh----------17,17
    Storm Cloud Scroll-------8,u/d+K,A----------hhm*--------17,17,31	
    Use this as a close-range, quasi-sidestep move. Grade:***
    Heavy Burden---------------8,df/uf+K----------m*-----------14. BD Stun
    This downward-hooking axe kick is probably best used as an close-range 
    sidestep attack, where it can most likely counterhit for the stun. 
    Stalker--------------------8,A+B. Flips any which way.
    Harder to control in 8wr. Grade:***
    Possession-------------------8,A+K. PSN.
    I don't recommend using this lightly in, as it negates your free 
    movement. Still a potent weapon, as it delivers the Possession arsenal 
    instantly, and is unhampered by lousy joysticks. The A in particular 
    seems to be effective. Grade:***
    Wind Roll Front------------8,B+K. RC
    Good to use once your opponent starts 8wr, since it's harder for them to 
    aim or block in this mode. However, you're less likely to hit as well, 
    so be careful. Grade:***
    ---8 Way Run Exclusives---
    Wind Scroll  -----------------8,u/d+A------m----------27. DO stun. Rng 0
    While its stun potential shouldn't be overlooked, this is a slow and 
    very short-ranged slash. In fact, the recovery is so long that even a 
    successful stun is difficult to capitalize upon. Avoid unless facing an 
    8way maniac. Grade:**
    If stunned, followups: A+K; df+B; db+A
    Shadow...----------8,db/ub+A-----h---------8. Link to A strings. Rng 0-1
    Darkness...--------8,db/ub+B-----m--------15. Link to B strings. Rng 0-1
    Basically, these moves give Taki her usual combo potential while in 8way 
    run. Grade:***
    Illusion Scroll--------8,u/d+B-------m*-----------13,20   Rng 1
    Nice short-range attack. The 2 hits are virtually simultaneous and they 
    usually juggle. Easy to sidestep, though, so option select the A attack 
    if this is a problem. Grade:*****
    Followup juggles: A,A.  A,f,f+K.  A,db+A. K,K,K.  f,f+B. 8,u/d+K,A.  A~f.
    Scroll of Darkness------------8,u/d+B~A-----m*-----------37  Rng 1
    This attack is somewhat similar to the end strike of the Storm Cloud 
    Scroll. Hard to dodge, so if the enemy goes into 8wr, you may want to 
    use this. Grade:***
    Sliding-----------------------8,f+K---------l------------26. GH   Rng 3+ 
    Standard sliding kick. Make sure you're running at a good clip. Grade:**
    Quick Reference Sheet of Taki's best moves
    5 STARS (*****)
    WS+A,A,A                     WS+K
    B,K                          PSN, f (Rush)
    4 STARS (****)
    f,f+G+B                      df+A                     
    B,A~db                       B,A,K                     
    f+B                          f,f+B or 8wr, uf/f/df+B
    d+B                          df+K,K
    u/d+A+B                      8wr, u/d+K,A
    8wr, u/d+B                   b+B+K
    qcb (Possession)             PSN, A
    PSN, B                       PSN, K
    A few worthy 3 STAR moves
    WL+B,B                       d+A+K
    db+A                         df+B
    b,b+B                        f,f+K
    A+K                          PSN, d+K                   
    u/d+B+K                      8wr, u/d+B~A
    Taki wants to be able to get in close. Good moves to do this with are: 
    f,f+K; A+B; f+B; f,f+B; f,f+A,B,B,B; Possession Rush; A- and B=strings. 
    Side flips (u/d+A+B) are good for getting around aggressive pokers, as 
    is f,f+K.
    In close, try A~f and df+B as well as her normal strings. If you're 
    having trouble with being out-prioritized, try df+K,K and, at closer 
    range, df+A; these work well.
    Low moves to harass with are d+A,K and d+K. The former leaves Taki 
    crouching, and thus chains to her excellent WS attacks. The latter is 
    very short-range, but fairly safe. In general, avoid low moves vs. a 
    hard CPU, as it will usually block and punish, especially if done in 
    After you knock an enemy down, go for the ground game, aka "okizeme." 
    b+B+K, though a bit risky and weak, is a great tactic. The idea is to 
    time the move so it hits just as the CPU rises. Done correctly, it 
    should juggle high again. Repeat until you mess up or you win. Another 
    good ground-hitter is a simple d+B, if the victim is in range. If not, 
    try B+K,B; A+K; d+A+K all hit on floor the fairly quickly from a short 
    distance. Or, for style points, go into Possession rush and nail 'em 
    with d+K or A+B.
    When you have an enemy stuck at the edge, be relentless but careful. 
    Avoid using A+B; WS+B,A+B; B,A,A+B; WS+A,A,A; B+K,B,B,B or Possession+A 
    at all costs--these may carry you out of the ring.
    Go for the ring out, though. Near-guaranteed ring out moves are b,b+B 
    and B+K,B,B (being sure to avoid the last B); db+A; A~f (counterhit); 
    Possession d+K. And, of course, df+B, 8,u/d+B or b+B+K followed by a 
    short juggle (A works wonders) may do the job.
    	Despite Astaroth's might, this is one of Taki's easier battles. 
    The idea is to stay close to the big guy. Once she's inside his optimal 
    range, his defenses are low. Taki's speed is enough to beat his throw 
    range. The trick, of course, is getting past his axe. I usually try 
    B+K,B,B,B to start. It's surprisingly successful. I also 8way run once 
    he sticks out about any of his vertical attacks, careful to watch for 
    any horizontal moves. I also use the flip to position myself for a quick 
    f,f+B dash-in. Once I'm in close, I like to pepper Asty with half-combos 
    and fast single moves like f+B and A~f. Due to the axe's slow speed, you 
    might land her powerful PSN u+K,A. Finally, use PSN+A+B when they're 
    rising; they're usually too slow to counterattack.
    	This is often a tough fight. CPU Hwang loves to use his fast low 
    blows, and his well-ranged slash attacks are relentless. Use the flip to 
    get out of jams and use a hit & run strategy with him, as a toe-to-toe 
    battle with Hwang can go very badly. A~f is sometimes effective in 
    close. f,f+B often works well due to Hwang's slight windup on most 
    VS. IVY
    	Ivy's strength is distance fighting, but don't underestimate her 
    inside skills. CPU Ivy is very defensive and she uses quick strikes to 
    keep Taki *just* out of her zone. Use 8wr and flips to jockey for a good 
    midrange position (Ivy's weak at this range) and strike when an opening 
    appears. Because Ivy's so defensive, I recommend using a Spirit-Charged 
    f,f+B. Also, the 8wr version works well due to Ivy's windup on most 
    	Be careful! Kilik has a significant range advantage, so don't 
    charge in, though A+K or PSN A are decent round-starters. Instead, 
    advance carefully, watchful for his moves. When he does move, block and 
    then retaliate; his moves have enough recovery for Taki to counter and 
    begin her onslaught. Also, her flips are superb for getting inside 
    Kilik's guard. Finally, Kilik is somewhat vulnerable to sidesteppers, so 
    8wr away. Just watch for his slower wide moves. Seung Mina's a little 
    slower but with better circular moves, so Taki's gap-closing timing is 
    VS. MAXI
    	Maxi can be a real pain. At times he can stuff Taki's attacks with 
    ease. I 8wr around Maxi a lot and zap him with the 8wr Assassin Strike; 
    he seems to fall for it a bit. But most importantly, try to stay out of 
    his striking zone, and use hit-and-run instead of constant pressure, 
    unless an opportunity arises. Maxi's stagger potential is so high that 
    it's difficult for Taki to get a counterattack started without getting 
    stuffed. Try to hit him in the middle of his moves; he has recovery lags 
    that can be exploited. 
    	This can be one of the toughest battles. Mitsu can nearly match 
    Taki in speed and his range and power well outstrips hers. I recommend 
    side flips to make him whiff his initial frontal attacks, then dash in 
    with one of her dashing attacks (f,f+B/ABBB/K/G+B). Once inside, 
    pressure him as long as you have the initiative; otherwise, get out of 
    there and look for the next opening. Another tactic that is surprisingly 
    effective is simply poking Mitsu with df+K,K. It's the one move Taki has 
    that compares to Mitsu's reach and speed. A similar strategy works 
    against Yoshimitsu. He's not as grossly damaging as Mitsu, but Yoshi can 
    still drain Taki to nothing shockingly fast. Plus, he's faster with 
    truly frightening combo potential. Be very careful and watch you defense 
    against him.
    	At times, his huge range and good side coverage seem unbeatable, 
    but Nightmare is just slow enough for Taki to hang out of range and 
    actually strike between moves, especially when he moves into his 
    stances. It takes supreme confidence in Taki's abilities and knowledge 
    of Nightmare's brief lag times. Don't get too happy once inside, either. 
    Nightmare has some *wicked* inside moves. Go for the df+B juggle often 
    so you can get much-needed ground hits in. Basically you either get 
    near-perfect or barely eke by. No in-between with Nighty.
    	Sophie can confound Taki in a toe-to-toe fight; she's fast and 
    ranged enough to beat Taki to the draw, and her many crouch dash moves 
    slip under Taki's fastest moves. Thus, flips are imperative. Sophie has 
    enough lag time to be punished often. However, Lizardman 's extra 
    overall range makes him more dangerous than Sophitia. If any fighter 
    will make Guard Impacting necessary, it's Liz. A highly effective move 
    against both is f,f+B.
    	Another tough battle. Voldo has the same capacity for weird 
    timing, speed and priority that Sophie does. However, Voldo's a much 
    bigger target, so fighting him can be a little easier. I often start the 
    round with Possession+A. It seems to land pretty often. I also try flips 
    to stay out of easy range. Voldo's Blind Stance is when both Taki and he 
    are most vulnerable, so it might be prudent not to just charge in every 
    time he turns around.
    	This is one of Taki's worst opponents. She's nearly as fast as 
    Taki with a tad more range on most moves, and her style allows more hit 
    potential. Fortunately, she's pretty weak, so take advantage of Taki's 
    superior agility to keep a strong hit-and-run game going. Don't fight 
    Xian toe-to-toe lightly, since Xian seems to have a tad more priority. 
    She's also such a small target that she's hard to hit. 
    In general, repeated ff+B moves should enable fast time records for 
    Taki. Also go for ringouts at the edge with b,b+B; df+B and 8,u/d+B. If 
    the AI blocks too much, add a Spirit Charge to the f,f+B. Use B,A,db 
    (PSN) A+B  too.
    A: Red tights with cleavage-baring neckline, red stocking mask and long 
    brown ponytail. Extremely bouncy chest.
    B,K: Blue tights. No mask. Hair bound by barette and ribbon. Less 
    (advantage: B)
    1: Left fist sizzles with energy, then she sheathes her sword in her 
    fighting stance.
    2: Pivoting, she swings Mekkimaru (in a flaming arc), then Rekkimaru in 
    glowing arcs, sheathing both in turn.
    WIN POSES: Select your favorite with the corresponding button. Also, 
    "power" versions of each are available by holding the joystick in a 
    given direction during the replay.
    G: Classic backflip into straight-standing arms crossed stance. Power 
    version adds blue trails to her hands and feet (hold stick up).
    A: Does two high spin kicks. Glow version adds flame-colored motion 
    blurs (hold stick left or right).
    B: Swings sword 3 times, flashes some ninja magic, then sheathes sword. 
    Glow version puts a different color glow on Taki for each swing and adds 
    a new sound effect on the sheathing. (hold stick down).
    K: Does a high spinning back kick, kicks high twice with the same leg, 
    and ends in the one-legged stance, leg cocked. Glow version adds a 
    respective red lightning and green flash for the latter two kicks (hold 
    stick right or left).
    Taki drops her blade then collapses to her hip and hands.
    Taki drops to all fours and pounds her blade on the ground in utter 
    frustration before dropping it.
    	My lord and savior Jesus Christ for everything.
    	Jason Arney (jarney@namco.com) for some sweet Taki tactics (both 
    on the official SC forum and through the Taki movie demo in the site's 
    Advanced and Technical System sections) and for the wonderful official 
    site in general (www.soulcalibur.com).
    	Mr MG and Wind-X for hosting earlier versions of my FAQs and for 
    having such excellent fan sites for the game, Critical Calibur 
    (www.vibe.mcmail.com/soulcalibur) and Soul Calibur Network 
    	Mishmashi for numerous strategies and such on the SCN strategy 
    forum. He's written his own excellent Taki Technical Guide. Check it 
    out, too--it adds a lot of detail to what I've offered.
    	Also everyone who's ever contributed to the Taki section of the 
    SCN forum.
    	Wai Dat Chan (waidat@flirble.org)for his Xianghua FAQ at 
    (www.flirble.org/waidat/xianghua.htm) which both inspired me and served 
    as an early model.
    	Ben Cureton (tragic@toxic.net) for his great Tekken 3 Yoshimitsu 
    FAQ which gave me the idea of adding move rankings.
    	The Brady Commons SC Regulars consisting of KilikFan/Kiriku, 
    Chris, and others for providing excellent and friendly competition.
    	Kao Megura (kmegura@yahoo.com), for being such a great FAQ writer 
    and an inspiration.
    	Donny "Gamera" Chan, for also being a great FAQ writer and an 
    inspiration. Check out his excellent Sophitia FAQ at SCN or Critical 
    	Scott Spencer (SSpen@ix.netcom.com) for doing a Toshinden 2 FAQ 
    which I modified but never published. That got me started on this one.
    	Jy for being a vocal Taki fan and for contributing strategies and 
    	All Taki players; this is for you!
    	All the other SC nuts who populate the various SC Forums.

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