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    Xianghua by waidat

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    Xianghua FAQ 0.1
    Quick Note:
    This list is going to be developed as I get time.  If there are any extra bits
    you want to see in here, yell.
    email: waidat@flirble.org
    Moves from the converted text list and uses:
    === Moves ===
    --- Notations ---
    Joystick positioning:
    ub    u    uf
    b     n     f
    db    d    df
    G       - Guard
    A       - Horizontal Attack
    B       - Vertical Attack
    K       - Kick
    H       - Hits High
    M       - Hits Mid
    L       - Hits Low
    SM      - Special Medium
    .       - Move also hits Grounded Opponent
    A+B+K   - Soul Charge (successful attacks counter-hit)
    A+B+K,G - Spirit Charge (certain moves become unguardable)
    [x]     - Hold button/direction 'x'
    x+y     - Press x AND y at the same time
    x,y     - Press x THEN y
    x/y     - Press x OR y
    x~y     - Press y immediately after x, not at the same time though
        - While standing from a crouch
        - While fully crouched
        - While lying on the ground
        - While lying face down
        - While lying face up
        - Auto deflect
    {SG}    - Move staggers if blocked
    {SS}    - Move staggers to side
    {B*}    - Fall back stun on counter hit
    {C*}    - Crumple stun on counter hit
    {D*}    - Double over stun on counter hit
    {d*}    - Fall down stun on counter hit
    !       - Unblockable
    --- Throws ---
    Move                Name                    Break      Height     Damage
    G+A                 Yuen Chuei Shaur        A                     55
    G+B                 Long Ling Sheang        B                     60
    ,throw             Tien E Sheang           A/B                    62
    ,throw             Yng Dyi Yann            A/B                   55
    Can ring out
    ,throw             Yuh Luen Shaur          A/B                   65
    --- Attacks ---
    Move                Name                    Height       Damage       Note
    A,A,B               Beautiful Rhythum       H,H,M        11,14,18
    Good for interuption or after opponent finishes a move which has
    slight recovery.
    A,A,b+B,B           Tzau Lan Hua Rhythum    H,H,M,M,M    11,14,17,15,23
     ^G                  ^Cancel 4th Hit
    A,A,b+B,B,B         False Tzay Lan Hua      H,H,M,M,H    11,14,17,15,35 {SG}
    A,A,d/u             False Rhythum           H,H          13,13
    Only used if you're trying to set opponent up for a parry
    A~B                 Lian Hua Twist Left     M            32
    Slow, ducks(?) can connect with d+A+B after if they don't move
    A~K,B               Feung Yun Feint         M,M,L        17,18,28     {SG}
    Ends in while crouching, perhaps can do  B~A, good for going
    over slow low attacks
    A~K,K               Doubt Feung Yun         M,M,M        17,18,27     {SG}
    Last move for mix-ups, initial move(s) to advance closer to opponent, good
    for going over slow low attacks.
    f+A                 Cross Lian Hua          H            21
    f,[f]+A             Striking Lian Hua       H            30           {SG}
    Moderate reach - use for when opponent is circling/approaching unguarded
    df+A                Shui Shian Strike       L            32
    Good reach, slowish to start, slowish to recover
    d+A                 Rhythum Halt            SM           12
    Fast, recovers crouching
    db+A                Chia Hua                L            22
    Short reach, slow to start, but can be easily chained into another
    b+A                 Storming Lian Hua       M            26
    Slowish to start, I think it may sidestep very direct attacks,
    turns opponent a little to the side if it hits
    b,[b]+A             Lan Hua Slice           M            24
    Slow to start, ducks underneath high-attacks, pretty good range, slow 
    b,[b]+[A]           Lan Hua                 M,M          24,20
    As above, with additional attack thrown in - second attack has limited
    range, but it's good for catching unwary opponents out
    [G],u+A             Falling Chia Hua        L            14
    Low attacks are always good, shame it doesn't really hinder opponent
    in any way
    u+A                 Yann Slice              M            31
    ,A,A            Muu Jiann Rhythm        M,M          17,15
    Advances while crouched, opponent may fall for second hit
    B,B                 Elegant Rhythm          M,M          15,19
    Fairly quick, mix-ups possible with just single B for impatient opponents
    or B, df+B for slight delay, float ability
    B~A                 Lian Hua Twist Right    M            37
    Parries high/mids as well as striking, but timing is hard to perfect
    B~K                 Mei Hua Circle          M,M          23,34        {SG}
    Haven't really found a use for this yet
    f+B,A               Advancing Rhythm        H,M          22,25
    Mix-up with f+B, B  This has less range than above, spins opponent on hit
    f+B,B               Deadly Rhythm           H,L          22,18        {SG}
    High/low attack, easy to parry once they get used to it, but a good mix-up
    f,[f]+B,B           Playful Rhythm          M,M          25,33        {SG}
    Slow to start off, bad if they sidestep lots.  Mix-up opportunities
     ^[b]                ^Laughing Bea Her Hua
    I've managed to get this to work once off Sophitia's qcf+B thrust,
    otherwise they can just run in and throw you.
    df+B                Lian Hua Upper          M            28
    Excellent floater, good range, a little slow to start/recover though.
    d+B                 Rhythm Break            M            17
    Similar in concept to d+A
    db+B,A              Shan Ji                 M,L          25,26        {SG}
    Good for catching opponents out with the second L.  Can be mixed up with
    A+B and db+B
    b+B,B               Tzao Lan Hua            M,M          15,15
    Defensive attack,
     ^G                  ^Cancel 2nd hit
    b+B,B,B             Tzao Lan Hua Feint      M,M,H        15,15,23     {SG}
    b,[b]+B             Vengeful Lian Hua       M            40
    Short step back, good lunge/ranged attack forward.  Can be used for avoiding 
    incoming attacks (just) and retaliating.
    Unguardable on Spirit Charge.
     ^[b]                ^Laughing Bea Her Hua
    [G],u+B             Shiang Ryh Kwei         M,M          26,17        {SG}
    b+B                 Yann Slash              M            28           {SG}
    ,B              Shaing Ryh Kwei         M,M          26,17        {SG}
    Floats, good for catching opponents out, staggers
    ,B~A            Shaing Ryh Kwei Feint   L            26
    Good for catching opponents with.  Telegraphs itself a little, but still very
    ,df+B           Mei Guei Hua            M            37           {SG}
    Floats, good range, staggers.
    ,df+B,B         Mei Guei Hua Feint      L            39
    Funny move, slow and telegraphs itself lots so it can be blocked/parried,
    or they can choose to retaliate in her paused animation.
    K                   Yuen Kick               H            11
    Fast kick, doesn't move her forwards
    K~B,B               Outer Heh Kick          M,M          23,28        {SG}
    Looks similar to her ub/u/uf+K kick, but you can tag on the B (K~B, B)
    for a Playful Slice (8WR u/b+B) which floats.
    f+K                 Heh Kick                H            24
    Knocks them over, pretty fast, good for cheesy ring-outs.  Attack goes
    from right to left (inner crescent with right leg)
    f,[f]+K             Woan Shyong Swing       M            22           {SG}
    Good for run-ups with stagger, a little slow, but very useable when mixed
    up with throws/pressure attacks.
    df+K                Sheau Shan Kick         M            16
    A little slow, but a tad faster than f, [f]+K (no stagger though)
    Good for mid-level 'probing'/annoyance attacks
    d+K                 Woan Shyong Nibble      L            11
    Very annoying, very fast low-poke attack.  One of her most useful moves.
    Shame it only does damage and doesn't knock the opponent over - has to be
    used as a psych tactic =)
    df/uf+K             Circle Breaker          L            26
    Slow, but advances Xianghua and floors on counterhits
    df/uf+K~A,A,B       Circle Breaker Feint    M,M,M,L      32,17,18,28
    Looks similiar to above, good for mixups/guessing games if used with
    below.  Slow to start though.
    df/uf+K~A,A,K       Circle Feint to Feug Yun M,M,M,M     32,17,18,27
    d/db/ub/u+K         Outer Heh Kick          M            23           {SG}
    Staggers, goes over low attacks, good for catching opponents out
    b+K                 Shan Kick               H            18
    Execution time on this isn't too bad, timing is the key here.
    Guaranteed df+B connect after a hit
    b, [b]+K            Ta                      M            30
    Again, good for catching opponents out when you're retreating, can (just?)
    connect a f, [f]+K after.  _Maybe_ a df+B if you're lucky.
    Try a d+A+B or similar (f+A+B?)  if it works, tell me =)
    [G]+u, as you land,K  Lian Hua Sweep        L            22
    It's a sweep, and you can connect something off it if it hits =)
    ub/u/uf+K           Inner Heh Kick          M            22           {SG}
    Staggers on block, good for priority games
    , K             Rising Shui Shian       M            22
    Can ring out, she flips backwards (good for strategic retreats) and floors
    opponent.  Mix this up with d+K
    A+B                 Muu Jiann               M, M         18, 33 2nd hit{SG}
    Good for mixups with db+B or db+B, A.  Unguardable when Spirit Charged
    f+A+B               Muu Jiann Advance       M, M         18, 18
    2nd hit forces opponents into crouch, this move hits floored opponents
    f, f+A+B            Great Wall              M            45           {SG}
    Slight sidestep before execution of this move, good for running in ...
    especially if the opponent tries a straight attack.  Staggers opponent to
    face side, but Xianghua's recovery time is pretty poor so no advantage is
    gained really.  It's slow to start off as well
    df+A+B               Lian Hua Cannon        M            37           {SG}
    Unguardable with Spirit Charge, basically the only time I use this.  Floats
    What connects after?
    d+A+B                Yann Dive              L            23
    A little slow, but good for mix-ups.
    Try connecting  B~A,  df+B?
    b+A+B                Muu Jiann Retreat      M, M         27,35  2nd hit {SG}
    I've not found a proper use for this yet...  Initial M has very short range,
    second has lots more
    , A+B, B         Mei Hua Divide         L, H, H      17,14,35 3rd hit {SG}
    Slow start, fairly deceptive though, I never feel the last hit is worth it
    , A+B, d+B       Mei Hua Carve          L, H, L      17,14,23 3rd hit {SG}
    As above, the third hit is more useful and can ring out.
    , A+B            Guei                   L            12
    Very short range, only really useful against newbies if opponents' feet are
    by Xianghua's hands/feet.  Hilarious move =)  Use after a roll as well.
    A+K                  Hou Lee
    A seriously good move, it passes under high attacks but unfortunately
    you can be hit out of it with mid/low attacks.  Guarding/attacking is
    only good for the mid->end animation   Use lots for mixups, beware of
    mid/lows though.
     ^B+K                ^Lower Great Wall      M            48           {SG}
    Good for scaring opponents with, and doing lots of damage/ringing out
    d+A+K, K             Lian Hua Sweep         L, L         33, 28
    Very slow to start, perhaps mixing it up with Hou Lee might help?  Second hit
    should be mixed up with something else
    f, [f]+B+K          Advancing Bea Her Hua   Guard Impact
    Deflects all H attacks.
    df+B+K              Lower Great Wall        M            48           {SG}
    One of her heaviest attacks, moderate speed, good damage, bad recovery, can
    ring out I think it ducks under highs
    d+B+K               Quake Step              SM           40           {SG}
    Staggers base on proximity if opponent isn't blocking
    db+B+K              Hwu Dye                 M            33
    Don't sidestep, use this.  Allegedly.  At least, I think that's how it's
    supposed to be used, but I haven't quite got the hang of it yet
    b+B+K               Muu Ling                M            61           !
    Pretty fast unblockable, doesn't hit Grounded opponents unfortunately.
    Use in mix-ups where the opponent expects to block, or where they're about
    to rise or perhaps f, [f]+K.  The good thing about this move is that it almost
    looks as if it cancels itself half-way
     ^G                  ^Cancel
    b,[b]+B+K           Retreating Bea Her Hua  M
    I should get used to using this move when running away instead of tapping
    back rapidly =p  I imagine it's good when fleeing/not moving away from
    advancing attacks.  The only problem is the lag time between start/stopping
    --- Stances ---
    ---> 8 Way Run (ARS)
    Move                Name                    Height       Damage       Note
    f+A                 Striking Lian Hua       H            30           {SG}
    df/uf+A             Li                      M            33           {SG}
    Bend-over stun on hit.  Float 'em =)
    d/u+A               Spinning Lian Hua       M,M          18,18
    Short range, but a good attack - needs careful timing though
    db/ub+A             Ing Hua                 H            34
    Never used it.
    b+A                 Lan Hua Slice           M            24
    b+[A]               Lan Hua                 M,M          24,20
    f+B,B               Playful Rhythm          H,M          25,33        {SG}
     ^[b]                ^Laughing Bea Her Hua
    df/uf+B             San Jann                M,M,M        24,18,18     {SG}
    Good if they all connect, as the last hit floors the opponent, however
    the last hit is also easily parried.  Should you miss ... panic.
    d/u+B               Playful Slice           M            28
    Good for small floats
    db/b/ub+B           Vengeful Lian Hua       M            40           {SG}
     ^[b]                ^Laughing Bea Her Hua
    f+K                 Slide                   L            26
    Don't use this too often against good players
    df/uf+K             Circle Breaker          L            26
    Slow, but floors on counterhits
    df/uf+K~A,A,B       Circle Breaker Feint    M,M,M,L      32,17,18,28
    df/uf+K~A,A,K       Circle Feint to Feug Yun M,M,M,M     32,17,18,27
    d/db/ub/u+K         Outer Heh Kick          M            23           {SG}
    b+K                 Ta                      M            30
    f+A+B               Great Wall              M            45           {SG}
    Slight sidestep before execution of this move, good for running in ...
    especially if the opponent tries a straight attack.  Tracks well.
    df/d/db/ub/u/uf+A+B Ma Chiueh               H            28
    Not sure about this one.  It has good reach, quick recovery etc.  haven't
    yet used it properly in a match
    A+K                 Hou Lee
    Doesn't track, so using it for attacks in 8WR isn't too good.  Useful for
     ^B+K                ^Lower Great Wall      M            48           {SG}
    Good for scaring people with, and doing lots of damage/ringing out
    f+B+K               Advancing Bea Her Hua
    df/d/db/ub/u/uf+B+K Bea Her Hua
    b+B+K               Retreating Bea Her Hua
    Spirit Charge Unblockables (Can be parried):
    b, b+B
    List of juggles:
    df+B:      f+B, f+B, f+B, df+B
               f+B, f+B, f+B, df+B+K
               A, f,[f]+K
               B, B, df+B
    b+K:       df+B
    A+B:       df+B
    A~B:       d+A+B
    Tips for any character:
    When running in to attack, mix up these suggestions:
    i.   Slide kick
    ii.  Execute different 8WR moves
    iii.  Throw
    iv.   Guard cancel the run and use normal moves
    Thanks to Namco for providing the Movelists so promptly on the official Namco
    site:  http://www.soulcalibur.com
    And people (in alphabetical order):
    Don 'Gamera' Chan (crs1219@usa.net)
    - For compiled lists of other sites with Soulcalibur info =)
    Everyone on #soulcalibur
    - For general game/character discussion
    Jarney (jarney@namco.com / http://www.soulcalibur.com)
    - Official site maintainer, for discussions and help on the various formums
      (inc. Efnet #soulcalibur)  and all other information
    Jason Ho
    - Discussion and competition =)
    Mr MG (mrmg@fighters.net / http://www.fighters.net)
    - For letting me use his text-version and format of the movelist and for
      game discussion/competition.
    Namco's Soul Calibur Forum
    - Everyone on there who contributed in all ways possible =)
    Namco WP London
    - Players with styles, skills, and varying levels of amusement whenever I
      end up there =p  (Oh, and the weird people that make life interesting)
    - Game discussions on the Namco Forum and #soulcalibur (esp. Ivy stuff)
    c. 1998 by waidat.  No part of this FAQ maybe rewritten without the 
    express written permission from the author.  You can take the info here, 
    but give credit where credit is due.  

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