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    Shun by LSorensen

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 01/29/97 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: Lars Holst Sørensen <larshs@vfhome.com>
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
    Subject: [VF3] Shun-Di FAQ v2.0
    Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 13:28:13 +0100
    Hey all,
    I just thought I would post this nice Shun FAQ written by a fellow
    Danish VFer.
    Shun-Di FAQ  by Ki Nam Kwon     v. 2.0
    I hope this guide can be a little help for those who enjoy playing the
    old drunken man. It is still incomplete in many ways, but I will update
    it as I get more information. Enjoy!
    1. Key Moves
    2. Get him drunk
    3. When he is drunk
    4. Combos
    5. Closing words
    1. KEY MOVES
            I decided to concentrate on the moves which I found were
    important to
    comment. But it doesn't mean that all the moves not mentioned here are
    useless. By no means. 
    * Turning Shin Kick (d/b+K)   (hit level) L   (damage) 10
    Unlike his other low attacks, he recovers in standing position. It has
    its own advantages, though. You can either tap K again for a high kick
    combo or you can tap G. Tapping G after the shin kick makes him fall on
    his face. From there, you can do a rising attack immediately (if the
    shin kick was connected). You can rise up with a mule kick (K) which
    hits middle level or sweep (d+K) for low level. This surprises many
    opponents and you can keep putting pressure on them. If you succeed in
    hitting the opponent with the mule kick, you have a very good throw
    chance since the mule kick will move him forward to the staggered
    opponent. You dash in and enter a throw of choice. :)
    It is worth noting that d/b+K, K is not always a combo. For example, if
    the opponent was crouching, or you were at the upper position, the high
    kick will fly right over the opponent's head, which is not good... So be
    aware of your position and vary this combo as well. If the opponent
    blocks the turning shin kick, Shun will be stunned and wide open for
    counter attack. But there is a way to get round this. Even if the shin
    kick is blocked, you can still fall on the ground. The trick is to delay
    G a little. So if the shin kick gets blocked, tap G after a short while.
    Practice to always delay G. By doing so, he will fall on the ground
    whether the shin kick was connected or not. 
    * Shoulder and sweep combo (d/b+P, d+K)  L L   15+15
    Quite dangerous move, actually. You could delay it somewhat and hope for
    an interrupt. Or if the opponent crouches, you could G-cancel -> lunging
    punch (D/F+P) or jumping spinkick (K+G) instead. Still risky though as
    the shoulder attack seems to take forever to recover. It may be better
    to use only the shoulder part as a harassment attack and then insert the
    sweep part once a while. In most cases, his normal low kick will do
    better job as stop attack or harassment move, the only reason to use the
    shoulder attack may be that it has better range. Oh, don't forget, when
    you fight against the heavies and get the sweep blocked, immediately
    input a low throw counter(against Jeffrey: d+P+K+G, d/f+P+K+G, f+P+K+G 
    against Wolf: d/b+P+K+G, d+P+K+G, d/f+P+K+G). You have 1/3 chance of
    escaping their throw attempt :(
    * Thrust Punch and Sacrifice Kick (P+K,K)   M M   12+23
    It looks stylish and if used properly, effective as well. Get people
    used to the sacrifice kick after the thrust and when they learn to
    guard, delay the combo or mix up the thrust with another thrust, throw
    or low attack. It is an excellent move to use when the time is running
    out and you are about to win. No matter you hit the opponent or just get
    it blocked, the opponent is forced to wait and see. If the opponent
    *does* make a move, you have the sacrifice kick at your disposal. Make
    him impatient with 2 - 3 thrust punches in a row and then proceed to the
    faint kick. But be warned! If you delay the faint kick too long, you can
    be thrown by the opponent. And also, if you whiff the faint kick, you
    will be punished with a small pounce, at least.
    * Chouwan Uppercut     M    28
    Easily one of his best moves. It comes out very fast, floats for combos
    and more important, this move is *uncounterable*. Definitely one of the
    key moves you have to master. Just in case you didn't know, Chouwan
    uppercut can be executed by doing d/f,f+P. It's not necessary to do
    d,d/f,f+P. Personally, I find it easier to do d/f,f+P, but in some cases
    (like after the turnover throw d/f+P+G) it may be more reliable with
    d,d/f,f+P. You may want to try out chouwan uppercut in different
    situations, here I have some:
    *After u/b+E, P* :  u/b+E, P itself is a good attack because Shun can
    dodge away from many incoming attacks at the same time as he counter
    attacks. In addition, if the slap hits as major counter, the opponent
    will float. Go for chouwan. You may want to tag on the chouwan even if
    the slap whiffs. The slap recovers extremly fast and after u/b+E, Shun
    is quite away from the opponent. Thinking he now has time to counter
    attack, the opponent will either try out mid-range attack or dash in. If
    that is the case, nail him with chouwan and then proceed to air combo. 
    *After Turnover Throw* (d/f+P+G):  Always!  Well, almost it is worth
    remembering that d/fP+G -> chouwan is guaranteed, even in the new
    versions of VF3. And of course, you can tag on air combos afterwards if
    you feel like it. More about this in the combo section. 
    You should be a little more careful when dealing with Aoi, though.
    Annoyingly, she can reverse chouwan with her back turned. In this case,
    you can either wait a little to make her whiff her reversal, back throw
    her or do twisting thrust(f+P+K) . 
    *After Take Off Kick -> Descending Kick*: the motion is d, U or d, U/F+K
    and just after he has reached the top, tap K again. If the opponent
    blocks the Take Off kick, it will be difficult for him to counter attack
    between Take off and Descending kick. If the Descending kick interrupts
    the opponent, he will float for chouwan uppercut. Even if the opponent
    blocks the Descending kick, you should try out chouwan upper. The
    Descending Kick is uncounterable and due to the block stun, you will
    have good chance to interrupt any attack the opponent might initiate
    afterwards. Mind you, you shouldn't abuse the Take Off kick because when
    you whiff the attack, you can be interrupted with Kickflip, Take Off
    kick or even ordinary high kicks. You should make sure that the opponent
    blocks the Take Off kick, at least. Sooner or later, the opponents will
    find out that they are actually in possession of E button. But even if
    the opponent dodges, you will recover at the same time as the opponent,
    so there is no any big danger in that case either.
    *After drinking*: a little risky, but worth trying. From far away, let
    him drink(d+P+K+G) and as the opponent sees this, he will want to run in
    and try to throw or attack you. Due to the drinking's rather fast
    recovery time, the chouwan is likely to interrupt.
    Well, I've described some moves which are good as baits for the chouwan
    uppercut, but there are more, of course. His backfist(b+P) is another
    good example. The backfist is uncounterable and floats the opponent if
    hit as major counter. You see the possibilities? Remember, when the
    people get used to all these tricks, they will think twice before they
    react. Then it is time to vary your strategy. For example, the people I
    play with, are used to the chouwan after Take Off -> descending Kick. So
    usually they stand there and guards, waiting for me to execute the
    chouwan. In that case, just dash in and enter a throw is a good
    * Sliding Uppercut  (b d/f+P)     M    23
    Ok, here is the deal. Compared to the chouwan uppercut, it comes out
    slower, has worse recovery time and it is even reversible just like the
    chouwan. Not that great move after all...  Admittedly, you can make some
    pretty combos with this move. And unlike the chouwan uppercut, it will
    knock down crouching defender. You have better chance to connect it if
    you combine it with E. Really, it works in the same way as other
    characters knee. Try stuff like low kick (hit) -> (the opponent does
    punch, elbow, low kick or side kick) d+E -> sliding upper.
    * Dodging Cartwheel (f+K+E)   M M    20+10
    Typical Jijii move which looks confusing and drunken as hell. It has
    good range and avoids almost any straight attacks. It also tracks down
    certain side-stepping opponents and pounce is almost guaranteed
    afterwards. On the down side, it comes out rather slowly and the
    recovery time is bad.
    * Fancy 3 Punches & Hip attack    H M H M   15+13+10+28 
    You would love to hit people with this. You can delay it as you please.
    I do stuff like: f+P, (short delay), P (no delay), P, (longer delay),
    hip attack... Basically, when you connect the first fancy punch or just
    get it blocked, the game is in your hand. Convince the people that they
    should stand up and defend. Then, when they learn to guard, try stuff
    like: f+P,(P), G-cancel, throw. As you may already know, it is extremely
    important to get our Jijii drunk. And this move has great value as it
    sets up throw opportunity. Obviously, it is also good as a harassment
    move. If you feel like humiliating the opponent, try to connect two
    *exactly* same stuff after each other. :) Because the opponent expects
    you to vary the combo, it works rather often.
    * Jijii Triple (b f+P,P,P)   H H H    8+10+14
    Arguably one of the moves which has been improved most compared to VF2.
    Remember? It was suicidal to use it in VF2. Now Shun has fast safe
    punches which cover big distance. You can G-cancel the punches and they
    can be delayed as well. This move is good for interrupting the opponent
    and one way to make use of it is to - b f+P,G -> throw. It's not 100%
    guaranteed, but if hit as major counter (you can tell by the loud hit
    sound), you have a very good throw chance as the opponent is stunned for
    a little while. Just remember to enter a throw immediately after b f+P.
    Also, if you stagger the opponent with side kick and the opponent is not
    struggling, go for triple punches for safe punishment.
    * Twisting heelkick (d/b+K+G)    H H    20+15
    You can avoid many incoming attacks and combos with this move. It comes
    out quickly and since it puts Shun on the ground, it's a quite safe move
    as well. When certain moves are blocked (like 2-handed twisting thrust
    (f+P+K)) and the opponent tries to throw or attack you, twisting spin
    kick works well as a counter move. Because it is two hits, it also has a
    long contact time, wherein you can hit the opponent. If you succeed in
    hitting the opponent with the twisting spin heelkick, you can add extra
    damage by doing low kick rising attack (quickly tap d+K afterwards). The
    low kick will hit the opponent on the bounce. As you can see, it has
    many fine qualities. But, bear in mind, if you fail to connect this
    move, you will lose the initiative and the opponent will have *plenty*
    of times to pounce you.
    * Turn-around Punch (bb+P)      H    12
    First of all, if you interrupt the opponent with the turn-around punch,
    you should go for back-turned P+G throw. Only fast move like punch can
    break this combo (not even aloways). Back-turned P+G throw has
    surprisingly good range and it is the most damaging throw(70pts), Shun
    has. If the turn around punch didn't hit as major counter, you should
    consider other options. Possibly, the opponent will crouch if he gets
    hit or blocks the punch. In that case, Shun has a middle rear attack,
    namely Rear Thrust (P+K) at his disposal. Try stuff like P+K, delay, (if
    the opponent initiates an attack then) K, or P+K -> E -> punch or low
     * Lying down  (b, d/b, d, d/f, f)
    Jijii has many cool options when he lies on the ground. The best time to
    lie is when you expect a high or middle attack to come. If you succeed
    in lying in time, preferably avoiding the opponent's attack attempt, you
    can do f+K or d+K which hits low level for a knock down or do K,P,K
    which looks very cool, but doesn't knock down (unless the sacrifice kick
    hit as counter). K, P, K can be delayed somewhat. By delaying K, P, the
    Punch part will come out even if the kick gets blocked by the opponent. 
    The sweep (d+K) has poor range, but it can interrupt most low attacks as
    it seems to come out in no time. The rollover kicks (f+K) have better
    range, but somewhat slower. Anyway, if you notice the least movement
    from the opponent, f+K is fast enough to knock him down. Remember, you
    can only lie for 1 second. He is very vulnerable when he gets up from
    the lying position.
    * Handstand (f,d/f,d,d/b,b  or u+P+K)
    u+P+K avoids low attacks and f,d/f,d,d/b,b can avoid some high attacks.
    If timed well, the mule kick (K+G) will hit low attackers and  the
    Handstand kick (K) almost any high & middle attackers. As a new feature,
    he can now catch-throw the opponent from handstand position
    (frankensteiner P+G). Some clever opponents will dash in just outside
    the range of the frankensteiner and wait till you execute a move. As you
    recover from the move, he will blast you. So be careful not to initiate
    the attack too early. I think the frankensteiner(P+G) will catch the
    opponent even if he is in execution or recovery phase of an attack.
    Don't forget that Jijii can move around by tapping bb or ff although the
    speed or the range is nothing to write home about. P+K from the
    handstand is a nice move, too. If the opponent is in the distance and
    tries out long-range attack or dashes in, you might want to try it. It
    has good recovery time, so if the opponent blocks the P+K, block or try
    out his fast moves. It's a shame that you can't G-cancel the P+K. -sigh-
    It would have been totally awesome, if he could stop the running and
    proceed to other moves, but then, it would have been too much for the
    opponent. :)
    Jijii is much more dangerous when he is drunk. Well, more fun to play as
    well. Until you have enough DP's, drink whenever chances are there.
    Unfortunately, there are only few moves that allow him drink: 
    * 2-handed Twisting Thrust (f+P+K)  M (provides 5 DPs in version 3.0, 3
    DPs in 3.x)
    It is the only "attack" that makes Shun drink (if connected, even).
    Comes out slowly, but it avoids high attacks and some middle attacks as
    well. So think of it as a high reversal, well, sort of... It has good
    range and does decent damage. If you use it in the distance and get it
    blocked, you are quite safe, actually. Any attempts of throw or attack
    afterwards, can be countered. Against combo-crazy characters like Lau,
    Pai and perhaps Aoi who tend to rely a lot on punch-rushes, it works
    very well. Whenever you expect punch-rushes or throw attempts, make them
    pay with this move. Be careful not to abuse it, though. You should use
    it as a surprise, defensive move. 
    In my opinion, it has great value as an okizeme attack as well. When the
    opponent is down, keep a certain distance to the lying opponent. And as
    he gets up with a rising attack, immediately unleash the 2-handed
    twisting thrust. If the distance was right, it will connect whether it
    was a high or a low rising attack and send the opponent back where he
    belongs. :) If you fail, you will eat a rising attack, but it's worth
    the trouble when you think of the many drinking points he could be
    rewarded with.
    * P+G throw   50  (provides 5 DPs in 3.0, 3 DPs in 3.x)
    The easiest way to get him drunk, you would think. But in reality, it is
    pretty tough to connect this throw, mainly because the people are aware
    of the importance of this throw(they will enter P+G as throw-counter
    whenever they expect you to throw).   
    So what to do? The trick is to use it in the unexpected moments. For
    example, u/f+E, P+G trick still works well when used sparingly. And as
    mentioned before, f+P,(P),G -> P+G and bf+P,G-> P+G are good ways to
    connect the throw. You will even want to run in and either throw or
    cartwheel kick (run -> K) the opponent. P+G throw will be easier to
    connect, if you mix up the throws as well.
    *Drinking* (d+P+K+G or sit P+K+G)
    Drinking is a good bait move, but you should only use it in the
    distance. If the opponent is knocked down, don't bother with his
    drinking in order to gain some DP's. Go for his ground attack (d/f+P) as
    he will gain 1 DP just like from the normal drinking.
    Also, if you float the opponent with chouwan uppercut or lunging punch
    (D/F+P), you should consider to have a sit and drink(for 3 DPs) instead
    of pounce or do combos. It can be a little risky, but when you think of
    all the extra options he gains afterwards, it's well worth it.
    Especially in the new versions of VF3 where P+G throw or twisting thrust
    only provides 3 DPs,  sit and drink is definitely an option to be
    Those moves will be avaliable:
    * Chouwan-Backfist combo  (d/f,f+P, b+P)(6 DPs required)   M H  28+18
    Does good damage and floats for further punishment. Since Chouwan
    uppercut is uncounterable, try not to do the backfist part if chouwan
    gets blocked by the opponent. Chouwan-Backfist is best used for hitting
    floating opponents.
    * P, P, d+K, K (6 DPs required)   H H L H   10+12+10+20
    Very good combo! As soon as Shun is able to pull off this combo, you
    should start making the opponent guess. Use only half of it; proceeding
    to side kick, tap G after d+K, P, P delay, P... whatever you can come up
    with. You have plenty of options! P,P,G -> side kick works well because
    the opponent (who are used to play against Shun) will crouch after the
    two punches in order to block the shin kick. Another neat thing to try
    is P, P, E -> mule kick (u+K). If the mule kick hits crouching opponent
    or interrupts him otherwise, you can tag on cartwheel kick (ff+k)
    afterwards (works only in close stance). 
    * Uppercut, Thrust & Sacrifice Kick (d/f+P,P+K, K) (8 DPs required)
    Another excellent combo. Comes out quickly and floats on major counter.
    Try stuff like: Uppercut, thrust, G-cancel -> throw or... Uppercut,
    thrust, a very short delay then sliding uppercut (b d/f+P) which will
    interrupt incoming attack or throw attempt and send him high into the
    sky. If that is the case, do your most brutal combo.
    * Lie then K, P, d+K, K  (10 DPs required)   M M L H   25+12+10+20
    Works in the same way as K, P, K. But perhaps this one is more likely to
    connect all the way. If the opponent is out of the range, try to delay
    the K, P part a little, and as they close in, do d+K, K.
    4. COMBOS 
    Well, all the combos are tested by me and they should work on everyone
    (except Taka, of course). There are other possible combos than those
    below, but I've decided to concentrate on them, I can actually do. One
    little note: the most combos seem to work best in close stance.
    chouwan -> P, P, d+K
    chouwan -> uppercut (d/f+P) -> sweeps
    chouwan -> upper-thrust (d/f+P,P+K) -> sweeps
    chouwan-backfist -> upper -> sweeps
    sliding upper -> Jijii Triple (bf+P,P,P) -> sweeps
    sliding upper -> P, P, d+K
    sliding upper -> upper-thrust -> sweeps
    *interrupt required*
    chouwan -> chouwan -> sweeps
    chouwan -> cartwheel (ff+K) 
    chouwan -> chouwan-backfist -> sweeps
    chouwan-backfist -> chouwan-backfist -> sweeps (only possible at the
    upper position)
    chouwan-backfist -> upper-thrust -> sweeps (only possible at the upper
    backfist (b+P) -> chouwan-backfist -> sweeps 
    uppercut -> chouwan-backfist -> sweeps
    sliding upper -> chouwan -> sliding upper -> sweeps
    sliding upper -> chouwan-backfist -> sweeps
    sliding upper -> 1 fancy punch-hip attack (f+P, K)
    2 x sliding upper -> sweeps
    3 x sliding upper -> sweeps (against Aoi, Pai and Sarah at the upper 
    *Turnover throw combo*
    turnover -> chouwan  (guaranteed!)
    turnover -> chouwan -> cartwheel
    turnover -> chouwan ->upper-thrust -> sweeps
    turnover -> chouwan-backfist -> sliding upper -> sweeps
    turnover -> chouwan-backfist -> upper-thrust -> sweeps (at the lower
    turnover -> sliding upper  (guaranteed in version 3.0)
    turnover -> sliding upper -> sliding upper -> sweeps
    turnover -> sliding upper -> Jijii triple -> sweeps
    turnover -> sliding upper -> upper -> sweeps
    turnover -> sliding upper -> upper-thrust -> sweeps 
            When playing Jijii, "Unpredictability" is the key word. Combine
    all the
    moves /combos he has and *never* continue to repeat yourself. Just
    because P, P, d+K, K or fancy punches work well against certain
    opponents, don't rely on them too heavily. After a while, they will
    figure out what to do with these moves and if your opponent is able to
    guess your next move, you are doomed. Confuse them! Preferably, make
    them guess all day long. :p  Remember, unlike other characters, he can
    sit, handstand, lie and do all the weird things. Also, don't forget that
    his basic moves like low kick or sidekick are very, very important.
    Actually, his low kick may be one of the best weapons he has against
    fast, aggressive characters like Lau, Pai and Jacky. Really,
    concentrating on basic will get you very far.
            Well, I can see that I *still* have missed many subjects in this
    but it will be updated as long as I play Shun (which means many years
    forward :). If you have any questions, feel free to write. I would
    appreciate any comments or suggestions to the FAQ as well. Finally, I
    would like to thank Yuka Sugawara, Jakob Krantz Hvitved, Lars Holst
    Sorensen, the people of Shun mailing list & r.g.v.a for their support &
    Ki Nam  hyundai_dk@po.ia.dk
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