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    Lion Move List by JUttayaya

    Updated: 10/02/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: jirawat@hep01.phys.ufl.edu (Jirawat Uttayaya)
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
    Subject: VF3: Lion's Move List
    Date: 2 Oct 1996 09:42:59 GMT
    MOVE NAME                     MOVE MOTION              LEVEL
    Shot Thigh                    d/f+K                    M, C.Down
            Changes stance.  Fancy name for Lion's sidekick.  Same
            properties as VF2: slow to come out, knocks down on counter
            hit, air combo potential if it floats a standing opponent,
            stagger combo on crouching opponent.
    Vertical Jumping 
       Puncture Palm               u+P+K                     M, Down, AI
            Changes stance.  After dashing forward and leaning his hips,
            Lion does a huge stretch and gives an one-handed uppercut.
    Knee                           f+K                       M, Down
            Change stance.  Air combo time if hits.  If guarded, the
            opponent can retaliate with a high punch.
    The Sky is Falling Flash Kick   u/f+K                    M, Down
            Does a kick as he is coming down from a jumping forward,
            Actually quite useful as a down attack.  
    Piercing Stretch Legs          d/b+K                     LL, Down
            With one hand on the ground, Lion sends out two low kicks.
            After execution, Lion recovers high, not low.
    Moving Spin Kick               K, K                      HH, Down
            A high kick, followed by a heel kick.  Will whiff if the
            opponent does a low attack.
    Whirlwind Kick                 u+K                      M, Down, AI, End
            "Happy Dance".  Lion can probably be thrown if the move
            is blocked.
    Hang'em High Kick              u+K, K                   MH, Down, AI
            Does a heel kick after the Happy Dance.
    Axe Blade                      f, f+K, K                MM
            A toe kick followed by a leaping kick.  The second kick
            comes out extremely slow.
    Squeaky Thighs                 d+K                      L
            Shifts stance. 
    Forward Sweep Legs             d+K, K                   LL, Down
            Shift stance.  Recovers low.
    Climbing Spin Kick             d+K, K+G                 LH, AI
    Whirlwind Ear Slap            f+P+K                    H, M.Down
            Lunges both hands in front of the opponent.  Good for attacking
            a drunken Shun getting up from the ground.
    The Busy Hand Striking
        the Serene Mountain       b+P+K                    H
            Lion coils back then lunges both hands at the opponent.
            This move will home in on dodging opponents.  Good for
            attacking a rising drunk Shun Di.
    Sweeping Hand Proceeding 
        to Steal                  d+P+K                    L, C.Down
            Lion swipes at the opponent's ankles.  You must start this
            move with Lion standing.  Will not work if Lion is already
    Sweeping Backhand Proceeding
         to Steal.                 d/f+P+K                 L, Down
            Like his touhosoushu move.  However, Lion does not turn
            his back as much as the VF2 counterpart and is easier for
            the opponent to counterattack.  You must start this move
            with Lion standing.  Will not work if Lion is already crouching.
    Vertical Jumping 
       Puncture Palm               u+P+K                     M, Down, AI
            Changes stance.  After dashing forward and leaning his hips,
            Lion does a huge stretch and gives an one-handed uppercut.
    Hand in the Scrub Bowl         f+P+E                    H
            "Marge, you're soaking in it"  Lion dodges around the opponent
            and swipes with a high hand attack.  If the opponent guards
            against the attack, Lion ends up behind him.  This is a five
            hit move.
    Dodging Brushing Bash          d+P+E                    L, Down
            Shifting on the axis, Lion hits the opponents ankles with
            both hands.  If the opponent is not moving, this move does
            not hit.
    Back Sweep Leg                 d+K+G                     L, AI, End
            Lion crouches, turns his back, and sweeps.  Useful for
            attacking dodging enemies.  Recovers low.
    Earth Hugger Sweep             d/f+K+G                   L, Down, AI
            Lion sends a sweep forward in the direction of the
            enemy.  Surprisingly fast execution time.  Recovers
            low and Lion can be low thrown afterwards.
    Falling Body, Shadow Burst
        Sweep                      f, f+K+G                  M
            A spin sweep kick after leaping forward.
    Dashing Poke                   f, f+P                    M, Down, AI
    Pounding Sting Fist            d/b+P                     L, C.Dowm
            Must be done from standing.
    Traveling Pounding Sting Fist   d/b+P, P                 LL, C.Down
            Must be done from standing.  Recovers low.
    Bent Sweep Hand                D_,d/f+P                  L, C.Down
            Lion skittles forward and whacks the opponent's ankles.
            Recovers low.
    Moving Bent Sweep Hand         D_, d/f+P, P              LL, C.Down
            Sends two "Bent Sweep Hands".  Execution of the move is fast
            but afterwards a skillful opponent can low throw Lion.  Recovers
    Dash Rising Puncture Palm      D_, f+P                  M, C.Down
            Lion ducks down, the stands up and thrust with a high finger
            upper.  Go for an air combo if this move counter hits.
    Collasping Mantis Smash        b+P                       M, C.Down
            While twisting into a low posture, Lion hits the opponent
            with his hands.  
    Traverse Collasping 
        Mantis Smash               b+P, P                   MM, C.Down
            After the Collasping Mantis Smash, Lion hits the opponent
            with his hands.  
    Traverse Collaspsing
         Mantis Smash & Kick       b+P, P, K                MMM, AI
            The last move in the sequence is a spin kick.
    Elbow                          f+P                      M
    Elbow & Poke                   f+P, P                   MM, Down, AI
            After elbow, Lion attacks with a dashing poke (f, f+P).  A
            great combo if Lion staggers a crouch guard opponent with an
    Piercing Shadow Fist           d/f+P                    M, C.Down
            Must be done from standing.
    Swipe Down Attack Fist         d/f+P, P                 MM, Down
            Must be done from standing.
    Striking Palm Imitating
        the Thunder                u/f+P                     M, Down
            Change stance.  While  jumping forward, Lion swings his
            hand in a huge upward arc.  Perhaps after guarding, Lion
            can get hit with a high punch.
    Moving Mantis Sweep Hand       b, d/f+P                  L, C.Down
            Lion creeps forward from a crouch, then smacks the opponet
            straight in the knees. 
    PK Combo                       P, K                     HH, C.Down
    Traveling Pounding Bent Hand   P, P                     HH, C.Down
            Fast execution time.
    Moving Ring Puncture Fist      P, P, P                  HHH, Down
            Fast execution time.
    Traversing Beat Brush Hand     P, P, d+P                HHL, Down
            Two Punches then a touhosoushu (d+P+K).  Can be low thrown
            if blocked.  
    THROW NAME                      THROW MOTION              LEVEL
    Hand Blade Violating the Lap    P+G                       H
    Elbow Spliting the Seven
        Stars in Heaven             b+P+G                     H
            Lion's old b+P+K throw.
    Grasping Hand Shooting          f, f+P+G                  H
            The new flavour in VF3 is that Lion can follow this move
            with a P, P, P float combo.
    Climbing the Mountain,
         Waving the Leg             D_, f+P+G                  H
            Lion climbs on the opponent, then kicks his knees.
    Falling Neck Choker             u/f+P+G                    H
            Lion jumps on the opponent's neck and throws him down.
            If the opponent is next to a wall, the animation for the
            throw changes.
    Sky Strike Kick                 b, f+P+G                   H
            Lion jumps up and kicks the opponent in the neck.
    Sticking to the Body,
       and Stiking with
       the Bent Hand              f,f/d,d,d/b,b+P+G            H
    Sliding Below the Falling
        Spikes                    d/f+P+G                      H
            Lion slides between the legs of the opponent and pops
            up behind him.
    Knee into the Fluttering
         Body                     P+G                    Side Throw
            After moving to the opponent's back, Lion knees him.
    Bent Hand Back Attack         P+G                    Back Throw
    Falling Puncture Fist         d/f+P                   Down Attack
    Forward Sidestep               u/f+E 
            Lion's old VF2 dodge. (d/f+G)
    Backward Sidestep              u/b+E
            Lion's ole VF2 dodge. (d/b+G)
                                   Jirawat Uttayaya a.k.a. Peaking Duck
    Greatly in debt to YAMAZAKI Shinji (yamazar@ics.nitech.ac.jp) and
    Gamest Act 0.5, which I still don't have in completion.
    Find it at http://www.phys.ufl.edu/~jirawat/VF3/vf3_lexi.html

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