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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shotgunnova

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            /¯| Spoiler-free FAQ & Walkthough by Shotgunnova (P. Summers)
          _/  |_  ____   _____\¯¯|__   ____________  |¯¯| __|¯¯/___________
          \   __\/  _ \ /     \) __ \  \_  __ \__  \ |¯¯|/ __ (/ __ \_  __ \
           |  | (  {_} )       \ \_\ \  |  | \// __ \|  / /_/ |  ___/|  | \/
           |__|  \____/|__|_|  /___  /  |__|  (____  }__\____ |\___  }__|   
                             )/    )/              )/     THE)/LAST)/REVELATION
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| INDEX |¯
        I. CONTROLS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNTR
       II. TACTICS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TCTC
      III. WALKTHROUGH  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WLKT
           01) Angkor Wat ................................................... WK01
           02) Race for the Iris ............................................ WK02
           03) The Tomb of Seth ............................................. WK03
           04) Burial Chambers .............................................. WK04
           05) Valley of the Kings .......................................... WK05
           06) KV5 .......................................................... WK06
           07) Temple of Karnak ............................................. WK07
           08) The Great Hypostyle Hall ..................................... WK08
           09) Sacred Lake .................................................. WK09
           10) Temple of Karnak, Pt. II ..................................... WK10
           11) The Great Hypostyle Hall, Pt. II ............................. WK11
           12) Sacred Lake, Pt. II .......................................... WK12
           13) Tomb of Semerkhet ............................................ WK13
           14) Guardian of Semerkhet ........................................ WK14
           15) Desert Railroad .............................................. WK15
           16) Alexandria ................................................... WK16
           17) Coastal Ruins ................................................ WK17
           18) Catacombs .................................................... WK18
           19) Temple of Poseidon ........................................... WK19
           20) The Lost Library ............................................. WK20
           21) Hall of Demetrius ............................................ WK21
           22) Pharos, Temple of Isis ....................................... WK22
           23) Cleopatra's Palaces .......................................... WK23
           24) City of the Dead ............................................. WK24
           25) Chambers of Talun ............................................ WK25
           26) Citadel Gate ................................................. WK26
           27) Trenches ..................................................... WK27
           28) City of the Dead Pt. II / Chambers of Talun Pt. II ........... WK28
           29) Trenches Pt. II .............................................. WK29
           30) Street Bazaar ................................................ WK30
           31) Citadel Gate, Pt. II ......................................... WK31
           32) Citadel ...................................................... WK32
           33) The Sphinx Complex ........................................... WK33
           34) Underneath the Sphinx ........................................ WK34
           35) Menkaure's Pyramid ........................................... WK35
           36) Inside Menkaure's Pyramid .................................... WK36
           37) The Mastabas ................................................. WK37
           38) The Great Pyramid ............................................ WK38
           39) Khufu's Queens Pyramids ...................................... WK39
           40) Inside the Great Pyramid ..................................... WK40
           41) Temple of Horus .............................................. WK41
       IV. APPENDICES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . APPN
           Secrets .......................................................... SCRT
           Enemies .......................................................... ENMS
           Cheats ........................................................... CHTS
        V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAQZ
       VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . UPDT
      VII. LEGALITY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . LGLT
    I. CONTROLS                                                              [CNTR]
                         ____          |  |          ____
        L2 BUTTON -->   /____/\        |  |        /\____\   <-- R2 BUTTON
        L1 BUTTON -->  /____/\ \_______|  |_______/ /\____\  <-- R1 BUTTON
                      /  _    \________|__|________/    _  \
                     / _| |_                         _ /_\ _\  <-- TRIANGLE BUTTON
    DIRECTIONAL --> | |_   _|   [SELECT]   [START]  |_|   (_)| <-- CIRCLE BUTTON
        PAD         |   |_|          [ANALOG]          (X)   | <-- X BUTTON
                    /            ____        ____            \
                   /            /    \  __  /    \            \
                   \         /\ \____/ /  \ \____/ /\         /
                    \       /  \______/    \______/  \       /
                     \_____/ LEFT ANALOG  RIGHT ANALOG\_____/
                                (L3)          (R3)
     Analog function does work for this game, but since this is an "old-school"
     Tomb Raider game, it's full of precise movements and jumps which may really
     annoy someone used to analog sticks. Sorry, but if you play that way, things
     will be rather annoying.
    This section displays the game's controls. Only the functional buttons will be
    listed here.
    L1 BUTTON                                 
     - Hold down (w/ D-pad) to swivel camera. 
     - Crouch
     - (w/ D-Pad) Crawl
     - (w/ R2) Zoom in with binoculars or laser sight
     - Jump (Analog Mode Only)
     - Hold down (w/ L/R on D-Pad) to sidestep
       Hold down (w/ L/R on D-Pad) to take single step forward/back
     - Hold down and move with movement buttons (left analog/D-Pad) to move Lara
       while standing in place.
     - (w/ L2) Zoom in with binoculars or laser sight
     - Roll and look opposite direction (can be used 
     - Jump straight up
     - (w/ L3 or D-Pad) Jump in a direction
     - (w/ D-Pad Down) Backflip
     - (w/ O button) Roll upon completing jump
     - Grab ledge (when applicable)
     - Pick up object (when applicable)
     - Un/pause game
     - Un/show Resume, Quit, Game Settings, Statistics Menu
     - Bring up item menu / Save game / Load game
     - (w/ R1) Throw flare
     - Toggle analog mode on/off (Dualshock Controller Only)
     - Take out currently-equipped gun / holster currently-equipped gun
     - Run / Walk / Take single step forward or back / sidestep
     - Move camera to look around (ANALOG mode only)
    NOTE: Analog sticks can only be used if the mode is turned on. Digital controls
          (D-Pad) can only be used if the Analog mode is turned off.
    LEFT ANALOG                                 X BUTTON
     - Turn left or right                        - Accelerate
     - Pull back
                                                SQUARE BUTTON
    D-PAD                                        - Decelerate
     - Turn left or right      
     - Pull Back                                O BUTTON
                                                 - Exit vehicle (when inert)
     - Nitro speed boost                        R1 BUTTON
     - Downshift (in Jeep)                       - Upshift (in Jeep)
    II. TACTICS                                                              [TCTC]
     Use the Directional Pad or the left analog stick (if in Analog Mode) to direct
     Lara around the ruins. If you're using the D-Pad, simply press up to have her
     start sprinting; if in Analog mode, move the stick at a hard angle to make her
     run. Move the stick at a acute angle to have her walk. Press R2 while running
     to make a stamina bar appear -- Lara will run doubletime until it depletes.
     To do running dives, sprint and press Square.
     Sidestepping has many uses as you spelunk around the game. Use the D-Pad's L
     and R buttons in conjunction with R1 to take a step forward or backward. Use
     the Up and Down buttons in conjunction with R1 to take a single step forward
     or backward. When walking this slowly, Lara cannot fall of ledges like she
     could if she were running, so remember: safety first!
     Rolling is essential for when you're fleeing and need to get some shots off at
     attackers chasing you. By pressing the O button, you can roll in place and 
     face the direction behind you; or, you can press O as a jump finishes to roll.
     Both will be immensely useful.
     What's a tomb raider without some ups? Jumping will be, no contest, the most
     important feat to get down. Use the Square button (or L3) to jump straight up.
     Use the D-Pad in conjunction with the Square button to jump in certain 
     directions, and use the X button to grab ledges when jumping (if applicable).
     If you grab a ledge, you can press the L and R buttons on the D-pad to scoot
     one way or another.
     Learning how to do running jumps will also help you, and in fact, you cannot
     complete the game without learning how to vault long distances. Lara will take
     about one-and-a-half steps from the time you press the jump button (while you
     are sprinting), so try to get as close to the ledge as possible when you jump
     off it. 
     Lara will encounter deep and shallow water in her adventures. In shallow water
     you can do all the normal functions as you can on land, but with slowed steps;
     when you're in deep water, press the L and R buttons (D-pad) to swim in those
     directions. Sidestep functions also work in the water, to a degree. Press 
     Square to jump out of the water, and press X while doing so to grab any ledges
     that can be caught.
     There are two functions in this field: manual and automatic. Manual lock-on
     means tap the L1 when an enemy's close to Lara to get it in her gun-sights.
     Tap L1 repeatedly to cycle through other enemies, if they're near. Automatic
     lock-on, of course, requires no L1-tapping to make Lara recognize the enemy.
     You can still tap L1 to change targets, though.
     Press Triangle to draw your weapon (or holster it, if it's already out).
     In automatic mode, Lara will shoot at the nearest enemy; in manual, you will
     have to tap L1 to make her recognize the enemy.
     To climb walls, you can press Up + X to make her jump up and catch the ledge
     just out of reach. Hold down X to make her hold on; release to make her fall.
     You can sidle left and right with the D-pad while holding X down -- this is
     a key strategy to learn when the path is out of reach.
     Eventually, you will come across poles that can be climbed. You can hold X
     by a pole to climb it, or run/jump onto one (hold X then, too). Hold down X
     to keep her clinging to the pole, and use the D-pad to make her shift left or
     right, or climb up or down. Lara will backflip off when you push the jump
     button, so make sure her back is to where you want to jump.
     Ropes will come into play, too, and function the same way as poles do. R2 will
     make her rock back and forth on the rope, but unlike the pole, she will jump
     off towards her front, so make sure she's positioned right. Since building
     momentum on ropes is key most of the time, know that the lower she's sitting,
     the more she'll obtain.
     Lara can encounter monkey bars (raised ladder put horizontally...remember from
     the playground...?) as well. Jump and press X to grab on, and press Up on the
     D-pad to advance across them. You can use the L/R buttons to spin around in
     this state. Release X to make Lara fall. [In the walkthrough, this is referred
     to as a notched ceiling, just so we're clear.]
     *Press switch . . . . Use X button in front of switch
     *Push/pull object . . Press X button in front of object, use U/D on D-pad to
                           push or pull, respectively.
    01) ANGKOR WAT                                                           [WK01]
                        ____________ ___
                       |  ________  |   |_
                       |I|     8|_| | EXIT|     |¯¯¯|         SECRETS: 8 [8/70]
         S             |          |_____|¯  ____| | |
         |             |H|______| |     |_ |  ____|v|_ ___________
      E--+--W      ___ | |    G   | | EXIT|| |     ¯  |           |
         |        | F ||>| |¯¯¯¯¯¯  |___|¯ |_  4D |¯|_    3C  |¯|B|
         N        |_  | ¯| |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯         |____| | |_|_____|¯ _ ¯|
                    | |__| |¯¯¯|¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_|   5| |_|   |   | |_| |
                    |_  _    6     |¯| |¯|        |___    |   |_   _|
                      | 7|_|   | |  ¯   ¯  |¯|    |___| E |    _| |_
                       ¯¯   ¯¯¯ ¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  |____________|   |  2  |
                                                              |     |
      |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|   ¯| |¯
      | A: Floor Spike Trap       B: Wild Boar             |    |A|___
      | C: Manmade Waterfalls     D: Pool Room             |    |___  |
      | E: Two Boars              F: Backpack              |       _| |_
      | G: Wall Arrow Trap        H: Path of the Heretical |      |1    |
      | I: Route of the Virtuous                           |      |_____|
     Unlike previous TR games, the 'beginner' levels are now mandatory and used to
     get newcomers their bearings. Young Lara will be accompanied by Werner von
     Croy, renowned archaeologist and self-important guru, for the next couple of
     levels, mind you.
     After breaking into the priceless tomb, locate the first secret [1/70] in the
     form of a gold skull. There will be seven others to find also, and should you
     wonder the current tally, check the 'Statistics' tab on the in-game menu. Let
     Werner lead Lara along until he activates a spike trap, entering the second
     room.  The tutorial deals with jumping the small gap, and another gold skull
     [2/70] is in the waist-high water.
     Ahead, let Werner kill the small boar and enter the outdoor area with small
     waterfalls and pools. Get another gold skull [3/70] in the low area, under
     the eaves of a 'fall, before continuing with Werner's lecture on running jump
     n' grabs. Two longjumps later, mimic Werner as he finds a parallel ledge out
     of normal sight and shimmies to the higher entrance.
     Beyond, the "soft fall" is learned: do a small jump backwards off the ledge,
     then catch the ledge, releasing it to reach the ground safely. Werner says it
     but doesn't demonstrate this time. Another skull is in the main pool [4/70]
     and also a watery tunnel that leads to a large medipack. Comply with the tour
     guide's demands and surface near the raised bridge, activating the lever so
     he can get across. On the pool room's other side, climb the ladder to another
     ladder, then descend in normal or drop-n'-catch fashion.
     The next lesson is in clinging to the ceiling and crossing vines and meshed
     metal -- jump upward, hold X-button, and continue across, releasing when it's
     safe to drop. Back outside, let Werner eviscerate some boars and look for a 
     fifth golden skull [5/70] in a SW corner. Werner leads the way through to a
     room with more suspicious spike holes -- avoid them and get the skull laying
     in part of the safe floor [6/70].
     At a large circular door blocking the way, von Croy invites Lara to spelunk
     in one of the tiny floor 'vents'. The seventh [7/70] gold skull is found in
     a dead-end passage there, and in the larger room, a backpack next to the door
     lever. Back at Werner's location, he'll demonstrate how to sprint, which is
     then put to good use (in conjunction with rolling) in the area where wall
     holes shoot damaging darts.
     Finally, this leads to a room where the path splits. Pick up the final skull
     [8/70] if you want to try the Path of the Heretical, which requires having
     found all of the level's skulls; the Route of the Virtuous is chosen if eight
     haven't been collected so far. The path chosen will be reflected in the next
     level as well, with the Virtuous path again being easier.
     Upon reaching the passage's end, there will be a pool with a rope hanging
     over it, accessible by a hole hanging above normal height. Align Lara with the
     rope, and hold action in midair to grab; she'll have to catch it, gain
     momentum, and jump off to reach the lever's alcove. Note the only difference
     between the two paths in this level is that the Path of the Heretical's pool
     is bone-dry, and Lara is damaged if she falls -- save before attempting.
     When all's said and done, drop down to Werner and put this level in the books!
    02) RACE TO THE IRIS                                                     [WK02]
                   _ ____       SECRETS: 0 [8/70]
              ____| |    |___                        _______
             |        I   _  |_                     |  ___  |___  ROUTE OF THE
             | |¯¯  |____|     |                   _| |_ _| |   |   VIRTUOUS
             |_      |   |- H -|                  |  M  |     | |
       ______|    J  |   |     |             _____|_   _|  N  | |_
      |  __   _|_____|¯¯¯¯¯| |¯             |_    |   | |    _|   \__
      | |  | |    _|    G    |               _| | | |¯   ¯| O | |IRIS|
      |  ¯¯  |  _|  _|_____|¯¯¯¯¯|          |   (___|     |___  |  __|
      | EXIT | |     |        C   ¯¯¯|      |_   \___         |___/
      |______| |  F  | |¯¯¯|     |¯| |        | |L   |___
               |     | |___|¯¯¯¯¯|_| |        |_   K  _  |
               |_   _| |   |  B   _  |          |____|_| |
                 |___    E |_   _|_| |_             _|  _|
                     |_____|_| |_|  D  |           |START|
                           |     |_____|           |_____|
                           |  A  |     __________________________________________
        PATH OF THE        |_   _|    | A: Spikes           B: Big Hole          |
         HERETICAL           | |___   | C: Bridge/Spikes    D: Pool Room (To E)  |
                             |START|  | E: Water Channel    F: Rope Bridge       |
                              ¯|   |  | G: Pool Room        H: Spikes            |
                               |___|  | I: Boars/M. Statue  J: Boar Pit          |
                                      | K: Spike Pits       L: Shortcut          |
                                      | M: Huge Gap         N: Ceiling Climbing  |
                                      | O: Platform Puzzle                       |
     Depending on the route you took in the previous section of Angkor Wat, you
     will now face the ending run. If you found all the secrets, the race will be
     much harder and difficult -- Werner will be a speed demon and you will really
     have to work to win. If you found little to no secrets, the map is much less
     complex and contains less rooms for Lara to hang around in.
     Now that you're so close to the prize, Werner will seem to be overcome by the
     grip of greed and "throw down the gauntlet" to you -- whoever's first to the
     Iris claims it as his or her own. On the count of three, the race between the
     educated professor and the exemplary student begins! Make sure to make use of
     the sprint button if you want to win, but either outcome makes no difference
     in outcome.
     And because there is no incentive to win (besides personal reasons), I'll
     just do an overview of each path.
     The harder of the two, this route is also the more dangerous. The perils are
     often spiketraps positioned off-camera or underneath sharp inclines, such as
     part "C" of the map where Lara may end up jumping over a slanted ledge and
     right into the pit. It's this instance where Lara must wait to slide, then
     jump to the next slide, then jump again! Very precipitous and scary!
     In addition, Werner will close off parts of the path so that Lara, assuming
     she's trailing, has to take more time to get back on track. The first showing
     is when he closes the path to the "D" room, which has an underwater tunnel
     that connects to "E", and shortly after when he breaks a rope bridge so Lara
     has to swim. In the "I" area, he will enter a small gate near the rim of the
     boars' pit, forcing Lara to descend into said pit and find the ivy-covered
     wall on one side.
     The easiest place to catch up is actually on the "C" path, since Werner is
     underwater and that's inherently slow action. In the "F" room, if Lara is
     ahead, she can pull a button in a wall alcove and make Werner have to go the
     "high round" that lines the room. Naturally she'd have to as well, but it's
     the longer way regardless.
     At "J" -- the Boar Pit -- the exit is in the mouth of a statue on the side
     opposite one starts. That mouth leads to a corridor near the Iris' den.
     This route is much more straightforward, less complex in design, and easier
     to win in. There is a shortcut in the "K" area with spike pits. After the 1st
     gap, drop down into the second and locate a ground-level passage that links
     into the next place.
    03) THE TOMB OF SETH                                                     [WK03]
            N                                |¯¯¯¯¯|      |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
            |                               _| |¯|K|      | A: Eye Piece         |
        W --+-- E                          |    ¯|___     | B: Ceiling Rope      |
            |                              |      _  |    | C: Eye of Horus Door |
            S            ______ ______     |     |_| |    | D: Spike Contraption |
                         P     |  J   |    |     |  _|    | E: Uzi               |
                         ¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯| |    |_   _|  J     | F: Sword Trap        |
                         ____|    I  _|      | |_| |¯     | G: Eye Piece         |
                         H     |    |        |_____|      | H: Connected Passage |
      EXIT    Sphinx     ¯¯¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯                      |______________________|
        \_ ___/___
        | |5      |                              _____        | |
        | |       |____________    ___         _|  _  |_|¯¯¯¯¯|K|____
        |_      O  ________   _|__| E |        O  |_|  N   M         |
          |      H|       _| |_|A2  | |        ¯|_____|¯|_____| |¯¯| |-Shotgun
          |4   ___|      |  C  |____| |                       |  ¯¯ L|
           ¯| |___|¯¯¯¯|_|     |__|   |________                ¯¯¯¯¯¯
            | | |Q| FG  _   B          __     1\          |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
            |_    |____| |_   _|¯¯|___|  | (¯¯) )         | I: Unlit Oil Pool    |
              |_|¯       |  3D  ¯¯    |  |  )/ /          | J: Connected Passage |
                          ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   | (/ /           | K: Connected Passage |
                                         |   /            | L: M Reset Mechanism |
                                         |   \            | M: Light-up Tileroom |
                                         |_/) )-Shotgun   | N: Timeless Sands    |
                                           _| |_          | O: Connected Passage |
                                          |START|         | P: Connected Passage |
    ________________                      |_____|         |______________________|
     Now in present-day Egypt, Lara has grown up and now carries guns -- obviously
     the dangers will have adjusted as well. The area where she starts has two
     packs of FLARES around, and near the first lit torch, a SHOTGUN. Follow with
     the torch-bearer until a LARGE MEDIPACK comes in sight...by a scorpion. From
     now on, always take a peek in those tiny pits since there may be more of 'em
     to neutralize. Further down the path, a mangy dog will attack the party --
     also easy pickins.
     Down near the crossroads, another LARGE MEDIPACK is on a mound. To get the
     area's first secret [9/70], move to the eastern part of the cavern walkway
     (the one not taken by the guide) and look for a block that can be climbed on.
     From there, angle the camera to find a niche with a SMALL MEDIPACK! This one
     is missable, mind you, so get it now; then, trail the guide.
     Following small incline, the guide waits in a room with a locked gate. Enter
     the side passage and drop into the sandy room at the bottom -- an alcove
     reveals the level's 2nd [10/70] treasure, some SHOTGUN SHELLS. Watch out for
     scorpions that appear and grab the SMALL MEDIPACK on the way back up to the
     guide. Reach into the hole left of the locked door to fill up the lower secret
     room, then get the SMALL MEDIPACK and EYE PIECE before running back to the
     The next cavern has a rope suspended from a ceiling, which is used to get to
     the next secret, which is finding the alcove there [11/70]. However, there's
     a huge spiked roller that goes through the passage at regular intervals and
     it's instant game over if it eviscerates Lara! When it's clear, trek north
     a bit to where a SMALL MEDIPACK is by some climbable pillars. When it
     passes again, jump east off the highest pillar's point to grab the ledge in
     the (roughly) center of the room. The top of this area is safe, so get the
     FLARE sitting above. The east side is symmetrical to the first, so use it
     to jump to the red doorway. Three mangy dogs will be within, and beyond, a
     slide that deposits Lara near an UZI! Get it to return to the passage near
     the first secret room and backtrack, this time taking the west way at the
     rope area.
     This leads to a sword trap (guide deactivates it if he reaches area first)
     and the second EYE PIECE. This is the first chance Lara has to combine items
     to make new ones, with the two pieces creating the EYE OF HORUS -- this goes
     in the northern slot in the rope room. Kill the mangy dogs that emerge and
     take a walk to...
     ...the Sphinx Room! Ignore your desire to explore it right now and follow
     the guide into a room full of unlit oil. Beyond, at the passage fork, enter
     the darker one with a SMALL MEDIPACK in a hole and come to another unlit
     oil room. Follow the only other passage upwards until Lara encounters a rope
     pulley above the ceiling tiles. Once admitted, the guard will light the oil
     and force Lara to do a puzzle! It makes sense to get a SHOTGUN in the passage
     before this room, which is near the reset mechanism -- get it later and the
     puzzle will have to be recompleted!
       [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]     [X] = Pull cord for guard's gate
       [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]     [2] = Nearest brightened tile
       [ ][ ][4][ ][3][ ][ ]     [3] = Second-nearest brightened tile
    [T][6][ ][ ][ ][ ][2][X]     [4] = Third-nearest brightened tile
       [ ][ ][5][ ][ ][ ][ ]     [5] = Fourth-nearest brightened tile
       [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]     [6] = Last brightened tile
       [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]     [T] = Treasure
     In order to do this correctly, walk to [2], back up to the tile's corner,
     then jump to [3]. Walk to the tile's edge (not the back edge) and jump to
     [4], then do the same procedure to [5] since it's the same distance. If you're
     doing this correctly, the tiles you jump from catch on fire. When you land
     on [6], the bar will raise and you can collect THE TIMELESS SANDS hourglass
     from the niche. This leads back to the sphinx room.
     NOTE: The "P" passage on the map now connects to the sphinx room also, but
           can be mostly ignored unless one wants to quickly backtrack to rooms
           prior to the sphinx'.
     Move toward the southern passage of the sphinx room and the guide will start
     toward there, too. To get the next secret [12/70], move to said room's SW
     corner to find a locked gate and a long ladder upwards. This leads to a lever
     that unlocks the gate, giving SHOTGUN SHELLS and WIDESHOT AMMO as the bonus!
     However, before descending, there's another secret to obtain up there that
     requires tricky jumping (so save first). Take out a flare and jump to the
     nearest part of the sphinx' headdress. From there, there's barely enough
     leeway to jump to the headdress above the sphinx' face; and, from there, jump
     to the north side. There will be another well-lit alcove with a LARGE MEDIPACK
     and SHOTGUN SHELLS to reap. The final secret [13/70] has been obtained here!
     Backtrack to the ladder or descend by sliding (backwards) down the north slope
     of the headdress, catching the ledges for a softer fall.
     Skidaddle back to the tour guide in the southern passage and he'll flee the
     dungeon, stranding Lara! Kill the scorpion trio around the corner and find
     the new dead-end room. Collect the SHOTGUN SHELLS and SMALL MEDIPACK from the
     plinth before climbing to the Horus statue on the far side. Place The Timeless
     Sands inside its clutches, which triggers the mechanism that drains the sand
     from around the upper sphinx. Kill or ignore the room's scorpion and backtrack
     Exit the room by climbing into the sphinx' mouth and following the vent...
    04) BURIAL CHAMBERS                                                      [WK04]
        ______________        _________
       |      J       |       EXIT     |
       | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |       ¯¯¯¯| R  |           
     |¯   ¯|      __| |__         |__  |/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|       |¯¯¯|
     |  N  |    _ H  4  I|           | |    G   |       | M_|___
     |  O  |  _|Q|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯            |_   ____   ¯¯¯|   | |  L  |
     |     |_|  _|                     | Q  H | |¯| |   |___|¯| |_
     |_   _|     |                      ¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯| |      _|¯ _  |_
       |P|_|_   _|                          | F 3  _|     |   |_|  I|
       |_______|                            |     |        ¯|_____|¯
                                    |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |¯
                                 ___| |¯   ¯|   |
                               _|  _     E     _|
                         _____|     | |_   _| |
                        |   C    D  |_________|
                        | |¯¯¯|_____|
           N          |¯ B ¯|          |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
           |           ¯| |¯           | A: Hand of Orion     B: Spike Trap       |
       W --+-- E       _| |_           | C: Breakable Jars    D: Scythe Trap      |
           |          |  _  |          | E: Amulet of Horus   F: Mummy Room       |
           S          |2|_| |          | G: Cavern            H: Connected Stair  |
                      |_ A _|          | I: Ladder            J: Wooden Bridge    |
                       _| |_           | K: 2 Mummies         L: Spike Ceiling    |
                      |     |_______   | M: Dropdown (by H)   N: Octagonal Room   |
                      |      1 START|  | O: Hand of Sirius    P: Scarab Talisman  |
                      |_____|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   | Q: Drop-down Point   R: Sandfilling Room |
    ___________________                |__________________________________________|
     As soon as the level begins, SAVE! This is because there is a secret within
     the sliding portion: when the slope lights up a bit reddish, the ceiling'll
     expand and Lara can jump to a ledge with the level's first secret [14/70], a
     LARGE MEDIPACK. Back on the slippery slope, land near a door lever that will
     give access to another slope nearby. Slide down, obtain the HAND OF ORION in
     the middle and jump through the _left_ passage that falls away, which will
     lead to the 2nd secret [15/70], SHOTGUN SHELLS. Down the passage, another
     spike trap will activate -- always keep an eye out for those star-shaped
     clusters that have spikes inside. I'll coin the phrase 'asterism spike trap'
     right now!
     'Round the bend, some vases will be in the wall recesses -- these can be
     broken and should be, since one has a SMALL MEDIPACK within. Evade the next
     spike trap and jump into the hole beyond, which drops Lara in an alcove where
     the Hand of Orion can be stuck in the wall depression. Before doing so, drop
     down to the floor level and find a SMALL MEDIPACK in a corner.
     With the Hand in the slot, this lowers all spikes on the walkways but starts
     the scythe trap. To reach the exit, I recommend jumping straight, sidejumping
     left, then repeating this once more to reach the safety of the passage. One
     can go the L-shaped path but it's longer; also, if you want the SHOTGUN SHELLS
     there, it's actually easier to get coming from the exit alcove! But, whatever.
     Up the next area, a burial chamber is located. The SE corner has SHOTGUN
     SHELLS and the NW has a SMALL MEDIPACK. Ignore the center sarcophagus for the
     time being and enter the other passage, which is the "Mummy Room" on the map.
     Get the SMALL MEDIPACK and then drop down the NW corner, which has a passage
     that leads under the room to a secret [16/70], SHOTGUN SHELLS and a SMALL
     MEDIPACK. Return to the Seth's sarcophagus from before and move to its foot,
     where Lara will automatically steal the AMULET OF HORUS. Some...blood seems
     to spill out of the coffin, too -- spooky!
     Actually, the blood has another effect: reviving the mummies in the room we
     just got the secret in. The corners are now flooded with red liquid, but it
     is safe to go in (but the previous secret is locked now). Push the center
     statue west off its base and onto the floor button of similar shape -- this
     opens a door behind the east mummy's sarcophagus. Get there by luring it out
     with the pistols -- don't waste any other ammo -- and entering when it's not
     looking. This corridor leads to a large cave.
     Enter the cavern proper to see some fancy dogs emerge from two sides -- they
     can be laid to rest with pistols rather easily. Pop a flare and locate the
     natural stairway on one side, which leads up to a wooden bridge and a ladder
     in a well-lit dead end. Before this though, there is a secret [17/70] to get!
     Once up the stairway, hug the southern wall and eventually there will be a
     tiny pit that opens up, leading to a LARGE MEDIPACK. It's easier to see by
     torchlight, naturally.
     After, take the route that leads up the ladder, dropping Lara off by two
     breakable jars with SHOTGUN SHELLS and a SMALL MEDIPACK inside. Two mummies
     are nearby but won't activate until the GOLDEN SERPENT is stolen from its
     shiny pedestal. At this point, a higher northern alcove opens so get inside
     'fore the mummies make friends. Slide down the slope and __SPRINT__ to the
     opposite corner, before the sand fills up and Lara becomes one with the
     spiked ceiling! Said corner has a climb-out point. Follow the path to a LARGE
     MEDIPACK perched near a floor hole, which will drop Lara down near Point 'H'
     on the map. Just make sure to land on the pedestal halfway down to avoid any
     unnecessary mishaps!
     With the ladder part complete, now it's time to tackle the bridge (yes, you
     can avoid the lowest cavern path in the west for now). This leads to a couple
     fancy dogs sitting on the stairs, and beyond...
     The room here is shaped like an octagon, and already we can see there's lots
     of spikes fully exposed here. An alcove within view has a LARGE MEDIPACK in
     it, and can be obtained with a bit of trickery: jump from the starting niche
     to the platform nearest it, despite how bad the camera is, and then a running
     jump up to it. By the way, this is a secret [18/70] and the last of the level
     so don't skip it!
     As for the rest of the room, do a bit of platforming and get to the block
     with a wall recepticle -- it can't be used yet, but the ladder there leads up
     to a lever that will lower a ground-level gate on the northern side, whose
     ladder leads to a lever that rotates the entire flippin' room! The exit for
     the room closes here, so take an alcove back into the main octagonal room.
     With most of the room out of reach now, drop through the floor opening to
     obtain the HAND OF SIRIUS. The passage leads back into the octagonal room,
     whose path leads up and under some spikes (crawl) before a flat-footed jump
     can land in another alcove. Save before jumping 'cause if Lara misses, she
     slides right into a razor-sharp spikebed! The passage's long ladder leads to
     a pull chain which switches the room's angle again, also awakening the mummy
     duo in the room.
     The octagonal room's been though a lot but now it's back to its original
     shape. Use the Hand of Sirius on the wall indentation, which drops a rope
     from the ceiling. Save and swing to the alcove with the SCARAB TALISMAN which
     has no spike trap guarding like before. Move behind the pedestal and 86 the
     doggy duo who scamper along, then one more at the end of the next room.
     The passage leads back to the natural cavern in a one-way drop-down point.
     This time, take the ground-level western passage ("R" on map) until a sand-
     -floored room leads to a dead end. Put the Golden Serpent and Scarab Talisman
     artifacts in the wall depressions to make the place fill with sand. The mummy
     comes to life, so lead it around in circles until the NW corner is accessible
     to jump out. This leads outside where some scenes end the level.
    05) VALLEY OF THE KINGS                                                  [WK05]
                             |¯¯¯¯¯¯|            NOTE: Footpaths are around but do
           N                 | |¯¯| |__________        not lead anywhere special
           |           ______|C|__|D|        2 |
       W --+-- E       EXIT <|3|<   |      |___|_   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
           |           ¯¯¯¯¯¯( (¯¯¯¯|  A    START|  | A: Ambush    |
           S                  \ \   |_   _ |¯¯¯¯¯   | B: 2 Enemies |
                               \ \____| |1 |        | C: Spike Pit |
                                ) |  ___|¯¯         | D: 1 Enemy   |
                                | | |               |______________|
    _______________             | B |
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯              ¯¯¯
     For the first time, there are a bunch of human enemies to defeat. Save at
     the start and you'll find that most are hiding behind broken columns and
     other desert detritus -- pick them off one by one, using the shotgun if you
     are low on health. They're not that tough, and there are seven (7) in all to
     defeat. The 'trusty companion' will hide in one of the jeeps afterward.
     The slain enemies drop a bunch of things -- SMALL MEDIPACK [2], UZI AMMO [3],
     LARGE MEDIPACK and IGNITION KEY -- so collect it all. The first secret on
     this level [19/70] is in the SE corner of the ambush site, in a dark alcove:
     it's two packs of SHOTGUN SHELLS and a SHOTGUN. The second secret [20/70] is
     less obvious to obtain. In the NW corner is a dark alcove. Climb onto the
     ledge that leads there and face east. Do a flat-footed jump to the semi-
     -slanted red-colored ledge, which then leads onto the roof of the level's
     starting point. The bounty is two packs of SHOTGUN SHELLS, a SMALL MEDIPACK,
     and UZI AMMO. Get down by sliding on one of the olive-colored slopes.
     After collecting the Ignition Key from a corpse, it can be used on the jeep
     to initiate a car chase. Past the steep hill at the start, Lara can explore
     on foot (the enemy car waits around, oddly 'nough) but the jeep is necessary
     to end the level, so don't leave it too far behind. The enemy car will drop
     grenades directly behind its path of movement, so stay left/right of them
     to avoid any contact.
     A little ways down the path, at a hill's crest, two enemies will fire their
     uzis upon the vehicle -- run them over! Through the cavernous tunnel, there
     will be a natural bridge overarching a spike pit, although the latter is
     hidden and Lara may drive into it. Kill the uziman on the bridge first and
     delay the pursuit enough to get the last secret [21/70] here. At the spike
     pit, do a backwards catch-n'-grab near the dirt ramp to see the inside wall
     is notched and climbable. Using this, descend and sidle to the thin opening
     under the ramp, which contains a SMALL MEDIPACK and GRENADE GUN SUPER AMMO.
     [NOTE: If you can't climb in through the opening to get the secret, this is
     a common problem. Let go of the ledge and quickly regrab it, then try: Lara
     should get a better foothold...or something. Either way, it definitely works!]
     Climb back on the road and pursue the van again. There'll be more one more
     enemy before the van zig-zags over a higher-up canyon road, but past there,
     it's just a li'l ways to the level's finish. See, that wasn't so hard!
    06) KV5                                                                  [WK06]
                       |¯|¯¯¯¯|_                   |
                       |  START_|              W --+-- E
                       | |____|                    |
                      _| |_                        S
                     |     |
                     |  A  |
                     |_   _|    _____________    |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                    ___| |     |G            |   | A: Statue Area        |
                   |  _  |   __|       ____  |   | B: Scaffolding Uziman |
                  _|C|_|B|  |EXIT   |    F   |   | C: Spike Pit          |
                 |1      | _ ¯¯|____|  ____  |   | D: Building Exterior  |
                  ¯| |¯¯¯¯| |       |____    |   | E: Spikeball Incline  |
                   | |____| |_____   ____| |¯|   | F: Sand Dune Region   |
                   |D ____    E3  | |        |   | G: Scaffolding Uziman |
                   | |  2 | |¯¯¯| | | |¯¯¯¯|_|   |_______________________|
                   |_|____|_|   | |_| |
                                | |4| |            SECRETS: 4 (25/70)
                                |  ¯  |
     At the start, disembark and collect the two packs of WIDESHOT AMMO and a LARGE
     MEDIPACK sitting on the ground. Drive closer to the vehicle to see it's not
     really empty, and it starts back up, throwing a grenade for good measure. Let
     it progress through the first outdoor area -- full of statues but nothing
     else -- until the adjacent area has a uziman on scaffolding. Like all flimsy
     scaffolding, it can break if pushed -- crash through it! Lara can either go
     around or exit the vehicle to kill the goofball. The first secret [22/70] is
     in this area, near the south exit. Look for a small crawlspace in the rock
     with a LARGE MEDIPACK visible inside.
     Nearby, there's a T-shaped intersection with a gate between buildings. One
     gunman is on scaffolding, so blaze through the foundation and knock him down
     to size. One of the fenced-in walkways contains SHOTGUN SHELLS, and down the
     other end, a gunman shows up on a climbing block. Kill him and drop down to
     ground level again for a secret [23/70] hiding in plain sight: SMALL MEDIPACK
     and a LARGE MEDIPACK.
     Get back up on the walkway's middle section and stand on the climbing block
     the gunman was on. From there, it's barely enough clearance to jump "around"
     the corner onto the highest part of the walkway roof. A LARGE MEDIPACK is in
     an alcove there, and after swinging across the road via the rope, locate the
     gate switch high up on the wall: jump-n'-grab it to deactivate.
     Past the gate, on either side, are statues with tiny alcoves in between. Lara
     can get UZI CLIPS and a LARGE MEDIPACK inside (one on each side of road). The
     road itself leads up an incline where spikeballs roll downward, alternating
     sides -- just go around to avoid lame damage. A secret [24/70] is actually
     hidden in this ramp's ceiling. Make it through to the top and disembark, and
     look at the ceiling near the top. Face east and jump upwards, pulling into an
     alcove with GRENADE GUN NORMAL AMMO.
     Further on, avoid the small spike pits and come to an L-shaped hole with a
     notched (black line) inner wall on one side. Climb down it and near the
     bottom, a small aperture that can be climbed into shows its WIDESHOT AMMO and
     CROSSBOW NORMAL AMMO. That's the level's last secret [25/70]! And, like the
     similar one in the previous level, to get inside, grab the rim, let go, and
     quickly re-grab -- otherwise, Lara can't pull herself up into the niche!
     Back in the vehicle, follow the road down the slope and reunite with the van
     who's probably stopped to wait for the player. He'll enter an expansive area
     with sand dunes. Be careful of sand pits over the crests, and there'll be one
     scaffolding uziman that can be avoided for the most part. The van leads to a
     tunnel which marks the level's exit.
    07) TEMPLE OF KARNAK                                                     [WK07]
            W           |  C   _  |  _                      NOTE: This level can't
            |           |     | | |_|3|                     completely be accessed
        S --+-- N       |¯   ¯| |  2  |                     this time around, and
            |           |  B  |  ¯¯¯| |                     is in fact revisited a
            E           |     |                 |¯|         second time. Because of
                        |¯   ¯|__              _| |______   this, the maps are not
                        |      EXIT                  __  |  completely drawn in --
                        |_   _|¯¯____          _ F| |__|E|  they only match parts
            _____   ______| |_ _|4   |___       |  ____  |  currently accessible.
           |     | |____      | |¯¯      |      |_| _ _| |  This is to avoid any
           |     | |_  _   A     ¯|  D   |  |G|____| |  _|  confusion on readers'
           |_   _|_|_  _|_   _| |¯   E   |  |__________|    parts!
           |      1     |_| |_| G¯       |
            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                        |START|   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                        |_____|   | A: Obelisk Plaza       B: Canopic Jar 1 Area |
                                  | C: Underwater Tunnels  D: Dry Pool Room      |
    _____________                 | E: To Lower Canals     F: Canals Proper      |
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                 | G: Connected Tunnel                          |
    CANOPIC JAR 1                 |______________________________________________|
     Once the vehicle is trashed, get out and travel west, using the chunky debris
     to vault over the wall. Down below, near the obelisk, kill some scorpions
     (these ones can poison Lara!) and take the SMALL MEDIPACK at the monument's
     plinth. To the south are some broken archways and such, now defunct and in a
     ruined state. Use debris to climb up a ways and see items scattered across
     their peaks: SMALL MEDIPAK, UZI AMMO, and WIDESHOT AMMO in an alcove. In the
     SE corner of this area is a small pit with a crawlspace, leading to the first
     secret of the area [26/70]! Most of the items are within breakables, which
     FLARES. Return to the obelisk plaza again.
     Before continuing, there is some WIDESHOT AMMO above the doorway to the west.
     There is a tiny pillar base and a sloped pillar near there, with the latter
     actually able to support Lara (while part makes her slide). Use the smaller
     portion to land far up the pillar to avoid sliding, then slowly step back
     and flatfoot jump to the shells. Sounds hard but it's easy since you can get
     a visual on the prize from higher points in the plaza.
     Continue east through the first room and enter the hallway beyond -- Lara's
     attention automatically turns towards the ceiling. One of the blocks nearby
     can give access up to the ceiling walkways, so scurry up and claim SHOTGUN
     SHELLS and UZI AMMO on the far side. The two reddish 'doors' actually house
     niche mechanisms to unlock the gates up there. Trigger both and claim the
     SMALL MEDIPACK, SHOTGUN, and CANOPIC JAR 1. A scene shows a room yet unseen,
     so let's go check it out!
     Before doing that, however, take a dive in the pool west of this area. Some
     FLARES are at the bottom of the first shaft, then locate the adjacent tunnel
     that leads to a greyish-blue door. Press action button when near enough and
     Lara opens it (requires no key, etc.). Swim the channel beyond until a small
     surface point is found -- this is a secret [27/70] of UZI AMMO and CROSSBOW
     NORMAL AMMO. Continue swimming north and at the bend, look west for a
     triangular crack in the wall. This is ANOTHER secret in very close proximity
     The rest of the way is locked, so backtrack out of the pool entirely.
     Return to the obelisk plaza and go north this time, bounding over the rubble
     to the other side of the wall. Explore under the eaves of the building to
     find FLARES near a black scorpion, then jump over part of a sand dune outside
     to reach the rest of the building's interior, which is basically waterless
     pools with a SMALL MEDIPACK inside one. On the east side of the room, look
     for a high-up crawlspace that leads to the 4th secret [29/70], this time two
     packs of UZI AMMO and FLARES.
     Back in the main room, notice that both pools have ringed ceilings that let
     Lara grab hold and monkey climb to the other end. Once on the other side,
     find the gray wall button in the middle -- this unlocks the door opposite
     the place. Trigger the niche mechanism that the door kept hidden, which'll
     drop an ornate bowl in the center of the room, leaving a hole that lets Lara
     get down to the underground canals area.
     Soft-drop into the lower room, get the LARGE MEDIPACK and take either exit
     to the canalside walkways. There is a current going down the middle, but if
     Lara swims on either far side of the nearest canal, she won't be swept back
     to start. Use this tactic to get the two packs of SHOTGUN SHELLS hidden under
     the western walkway. That's all that can be done here for now.
     Back at the ceremonial horn/bowl sculpture, look behind one of the throned
     statues to find an indentation for 'Canopic Jar 1'. This unlocks the gray
     door in the room sandwiched between "B" and "A" on the map. To get back up
     there, use the high-up crawlspace in the east end of the initial room here,
     which also contains FLARES on the way back to the sunlit earth. Simply enter
     the door marked 'EXIT' on the map to end this level...for now.
    08) THE GREAT HYPOSTYLE HALL                                             [WK08]
                     _                           N
                    |E|                          |
                |¯¯¯   ¯|                   W ---+--- E
               _|_   ___|___                     |
              |D      |_|   |                    S          SECRETS: 0 [29/70]
              | |     C   | |¯¯¯¯¯|
              |_ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_   B  |
                |_|         |_   _|          |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                 /           _| |_   _|¯|_   | A: Outdoor Area |
           Can't Open Yet   |     |_|     |  | B: 2-Story Room |
                            |  A   _ START|  | C: Huge Gap     |
                            |_ _ _| |_____|  | D: Crawlspace   |
                            |_____|          |_________________|
     Something that's 'hypostyle' has its structure supported by columnal rows,
     so now we know what's going to appear throughout the level. From the start,
     continue out into the sunlit area. FLARES and a SMALL MEDIPACK are in the
     southern shade, and SHOTGUN SHELLS are on some of the building's debris.
     Watch out for black scorpions while doing this, then head north.
     Here, there are items strewn throughout the 2F arches, so climb up in your
     preferred fashion and start raiding the items: FLARES, SHOTGUN SHELLS, UZI
     AMMO, WIDESHOT AMMO. A SMALL MEDIPACK and UZI AMMO can be found on the long
     ledge that lines the corridor going north out of the "B" room.
     Said corridor leads to a huge gap and cutscene where armed pursuers are now
     on Lara's trail. Across the pit, ignore the crawlspace in the NW corner of
     the room (it leads to a locked door). The final room has UZI AMMO and a SMALL
     MEDIPACK on the floor. Find the slide north to finish this level...for now!!!
    09) SACRED LAKE                                                          [WK09]
         -----> N                    SECRETS: 0 [29/70]
                            ___     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
         _|¯|_     ________|D  |    | A: Building Moat                        |
       _|     |   |  ____  |¯| |    | B: Crawlspace                           |
      |_   F  |___| | E  | |¯   ¯|  | C: 2-Pole Room                          |
        |      _  | | DA |    C  |  | D: Connected Passage                    |
        |_   _| |_B |____| |_____|  | E: Underwater Tunnel (To Canopic Jar 2) |
          |_|     |______  |        | F: Obelisk Oasis                        |
                   ______| |        |_________________________________________|
                  |START   |
     Exit the building Lara's slid into to find a huge moat surrounding a yet-
     -impenetrable building. There are bats and crocodiles flying around here, so
     take 'em out (make sure to check the waterside too). There's a SMALL MEDIPACK
     near where Lara first encountered a croc, so pocket that, too. Ignore the
     crawlspace in the south for now and locate the northern passage on the other
     side of the moat.
     This room has a few holes, and one easier drop-down point to some water with
     a pole sticking out. Slide-and-jump to the first pole and get level with the
     second, on a small platform higher up. Position Lara's BACK to the pole as
     she will backflip to it, not some other acrobatic stunt. Once again backflip
     to a wall outcrop, which gives access to a crawlspace. This leads into the
     building surrounded by a moat! Pull the chain there to raise the gate on the
     west (outer) side of the building.
     Backtrack to the pole room and get to a lower position where Lara can slide
     into the water. There's a SMALL MEDIPACK and FLARES in the pool there, which
     now connects to the moat's flooring. Get back on land, kill the crocs and
     bats who've come out to play, and swim to the building's interior again. A
     SMALL MEDIPACK and SHOTGUN SHELLS are on some of the alcove; after, take a
     plunge and look to the east for a lever hidden under a ledge, which removes
     a trapdoor nearby. Swim down into one of the holes and find a grayish door
     which can be opened by pressing Action in front, just like in the Temple of
     Save before attempting this next part, 'cause it's difficult due to camera
     angles and thin openings. Proceed along until a fork is encountered: pick
     the lower, thinner opening to find a surfacing pool by a LARGE MEDIPACK. Get
     some air and swim back to the fork, going the higher road now: it leads to a
     mirror room. The reflection hints that there's a hidden surfacing point but
     the pixelation in the ceiling is a telltale sign, too. The scummy surface
     does a good job of hiding it but it shouldn't be too hard to stumble into.
     Alright, surface in the ceiling and obtain CANOPIC JAR 2 from the dead end,
     then the two packs of UZI AMMO there also. Stealing it opens a gate in the
     moat building's floor, so it's time to retrace our steps again (swimming
     back is easier on the out!). 
     | NOTE:                                                                     |
     |                                                                           |
     | We skipped the crawlspace back near the level's entrance since there's    |
     | little reason to go there, although if you want, there are a few items to |
     | get at the obelisk and in the tunnel: FLARES, SHOTGUN SHELLS, SMALL       |
     | MEDIPACK. Some are underwater, and watch out for black scorpions!         |
     Once in said building, take the hole nearest the northern wall to be swept
     back to...
    10) TEMPLE OF KARNAK, PT. II                                             [WK10]
                         _________        SECRETS: 4 but no new ones (29/70)
            W           |  C   _  |  _
            |           |     | | |_|3|               START
        S --+-- N       |¯   ¯| |  2  |                |¯|_
            |           |  B  |  ¯¯¯|_|                |_  |
            E           |     |               |¯¯¯¯|_  | | |
                        |¯   ¯|__             |      |_| | |______
                        |      H |            | IJ |          __  |
                        |_   _|¯¯____         |     _|¯|  F| |__|E|
            _____   ______| |_ _|4   |___     |____|   | |  ____  |
           |     | |____      | |¯¯      |            _|_|_| _ _| |
           |     | |_  _   A     ¯|  D   |           |G|____| |  _|
           |_   _|_|_  _|_   _| |¯   E   |           |__________|
           |      1     |_| |_| G¯       |
            ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                        |     |   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                        |_____|   | A: Obelisk Plaza       B: Canopic Jar 1 Area |
                                  | C: Underwater Tunnels  D: Dry Pool Room      |
                                  | E: To Lower Canals     F: Canals Proper      |
                                  | G: Connected Tunnel    H: To Great Hypo Hall |
                                  | I: Hypostyle Key       J: Sun Goddess        |
     The level starts with Lara surfacing in a channel and climbing a bit until
     she drops down into the underwater canal system. From here, return to the
     bull horn sculpture and put Canopic Jar 2 in back of the other throned
     statue. After some hocus pocus magic water appears, the entire canal system
     now acts as if it's boot-depth, meaning Lara can literally walk on water!
     Approach the throne statue across the pond and get UZI AMMO before pulling
     up in the passage to the south.
     This overlooks a huge pond. Do a softdrop down to the waterlevel and murder
     the three crocs swimming around the obelisk. Get the two SHOTGUN SHELLS packs
     on the beach and pond, then swim into the crawlspace under the obelisk and
     surface by a wall button -- it lowers the cage around the pedestal! Obtain
     both the HYPOSTYLE KEY and SUN GODDESS artifacts. Return to the canals and
     get back to bull-horn sculpture, where the exit crawlspace is in the east.
     Back upstairs in the dry pool room, two henchmen will have now appeared, plus
     two more outside the building. Another is the room which connects to The
     Great Hypostyle Hall, which is where we're goin' right now!
    11) THE GREAT HYPOSTYLE HALL, PT. II                                     [WK11]
                     _                           N
                    |E|                          |
                |¯¯¯   ¯|                   W ---+--- E
               _|_   ___|___                     |
              |D      |_|   |                    S          SECRETS: 0 [29/70]
              | |     C   | |¯¯¯¯¯|
              |_ ¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_   B  |
               _| |______   |_   _|          |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
              |    E     |   _| |_   _|¯|_   | A: Outdoor Area  |
              |___  __  _|  |     |_|     |  | B: 2-Story Room  |
               ___||__||_   |  A   _ START|  | C: Huge Gap      |
              |     F    |  |_ _ _| |_____|  | D: Crawlspace    |
              |_  ___ H__|  |_____|          | E: 2-Ninja Room  |
               _||___||__                    | F: Colorful Room |
              |G         |                   | G: Black Switch  |
              |__________|                   | H: Boulder Hole  |
     Climb up to the outdoor area where a new brute (I call it a ninja henchman)
     has appeared: he's got more health and can deflect bullets by twirling his
     sword-fork-thingy. He'll keep that stance until Lara puts distance between
     him and her, at which time just shoot his pursuing form until he dies. He
     leaves UZI AMMO. Inside the 2-story room, one appears in the main room and
     two near the gap Lara has to cross.
     Locate the crawlspace from before and at the end, use the Hypostyle Key from
     the previous level to unlock. Two more ninja henchmen are inside, one of whom
     drops his UZI, and in the adjacent colorful room, another one. Get the
     SHOTGUN SHELLS sitting on a block. In the third large adjacent room, a final
     assassin is near some FLARES.
     In the southernmost large room (the one with flares), a lit-up block gives
     enough height so Lara can jump-and-grab a ledge in the center, right under
     a notched ceiling. Use this to traverse to the west side of the third room,
     to a black switch affixed to the wall. This raises a black ceiling tile that
     is connected to the notched ceiling in the middle (colorful) room. Once Lara
     makes it across there, the music tone changes to hectic -- turn around and
     kill the ninja henchman swinging across the ceiling after her. Get UZI AMMO
     on the ledge there, and do a bit of climbing to get to the level's 3F, which
     is walking on TOP of the notched ceiling.
     Towards the center, look for a boulder perched on top of a column. This can
     be shot off, which will break a hole in the floor below. Drop down and get
     the would-be killer's WIDESHOT AMMO before lowering Lara into the boulder-made
     The pit made by the falling rock has one proper entrance and a small crawl-
     -space with UZI AMMO inside. Take the former and the first passage to the
     west will have a giant crystal flanked by weird contraptions on three sides.
     Ignore this for now and locate the dead-end part of the corridor nearby...but
     is it really a dead-end? Inspect the ceiling to see part of a ladder is within
     jumping reach.
     Upstairs is three spinnable cranks which will rotate the weird contraptions
     hanging from them below. Assuming North is "12:00", do the following:
     NORTHERN CRANK: One spin clockwise
     WESTERN CRANK : Two spins clockwise
     SOUTHERN CRANK: One spin counterclockwise
     With this done, return downstairs to the crystal/prism room and look for a
     chain to pull. If all contraptions are in order, electricity will destroy
     the prism and leave a SUN DISK behind. Stealing this priceless antique will
     trigger a trapdoor in the west floor, which leads to...
    12) SACRED LAKE, PT. II                                                  [WK12]
      _| __ |                           SECRETS: 1 [30/70]        ------> NORTH
     | |    |___                ___     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
     |   H   _  |___   ________|D  |    | A: Building Moat                        |
     |_|____|      _| |  ____  |¯| |    | B: Crawlspace                           |
     |  G  _   F  |___| | E  | |¯   ¯|  | C: 2-Pole Room                          |
     |_   | |      _  | | DA |    C  |  | D: Connected Passage                    |
      _| /  |_   _| |_B |____| |_____|  | E: Underwater Tunnel (To Canopic Jar 2) |
     |1  |   _| |     |______  |        | F: Obelisk Oasis                        |
      ¯¯¯___|  _|      ______| |        | G: Pole Room                            |
         START|       |        |        | H: Debris Room                          |
         ¯¯¯¯¯         ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯          ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     The passageway leads Lara to the obelisk oasis in the south part of the map.
     Combine the Sun Goddess and Sun Disk to make the SUN TALISMAN and place it
     in the li'l object at the foot of the two obelisks -- this opens all locked
     doors in this area! The north door has a SMALL MEDIPACK in a crawlspace, the
     east is the way Lara came in, and the south door leads to a pole. Backflip
     to the FLARES, then slide down the pole to the water. SHOTGUN SHELLS, UZI
     AMMO, WIDESHOT AMMO, and a SMALL MEDIPACK are in the small tunnels there.
     There's also a gray door that leads to the first secret in awhile [30/70], a
     AMMO! Back in the pole room, save and exit to the oasis again.
     The only entrance left is then the west, which is full of rubble and broken
     pillars. An alcove here contains a SMALL MEDIPACK, UZI AMMO, and SHOTGUN
     SHELLS, but to continue, jump onto the largest pillar which gives access to
     the notched ceiling. Swing south (ignore bat that attacks) and at the end,
     release and catch the lower lip of the crawlspace, which opens up to two
     more crawlspaces: one with UZI AMMO and the other gives access to the room's
     3F, where Lara can jump on arch-tops and such.
     Kill any bats that appear and run-and-grab to the western holes, getting to
     the obscured part of the lower room. Drop down to ground level, kill any
     remaining b(r)ats, get the FLARES and UZI from the pedestals, and walk out
     into the fresh air. Approach the far door to put this long series of dungeons
     to rest, finally.
    13) TOMB OF SEMERKHET                                                    [WK13]
                                       |   F     |
          _                      _____ | |   |   |  SECRETS: 7 [37/40]
        _| |_|¯¯¯¯¯|            |     ||  ¯¯¯   ¯|
       |_   _   B  |            |_| |_||    E2   |
         | | |_   _|            __|H|__|___ G ___|
         |C|  _| |_          |¯|       | |_| |  ___ _____________________________
          ¯  |     |___      |     D      ___| | A | Scarab Room                 |
             |  A   _  |     |_|I      |_|     | B | Scarabs / Mechanism Room    |
             |_____|_| |_    |1 _______  |     | C | Connected Passage           |
                   |     |   | |__ C __| |     | D | Senet Gameboard Room        |
                   |START|   |___________|     | E | 3-Flame Room                |
                    ¯|_|¯                      | F | 6-Flame Room                |
           |¯¯¯|                   ______      | G | 'The Rules of Senet'        |
           | Q |                  |_EXIT_|     | H | Post-Senet Path (Won)       |
        _|¯ ___|                  |_   __|     | I | Post-Senet Path (Lost)      |
       |5   P   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|            | |__      | J | 2-Rope Room                 |
        ¯|  ___|¯¯¯¯¯| |            |    |     | K | Cartouche Piece 1           |
        _|6|_  |  K  | |             ¯¯| |     | L | Cartouche Piece 2           |
       |  R  | |_   _| |  ___|¯¯¯|_   _|7|_    | M | Ba Cartouche Door           |
       |_____|   | |_| | |  _  L  _| |  S  |   | N | Ra Cartouche Course         |
                 |_  |O|_| |_|___|    ¯¯¯¯¯    | O | Ra Cartouche Door           |
         |¯¯¯¯¯| |           |__               | P | Fire Elemental/3 Rope Room  |
         |  3  | |     J        |              | Q | Ice Elemental's Location    |
         |¯   ¯¯¯        ____|__|              | R | Pole Room                   |
          ¯| |¯¯¯¯¯¯|M|4|___                   | S | Connected Ceiling Passage   |
          _| |_  |¯¯   ¯ N  |                   ¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
         |    I|  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ 
     In the initial room, break the vases to obtain UZI AMMO and a LARGE MEDIPACK.
     Down the nearby slide, a scarab swarm will fill the floor and can damage Lara
     without any fear of repercussion -- grab onto the notched ceiling to avoid
     any mishaps, which leads to a slope near a pole. There are two floors below
     (B1, B2) accessible via this pole.
     B1 has some breakable jars containing a SMALL MEDIPACK and a torch (not in
     inventory, just held) that can be lit by pressing Action near a torch. This
     can scare scarab off a bit. Jump down to B2 and press all mechanisms, one
     of which contains a SMALL MEDIKIT; the others make a door on B1 open. Lara
     can't activate switches with the torch, so drop it first and scramble back
     up and exit to the west.
     There are three red doors here, but the southern one is the only that can
     be opened normally. Soft-drop down the hole to end up in the 'Senet Room',
     which was an ancient board game the Egyptians played. Lara will have to her
     hand at it, with the outcome depending on which way she goes.
     Before that though, jump NW along the ledges (from the drop-in area) to see
     a black ladder carved on one side of the 2F. This leads to the level's first
     secret [31/70], WIDESHOT AMMO and a SMALL MEDIPACK. Drop back down to floor
     level and mosey east, using the wide ladder/corridor to find a room with lots
     of fire.
     Drop down and kill the two fancy dogs and look for three blocks with firejets
     streaming out: the middle one never stops but the others alternate. Wait for
     the easternmost to stop blowing and trigger its mechanism, which shuts off
     the middle block's jet. Trigger the middle block's mechanism to make an odd
     block to the east lower. The remaining fire jet's niche contains a SMALL
     MEDIPACK, if y'want it.
     Behind the block that was dropped is a pool and a six-flame mechanism thing,
     which is like this diagram below. There's a specific order to do it in, so
     save first 'case Lara lights up like a firework.
                   | [1] has SHOTGUN SHELLS and no flame, [6] has a SMALL MEDIPACK
     | [1]    [6]  | and an alternating flame. Trigger [3]'s mechanism to turn off
     | [2]    [5]  | [5]'s flame, whose available mechanism turns off [4]'s fiery
     N [3]    [4]  | jet. [4]'s mechanism raises a cage out in the fancy dogs'
          POOL     | room a moment before, as well as making [2]'s flame alternate
    _______________| arrivals. With [2] able to be accessed, use its mechanism to
                     make the door west of the pit open. Before leaving, reach
     into [6]'s hole again to turn off its flame and make another cage rise in
     the previous room. Success!
     Use the ceiling's monkey bars to climb over the deep shaft (or backtracking
     by the pool), come into the area where two cages now let Lara have access to
     the upper parts. Climb onto a cage and jump to the ledge in the middle -- it
     too has a flaming niche which snuffs out flames in a B1 room.
     Before jumping down, there's a S-E-C-R-E-T [32/70] to get! The east side of
     that platform has a ladder etched in it. To get there, sideflip onto the
     slanted portion and grab the ladder, then shimmy around the corner until an
     alcove with WIDESHOT AMMO and a LARGE MEDIPACK comes into sight.
     On the ground floor, use the lower ramp to obtain the now-fireless THE RULES
     OF SENET tablet, as well as opening a trapdoor above a ladder in the Senet
     room. Return to said room's west side, climb up the ladder, and backflip to
     the ledge where Senet can be played.
     NOTE: If you win Senet, you miss out on five (5) secrets! That's incentive
           enough to try to lose, so save beforehand!
     The player can examine the rules by looking at...err, 'THE RULES OF SENET'
     plaque obtained a short while ago. The tenets are simple: the first person
                           to move all of his/her pieces to the goal space wins.
                    GOAL   Lara uses colored pieces, Semerkhet's spectre uses the
                   A-|_|   golden pawns. When each player spins and gets a number
                     |_|   (all black = 6), a pawn is chosen and moved that much
                     |_|   in the direction. A free turn is obtained for landing
                     |_|   on an ankh tile or rolling a 6. The cool thing is that
                   A-|_|   landing on an opponent's tile sends their piece back to
                     |_|   its starting position, although this is true vice versa
                     |_|   as well. Also, if a piece makes it to the final ankh
                     |_|   and disappears, a free turn is also awarded! Oh, and
                   |¯|A|¯|                 an exact roll is needed to get on the
             .-- |¯|¯|¯|¯|¯| --.              'goal' ankh!
      Lara's-|-- |¯|¯|¯|¯|¯| --|-Semerkhet's
     3 Pawns '-- |¯|¯|¯|¯|¯| --' Three Pawns
                  ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
     Defeating Semerkhet makes scaffolding rise on the senet board, which Lara can
     do running jumps across from the balcony where she initially fell in. That
     opposite balcony has two stairways that lead downward. At the bottom, an ankh
     door opens and spits out two fancy dogs -- kill 'em! Downstairs are two more
     dogs, and keep an eye out for jars that house UZI AMMO AND SHOTGUN SHELLS.
     This leads to a small corridor where scarabs pour in; however, this time our
     girl can simply run to the opposite pole and backflip off at the top. The
     vases there have a LARGE MEDIPACK adjacent to a room with reflecting mirrors.
     Ignore the dog 'statues' for now and head up the ramp at the opposite end,
     which leads to a pole. Let two bats flitter down before making the ascent.
     Backflip into one of the alcoves and find the one with a gray door that
     lifts when Lara approaches. The beams of light need to be blocked by the
     movable senet pieces, which have matching tiles underneath. Do the red one
     first, then move the other pawns down the center to their spots. You'll know
     the two similar ones are in the right place because a small scene below shows
     a light beam missing. When all are perfectly positioned, the sarcophagus
     downstairs slides back and the two dog statues 'awaken'.
     Slide back down the pole, dispatch the dogs, and use the crawlspace under
     the burial mound to reach a drop-down point. The gray exit on the wall you
     see is the exit used if senet was lost; otherwise, just approach the casket
     to finish the level! 
     If Semerkhet's ghost wins, certain sections of the floor cave in like li'l
     trapdoors. First things first: save. Second things second: make sure to jump
     down the NWmost trapdoor! This gets easier access to the next secret [33/70]
     which Lara can jump to off the third ramp to grab a ledge. Use the pole to
     get down to breakable vases: SMALL MEDIPACK and WIDESHOT AMMO! Now climb back
     up to the ledge next to the ramps and save. This is because if Lara doesn't
     catch the next pole (or goes down backwards somehow), she'll end up as a big
     stain at the bottom of the shaft. Once she grabs the pole, get the SMALL
     MEDIPACK and UZI AMMO before descending, then kill a bat, man. =)
     The room here has Lara placed a high corner, with two ropes hanging down and
     a bunch of walkway clutter. Jump to the ledge west of the pole and follow the
     passage to the "K" room with two fancy dogs inside. In a dead-end passage,
     drag the golden pedestal east and flip the lever, which smashes it with the
     two hammers, leaving a CARTOUCHE PIECE 1. Pocket it and return downstairs to
     the main chamber.
     The easiest way to cross the rope course is to jump to the first, then to
     the ledge near a closed red door. Following, jump to a slanted portion and
     catch the ledge at the drop, losing no (or minimal) damage in the process.
     But guess what -- that closed red door actually houses a secret [34/70], a
     It's a huge hassle swinging like Tarzan, yo. Either way, climb up the ladder
     to the other pole -- it contains SHOTGUN SHELLS and CROSSBOW POISON AMMO,
     which is the pole shaft used if the player jumps down a different trapdoor
     in the senet room -- but instead of taking it up right now, drop down the west
     side to the odd-shaped mid-level platform and look for a crawlspace. Kill the
     bat outside first, though. The crawlspace leads to a room with another senet
     piece -- y'know the drill: push it as far as it will go and let it get smashed
     by hammers. It drops CARTOUCHE PIECE 2, which can be combined with the first
     to make...the BA CARTOUCHE! A door opens below.
     Drop down and kill the two fancy dogs, break some vases for SMALL MEDIPACK
     and SHOTGUN SHELLS, and backtrack to the room with two ropes. Get Secret #34
     here if not already and get down to the ground floor. The Ba Cartouche can be
     set in one of the golden wall indentations, which also unleashes two fancy
     hounds to give funerals to.
     Okay, so we're halfway done. The passage beyond has another pawn but the
     path it can take has flames in it -- a no-no for Lara! Locate the black
     wall switch on the southern wall, save, and get ready for a timed portion!
     Do a running jump, flip the switch, and deactivate the floor fires in the
     senet piece's path. On the ground floor, quickly sprint to the other side
     and take a pole up to the piece. From there pull (the entire way) the piece
     towards the hammers, the push it the rest of the way for the last tile. The
     odd music that plays here will stop after awhile, signalling that there's
     about 20-25 seconds of time left. The hammers' might reveals a RA CARTOUCHE,
     in full, that can now be used. Put this in the other golden indentation in
     the 2-rope room's ground floor.
     Up the stairsets, a fiery monster (fire elemental) will appear and fly around
     the room, throwing heat projectiles at Lara. These do normal damage for the
     most part but she may catch on fire. Unless you want to run to the nearest
     water pool (which is in the Ra Cartouche course), the quickest way to negate
     it is to find the ice elemental switch and have 'em cancel each other out.
     This creature is found in the west part of the first room, up a ramp and
     down another. It's inside a cage and pulling the lever sets it free; it'll
     then kill its foe, yadda yadda yadda, threat neutralized. Two SMALL MEDIPACKs
     can be found in the Ice Elemental room, also.
     Now it's time to get another secret [35/70]! Climb back to the Fire Elemental
     Room's opening and do a running jump to the first rope. Continue to jump n'
     swing to the alcove opposite the starting point, for GRENADE GUN NORMAL AMMO,
     UZI AMMO, and REVOLVER AMMO, which is the first sighting of the latter, I
     believe! Don't drop down, though or the rope-ing has to be redone. Jump back
     to the third in the chain and start swinging east, jumping to the next set
     of platforms.
     Kill any bats and jump to the pole high up on the weird mishmash totem pole.
     Climb a bit until the next level of platforms -- backflip east to the one
     near a hanging wall switch. Kill two more bats and grab the switch, which'll
     raise a new ledge at the same height as that floor, although Lara will have
     to climb back up and kill a few more vampbats. Jump to that square ledge and
     find a torch in the wall mechanism. Unlike before, this is a must-have.
     Toss it down to ground level, 'cause that's where we're heading. Return to
     the ground floor of the 3-rope (fire elemental) room and light the torch on
     the flaming pedestal. Once done, there are two unlit torches on either side
     of the pole room's entrance -- light 'em to hear a click. This opens up a
     trapdoor in the middle of the walkway! It leads to a secret [36/70] down a
     bunch of corridors, past a circular scythe trap (save before attempting to
     bypass) and in a dead-end room. It's WIDESHOT AMMO, LARGE MEDIPACK, FLARES,
     and GRENADE GUN FLASH AMMO. The room quickly fills with scarabs though, so
     get what y'came for and get outta Dodge!
     Back in the 3-rope room, it's time to return to the pole from before...yes,
     this means backtracking and doing the course again. Lame, I know! Like before
     Lara must backflip to the ledge (near the black wall switch) and leap to the
     platform by the torch's niche. This time, Jump to the rest of the walkways
     lining the west side of the room; beyond, Lara can climb into the passage's
     ceiling. Look for a black wall switch above the entrance hole, which raises
     scaffolding so Lara can get to the level's exit after a bit of tunnel-
     -travellin'. However, the level's final secret [37/70] is hidden in the
     ceiling therein: it's an UZI, CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO, and a LARGE MEDIPACK!
     Now, finish this level in style!
    14) GUARDIAN OF SEMERKHET                                                [WK14]
     SECRETS: 3 [40/70]      |      2|
                             |     |¯|¯¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                             |_   _|       | | A: Circular Blade Traps          |
           EXIT               _| |_| |     | | B: Nile River Model Room         |
            |¯|_    |¯|      |_______|¯|H|¯  | C: Timed Swordblade Traps        |
            | |J|_|¯   ¯|              | |   | D: Golden Vraeus                 |
            | |___      |______________| |   | E: Guardian Key                  |
            | |___|  I     G             |   | F: Connected Passage             |
            |_____      |¯¯¯| |¯¯| |¯¯¯¯¯    | G: Locked Door (Bait Guardian)   |
                  |__ __|   |_ 1 | |         | H: Guardian's 1st Appearance     |
                   | 3 |_____ |__| |         | I: Eye Mural Room                |
                    ¯¯¯|  D  |   | |         | J: Ladder to 2F                  |
                       |     |   |F|         |__________________________________|
                       |  C  |    ¯
                       |_   _|_____     The noise that startled Lara at the scene
             N          _| |_|  E  |_   appears to have been nothing, thankfully.
             |         |_____   B F _|  Look for a floor hole near the uncentered
             |               |_   _|    statue and slide down to a passage with a
       W ----+---- E      _____|A|      few circular scythe traps. Beyond's a room
             |           |      _|      with a model of the Nile River; westward,
             |           |START|        a crawlspace leads to a room ("C") with a
             S           |_   _|_       timed spike trap!
     ...although you can't see the spikes, they're hidden under the walkway. If
     Lara isn't careful, they simply pull a one-eighty and chop her up with the
     cleaver-like blades. Keep pulling the  wheel-like mechanism to temporarily
     open a door further down the path. Lara will have to make a break for it, and
     must keep moving to take advantage of the blades' delay times. There aren't
     any tips besides cut corners (when jumping) and DON'T SPRINT -- it's unneeded
     and will probably mess you up. The finish line prize is a GOLDEN VRAEUS idol
     from the pedestal. Just make sure to get in the habit of taking it from the
     back or at a diagonal angle, since this one's boobytrapped and some blades
     will emerge to attack the thief! Leave this room by sliding down to ground
     level and avoiding the dirt tiles, which are also boobytrapped with 4-blade
     slicers. The passage on the other side eventually leads back up to 2F, and
     from there, return to the model Nile room.
     An indentation here is custom-fitted for the Golden Vraeus, so stick it in
     and watch the laser scene which opens up a model pyramid for a GUARDIAN KEY
     inside. It's used immediately on the east keyhole, which unlocks the trapdoor
     one foot away.
     The trapdoor slides Laura into a lonely corridor far below. The ceiling here
     is notched, so Lara can grab hold in the eastern corner by a SMALL MEDIPACK.
     Ignore whatever's thumping behind the locked gates... (*teeth chatter*) Latch
     onto the ceiling and backtrack west, past the slide-in point to a crawlspace
     near a locked door. Let go and grab the ledge to find a room with fiery jets
     coming out of blocks...aww, not again! SHOTGUN SHELLS and CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE
     AMMO are inside. That's a secret right there [38/70]!
     As for the fiery mechanisms, the west one has WIDESHOT AMMO and a second try
     makes the east flame alternate blows. That one has UZI AMMO to reap, and a
     second try makes the last flame block alternate jets. There's a LARGE MEDIPACK
     inside. The final niche flame extinguishes here but it'll just make scarabs
     pour in the room, so ignore it!
     Back in the hallway, continue north until the source of what's rapping on the
     door appears: the Guardian of Semerkhet, a gigantic minotaur! It can't be
     killed by conventional weapons so don't waste ammo. It will charge at Lara
     and try to gore her with his horns; however, if she can dodge at the last
     second and make it hit a wall, it'll get stuck temporarily and she can go
     about her business, such as killing the bats that are flying around to annoy
     To find a secret [39/70], enter the room the guardian came out of and follow
     its twisting passages to a dead-end room. There is a SMALL MEDIPACK and a
     torch in one of the wall holes -- keep it! The nearest lit torch is back by
     the minotaur's door lever, against the east wall. Light it and return to the
     dead end room the torch was found in, lighting the two torches on either side
     of the chamber. A secret wall opens and this is the aforementioned secret!
     The pedestals are boobytrapped, so take the SHOTGUN SHELLS, LARGE MEDIPACK,
     and CROSSBOW NORMAL AMMO carefully. Also, a spiked ball comes through the
     ceiling in the middle, so don't stray into it!
     Return back to the guardian's hallway and make it chase Lara to the western
     reaches, which is sorta near where she slid into this area. There is a door
     here unlockable by any means, but by baiting the guardian into charging, it
     will bumrush the door and knock it down. It might be a good idea to save
     beforehand, so Lara can time her jump over the beastie. When it's clear of
     the door, sprint through.
     This leads to the "Eye Symbol Room." As expected, start baiting the bull into
     goring the eye murals. Only two are necessary to begin, but do all three for
     good measure (keep in mind the camera angles here are bad!). Of the two doors
     that open, enter the one 'right' of the single eye symbol, which leads to a
     tiny area with a ladder. Climb up and go to the 2F's south side, where there
     is a open ceiling above the curved walkway. Climb up to the level's final
     secret [40/70]: SHOTGUN SHELLS, SMALL MEDIPACK, LARGE MEDIPACK. The pedestals
     aren't boobytrapped but the ceiling is, so watch it. Also, only one item can
     be taken; the others catch on fire!
     Finally, look on the north side of the 2F walkway, which leads to items:
     SHOTGUN SHELLS, UZI CLIPS, and a SMALL MEDIPACK. Avoid the part of the ceiling
     that obviously holds a spikeball trap and maybe it won't appear at all!
     Now, to end this 'boss battle', all three eye symbols have to be broken. If
     this was done previously on the ground floor, good; if not, do it from there
     or bait into attacking Lara while she stands/hangs on one of the pillars.
     Either way, when all three (3) are punctured, this opens a door in the west,
     parallel to the one that leads to the ladder. In fact, this one leads to a
     ladder, too...which ends the level. I guess we didn't beat the guardian after
     all...maybe there'll be a Round 2 later? HMMMMM???!?
    15) DESERT RAILROAD                                                      [WK15]
         END      |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
        _| |_     | A: Cargo Car                | B: Tied-down Cargo 1 (Flat) |
    |  |    3|    | C: Boxcar 1                 | D: Boxcar 2                 |
    |  |START|    | E: Tied-down Cargo 2 (Tall) | F: Caboose                  |
    E  |_   _|    |_____________________________|_____________________________|
       |     |
       |  A  |  SECRETS: 3 [43/70]
       |_   _|
       |     |  The level starts with Lara in a car with two levers: one opens a
       |     |  door nearby and the other is broken. Do a diagonal jump to the
       |     |  next car which happens to have its compartments full of cargo...
       |  B  |  breakable cargo. A SMALL MEDIPACK and SHOTGUN SHELLS occupy the
       |     |  first two, but the final crate's a waste of a bullet. However, an
       |_____|  assassin appears so that bullet doesn't go to waste. Outside, the
       |     |  exit leads to a tied-down cargo car with a green tarp. Two more
       |  C  |  assassins on horseb-...err, jeepback appear to meddle in Lara's
       |_   _|  affairs, too.
       |     |
       | D 2 |  When they're disposed, continue working east and climb onto the
       |_____|  adjacent car's roof. Two assassins appear, so quickly murder 'em
       |     |  before they jump back inside and foul up the easy pickins. The
       |  E  |  first boxcar has two packs of SHOTGUN SHELLS and a SMALL MEDIPACK,
       |_   _|  plus an assassin hiding around the corner in a blindspot. The next
       |     |  eastern car ("D") hasn't anything of worth right now, so skip it.
       |     |
       |  F  |  The next car is a tall bunch of cargo tied down with a green tarp.
       |     |  To bypass this nuisance, hang over either edge of the car; shimmy
       |  1  |  to the other side until Lara can pull up. The adjacent car, which
        ¯¯¯¯¯   happens to be the last one, has an assassin on the roof. After he
     gets blown off the train, hang on the back edge and a door opens; catch the
     lower crate lip and pull into the caboose's interior. Secret #1 [41/70] ends
     Back on the caboose's roof, hang off the north side of the car until Lara can
     find another crate to grab, pulling into the other part of the boxcar. There
     is a bunch of crap here: 2x SHOTGUN SHELLS, a CROWBAR, and a SHOTGUN. A lever
     long since broken here can be activated with the crowbar! Doing this makes an
     assassin appear out of nowhere from a blindspot, though.
     Past the tall tarp ("E") car, another assassin is patrolling a boxcar's roof,
     and another shows his ugly face in the "D" car's eastern exit. When both are
     toast (plus the 1-2 that also assist), the "D" car can be robbed of its secret
     [42/70] treasure! Inside, there's a small dead-end with a funny-looking crate
     face. The crowbar pops it back to reveal a door, with GRENADE GUN SUPER AMMO,
     GRENADE GUN FLASH AMMO, and...a GRENADE GUN itself! Finally, a new weapon!
     Continue the backtracking session, to the B/C cars, a.k.a. flatbed trailers.
     A jeep deposits two more assassins here, plus another in the "A" car. Finally
     reach the initial car with the broken lever. Use the crowbar on one of the
     crate sides to uncover the last secret [43/70], a SMALL MEDIPACK. Whee? Use
     the crowbar's lever to uncouple the rest of the train cars, then make it to
     the engineer's car and finish the level.
    16) ALEXANDRIA                                                           [WK16]
              _____________  |¯|_| |  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
            _|F|  D | |  C |_|     |  | A: Train Station     |
           |_  |_  _| |_  _|  _|¯¯¯   | B: Alexandria Square |       W
             |           __  |        | C: Warehouse Ambush  |       |
            _|    B     |E1|_|        | D: Jean-Yves' Study  |   S --+-- N
           |__________  |__|_|        | E: Library Building  |       |
                      | |¯|           | F: Motorcycle        |       E
                      |_  |____       |______________________|
                        |   _  |
                        | A|_| |       SECRETS: 1 [44/70]
     This is a rather short level with Lara starting at a train station. At the
     dark alley due east of there, a SMALL MEDIPACK shines...but there are also a
     few black scorpions blending in. Out of the station, a blue-clothed thug will
     run past Lara and into a warehouse ("C"). That makes at least two inside, and
     maybe one outside if Lara didn't pursue the thug fast enough. Back in the
     town square, enter the tall building with a black door near the fountain --
     this is Jean-Yves' museum/den. After the scene, pick up the items lying in
     out onto our friend's balcony and look north at the warehouse ambush roof:
     two more uzimen try to get potshots, with one dropping UZI AMMO.
     Before descending back down to the street, notice that the other north house,
     east of the warehouse, has a wall lever on one side. To reach it, jump from
     where the two "snipers" were and grab the roof, then shimmy around the corner
     for a drop-n'-catch. Inside that black-doored building is a single henchman,
     and now a door on the west side will opened (due to the switch). The level's
     only secret [44/70] is a LARGE MEDIPACK and CROSSBOW NORMAL AMMO.
     That's all there is to do for now; we'll have to leave the motorcycle around
     back of Jean-Yves' house for later. To exit this level, there is an alley
     west of the ambush warehouse with a single foe and SMALL MEDIPACK. Follow it
    17) COASTAL RUINS                                                        [WK17]
             _|       __|_    SECRETS: 0 [44/70]
            |  ___   ___  |___                          __
            | |_ _| |_ _| |   |                       _| A
            |_  |A    |  B ¯| |                      |_  |___   _ ___
          | |_| |_____|_   _| |                        |  _  |_| | F |
          |START|   |   __|_  |__________              | |_|C        |
           ¯¯¯¯¯    |_____  |  W A T E R |      _______| |___|¯| |¯¯¯
                          | |H           |_    |_ E      |_____|  ¯¯¯|
                          |_ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|    |     | |¯|           | D |
                            | |¯|   |¯     |     |  ¯    |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|___|
                    ______  |_| | G |¯¯¯¯| |      ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
                   |      | |   |   |    |_|
                   |J|  I |_|  _|   |____| 
             N       |__   _______|_|
             |          |K|
             |              |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
       W ----+---- E        | A: Egyptian Adventure Exhibit | B: Water Pool      |
             |              | C: Gate Key (Behind Bars)     | D: Crossbow        |
             |              | E: Shooting Gallery / Token   | F: Snakecharmer    |
             S              | G: Coastal Ruins Proper       | H: Get-to-Hill Pt. |
                            | I: Hilltop Building           | J: To Catacombs    |
                            | K: To Catacombs (Lower Entr.) |____________________|
     Like Temple of Karnak/Hypostyle Hall/Sacred Lake before it, these next few
     levels are connected and can be revisited at leisure (usually). This can also
     be a confusing thing, so don't stray back unless you've forgotten something
     crucial to completion!
     In the dark part of the entrance stairway, look for a SMALL MEDIPACK below.
     Enter the main street of town and notice to the south, a small passage that
     leads to a dead end. This is where the Egyptian Adventure exhibit Jean-Yves
     may have told Lara about (if she revisited him)...but it's closed for now.
     However, Lara can shoot the boards away if she so desires.
     Let's get a new weapon first, shall we? SE of the starting point, after a bit
     of hallway-surfing, is another "locked" boarded-up door which leads to "D" on
     the map. There is another mirror here that catches Lara's attention -- it's
     booby-trapped with spikes and they only show up in the mirror. With that info
     on-hand, avoid the traps and claim the CROSSBOW, which also only appears in
     the mirror.
     Once the item is safely in your hands, move toward the "E" room in the west.
     Save, combine the LaserSight from the Alexandria level with the Crossbow now
     obtained (first-person sniping with L1) and slide down. A ledge will raise
     and prevent Lara from plummeting into the spikes, and she'll have to complete
     a shooting gallery course to avoid that fate. There is a "bug" on this level
     where if Lara snipes the top-middle target with an explosive arrow (or grenade
     round I suppose), it blows all the targets up for an easy finish. Drop down
     below and collect the TOKEN for the trouble, then use the crawlspace to exit
     With the Token in Lara's pretty pocket, it's time to do some more trickery
     to get that key in the cage before. The room right next to the Crossbow/Mirror
     puzzle contains a mechanized snakecharmer. Save, give it the token, and a big
     rope will stretch to the ceiling. Climb up and backflip off, then use the
     crowbar on a a hook to obtain...the WALL HOOK, which can be combined with a
     BROKEN HANDLE sitting nearby to form a HOOK AND POLE device. Finally, use
     the Hook and Pole at point "C" on the map to obtain the GATE KEY. Well, Lara
     will still have to pick it up but y'get the idea.
     That ends the exhibit portion; return to the street.
     East of there are two arched doorways with one leading downstairs to a water
     pool. Get to the crawlspace therein which leads to a tall ladder, which leads
     outside of town: the coastal ruins area. This place will be revisited often
     as all the next levels of the Alexandria area connect to here in some way.
     There are a few items to obtain before we do anything else:
     • In the north part of this hilly region (without going back into town) is a
       current that extends east from the town walls. If Lara is there, she'll see
       some blue seaweed there, as well as having a tough time to get through due
       to the crappy angles. Either way, some GRENADE GUN NORMAL ROUNDS are to a
       bit lower & south of there, in an underwater alcove.
     • Also near that area, except west more and on dry land (the white pillars),
       there is a high-up alcove that Lara can do a running jump to. If she falls
       it's basically right in front of the jetstream below, which is a nuisance,
       so save before attempting. The items are CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO!
     If you don't know how to get back on the hill after falling in the water, I
     have marked it on the map ("H") -- it's simply pulling up on a flat surface.
     Anyway, the small building farther up the hill is the main target to go to,
     now. There will be a skeleton walking the area (triggered from obtaining one
     of the ammo drops) that needs to be reburied before this, though. Normal
     weapons only knock them down; to destroy them, they need to be exploded or
     have their heads shot off with the lasersight (they won't attack after that).
     Jump to the ledge with a pulley/boulder underneath it, and look for a higher
     ledge on the east side with WIDESHOT AMMO and a SMALL MEDIPACK. A door up on
     that same level is locked, but the Gate Key from the Egyptian Adventure area
     will unlock it.
    18) CATACOMBS                                                            [WK18]
              ___                                              ____
          N  | F_|___     ____      |¯¯¯¯¯|                   | 2| |___
             |    _  |   |  B |  _  |  D  |          _______|¯|__   _  |
             |  _|_| |_  |_  _| |A| |_   _|¯|       |N        T____| |O|
             | |_|     |_|    |_| |   | |_|C|        ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|_|       ¯
             |___   E   _      ___|   |_____|        _____ _
                 |_   _| |____|                     |  N  |4|      _
                   |M|                              |_____| |_  |¯|M|
                    ¯                               |  _  | | |_|  ¯|-T (Toplevel)
     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|   _|  L| |    _   ¯|
     | A: Connects to 'J' on Coastal Ruins Map |  |3|  ¯    |_| |___|
     | B: Movable Pillar                       |   ¯ ¯¯¯|¯ _|
     | C: Connects to 'K' on Coastal Ruins Map |     _|¯    |_ |¯¯¯|___
     | D: Pillar Support Room                  |  __|  H  G  E||LMT    |
     | E: Pole Shaft (Connected Passage)       |  EXIT|  ___|¯ |___|¯| |_|¯|
     | F: Cross Statue                         |  ¯¯¯¯|  _  |       _|     |_
     | G: "Elevator"                           |      |1| | |      |_  KT    |
     | H: 2-Rope Room                          |       ¯  | |________|_   _|¯
     | I: Pool Room / 2 Levers / Ice Elemental |          |  I       | | |
     | J: Cross Statue                         |           ¯|__   _  | | |
     | K: 1-Rope Room                          |       N       |J| | |_| |
     | L: Ladder to Midlevel                   |       |        ¯  |_____|
     | M: Ladder to Toplevel                   |       |
     | N: Alcove with a Pole                   | W ----+---- E
     | O: To Coastal Ruins (Northern Building) |       |
     | T: Trident Location (x4)                |       |      SECRETS: 4 [48/70]
     |_________________________________________|       S
     NOTE: This level will requires minor backtracking, so this is a forewarning!
     The first room inside has nothing, and the second has a brown movable pillar
     with a floor that depresses when Lara steps on it, i.e. the pillar can't be
     moved in full. This will need to be rectified! First press the 'face' button
     on the wall -- it raises a block in the room below -- and backtrack to...
     In that small hilltop building, remember the pulley that holds a boulder over
     a pit? Jump down to the pit, trigger the boulder trap (jump under and flip
     out of the way) and use the crawlspace to find a crowbar-able door beyond.
     This actually leads back to the Catacombs, just in a lower manner.
     Alright, so Lara is now in the lower Catabombs entrance. This leads to a
     single room with a movable pillar, and the brown block that was raised into
     the floor before. Move the pillar onto it, which steadies the unstable room
     above -- that's all. Backtrack to the upper portion of this dungeon again.
     With the brown pillar able to be moved, push it into the room right before,
     onto the tile with a face marking. Doing so unleashes an ice elemental that
     will go aggro on Lara (although it can't catch her on fire like the other
     pesky type!) so lead it through the west door that just opened. Ignore the
     pole shaft in the middle and take the north passage to where a weird cross-
     -shaped statue is sitting by some pots. The ice elemental will disappear into
     this if Lara waits around a bit.
     When the pest is gone, return to the pole shaft and slide down. At the end of
     the passage is a lever that works an false elevator -- the walls themselves
     actually slide up! This reveals two ropes hanging from the ceiling. Swing to
     the second rope and jump to the crawlspace to the west, which contains the
     first secret [45/70], a SHOTGUN, FLARES, and LARGE MEDIPACK. [NOTE: If you
     swung to the west alcove instead of the south, you'll find it just drops down
     to the passage below -- restart and do the secret!]
     TRIDENTS 1 & 2
     Anyway, the soft-drop from the secret alcove to the passage below, which runs
     parallel east-west. Up the stairs is a drop-down point to a ramp, although a
     jump-and-grab to the breakable vases results in WIDESHOT AMMO. Slide down to
     a pool with high walkways interspersed around. A skeleton jumps around, but
     a fun way to kill it is to use a shotgun blast and knock it into the water.
     When the pests are zapped, jump the higher ledges to get to the SW lever --
     it makes some blocks extend so Lara can leapfrog across the southern wall to
     a vase hiding WIDESHOT AMMO. From that vase's platform, use the mesh ceiling
     to approach the 2nd lever. An ice elemental appears, so once the lever is
     pressed -- this makes other blocks extend on the east wall -- locate the
     cross statue in the SW underwater alcove. Finally, the middle raised platform
     duo can be used to reach the newly extended platforms, which let Lara exit
     the room along the south wall. Clutch the ledge over the small canal and
     shimmy around to safety. Whew!
     The path leads to a room with a single rope and a huge drop off, with pillars
     extending high upwards. Two skeletons will be around here, so it's in Lara's
     best interest to snipe/explode 'em. Get the WIDESHOT AMMO in the nearby vase
     and swing across to the ledge with an unactivated skeleton. A niche with more
     vases contains nothing, so ignore it. Instead, jump to the center pillar-top
     with a TRIDENT on a pedestal; stealing it activates the other skeleton. Save
     some explosive ammo and shotgun it off the ledge when it jumps over -- do
     this same tactic for the other skeleton, also. The NE corner of the room has
     a ladder on a pit's inner side, so climb down that way to WIDESHOT AMMO and
     CROSSBOW NORMAL AMMO. Ground-floor vases contain SHOTGUN SHELLS but nothing
     else. Climb back up the ladder, get the LARGE MEDIPACK on the western archway,
     and take the NW alcove ladder out of this gloomy chamber (2 skeletons chase!)
     The next room has a skeleton guarding another TRIDENT piece. Climb the pole
     to the next-highest floor and get the CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO. The next floor
     up has a passage ("M") that connects to the Catacombs' first pole shaft, now
     inhabited by a skeleton.
     TRIDENT #3 & 4
     Slide down the pole back to the room with two ropes ("H"), killing the creepy
     skeleton that rises from the earth. The northeast corner of the room has a
     ladder etched in, so a running jump-n'-catch will let Lara reach the bottom
     safely. Defeat the two skeletons and take the north ladder/passage out of
     this area.
     In the next area, with huge ledges, Lara starts off on the ground floor.
     Ignore the west door (leads to skeleton) and take the east door, which has
     more dead ends & a skeleton, plus UZI AMMO. Return to the west door and one
     of the alleys leads to an alcove with vases, and a ladder hidden inside.
     On the middle level, get the WIDESHOT AMMO. Along the south wall (middle) is
     a small alcove with a LARGE MEDIPACK, which sics a skeleton on Lara's tail.
     The SE alcove has more WIDESHOT AMMO and SHOTGUN SHELLS guarded by two
     skeletons on the path prior to this. Near that SE alcove, the NE alcove has
     a ladder that leads to the top level.
     Nearby are some SHOTGUN SHELLS near a 3rd TRIDENT piece on a pedestal. As
     Lara nears the center long-shaped walkway and a skeleton rears its ugly mug.
     Catch the rope and cross straight, spawning a skeleton in the SE corner. Kill
     or ignore it, flatjumping to the structural pillar alcove with a pole visible
     inside. It leads up to a small ledge with an unactivated skeleton amidst some
     pots, plus a wide ladder. Since we'll have to come back down, destroy the
     skeleton right now and climb up. At the top, the passage leads to the final
     (4th) TRIDENT piece, which of course activates the skeletons here. What's the
     ladder behind the pedestal, you ask? It leads back to the Coastal Ruins area,
     at the north building (near the jetstream & seaweed). If Lara wants to climb
     up and crowbar the doors open, and kill skeletons, feel free, but there's
     no reason to leave completely just yet.
     To get another secret [46/70], shoot all the small bone piles in the fourth
     Trident room (with crossbow) and a small trapdoor near the pedestal falls in,
     revealing CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO. Doing this also opens a brown door in the
     SW corner of the previous large room's toplevel area, which is a 3rd secret
     MEDIPACK. Start softdropping down to the ground level passage where the room
     entrance/exit is, except this time go all the way north to the dead-end shaft.
     The elevator will silently ascend at this time to the final secret [48/70] in
     That's all for this level now, assuming you have all four (4) Tridents. Get
     back to the room with 2 ropes and exit to the west.
    19) TEMPLE OF POSEIDON                                                   [WK19]
     | NOTE: This level requires all four Trident pieces from the previous level |
     | "Catacombs". Don't bother progressing until they're all obtained, 'kay?   |
                              ___| |
                           __|START|   SECRETS: 1 [49/70]
                          |B  A|¯¯¯   |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
             N             ¯¯¯¯       | A: Connected Pit/Ladder                  |
             |            _____       | B: Cross Statue                          |
             |           |  G  |___   | C: Room with Abyss in Center             |
       W ----+---- E     |_   _|   |  | D: Dual Face Statues                     |
             |             |  _  H |  | E: 2-Skeleton Room                       |
             |             | | |___|  | F: Face Carving                          |
             S           |¯   ¯|      | G: Poseidon Statue                       |
                         |  F  |      | H: Floortorch Room                       |
                         |     |      | I: Poseidon Statue                       |
                         |¯   ¯|      | J: Statue / Pole Room                    |
                         |  E1 |      | K: Poseidon Statue                       |
                         |_   _|      | L: Poseidon Statue                       |
                         __| |        | M: Abyss Pool (Once 4 Tridents Used)     |
                      __|  __|        | N: 2 Ice Elementals / 2 Cross Statues    |
               _ ____|   C  A|____ _  | O: To Coastal Ruins (Largest Building)   |
              | |   _  |¯¯¯|  _   | | | P: Left Gauntlet                         |
              |D   |_| | M | |_|   D| |__________________________________________|
              |_|      |___|  ____| |      ___
                | |¯¯|__   __|    |L|     |   |_
                |I|  |    |        ¯      |_|_  |    ______|¯|_ ___|¯|
                 ¯   | |¯¯        __________  |O|   |  __      |  _ M|
                _ _|¯| |¯|      _|  __      |¯   ¯|_|  __       _| |_|
               | | |     |   __|   |__|  O     N   ___|  |_____|
               |K     J  |   EXIT|          |_____|
               |_|_|_____|   ¯¯¯¯ ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       
    _________________        NOTE: The above map -' may not fit with the compass
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯        directions but the largest portion does. They're
    FILLING THE ABYSS        schematically accurate, though. ^______^
     Start the level and take note of the cross statue that can negate some ice
     elementals. The floor hole has a ladder one one side, leading into a chamber
     with a huge abyss (bottomless pit) in the middle and two face statues carved
     on either side of the area. Enter the northern passage and arrive at a room
     with 2 skeletons going for a pincer attack. Drop down to ground level and
     enter the SE crawlspace for secret [49/70], CROSSBOW NORMAL AMMO and a SMALL
     MEDIPACK. That's the only one in this level! Climb back up and trek north.
     --- NOTE: The Tridents can be placed in any order ---
     The next room with a gigantic face carving has a crawlspace 'neath it. The
     T-shaped junction beyond has UZI AMMO in a breakable jar, and the east room
     with floor torches has CROSSBOW NORMAL AMMO, SHOTGUN SHELLS, and WIDESHOT
     AMMO, plus two skeletons who want a fight. Carefully exit and enter the
     dead-end pool room nearby with a statue of Poseidon. Inspect its front and
     use one of the Tridents, which floods a portion of the area. Return to the
     room with a gigantic abyss.
     This time, go east and find a crawlspace in a corner with a floortorch trap
     right below that needs to be circumvented (running jump-n'-grab works). The
     passage beyond leads to a SMALL MEDIPACK in a flimsy vase, a Posiedon statue
     that needs a Trident piece, and a few skeletons who want to ruin Lara's fun.
     If she catches on fire on the way back, there's always taking a dip in the
     statue's new stream!
     Take the southern way now at the abyss' junction, leading to a face statue
     room with a pole leading upwards. On that higher floor, a vase leaves an
     offering of WIDESHOT AMMO and CROSSBOW NORMAL AMMO. Place another Trident in
     the Poseidon Statue to flood the portion in the pole room. Conserve ammo by
     ignoring the remaining skeleton and swim back to the abyss room.
     For the final room, go to the east room. Around one of the corners near the
     dry fountain statue is a climbable part of the wall. At the very top, destroy
     the skeletor wannabe who surprises Lara from behind a wall and place the 4th
     Trident in its slot. Get the WIDESHOT AMMO in a corner and leave back down to
     the abyss.
     With all four Tridents used up, an ice elemental will now pester Lara. To
     get rid of it, use the cross statue that was near the level's start, up the
     very first ladder (which is camouflaged, or at least not as easy to find as
     a normal one). Alright, now the abyss is halfway filled with water, so Lara
     can jump in if she likes. Swim the small tunnel beyond to find a surfacing
     point with two exits, both west.
     A skeleton appears when each stairway is topped for the first time, so blow
     up both and continue along. The next room with a floor fresco summons an ice
     elemental duo to annoy Lara; luckily both the breakable jars nearby contain
     cross statues that will un-summon 'em (although only one is needed). The face
     button nearby will trigger a trapdoor in the opposite alcove, which leads
     back to the Coastal Ruins level. I suggest taking that way just to crowbar
     the door open, then returning back to the ice elemental room.
     The well-lit room right near there has a stone coffin with a LEFT GAUNTLET
     inside. Stealing this national treasure opens two side doors which connect
     to each other. The tunnel beyond has a crawlspace where the two paths meet,
     which leads to the level's exit.
    20) THE LOST LIBRARY                                                     [WK20]
            N               |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
            |               | A: Main Hall (1F)                                 |
            |               | B: --.                                            |
      W ----+---- E         | C:   |                                            |
            |               | D:   |-- These all mark doors on the first floor  |
            |               | E:   |   (rather than items). This is for easier  |
            S               | F:   |   identification and direction.            |
                            | G: --'                                            |
                            | H: 2 Fire Elementals                              |
              ______        | I: Pool Room (This place is revisited _a lot_)    |
        _    |  __  |__     | J: Planetarium                                    |
     __|R|___|S|__|HARP|_   | K: 1st Appearance of Tinmen (Mechanical Men)      |
    |            _|____  |  | L: Connected Passage (Pole)                       |
    | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|Z       |  | M: Golden Star Location (x3)                      |
    | |         |_|¯¯¯¯¯¯   | N: Swinging Chains                                |
    | |_________| |         | O: Underwater Passage                             |
    |_   _   _   _|         | P: Horseman's Gem                                 |
      |T|_|U| |V|           | Q: 7-Serpent Fire Puzzle                          |
      |___|¯   ¯            | R: To Ceiling Library (AKA Long Way to 2F Rooms)  |
     _____ _______          | S: --.                                            |
     V    |X   _  |         | T:   |- Also used for room identification         |
     ¯¯¯| | |   | |         | U:   |                                            |
     ___| | | |¯   ¯|_      | V: --'                                            |
     U  |___| |T3 W  _|     | W: Lion Room                                      |
     ¯|_______|_____|       | X: Pharos Pillar Location                         |
                            | Y: Music Scroll Location (Burn Planks @ 'U' Path) |
                            | Z: Chain -- Opens Exit on 1F                      |
     SECRETS: 3 [52/70]
                                |¯¯¯¯¯|       | Q R |
                                |  K  |       |_   _|             _____|¯¯¯¯¯|_
          ____   _|¯|_   ____   |_   _|  ___   _| |              |  ___   I   _|
         |    |_|_ MM |_|   L|    | |___|L  | |  _|___           | |___|_   _|
         |     _   M1  ___|¯¯     |_    |¯| | |_ ___  |          |     |_| |
     ____|__    | |___|             |_|G|_|F|_|E|_  | |         _|  H   ___|
    |  P  |_| | |N|_           _____|             | | |        |C|_   _|
    |     |   |¯|_ O|      ___|  _  |             |_| |        |_  | |
    |¯  |     |   |_|     |  _  |_|        A    EXIT| |  _       |___|
    |2  |¯¯¯¯¯            | | |_____|             |¯| |_| |
     ¯¯¯                 START      |_   _   _   _|¯      |_
                                   ___|B| |C| |D|_|   J    _|
                                  | Y  ¯|  ¯  |___          |
    __________                    |___|¯          |__   __|¯
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                       |_|
    THE 1F SIX
     The crawlspace leads to the level's main hall, which has six ground-floor (1F)
     doors and five balcony (2F) doors. The latter isn't accessible to begin with,
     so let's do the lower ones, all of which can open except the SW and NE spots.
     There's no particular order to do these in, either, mind you (although I've
     reorganized them in order of secrets obtained).
     C DOOR
     Save first. Downstairs, two fire elementals will rush at Lara so the player
     will have to do his/her best at evasive maneuvers. Take either side passage
     and make a dash for the pool; the pursuing ghoulies will be snuffed out when
     they touch the water. There's nothing else to do here now, but remember that
     the pools can be used for snuffing out future elementals. The scroll room's
     got a ladder leading to the balcony above, too.
     G DOOR
     Inside, the first vase has a SMALL MEDIPACK inside. The room beyond has the
     first appearance of 'Tinmen,' mechanize menfolk with axes. They're impervious
     except when damaged from the front (blueish gem), and they'll grunt when they
     take damage. A shotgun gets the job done quicker. Anyway, the scroll here is
     a hologram and can't be picked up! Exit this antechamber.
     F DOOR
     Take the pole down one floor and backflip to the SMALL MEDIPACK inside a vase.
     Watch out for the gears cogs rotating around the pole as they can quickly eat
     Lara's health! The next-lowest vases have SHOTGUN SHELLS and a LARGE MEDIPACK
     to reap. At the bottom, the path leads to another pole and then a chamber.
     Kill the tinman and pry the GOLDEN STAR out of its wall recepticle -- we'll
     need this for the 'D' Door. The gear in this room actually covers a pit that
     leads to a secret [50/70]: carefully back down the side with a ladder in it,
     and the pits keep getting lower and lower until the prize is found. FYI they
     Back upstairs, look for a ladder on the south side of a pillar. This leads
     west to a pole; the room below has 2 mechanized tinmen to scrap. At the end
     is a long shaft that leads to a room where a tinman rides a horse. He can only
     be damaged when charging, and Lara doesn't take damage from the horse -- let
     her get pushed along by it and get some potshots from the safe axe distance!
     Eventually he'll be knocked off and fight Lara on foot, where she can finally
     get rid of him and claim the HORSEMAN'S GEM to herself. South of there is a
     secret [51/70] -- look for an odd gate up on the wall and use the LaserSight
     to snipe the pulley thing closest to the ceiling, opening the gate. The prize
     is a LARGE MEDIPACK, SHOTGUN SHELLS, and UZI AMMO. Return back upstairs, now.
     The level right above (where the two tinmen were) has a gate that uses that
     Horseman's Gem to unlock. Pull the chain inside _ONCE_ and it opens a gate
     underwater in the "M" room. Return there now, actually, taking the SW exit. 
     To get past the swinging chains, simply wait for them to move away first.
     The room with a single large gear in it has a trapdoor covering an underwater
     passage. Continue until Lara is under the "M" room -- there's a surfacing
     point underneath a floor grid -- and look for a west-leading tunnel, through
     the gate opened by the Horseman's Gem. Pry open two more GOLDEN STARs here.
     With all three obtained, Lara now has to exit back to the main hall of this
     dungeon. Yes, it's going to be a long trip, but it's not that hard (except
     for the pole gear part, which sucks no matter what).
     D DOOR
     Just inside, look for a breakable jar that carries a SMALL MEDIPACK inside.
     This leads to a ground-floor planetarium with four other exits inside, plus
     a bunch of recepticles for the three Golden Stars obtained previously. These
     will open up four doors that contain globes. Lara must move these onto their
     circular spaces and match orbits of heavenly bodies...or something.
     BLUE  : Centermost Spot
     GRAY  : Innermost orbit
     GREEN : 2nd-from-center
     PINK  : 3rd-from-center
     YELLOW: Outermost orbit
     You'll know they're done right because a ball of energy collects over the
     globes when in correctly placed (nothing happens if in wrong spot). After
     all five are placed, electricity gathers and opens a northern door. Follow
     along, collecting the LARGE MEDIPACK from a vase, opening the "E" door from
     the inside.
     E DOOR
     This leads to Room "Q", a 7-point puzzle with a serpent statue/lever fixed
     at each one. To solve the puzzle, find the nearest statue upon entering and
     press it, then go counterclockwise to do all the rest. This makes blocks rise
     up and triggers a fire elemental -- to get rid of it, run back to the "C" Door
     passage and hide in the pool until it self-extinguishes! Return and climb up
     the block set, which leads to a library in the ceiling.
     In the scroll antechamber, a SMALL MEDIPACK is in an upstairs vase, but the
     real reason for this area is that the library connects to the 2F of the main
     So, after all that work, we're finally on the balcony again -- that makes 4
     new doors left, all of which can be accessed now.
     T DOOR
     There is a slide here. Save first and go down normally, jumping to catch a
     ladder within the lion statue's mouth -- this leads to its top, which evades
     the boulder trap below as well. To complete the secret [52/70], do a running
     jump to the west wall's ledge, for CROSSBOW NORMAL AMMO and a LARGE MEDIPACK.
     Drop down and kill the tinman (although, after I missed the secret and killed
     him, then reloaded, he didn't show up again...). When he's dead, save and
     try to jump up the steep ramp -- this triggers a 2nd boulder, although it
     may actually bound over Lara's head. Jump to the wall switch alongside the
     ramp to raise a pillar upwards.
     Once on top, forego jumping to the lion and instead aim for the south ledge.
     Pull up into the higher doorway and save when Lara's position is level with
     the statue's crest. Do a running jump and try to land on its flat mane rather
     than its facial features. Pull the chain at the top of its head to lower its
     jaw, then slide down its nose and catch-n'-grab it; from there, just drop and
     catch its jaw, crawling inside. Climb the pole in its, err, trachea. Save at
     the top.
     Two gates raise here: one in a hallway, one in a room. Enter the room first
     and take the PHAROS PILLAR from the pedestal. If you do it out of order, the
     gate closes and Lara would have to go all the way through the T Door events
     again (or reload, ha). Open the trapdoor near the pillar to find it connects
     to the ground-floor "C" Room passage, the one with a big pool. This helps as
     a fire elemental appears in the hallway from the artifact room, not to
     mention it's helpful to have a quick go-between ladder to switch floors.
     Either way, return to the Pharos Pillar room and enter the hallway that
     connects to the lion room's pole -- use the hallway gate this time. The only
     chamber to the side has a red torch on the ground and two burns Lara can work
     by stepping on the grate near 'em. Light the torch and continue to the floor
     that's made of wooden planks. Drop the torch there, setting fire to the wood
     and eventually caving it in.
     | GLITCH ALERT: I've heard that people cannot get through the burned floor |
     | if they save the game after having left the area WITHOUT dropping down.  |
     | This may not plague most people but the easiest remedy is to descend at  |
     | first chance.                                                            |
     In the room below, Lara looks at something on the ground -- a MUSIC SCROLL
     she can steal. Pick up the SHOTGUN SHELLS in the vase and exit, which leaves
     Lara on the ground floor "B Door" path on the map. However, we'll have to go
     back upstairs to use the scroll, so either:
     - Enter the "C Door" path on the map and use the trapdoor ladder that leads
       to the Pharos Pillar room
     - Enter the "E Door" path via the shortcut or planetarium and climb into the
       ceiling, doing this the hard way.
     Either way, get onto that thurrrrr balcony, folks!
     S DOOR
     UZI CLIPS are hidden in the first vase, and the only room is a dead end with
     a harp there. Use the Music Scroll on the PEDESTAL to reveal a secret passage
     behind a bookshelf. This leads to a chain in the main room which opens the
     large double doors on the ground floor. Get down there in your preferred way
     and exit the level!
    21) HALL OF DEMETRIUS                                                    [WK21]
     SECRETS: 0 [52/70]
     This is a small level, so I won't make a map.
     Enter the main hall (1F) and traverse the south passage, which leads to a
     pedestal with a PHAROS KNOT inside. This is necessary to proceed later (this
     assumes you got the Pharos Pillar in The Lost Library, which is also needed).
     Return to the ground floor, take the opposite ramp to the balcony for a scene
     with Lara's nemesis.
     When the scene's over, kill ninja assassins/henchmen/whatever and return to
     the balcony the cutscene took place on. Move the floor lantern there down the
     scrape marks (but not next to bookshelf) to reveal the secret bookscase path,
     which has a ramp leading back to...
     SECRETS: 1 [53/70]
     Surface after being dumped in the sink, which is somehow a secret [53/70],
     and pick up the BROKEN GLASSES from between the four pillars. A LARGE MEDIPACK
     and CROSSBOW POISON AMMO also sit silently nearby. Near the glasses' position
     is a hole in the ceiling, one side of which is notched like a ladder. This
     leads outside, where Lara's in the far west portion of the Coastal Ruins,
     in a part that wasn't even accessible before due to the crazy currents (these
     have since become calm).
     Boat writes: "Unlimited Secret in Coastal Ruins: I have found this glitch
     accidentally when I tried to find the way to open the another door in Hall of
     Demetrius. After searching every spot in this room and found nothing, I
     decided to get out of this room using the secret passage behind the bookshelf.
     After I exit this level and enter Coastal Ruins, I gained another secret that
     I had gotten it once (Note that I had entered Hall of Demetrius and exited the
     level with this secret passage once before I revisited this level to find the
     way to open that door). After that, I went through all the way to get back to
     Hall of Demetrius and exit with secret passage again. After entered Coastal
     Ruins, I gained the same secret again. I also checked the number of secrets I
     gained and found that the number also increased. I had tried this 3 times and
     get one secret for each time (result in 3 secrets at the same place). I didn't
     try it again but I think I will get more secrets if I try." [NOTE: This was
     done using the PC version]
     To find the next level, swim out a bit and look for a long underwater tunnel
     in the south rockwall, before approaching the seaside ruins. This leads to a
     bunch of broken manmade debris in a cave, which one one side leads to a thin
     gap that ends the level.
    22) PHAROS, TEMPLE OF ISIS                                               [WK22]
     | NOTE: The Pharos Pillar and Pharos Knot, obtained from The Lost Library  |
     | and Hall of Demitrius respectively, are needed for this level. If one's  |
     | missed them, the surfacing point in the sunken temple has a crawlspace   |
     | that leads back to the Coastal Ruins outdoor area, and backtracking can  |
     | be done from there.                                                      |
                         _____               _______
                        |  L  |             |D  |  E|
                        | | | |              ¯| | |¯
                        | | | |            ___| | |_
                    ____ ¯| |¯ ____      _| B   F   |
                   |  __|¯   ¯|__  |    |  C|       |
                   |LK__   N   __ K|     ¯¯¯|   A   |
                   |____|     |____|        |__   __|
                         ¯| |¯                 |_|
                          |  ¯¯¯|             START
                          |     |
                          |     |       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                           ¯| |¯        | A: Sunken Temple                       |
                            |  ¯|_ _    | B: Surface Point / Crawlspace Entrance |
                   _____   _|¯    |O|   | C: Exit to Coastal Ruins               |
                  |K    |_|    I   _|   | D: Pharos Knot Recepticle              |
                  | MJ      |     |     | E: Pharos Pillar Recepticle            |
                  |L    |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯      | F: Door Opened by D & E                |
                   ¯¯¯|¯|¯   ¯| |       | G: Lion Room                           |
                      |_   H   _|       | H: Crossroads #1                       |
            W           |_   _|         | I: Crossroads #2                       |
            |            _| |_          | J: Cleopatra Statue Room               |
            |           |     |         | K: Broken Beetle                       |
      S ----+---- N     |  G  |         | L: Black Beetle                        |
            |           |_   _|         | M: Winding Key                         |
            |           |     |         | N: Pyramid (Black Beetles go here)     |
            E           |     |         | O: Exit to Cleopatra's Palaces level   |
                        |_   _|         |________________________________________|
     Currents blow Lara into the sunken temple and prevent her from exiting now,
     so might as well proceed. Spy a surfacing point high above and flock there
     for some oxygen refills, then climb onto dry land before the hammerhead tries
     to maul our girl. Kill the creature by luring it near the hole and it'll be
     time to swim around (rather than going in the crawlspace, which leads to a
     dark exit back to Coastal Ruins).
     The sunken temple has two passages leading west, both leading to surfacing
     points where Lara can insert the Pharos Knot and Pharos Pillar. Placing both
     correctly opens doors ("F") at the bottom of the temple. Inside, Lara's lead
     to a well-lit room with a skeleton and a watery pit near two lion sculptures.
     This path leads to a three-door crossroads, although the south & west doors
     are dummies, leading to dead ends; go north instead.
     This leads to another crossroads with a harpy, who can be taken down without
     too much effort (its wings shine when it's about to fire projectiles). Break
     the ornamental objects here for 3x SHOTGUN SHELLS, 3x WIDESHOT SHELLS, LARGE
     The next part can be done in any order, although the north way should be left
     for last.
     This leads to a room with a Cleopatra statue, and Lara gets locked in after a
     few feet. In the far corners of the room are two artifacts: the SE has a
     BLACK BEETLE and the SW has a useless BROKEN BEETLE. Taking either makes a
     scarab swarm flee the socket as well as raising a block giving access to the
     north or south alcoves in the room's middle (these are scarab-free at the
     highest point). Each alcove has a button to press; pressing both triggers a
     trapdoor in the room's center -- one side has a ladder on it.
     In the room below, climb onto the nearest flat block. The object is to jump
     to the nearest slanted block, then to the next-nearest, then jump to safety.
     It can be a bit annoying to do so save beforehand, preferably before going
     down the trapdoor (hanging down the lip makes the scarabs fall below!). The
     prize for doing the jumping course -- which is similar to the one in St.
     Francis' Folly in the first Tomb Raider -- gives a WINDING KEY as a prize.
     Press the button there to release the door in the beetle room, letting Lara
     return to the stairway crossroads. Kill the skeleton there and hang a left
     to the west corridor.
     The first room contains more breakable furniture, giving a bounty of a LARGE
     a large pyramid (with recepticles for Black Beetles) and three slopes in all
     cardinal directions but east. They can be done in any order, and saving first
     is highly recommended.
     All slopes have the same trap: Lara slides into an oily channel and must get
     to the pull-up point before the boobytrap sets it aflame -- avoiding it is
     easy if Lara jumps at the chute's end and walks from the get-go. The west
     entrance has a BLACK BEETLE, the south has a BLACK BEETLE and BROKEN BEETLE
     (the former is directly opposite the entrance), and the north way has only a
     BROKEN BEETLE and should be summarily skipped.
     Either way, Lara should now have three BEETLE artifacts. There's no harm in
     putting 'em in the pyramid sockets either. Either way, backtrack to the
     3-stairway crossroads and take the north passage.
    23) CLEOPATRA'S PALACES                                                  [WK23]
      SECRETS: 1 [54/70]                            _____ _ _|¯|_
                                                   |     | |_    |    _
     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|   ___|     |C  | |F|___|I|    Right
     | A: To "Pharos, Temple of Isis"       |  |  _   B   _|  _|    ___|   Greave
     | B: Fountain Room                     |  |A| |        _|  ¯| |          |
     | C: Balcony                           |   ¯  |_____|D|_|¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  |
     | D: Crowbar Path (from Balcony)       |      |  _____| | |¯| |¯¯¯¯¯| |_|¯|
     | E: 4th Black Beetle (Use in Pharos)  |    __| |__   |G  |¯   ¯¯¯|_| |   |
     | F: Spiketrap Passage                 |   |       |  |_| | H     |    _|_|
     | G: Sword Trap                        |   | |   |E|  |  _|   ¯¯| |¯  |
     | H: Hole Opened by Fountain Mechanism |    ¯ ¯¯¯ ¯   | |_| | K | | |¯
     | I: Right Gauntlet                    |              |      ¯¯¯  |J|___
     | J: 3rd Spike Passage (Don't Take!)   |              |       |¯¯¯|     |_|¯|
     | K: Pharos Knot                       |              |        ¯¯¯       _ 1|
     | L: Lara Statue Room                  |               ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|       |_|
     | M: Hathor Effigy                     |                   _____   ¯¯¯| |¯
     | N: Ornate Handle                     |                  |_ Q _|¯¯¯|¯   ¯|
     | O: Throne Room                       |              ____|     | |_  LMN |
     | P: Breast Plate                      |              EXIT   O   _| |_____|
     | Q: Left Greave                       |     W        ¯¯¯¯|_   _|
     |______________________________________|     |            |  P  |
                                                  |             ¯¯¯¯¯
    _____________________                   S ----+---- N
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                         |
    CLEOPATRA'S PALACES I                         |
    _____________________                         E
     Let's cut this level down to size. Make for the north side of the fountain
     area (ground floor) and blow up any ancient furniture around, giving a bounty
     near the fountain via a north ramp, which has more items: SHOTGUN SHELLS and
     WIDESHOT AMMO! Standing on the balcony itself makes a skeleton appear, though.
     Crowbar open the face door and do the same at the next stop, continuing to
     the hole in the ground. Take one look down the hole and save! Yes, it leads
     to the final fiery-oil-canal trap, although this one's created differently.
     Slide down and pull up to the ledge straight ahead, then do a running jump to
     south/north-running ledge the fire travels down -- a BLACK BEETLE is hidden
     in the SE corner. Exit the room via the ramp chute which is now a stairway.
     [Oddly enough, I don't know if this is a glitch, but I tried to do a flatfoot
     jump to the ledge and fell in, but didn't catch on fire!]
     With the final Black Beetle obtained, return to the previous level (check the
     map in section WK22 if needed) and locate the western room with the pyramid.
     This has four slots for said artifacts, and when all are placed correclty, it
     reveals a MECHANICAL SCARAB, which can be combined with the Winding Key to
     create the beautifully-named MECHANICAL SCARAB WITH KEY.
     | NOTE: The Mechanical Scarab with Key breaks after three uses, so be sure |
     | you only use it as directed in the walkthrough! It IS possible to screw  |
     | oneself out of the level's only secret if used willy-nilly!              |
     Return to the palace area now.
     The fountain has an underwater passage that goes east to a wall mechanism --
     this lowers part of the floor past the spike-trap passage. Stand on the tile
     with the scarab and pick the MECHANICAL SCARAB WITH KEY (manually from the
     menu), using it as a lab rat to trigger the spikes. Just make sure to pick it
     up again before going down the new path, which has two new ways to go. Go
     north first to a small room with a blade trap and a sarcophagus with a RIGHT
     GAUNTLET inside. Whew!
     Stroll down the east corridor, kill the skeleton, trigger the spikes with the
     mechanical scarab. The antechamber here has WIDESHOT AMMO within a sarcophagus
     for some reason; just make sure to dodge the blade trap perched inside the
     doorway (and a skeleton) before leaving east.
     This leads to a large chamber with many exits, but first a harpy must be put
     down. A coffin has a SMALL MEDIPACK inside; continue NE, ignoring the spot to
     the west (Point "H" on map). This leads to two passages and a artifact socket
     with SHOTGUN SHELLS near it. 
     NOTE: The Mechanical Scarab with Key breaks after three uses, so the player
     will have to make a choice on which way to go: north or west. The former'll
     lead to the level's only secret [54/70], 4x SHOTGUN SHELLS, WIDESHOT AMMO,
     SMALL MEDIPACK, and EXPLOSIVE CROSSBOW AMMO. The latter way lets Lara pull
     up into a northern alcove afterwards, although this way can be entered from
     another side so there is _no_ reason to choose it! In fact, I'll cover that
     in the next paragraph.
     Return to the room with the latest harpy and go to the west area. Look for a
     black wall switch that will trigger the double doors nearby, as well as make
     a block raise from the ground. Jump and catch the west wall, then shimmy to
     the alcove down the line -- this leads to CROSSBOW NORMAL AMMO in a breakable
     chest and a RIGHT GREAVE in the coffin past a blade trap. Return to the wall
     switch room and enter the L-shaped hole in the ground the fountain mechanism
     made before. Get the CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO from the pit and see that Lara
     can now access the room with barred windows ("K"). A LARGE MEDIPACK and
     CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO is inside, and the single sarcophagus contains the
     PHAROS KNOT we need...although it looks like a Pharos Pillar...
     Either way, return to the room that leads to the secret and put the new item
     in the depression, leading to room "L". Take the SMALL MEDIPACK on the small
     ground-floor block and a wizard will make a golden replica of Lara on the
     other block. Okay, a wizard didn't do it this time, but it's still magical!
     Hop on the small block in the north, swing across to the next block. There's
     an alcove here from which Lara can grab the top lip of the notched ceiling
     and pull up, despite the camera POV's attempts to thwart that. Kill a harpy
     before the damage dealt to the statue is incurred by the real lass. Jump the
     gap, climb higher in a wall alcove, kill another harpy, then a skeleton when
     Lara reaches the tip top platform.
     A breakable on the west side has a LARGE MEDIPACK, so get that first and save
     after. Notice there are two black switches attached to the pillars hanging
     from the ceiling in the west/east? Jump-n'-catch one, then fall a ways (lose
     health, sadly) near a released harpy; pulling a lever also opens one of the
     doors above. Secure the harpy nonsense and collect the ORNATE HANDLE and
     HATHOR EFFIGY items from the top-floor wall mechanisms, which then combine
     into the PORTAL GUARDIAN, which opens the remaining door up there.
     This leads to the "O" Room, where Cleopatra's throne is. Get the UZI AMMO out
     of the breakable crate and approach the room. Lara can't resist sitting in
     the queen's chair and doing so triggers a trap with two Cleopatra Guardians.
     Although they both appear at the same time, they only attack one at a time --
     kill the one that shoots projectiles (it took about 300 Uzi rounds for me) by
     staying out of its range or staying at mid-range and letting its projectiles
     miss completely. Repeat for the other, then take the BREAST PLATE and LEFT
     GREAVE from the containers nearby, opening trapdoors near the throne. That's
     how you exit the level! Enjoy the cutscenes.
     NOTE: It's possible to take the items and run without killing the guardians
     but this isn't necessarily recommended except on self-imposed challenges.
    24) CITY OF THE DEAD                                                    [WK24]
     | A: Revolver (Dropped by Soldier)   | I: Lever / Water Room               |
     | B: 1st Automated Machinegun        | J: Connected Path (Crawlspace)      |
     | C: Garage / Motorcycle Ramp        | K: Gate Switch                      |
     | D: East-alley Crawlspace           | L: Grenade Gun                      |
     | E: Large Locked Gate               | M: Gigantic Pit                     |
     | F: Rooftop Machineguns / Helipad   | N: Draggable Soldier Corpse         |
     | G: Bat-filled Portico              | O: Building Husk                    |
     | H: Soldier's Corpse / LaserSight   | P: Rooftop Access                   |
                             |     |___
                             |  I   _  |_   SECRETS: 1 [55/70]
                             |_   _|  _  |
                               |___  |_| |  Later on, another secret can be gained
             W                 |  ___   H|  by jumping over the pit at Point M,
             |              ___| |_  | |¯   but the nitrous oxide/valve piece is
             |            _|1      | | |          ____    needed first!
             |           |J ¯  |   |_| |  _______|   M
     S ------+------ N    ¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯|    ¯|       | |¯¯
             |               |  B| |  G    | |¯| |  ¯|_
             |               | |¯| |_____|_| |_| |   | |
             |            ___| |_|_______   C   _|¯|  L|
             E           | A    J|       |_   _|___| |_|_
                         |___K |¯|   O    P|  _____  |   |
                           / |  ¯|_   _  |¯  |_    | | F |
                      Start   ¯|_______|_____ D| N   |___|
                                             |_____| E   |
    ____________                                    ¯¯¯| |- Exit
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                           (To Chambers of Talun)
     This first level of the Cairo 'block' has a bunch of interconnected areas as
     those preceding it, and I've tried to take the most efficient route through.
     There might be some slipups here or there, but there shouldn't be too much
     (useless) backtracking. The motorcycle is also drivable right now, but Lara
     should clear the way first before bringing it up to speed (in my opinion...)
     Lara starts the level on the street near the city gate, and two soldiers to
     south will fire on her. These guys are tougher than normal grunts, but can't
     stop bullets like previous assassins. The one nearest the street drops a
     REVOLVER! Like the crossbow, this can be paired with the LaserSight for more
     high-accuracy killing...although it has such little ammo (I got as many drops
     as I could the entire game and still only had 30 rounds!) that it should be
     saved for when it's required. Surprisingly, that's in about two seconds: up
     the street is an automated machine gun that can only be destroyed by shooting
     its weird canister at the back with the scoped revolver. A soldier is around
     here too, and he uses grenade rounds -- watch out!
     Around the corner, kill the next soldier hiding behind a slanted ledge's cover
     then two more up the street near the garage area -- one leaves SHOTGUN SHELLS
     behind. Ignore the east alley and north street for a moment and jump the
     motorcycle NW off the sandhill to land by the fenced-off portion of the garage
     ledge, which makes it fall through. A SMALL MEDIPACK is inside, and leaving is
     possible by jumping through the garage door. But, for now, disembark to the
     red-glowing passage and fall down into the water, surfacing near a bat-filled
     portico. Get the FLARES and WIDESHOT AMMO here, and slide west (one-way) into
     the alley.
     There, by a soldier's corpse is a LASERSIGHT in case it was missed way back
     in Alexandria. Upstairs, there will be an uncrossable watery pit with a lever
     on the other side. Nothing can be done here, although if Lara falls in, she
     can take an underwater channel and be dropped back in the soldier's corpse
     area. Speaking of which, in that very location, the NW corner has an upper
     ledge -- shimmy to a pull-up point, face the south alcove, and snipe the
     rotating blue ball (not the jar which releases locusts, although if you tried
     to blow up the corpse below like me, this also releases them). Ice elementals
     come out of the blue orb and these can be ditched by jumping in the water
     room up the stairs. Return back to that upstairs room and the water will have
     been frozen -- eureka! The lever opens the south door in the corpse room.
     Therein, one of the doors can be crowbarred open to reveal the level's only
     obtainable secret (until later) [55/70], a LARGE MEDIPACK. A SMALL MEDIPACK
     is in one of the well-lit room's dead ends, too. To exit, climb the blue-glow
     path near the secret's door which leads back to the level's very beginning.
     But don't just jump out -- hang on the ledge, shimmy to a pull-up space, and
     do a running jump-n'-grab south to a black wall switch. This opens the nearby
     iron gate which gives us better motorcycle access. Kill the grenade-gunner
     soldier nearby at this point (who drops a SMALL MEDIPACK) also.
     Backtrack to the motorcycle, jump out of the garage door, and proceed north
     to the building where two rooftop machineguns are. Get out of their line of
     fire, go west, and find the building doorstep with a GRENADE GUN and SMALL
     MEDIPACK inside. Further west are two more soldiers and a gigantic pit that
     even the bike can't hop yet (we need nitro first); ignore this for now.
     The building opposite the rooftop machinegun nest has an enterable door; a
     soldier corpse is sitting on a grate from below, which is why I had you
     ignore the east-alley crawlspace. Drag him off the hatch, then leave this
     building and circle around to said east-alley crawlspace, which we'll now
     be able to use in full. Pull the lever down there to flip the grate up, then
     climb up and enter the crawlspace near the corpse. The 2nd lever opens a
     roof trapdoor, but not in this building.
     Drive the motorcycle to the level's beginning, and drive through the gate
     Lara opened earlier. This building husk has a bunch of ramps lining its
     interior, and actually can lead Lara right near the east-alley crawlspace
     from before (although we don't need to). Kill the bottom-level soldier and
     get the CROSSBOW POISON AMMO from the crawlspace near him. Ride the bike up
     to its top level and use the small kicker ramp, leaping the pit and into the
     opposite alcove, which actually is another path to take.
     Near the first ramp leading up, look for a niche with a lever that raises a
     block in the stairway portion, near ground level on the north side. This path
     leads up to the rooftops.
     The first jump is to the roof that the draggable soldier corpse was in. Jump
     behind the automated turret. Ignore it (it's broken) but take REVOLVER AMMO
     right by it. The reddish-color door will only be open if Lara triggered the
     lever inside this very building before (up the 2nd crawlspace). This leads
     to the other half of the roof, the one that can be fired upon by the turrets
     across the street. If you didn't snipe them from street-level, shoot the heli
     -copter in between them and they'll both be taken out en masse. Don't do as
     I did the first time, trying to jump between the buildings and get behind
     'em -- they just use their flamethrower extension!
     Jump to their position when they're kaput, then over the small pit to a lever
     that activates that opens the "E" gate we've passed by so many times before.
     A SMALL MEDIPACK is near here, too. Get down your preferred way and take the
     "E" gate via the motorcycle to end this level...for now.
    25) CHAMBERS OF TALUN                                                    [WK25]
                                    _ _____
                                   |C|_   _|
             N                     | |  ___|    SECRETS: 2 [57/70]
             |                 ____|2| |__
             |           _    |  __   __  |    |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
             |          | |___| |     | | |    | A: Motorcycle Pit              |
     W ------+------ E  |_   D  |   B  1| |    | B: Fortress                    |
             |            | |¯| |_|  _|_| |    | C: To "Trenches"               |
             |            |  ¯| |_   ___|A|    | D: To "Citadel Gate"           |
             |             ¯¯¯| |         |    |________________________________|
             S                 ¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯¯
                               ___| |
     Start the level and kill the guard at the lower street, either by shotgunning
     him in the cranium or an old-fashioned hit-n'-run. There's also a sniper in
     the east corner near a large pit. This part can be ignored for now, actually.
     Enter the large building via the south entrance and head into the main foyer;
     to the left, is a GRENADE GUN hidden in a niche and a SMALL MEDIPACK in the
     NE corner. To reach the 2F, climb one of the blocks near the south entrance
     and jump to the arch, and from there, the next-highest level. Flatfoot-jump
     to the west ledge, shimmy around to a pull-up spot, then do the same on the
     notched pillar, landing again on the west ledge. The walkway will lead to a
     pull-up spot, roof-level.
     The north side of the roof has a lever that closes both lower entrances --
     this doesn't need to be activated (Lara can put it back to original position
     mind you). The rope in the middle is too far away, so maneuver to the western
     position and swing all the way east, where a secret [56/70] is found, a LARGE
     MEDIPACK and WIDESHOT AMMO. To get back to the rope, Lara must jump SW to the
     lower archway, then climb back up. Lara can just barely jump to the southern
     rooftop, which has a soldier around the corner who drops REVOLVER AMMO near
     a LARGE MEDIPACK just sitting there. A drop-down hole is right near there,
     Back at the motorcycle, jump the eastern pit and continue to the western
     street. To get the level's other secret [57/70], there is a ledge right
     over the north tunnel that leads to the Trenches level. Simply pull up into
     it from the slightly raised ground at the fort's north side and get the items
     Return to the street and go to the west side -- a minotaur should appear from
     that side. It has a large polearm-type weapon and will bash the ground, which
     can damage Lara with its shockwaves. Simply raising the west gate while the
     baddie attacks our girl is an option, but the true way to rid ourselves of
     the minotaur is to lure it into the fort and trap it, then leave. In fact,
     you know this is the real way to do it because the game automatically shuts
     the gates when Lara nears the lever. However, I suggest doing the former as
     the time the latter buys is negligible to nothing.
     But, either way y'wanna do it, Lara has to exit to the west of the fort, and
     after turning the gate crankwheel, there's a limited amount of time to get
     through. Even then, it prevents any damage but the tremors from its attack
     can shake Lara off the ladder. This is a stupid gameplay mechanic, but if
     Lara climbs up at the extreme left/right of the ladder -- so doesn't have a
     foothold -- there won't be any other attacks. Huh... The passage above will
     lead to...
    26) CITADEL GATE                                                         [WK26]
                           | B_  |     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                     START-|A|_| |     | A: To "Chambers of Tacun"               |
             N               |  _|     | B: Wounded Sargeant                     |
             |               | |____   | C: Dragon                               |
             |               |_     |  | D: Munitions Truck                      |
             |             __|    ¯¯|  | E: Croc Couple's Cache (LOL?)           |
     W ------+------ E    | D     C |  | F: Bottomless Abyss                     |
             |            |¯¯¯|_ ¯¯¯|  | G: Burial Area / Swinging Rope          |
             |            |_G1H_|¯  |  | H: Access to 2F Rope                    |
             |            |E   _   ¯|  | I: Nitrous Oxide Canister               |
             S             ¯¯¯|I|   |  |_________________________________________|
                            |¯F |   |
                             ¯| | |¯    SECRETS: 1 [58/70]
     Drop down into the alley and see the scene with the sargeant who says he'll
     help Lara to kill the "beast from ages past." Get the REVOLVER AMMO near him
     and continue down the street until a draconic serpent pops up from a pit. He
     won't move from there, but his breath attack will turn Lara to ash -- still,
     it can't pass through objects, so if you want the GRENADE GUN NORMAL AMMO and
     a LARGE MEDIPACK north of there behind a wall, feel free. It shouldn't need
     to be said, but the thing is invincible to conventional weapons so don't even
     When it shoots its projectiles, evade and run south into the street, out of
     its line of sight & fire, and hopefully that locust swarm is dispersing. If
     you want some extra items, though, Lara has to be turned into locust food!
     After running past the croc, look to the right (west) for a crawlspace up on
     the wall. FLARES and a LARGE MEDIPACK are within, and the path puts Lara out
     near the wounded sargeant's position. This isn't pictured on the map above,
     but if you want it, it's there (although it's not worth it). South of draggy,
     the first path to the west leads to two crocodiles living in a crawlspace,
     which leads to REVOLVER AMMO and CROSSBOW POISON AMMO. Further down the main
     avenue is an bottomless earthen pit, but there's no need to go that far along
     -- by the croc den is a north passage over a ledge.
     This leads to a couple of odd caskets and some switches. The puzzle is to
     figure out which of the four switches corresponds to the engravings on the
     coffins, but when you consider that pulling all switches (3 below, 1 above)
     solves the "puzzle" of both, then there's no guesswork to be done, really.
     Enter the southern of the two holes first with a makeshift crowbar lever
     that opens a door in the northern of the two, which is where Lara should now
     go. That passage's lever releases locusts, and after entering the newly-
     -opened passage, bats; and at the top, more locusts and bats! Very annoying.
     Save when the air is clearer.
     First, let's get a secret [58/70]. Do a running jump to the rope, then turn
     around and look NE to where a huge bell is -- it's kinda hard to locate. Get
     some momentum (easier if Lara is all the way at end of rope) and jump to that
     alcove, then drop-n'-grab to the crawlspace underneath, which has the secret
     items: LARGE MEDIPACK and CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO. For the real task, it's
     using the rope to jump straight south to the apartment window outcrop in the
     crocodile alley.
     From here, start leaping across awnings and whatnot, making your way south
     toward the bottomless pit. The way will have some stag beetles in awkward
     high-altitude fighting, plus some tactics we've seen before: climbing around
     corners with a ladder, jumping across the alley to catch a shimmy ledge. The
     rewards are minimal, being a SMALL MEDIPACK. Eventually there will be a path
     enclosed above an arch that leads to the abyss proper. The object is to do a
     running jump NE out of the doorway and land over the pit, near the higher
     fractured road with a toppled truck. Save before attempting, naturally, and
     kill any bats/etc. flying around beforehand -- this jump is tricky.
     By the truck, kill the two stag beetles, avoid the still-burning fire, and
     pick up the NITROUS OXIDE CANISTER, a vital component in giving the motorcar
     some torque. That's all there is to do in this level for now -- do a running
     jump over the abyss and exit the level, taking care to avoid any dragonfire
     towards the beginning...
     The minotaur will be running rampant, but we don't need his involvement for
     this level, really. Exit into the street and run to where the motorcycle is
     parked, then drive north to the Trenches level.
    27) TRENCHES                                                             [WK27]
                                         |¯¯¯¯¯|  _  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
               N                         | | | |_|E| | A: To "Chambers of Talun" |
               |                         |  F   _  | | B: Automated Machine-gun  |
               |                         |_____|_| | | C: Automated Machine-gun  |
               |                        _______|  _| | D: Weapon Code Key        |
        W------+------E      Can't     | |C   _  |_  | E: Out-of-ammo Machinegun |
               |             Access    |  ¯  |_| D | | F: Valve Pipe             |
               |            /          | |¯|   |¯¯¯  |___________________________|
               |          _|¯|         |¯¯¯¯¯ B ¯|
               S         |  _|          ¯¯| |____|
                         | |  _______   __| |_      NOTE: The rooftop path can be
                         | |_|  ___  | |  ____|     done now but I'll be covering
                         |_____  | ' |_| |          such things in the "Part II"
                               |_ ¯ _____|          portion of this level, after
                                 |A|                getting the Roof Key.
     Lara starts the level in a deserted street. Get off the bike and get the UZI
     AMMO on the small ledge nearby, then look for a LARGE MEDIPACK in a western
     alcove near that NE pat of the street. The west route has two guards but
     ultimately has no path to take, so go down the east way where the motorcycle
     can't follow. After a bit of brisk walking, a soldier appears from behind a
     pillar; north of there is a t-junction where a machine gun fires from the
     east. Jump up the west acclivity to UZI AMMO and a LARGE MEDIPACK.
     Save and run into the machinegun's room, taking behind the sandbags and walls
     in the southern area. Use the camera angle to see which way it's pointing and
     then snipe its back canister from the most opportune spot, being making it
     facing the small paneless window and shooting it from the west/southwest.
     The ledge with the flourescent lights has GRENADE GUN SUPER AMMO on its peak,
     too. Use that vantage point on the crates to jump-n'-grab the north ledge; it
     has a drop-down point.
     Down in the blueish-green passage, the passage perpendicular to Lara's will
     have a machinegun staring her down. To circumvent, use the small crawlspace
     with exhaust pipes to kill the guard across the way, then proceed across.
     The soldier drops a SMALL MEDIPACK and WIDESHOT AMMO is near his vicinity.
     The elevated position there will allow Lara to snipe the turret's weakpoint
     and proceed east. Just shotgun the guard who appears.
     At the end of the corridor is a crawlspace leading south, to a soldier corpse
     and the WEAPON CODE KEY Lara needs for later (this seems to shuts off the
     3rd machine-gun nest). The passage north of there seems normal but the walkway
     under the steam jet is actually a huge abyss -- a nice illusion! Use the 
     lit-up groove to shimmy across, dropping down by turret #3. This one is out
     of ammo or something, so get the LARGE MEDIPACK on its ledge and continue west
     to an overturned jeep and a soldier waiting for Lara.
     When things are clear, crowbar a VALVE PIPE from underneath the vehicle's
     hood. Combine this with the Nitrous Oxide Canister (if you got it from the
     Citadel Gate level previously) to make the NITROUS OXIDE FEEDER. Return to
     the motorcycle and Lara will attach the object, which lets her have boosts
     of speed with the 'sprint' button. [NOTE: Lara must manually attach this
     item; it doesn't function automatically.]
     That's all for this level, for now. There are now two small things to do in
     previous levels that I'll detail in the next section.
    28) CITY OF THE DEAD, PT. II / CHAMBERS OF TALUN, PT. II                 [WK28]
     TECHNICALLY, both of these are optional: the secret doesn't need to be gotten
     and the Roof Key doesn't have to be used in the Trenches level...but in the
     spirit of the game, we're going to get everything. We'll start with the level
                                       |        I|
                                       |  ¯¯¯|¯¯¯
                                       |  H  |  CHAMBERS OF TALUN MAP
                                    _ _|_F  _|  SECRETS: no new ones [58/70]
                                   |C|_G_| |  
             N                     | |F _| | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
             |                 ____|2| | __| | A: Gigantic Pit                  |
             |           _    |  __   __ E|  | B: Fort                          |
             |          | |___| |     | | |  | C: To "Trenches"                 |
     W ------+------ E  |_   D  |   B  1| |  | D: To "Citadel Gate"             |
             |            | |¯| |_|  _|_| |  | E: Broken Stairway               |
             |            |  ¯| |_   ___|A|  | F: Connected Passage (Stairway)  |
             |             ¯¯¯| |         |  | G: Lit Torch (B1)                |
             S                 ¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯¯   | H: Sprinkler Room                |
                               ___| |        | I: Roof Key                      |
          To City of the Dead-|     |        |__________________________________|
     This part requires the Nitrous Oxide Feeder, a combination of the Nitrous
     Oxide Canister (from Citadel Gate) and the Valve Pipe (from Trenches). Enter
     the level -- the minotaur shouldn't interfere with this portion -- and note
     the broken stairway in the NE. Do a nitro-boosted jump off this to the small
     upper corner, then disembark and kill the soldier in the nearest doorway.
     A slope is inside that leads to the lower room.
     The downward ramp to the west leads to a previously-locked door accessible
     before, but since there was nothing but a soldier there, we ignored it -- go
     kill both down there, now. In the room Lara just slid into, kill the soldier
     in the north dead end, take the torch there, then light it on the flaming
     one all the way downstairs. Return back upstairs and stand near the southern
     (locked) door -- there are two sprinklers overhead. Press action underneath
     'em to set off the sprinkler system, which opens all locked doors around.
     The newly-opened door upstairs (south) leads to a lever that lowers a freight
     box into the room where the torch was initially. Use it to get to the ledge
     behind there, where a SMALL MEDIPACK and CROSSBOW NORMAL AMMO are. A locked
     door behind a box is padlocked, but this can be shot off. Inside the wall's
     mechanism is the ROOF KEY -- mission accomplished! To exit, return to the
     sprinkler room's lever area and the path back to the motorcycle is open to
     the west.
     Now for Cairo's first level, City of the Dead! The exit is in the far south
     of this level, past the road pit, y'know.
     | A: Revolver (Dropped by Soldier)   | I: Lever / Water Room               |
     | B: 1st Automated Machinegun        | J: Connected Path (Crawlspace)      |
     | C: Garage / Motorcycle Ramp        | K: Gate Switch                      |
     | D: East-alley Crawlspace           | L: Grenade Gun                      |
     | E: Large Locked Gate               | M: Gigantic Pit                     |
     | F: Rooftop Machineguns / Helipad   | N: Draggable Soldier Corpse         |
     | G: Bat-filled Portico              | O: Building Husk                    |
     | H: Soldier's Corpse / LaserSight   | P: Rooftop Access                   |
                             |     |___
                             |  I   _  |_   CITY OF THE DEAD MAP
                             |_   _|  _  |  SECRETS: 1 New [59/70]
                               |___  |_| |  
             W                 |  ___   H|  
             |              ___| |_  | |¯   
             |            _|1      | | |          _________
             |           |J ¯  |   |_| |  _______|   M     |
     S ------+------ N    ¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯|    ¯|       | |¯|¯¯¯  |
             |               |  B| |  G    | |¯| |  ¯|_   _|
             |               | |¯| |_____|_| |_| |   | |2|
             |            ___| |_|_______   C   _|¯|  L|¯
             E           | A    J|       |_   _|___| |_|_
                         |___K |¯|   O    P|  _____  |   |
                           / |  ¯|_   _  |¯  |_    | | F |
                      Start   ¯|_______|_____ D| N   |___|
                                             |_____| E   |
    __________                                      ¯¯¯| |- To Chambers of Talun
     The purpose of being here is to get a secret. Lara enters near "E" and must
     go west up the street to point "M", a gigantic pit (there may or may not be a
     soldier here if Lara killed him previously). She'll need the nitrous oxide
     boost to get over, though. Run over the soldier there and get on foot to the
     four slanted pillars. Pull up onto the south one and hold the jump button --
     Lara should do a bunch of flips/jumps, eventually landing to the east. If she
     didn't make it right, try centering her position on the 1st pillar, etc.
     The secret [59/70] is in a small area behind a street-level building, and
     for all that trouble. Climb back west and return to the motorcycle -- it's
     time to revisit the Trenches level with the Roof Key obtained in Chambers of
     Talun! [To leave, use the dirtpile ramp to vault over the pit. Use the alley
     nearby to pick up speed if needed.]
    29) TRENCHES, PT. II                                                     [WK29]
                                         |¯¯¯¯¯|  _  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
               N                         | | | |_|E| | A: To "Chambers of Talun" |
               |                         |  F   _  | | B: Automated Machine-gun  |
               |                         |_____|_| | | C: Automated Machine-gun  |
               |                        _______|  _| | D: Weapon Code Key        |
        W------+------E                | |C   _  |_  | E: Out-of-ammo Machinegun |
               |                       |  ¯  |_| D | | F: Valve Pipe             |
               |              ___      | |¯|   |¯¯¯  | G: Trapdoor (To Rooftops) |
               |          ___|  J|     |¯¯¯¯¯ B ¯|   | H: Roof Key Door          |
               S         |   |_|¯       ¯¯| |____|   | I: Fusebox-control'd Door |
                         |  ___|_____   __| |_       | J: To "Street Bazaar"     |
                         | |_|I ___  | |  ____|      |___________________________|
                         |_____  | |G|_| |
                               |_ ¯ _____|           SECRETS: 0 New [59/70]
                                  ¯ ¯
     From the start, take the NW part of the street that leads to two soldiers
     that can become roadkill. We'll be back here later so put the motorcycle
     there and head to point "G", a small alcove on a sidestreet. Jump upwards
     and grab the trapdoor's handle, then pull up into the crawlspace. The other
     side has CROSSBOW POISON AMMO and a crawlspace that points east. When it's
     possible, draw your weapons and shoot the grey thing blocking the shimmying
     route, which Lara should then do.
     Round the ledge and grab the notched ceiling crossing the street eastward;
     some locust attack at this time (dagnabit!). Land and kill the soldier just
     standing there -- he drops a SMALL MEDIPACK. Use the Roof Key on the nearby
     door, then save before doing a running jump-n'-grab to the ledge across the
     street (the one that goes under the building outcrop). Pull up into the dead
     end alley and a hole lets Lara snipe a fusebox (aim for the red light). A
     sniper will be there if he wasn't murdered already. Leave back to the street
     level once y'see the fusebox start smoking.
     Return to the motorcycle in the NW part of town, or drive there if you don't
     know how to follow my directions (:p), and drive it to Point "I" on the map.
     The door on the wall has risen and now the motorcycle can jump north through
     the entrance and land on the higher platforms, with nitro-boosting naturally.
     Save before jumping, naturally.
     When the glorious leap is completed, turn the 'cycle around, save, and climb
     up the ladder which leads to...
    30) STREET BAZAAR                                                        [WK30]
     | A: To "Trenches"                   | F: Rooftop Lightning Rod            | 
     | B: Mine Detonator Body             | G: Slope Series                     |
     | C: Handle                          | H: Mine Position Data               |
     | D: Car-Jack Body                   | I: Guardian                         |
     | E: Rooftop Access from 2F          | J: To "Trenches" Minefield area     |
              N             _______         |J   |___
              |          __|       |_   |¯¯¯¯¯¯|  _  |_______
          W --+-- E     |A  BCD    __|  |   F     G| |G   _  | SECRETS: 1 [60/70]
              |          ¯|_   _| |     |    E | |¯|1|¯| |_| |
              S           |___| |E|     |______|_|  ¯ _|  I  |
                                 ¯                   |H     _|
     Jump down into the warehouse -- which looks suspiciously like a replica from
     the movie Reservoir Dogs (1992) -- and approach the soldier to obtain the
     MIND DETONATOR BODY. He says his friend has the explosive codes but a monster
     ate his head or somethin'...weird. Grab the HANDLE from a workbench and the
     CAR-JACK BODY from behind the policecar. Combine the two new items to create
     the CAR-JACK proper; we'll be using this later. The red button here leads to
     the south crawlspace and LARGE MEDIPACK, then take the ladder near the entry
     point to reach the rafters. 
     Leap to the notched ceiling, drop at the stair, climb into the blue
     crawlspace that leads to a roof grate. It's locked, but by using the complete
     Car-Jack on the low cement wall there, it will unhinge the thing. Avoid the
     lightning rod up there and go behind it, weathering the locust swarm all the
     while. Push the low box north into the alcove, then pull the large machine
     out and near the lightning rod. Save and move it onto the lightning rod pad,
     blowing up part of the bridge (what the heck?).
     Do a running jump to the notched siding of the roof ahead, then shimmy north
     to a ledge. Look NE to the greenish-hued path just around the corner. Do a
     2nd running jump to clear the slanted portion, then find the secret [60/70],
     to the normal side of the building and take the small passage to a bunch of
     slopes (softdrop-n'-grab to avoid damage). In the NW corner of this new area
     is the headless corpse by the MINE POSITION DATA, which can be combined with
     the previous object to make the MINE DETONATOR.
     After collecting the item, a Guardian (like in 'Guardian of Semerkhet') shows
     up to party-crash. Pick up the FLARES quickly and lure it into smashing the
     boxes in the SE corner, which gives balcony access with a soldier to KIA. The
     exit's in the south.
     The slide deposits Lara near the initial street. Return to the alley that
     leads back to the Street Bazaar and at the base of the sandy slope will now
     be a flat surface; this can be used to catch a ledge and climb back up to the
     motorcycle. Enter the bazaar once again.
     The door in the warehouse is now open and leads to a street-level exit that
     we passed over before (via the broken bridge). Kill the two soldiers around
     the area, pick up the UZI CLIPS and exit northwest.
     Alongside the warning fence, use the MINE DETONATOR to blow the underground
     explosives and clear the way. The red button there opens a gate near Lara's
     motorbike, which she can drive through now. Splatter the shotgun soldier and
     arrive in...
    31) CITADEL GATE, PT. II                                                 [WK31]
                            _____       SECRETS: 0 New [60/70]
                           | B_  |     |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                     START-|A|_| |     | A: To "Chambers of Tacun"               |
             N               |  _|     | B: Wounded Sargeant                     |
             |               | |____   | C: Dragon                               |
             |               |_     |  | D: Munitions Truck                      |
             |             __|    ¯¯|  | E: Croc Couple's Cache (LOL?)           |
     W ------+------ E    | D     C |  | F: Bottomless Abyss                     |
             |            |¯¯¯|_ ¯¯¯|  | G: Burial Area / Swinging Rope          |
             |            |_G1H_|¯  |  | H: Access to 2F Rope                    |
             |            |E   _   ¯|  | I: Nitrous Oxide Canister               |
             S             ¯¯¯|I|   |  | J: Starting point from "Trenches"       |
                         _|¯¯¯F |   |  |_________________________________________|
                        |J  |¯| | |¯
                         ¯¯¯  |___|
     Save and use a nitro boost to get over the fenced-off abyss. Land northward
     or Lara might take a huge fall! Circle around to the main street and smush
     the two crocodiles running around. From here, drive past the dragon and to
     the sargeant up the street for a cool cutscene involving the munitions truck.
     Lara will automatically start the final level of Cairo now.
     NOTE: If you can't trigger the cutscene with the sargeant, it's probably
     because you're not on the motorbike. That's a requirement, y'know.
    32) CITADEL                                                              [WK32]
                                       _  |¯   ¯|¯|
                                      |2|_|  L    |
                                      |______    _|
                                  |¯|_|         |
                         _____|¯¯¯|  _   K  |¯¯¯
                        |  ___     _|_      |
                       _| | |_|   |  _|¯¯¯¯¯|
                      | I |   |¯   ¯|    J  |
                      |_    |    H   _|_____|
                       _|¯¯¯¯¯|_   _|
                      |  _____  | |
                      |E|G F  | |G|
                      |    D   _|¯
                      |1|_   _|_____
                       ¯  |  _ C    |___
                          |_|_       _  |   N
                              |_   _| |_|   |
                              |     | START
                              |  A  |_
                              |_   _| |
                                |___  |
                                   _| |_
                                  |  B  |
     A little ways in, see the scene with Jean-Yves and he'll leave. Continue as
     far south as possible, until a stairway can be found leading to a lever (bear
     with the wonky fixed camera angles here). This opens a door in the 1st hall,
     leading to UZI AMMO, although before getting it, pick up the torch in the
     lever room and light it. See the rope moored to part of the wall in Room "A"?
     Jump to the ledge there and the lit torch will burn the sucker to ash, making
     a trapdoor trigger in the initial room.
     Follow the tunnel to WIDESHOT AMMO in a south corner, then proceed north to
     a multistory room with a watery bottom. A small scene shows a blue assassin
     (remember these chumps?) run to the top near a lever, and if Lara's feeling
     spry, she can snipe him from her starting alcove. Flatfoot-jump to the NW
     ledge and ignore the large medipack in a north path -- it's boobytrapped w/
     a firejet duo. Instead, jump to the west staircase, grab the notched ceiling
     and look out for a south crawlspace Lara can drop-n'-grab onto. This leads to
     a secret [61/70], GRENADE GUN FLASH AMMO and a LARGE MEDIPACK. Drop down into
     the pool of water back in the main series of rooms then swim to Room "D". One
     can get back to the room's starting (south) entrance by surfacing and doing a
     running jump-n'-grab to the west block.
     Once back up, return to the stairway shaft in the west. You may have noticed
     that there's a groove that spirals down its length when falling before. To
     take advantage of this, stand on the east side of the shaft and do a drop-n'-
     -grab to the highest point of the groove right below. Shimmy along until Lara
     can drop to the next groove, and eventually take it all the way to the north
     crawlspace with UZI AMMO inside. Then, it's an east crawlspace with a slanted
     block underneath. When the slide begins, do a backflip to avoid falling into
     the water (save before attempting), then jump off a 2nd block to snag a north
     ledge with a SMALL MEDIPACK inside.
     Do a running jump south, grabbing the next ledge at the stairway's bottom. Be
     prepared to kill a 2nd blue thug, and finally get to the lever at the top of
     the multistory room -- this turns off the flametrap below and unleashes a 3rd
     thug. The pit near the lever is a shortcut to the LARGE MEDIPACK's location,
     which also has an exit that leads east. This spits Lara out near what is
     affectionately known as the "Compass Puzzle."
     NORMAL AMMO) and save. The pedestals here have letters etched on their tops,
     and the four spots on the grooved floor correspond with cardinal directions;
     Lara should double-check her compass if unsure of which way's which. Move
     the pedestals to their appropriate location -- 'W' to West spot and so on --
     to make the doors open.
     Hit up the west entrance to start. It's surprisingly straightforward going,
     too! At the first pull-up point, a small pit in the south has useless FLARES
     (I mean, I had 230!) and another in the room's center drops into a flooded
     passage. There are three exits here, too: west, north, south. Take the latter
     first and locate a ceiling lever (and SMALL MEDIPACK) at the room beyond, then
     go north. There's a sunken chain here but it can't be used. Get REVOLVER AMMO
     before leaving back to the compass room where Lara should go east. 
     Kill 2 henchmen and pull the lever, draining water in the western of the 3
     sunken passages at point "I" on the map. Get there in your preferred fashion,
     and pull the lever to open the floor trapdoors in the adjacent room, one of
     which has UZI AMMO. The north room with the sunken chain ain't so watery
     anymore, and the chain opens a door in that same room. Kill a thug who drops
     a SMALL MEDIPACK and continue east after saving.
     Upstairs our girl finds the two zombie knights her nemesis reanimated. They
     can't be killed or damaged by conventional weapons, so take the easy way out
     by climbing the scaffolding to the upper (gray) walkway. Wait near the NE
     blocked-up beams and the slowtastic knights will eventually walk up the ramp.
     The goal is to get their sword swing to break the beams, from which Lara can
     jump-n'-grab to the next level above.
     Beyond is a lonely chamber with lit torches. FLARES and UZI AMMO are around
     the NE corner. To get the final secret [62/70] of this level, drop-n'-hang
     in the deep west shaft and drop-n'-grab to the crawlspace lip below.
     Jump up the steep-looking slope and climb to a higher room with two knights
     LARGE MEDIPACK, and REVOLVER AMMO. Slide down the slope to re-enter the room
     containing the shaft. 
     To finish the level, enter the pit surrounding the shaft and go north -- Lara
     automatically steals the AMULET OF HORUS and we're in a new level, now.
    33) THE SPHINX COMPLEX                                                   [WK33]
                                   ___ _____       ______________________________
              N                   |   |   C |     |                              |
              |                   |         |     | A: 2-Lever Room              |
              |                   |   |¯¯¯| |     | B: Path with Abysses         |
              |                   |   |¯¯¯  |     | C: Supply Room               |
      W ------+------ E           |      D  |     | D: Metal Blade               |
              |                   |   |    1|     | E: Engraved Tablet           |
              |          ___      | B  ¯¯¯¯¯|     | F: Wooden Handle             |
              |         |F  |_ _  |   |   A |     | G: Secret Passage (Dig Here) |
              S         |     |E| |   |_   _|     |______________________________|
                        |   |_|G|_|    _| |_____
                        |             |    START|  SECRETS: 1 [63/70]
     The first level of Giza starts Lara on a dirt road. Two blue thugs try for
     first blood, one of whom drops a SILVER KEY that can be used on the door
     nearby. Inside, two more goons perched on a wall pester our gal. Take the
     SMALL MEDIPACK in the SW corner and then jump to the NE & SE levers, both
     of which are needed to open the west door. Kill the ninja henchman and go
     through the new door.
     The adjacent path has two abysses, one in the south and north. Since we want
     to get a clever secret first, take the north path, which is rather simple to
     cross except for the last jump, which requires Lara to do a running jump and
     catch the north side of the pit. After pulling up, jump to the first ledge of
     the next pit (by a LARGE MEDIPACK) and kill the assassin who opens fire. Get
     to the north side and enter the blue door.
     Pocket the UZI AMMO inside a crate and pull back the southern supply shelf,
     revealing a covered crawlspace. Shoot yer way inside and find the adjacent
     room to the south with a single henchman inside. Get the METAL BLADE in a
     crate and the SHOTGUN SHELLS by the exit button, then kill the two thugs who
     appear outside. Now, to get the secret [63/70], push the two side-by-side
     shelves north, picking up the SHOTGUN underneath. This might be the only
     secret in the game that doesn't involve finding a hidden room!
     Continue west until Lara's eyes catch on an engraved tablet at the sphinx'
     feet; approach for a deciphering scene. Save and cross the western abyss,
     after which two ninja henchmen bumrush Lara -- be careful! The crate near the
     do-not-enter door north of there contains a WOODEN HANDLE, which can be mixed
     with the Metal Blade to form the KATANA OF DOOM...not! It's really a SHOVEL.
     There's a small ledge there that lets Lara get on the sphinx' paw, too, and
     WIDESHOT AMMO are at its tip.
     This wouldn't be an archaeological dig without actual digging, would it? Get
     back to the engraved tablet and stand on the dry cracked earth in front of
     it. Select the Shovel to uncover an earthen tunnel below, which ends the
    34) UNDERNEATH THE SPHINX                                                [WK34]
         _|¯¯¯¯|___                           _       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
        |    O  _  |                      ___|D|___   | A: Guardian Room         |
        | |____|_| |_       ___          |  _   _  |  | B: Guardian 'Cages'      |
     ___| |    |  N  |     |G  |         | |_| |_| |  | C: Heiroglyph Tablets    |
    | EXIT|    |_   _|     |_| |_        |_   _   _|  | D: Glyph Reset Mechanism |
    | |¯¯¯       | |___    |  F _1         | |_| |    | E: Colorful Hallway      |
    | |          |___  |   | |_|   _____   |_   _|    | F: 3 Crawlspaces         |
    | |              |E|   | |    |  C  |    | |      | G: Stone of Maat         |
                     | |___| |____|     |____| |____  | H: 9 Wall Niches         |
           N         |_____          A            HI| | I: Stone of Re           |
           |               | |¯¯¯¯|     |¯¯¯¯| |¯¯¯¯  | J: To Watery Labyrinth   |
           |        |¯¯¯¯|_| | B           B | |__    | K: Stone of Atum         |
      W----+----E   | LM  ___|____|_   _|____|   J|   | L: Crocodile Pool        |
           |        |____|          | |       ¯¯¯¯\   | M: Stone of Khepri       |
           |                        | |          (K)  | N: Holy Scripture (x4)   |
           S                        | |               | O: Boobytrapped Room     |
                                   START              |__________________________|
     Upon entering, Lara is locked into the first room, which has two (sleeping)
     guardians in the north near some wall tablets. They won't come alive if Lara
     flanks them, but this may be tentative as the game progresses. The recommended
     way to neutralize them is to awaken them one at a time, then trap them in the
     closable doors ("B") -- just bait 'em in and quickly drop the portcullis. If
     they're gone, then proceeding is much easier.
     Now then, west of this chamber is a skeleton with FLARES and a SCRAP OF PAPER
     laying beside him. No, it's not Lara's nemesis, sadly! Now, this paper scrap
     tells the Western equivalent of the heiroglyphs on the three tablets. Push
     them in this order to open a single gate: rightmost, leftmost, middle. [Any
     other combination opens the NE passageway that leads to the puzzle's reset
     mechanism, past a boobytrapped hallway prefaced by a huge pit. Just start
     over if this way has to be taken.]
     The path in the west leads to a large pit in the "valleys" of the sloping
     corridor, so make sure to walk carefully. Upon reaching the gate guarded by
     two statues, there will be colored lights up higher slanted slopes. Using
     the binoculars' flashlight, Lara can see four different sets of paths that
     can be opened.      ______________________ ______________
                        | ORDER                | DOOR OPENED? |
                        | Bird, Triangle, Reed | Northwestern |
                        | Reed, Bird, Triangle | Northeastern |
                        | Reed, Triangle, Bird | Eastmost     |
                        | Triangle, Bird, Reed | Southeastern |
                        | Triangle, Reed, Bird | Southwestern |
     Since there are only five other doors to unlock, the other combinations are
     not that important. I'll just go in clockwise order. [NOTE: If the tablet
     combinations don't work, it's because you didn't view the solutions in the
     colored slopes -- ALL must be viewed.] The order they're done in doesn't
     matter for the most part.
     Kill the bats and get to the do the jumping course to find a crossroads with
     three crawlspaces. There are spike traps within here that will kill Lara w/o
     much trouble, but these should be easily spotted since they're wooden trap-
     -doors and clash with the game's graphics. But anyway, follow this to the
     NORTH CRAWLSPACE: North, West, South ---------------------> STONE OF MAAT
     SOUTH CRAWLSPACE: South, East, South, East, South, East --> Switch
     With the Stone of Maat found, save in the crossroads room and crawl down the
     east 'space. Go south to the wooden trapdoor, which doesn't have spikes
     underneath but a secret [64/70], a GRENADE GUN. If you already triggered the
     south crawlspace's switch, the way back out is open.
     This leads to the puzzle reset mechanism -- don't bother going this way.
     Kill more bats and reach the chamber with 9 wall niches. Even with the Scrap
     of Paper, I didn't really get if there was some sort of puzzle to do here.
     The rightmost niche on the north side opens the exit gate, and the rightmost
     niche on the east side contains the STONE OF RE. [If someone knows what the
     logic here is, e-mail me 'cause I'm kinda interested.] All other niches will
     drop scarab swarms in, so avoid those!
     This gate can be kind of annoying. Cross the abyss using the flat areas and
     arrive in front of two statues and a watery hole. Kill bats and prepare for
     the plunge! There is a watery labyrinth beyond, and while the map is a simple
         ______       top-down view, it's actually got a lot of vertical passages
        |   #4 |      and such, leading to surfacing points. 'S' marks the start
     N  | |¯¯¯¯       point from "J" on the main dungeon map.
     |  | |________
     |  |S      #5 |  The first spot to target is surfacing point #1 above a bird
        | |¯¯¯| |¯¯   heiroglphy in the tunnel, which opens a trapdoor at the #2
       _| |___| |_    point. This goes on for awhile; it shouldn't be hard with a
      |#2         |   map. By #4, west of there, is a SMALL MEDIPACK in a niche,
      | |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |   if y'want to get it. Surfacing point #5 has a switch that
      | |_______| |   opens the exit, plus has a STONE OF ATUM opposite there.
      |    #3     |
       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |   Returning to the starting point shouldn't be hard, but know
              __| |   it's the only vertical passage that leads somewhere that is
             |#1  |   _not_ marked by a heiroglyph. Getting back to the entrance
              ¯¯¯¯    from the abyss room requires a running jump and grabbing the
                      edge of a sloped ledge to pull up normally.
     As is the norm, kill some bats and cross the gigantic abyss. The pool room
     beyond has some crocodiles that need to be thrown off the mortal coil. Near
     each of the corners if a wall mechanism; when all are triggered, a trapdoor
     in the pool's island leads to a STONE OF KHEPRI. The east wall has a switch
     that opens the exit gate. Save before making the jump back across the abyss,
     as this one requires pinpoint precision from a triangular-corner slope to
     the outcrop Lara probably jumped off on her way in. [Protip: hug the wall.]
     Return to the western passage (with the colored lights/hallway) and place all
     four Stones -- Maat, Re, Atum, Khepri -- in the recepticles to open the exit
     gate. Before leaving the level, however, traverse the abyss via the notched
     ceiling and enter the adjacent room after killing more bats. Lara will be
     locked in and the ceiling will start to move. Collect the 4 HOLY SCRIPTUREs
     from the floor alcoves and exit before becoming a blood puddle (it's like a
     mud puddle except red).
     The final stretch is getting past the boobytrapped room beyond. Floor blades
     will snap up like venus flytraps (at both entrances to room), so walk slowly
     to trigger and avoid, then use the 2nd set of ceiling bars to blow this joint
     once and for all. Naturally one last bat has to appear...
    35) MENKAURE'S PYRAMID                                                   [WK35]
                    |           |       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                    |     D     |       | A: Ceiling Trapdoor                   |
           N        |____   __  |___    | B: 1st Scorpion Sighting              |
           |         ____| |__|     |   | C: The Guards Keys and/or Armory Key  |
           |        |__   __  |¯   ¯|   | D: Pyramid Anterior (Climbing Course) |
      W----+----E    __| |__| |  C  |   |_______________________________________|
           |        |_   _   _|_____|
           |          |¯|_| | | |-Start  SECRETS: 1 [65/70]
           S          |    B ¯ A|
                      |_|¯| |¯¯¯         NOTE: The Armory Key is necessary to get
                        |¯   ¯|          a future secret. Make sure to get it!!!!
     Pick up the UZI AMMO in the southwest corner then climb the blocks in the SE
     corner, leading up to a ceiling trapdoor. With a bit of positioning, Lara can
     jump-n'-grab its southern handle (face north while doing this). Up top, kill
     the gigantic red scorpion. If you want a gauge of its health, it took three
     grenade rounds to die. The south path just beyond there has a man shooting at
     a scorpion, and he drops REVOLVER AMMO; the western path has a LARGE MEDIPACK
     to pick up. To get out of this area, jump the north abyss on the left (west)
     side. Looks hard, but it's possible. There's just one more scorpion beyond
     before the north path is clear. Do a running jump-n'-grab to land by the foot
     of Menkaure's Pyramid.
     Pull up and devour the big scorpion and stag beetle. To the east, there's
     yet another abyss. To get across, look for a southern broken ledge that,
     when stood on, slides Lara south; at this time, jump to find flat ground.
     The next pit is untraversable so break down the modern door to the south
     after saving. Inside is a scorpion attacking a guard, and whether he lives
     or not -- as well as whether Lara can get a level's secret or not -- will
     depend on if the scorpion is killed first. If Lara saves the guard, he gives
     THE GUARDS KEYS (sic) and ARMORY KEY as a reward. Check the room for a 2x
     guard, if dead, only drops The Guards Keys.]
     Return back to the base of the first pyramid catching a higher ledge and
     shimmying around the corner, dropping onto flat ground. The next part will
     involve climbing the pyramid to a higher door. The starting point is at the
     SE corner. Since flat parts mean the right way is being taken, feel free to
     save on the way up. Do a few jumps NE until finding a stag beetle up there.
     From there, do a running jump west; Lara should slide down to a lower rim
     with a 2nd stag beetle. 
     From there, climb up twice, jump to NE block and climb up twice again. A
     running jump east should land at the entrance, where a 3rd stag beetle is
     waiting around. Use 'The Guards Keys' to unlock the door. Save here, but
     don't go in yet.
     To get the secret [65/70], there's more climbing to be done. From the outer
     platform with the door, drop down the SE side. Do a running jump east and
     climb up a bit until a 4th stag beetle rears its face. Climb more until Lara
     is level with the top of the doorway below, and can do a standing jump west
     to the items on some ledges: SMALL MEDIPACK and a REVOLVER!!! Note that the
     Revolver is the secret, not the medipack. Scarabs will drop in from somewhere
     immediately, though, so quickly exit the level via the unlocked door below.
    36) INSIDE MENKAURE'S PYRAMID                                            [WK36]
                    ______       |¯¯¯¯¯|____
               ____|____  |¯¯¯¯|_|  B   __  |  |¯|_                  N
              |    |____|D   C  _      |  |F|__| | |_                |
              |  E        |____| |_   _|  |____   ___|_              |
              |____|¯¯¯¯¯¯         |A|         | |     |             |
                                   | |         |    G  |     W ------+------ E
                                   | |         |_|_   _|_            |
                                  START            |___  |           |
                                                       | |__         |
      |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|       |__  |        S
      | A: Swinging Blades                     |          |H|
      | B: Stairway to Ceremonial Tub          |   _______| |
      | C: Rope/Spike Pit                      |  |  __   __|  SECRETS: 1 [66/70]
      | D: Double Rope/Spike Pit               |  |____| |___
      | E: Western Shaft Key                   |       |_   _|
      | F: Lateral Blade Trap                  |        _|I|_
      | G: Small Pyramid                       |       |     |      To The
      | H: Swinging Blade/Spike Pit Traps      |       |  1  |      Sphinx
      | I: Sloped Cavern                       |       |_   _|     Complex
      |________________________________________|         |_|----------'
     Some swinging blades mark the end of the entrance slope, and past there, a
     bat or two. Use the down-stairway at the end and Lara's sight will be caught
     on a 6-pointed star on the ceiling. Snipe it with your preferred weapon and
     a trapdoor triggers in the lower room with two mummies (blow 'em up!). Jump
     into the large ceremonial tub and continue, after getting the REVOLVER AMMO
     in the room, that is.
     The passage leads to a rope hanging over a pit with retractable spikes below.
     Beyond ar two more similar setups with mummies guarding both. The northernmost
     of the two leads to a switch that opens the door in the southernmost, so that
     is the order of procedure. Up the trapdoor, a bird guardian will start with
     the energy projectile slinging. Pick a fast weapon like the uzis and stay
     active in some way, even if it's just jumping up and down. Crowbar the WESTERN
     SHAFT KEY out of its socket and a wall portion lowers in Room "B". This means
     backtracking all the way there -- have fun!
     When the corridor becomes level, start crawling to avoid the lateral blade
     trap that springs. At the next incline, catch the pesky trapdoor's underside
     and pull up to the outdoors, which is across the huge pit near the scorpion/
     guard fight in the previous level. Nix the two scorpions and look for a small
     earthen-colored button on one of the smaller pyramid's sides. This caves in
     the top of the other and releases a 3rd scorpion. To climb this one, start
     on the west side, jump SE, then do a running jump south. [NOTE: Even if Lara
     slowly walks here, she can still slide in the abyss; save first!]. Once over,
     it's simply climbing to the top in an easy manner.
     Now, the top of the pyramid leaves a huge shaft behind and the inner wall
     is notched for climbing. Downstairs, continue to a spike pit to get by and
     an abyss to cross by swinging on the ceiling. The next spike pit has a moving
     guillotine blade, so time the jump-n'-grab carefully. Once y'got the hang of
     doing this, there are two more to do in the same fashion...hooray for you!
     Past the 3rd, there's a chain that opens a portcullis somewhere nearby. To
     find it, use the notched ceiling between the 2nd & 3rd spikepits to reach the
     passage. SAVE!
     This part regards the secret [66/70]. Slide down the first slope and jump to
     the right (SW) to land in the 1st spikepit's safe zone. The reward: an UZI.
     From there, slide down the normal route and exit south.
     Yup, back to Giza's first level. Climb out of the pit near the engraved
     tablet and go to the SW abyss. The object is to get to the corner door which
     can be opened with 'The Guards Keys' obtained previously. That's where the
     exit is.
    37) THE MASTABAS                                                         [WK37]
       PATH: Above-ground Mastabas
       ______ _____ _______ ______________
      |  A   |  B  |    H  |  L  | |   O  |                  N
       ¯¯¯¯| |_   _| |_____|_   _| |____  |                  |
      _____|       |       |_____  |____| |                  |
      START  |¯¯¯¯¯| |¯   ¯|     | |    | |                  |
      ¯¯¯¯¯|    1  | |  G  |  M   _| N   _|          W ------+------ E
           | |_____|_|_____|_____| |____|                    |
           |   |_     _   _|                                 |
            ¯¯¯ _| | |  E  |                                 |
               |C  |_|_____|            __|¯|                S
                ¯¯¯                    |  __|_
         PATH: Underground Tunnels     |____  |
                   |¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|_  |  ____|¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯|
                   |  K    J         | |______        P     Q |
                   |____|     |____| |        |____|_   _|____|
                        |¯   ¯| |  __|             |     |
                        |     | | |                |     |  SECRETS: 1 [67/70]
          |¯¯¯¯¯|     __|_   _|_| |_            ___|_   _|
          |  D  |   _| H  | | |  ___|          |O    | |
          |_   _|  |I|¯¯    | |L|              |¯¯¯    |
         _|B| |    |   |¯¯¯¯   ¯                ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
       _|  _| |     ¯¯¯      _ ____   _    Letters unseen below = connected path
      |  _|  _|     |¯¯¯¯¯| |M|    |_|N|  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
      |   | |       |  F  | | |¯¯      |  | A: Jerrycan                          |
       ¯|  _|  _____|_   _| |___|¯¯¯¯¯¯   | D: Small Waterskin                   |
      |¯ _|   | G___  | |                 | F: Bag of Sand                       |
      | |___   ¯|  _  | |                 | I: Torch                             |
      |___  |  _| |_| | |                 | J: 3-Scale Room                      |
      |  ___| |_____|  _|                 | K: Northern Shaft Key                |
      |C|       |E    |                   | P: 3-Statue/Lever Room               |
       ¯         ¯¯¯¯¯                    | Q: Southern Shaft Key                |
     'Case you don't know, a mastaba is a flat-roofed Egyptian tomb, so that's
     what this fun level will be full of. Kill the two mangy dogs nearby and pick
     up the JERRYCAN by the gas station pumps. The entrance is locked so we'll
     leave it alone. The mastaba with a 'do not enter' sign in can be broken into
     but there's only bats to disturb...or so it seems. Actually, a trapdoor is
     camouflaged there and leads to the level's secret [67/70], a LARGE MEDIPACK.
     The building north of there has a trapdoor to take too, but this one's in
     plain sight. There are numerous mangy dogs below, so take care.
     Anyway, take the east passage initially and arrive in an underground room
     with wolf head statues (or is it authentic taxidermy?) and a couple doggies.
     Get the SMALL MEDIPACK and CROSSBOW NORMAL AMMO, then shoot all the gems in
     the statues' mounted heads to open the locked door here. It contains a SMALL
     WATERSKIN guarded by a mummy. Leave this are and continue south through the
     rest of the unexplored passage, which lets Lara back into the fresh air in
     the above-ground region's SW corner. Kill all mutts, small scorpions, and
     bats, then do a running jump east to the next mastaba. This has a don't enter
     sign also, plus some more moronic bats/dogs inside.
     Back in the trapdoor tunnel, go to point "F" and kill any evil creepies that
     are there. Like before, shoot the gems in the wolfhead statues' mouths to
     open the back door. Past the mummies and bats, is a BAG OF SAND. Return back
     to the rest of the tunnel and there will be a dead end with REVOLVER AMMO and
     a LARGE MEDIPACK. The only other way north leads to a pull-up point near the
     street (with bats...it's always with bats...). The huge abyss can only be
     crossed in one direction, and that's jumping NW near the building's corner
     and landing on a fragment of solid ground. Save beforehand, natch. From there
     just jump around the corner to Point "H," kill scorpions, and enter the next
     At the fork, go back west and find a TORCH past a soon-to-be dog corpse. Take
     it to point J, kill the dogs/bats, and then break the wolfhead gems to unlock
     the door. Beyond are two bats and a triple scale puzzle. To solve, use the
     Jerrycan on the center scale and light it with the torch; the Bag of Sand is
     to be placed on the eastmost; and the Small Waterskin dumps water in the
     westmost, after it's been filled in the small pool within the room. West of
     there are two mummies and a crowbarrable NORTHERN SHAFT KEY, the taking of
     which opens a far-east door. The nearest east door has CROSSBOW POISON AMMO
     and REVOLVER AMMO near a ramp with 2 dogs. That east stair leads to a dead
     end with a LARGE MEDIPACK, the other a pull-up point.
     Back on the street, 86 some scorpions and jump NE along the small ledges to
     another mastaba (save here). From there, jump-n'grab south of there and kick
     in the door of the building there and descend into the tunnels again. There's
     only a couple scorpions and REVOLVER AMMO, making this one of the easier
     ones to navigate. Climb up to the street level and enter the do-not-enter
     house for yet another trapdoor tunnel entrance ("O").
     Get the SMALL MEDIPACK in the dead-end tunnel toward the start, killing the
     dog that assaults Lara. Through the dog/bat den, proceed to break the wolfhead
     gems until the north door unlocks and leads to a chamber with 3 statues and
     levers. They're sculpted in the "see no evil" poses and such and appear to be
     elephants, although you'll soon find they're monkeys. Only the eastmost does
     anything helpful, releasing a monkey who opens the east door; the other two
     will simply make aggressive foes and we don't need that flack.
     Pry the SOUTHERN SHAFT KEY from the east mummy room -- this should be the 3rd
     and last Shaft Key in Lara's possession -- and exit through the newly-opened
     west room & passage, which leads to the exit.
    38) THE GREAT PYRAMID                                                    [WK38]
                     |       B         |  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                     |                 |  | A: Ammo Storage           |
                     |  ______   ______|  | B: Great Pyramid Exterior |
                     | |     _| |___      |___________________________|
                    EXIT    |       |
                           _| |¯   ¯|      SECRETS: 1 [68/70]
                    |¯¯¯¯¯|  _|  A  |
                    |      _| |_____|               N
                    |_   _|______                   |
                     _|  _|  __  |                  |
                    |     | |__| |            W ----+---- E
                    |  1   _|  __|                  |
                    |_____| |START                  |
                             ¯¯¯¯¯                  S
     Huh? Didn't we see this level in the first Tomb Raider game? Well, we're back
     once again. Exit out of the boarded-up mastaba and crush the blue henchman
     just standing there. Jump to the SW edge of the abyss and kill the northern
     henchmen who strikes first blood. The adjacent mastaba with a stag beetle
     inside has a camouflaged trapdoor -- the creators tried that trick again --
     that leads to the only secret here [68/70], a GRENADE GUN.
     Climb back up and exit north, killing the henchman there and inside the next
     mastaba. An overt trapdoor is here but it only leads to a bottomless pit, so
     skip the sucker. There will be one more moron outside to plant 6 feet under,
     then the dirt road leads to the Great Pyramid, which a cutscene explores a
     bit once she approaches. Enter the final mastaba to the south and collect
     the UZI AMMO and GRENADE GUN NORMAL AMMO, plus the LARGE MEDIPACK inside the
     Before the scaling can begin, first it must be approached. From the NW tile,
     do a running jump north, then slide west. Jump and catch the far west ledge,
     then pull up and scrap the stag beetle before it knocks Lara into the abyss.
     The general goal here it to work east, and it's not too hard once Lara's up
     there, since the traversable tiles are flatters and appear sunken in more.
     When the pyramid rumbles, watch out for falling debris; ducking near cover
     can help from being blown off. When Lara goes as far east as she can with
     flatfoot & running jumps, look to the base of the pyramid. Do a flatfoot
     jump east, then slide down to flat land down there; save beforehand, natch.
     At the bottom of the pyramid once again, do a running jump south over the
     abyss and catch the ledge. Kill the stag beetle perched on the east ledge,
     then jump to it and use it as a platform to jump back OVER the pit to the
     north ledge. From there, Lara should be near the SE corner of the pyramid
     and a LARGE MEDIPACK will be within jumping distance there.
     Save and jump NW to the next flat ledge, then crouch against cover -- there
     will be a huge rolling boulder that hits that exact spot. The 'stepping
     stone' path leads NW still, and a stag beetle joins the fray up there. Jump
     east a bit until another boulder falls. Lara should be able to snipe two
     stag beetles laying on a stretch of walkable bricks.
     From here, do a running jump west -- if done correctly, Lara should drop to
     a flat block 3-4 tiles below instead of all the way to the abyss. Another
     running jump west lands near a stag beetle's territory. Don't climb upwards
     as that way leads to a dead end; instead, keep jumping due west until the
     tiles run out, then do a diagonal (SW) flatfoot jump downwards to the next
     flat spot. Repeat this downward-to-upward jump pattern once more.
     If you've made it this far, good job! Lara should be able to climb up a
     ways at this point. Jump NW again and the way west will be flatter, although
     another boulder threatens Lara's life. From here, do a running jump as far
     west as possible onto a slanted block, which should carry Lara all the way
     down the Great Pyramid's west side and automatically end the level by dry
    39) KHUFU'S QUEENS PYRAMIDS                                              [WK39]
                       _____                    |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                     _| EXIT                    | A: Long Abyss              |
                    |E _|¯¯¯                    | B: Queens' Pyramid Entr.   |
                  |¯ _|                         | C: Eastern Shaft Key       |
                  | |                    _      | D: Q. Pyramid Labyrinth    |
                 _| |                ___|B|___  | E: Great Pyramid W. Side   |
                |B  |               |  _   _  | |____________________________|
                 ¯| |            ___| |_| |_| |___
                 _| |           |  _   _   _   _  |           N
                |_  |    START  | |_| |_|D|_| |_| |           |
                  | |     |¯|   |___           ___|           |
                 _|A|_____| |       | |¯| |¯| |               |
                |_   ___   _|       |  ¯   ¯  |       W ------+------ E
                 _| |_ _| |_         ¯¯¯| |¯¯¯                |
                |     |     |         |¯   ¯|                 |
                |  1  |     |         |  C  |                 |
                |_____|_____|         |_____|                 S
    TREK TO THE QUEENS' PYRAMID                  SECRETS: 1 [69/70]
     Towards the start, some soldiers are preoccupied with attacking the overgrown
     scorpions around, giving Lara license to kill 'em all without repercussion!
     You may recognize the area as being on the east side of the two small pyramids
     near Menkaure's Pyramid. But anyway, there's only one way to go and that's
     down the small pyramid with a lit entrance at its base.
     The westmost of the two entrances leads to the secret [69/70], but it can
     ONLY be obtained if Lara got the Armory Key in the Menkaure's Pyramid level,
     by saving the guard from the scorpion. The door it unlocks leads to a huge
     and WIDESHOT AMMO. Taking these items unleashes another scorpion up top but
     it's definitely worth it!
     NOTE: kenzie.wiesener has brought it to my attention that s/he missed the
     Armory Key but still found the Armory door wide open. This may be a glitch.
     The other entrance leads to a similar setup except the gate's already open
     as the other one, but still pretty useful. Anyway, the real way to go is NW
     of this area near a giant abyss alongside the two mini pyramids.
     The way is rather clear: the first jump should land Lara on the ground 'tween
     the two pyramids themselves, which has a scorpion waiting around. Following,
     jump due east to where small ledges are on the buried pyramid. Climb up a
     bit to the 1st stag beetle, then do a long running jump north to a sliver of
     solid ground. One more jump north, then a running jump west across the pit
     to be right alongside a mini-pyramid. A stag beetle and scorpion launch a
     guerilla assault there, and a SMALL MEDIKIT can be found nearby, too. This
     small area has a movable boulder that should be pushed as far west as Lara
     can, opening a door in the pyramid's side south of there.
     After pulling up the trapdoor and descending, Lara finds herself in a maze
     that only reveals itself (walls lower) by stepping on certain floor panels.
     Here is the right way to go:
           ___|9|___        1: Go west, kill scorp, UZI AMMO in niche farthest away
          |  _   _8 |       2: SMALL MEDIPACK in niche before wall-lowerer
       ___| |_| |_|7|___    3: Lower wall
      |      _   _   _5 |   4: Lower wall
      | |¯| |_| |_|6|_| |   5: Lower wall
      |  ¯   _   _   4  |   6: Get UZI AMMO inside a niche
       ¯¯¯| |_| |_|3|¯¯¯    7: Lower wall
      S   |   1  2  |       8: Lower wall
      |    ¯¯¯|_|¯¯¯        9: Enter chamber with Bird Guardian & Scorpions
     Yes, there are plenty of wall niches; no, they're not special. Most will
     send scarabs in or have nothing of interest. The Bird Guardian was faced
     before and wasn't that special; try to keep active and get behind it to stop
     the constant barrage of projectiles. Pry the EASTERN SHAFT KEY off its socket
     afterwards and it'll be time to leave this pyramid. The way back is as such:
           ___| |___        1: LARGE MEDIPACK inside a wall niche
          |  _1  _  |       2: Lower wall
       ___|2|_| |_| |___    3: Lower wall
      |      _   _   _  |   4: Lower wall
      | |¯|3|_| |_| |_| |   5: Lower wall
      |  ¯   _4  _      |   6: Lower wall
       ¯¯¯| |_|5|_| |¯¯¯
      S   |         |       Climb back out of the pyramid when done.
      |    ¯¯¯|6|¯¯¯
             EXIT                            RE-CLIMBING THE GREAT PYRAMID (EXIT)
     Back across the abyss, jump north some more until Lara can pull up onto the
     queen's pyramid near a stag battle. After climbing around the Great Pyramid's
     exterior once already, this should be child's play -- it's mostly a bunch of
     diagonal jumps, and there are still falling boulders. Eventually there's a
     ledge with a door 'The Guards Keys' can unlock plus some stag beetles as the
     kicker! Enter inside
    40) INSIDE THE GREAT PYRAMID                                             [WK40]
                   N                |¯|¯¯¯|¯|
                   |               _|  C    |
                   |             _| |_|  _|_|       |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
                   |            |EXIT_| |           | A: Series of Abysses     |
           W ------+------ E     ¯|¯|   |  |¯¯¯¯¯|  | B: Connected Passage     |
                   |              | | B |  |  D  |  | C: Basin Room            |
                   |              |1|  _|  |_   _|  | D: Shaft Key Recepticles |
                   |              | |_  |    |B|    |__________________________|
                   S              |  ___|     ¯
                                  |A|                SECRETS: 1 [70/70]
     Right at the start is an abyss to leap over with two assassins, one of each
     kind, ready and willing to fight. How did they get inside when Lara had to
     go through 23423 levels!? Argh! Take your age out on 'em and steal one of
     the corpse's UZI AMMO before taking the sidepassage one of the assassins
     jumped out of. This leads upwards to another chamber, past a blue henchman,
     which locks Lara in with another ninja henchman and bat. Take the lower path
     and a sliding pillar trap activates, but it's crossed easily, generally.
     Beyond, kill three mangy dogs and SMALL MEDIPACK in a broken basin. The torch
     inside should be used to light all the unlit (x4) ones, which opens a western
     alcove with a switch and WIDESHOT AMMO. The switch lowers a wall portion one
     room back, but you'll have to put down three more stray mutts before getting
     The room unlocked has sockets for the four Shaft Keys collected throughout
     the Giza levels. Place them all in and a floor hole opens! The switch opens
     the locked gate from the "B" room, letting in two blue henchmen all the while
     (one drops SHOTGUN SHELLS). Return to the basin room and the east alcove will
     be open -- it has a LARGE MEDIPACK and a lever that raises the portcullis in
     the initial hallway of this level.
     Backtrack there and kill the two blue assassins -- a SMALL MEDIPACK is left
     behind. Continue north, jumping to safe spots on the abyss and shooting bats
     who threaten to knock Lara downwards. Near the lower gate is a LARGE MEDIPACK
     on a stoop. With all threats gone, let's get the final secret [70/70] this
     game has to offer! If you stand by the door leading to the beam of light,
     the secret would be in the third one away from there, i.e. the one split in
     two by a tiny platform. Stand and look south, using the binoculars or a flare
     to light up the path -- a dark alcove shows up! It contains a CROSSBOW, and
     Lara can flatfoot jump-n'-grab to get back to where she was before!
     To exit the level, climb into the shaft the beam of light shines in, taking
     the west tunnel when it presents itself.
    41) TEMPLE OF HORUS                                                      [WK41]
                  _____                                                N
                 |  I  |                                               |
              ___|_| |_|____                                           |
            _|              |                                    W ----+---- E
           |  _|¯           |     _|¯¯¯¯¯|__|¯¯¯¯¯|__|¯¯¯¯¯|_          |
           |_K |     G F    |    |F       L    M         EXIT|         |
             |             J|     ¯|_____|¯¯|_____|¯¯|_____|¯          S
             |_____   ______|
                 | | | |
                 |  H  |                           SECRET: 0 [70/70]
         |¯¯¯¯¯|_|¯|           |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|
         |  D   _  |           | A: Water Puzzle #1                 |
         |_____|_| |__|¯¯¯¯¯|  | B: Connected Passage (Pole)        |
               |         F  |  | C: Water Puzzle #2                 |
                ¯|E|¯¯|_____|  | D: Connected Passage (Pole)        |
            _     ¯            | E: Water Puzzle #3                 |
          _|C|___|¯¯¯¯¯|       | F: Connected Ps. (Lightbeam Shaft) |
         |_   ___   D  |       | G: Armor of Horus                  |
           | |___|¯¯¯¯¯|       | H: South Gate Switch               |
           |  ___   B  |       | I: North Gate Switch               |
           |_|   |_____|       | J: SE Corner (Climb Course Start)  |
            _                  | K: Crawlspace                      |
          _|A|___|¯¯¯¯¯|       | L: Sliding Pillar Trap             |
         |_   ___   B  |       | M: Falling Pillar Trap             |
           | |___|_____|       |____________________________________|
     Lara starts the level in a passage with fountains. Pick up a LARGE WATERSKIN
     sitting on the floor, which is a 5-liter companion piece to the smaller one
     from 'The Mastabas' level which carries 3 liters. Here's how to do this:
     1) Empty the smallest waterskin (select 'Use')
     2) Fill up the largest waterskin
     3) Combine the large waterskin with the empty waterskin
     4) The Large Waterskin should have 2 liters, the smaller one 3.
     At the scales, pour the Large Waterskin into the vase (a watery SFX plays if
     done right) and by balancing the thing, a floor grate opens. Kill a few bats
     in the room beyond, which contains a pole. Save and jump to it, then inch
     downwards until Lara's right above the retractable spikes. As they're going
     back into their holes, slide down! Kill the bats when at the bottom.
     The next room leads to another water puzzle! This one requires 4 liters, so
     naturally only the big one can fill it.
     1) Make both waterskins empty
     2) Fill the large waterskin
     3) Combine it with the small waterskin
     4) Empty the small waterskin
     5) Combine the large waterskin with small waterskin
     6) Fill the large waterskin
     7) Combine large waterskin with small waterskin
     This makes the small one at full capacity and the large at 4 liters. Put the
     latter into the scale's vase to open another floor grate! This leads to a
     similar setup, with a bat-filled room and pole with retractable spikes. The
     third and final water puzzle requires a single (1) liter! To make that a
     1) Empty both waterskins
     2) Fill the small waterskin and combine it with the larger one
     3) Repeat step #2
     Bingo-bango! The floor grate that opens leads to a shaft of light room from
     the previous level. Either way, the first floor down has a locked gate and
     can't be used. Keep descending on the "rock" ladder wall until it runs out
     of space, then round the corner of part of the ceiling block. Lara may get
     'stuck', so quickly let go and reattach, climbing up onto it. This should
     start a small panoramic cutscene.
     From the top of the cavern, (save and) do a running jump off into the water.
     The side shouldn't matter but low-hanging ceiling portions can put a damper
     on the attempt -- north works as long as you look for a ceiling groove that
     gives leeway. Anywho, get to Horus' armor and put the four 'Holy Scripture's
     on the pedestals around there. Approach the armor from the front and...
     Dagnabit, things have gone awry and the Amulet was thrown into the water.
     It's on the north side, and easily accessible from the start. Avoid Set's
     projectile blasts (which can't work underwater; what a loser!) and collect
     the artifact, which opens a gate on the south side. To get to that door, a
     surfacing point in the SE corner gets up there. UZI AMMO is behind the door,
     and the switch opens the north gate.
     Get there lickety split. A SMALL MEDIPACK is behind the door, and the switch
     activates some mechanism (?) in the shaft of blue light. Remember the floor
     with the gate that we skipped? It's there. A new ledge on a wall has extended
     but Lara isn't informed of this.
     To find it, go to the southern door ramp and instead of going inside, jump to
     the SE corner. The ledge is on the east wall, within a running jump-n'-grab
     distance. Keep doing these until reaching the NE corner, which can be climbed
     a bit to find a SMALL MEDIPACK. Turn south again and there will be another
     ledge a running jump-n'grab can get. From there, save and jump SE, aiming
     between the huge stalactite and the wall; if done right, Lara should barely
     land past a slanted ledge and on flat ground. This ledge has a crawlspace
     in plain sight by jumping west. Pull up into there and Set's wrath won't be
     able to reach her. Out the other side, continue to a ledge that is right
     alongside the giant beam of light. Catch the climbable wall (Set will get in
     some attacks) and climb up the shaft. Automatically, Lara seals the cave and
     Set forever...?
     Anyway, the locked gate here will now be open. Continue past the sliding
     pillars trap and to an abyss where a rumbling is found. A pillar will fall
     from the ceiling onto the worn-out space in the middle, so stay clear of it!
     Slide down towards the abyss and jump at the last second, catching the other
     side. When a rumbling comes hide in the middle of the twin paths to avoid any
     untimely accidents. Slide down the next pit and jump like before, then hurry
     to the lip of the 3rd pit to avoid more falling pillars.
     Hurry to the exit for a cutscene with a huge cliffhanger. Scarrrr~~y!
              _________          _______    _______  _        ______   _
              \__   __/|\     /|(  ____ \  (  ____ \( (    /|(  __  \ ( )
                 ) (   | )   ( || (    \/  | (    \/|  \  ( || (  \  )| |
                 | |   | (___) || (__      | (__    |   \ | || |   ) || |
                 | |   |  ___  ||  __)     |  __)   | (\ \) || |   | || |
                 | |   | (   ) || (        | (      | | \   || |   ) |(_)
                 | |   | )   ( || (____/\  | (____/\| )  \  || (__/  ) _ 
                 )_(   |/     \|(_______/  (_______/|/    )_)(______/ (_)
     Sadly, after the credits the main title is returned to. No infinite ammo is
     obtained (like in Tomb Raider 1) or anything. Shame...
    _____________________________________________________/ IV. APPENDICES [APND] |_
    SECRETS                                                                  [SCRT]
     From time immemorial, Tomb Raider games have contained "secrets," niches and
     alcoves tucked away from the main path and always carrying item rewards of
     some kind. Most carry ammunition but every once in awhile a weapon is found.
     There is no reward for finding all (70) secrets in the game but there's some
     satisfaction in doing it, considering how hard most are to find.
     Secrets are listed in the order of appearance; just keep in mind that some
     levels have to be revisited to claim the prizes. Here's a general list of
     the per-level amounts and totals:
                 ____ _________________________________ _________
                | LV | LEVEL NAME                      | SECRET# |
                | 01 | Angkor Wat                      | 08 [08] |
                | 02 | Race for the Iris               | 00 [08] |
                | 03 | The Tomb of Seth                | 05 [13] | - Missed 1
                | 04 | Burial Chambers                 | 05 [18] |
                | 05 | Valley of the Kings             | 03 [21] |
                | 06 | KV5                             | 04 [25] |
                | 07 | Temple of Karnak                | 04 [29] |
                | 08 | The Great Hypostyle Hall        | 00 [29] |
                | 09 | Sacred Lake (Part 2)            | 01 [30] |
                | 10 | Tomb of Semerkhet               | 07 [37] | - Missed 1
                | 11 | Guardian of Semerkhet           | 03 [40] |
                | 12 | Desert Railroad                 | 03 [43] |
                | 13 | Alexandria                      | 01 [44] |
                | 14 | Coastal Ruins                   | 00 [44] |
                | 15 | Catacombs                       | 04 [48] |
                | 16 | Temple of Poseidon              | 01 [49] |
                | 17 | The Lost Library                | 03 [52] |
                | 18 | Hall of Demetrius               | 00 [52] |
                | 19 | Coastal Ruins                   | 01 [53] |
                | 20 | Pharos, Temple of Isis          | 00 [53] |
                | 21 | Cleopatra's Palaces             | 01 [54] |
                | 22 | City of the Dead                | 01 [55] |
                | 23 | Chambers of Talun               | 02 [57] |
                | 24 | Citadel Gate                    | 01 [58] |
                | 25 | Trenches                        | 00 [58] |
                | 26 | City of the Dead (Part 2)       | 01 [59] |
                | 27 | Street Bazaar                   | 01 [60] |
                | 28 | Citadel                         | 02 [62] |
                | 29 | The Sphinx Complex              | 01 [63] |
                | 30 | Underneath the Sphinx           | 01 [64] |
                | 31 | Menkaure's Pyramid              | 01 [65] |
                | 32 | Inside Menkaure's Pyramid       | 01 [66] |
                | 33 | The Mastabas                    | 01 [67] |
                | 34 | The Great Pyramid               | 01 [68] |
                | 35 | Khufu's Queens Pyramids         | 01 [69] |
                | 36 | Inside the Great Pyramid        | 01 [70] |
                | 37 | Temple of Horus                 | 00 [70] |
               ANGKOR WAT
    _____________________      NOTE: All secrets in this level are golden skulls.
     | 01 | Start of the level, on a ledge near where Werner stands              |
     | 02 | First jumping tutorial room, in the waist-deep water                 |
     | 03 | Second jumping tutorial room, lower area near a manmade waterfall    |
     | 04 | Swimming tutorial room, at bottom of pool                            |
     | 05 | Outdoor area with two wild boars; SW corner, kittie-corner to exit   |
     | 06 | In room with already activated spike traps, a li'l ways past #5      |
     | 07 | When Lara has to crawl in small vent, in a dead-end offshoot         |
     | 08 | After #7, in Virtuous/Heretical pathsplit area (SW corner)           |
     | 09 | At the start, there's a path the guide walks and a darkened one that |
     |    | he doesn't because there's no torches. Kill the mangy dog around the |
     |    | area and find a climbable block in that dark passage, then angle the |
     |    | camera to locate an alcove within jumping distance. [SMALL MEDIPACK] |
     | 10 | After #09, the guide waits in a locked door room w/ alcove switches. |
     |    | Ignore the switches and take the side passage, jumping down into the |
     |    | sand to find an alcove. This gets covered in sand via the switches,  |
     |    | so it has to be done in this order. [SHOTGUN SHELLS]                 |
     | 11 | In the room with a rope dangling from the ceiling, use it to jump to |
     |    | the west alcove. The secret plays by getting there, so getting the   |
     |    | Uzi is NOT a part of the task!                                       |
     | 12 | In the sphinx room, use the ladder in the SW corner to reach a ledge |
     |    | at around face height. Jump to the shoulder of its headdress and see |
     |    | there is barely enough room to get to its frontal headdress. From    |
     |    | there, jump to its northern shoulder and find the alcove with items! |
     |    | [SHOTGUN SHELLS, LARGE MEDIPACK]                                     |
     | 13 | In the sphinx room, use the ladder in the SW corner to reach a ledge |
     |    | with a lever on it. Pull it and descend the ladder to find items now |
     |    | uncaged! [SHOTGUN SHELLS, WIDESHOT AMMO]                             |
     | 14 | The level starts with a sliding portion. SAVE first and wait until   |
     |    | part of the slope lightens (red) a bit, also when the ceiling opens  |
     |    | up a bit. Jump-n'-catch the ledge for the cache. [LARGE MEDIPACK]    |
     | 15 | After obtaining the Hand of Orion, two parts of the wall recede and  |
     |    | Lara has to pick one to evade the spike trap. Take the left one as   |
     |    | it leads to the secret. [SHOTGUN SHELLS]                             |
     | 16 | In the burial chamber of Seth, where Lara can get the Amulet of      |
     |    | Horus, an adjacent passage leads to a room with four sarcophagi in   |
     |    | upright positions. The NW corner has a secret passage that leads     |
     |    | under the room to the secret, but know that the secret is locked if  |
     |    | the Amulet of Horus is obtained! [SMALL MEDIPACK, SHOTGUN SHELLS]    |
     | 17 | In the dark cavern where two jewelry-wearing dogs appear, locate the |
     |    | natural staircase that runs parallel to the south side of the room.  |
     |    | Hug that southern wall until part of it drops off into a pit, which  |
     |    | is where the secret is. [LARGE MEDIPACK]                             |
     | 18 | Upon reaching the octagonal room that spins, or after spinning it    |
     |    | twice which resets it to its natural position, jump from the initial |
     |    | alcove (blindjump almost) to the ledge nearest the [LARGE MEDIPACK]  |
     |    | easily visible. A running jump is necessary to get up in there.      |
     | 19 | After clearing the ambush at the level's start, scour the southeast  |
     |    | corner for a dark alcove. [2x SHOTGUN SHELLS, SHOTGUN]               |
     | 20 | In the NE corner of the ambush site is a dark alcove with nothing in |
     |    | it. However, the ledge that leads up to there can provide access to  |
     |    | the reddish rock wall/pillar outside the door (flatfoot jump?). In   |
     |    | any case, once one gets on the pillar, it leads up to the building's |
     |    | roof. [UZI AMMO, SMALL MEDIPACK, 2x SHOTGUN SHELLS]                  |
     | 21 | Later, the road will have a large spike pit -- this is located near  |
     |    | the first overarching cliff bridge. Do a backwards jump-and-grab on  |
     |    | the pit's lip (near the ramp) to see the inside is notched and very  |
     |    | climbable. Maneuver to the thin slit under the ramp and pull up; at  |
     |    | the other end is the items. Note that it's sometimes hard to emerge  |
     |    | through the slit, so grab its ledge, release the action button and   |
     |    | press it quickly -- this lets Lara get a foothold and getting in is  |
     |    | then possible. [SMALL MEDIPACK, GRENADE GUN SUPER AMMO]              |
     | 22 | In the desert area with the first spike pit and scaffolding uziman,  |
     |    | there will be a small crawlspace near the exit, cut out of the west  |
     |    | rockwall. [LARGE MEDIPACK]                                           |
     | 23 | In the T-shaped junction between two buildings, the southern one has |
     |    | a secret bounty underneath its walkway. To claim it, pull up to the  |
     |    | mid-level walkway and look for a drop-down point past a henchman.    |
     |    | [SMALL MEDIPACK, LARGE MEDIPACK]                                     |
     | 24 | After unlocking the gate, there will be an incline with a trap that  |
     |    | drops spikeballs toward the vehicle. Reach the top to stop the trap, |
     |    | then disembark and inspect the ceiling near the ramp's peak to find  |
     |    | a recess. Face east and try to jump-n'-catch a ledge, although it's  |
     |    | rather hard to get the right footing. [GRENADE GUN NORMAL AMMO]      |
     | 25 | Past the spikeball incline area, there will be a bend in the path by |
     |    | two spike pits, one small and the other L-shaped with its inner wall |
     |    | notched and climbable. Descend down it to find a half-hidden alcove  |
     |    | that can be pulled up into. Like before, grab the lip, let go, and   |
     |    | then immediately catch it again to be able to enter. [WIDESHOT AMMO, |
     |    | CROSSBOW NORMAL AMMO]                                                |
     | 26 | In the beginning, near the obelisk plaza, find the SW corner of the  |
     |    | area amidst some old arches and debris. There will be a pit there,   |
     |    | and it leads to a crawlspace with lots of treasures, some of which   |
     |    | are in breakables. [SHOTGUN SHELLS, LARGE MEDIPACK, WIDESHOT AMMO,   |
     |    | UZI AMMO and FLARES]                                                 |
     | 27 | From the obelisk plaza, go due west until reaching a pool of water.  |
     |    | Swim down the shaft and take the side passage to a door -- this can  |
     |    | be opened by pressing Action in front of it. Continue along until a  |
     |    | small surfacing point is found. [CROSSBOW NORMAL AMMO, UZI AMMO]     |
     | 28 | Near #27, continue down the passage until it turns east. At that     |
     |    | time, look west to find a triangular crack in the wall that gives    |
     |    | barely enough clearance for Lara to get into a dark alcove with the  |
     |    | AMMO]                                                                |
     | 29 | From the obelisk plaza, visit the northern building's interior -- it |
     |    | has two empty pools flanking a stairway. On the west red wall, spy a |
     |    | high-up crawlspace that leads to items. [FLARES, 2x UZI AMMO]        |
     | 30 | After unlocking all doors at the obelisk via the Sun Talisman, take  |
     |    | the south exit to find a pole leading down to water. One of the tiny |
     |    | crawlspace-sized tunnels leads to a gray door, and beyond that, the  |
     |    | secret in a surfacing point. [WIDESHOT AMMO, CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO |
     |    | and a LARGE MEDIPACK]                                                |
    _____________________  Secrets 33-37 are available only if Lara loses Senet!
     | 31 | After dropping into the chamber with a life-size Senet board, there  |
     |    | will be some ledges on one side that lead to a black ladder, which   |
     |    | points to the secret. [WIDESHOT AMMO, SMALL MEDIPACK]                |
     | 32 | In the room with 3 blocks that shoot fire, after the scaffolding has |
     |    | be raised, Lara can get to a 2F ledge in the middle of the room with |
     |    | a single fiery-jet block. The east side of this platform has notched |
     |    | surfaces, letting Lara climb on it. Once she does, shimmy around the |
     |    | corner to the alcove. [WIDESHOT AMMO, LARGE MEDIPACK]                |
     | 33 | When Lara loses the senet match, trapdoors in the floor around the   |
     |    | game board activate. Take the NW hole and slide down three slopes,   |
     |    | then jump-n'-grab off that last (3rd) one to catch a ledge. There's  |
     |    | a pole that leads to the treasures. [SMALL MEDIPACK, WIDESHOT AMMO]  |
     | 34 | In the room with two ropes hanging from the ceiling, use the nearest |
     |    | to land on a ledge with a closed red door (this ledge is over the    |
     |    | Ba Cartouche door, as Lara finds out later). Push it open and take   |
     |    | the prizes. [SMALL MEDIPACK, CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO]                |
     | 35 | After unlocking the Ra Cartouche door, there will be a room with 3   |
     |    | ropes and a fire elemental. Get rid of the elemental by releasing an |
     |    | ice elemental nearby, then swing straight across all three ropes to  |
     |    | find the secret alcove. [GRENADE GUN NORMAL AMMO, UZI AMMO, REVOLVER |
     |    | AMMO]                                                                |
     | 36 | Using the third rope in the Secret #35 way, swing east to another 2F |
     |    | platform that leads to a pole. Climb the pole, jump to the platform  |
     |    | level right above it (3.5F?) and look for a black wall switch on one | 
     |    | side. Jump to and pull it, which raises an odd platform at the level |
     |    | right above. Climb back up via the pole and jump to it, and take the |
     |    | torch from the wall mechanism now available. Throw the torch down to |
     |    | ground level and get down there yourself, then take the torch to the |
     |    | 3-rope room and light it. There are two unlit torches on either side |
     |    | of the pole room, and when lit, open a trapdoor in the main walkway. |
     |    | Go down, get through the circular scythe trap, and take the bounty   |
     |    | before the room starts to fill with scarabs from the ceiling/floor.  |
     | 37 | Using the same technique in #36 to get to the height where the torch |
     |    | is obtained, use the walkway platforms on the opposite side of the   |
     |    | room to find a passage with a ceiling access point. There's another  |
     |    | black wall switch that raises scaffolding there, giving access to a  |
     |    | passage that leads to the level's exit. Before going all the way, be |
     |    | sure to search the ceiling throughly to find another access point... |
     |    | [UZI, CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO, LARGE MEDIPACK]                       |
     | 38 | Use the Guardian Key and slide down into a lower hallway. At an east |
     |    | corner, Lara can get access to the notched ceiling lining everywhere |
     |    | around. Swing west, past the entrance point, and find a crawlspace's |
     |    | lip that can be dropped-n'-caught. This leads to a room with flaming |
     |    | blocks (not mentioned here) and the items sitting on decorations.    |
     |    | [SHOTGUN SHELLS, CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO]                            |
     | 39 | After making the guardian come out and play, follow the corridor it  |
     |    | emerged from until a dead-end room is visited. The wall niche gives  |
     |    | Lara a torch, which she can light back near where the guardian had   |
     |    | emerged. Backtrack to the dead-end room, light both the torches here |
     |    | and voila! -- a secret door opens on the east side. The pedestals    |
     |    | that hold the items are booby-trapped and avoid the center of the    |
     |    | room, since another trap falls in from the ceiling! [SHOTGUN SHELLS, |
     |    | LARGE MEDIPACK, CROSSBOW NORMAL AMMO]                                |
     | 40 | Once the guardian is baited into the "Eye Mural Room", and Lara gets |
     |    | on the 2F walkway, inspect the southern side by the walkway's curve  |
     |    | to find an open ceiling that's beggin' to be explored. The pedestals |
     |    | within aren't boobytrapped but there are two ceiling spikeballs that |
     |    | descend, before and after taking the item. Speaking of which, of the |
     |    | 3 items in view, only one can be taken; the others catch on fire!    |
     |    | [SHOTGUN SHELLS or SMALL MEDIPACK or LARGE MEDIPACK]                 |
     | 41 | At the final car ('caboose'), kill the assassin who climbs up and    |
     |    | hang off the back end; a door opens and Lara can drop-n'-catch the   |
     |    | lower crate's ledge. [REVOLVER AMMO, LARGE MEDIPACK, CROSSBOW NORMAL |
     |    | AMMO]                                                                |
     | 42 | In a boxcar right _before_ the steep tarp-covered cargo, one of the  |
     |    | crate panels can be peeled back to reveal the rest of the freight... |
     | 43 | In the car Lara first started in (with a broken lever), one of the   |
     |    | crates can be pryed back to reveal an interior. [SMALL MEDIPACK]     |
     | 44 | Walk on Jean-Yves' study's balcony and kill the two thugs on the     |
     |    | warehouse roof to the west. Do a running jump to the building north  |
     |    | of there and catch its roof. Shimmy to the east anterior and do a    |
     |    | drop-n'-grab on the wall lever below. This opens a secret passage in |
     |    | that same building. [LARGE MEDIPACK, CROSSBOW NORMAL AMMO]           |
     | 45 | In the room with two ropes hanging from the ceiling, make it to the  |
     |    | 2nd one and jump to the western crawlspace, which is above the niche |
     |    | with a secret. There is only two chances to get this, once at the    |
     |    | start and once after getting the two Trident pieces in the southern  |
     |    | portion when the room is revisited. [SHOTGUN, FLARES,LARGE MEDIPACK] |
     | 46 | In the room with the (4th, if you follow my walkthrough) Trident     |
     |    | piece high above the room with three levels of ledges, there are a   |
     |    | few white pieces of bone sitting around. Crossbow-snipe these (x5)   |
     |    | to make a trapdoor activate near the Trident pedestal. [CROSSBOW     |
     |    | EXPLOSIVE AMMO]                                                      |
     | 47 | If #46 is obtained, this opens a brown SW door in the room with 3    |
     |    | tiers of walkways, top-level. [CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO, WIDESHOT     |
     |    | AMMO, SHOTGUN SHELLS, LARGE MEDIPACK]                                |
     | 48 | After collecting all four Trident pieces, get to the ground floor of |
     |    | the three-tier walkway room and head to the northern dead-end shaft. |
     |    | An elevator rises to a room above. [LARGE MEDIPACK, WIDESHOT AMMO,   |
     |    | CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO]                                             |
     | 49 | Most of the level relates to a large room with four exits, abyss in  |
     |    | the very center. The northern passage leads to a room with a couple  |
     |    | skeletons right off the bat. Jump into the lower middle portion and  |
     |    | check the SW corner crawlspace. [CROSSBOW NORMAL AMMO and a SMALL    |
     |    | MEDIPACK]                                                            |
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    NOTE: Apparently if you miss Secret #52 the first
         THE LOST LIBRARY    time, it can't be gotten, even though that room's
    _____________________    available. I tried it myself to confirm -- seems so.
     | 50 | Enter the NW of the six 1F doors. After a straightforward path, Lara |
     |    | will be in a room with a gigantic rotating cog and some tinmen to    |
     |    | dispose of. The cog is over a pit but upon closer inspection, a tiny |
     |    | ladder is on one side. Descend deeper and deeper to find the secret. |
     |    | [SMALL MEDIPACK, REVOLVER AMMO, UZI AMMO]                            |
     | 51 | After obtaining the Horseman's Gem, in that same room, move to the   |
     |    | south and look for a weird gate high up on the wall. Combine the bow |
     |    | with the LaserSight (from the Alexandria level) and snipe the pulley |
     |    | object high up towards the ceiling. This releases the gate, letting  |
     |    | Lara climb in! [LARGE MEDIPACK, SHOTGUN SHELLS, UZI AMMO]            |
     | 52 | Upon reaching the main room's balcony (2F), enter the SWmost door -- |
     |    | it has a ramp underneath a trapdoor. Save first, slide down, jump at |
     |    | the ladder right before Lara flies out the statue's mouth. Climb up  |
     |    | and jump to the south wall ledge. [CROSSBOW NORMAL AMMO, LARGE       |
     |    | MEDIPACK]                                                            |
     | 53 | Although technically in the Coastal Ruins area, this secret's gained |
     |    | automatically after exiting Hall of Demetrius, which involves being  |
     |    | dropped through a ramp and landing in some water.                    |
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  NOTE: There is a glitch for triggering spikefloor traps
    CLEOPATRA'S PALACES  (some, anyway) without being instantly killed. If the
    ___________________  scarab toy breaks, I suggest looking this method up...
     | 54 | After combining to make the 'Mechanical Scarab with Key,' which has  |
     |    | three (3) uses before it breaks, use it to spring the 1st spikefloor |
     |    | boobytrap. Continue along until finding a single boobytrap of this   |
     |    | same nature (if you come across two of these in a row, you've gone   |
     |    | the wrong way) and proceed. In one of the rooms, a harpy appears;    |
     |    | take the NE passage until coming to a path with 3 exits: 2 spiketrap |
     |    | and one needing an artifact to open. The north passage is the way to |
     |    | go for the bounty. [4x SHOTGUN SHELLS, WIDESHOT AMMO, SMALL MEDIPACK |
     |    | EXPLOSIVE CROSSBOW AMMO]                                             |
     | 55 | Part of mandatory play is opening the iron gate near the start in    |
     |    | order to drive the motorcycle to a building and get rooftop access.  |
     |    | En route to this, Lara must freeze a small pond to get to a lever;   |
     |    | this opens a door to a room near a soldier's corpse. Upstairs from   |
     |    | here is a crowbarrable door that has the secret. [LARGE MEDIPACK]    |
     | 56 | After climbing to the top level of the building near the start, jump |
     |    | to the west perch and swing to the east space, which is guarded by   |
     |    | two stag beetles. [LARGE MEDIPACK, WIDESHOT AMMO]                    |
     | 57 | On the north side of the fortress, over the tunnel that leads to the |
     |    | Trenches level, use the raised earth to grab the slanted awning and  |
     |    | locate a flat portion that leads to a crawlspace. [LARGE MEDIPACK,   |
     |    | FLARES, CROSSBOW POISON AMMO, REVOLVER AMMO]                         |
           CITADEL GATE
     | 58 | Past the dragon, in the area with caskets and switches, a rope can   |
     |    | be accessed from the 2F balcony (with some annoyances). Do a running |
     |    | jump to it, then look NE at the bell in that area. With momentum it  |
     |    | is possible to jump to that alcove, then drop-n'-grab to the crawl-  |
     |    | -space underneath it. [LARGE MEDIPACK, CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO]      |
     | 59 | This can only be done after making the Nitrous Oxide Feeder from the |
     |    | Nitrous Oxide Canister (in Citadel Gate) and Valve Pipe (Trenches).  |
     |    | The western street near where the rooftop machinegun turrets were'll |
     |    | lead to a large pit that can be crossed with the nitro's boost. Kill |
     |    | the soldier and locate four slanted, pinkish pillars. Pull up on the |
     |    | southern one (center Lara), then hold the jump button -- Miss Croft  |
     |    | will complete the tricky jump slopes and land on the eastern ledge   |
     |    | overlooking the secrets, if all goes right. [GRENADE GUN SUPER AMMO, |
     |    | CROSSBOW EXPLOSIVE AMMO, LARGE MEDIPACK]                             |
     | 60 | After using the rooftop lightning rod to blow up part of a bridge,   |
     |    | do a running jump off said bridge to catch the notched exterior of   |
     |    | the building. Shimmy around the corner to stable ground, then peer   |
     |    | NE to the greenish-hued path. A running jump can clear the slanted   |
     |    | portion, leading to the locust-infested secret. [LARGE MEDIPACK,     |
     |    | GRENADE GUN FLASH AMMO, CROSSBOW POISON AMMO]                        |
     | 61 | In the multi-story room with a thug-guarded lever at the top, the    |
     |    | west side has a broken stairway over a watery shaft. Above there's a |
     |    | notched ceiling Lara can climb on. Swing to the south wall, execute  |
     |    | a drop-n'-grab on the crawlspace lip. [GRENADE GUN FLASH AMMO, LARGE |
     |    | MEDIPACK]                                                            |
     | 62 | After the first area with undead knights, Lara is in a room with a   |
     |    | deep shaft in the west corner of a depression. Hang on the inner rim |
     |    | then drop-n'-grab the crawlspace on the south side. This leads to a  |
     |    | steep-looking but traversable hill that gives access to a higher     |
     |    | room guarded by two more knights. [WIDESHOT AMMO, GRENADE GUN FLASH  |
     | 63 | In the supply room with the Metal Blade, there are two shelves next  |
     |    | to each other. Push them both north to reveal the prize underneath   |
     |    | one. [SHOTGUN]                                                       |
     | 64 | In the northwest room that has three crawlspaces, take the east one  |
     |    | which leads to a bifurcation. The south path has a feeble trapdoor   |
     |    | that normally leads to spikes; however, this one crumbles to reveal  |
     |    | a secret item. [GRENADE GUN]                                         |
    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   NOTE: Lara needs to get the Armory Key in this level to
    MENKAURE'S PYRAMID   find a future secret. To obtain, when she encounters a
    __________________   guard fighting a scorpion, save the guard (kill scorp).
     | 65 | After climbing up Menkaure's Pyramid and finding the door that 'The  |
     |    | Guards Keys' opens, unlock it but don't go in. Instead, there's a    |
     |    | second climbing path that starts in the SE and arcs back west a bit, |
     |    | giving access to some items on top of the stone door frame. [SMALL   |
     |    | MEDIPACK, REVOLVER] The secret registers after taking the Revolver.  |
     | 66 | After finding a chain past some blade-n'-spikepit traps, it opens a  |
     |    | portcullis in a sloped cavern. Save at the top and start the slide,  |
     |    | jumping to the right (SW) towards the bottom, landing in the safe    |
     |    | part of the spike pit or a ledge right near there. [UZI]             |
     | 67 | At the beginning, in the area near the gas station, a building is    |
     |    | boarded-up and has a "do not enter" sign. Bust inside and look for a |
     |    | well-camouflaged trapdoor that leads to the secret. [LARGE MEDIPACK] |
     | 68 | Towards the start of the level, in the first mastaba where Lara has  |
     |    | to enter via a door, there will be a camouflaged trapdoor that leads |
     |    | down to the secret. [GRENADE GUN]                                    |
     | 69 | Towards the start of the level are two doors at a pyramid's base,    |
     |    | the westmost of which leading to an armory with items inside boxes.  |
     |    | This can only be unlocked with an Armory Key obtained in "Menkaure's |
     |    | Pyramid" level, by saving the guard who was harassed by a scorpion.  |
     |    | and WIDESHOT AMMO]                                                   |
     | 70 | The starting hallway that points north is plagued with many abysses, |
     |    | but in one (the 3rd from north, AKA the one split in two by a tiny   |
     |    | platform) the secret is hidden. From the north, peer south and look  |
     |    | with a flare/binoculars flashlight to uncover an alcove in the dark. |
     |    | [CROSSBOW]                                                           |
    ENEMIES                                                                  [ENMS]
     Enemies come in all shapes in sizes, from the lowely beetle-bug to the large
     invincible monster who wants to eat Lara's face. Aggressive monsters are
     listed here (no bosses) and so are passive (boobytrap) enemies that lie in
     First Found: Almost every level
     Good ol' reliable spikes. This type is a passive trap, relying on human error
     instead of other factors. They often sit at bottoms of holes (punji-pit-like)
     and wait for missteps or misjumps to impale the target. Careful planning and
     knowing the area's layouts help, but saving beforehand is a great teacher as
     well. Later, in Cleopatra's Palaces, the only way to proceed (legitimately)
     is to use the Mechanical Scarab with Key which springs the trap for her.
     First Found: The Tomb of Seth
     These fleabagged mutts are probably ugly wolves, but y'wouldn't know it from
     how easy they are to take down. They appear a few times in the level but pose
     little threat unless Lara was previously injured. Pistols give feed them the
     daily dose of lead with ease.
     First Found: The Tomb of Seth
     C'MERE! These reddish stinger fiends usually appear in two ways: pits they
     can't climb out of or are triggered by some event in a room they can't climb
     out of. Pistolwork perforates their carapace pretty easily and they're on the
     lower rungs of the difficulty ladder.
     First Found: The Tomb of Seth
     To get the uzi on the first level, Lara has to outsmart the spike machine
     rolling on wall grooves in one of the passages. It doesn't kill Lara in an
     instant like some other traps, but it heavily damages her. Avoiding is as
     simple as knowing where it is which, unlike traps to follow, is harder since
     it runs rather silently.
     First Found: The Tomb of Seth
     This trap has blades on the ceiling and floor, and will mince whoever happens
     to meander inside without proper knowledge. Lara's guide deactivates the trap
     when he comes to it, so unless Lara's go-get-'em attitude gets her sliced in
     fine strips, there's little reason this should kill her.
     First Found: The Tomb of Seth
     Once calm and harmless, the tour guide will set fire to these pools to make
     some light. If Lara jumps in, she catches on fire and dies -- simple as! Just
     avoid them and things'll be hunky dory.
     First Found: Burial Chambers
     An asterism is a cluster of stars, and the holes the spikes come out of are
     shaped like stars -- I know, great term for the thing! This trap may encircle
     a room or come out of a block, but no matter where it shows up, it's often
     easy to spot for two reasons: visual identification and the horrible grinding
     noise they make when approached. They emerge and recede at regular intervals,
     so they're not as hard as they appear.
     First Found: Burial Chambers
     Sometimes pared with asterisms spike traps, this trap won't kill Lara in one
     go but is designed to keep her in constant motion which increases the chance
     of error (or it knocking her off platform). The blades can be jumped over but
     it's still annoying, even if one knows the correct path to go.
     First Found: Burial Chambers
     The stereotypical pyramid/burial chamber/sarcophagi enemy, this time mummies
     are invincible, despite their desiccated, rotted state of existence. They're
     slow-moving and often don't attack without provocation, meaning Lara's safe
     to do puzzles and whatnot until she puts one square 'tween their eyes. Easy
     to avoid, generally.
     First Found: Burial Chambers
     Kinda like the mangy dogs from previous levels, these ones wear gold jewelry
     and are a little tougher, even though the pistols can still take 'em out with
     little to no trouble.
     First Found: Valley of the Kings
     These uzi-totin' wannabe punks ambush Lara for their first appearance and
     continue to pester her throughout the game. They're dressed in desert garb
     and only fire their weapons in bursts, which gives Lara more than enough time
     to beat them into submission.
     First Found: Valley of the Kings
     This white van isn't for soccer moms -- it's driven by a henchman and drops
     grenades out its backdoor, which can damage Lara if her driving's erratic.
     Since the grenades drop in line with the vehicle's movement, evading them
     and the explosions isn't so hard. The van is 'invincible' for all intents &
     First Found: Temple of Karnak
     These suckers are just like normal scorpions except their stings can 'poison'
     Lara, the effect of which constantly lowers her healthbar and, after awhile,
     gives a hazy LSD trip effect where the world distorts and her vision blurs.
     Using a medipack cures this condition, and these scorps are barely better
     than their worst counterparts in terms of constitution...meaning use pistols!
     First Found: Sacred Lake
     Bats are small and agile, but have little defense -- even pistols can take
     'em out without any trouble. In previous games these have appeared earlier...
     First Found: Sacred Lake
     These reptilian wonders are surprisingly fast on land and have enormous health
     to deplete. That's why the pistol should be switched to the shotgun, which can
     two-shot the suckers before they make a Happy Meal out of Lara.
     First Found: The Great Hypostyle Hall, Pt. II
     These are like regular henchman in black and red. It carries a sword thingy
     and can deflect bullets, and keeps this stance until Lara puts some distance
     between her and them. A few shotgun blasts will take 'em down, though.
     First Found: Tomb of Semerkhet
     These dangerous bugs are invincible gameplay-wise, and will quickly devour
     Miss Croft's health if they catch up with her. She'll have to clamor to high
     ground or hang onto the ceiling to avoid their wrath, which impedes her a few
     times in the game. Torches keep the scarabs at bay to a minimal extent, but
     don't prevent damage.
     First Found: Tomb of Semerkhet
     This fiery fiend flies through the air and pesters Lara with general damage,
     and can even catch her on fire! There are only two ways to kill one of these
     suckers: sic an ice elemental on its tail and let them negate each other, or
     lure it into water, where it fizzles out. [The Ice Elemental, when faced as
     or a cross-shaped statue, the latter which is used in the Catacombs level.]
     First Found: Tomb of Semerkhet
     This trap is like a circular ring with six or seven scythe pieces on it, that
     slice into the middle at regular intervals. Since it's stationary, Lara can
     get by by sprinting and diving through, or taking one for the team and just
     bungling through (with health loss). Note that standing really close and
     rolling past the blades when they're closed works as well, although isn't a
     good idea if, say, scarabs are following.
     First Found: Guardian of Semerkhet
     Long name, quick death. These first appear on the ground floor of the room
     with a timed cleaver trap. The blades are underground and when Lara steps on
     one, four blades come out of the corner and converge in the center, killing
     her instantly...or, rather, they have to catch her cleanly to OHKO. Still,
     it's best not to test out the specifics and simply avoid any weird tiles like
     First Found: Guardian of Semerkhet
     These longsword-like blades point vertically down from certain paths, and
     when Lara steps haphazardly, they pull a full rotation and slide her up. They
     can be visually identified but are impassable unless a mechanism shuts them
     off or delays 'em.
     First Found: Guardian of Semerkhet
     Some pedestals are boobytrapped, so when an artifact is taken, four blades
     come up and cut downward at the enemy. These are a one-time affair and can
     be avoided by taking the item at an angle (NW, SW, SE, NE). The pedestals
     that fit this bill are also easily detected by long black slits down the
     cardinal directions' sides. [NOTE: Some blades only come out from certain
     sides, although the rest holds true.]
     First Found: Guardian of Semerkhet
     In one of the secrets, this thing falls down from the ceiling in the middle
     and after a moment, a bunch of blades poke out. It doesn't move around or
     have any special abilities, but if Lara happens to hit it, even when it's
     just sitting there, she bleeds out...so avoid!
     First Found: Guardian of Semerkhet
     This invincible guardian in the shape of a bull (I mistakenly call it a
     minotaur) is immune to conventional weapons, and all weapons for that matter.
     Whenever it appears, which is rarely in the ensuing levels, the only option
     is to run away and/or use it to open paths. Lara can bait it into charging
     like a novice matador, which comes in useful for breaking down doors and
     First Found: Coastal Ruins
     These sword-wielding Halloween decorations are rather fun to fight. Like a
     few other enemies, they are invincible with regard to normal weapons. However
     if they are exploded they permanently die. The really fun way is to use the
     lasersight + crossbow to snipe their heads; when they have no head, they'll
     just run around and not attack Lara any longer. Another way to "get rid" of
     them is to use the knockback effects of weapons, pushing them into deep pits
     or places they can't climb out of.
     First Found: Coastal Ruins
     It's a simple setup: a pulley holds a boulder above a certain spot, and if
     Lara steps there, it falls (after a delay). To trigger it, simply step on
     that certain spot and back/sideflip away.
     First Found: The Lost Library
     Although perhaps not made of tin, these mechanized men carry axes and attack
     Lara without compunction. They're invincible to normal weapons from the sides
     or back, and it's only when Lara shoots the green gem on their chest that any
     real damage is done. They'll grunt when hurt, and that's the only way to tell!
     I recommend using a shotgun for the job.
     First Found: The Lost Library
     Although more of a nuisance than anything else, these gears rotate around
     poles and damage Lara if she touches them. Since backflipping off poles often
     requires her to be level with the floor/ceiling (relative), they can really
     take off chunks of her health. They're invincible, naturally, and the only
     way to get past is coordinated sliding or taking one for the team.
     First Found: Pharos, Temple of Isis
     This "bird" has a human face and will fire projectiles at Lara, but really
     doesn't have any super-special traits to take note of. Dr. Uzi will cure all
     its living problems!
     Found: Cleopatra's Palaces
     Guarding the long-dead queen's throne room, these guardians shoot mystical
     blue projectiles and take a lot of bullets to be downed. If Lara stands at
     mid-range, for some reason the enemy's projectiles may zoom upward and miss
     her completely and giving an easy advantage. They also attack one at a time.
     First Found: City of the Dead
     These guys are tougher than normal grunts but don't have the capability to
     stop bullets like those fiery-red assassins in the Karnak levels, which means
     they aren't that useful. Their main feature is better firepower, and they'll
     commonly use grenade rounds. Also, Lara first gets her Revolver from one of
     these suckers.
     First Found: City of the Dead
     These suckers can raise a lot of hell if Lara comes into their line of fire,
     but since they're inert, they're helpless if she can get around back. The
     only way to destroy the guns is by shooting their white-ish canister with
     the revolver (which means attaching a LaserSight for better accuracy). Their
     most dangerous feature is the flamethrower at close-range -- this may be the
     best reason to snipe the weak spot from afar.
     First Found: Chambers of Talun
     These overgrown bugs are as big as bats and twice as tough...meaning it takes
     two shotgun blasts instead of two. They pester Lara just like bats and also
     make a mind-numbing buzz noise -- that alone is worthy of death.
     First Found: Citadel Gate
     Another bug enemy! These pestilence-bringing, crop-failing, health-eating
     mongrels will often just appear around Lara out of nowhere, and drain her
     health without any counterattack. Running away seems to disperse them, and
     that's really the only course of action to take, sadly.
     First Found: Citadel Gate
     This behemoth sits in a pit (inert) and shoots flaming projectiles on a set
     pattern. If Lara is hit, she catches fire and will probably die. Use cover
     to block the projectiles and sprint past when the opening is clear. It can't
     be damaged by conventional weapons.
     First Found: Citadel
     These reanimated corpses of Crusaders cannot be killed or damaged (where have
     we seen that before?). Slow-moving and kinda weak, they're only seen in one
     level. Yawn!
     First Found: Underneath the Sphinx
     Ever seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? It has a trap like this, which
     swings laterally (horizontally) and damages Lara, if not outright killing the
     poor gal. Ducking under it will work; the downside is that it's found with
     boobytrapped floor traps which make this task rather difficult.
     First Found: Menkaure's Pyramid
     The red scorpions of yesterdungeon have taken steroids and become these large
     freaks, with much more health. For instance, it takes three grenade rounds to
     take one down! However, unlike their similarly-colored smaller counterparts,
     these ones do have poisonous stings! That's evolution for ya.
     First Found: Inside Menkaure's Pyramid
     Like the jackal guardians from Cleopatra's Palaces, this foe also shoots
     energy projectiles, just at a faster rate. And, like the previous guardians,
     if Lara can get 'round back, it has to turn slowly and resume firing.
     First Found: The Great Pyramid
     While scaling the outer face, sometimes the structure will shake and loose
     boulders will tumble down the side. If one hits Lara, it'll do more than make
     her see stars -- she'll be a stain! Avoiding them isn't too hard since there
     is no random factor to their appearance or where they land. Just to be on the
     safe side, crouching against cover helps.
     First Found: Inside the Great Pyramid
     These pillars slide across paths, killing Lara if they hit. They're avoided
     with some timed jumps, so save beforehand.
     Found: Temple of Horus
     If Lara messes up one of the water puzzles, a gate opens and this creepy
     monster crawls out. It crawls on all fours, has a dinosaur head, and looks
     like a crocodile in some way. It's not necessarily tough but it does respawn
     behind the gate, waiting for the next time Lara screw up the puzzle!
     Found: Temple of Horus
     Toward the last leg of this area, a small rumbling will herald a pillar
     dropping in from the ceiling. It instantly kills Lara should it connect, but
     simply progressing forward or hiding off the main path evades its attack.
     It does block part of the path though, so dilly-dallying doesn't help.
    CHEATS                                                                   [CHTS]
     Like most Tomb Raider games, there are push-button codes for those who just
     want to destroy stuff from the get-go. Before inputting the code, Lara must
     be pointing directly north. This can be done manually but most people prefer
     to hang from an flat object with a south face, which accomplishes this a lot
     easier. When that part is done, enter the menu and highlight a certain object
     listed below:
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯                       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     ALL ITEMS                    Large Medipack  R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + Down
     LEVEL SKIP                   Load Option     R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + Up
     INFINITE AMMO/MEDIPACKS      Small Medipack  R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + Up
     ALL SPECIAL ITEMS/ARTIFACTS  Large Medipack  R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + Down
     Some overzealous people may think getting everything is great, but it's been
     known to cause serious game-breaking bugs, particularly ones regarding
     artifacts and other special items. Level-skipping can also cause players to
     permanently miss crucial items needed to complete future levels, which is why
     it's not advised, even if you know what you're doing.
     In any event, use these with caution!
    V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                            [FAQZ]
     [Q] - Hey! You said I get [ammo] here but I actually got the [ammo's weapon]!
     [A] - Yeah, that sometimes happens. Sometimes if you've already obtained a
           weapon at that point, instead of getting another weapon (which turns
           into a bunch of ammo) you simply get a normal ammo cache. 
     [Q] - Lara's health is depleting and there's a weird acid trip effect! Help!
     [A] - This occurs when she's been poisoned, such as by black scorpions. Her
           life constantly worsens and after awhile, there's a hazy LSD effect as
           her vision blurs (which is really cool, actually). Using a medipack of
           any sort cures her condition back to normal.
     [Q] - Why can't I pull up into this crawlspace?
     [A] - This is a common problem that results from Lara not really 'grabbing'
           the lip from above, but rather the side (such as portions where she
           moves laterally to the crawlspace like in Valley of the Kings). To
           rectify, climb as high to the lip as possible, let go and quickly press
           action again. She should grab the lip like normal and that's how y'do
     [Q] - In Chamber of Talun's main building, I can't round the 2F pillar corner!
     [A] - I've noticed this too. Lara can do the first corner easily but the last
           one to get back on the west ledge is weird. On the 2nd face, make Lara
           climb up (so she has a foothold) and then try -- that should work.
     [Q] - I entered a new level from [direction] and it says [new direction]!
     [A] - I have no idea what this is about but it's happened to me too. For
           instance, after finishing "Khufu's Queens Pyramids" Lara exits to the
           east; when the level starts, east is displayed as 'north'. It's quite
           an annoyance to be sure but shouldn't affect much, since I usually
           check for the 'current' north at each level's beginning.
    VI. UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS                                              [UPDT]
     07-09-06 --------------+ Started walkthrough
     10-15-08 --------------+ Scrapped old version and restarted walkthrough
     10-24-08 --------------+ Finished walkthrough
     06-14-09 --------------+ Updated Hall of Demetrius & Trenches sections
     For errors and corrections, make sure to email me! I'm interested in that
     kind of stuff.
    THANKS TO...
     • Sailor & Ceej, for always hosting my junk
     • Nic Holte, for playing Tomb Raider games with me since way back when
     • The readers, 'cause this was one heck of a fun thing to write, dagnabit!
     • Boat, for some glitch/tips in Hall of Demetrius & Trenches
     • kenzie.weisener, for info on possible Armory Key glitch
    VII. LEGALITY                                                            [LGLT]
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    through electronic or commercial means without the expressed consent of the
    author (Patrick Summers). It cannot be hosted, edited, or distributed for
    profit, and may not be given away as an add-in/gift to bought items. All rights
    are reserved to respective parties, even those not explicitly stated herein.
    Those who find thos document on sites not listed below should e-mail the
    author (Shotgunnova). Thanks for reading, and thanks for respectin' FAQers.
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