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    Wolf Move List by JUttayaya

    Updated: 10/02/96 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: jirawat@hep01.phys.ufl.edu (Jirawat Uttayaya)
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
    Subject: VF3: Wolf Move List
    Date: 2 Oct 1996 15:40:05 GMT
    MOVE NAME                       MOVE MOTION              LEVEL
    Face Lift Kick                  d/f+K                     M
            A sidekick
    Drop Kick                       u/f+K                     M
            After this move, Wolf is down on the ground.
    Low Drop                        f, d+K                    L
    Knee Burst                      f+K                       M
            Air combo if hits.  A quick punch counters the move.
    Flying Knee Kick                f, f+K+G                  H                    
    Rolling Swat                    f+K+G                     M
    Neck Cut Kick                   K+G                       H, Down
            Wolf jumps up and kicks the opponent's neck.
    Front Roll Kick                 b, f+K+G                  M, AI
            Can be used as a down attack.
    Level Back Chop                 P+K                       H
            Shifting a little towards the opponent's back, Wolf
            sends a big, one-handed chop.  
    Grizly Lariat                   d/f+P+K                   L, Down, AI
            Getting Down on one knee, Wolf lariats the opponent's
    Tomahawk Flash                  f+P+K                     H
            A one arm high chop attack.  A good attack against
            a rising drunk Shun.
    Arrow Knuckle                   d+P+K                     M
    Shot Range Shoulder             b, f+P+K                  M, AI
            From a low posture, Wolf releashes a short range shoulder
    Attack Lariat                   f+P+E                  Hi Force, AI
            Wolf's VF2  f, f+P attack.  Will knock down a standing
    Tomahawk Chop                   u/f+P                     H
            Wolf does a small jump into the air, raised both hands,
            and attacks with devestating force.  A good attack against
            a rising drunk Shun.
    Shoulder Ram                    b, f+P                    M, AI, C.Down
    Reverse Sledgehammer            D_, f+P                   M
    Comet Hook                      d/b+P                  M
    Elbow Drop                      b+P                    H        
    Sonic Upper                     d/f+P                  M
            Must be done from standing.
    Vertical Upper                  D_, d/f+P              M
    Screw Lariat                    f,f/d,d,d/b+P, P       MH                     
    Body Blow                       f+P                    M
    Dragonfish Blow                 f+P, P                 MH, Down
            After the body blow, Wolf does a high hook.  Good attack
            against a drunken Shun getting up.  If guarded, Wolf can be
    Double High Kick                K, K                   HH
    Hammer, Kick                    P, K                   HH, C.Down       
    Jab Straight                    P, P                   HH, C.Down
    1, 2, Upper                     P, P, P                HHM
    Elbow Smash                     P, P, f+P              HH
    Combo Elbow Swat                P, P, f+P, b+P         HHHH
    Combo Elbow, Low Throw          P, P, f+P, d/f+P+K+G   HHHL
    THROW NAME                      THROW MOTION              LEVEL
    German Supplex                  P+G                       Back
    Body Slam                       d/f+P+G                   H
            This used to be just f+P
    Steiner Screwdriver             d/f, d/f+P+G              H
            Wolf's old d/f, d/f+P+K
    Giant Swing                     b, b/d,d,d/f,f+P+G        H, AI
            Called the Twirl & Hurl in the States.
    Wrist Lock Claw                 f,f/d,d/d/b,b+P+G         H
            Wolf grabs the opponent's wrist; thne he hurls them to
            opposite side.  Similiar to the move in "professional
            wrestling" where the wrestler throws his adversary to
            the ropes.
    Frankenstein                    u/f+P+G                   H Catch Throw
            A catch throw will be successful if during any part of the
            throws execution time, Wolf makes contact with the standing
            opponent.  Thus if Wolf is behind the opponent, he can still
            attempt the Frankensteiner; he will be successful if he contacts
            the back of the opponent's head.
    Arm Whip                        f, f+P+G                  H Catch Throw
            Wolf dashes toward the opponent, grabs his arm, and tosses
            him down.
    Catch                           f+P+G                     H
            The start of something good.  After the catch, immediately
            input the command for the next part of the multi-throw.
       Thunderfire Powerbomb              P+G   (Combos after the Catch)
               Holding the opponent's hips, Wolf drops his neck down
               to meet his knee.
       Spring Shot Front Supplex          b+P+G (Combos after the Catch) 
       Front Neck Chantry                 d/f+P+G (Combos after the Catch)
       Push                               d/b+P+G (Combos after the Catch)
               Wolf pushes the opponent down to the floor so that his
               back faces Wolf.  Continue as you please. 
       Change                             f+P+G (Combos after the Catch) 
               The start of something better.  Wolf turns the opponent
                around on the back.
            German Supplex                 P+G (Combos after the Change)
            Push                           f+P+G (Combos after the Change)
            Tiger Supplex                  b+P+G (Combos after the Change)
            Calf Grinding                  d/f+P+G (Combos after the Change)
    Double Arm Supplex                d/b+P+K+G               L
    Tiger Drop                        d/f+P+K+G               L
    Side Supplex                      d+P+K+G                 L
    Sliding Leg Pizzaz                P+G                 Side H Throw
    Reversing the Body, Back,
        and Neck                      b, f+P+G            Side H Throw
    Reversing the Arm                 P+K+G               Low Side Throw
    German Supplex                    P+G                 Back H Throw 
    Dragon Supplex                    b+P+G               Back H Throw
    Dragon Screw                      d/b+P+K  (Sidekick Reverse)
    Captured                          b+P+K  (High Kick Reverse)
            Wolf grabs the opponent's leg, spins him over upsidedown,
            then front supplex him.
    Double Claw                        d+P+G              Ground Throw
            When the opponent is on the ground, Wolf grabs him and
            pulls him up for further punishment.  Possibly continue with
            a drop kick or a throw.
    Elbow Drop                         d/f+P+G            Ground Attack
                                 Jirawat Uttayaya a.k.a. Peaking Duck
    Greatly in debt to YAMAZAKI Shinji (yamazar@ics.nitech.ac.jp) and
    Gamest Act 0.5, which I still don't have in completion.
    http:// www.phys.ufl.edu/~jirawat/vf3_lexi.html   is stupid.

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