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    Kage Move List by JUttayaya

    Updated: 10/05/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: jirawat@hep01.phys.ufl.edu (Jirawat Uttayaya)
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
    Subject: VF3: Kage's Move List
    Date: 5 Oct 1996 09:41:15 GMT
    MOVE NAME                   MOVE MOTION              LEVEL
    Leaf Pile                   P, K                     HH
    Violent Fist                P, P                     HH, C. Down
    Violent Fists and Leg       P, P, K                  HHH
    Shotgun Fists               P, P, P                  HHH, C.Down
    Shotgun & Reverse Kick      P, P, P, K               HHHM
    Shotgun & Whirlwind Kick    P, P, P, u/b+K           HHHM, Down, AI
    Shotgun Helix               P, P, b+P                HHH, C.Down
    Shotgun Helix Reverse Kick  P, P, b+P, K             HHHM, Down(?)
            This move has excellent homing capabilities against side
            steppers.  Especially useful against opponents who are
            dodging from a distance.
    Side Shot                   d/b+P  or  P+E           H, C.Down
            A dodging punch.  Can be used to replace the first
            punch in a  P, P, P combo.
    Elbow                       f+P                      M, C.Down
    Helix                       b+P                        H, C. Down
            Kage thrusts an elbow as he is spinning around. 
    Helix & Reverse Kick        b+P, K                     HM, AI
            After the Helix comes a spin kick.
    Smashing the Mountain Cliff  D_, d/f+P                 M, C. Down, AI(?)
            Getting low to the floor, Kage unleashes a big sword hand.
            Forces the opponent to stand if hits.  Fast execution time.
    Rising Dragon Fist          f, d, d/f+P                M, Down, AI
            A homage to the days when Capcom could make a good fighting
            game.  Don't ask me how to pronounce it.  Kage can be thrown
    Waterwheel Kick          u/b+K+G  or  u+K+G(?)       M, Down, AI
            A high flipkick.  Use in air combos.  Can be thrown afterwards.
    Falling Leaf                b+K+G                      H
            If hits, go for a air combo.
    Heel Kick                   d+K+G                      M, Down, AI
    Flying Corkscrew            f, f+K+G                   M, Down, AI
    Flying Kick                 f, f+P+K+G                 L, Down
            The amount of time it takes for you to pronounce the
            Japanese name of this move is the amount of time it takes
            for the move to execute.
    Reverse Water Wheel         d/f+K+G                    M, Down, AI
            Leaning his body and leaping at the enemy, Kage turns his back
            to the opponent and does a heel kick.  After this move, Kage's
            back remains facing the opponent.
    Full Moon Kick              u/f+K+G                    M, AI
            Hanging slightly above the ground, Kage does a heel kick.
            Can be used to avoid low attacks and hit the opponent.
    Falling Flash Blade         f+P+K                    M, AI
    Returning Falling Flash
        Blade                   f+P+K, P+K               MM, Down, AI
            Sends out two horizontal sword hands.  A good attack against
            a rising drunken Shun.  
    Twisting Flash Blade        d/f+P+K                    M
            While moving a little to the side, Kage attacks with a
            sword hand.
    Small Hand Reverse          b+P+K (High Punch Reverse) 
    Whirling Flash Blade        d+P+K                      M. C.Down
            Must be done from standing.  Kage crouches and does a low
            sword hand.  Forces the opponent to stand if hits.
    Wind-Flash Blade            P+K                        M
            After the move executes, Kage ends up in a crouching
            position.  Good attack against a rising drunk Shun.
    Mid-Kick                    d/f+K                    M, C.Down
    Floating Body Knee Kick     D_, f+K                    M, AI
            An obscenely high knee.  Kage can be throw afterwards.
    Flying Forward Kick         u+K  or  u/f+K             M, Down, AI
            After a small jump forward. Kage does a small kick.
    Whirlwind Kick              u/b+K                      M, AI
            A flipkick.  The guide says you can use this move to hit
            opponents who are falling down to the ground, much like
            the ryuueikyaku (f, f+K).  But since this move is listed
            immediately following the ryuueikyaku, I believe it's a
            transcription error. 
    Falling Shadow Kick         f, f+K                     L, Down
            Change stance.  Mainly used to hit at the end of a float
    Earth Kick                  d/b+K                      L, Down
            Kage slides his foot forward on the ground.
    Forward Roll                b,b/d,d,d/f,f
    Backward Roll               f,f/d,d,d/b,b
    Forward Roll Sweep          b,b/d,d,d/f,f+K           L
    Backward Roll Sweep         f,f/d,d,d/b,b+K           L
    Forward Roll Sweep II       b,b/d,d,d/f,f+K           L
            Execute the move after a forward or backward roll.
    Backward Roll Sweep         f,f/d,d,d/b,b+K           L
            Execute the move after a forward or backward roll.
    Another Forward Roll        b,b/d,d,d/f,f+P
            Done immediately after a Forward Roll or Backward Roll, Kage
            does another forward roll.
    Another Backward Roll        f,f/d,d,d/b,b+P
            Done immediately after a Forward Roll or Backward Roll, Kage
            does another backward roll.
    Rising Dragon Fist II        f, d, d/f+P                M
            After a forward or backward roll, Kage does a Dragon Punch.
    Forward Roll Flying Kick     b,b/d,d,d/f,f+P+K+G        L, Down
            Must be done after a forward or backward roll.
    Backward Roll Flying Kick    f,f/d,d,d/b,b+P+K+G        L, Down
            Must be done after a forward or backward roll.
    Hedgehog                     b,b/d,d,d/f,f+P            L
            Done after two consecutive forward or backward rolls.
            No confirmation yet if you can do continuous shinsodan.
    Dragon Tail Flash            b, b+K+G                   L, Down
            Turns around and does a low kick.
    Half Moon Kick               d+K (Back to opponent)     L, Down
            If Kage's back is turned to the opponent, this move sends a
            low thrust kick to the opponent.  If the Dragon Tail Flash
            hits for a knock down, this move will hit also if it is
            executed promptly enough.  Kage recovers low after the move.
    Side Fsll(?)                  b+E               
            Is this a backflip?  The description wasn't lucid.
    THROW NAME                      THROW MOTION              LEVEL
    Fat Sword                        P+G                       H
            Looks like Kage is drawing a sword from his back.
    Sword Mist                      d/f+P+G                    H
            The old P+K+G throw.
    Shadow Mist                     b, f+P+G                   H
    Floating Mist                   f, b+P+G                   H
    Freely Changing the Order       f+P+G                      H (Follow-Up)
            Kage leaps over the opponent's head to change place with the
            opponent.  Can be followed-up by a waterwheel kick (u/b+K+G).
            Sometimes a flying kick (f, f+P+K+G) will catch an opponent
            off-guard.  Can be done from the side and the back.
    10 foot Toss                    b+P+G                      H (Follow-Up)
            We hated it in VF2; now we can hate it again in VF3.
       Izuna Drop                     u+P+G (Combos after the 10 foot Toss)
              Kage jumps up after the 10 foot Toss, grabs the opponent in
              midair, and tosses him down.
    Floating Body, 
    Disturbing Shot Attack          u/f+P+G                     H Catch Throw
    Mist Mist                       P+G                         H Side Throw
    Reverse Leaf Mist               P+G                         H Back Throw
    Reverse Leaf Mist               P+K+G                       L Back Throw
    Dark Mist                       u+P+G                    Back H Catch Throw
            If the move does not connect, Kage hops up in the air.
    Falling Leg                      d/f+K                    Ground Attack
                                     Jirawat Uttayaya a.k.a. Peaking Duck
    Greatly in debt to YAMAZAKI Shinji (yamazar@ics.nitech.ac.jp) and
    Gamest Act 0.5, which I still don't have in completion.
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