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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASam

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/31/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                      SUNRISE EIYUUTAN FAQ 
                           Andy Sam 
                          v 1.0 1/31/00  
    Note: use tools such as NJwin to decode the katakana
    Version 1.0 Initial release 1/31/00
    The contents of this FAQ should not be reproduced in any way. This 
    FAQ can not be used by anybody (especially publishers) whose intention is
    commercial and profit. It cannot be given away as a bonus for purchasing
    the game software...etc. It cannot be used in magazines, guides, ..etc 
    in any way, without the express written permission of the author.  
    This FAQ is owned and created by me, Andy Sam. Any comments, critics, feel
    free to e-mail me (shdsan@hotmail.com)
    Table of contents
    I.    Game System (Including Controllers)
          a. Dock mode 
          b. Town mode
          c. Battle mode
    II.   Battle system
          a. Robot type
          b. Pilots
    III.  Walkthrough (sort of)
          a. Maps
          b. Episode 1-8
          c. Special story episode 
    IV.   Secrets:
          1. Get money fast(about 60,000 per move)
          2. How to get L-gaim and other 3 hidden robots
          3. Secret CG
    V.    Item lists
    VI.   Robot lists
    VII.  Author's note
    The game system itself is actually pretty self-explanatory. 
    The game is about exploring planet sunrise.
    There are four options at the main screen.
    1. start the game
    2. Load the game
    3. Fight with friends (I love this, this thing like a chess game)
    4. CGs you have collected
    There are three important modes. Dock, town, and battle mode.
    Here is the controller configuration:
    To reset the game:
    Hold A+B+X+Y and press start
    1. Dock mode:
       A: action command
       B: cancel command
    2. Town mode:
       A: self explanatory 
       B: self explanatory 
       X: self explanatory 
       Y: most used by me (it is an action button but you accelerate the dialog 
          by holding it)
          Well, most of the time, I don't understand what they are talking about.
          Until, I stuck, and I try to get the hint from the alien language 
          they bubbling about ^_^.
    3. Battle mode:
       A: action command
       B: cancel command. if you push it twice, the three options are popped up 
          to the screen.
          1. finish turn
          2. battle options.
             a. CG -- on/off
             b. robots -- big/small
             c. puru puru pack -- on/off
          3. exit to main screen
    4. Exploring sunrise
       A,B,X,Y,R trigger, Y trigger are all for configuring the view (just set it up,
       the way you like it)
       Start: view status
    The game system is pretty simple:
    Explore sunrise-->town mode--->dock mode---> special events---> battle---> back
    to sunrise---> town, dock, special events....etc.
    a. Dock mode
    In this mode, you can choose (configure) your battle ship (later in special mode), 
    buy items, sell items, and upgrade robots.
    1. To town (see I.b. Town mode)
    2. Exit from the town
    3. Buy and sell.
       You can sell, junks, parts, robots and items.
    4. Configure your battle ship
    5. Upgrade robots (see robot lists)
    6. View status
       View, your robot, items, pilots, etc.
    7. Save game
    8. Exit to main menu
    b. Town mode
    In this mode, you will explore the town and talk to various characters.
    If it is a special event, you typically will get new characters join your quest 
    or you get CGs. You can distinguish the special events easily.
    If you get a robot or pilot join your quest, you can see a word in a box (well sort of).
    It means that you get something (it can be items, robots, or pilots).
    Just explore to all different areas in the town. You can go back and forth (even if it 
    is useless),and talk to a different character (maybe give you a hint or something). 
    Anyway, if you like, you can explore until nothing happen (I mean clean). I do that 
    before because I do not understand japanese but I found out that you actually do not
    have to do that. If there is a special event, you will directly go that event
    (Typically the bgm (background) music is changed). So, if you don't want to waste your time, 
    just go once to each section/area and leave the town.
    c. Battle mode
    Basically, it is self explanatory (another repeatable word, I will abbreviate this word into
    S-ex, to save my time. hmm, sex? hey, snap it out ^_^, I'll use S-exp).
    To win the battle,
    You must use the right items and robots. Don't think that infinite EN (energy) will help you 
    (game shark cheaters). Strategy and tactics will (like chess). I rated this new 
    system 11 out of 10.
    This is a revolutionary system. I never thought the super robot game will be designed like 
    this. I love this battle system (the detail of the robots drawn, wow). Especially those, 
    who play super robot games a lot (like myself), will enjoy it.
    This is awesome. I don't want to spend 69 bucks for this game before, cause I am thinking
    of old super robot games system(in dreamcast?with no Gameshark). What the heck. But, my brother 
    borrowed this game from a store and he loved it. He taught me the trick and I was impressed.
    At first, it took him 3 hours to figure out how to fight stage 4 boss. But, once you
    understand, you kick the boss ass in less than 5 minutes.
    The goal in the battle is to destroy enemy ship.
    Here are the factors that count in the battle in the order of usefullness (my opinion).
    1. Robots type
    2. Items
    3. Your Ship
    4. Tactics (you are a defender type or an attacker type)
    The ship with recover one stuff (items or robots) each turn and at random. So, don't 
    use up all your items in one turn. Inspect their robots and items, 
    and set up some strategy. Also, In each turn, your launched robots will also gain EN
    and DF. DF is your robot hit points (sort of HP). 
    This battle system is pretty S-exp but I will explain some of robot types and items.
    I typically defend first and attack when enemy ship is out of robot or items.
    But sometimes, full force at the beginning will help. Careful with full force, because
    sometimes boss will use "kill all robots" items and you will lost a lot of stuff at 
    a beginning and you can not defend yourself. The reason for defense is to gain all your
    stuff back and do a counter attack. For regular random battle, just use full force, 
    you want to save your time, right? Remember try to use your EN and robots efficiently 
    when defending. Don't let your robots destroy when in the defense mode, so you can gain
    all your items back gradually. Rule of thumb is to use one item each turn so you know that
    you will get the used item back in the next turn (unless your robot destroy). Anyway,
    you have to experience it by yourself and fight with human player (it will be fun).
    a. Robot types
    There are five basic types.
    If you have the sunrise instruction manual, it is S-exp. It explains things with illustrations.
    I don't want to spend time decode the kanji. I will use type A, B, C, D, etcs. Basicly, ground
    robots could not defend fly robots. Anyway, these are the types (remember, I create the name
    by myself, so don't laugh with the funny name I created)
    A. "Attack first" type.
    B. "Fly" type.
    C. "Can attack fly robot" type (ground only).
    D. "Attack twice" type
    E. "Neutralize" type.
    There are robots with combination types.
    Some robots can do a special move (a big CG).
    You can tell if the robot status have the following example:
    EN+20 = AT+20 DF+20 + other special type.
    It means that if you give EN to your robot (by EN lv2 item or let it stay for two turns),
    your robot can do special attack.
    It maybe not the case, I see Walker galler (in the CG) do a second move but I never
    manage to figure out how, anybody know, please e-mail me.
    Some robots have special ability such as Dunbine have infinite EN. Rodei can take items
    from the ship. L-gaim (one of the best), can endure attack if the robot in the attack mode.
    Etc. Some of them, I still don't know. 
    Here some rule of thumbs.
    AB robots mostly are B types
    PB robots mostly are D types
    AT robots mostly are A types
    MS robots mostly are C type or D types
    b. Pilots
    Some pilots have special ability. 
    However, typically pilots with AT+20 will add EN+5 for the robots he is in. So you need
    more EN to launch the robots.
    I think this section is pretty S-exp
    a. Maps
         O       o
        1        2
        o       o       
        4       5      o
    Note: sorry for my inexperience of translating these katakana, I know some of the words are 
    wrong or funny. But, hopefully, this is clear enough.
    1. Asutoragiusu アストラギウス
    2. Cresent クレセント
    3. Fifth land フィフスランド
    4. Austral オーストラル
    5. Brave ブレイブ
    6. Terra テタ
    7. Cloudia クタウディア
    1. Asutoragiusu:
       a. Sansa サンサ
       b. Kumen クメン
       c. Barrante バラランテ
       d. Ude ウデ
       e. Girubamenu ギルバメヌ
       f. Odon オドン
    2. Cresent:
       a. Bordar ボーダー
       b. Omuga オムガ
       c. Shiroita シロイタ
       d. Teshinmyayu テシンミャユ
    3. Fifth Land:
       a. rormufera ロームフェラ
       b. Sankukingudamu サンクキングダム
       c. Birsumirio ビースミリオ
    4. Austral:
       a. Sai サイ
       b. Gairiuun ガイルタウウン
    5. Brave:
       Tokio トキオ
    6. Terra:
       a. Noa ノア
       b. Jaburor ジャブロー
       c. Berufasute ベルファステ
       d. Soromon ソロモン
       e. Ria リア
       f. Gurameda グラメダ
       g. Zumushiteir ズムシテイー
    7. Cloudia:
       a. Deon town デオンタウン
       b. Kuraudoshiteir クラウドシテイー
    b. Episode 1 - 8
    Unfortunately, I didn't document these episodes while playing the game.
    In these first 8 episodes, you will be treated with story and awesome CGs.
    You have to explore all the towns prior to battling the boss, if you
    want to get all the CGs. While you can go back to previous island before
    battle, do so. So, you don't miss any CG. I miss Char CG and Zaku CG before.
    So, be sure to explore all town and islands that you can reach (don't bother
    with the island you can not reach yet) until there is no special event prior to 
    battle or destination. 
    However, don't worry with the pilots you miss. You can still get all the pilots in
    the special story. 
    Enjoy, the nice CGs.
    Practice your skills, save before battling.
    Don't worry about upgrading robots. Buy useful items only. It is up to you, how do 
    you want to spend the time in these episodes. 
    c. Special Story
    I think there is no ending for this story (I haven't figure it out how, E-mail if
    you know).
    You will be represented with random battle (you know what I mean once you experience it). 
    So, save the game before you go out the town,
    you can just reset and load again if you want different battle. 
    I will assume that you finish the first 8 episodes clean (At least pretty clean). 
    Don't use it step by step. It is actually for your reference to get pilots and CGs.
    I didn't document the name of the pilot or CG but I will tell you if I remember 
    or write the things down.
    So far, I collected a total of 74 pilots (4 pilots are hidden, damn L-gaim took me 70 hours of
    playing this game to finally figure out). There is 1 Secret CG. I will explain in 
    the secret section. For me, these 4 pilots and CG are secrets but maybe not for japanese player. 
    The reason I document this story because I want to get a hint to get L-Gaim. Finally, 
    I did (After 70 hours?). well, not really. 70 hours is just my total hours of play. My brother
    played about 30 hours and I played about 24 hours, and plus misc.  
    A. My first battle destination is [UDE]. So if you want to follow me, don't forget save 
       before going out of [Kuraudoshiteir]. Go out of town until your battle destination
       is UDE. It is up to you.
    I will assume you will explore the town clean (I mean explore all areas until there is no
    special event)
    1. Go to Noa
       You'll get saya.
    2. Go to Jaburor
       Bright Noah will join you. 
       You will also get his battle ship.
    3. Go to Berufasute
       Kai will join you
    4. Go to Soromon
       You'll get 1 CG
    5. Go to Gurameda
       1 CG
       Get Unba (I think this is the name) and his battle ship.
    6. Go to Berusufate
       Char and his Zaku S will join.
    7. Go to Gurameda
       I think you talk to someone or else. I forgot (I can read my own handwritings)
       Just go there.
    8. Go to Jaburor
       There is maybe a special event (for some reason, I don't write anything down)
       Just go there and see.
    9. Go to Cloudia
       Go to Kuraudoshiteir.
       1 CG 
       maybe 1 pilot
    10. Go to Brave
        Go to tokio
        get 2 CGs and 2 AB robots
    11. Go to Fifth Land
        Go to rormufera
        2 CGs
    12. Go to Sakukingudamu
        1 CG
    13. Go to Bisumirio
        1 CG
    14. Go to Austral
        Go to Sai
        1 CG
    15. Go to Gairiruun
        Meet Tod (from Dunbine series)
        4 CGs (I guess, I can not see my piece of art (writings)~_~)
    16. Go to Gairiruun?
        Well, again, writings problem.
        Just go back and forth between Gairiruun and Sai until no special events
    17. Go to Terra
        Go to Noa
        1 CG
    18. Go to Ria
        1 CG
    19. Go to Jaburor
        1 CG
    20. Go to Cresent
        Go to Oaga
        1 CG (if you don't get 1 PB pilot in previous 8 episodes, I guess you will get it here)
        You will miss a CG also but don't worry, you will get it once you have this pilot. Just
        go to Sansa to get the CG. I don't really recall.
    21. Go to Bordar
        1 CG and pilot
    22. Go to Shiroita
        Talk to somebody (I guess)
    23. Go to Ashutoragiusu
        Don't battle yet. 
        Go to Girubamenu.
        1 AT pilot
    24. Go to Sansa
        1 CG, 1 pilot (I guess). Well, when you see "I guess", it means I can not read my
    25. Go to Kumen
        3 Pilots will join.
    26. Go to Bararante
        1 CG
        Marvel will join.
        Talk to one of the boss.
    27. Go back to Cloudia
        Go to deon town.
        1 CG
    28. Go to Austral
        Go to Sai
        You will fight a boss.
        If you win the guy will join you (cool)
    29. Go to Cloudia
        Go to Kuraudoshiteir
        get a special item (there are four special items I found so far, well, I 
        don't know what's for but I guess it lead to special events. One of them
        is crystal or whatever) 
    30. Go to Austral
        Go to Sai
        Get 1 pilot and 2 CGs
    31. Go back to Cloudia
        Go to Kuraudoshiteir 
        1 CG
    32. Go to ramufera (fith land)
        meet someone
    33. Well, I guess I am stuck (no more special events).
        So, Go TO UDE and BATTLE.
    After battle, don't forgot to save. 
    My second battle is turn out to be Tokio (I guess).
    1. Go to Fifth land
       go to Birsumirion
       get pilot (I guess)
    2. Go to Kumen
       Meet someone.
    Another Stuck
    So, go fight in Tokio.
    Save again. My third battle is at Terra island
    1. Go to Austral
       Go to Gairiruun.
       Tod (yeah) will join.
    2. Go to Terra
       Go to Gurameda
       Get pilots, I guess
    3. Go to Zushushiteir
       get 1 CG and pilot
    Well Another Battle
    (Battle in Zumushiteir).
    My next battle is at Fifth land.
    I won't write the island name again.
    1. Go to Gu..? I think is Gurameda
       Get the second special item (a crystal)and 1 CG.
    2. Go to Tenshinmyayu
       get something (I can read my writing, it's eithor pilot or CG)
    3. Go to Sankukigudamu
       Get the third Special item.
    4. Go to Sai
       2 CGs   
    5. Go to Kuraudoshiteir
       2 CGs
    6. Go to Bordar
       The fourth special item and a pilot, I guess. It's hard to see my writings.
    7. Go to Birsumirion
       Well, FIGHT you fifth battle.
    My next battle is at Cresent.
    Go to Cresent and fight. You will fight the ball with spikes.
    1. After battle you will be automatically landed to Tenshinmyayu.
       2 pilots will join, I guess.
    2. Go to ??? (damn, this writing)
       1 CG
    3. Go to Zumushiteir.
       Meet someone
    4. Go to Kuraudoshiteir
       meet a person
    5. Go to Deon town
       1 MT pilot will join or two?
    6. Go back to kuraudoshiteir
       Special event. I can not read my writings.
    7. Go to Deon Town.
       Talk to Rondo.
    8. Go to Border
       Talk to someone.
    9. Go to Sansa
       Get CG
    10. Go to Kuraudoshiteir.
        RV pilot will join.
    11. Go to Sunrise
        Rin or Rie will discuss something
    12. Go out of Sunrise (I mean out of the circle)
        2 CGs
    13. Go to Kuraudoshiteir.
        You will talk to the RV pilots.
    Still No L-Gaim.
    Anyway, I will explain the L-Gaim in the secret section. Other 2 pilots, I guess, you
    can get it right away. But L-Gaim and V-max is maybe until this point.
    Again, for Japanese player, this maybe not be secrets. But, I treat these as 
    secrets cause I can not get it by just exploring the town.
    a. Make money fast.
       I just want to share how I collect the money in a fast fashion.
       You have to have at least 30,000.
       Well, just go to Sai and Gairiruun. Buy all the scraps and junks (especially,
       DGjunks). I mean buy 99 of them. Go to Tokio and sell all of them. 
       You will get a marginal profit about 63,000. 
       The reason I choose between Brave and Austral cause the enemy is stupid and weak.
       You can actually sell those junks at higher price at Sansa. But, try to go there and
       fight those 200 hp enemies. Happy wasting time. 
       You can gain 999999 for about 45 minutes (Depending on the random battle you 
    b. L-Gaim
       There are four hidden robots.
       The first two, I guess, you can obtain at the beginning of the special story.
       Let me know, I do not check it.
       1. The Blue robot (I am lazy to turn on the Dreamcast and translate the name)
          Go to Asutoragiusu.
          Go to the top most island (I think kind of in the middle). 
          You will know if there is an earthquake. You will find this robot hiding in
          the jungle.
       2. The White robot (I will translate the name later)
          Go to Terra.
          Go to the island between Soromon and Gurameda.
          You will find him.
       3. L-Gaim. (YES!!)
          Go to Brave.
          I think go to small island (I think in the upper side). Just check all the small
          islands in that area. 
          You will battle a small ship.
          Then, Daba Myroad will join.
          Well, I think you can do this after you get the RV-pilot.
       4. V-max. (I called it V-max). I forgot the real name.
          Go to Tokio, once you acquire all 73 pilots.
          He will join you.
    c. Secret CG
    Go to Fifthland.
       I guess, it is on the middle island at the top. Just check out those three islands
       at the top. You should have all the CGs (I do not know whether this CG will affect
       your quest on obtaining L-Gaim). Just go get this CG if you could not get L-Gaim.
    Well, I might add this section later.
    You can check out the official Sunrise sites at www.atsai.co.jp.
    They put all the robots. A total of 56 robots (I guess). But for sure,
    I have all the robots they put. 
    Only one special robot I could not get.
    This robot is actually the same as one of the robots but different color.
    You can meet this robot at Cloudia area at the random battle. The pilot is
    a lady with a light blue hair. E-mail me if anybody know how to get this robot.
    - Upgrading robots
    I think the robot upgrade is S-exp. I am too lazy to write it down. I know which
    item and parts you need to upgrade the robots. I might add this other time or
    if there is demand. I know a lot of people do not play this game. I think only
    an old-timer like me like this game.
    Well, the use of the item is S-exp (not again).
    I maybe add this later.
    You just experience the item it yourself. Okay.
    I have a list of items from each town. But, I am too lazy to type it out.
    But, if someone insist me, I will add this section.
    The only item, I could not buy is an item with the initial H. I don't know
    where to buy it. I get this item in episode two (I guess) from someone at 
    Terra area. There should be a secret area to buy this item (Because, there is
    a price in the Sunrise manual. It cost 15000). E-mail me if someone find the
    secret of obtaining this item (secret shop or something).
    ME AT <shdsan@hotmail.com>
    I have created this FAQ in the thinking of sharing my findings when playing
    this awesome game to others (especially for robot anime fans). I am enjoying 
    FAQs from the internet but I never actually write a FAQ myself. This is my first    
    attempt to write FAQ. I've decided to write this FAQ in order to appreciate all other
    FAQs writers (especially whose FAQs I benefit).I don't have lots of time to
    play any rpg games anymore unless the rpg touches my heart and my childhood memory. 
    Therefore, I use FAQs from the internet to at least save the time and fully enjoy
    the game (by finding all those damn secrets). I hope dreamcast would have game 
    enhancer utilities soon. I am also a code generator(not that expert, so I never
    release the codes I've created).
    I almost write a FAQ for Real Robot battle line but I purchased sunrise and never 
    go back playing Real Robot battle line (the loading time is so damn too loooong, but
    I manage to finish the game with trying out most of the different paths... still could
    not acquire R-1 and ZZ gundam ~_~). Too much bla bla. 
    Anyway, you are welcome to question, provide suggestions and share findings with me by
    e-mail me at shdsan@hotmail.com
    One last thing.
    1. My japanese language sucks (I mean real sucks). I can only translate some katakana 
    and very few hiragana. A really little knowledge of Kanji.
    2. Don't ask me about the story line.
    3. Don't assume, I am 100% right. Most of the stuff, are just my own findings by guessing
       or a little hint from the words I recognized.
    4. Don't critics on my translation of the katakana.
    5. Sorry for minor spelling or grammatical errors (maybe major)
    - God who makes everything possible
    - My wife, July.
      She supports me in any way. 
      Thank you for loving me.
    - My brother, Cuin.
      He spent 70 bucks for this sunrise eiyuutan.
      He turned me to a super robot fan four years ago.
    - Kao Megura.
      I always like his Faqs and his writing manners.
      Good job man. I use lots of your faqs. I still can not finish the
      Maniac Mode in SFEX2+Alpha though. Do you? ^_^. (5 more characters I guess)
      I use your disclaimer for reference. I hope it is okay since
      I do not ask you. Maybe, we can chit chat sometimes.
    - Sunrise
      For making this game
    - Banpresto/Bandai
      For making super robot wars game
    - Sega
      For making Dreamcast machine. Until PS2, this is still the best system. I will 
      wait and see.
    - www.gamefaqs.com
      Thank you for the great site.
    - You, gamers
      Thanks for reading this faqs.
    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2000, Andy Sam
    All rights reserved

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