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    Lau Move List by JUttayaya

    Updated: 10/06/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: jirawat@hep01.phys.ufl.edu (Jirawat Uttayaya)
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
    Subject: VF3: Lau's Rough Move List
    Date: 9 Oct 1996 04:31:07 GMT
    MOVE NAME                     MOVE MOTION              LEVEL
    Mid-Kick                       d/f+K                   M, C.Down         
    Whirlwind Fang                 K+G                     H, Down, End
            A roundhouse kick.
    Swallow Sweep                  d+K+G                   L, Down, End, AI
    Aerial Tiger Sting Kick        u/f+K                   M
            While hanging in midair, Lau unleashes a kick.
    Air Tiger Kick                 u/f+K+G                 M
            Jumping forward into the air, Lau sends out a mid-kick.
    Ground sweep Thigh             f, d+K                  L, Down
            The timing to input the move has changed from VF2.  The
            reach, thank goodness, has also been reduced.
    Lunging Palm                   d/f, d/f+P              M, C.Down
    The Palm Catching
      the Flying Swallow           b, b+P                  M
            As he is turning around, Lau launches his attack hand high.
            If hits, air combo potential.
    Flying Swallow & Whirlwind 
      Kick                         b, b+P, K+G             MH
            After the hientenshinshou, a high roundhouse.
    Warbird Whirlwind Leg          b, b+K+G                H, AI, End
            Turning his back, Lau attacks with a spin kick.  
            Possibility of an air combo.
    Moving Whirlwind Fang          K, K                    HH
            A high kick then a roundhouse
    Son of Yangqing Fist           b, f, f+P               M, Down
            A two-handed thrust.  Looks like Akira's Double Palm.
    Multi-Sweeps                   d+K, K, K, K
    Tigerlance Palm                b, f+P                  M, Down
            With one hand behind his back, Lau thrusts his other hand
            straight forward.  If the move hits, Shun gets up drunk.
    Action Lau with Kung-Fu Grip   f, f+P
    Sidekick, Knife Hand Combo     d/f+K, P, P
    Violent Slashing Tiger Strike  d/f+P+K                 M
            Lau's hand strikes high up from a low position.  Air combo
            potential if hits.
    Tiger Drop Kicks the
        Dragon                     b,b/d,d,d/f,f+K+G       M
            A rounghouse type kick.  If the opponent guards, he can
    Rising Back Heel Kick          D_, K                   M
            Starting from a crouch, release the joystick to neutral
            and press kick.
    Skyward Fist                   u+P                     M, Down
            Lau jumps up and chops down his hand.  Unlike VF2, you
            can not use this to initiate a air combo.
    Tiger Leg Backflip             u/b+K                   M, Down, AI
            A flipkick.
    Elbow                          f+P                     M, C.Down
    Phoenix Lance Fist             f+P, b, f+P             MH (?), Down (?)
            An elbow and then a Tiger Lance (b, f+P) combo.  If this hits
            Shun, he gets up drunk.
    Stabbing Leg, Moving
       Circular Tiger Fist         d/f+K, f+P, b, f+P     MHH 
            Sidekick --> Striking Palm --> Tigerlance Fist  Combo
    Swirling Plant Leg             d+K                    L, C.Down
            Low kick.  Usually the beginning of Lau's new combo.  There's
            really no advantage to using this move alone.  Recovers low.
    Traversing Kick - Reverse
       Spin Leg                    d+K, K                 LH
            For the second kick the joystick must be at neutral.
    Moving Sweep Leg               d+K, K                 LL
            For the second kick, keep the joystick at the down position.
    Two Moving Sweep Leg           d+K, K, d+K, K+G         LLLL
            A low kick --> sweep --> low kick --> sweep combo.
            Between the second and the third kick, the joystick must
            move back to neutral.
    Down Slant Palm                 d/f+P                    M, C.Down
            Must be done from standing.
    Up Slant Palm                   D_, d/f+P                M
    Spinning Back Palm              P, b+P                   HM
            A high punch, then a turn-around hit.  At the end of the
            sequence, Lau has his back to his opponent.  A good follow-up
            after the Up Slant Palm (D_, d/f+P) or the Lunging Palm
            (d/f, d/f+P)
    Spinning Back Palm - 
       Wave Motion Fist            P, b+P, f+P (?)           HMM
    (haisenrenshou hadouken)
            After the Spinning Back Palm, Lau does the enshishou
            (b, f, f+P)
    Pushing Fist - Whirlwind Fang    (After P hits), K+G     HH
            Not very bloody useful.
    Pushing Fist - Swallow Sweep     (After P hits), d+K+G    HL
            Use this move if your opponent sucks.
    PK Combo                        P, K                      HH
    Pushing Palm                    P, P                      HH, C.Down
    Striking Fist - Whirlwind Femur  P, P, K                  HHH, C.Down
            The last kick has different animations depending if you hit or
    Thunder Attack Palm               P, P, P                  HHH, C.Down
    Traveling Falling Ring Leg        P, P, P, K               HHHH, Down, AI
    Traveling Ring Sweep Leg          P, P, P, d+K             HHHL, Down, AI
    Traveling Backflip Kick           P, P, P, u/b+K            HHHM, Down, AI
    Rear Up Slant Palm         (Lau turned-around) d+P          M
            Lau does an Up Slant Palm (D_ d/f+P) while he has his back to
            his opponent.  Keep the joystick down
    Drop Kick                   (Lau turned-around) u+K+G       Air attack
            Lau does not turn around after this attack.
    Low Spin                     (Lau turned-around) d+K        L
    THROW NAME                      THROW MOTION              LEVEL
    Falling Head Over Shoulders      P+G                      H
    Shivering Thunder 
       Enters the Woods              f+P+G                    H
            Lau grabs the opponent's head, flys around to his back,
            and tosses him.
    Willow Wheel Collaspe            b+P+G                    H
    Throat Grab that Falls on
       the Buttocks                  b, f+P+G                 H
    Big Ground-Collapsing
       Attack                        d/f, d/f+P+G             H
            Lau grabs the opponent's neck, carries him over the shoulders,
            then throws him.
    Willow Hand 
      Hanging the Pagoda              b, d+P+G                H
    Talon Palm Hurling Down
       the Butt                       P+G                SIde Throw
    Vicious Tiger Back Attack         P+G                H Back Throw
    Stomp                             d/f+K              Ground Attack
                                     Jirawat Uttayaya a.k.a. Peaking Duck
    Greatly in debt to YAMAZAKI Shinji (yamazar@ics.nitech.ac.jp) and
    Gamest Act 0.5, which I still don't have in completion.  
    As you noticed, I didn't clean this up much.  Since I'm going to
    revamp all the move lists anyhow, I'll just crank out a rough copy.
    By the end of this week, you can see the finished copy at

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